your music makes things better

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Im sorry, i understand why with the content in half the songs. I hope things get better bye

Haha. Your music just makes me sad. Hope things are getting better for you…


Moving to Beacon Hills was something that you’d not been very happy about. The fact that your parents had decided that upping and leaving to some small town was something that you’d never get your head around, and as such you’d decided that a walk might help try to make you feel better about the whole thing.

Your music was blaring through your headphones, and your attention kept shifting around the new surroundings, the ones that you were hoping would grow familiar.

After a while, however, you bumped into someone. You were knocked back slightly, and mumbled an apology as you looked up at the guy. There was something too serious about his expression that set your nerves on edge. He merely nodded at you curtly before the two of you did the awkward, ‘which way are you going?’ dance.

Eventually you bit your lip nervously before resting your hands on his shoulders and shifting yourself around him.

‘Woah there. Um, hi,’ he said, a smile slipping onto his face finally. You felt your cheeks blushing.

‘Sorry about that that,’ you said, taking in his appearance though. You tugged your headphone out. ‘I didn’t mean-’

‘It’s all right,’ he cut you off, his smile seeming to deepen.

‘Um…’ you said awkwardly, fiddling with the wire in your hands. ‘I’ve gotta go. See ya.’

‘Yeah,’ he said, nodding slightly before his face quickly returned to a slight scowl. ‘See you around,’ he said in a small voice.

A/N: Gif credit goes to their respective owners, I just found them on Google and added the text.