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Whenever I feel super down and sad
I just remember that there are people in my life that genuinely love me.
This is what my best friend made me for my birthday.
52 reasons why she loves me.
There are silly things she loves about me, like my horrendous laugh that sounds like a dying whale or the way I dance like a stoned hippy (which I am)
And particularly small things: the way she sees me whenever I open the door to let her in.

Yes, sometimes you might feel like utter useless shit and you think no one cares if you’d leave this planet but please never ever forget that this planet is HUGE(!) and there is a wonderful and loving person just around the corner waiting for you.
Luckily I found my soulmate already.
Thank you for being in my life,
I love you.

Battle of Bywater
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Battle of Bywater

Weed your gardens while you sing this tune
Big furry toes in black muddy pools .
Remember the Bywater,
Remember the Brave.
Daffadowndilly di-la-day

Sweet air gone from your flower patch
As the Old Man’s crooks rode down the path.
Shadow they brought, and hunger they sowed
They trapped us down in deep Lockholes.

Party Tree bent and prized plants burned.
Saw every hill become cracked and churned.
That baleful man, he’ll gobble ya whole!  
Unless we fight! Protect our own!

O there called the Magnificent’s Horn!
FOOOmRAHooom, it broke the morn!  
Hailed each Hobbit, each strong lass and lad-
To battle the darkness, protect their land!

Da grabbed a pitchfork, Mum grabbed her pan,
Gammer her hammer, and Gaffer his hands
And fought, they did in all of that fray
On Bywater Bridge, they won the day!

There was no cease, there was no  tire ,
Till every foe was gone from the Shire.  
Lockholes pried open. Crack, pull and boom,
Spelled the end of Sharkey’s Doom!

Stabbed in the back like the turncloak he were
A proper good mornin’ for Sharkey the Cur!
His foul blood black soaked the ground of Bag End,
But Brave Mayor Sam just continued to tend.

Sweetness returned and we Shirelings learned
That quiet and gladness are things that are earned.
And when all is gloom, defend what is yours
Fight for the Shire, give ‘em what for!

Remember the Bywater,
Remember the Brave.
Whenever you pass Sharkey’s End today
Quiet our fields now, and white our Tree,
Like a Daffadowndilly di-la-dee

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438. "Don't give up on us" (Requested)
  • Harry: You've done your best to stay away from social media and gossip but tonight when you were with your friends and someone flipped through the channels and stopped when they saw Harry's name, that changed. 'Harry Styles' new mystery girl.' You heard stuff like this all the time and it wouldn't have phased you if it weren't for the video. They were close, really close, whispering and giggling in some nightclub and then they walked out and he grabbed for her hand and led her into the car. You could feel all of your friends watching you, waiting for a reaction but all you could do for a while was try to blink away the tears forming in your eyes. Eventually you stood up and excused yourself to the bathroom to call Harry. The longer it took for him to answer to harder you started to cry. "Hiya babe!" His voice was sleepy. You couldn't talk, you just quietly sobbed on the other end. "Hello? Love, are you there? You okay ? Are you crying? What happened? Dammit (Y/N) answer me." The fact that he didn't know why you were upset only made you angry. "It's over. I'm done." Your voice was quiet but stern. "What? (Y/N) please. What did I do? You can't just give up on us, please talk to me."
  • Liam: It's been almost a week since you've talked to Liam. They only time you heard from his was when he texted and said 'sooo busy. call soon xx.' You really tried to be understanding but when things got like this it was hard. All you really wanted was to hear his voice but he just didn't have the time. When he finally did call you tried your best not to be angry with him but he wasn't making it easy for you. "Well hello stranger." you teased. "C'mon (Y/N) I've had a long day I don't need your shit too," he snapped at you. "Then maybe you shouldn't have called." "Maybe your right." That's what pushed you over the edge. "Well then maybe this just isn't meant to work out." You could hear him shifting in his seat. "What? That's not what I meant, I'm just crabby..." you cut him off. "I get that. And so am I but I'm not taking it out on you. I'm so done with the excuses Liam, its not fair." You didn't give yourself enough time to process what you were saying you just said it. "(Y/N)" His voice cracked, "Please don't do this. I'm so sorry, really. I'll get better I promise, just please don't give up on us."
  • Louis: It's the longest you and Louis have gone without seeing each other and it's really taken a toll on your relationship. "I miss you so much love. Just come see me." You can practically hear him pouting on the other end. "I miss you too Lou. And you know if I would if I could." But that's not good enough for him. "C'mon, I can get you the next flight out here. You'll be in my arms by morning." You didn't mean to get so angry with him, you just hate when he talks like whatever you're doing isn't nearly as important as him so you should be the one to compromise. "I have a life here Louis. School and internship, that will hopefully turn into a job, sure it's not your glamorous rockstar lifestyle but it's my life and I can't just give it up." You snapped. "I didn't say that." You could hear him getting frustrated. "But it's what you meant. It's what you always mean. I love you but I'm not going to give up my life and future and if that's what you want then this isn't going to work." You could feel the knot building inside your chest. "(Y/N) that's not-I don't-please don't say that. Don't give up on us."
  • Niall: You've been standing in front of the mirror for what seems to be hours; poking, pulling, and prodding at your curves. Whenever you're feeling down on yourself you can always find thousands of people who are more than willing to help point out your flaws. You've been so upset lately and without Niall around to pick you back up, things have gotten bad. You've hardly slept, you can't focus at work, all you could think about was how you weren't good enough for Niall and about everything you're insecure of. When the tears started streaming down your cheeks your phone rang, it was Niall of course. "Hey baby girl! I can't wait for you to come visit...." He was his happy-go-lucky self and you were miserable, he didn't deserve this. "Look Niall," you cut him off. "I think- I just can't do this anymore. It's not fair to you." you croaked. "Whaddya mean?" his voice was small and quiet. "I'm not good for you." "That's for me to decide." He sounded angry now. "Ni, please..." This time he cut you off, "No (Y/N) you can't just...just don't give up on us."
  • Zayn: You've been at each other's throats all week. All you wanted to do when you got home was relax, but Zayn made sure that wouldn't happen. You walked into your house, music blasting, people everywhere and a mixture of alcohol and smoke filled the air. You walked into the kitchen to find Zayn playing beer pong. You stood in front of him waiting for him to explain himself but he never did. "Are you fucking kidding me?" You finally blurted out just when he was throwing the tiny plastic ball, causing it to fall short. "Fuck!" He directed towards you. "What?" He stared at you blankly. You shook your head and ran to your room, you knew Zayn was behind you. You went into your closet and started to pack a bag. "What are you doing?" Zayn stepped towards you. "I'm gonna stay with my sister, clear my head." By now you were fighting back tears. "(Y/N) please. Don't leave." He reached out for you but you pulled away. "I can't keep doing this." You were almost whispering. He stepped closer to you and reached for your cheek, this time you let his fingers brush away your tears. "Please just don't give up on me, on us..."

Excuse the lame glee on my face (and the fact I used a selfie stick… lol my roommate is gone), but I FINALLY FINISHED MY COSTUME FOR 1989 ARLINGTON!!! I love her Welcome to New York outfit so I decided to make my own! I’m so excited about this costume, I spent so many hours gluing each rhinestone on the jacket and the top and I’m just so proud of how it turned out!! This is going to be my fourth time to see taylorswift live and I’m so blessed to be able to go, I’m driving four hours to get to go to this concert and it’s like three weeks away and I’m shaking with excitement. This trip has been a year in anticipation and I just can’t wait to see you! It would be such a dream come true to meet you on this tour! I’ll be sitting in section A row 7 seats 23-24. Your music has helped me through so much especially recently and I just want to thank you for everything. Just thank you for being such an amazing role model and the reason that I scream and dance in the car and drive my friends and family crazy blasting your music everywhere. So hopefully you can save me a hug in Arlington. I love you and I can’t wait to see you!!!!!!! 

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#12 High School!5SOS- He Attends Your Graduation Before He Leaves For Tour (With Graduation Song Preference) (End)

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(Y/Y)- Your Year


You looked into your mirror adjusting the cap on your head, today’s the day you graduate and are no longer called a high schooler. You run your fingers through your now curled hair, you readjusted your cap one more time, you gave out a nervous sigh. How could you be happy? Your boyfriend was leaving tonight. You tried texting him but there was no reply and you just assumed he was busy. He had to pack, he had to get his ticket ready, of course he was busy. You heard your mom call you down so you could head to the school, you panicked and rushed to get your things before running down. At the school you sat in the bleachers in your assigned area, everyone was nervous or excited, and some were already crying. You put your phone on silent once the program started and listened to the several speeches of both the principal and our valedictorians. It was then time to accept the diplomas, one by one students walked down with their names being called. Families clapping, teachers tearing up, and friends on the bleachers cheering loud. “With graduating I present to you your diploma (Y/N) (Y/L/N), congratulations.” You smiled and felt the tears starting to form, you nodded to your teachers and started to walk back to your seat. On the way you could hear, out of all the voices in the crowd, a familiar voice. There you saw Michael calling out your name and holding up a big bouquet of roses. “Michael?? What about your flight!?” “I have time!” He yelled back. You didn’t know what to think, you hurried back to your seat and waited for the program to be over. The students dispersed and your graduation song started to play. Everyone threw their caps up, others ran to find friends and jumped for joy, others started going home with their parents. You moved your way through the crowd until you found Michael, his bright colored hair wasn’t hard to miss. “You came!” You said running to him and jumping into his arms. “ "Of course I did….” He said kissing your cheek. “How long can you stay?” He looked at you with sad eyes, “sadly not long, I was able to convince the manager to buy me time until the ceremony was over, I told him I couldn’t leave without saying goodbye.” You smiled and kissed him once more, “I’m gonna miss you….” He smiles back and rubs your cheek, “you are gonna do great things in college.” “And you with your music, do something unpredictable.” He smiles bigger and kisses your cheek before pulling you into a tighter hug, “I love you, always.” He says before letting out a sigh. The both of you continued your hug until the song was over.


You didn’t contact Calum since the day he told you that he was leaving. You had to redo your make up several times because you kept crying. You admitted to yourself that you were being selfish and unfair, when you dried your face you applied the make up once more. You smiled into the mirror but then frowned again. You looked at your phone, messages from nervous and excited friends, but none from Calum. You hated fighting, no, you hated overreacting over little things. You took a deep breath and texted him first before you continued to get ready, but even after you finished there was no reply. “Of course…. Why would he reply after the way I acted…” You sad before gathering your things and heading into the car with your family. During the ceremony you continued to look through the crowd, but you couldn’t find him. The teachers started to call up names, you received your diploma and took your time walking past the crowd before going back to your seat. When the ceremony was over everyone threw their hats up and started to look for their friends or their parents. You met up with your mom and dad and they smiled at you and hugged you, “what’s wrong sweetie?” Your mom says. “Nothing mom, l-let’s just go celebrate.” “Alright, let’s go to your favorite restaurant and you can order anything you want.” Your dad says kissing the top of your head. You all exited the football field and started walking across campus to where the car was parked, you started to hear your graduation song echo throughout the whole school. You started to slow your walk when you saw a familiar figure waiting in the front of the school. “Calum?” You called out. He looks to the side holding up flowers and a disappointed face. “(Y/N)… I-I’m sorry I missed it, we were almost at the airport and I had to beg my manager to let me go, and by the the time I got here-” He says before you ran to him in a hug. “I’m so sorry…” “Sorry for what?” He says chuckling and wiping up your tears. “For being supportive and-” “(Y/N), none of this is your fault… It was all just bad timing… I wish I could have been with you walking down with our class. I mean, hey, they even chose the song we voted for, we could be jamming at the field right now.” He says and you smiled at him before burring your face into his chest. “How long do you have left?” “Hey now, don’t make it sound like I’m dying, and I have 10 minutes before I have to definitely go and catch my plane.” “I don’t want to say goodbye like this.” You said looking at him. He kissed your lips for a long moment before looking at you to speak, “I’ll be back, I promise you will see me again, and just like you, I’ll make something out of myself by the time I come back.” He says before letting you go, handing over the flowers, and slowly walking back to the waiting car. “I love you Calum.” You said holding the flowers close to you. “I love you too (Y/N).” He says before closing the door and driving off back to the airport.


“Where’s Ashton?” You said asking Ms. Irwin before going to your seat with your graduating class. “I don’t know dear, he won’t answer his phone.” “He told me that he made sure that his manager knew that he was going to watch my graduation before leaving.” “Oh sweetie, I’m sure he will be here, he never disappoints.” She says smiling at you, “now get to your seat, the ceremony is almost starting.” She says before sending you off. During the ceremony you kept fidgeting around the direction Ashton’s family was sitting. You saw Lauren, Harry, and Ms, Irwin sitting in the front row. There was a reserved empty seat for Ashton but he still wasn’t there yet. You saw your family beside them and still no sign of him. During the speeches you continued to sneak glances at your phone, still reading the unanswered text you sent him. One by one, students names were being called while your graduation song played. You stood up when it was your rows turn to receive your diplomas. You started walking back to your seat after being congratulated, but heard your name being yelled from the side. There you saw, Ashton yelling and standing from his seat holding up a sign that said “You Made It! Class of (Y/Y).” You looked at the gap you made  from just standing, you looked at your peers and your teachers who were wondering what was going on. You looked back at Ashton who had a worried face because he didn’t want you to get in trouble. You started to move out of line and run towards him. He smiled putting the sign down and going over the line running to you half way. You could hear the crowd awe, and your graduating class cheer. “You’re late.” You said smiling at him. “Sorry, I had to make the sign and also get you flowers, I had a lot to multitask as well as packing.” “How long do you have left?” “A good 30 minutes, enough time to have a small after grad dinner with our families.” You smiled and hugged him tighter, hearing the final names being called, and your principal dismissing the graduates. Everyone started to celebrate, throwing confetti and blaring horns. Everything moved in slow motion between you two, “Promise to take on the world, get your music everywhere.” “I promise, and you promise me that you will do great things too in college okay? Be happy, and wait for me?” “Of course.” You said with happy tears in your eyes. “Hey, don’t cry, you’re supposed to be happy on graduation day.” He says tucking a stray hair behind your ear. You smiled at him and kissed his lips one last time, “tears can be happy too.” You said before you two walked to your families to spend the time you had left together.


You fidgeted in the car looking over your paper with your speech on it. You were one of the chosen valedictorians and you were going to present the final speech to your class. You felt a hand on top of yours and looked to the side at your boyfriend Luke. He wasn’t any help either because you knew that after you take that diploma in your hands, he will be leaving. You two continued to hold hands until you got to the school and separated ways for seating. Before you really left he gave you a quick peck on the cheek before leaving to sit with both his and your family. The ceremony started and your principal and teachers started saying a few words. Everyone brought up memories from freshman year all the way to this final year and it got pretty emotional. Before everyone got their diplomas the valedictorians stood up and started walking to the stage. You all stood in a line and you nervously held the now crumpled speech in your hands. Once it was your turn you nervously walked up to the mic and looked at the crowd. “For four years we traveled together as a class to get where we are now. We all started out as confused freshmen to graduating seniors ready to make a difference in this community and maybe into the greater world. We all have struggled in common things but made the strongest decisions we could possibly make to get on track….” You said before looking at Luke’s direction, “even for the students who are not walking with us today, I know that we are all destined to do something great in the future as long as we have a dream to follow…. So, Class of (Y/Y)…. And my boyfriend Luke, as we sit here today as graduates, or successful people, I would like to say, we made it!” You said ending your speech and having your whole class stand up cheering. You walked back to your seat and waited as each student walked down to get their diploma. Your graduation song started to play as students marched down thanking their teachers. Everyone was singing and it was the most memorable moment you have witnessed. Once the ceremony ended you found yourself being greeted by your family, Luke’s family, and Luke himself. “That was an amazing speech (Y/N).” He says before handing you a bouquet of flowers and kissing your forehead. “I…. I really wish you could have spent this moment with our class….” “I am spending it, unconditionally….” He says taking your hand in his. “Do you have to go soon?” “Yeah… The car is waiting out in front.” You bit your lip, “can I walk you?” “Of course.” He says smiling and you two started to walk. “I’ll try to call you.” “You better.” “I’ll take a lot of pictures too.” “Come home for the holidays?” “Of course.” You two continued to make promises until you saw the car parked right at front. “I guess this is it.” He says before looking at you. “I love you Luke Hemmings….” You said letting your tears fall. “I love you (Y/N) (Y/L/N)…” He says smiling and kissing your lips for as long as he could. You took off your cap and placed it on his head. “You made it Mr. Hemmings.” You say smiling at him. He smiles back, kisses you one last time before getting into the car.

A/N: THE END :D. Well then everyone this is the final part and I hope you enjoyed it! Thank you for supporting this series as well as requesting more for it from time to time. This was my first series and I’m surprise you guys actually read it.

I will start a new series soon (something Halloween related) and of course my masterlist will be up now!


Thank you again everyone!