your music doe


even if we’re separated, please don’t forget
the passion we felt that day; the dreams we constructed
red skies, the bleeding evening sun
without turning back, walk on


Scrubs + Season-Ending Songs

A Silly Meme For Sucky Days

Does your muse have an embarrassing favorite movie?
A memory that will turn your muse’s face royally red?
Has your muse ever cyber stalked someone, (& were they caught)?
Did your muse ever leave someone a drunken voicemail?
What is the worst texting slip up your muse has ever experienced?
What is your muse deathly afraid of?
What music does your muse listen to on an (emotionally) rainy day?
$ Has your muse ever spent too much money on something stupid?
Has your muse ever told a ridiculous lie to keep the peace?
Has your muse ever built a snowman? (Was it ‘traditional’, or ‘unique’?)
If asked, what would your muse think is their defining quality to others?
If your muse got kicked out of a country, what would it be for?
What is your muse’s go to excuse for being late?
☼ / ❅ Does your muse prefer sunbathing, or bundling up for winter?
If your muse could live forever, what would they ideally do?
    (If they’re already immortal, what would they do if they started over?)

What makes your muse smile at their phone like a dork?
❝❞ What would your muse’s cheesy yearbook quote be?

Isn’t it funny how people are obsessed with popular music, songs written by recording artists, pop singers, and bands.

Yet at the same time pursuing the arts and music as a career, especially classical, is frowned upon, scoffed at, and thought, “Their majors must be a joke!”


Taylor! I seriously can not believe that it’s been over 10 years now since your career began. I’ve only been here for about 8, but believe me, it’s been an incredible journey. You always make me happy, and you never let me down. Whenever I feel like I’ve hit rock bottom, you’re there. You may not know who I am, or absolutely anything about me, but you’re so important in my life. Not only does your music effect me (dance parties to 1989 in my living room are the best), your character and your positive outlook on life does just as much. You’ve taught me that it’s okay to not be okay sometimes. You’ve taught me that it’s okay to just let go and do what makes me happy. And most importantly you’ve taught me what friendship is. Though I’ve never met you, I really mean it when I say you are my bestfriend. No one has stuck beside me like you have, and I’m going to be grateful for that for the rest of my life. 10 years is a really long time, but I can’t wait to spend the next 10 with you. I love you so much, and I will always be here to support you just like have been for me. . -Kaitlyn 💛

Jokes that came from the Level 30 Enchantment Lets Play

-Gavin’s trophy room of victory
-Geoff being invisible
-Cave chickens
-“What music does your kid listen to Ryan?”
-“you’re not catching any faiiishhh”
-Edgars first real appearance and acknowledgment

All in all level 30 enchantment is my favorite lets play to watch

anonymous asked:

No lie can you mute filters? Even when i play music from my phone and a filter thatbhas music on it is used you can still hear it?

turn your phone on silent, play music from the speakers as normal. the phone only records what it can hear and the filter’s music doesn’t play when your phone is on silent but your own music does, which means it only records your music and not the filter’s sounds ^-^

sending everyone good vibes today! hope you all have a kick ass day :)


Munnar, Day 2: There’s something about this weather that brings back an October of five years past. I slip into a dream, a cloud like those that settle on the mountaintops before drifting down to the valley. I spend today cushioned in a down of what-ifs. (What if I’d loved you then? What if we could go back to that Autumn?) Moosh is a pragmatic sort of individual. He prefers loving me in the here and now, he grounds me. He’s the cool touch of the rainforest canopy to my inscrutable evening mist.

There’s something about this weather that brings out the classic British style in me. I made your country the subject of my lifelong study, I tell him. Everything I ever worked towards was for this. I sought out your culture, I made a study of your people, your literature, your music, our mutual histories. Does that make you love me less? He holds my face in his hands, smiles and says, no, no it doesn’t. So I dress in an uniform out of the books I grew up reading. I match my lipstick to my bag, and we go for a stroll. Moosh remarks that we could be walking down an English country lane. He’s right. Some memories are so visceral, so powerful in their tug and flow that a part of you never ceases to live in them. I remember that first walk down the bike path that October in York. In my dreams the two lanes merge and we walk once more in the northern sun under which we first met.

I can’t wait to marry this man and begin our life together. Make a home out of our love, revel in domesticity, wake up next to each other every morning and kiss each other goodnight. It’ll be a while coming, though. Until then, we must meet only in the twilight roads of the hills and our dreams.

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