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New Hunter

Imagine learning that Sam and Dean were hunters and wanting to become one yourself. Dean tries to teach you, but he’s worried about you getting hurt. Feeling bad about it, Sam takes you on your first hunt but things go horribly wrong and Dean has to think quick.

  • Dean x Reader | Sam | Castiel (mentioned)
  • 1228 Words
  • Warnings: Judge it by the gifs.

Nothing could have prepared you for this. This was an absolute nightmare. To see Sam, hands bound behind his back, that gnarly gash on his forehead, it was traumatizing enough without the memory of your own beating.

You felt your eye start to close itself shut and you were sure that you had a loose tooth wiggling around, though it was honestly hard to tell through all the iron building up inside your mouth.

The door to the basement opened and you feared the worst. That woman, the blonde, she’d descend the stairs as slowly as possible, putting you and Sam on edge as she tried to think of what she could do next.

With no idea as to what the woman wanted, you and Sam had no choice but to sit back and take it. Sam tried countless times to have you freed, knowing his older brother would shoot him dead if he ever found out you were captured and tied up in a basement with no contact whatsoever.

When she appeared in the doorway, there was a triumphant smirk across her lips that sent a shiver down your spine. You felt the snot oozing out of your nose and the tears mixing in, not a great combination with the liquid iron in your mouth.

She grabbed something to her side and pulled a figure into the view. You and Sam gasped at the same time, realizing you knew this figure to be Dean. His hands were bound in the same chains that bound yours and Sam’s, his hair was a mess and his nose was pouring blood.

Your heart was racing against your chest, making it more difficult to breath, to keep still. The tears you nearly had under control were now trickling down your cheeks again. Dean was your last hope until now.

Dean was on the second step when the woman winked at you and shoved the man down the last ten steps. There were a lot of cracks and groans and maybe even a cry as Dean hit the concrete below with another sickening crunch.

“Dean!” You cried out, not able to stop yourself or the thrashing that came out of you next.

Dean looked up with his eye now forming a black ring around it. He winked with his good eye, a small hint of a smirk playing on his lips that told you he had a plan, but you weren’t so sure. How could he have a plan like this? He wasn’t supposed to know where you or Sam were.

“Ahhh. Is this the girlfriend?” The woman’s voice was high-pitched and very annoying. Every time she opened her mouth you expected a mirror to break.

When no one answered, she finished walking down the stairs and picked Dean up by his ear. You had to turn away in case anything started tearing.

“Listen,” she tossed Dean in the chair between you and Sam and chained his feet to the ground. The chains looked too tight for Dean’s ankles and his eye looked like it might start closing on its own any second. “I don’t actually like doing any of this, but now that I have all three of you here, I might as well get to the point.”

Her blonde hair was tucked so neatly into a bun, you wondered how she was able to think. Her face reminded you of a wicked witch and her outfit, well that was too much like an office woman and not a human who beats up people.

You sneak a glance at Dean. He’s looking right at you, his lips parted so he could breath and his hands before him in his lap were opening and closing, like he might be trying to get the feeling back. It hurt, knowing this was all your fault.

“Get to it then.” Sam growled from his chair. You could barely see him, his chair sitting just a few inches in front of Dean’s. His jaw was clenched and his eye was twitching from his nerves. He was ready to taste blood.

The woman cackled, proving your wicked witch theory further, and she shook her head. “You Winchesters crack me up, you know?” She stepped in front of Sam. “Always ready for a fight. But I don’t know who this one is.” She straightened up and looked over at you. “She’s obviously new to the hunting scene, am I right? She hardly knew how to defend herself.”

“Leave her out of this.” Dean hissed, bringing her attention on him. She laughed again, this time sounding like a broken cat.

“She is the girlfriend.” She smirked. “Or secret lover? Either way, it’s a shame you won’t make it together.”

This was the dark place Dean told you about. This was why he never wanted you to hunt. He always told you there were terrors in this world that you could never understand. It wasn’t the werewolves, the demons, the ghosts. He was talking about everyday normal humans with the equipment to ruin your life and a hell of a lot of time on their hands.

This was that dark place Dean dreaded. Give him a vampire any time—as long as it was a supernatural creature with the ability to heal itself.

You wanted nothing more than to go back two days and tell Sam this was all a bad idea. He was only trying to help, wanting to take you on a small hunting trip so you would know what to do. Dean was slow about training you, slow about bringing you on the field with him, but Sam wasn’t and that was the problem.

The other problem was that Dean found out and followed you two, getting himself caught in the process. He was the one, the only, that could potentially save the two of you before anything really bad happened. Not anymore.

“I’m going to give you three some time alone.” She smiled calmly then, a scary sort of calm that made your insides crawl. She turned on her heel and ascended the stairs, slamming the metal door shut behind her.


None of you spoke for several minutes. You were afraid she was listening in, though that was crazy since this room was built to be soundproof.

The only sounds you could hear was their breathing and somewhere behind you there was water hitting the floor, telling you there was some kind of leak.

Finally, Dean broke the silence. “How could you.”

His words were directed at Sam, who was clearly trying to think of a way to get out of it. You could almost hear his brain working away two chairs over. “Dude, she was ready.”

“She’s not ready!” Dean snapped, turning his head to look at you. “Baby, look at me.”

You didn’t. You couldn’t.

Dean sighed. “Castiel told me. He should be upstairs right now, taking them out. I was a distraction in case they knew how to ward the place but they’re just people.”

“We were careless.” Sam admitted.

You raise your head and look over at the younger Winchester. “Had our backs turned when we were caught.” He dropped his head.

The door flung open once more, catching you off guard. You gasped, peering up in the doorway, scared of what you might see until you saw the glow.



A winter afternoon with Draco would include:

  • Rosy cheeks and frosted lips, snow clinging to gloves as they attempt to assemble lopsided snowmen with coal smudged smiles and coat-button eyes, sticks for arms that wave in the wind
  • Snowflake dusted window panes with finger sloppy ‘i love yous’ written in cursive across the fog, scarves masking pulse points, masking purple-black bruises, masking teeth marks as Draco smiles and presses a kiss to your nose
  • Crackling fire spitting logs and icy feet pressed against legs. ‘get your feet off of me’ Draco says, curls his fingers around red painted toes with a sugar cookie smile crumbling at the edges of his mouth
  • Candy- cane sharp incisors piercing the edges of sonnets murmured against your neck, fingers cold and clasped, garland strung from the mantle
  • A kiss beneath the mistletoe that tastes like cocoa, tastes like melting - god - a laugh in his mouth and yours and you can’t quite tell the difference
  • Gingerbread houses and gumdrop eyes, decorating your heart before biting it in half
  • Skating on thin, thin ice and staring up at the clear afternoon sky, stars stealing at the corners of the sky
  • Snow angel, “I love yous”
  •  Ice gnawing at the corners of your heart

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Can you do the you’re making out and a member walks in reaction also with Hyungwon, IM and Shownu? Love your blog~ ❤️

Yes ^^ Here it is~

You’re making out and a member walks in (Hyungwon, I.M & Shownu) 

Hyungwon; You two were in the bedroom, you laying down with him on top of you, his hands on your waist, gripping it gently as his tongue explored your mouth. He moaned a little when you sucked on his tongue gently, the atmosphere growing a little heavy. 


You both pulled away from each other with a gasp and looked towards the door, seeing Jooheon standing there with a phone in his hand, and a hand over his mouth. “ Oh, Jesus.. Okay..Nevermind..” He blinked and turned around, running out of the room. Hyungwon sighed, soon letting out a chuckle as he looked at you, “Sorry.” He mumbled and kissed the tip of your nose.

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I.M; You were on top of him, straddling him with your lips pressed against his. He moaned quietly into the kiss, licking over your lips and pushing his tongue inside your mouth as his hands rested on your hips.

Changkyun-ah, let’s have a game of overw-..

 You two pulled away from each other quickly, looking at Hyungwon who was stood there, trying to hold his laughter in. “Alright, i see you’re busy. I’ll go find Kihyun.” He mumbled and snorted, walking out of the living room, leaving you two flustered. “Oh fuck.. He’s going to tease me about this forever..” Changkyun sighed and leaned his head back at the couch. 

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Shownu; He had you in the practice room, against the mirror, his body pressed against yours with no space between you two. His plump lips moved against yours, hands cupping your cheeks. His tongue was moving around your own, playing with it and pulling away a little to nibble on your lower lip. You two jumped up and turned around to look at the door once you heard someone walk in. 

Oh shit. Sorry Hyung, i was just.. I left my.. Nevermind i’ll get it tomorrow, continue.” 

Wonho winked at you two and left the practice room, making you blush. Shownu laughed and turned to look at you again, not fazed by it at all. “Let’s continue, then.” He grinned and pressed his lips against yours again.

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A summer fling with Draco would include:

  • He’s the new boy; all white blonde hair and flinty gray eyes, a pointed jaw and pale, pale skin blurred by chlorine constellations as he lingers at the pool edge
  • “Who’s that?” you ask, press your elbow into Pansy Parkinson’s ribs as water splashes onto the pavement and music bangs against garage doors. “The new boy.”
  • And you swear that his eyes flicker over to yours, linger for a summer slick second on your skin before darting away again - all live wires strung between your ribs
  • “Draco,” Pansy says, lipstick smeared around her mouth in a blurred red cloud as she clutches a plastic cup to her chest. “He’s from England - I heard, goes to a really fancy private school.”
  • “Draco,” you repeat, words dulled beneath top-forty tremors
  • The name tastes like cherry soda in your mouth
  • The over-large watch on Pansy’s wrist reads three o’clock when you head home, heart heavy and the straps of your heels clutched between your fingers as the pavement scrapes against your bare feet
  • There’s a car pulling up behind you, all burnt wheels and Presley on repeat and a voice - all smooth syllables and a thick English accent - calls out, “Need a ride?”
  • You glance back
  • See the new boy - Draco - face blurred by headlights and stoplights, all blinking red
  • A smile playing at the edge of his mouth as he bites on the end of a cigarette
  • And maybe it’s the burn of vodka, the thrill of the night, the fucking shock at the base of your spine as he stares at you
  • But you’re saying, “Okay,” and his smile is being eclipsed by a smirk as you slide into the passenger seat, leather sticky against your thighs
  • “Draco,” he says, taps his finger against the stick shift
  • “I’m-” you start, are swiftly interrupted by the rev of the car and the green of the traffic light
  • “I know,” he says -
  • And it feels like they’re drag racing
  • So this is how it goes,
  • You see him again at the beach, waves crashing onto craggy shores and sunburn stinging on your shoulders
  • He recognizes you, ankle deep in spin cycle sea foam, raises an arm and rakes his eyes over your red-striped bathing suit
  • Fourth of July fireworks exploding between your toes and hazy days are melding into melancholy weeks; knees knocking as you sit on curbs with popsicles sticky against your fingers, the pink neon sign on the all-night-diner blinking like his smile, flashing like ambulance hearts as he holds a gun to your chest and demands your heart -
  • You never have had a firm hold on it
  •  and wilting like summer ghosts, lying on the road in the early morning with laughs thick in their mouths and music buzzing in their ears
  • Liquor stores and drive in movies, hands so close that they can almost touch
  • So this is how it ends,
  • Summer drowns at the bottom of a swimming pool and they watch from the top of a creaking ferris wheel
  • All Draco’s fingers on your jaw and his eyes on your mouth
  • All notebook hearts with your names drawn through the center and stitched through with an arrow as he presses his mouth to yours -
  • It’s a summer of dead hearts

Mel! Hey! Nina smiled hugging her sister tight. I missed you.

Oh! Not too tight, Ni! Melanie laughed, I missed you too.

You look different. How was the honeymoon, and please leave all of the sexual details out. She had a certain glow about her that Nina couldn’t exactly place. Greg must really be treating her well.

It was amazing. 

Well come in, I’ll fix you a drink.

Oh, Melanie flashed a nervous smile, I’ll pass, next time though.

Mel, what is going on?

Melanie sighed, I’m pregnant again okay?

Oh my gods! Nina hugged her even tighter, have you told the girls they’ll be so excited for-

No! This is Lucy’s day I don’t want to take any attention away from her with this. I’ll tell her after the wedding, so you, keep your mouth shut. I know where you live! 

Nina laughed at Melanie’s “mom” voice, Yeah yeah, you’re secret is safe with me. 


Brown Butter Shortbread (recipe)

These Brown Butter Shortbread are crisp and buttery with dark chocolate + flaky sea salt on top. These gluten free & refined sugar free cookies melt in your mouth and make the perfect addition to your holiday cookie tray!

Cookie noms.

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