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Babysitter (Part 2)

Summary: Your parents have to leave for a buiness trip for the weekend and you invite Taehyung over

Pairing: Kim Taehyung/ Reader

Genre: Smut X2

Word: 3.3k

A/N: I suppose there will be a part 3 lol maybe- Sorry if this one is not as good

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As you woke up you noticed you weren’t in your bed. You saw that Taehyung was sleeping right next to you. You blushed just thinking about last night. The time that you spent together was special.

You felt him stretch next to you sending him awake. “Morning.” He yawned but then he snapped to reality.

“I slept here?” He panicked. “Did your parents come home?”

“I don’t know.” You said getting up.

You noticed the cable box said 8 o'clock. You made your way to the kitchen when you noticed your mother starting to cook. “Mom?”

“Hey dear.” Your mother continued cooking. “What time did you get home last night?”

“Around one.” Your mother looked past you as she saw Taehyung sneak up from behind.

“Excuse me ma'am.” He bowed. “I’m so sorry that I fell asleep before you got home.”

“Don’t be son….I wouldn’t want you to drive home so late anyway.” She gently caressed his cheek in respect.

“I guess I’ll be heading home then.” He said.

“Nonsense, stay for breakfast.”


After breakfast Taehyung left, he was sweet but didn’t give you much attention, probably because your mother was around. Or at least you hoped. You guys didn’t really get the privacy to talk about last night. You hoped things weren’t going to be awkward now.


It’s been one week since you seen Taehyung. Your parents only been out once and you haven’t been out since that night. Your friends had pressured you into going to more parties but you denied, that was an awful experience for you, but at least something came out of it.

You were in your room reading when your mother barged in suddenly.

“Sweetie, something has come up and I need you to watch the kids all weekend.” Your mother said.

“Why?” You asked confused.

“Your father and I have a business trip.” She said it like it was a nuisance.

“Do you mind watching the kids?”

“No I guess not.”

“Please don’t throw any parties or let your friends over….I’m sorry I don’t like them.”

“Okay fine….no fun…got it.” You said sarcastically.

“You can invite Tae over only, if you need help.” Your mother started leaving your room. “We’ll be back Monday morning.”

Funny enough that you can’t throw a party but invite the guy you had sex with while your brother and sister were just sleeping upstairs. Ironic.

It was kind of obvious that your mom approves of Taehyung but you bet she would never expect this.


“Okay please don’t burn the house down.” Your father said dead serious.

“I won’t.”

“And remember what I said….nobody over except Tae.” You heart beats when you hear his name.

“Tae can come over?” Dara showed behind you. “Can we have a sleep over?”

“It’s up to your sister….shes in charge.”

Your sister pouted. “No worries Dar….” You winked at her sending her smiling off.


“Are you gonna call him?” Your sister has not stopped bugged you about calling Tae for the past hour.

“Yeah it’s already 5, we have to go to bed in like three hours.” Your brother argued.

“Okay calm down.” You grabbed his number from the fridge dialing it in your phone.

Why did you feel so nervous?

“Hello?” He asked on the other side of the line.

“T-Tae? This is (Y/N).” You said nervously.

“Hey.” He said causally.

“My parents are gone for the weekend.” You just realized how that sounds making you stumble over your words. “I- I was wonderi- I mean the kids were wondering if you wanted to sleep over or if you don-”

“I loved to.” You heart fluttered. “I’ll be right over.”


You weren’t the best cook so you decided to call for a pizza instead. When you heard the knock on the door, you made sure to grab your wallet and head to the door.

It was earlier then usual from the fact that you only called 15 minutes ago.

When you opened the door you were met with the boy who stole your heart one week ago. You thought you were nervous before, you had no idea what was coming.

“Are you paying for my company?” He smirked as he saw your wallet in your hand. Your stomach exploded with butterflies.

“Wha- oh no I ordered pizza.” You bit your lip.

Taehyung started to brush past you but stopped, leaning into your ear. “Please don’t bite your lip or I won’t be able to control myself.” He whispered and headed towards the living room.

“Fuck.” You whispered to yourself. You were already feeling flustered and he just got here.


After you all ate, you were sitting on the couch amused as you watched your little sister tackle Taehyung on the floor. The sight of seeing him around children was sexy.

‘Okay okay clean thoughts.’

“I think it’s getting close to bed time.”

You watched as you saw Dara sit up and groaned. “I don’t want to.”

“It’s 9:30, I already let you stay way past your bed time.”

“Fine.” She got up. “Can Tae read me a bed time story?”

You looked at Tae for permission but your sister was already dragging him towards the stairs.

“Dara you need to ask.”

“It’s fine, I like a lady in charge.” He winked at you.

This boy was going to be the death of you.

You followed upstairs to send your brother to bed, but as soon as you entered his room he was already past out with his video games running. You quietly turned everything off and closed the door.

You passed Dara’s room as you saw Tae acting out some mythical story making her laugh. He was so good around kids.

You went to your room changing into something more comfortable. You figured maybe you and Tae would watch another movie.

“So this is your room?” You jumped from his voice behind you. You saw Tae looking around your room while leaning on the door.

“Your sister falls asleep fast.” He smiled.

He took a few steps walking into your room. “What do we do now?”

You blushed, biting your lip as soon as he looked at you. “I thought I told you not to do that?” At this point he was walking closer to you until he was right in front of you.

“Are you going to punish me?” You asked giving him a slight pout.

“I don’t believe in that.” Your eyes soften. “But…” He smirked.

You gave him your full attention. “I have a better idea.” Before you can even process what he said he smashed his lips with yours. You missed this, one week without his presence was too long.

You responded by wrapping your arms around his neck as soon as he deepened the kiss. He was already pulling your hips towards his as he leaned into you, you couldn’t help but moan, from his tongue exploring every corner of your mouth. He almost seemed desperate, like he missed your touch as well.

The next thing you know Taehyung was slowly moving you towards your bed. When your back hit the sheets he was on top of you moving his lips to your neck, not missing any detail. You could feel the tingles spread throughout your body as he left wet kisses down your neck.

Your breathing became heavier as his hand slid up your shirt, the sensation gave you chills. You could feel the dampness in your shorts as soon as you felt his member poking your thigh through his jeans. You loved how much of an impact you had on him as much as he had on you.

The cold air hit you as he sat up, you groaned from the sudden loss of his warm hands caressing you. You watched as he licked his lips while looking into your eyes. Just then he reached for your shorts waist line, dragging them off until they hit the floor. Your heart was beating rapidly from the sweet tender kisses up your thighs. He didn’t miss a spot as he made his way towards the area you wanted him most. You tilted your head back as his tongue licked up your core.

“Oh fuck-” You moaned from the new feeling. This was your first time that anyone has ever pleasured you like this.

“You gotta be quiet babe.” He whispered.

He continued to move his tongue swiftly through your folds, the pleasure was unbelievable that you just wanted to scream. You scrunched up the sheets under trying to refrain yourself, but Taehyung was making it impossible. You had a feeling his tongue could do incredible things by the way he kissed you but never this.

You were trying not to lift you hips as you could almost feel your climax take hold. “Are you getting close?” He asked.

“Yeah.” You moaned.

You gave him a questioningly look as he suddenly stopped and got up from his position. He laughed at your reaction as he started to strip off his clothes, from his shirt down to his pants. He knew what he was doing by the teasing look he was giving you. “Take off your shirt.” You did as he made his way towards you.

You smiled when he hovered over you, kissing up your chest all the way up to your neck once again. He stopped to look you in the eyes when you wrapped your legs around his waist. He licked his lips again. Damn you hated when he did that but loved it at the same time.

He looked down as he grabbed a hold of his length, slowly sliding into you. You bit your lip trying not to moan from the tight feeling. He started to thrust into you at a steady pace while he kissed you passionately.

You couldn’t contain your moans any longer, you let a few slip out as he rapid the speed hitting your g spot. “I can’t wait to get you alone, then I can really hear you.”

Just his voice was setting you towards your high, you weren’t sure how much longer you can hold back. “Tae….I’m going to cum.”

He took that by kissing you so you wouldn’t make anymore noise. You felt him smile against your lips as you tried to moan when you orgasm came flooding through. He was still moving quickly as you were numb under him. He stopped kissing you but he kept his face aligned with yours gently. He closed his eyes tightly as he let go, filling the tight space with his cum. “You drive me crazy.” He whispered.

You giggled as you watch him lay to the bed next to you. “Your welcome.”

He was leaning over you once more pecking kisses over your cheeks to your nose. Taehyung was something special, he could go from sexy to adorable in the matter of seconds.

“(Y/N)….” He had your attention. “Do you know how beautiful you are?” You blushed from his compliment.

“Do you know how rude you are?”

“What?” He asked confused.

“You can’t be licking your lips all the time or winking at me….its rude.”

“I cant help it.” He smiled.

“You’re a tease.”

“You’re face is a tease.” You laughed at his childish behavior. He slouched to your side once again pulling you into him.

You felt sleepy as his arms were wrapped around you. You cuddled into him more when the sleep took hold.


You woke up feeling peaceful when you saw the sunshine peeking through your curtains. You felt Taehyung’s arm wrapped around you. You turned around and noticed he was still sleeping. He’s so cute when he’s sleeping.

You blushed from the idea of waking up to him by your side every morning. It made you feel butterflies in your stomach, but you can’t get carried away nothing was official between you two.

The child in you had you gently poking his face to try to wake him. You giggled watching his face scrunch up. “Tae.” You whispered as you kissed below his ear.

He cutely groaned as he fluttered his eyes open. “What?” He yawned closing his eyes again.

“Wakey wakey.” He opened his eyes again and smiled at your cuteness.

“(Y/N)!!!” You heard Dara yelling as she barged into your room.

“Oh fuck!” You panicked.

You pulled your sheets over your chest as soon as Dara entered, from the fact that you and Tae were still naked underneath.

“Dara! Remember you have to knock before you enter someone else’s room.”

“Sorry I forgot.”

Dara gasped as soon as she noticed Taehyung. “I didn’t know you were having a sleepover together….how come I wasn’t invited?” Your sister pouted.

“Tonight we will make a bed in the living room for all of us okay…now please go wake your brother.” You rushed.

“Okay…” She left.

You jumped out of the bed with the sheet wrapped around you as you closed the door locking it.

“Okay we have 5 minutes.”

Tae smirked when he saw you. “Stop staring and get dressed.” You laughed.


The day was full of exhausting activities your siblings put you through. A walk in the park, a trip to the ice cream shop, back to the house watching movies. Your brother wanted to sleep over his best friends house tonight so Dara was the only one to take care of.

It was 7 o'clock and the only movies Dara let you watch was kid movies, so you and Tae were quite bored. Dara was sprawled out on the love seat facing the TV, while you and Tae where on the couch farther back. You slid over to be right next to Tae.

You rested your head on his shoulder as some song the characters were singing was irritating you. You felt Tae place his hand over your knee. Luckily you were wearing leggings unless his touch would affect you. “I thought you were a good boy.” You whispered as he moved his hand further up your leg.

You saw Dara move so you quickly moved Tae’s hand off of you. But she was still hypnotize by the movie as you can see, for all you know she could be sleeping, you couldn’t see her face.

About 10 minutes have passed you wondered how long this dumb movie was. You couldn’t stay focused any longer. Tae’s fingers were tapping against his thigh. You couldn’t help but stare as your eyes wandered to a more inappropriate area. You couldn’t help but noticed the slight bulge in his sweat pants. Was he turned on?

“My eye are up here.” He laughed. You just tapped his chest playfully.

“I was looking at your annoying tapping.”

“Sure.” He smirked. “And to answer your question I’m very turned on right now.” He confessed.

“You’re the rude one, wearing that shirt.” He continued.

“I’m wearing a tank top.” You laughed.

“I can see your bra.” He whispered in your ear. You loved when he did that, it sent chills crawling down your neck.

You looked down and noticed your bra was hanging out. Honestly that wasn’t on purpose. You had this thing forever it’s probably just grown to be too small on you.

“Sorry.” You giggled pulling your shirt up.

Just then your sister got up sleepily, almost like she was sleep walking. “I’m going to bed.” She said and made her way upstairs.

“I’m changing this crap.” You got the remote finding something else on Netflix.

When you sat back down you tried not to pay attention to Taehyung’s tapping once again. Probably something to do with his dirty mind.

You slapped your hand over his to stop his taping. “You bored?”

“No.” He said casually, but you knew he was.

You reached your hand over to where his bulge was still visible. “Your still showing.” You smirked as you starting rubbing the sensitive area. You love seeing him squirm under your touch.

“Do you need help with this?” For some reason Tae has made you more confident, only when its the two of you.

He arched his eyebrows as soon as you got down on your knees in front of him. “Have you ever done this before?” He said nervously. “Because you don’t have to.”

His sweet side showing, he actually cares about your feelings, doesn’t want you to feel pressured in anyway. Not like most guys.

“I owe you from last night.” You started tugging on his pants, only to have his length exposed. You wrapped your hands around his shaft. He was harder then you thought, he was weak when it came to you. Just thinking about it made you blush.

You started to pump his length slowly to tease him. The sexual desire was stirring up inside you. You went in circling your tongue around the tip, while your hands continued pumping.

You watched him lean his head back on the couch moaning quietly. “You sure you haven’t done this.”

You nodded as you took him into your mouth to as low as you can go, while you pumped the rest.

You felt yourself getting wet as you heard him moan. When you brought your head back up you noticed the tip was throbbing. He wasn’t going to last much longer. You wanted the thrill of him releasing in your mouth.

“You like ladies in control?” You teased. He felt his part twitching in your mouth.

“Fuck.” He placed his hand on the back your head to make you move faster. He couldn’t control himself much longer as you felt the salty substances fill your mouth.

You swallowed his liquids as you leaned in to lick him clean. He was still a wreck, breathing heavy as his orgasm was slowly passing.

“You good?” You giggled as you still were licking up the mess.

He looked at you tiredly when you finally pulled his pants back up. “Can I ask you something?”

He got on the ground with you, getting under the covers of the bed you made in the living room.

“Go ahead.” You smiled.

“The sex has been great with you and all, but I was wondering if you wanted to actually go out…like a date?” He looked nervous. How cute.

“Of course.” You tried not to make it seem like you were overly excited.

He smiled and leaned in for a deep kiss. “Ewww. Wash your mouth out.” He pretended to be disgusted but then he laughed.

You hit his shoulder but then pulled his shirt into you making him kiss you again. This time he didn’t pull away. The way he kissed you made you feel like you were in a fairy tale.


“Wake up.” You felt a tiny body throw them self between you and Tae waking you up immediately.

“Dara.” You groaned in pain. “Why are you so annoying?”

“Hey sunshine.” Tae smiled at the pain in the ass.

“Mommy and daddy are here.” Dara said looking at you. What? Your mother said that they’d be back Monday morning not Sunday.

You got up to look out the window, you saw your parents grabbing their bags from the trunk of their car. “Why are they early?”

“Maybe something came up.” Tae said hugging you from behind.

“Hey…..I want a hug.” Dara pouted.

“Of course sunshine.” Are you really competing on who gets Taehyung with your sister? Little brat.

You quickly grabbed the blankets from the floor, tossing them in the linen closet before your parents would enter.

Just as your parents entered Dara ran to them, giving each a hug. “Wheres Sungmin?” Your mother asked.

“He asked if he can sleep over Suho’s last night.” Your mothers eyes brightened up when she saw Taehyung greet her.

“Surprised to see you here.” Your mother greeted.

“We had a sleep over.” Dara cheered.

“Really?” You both nodded.

“(Y/N) let Tae sleep in her bed with her.” Dara pouted like she was jealous and your mother and father stared at you both confused.

Oh fuck! We’re busted.


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No Love (M) | Part One

Long List of Warnings (trigger warnings)

Angst, Unfaithful Reader, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Slight Sexism, Social Issues, Child Abuse (non-sexual), Unhealthy Relationship Depiction, Unstable Reader, Slightly Manipulative Reader, Sex & stuff.

Disclaimer: Other Kpop artist/Fictional Characters are portrayed in this, this is not an accurate representation of their personality so please do NOT get offended.  

Word Count: 9.9k+

Description: After a two-year breakup with Yoongi, you suddenly run into him again at your boyfriend’s party. Drunk and alone, Yoongi passes out on you, and you convince Jiwon (your boyfiend) to let Yoongi stay over for the night without telling him about your history. Jiwon, who invited Yoongi as a business colleague, is willing. But little does he know that it will wreck havoc on your relationship. (Takes place the morning after this happens.)

Request:  “Hey could you do a daddy kink with Yoongi, please?”

A/N: You probably expected this to be a hot smut without any emotional roller coasters at all, didn’t you? Title is actually a song by Lyves that I listened to while writing the reader opening Yoongi’s present scene. - Admin Baby  

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Mother and daughter ( jughead X reader)

Jughead X Jughead X jellybean

Wordcount: 1472

Warning : NONE

Request : no, my idea.

A/N : okay so basically I was day dreaming today and this topic came to mind… random i know but, i have to say i love this!! I hope you guys do too! JEALLYBEAN BETTER COME SOON! I NEED TO SEE JUGHEAD AS BIG BROTHER!!!!!

As always, sorry for any spelling and grammar errors. :)


Originally posted by mallverine

Currently I sat in the kitchen of Jughead’s dad’s house. To say it was a dump is an understanding, considering FP has bottles everywhere… Jughead and I just came back from school, most of the time Jughead and I would go Pop’s after school but i suggested i cook for him and jellybean.

“ Why do you insist on cooking for JB and I, i could easily buy Us all something to eat.” Jughead asks with confusion laced in his voice.

“ Juggie, you and Jellybean don’t have home cooked meals ever since your mother left . Not to mention that FP is never around, and when he is, he’s drunk. So I’ve made it my priority that you and JB eat at least healthy.” I answer him while checking the oven to make sure i don’t over cook the chicken .

When i get up from my bent position and turn back to look at Jughead. I find Jughead giving me a small smile with a whisper of a “thank you.“ I smile back and return to making our food… suddenly the sound of the front door slamming open is heard, indicating that either FP or Jellybean have arrived. Seconds later a small figure of a young girl with raven hair like Jughead’s walks in with a look of sadness on her face.

“JB, what’s wrong?” Both Jughead and i ask together, but the only response we get is her handing us a white paper. I grab the paper and read over the words. “You’re invited to the mother and daughter day tomorrow! Wear your best dresses and dancing shoes.” Automatically it hits me like a ton of bricks, I look at Jughead and notice that a sad look has also taken over his face. Wanting to change the mood I say food is ready.

“ Well JB I made something that will turn that frown upside down, guess what I’ve made for us to eat.”

Jellybean looks at me and starts to guess the way i do during tests. “Is it Mac n Cheese, Pizza, spaghetti, salmon… WAIT, is it the roasted chicken with the potatoes under it?”

I nod my head and move to the oven to take out the chicken. I place it on the set table and start to give everyone their pieces. Jellybean now has a smile on her face as she munches away on her plate of chicken. “Y/N/N, can you cook for Juggie and I all the time? I like your cooking more than eating from a frozen box or Pop’s.”

“ If that’s what you want, i have no problem. Just tell me a day before what you want to eat, that way I can buy the things for the meal.”

An hour has passed and we’re all done eating. Jughead sent Jellybean to do her homework and i tell her that if she needs help that she should call me. Of course Jughead has to tell me that i don’t need to help her but she’s family to me.

“Y/N, what am i going to do? Jellybean should not have to worry about this, our mother should be here and take her. Don’t take this the wrong way Y/N/N, but my mom should be the one cooking for us and helping Jellybean, not you. If we were to be living together, just Jellybean, you and I, people would think we’re her parents. My dad doesn’t even bother to attend any of her parent meetings, school plays or even her soccer games! It’s always me and you.. Never Dad and mom.” He speaks with anger as he pulls off his beanie from his head from frustration.

“ Juggie, don’t worry about it. Besides i don’t mind being there for you guys, just like you’ve been there for me when my dad left me… You just gave me a plan, what if i acted as if I’m Jellybean’s mom? I could skip school tomorrow and go with her.”

“Y/N, you’ve never missed a day of school, and you shouldn’t have to feel like you have a responsibility to do this! You’re just a teenager, you shouldn’t have to worry about me or Jellybean.”

Ignore him and stick to my plan, i get up from where I’m sitting and look at Jughead dead in the eye and say “ i said You’re my family and I’m going tomorrow whether you like it or not. Don’t tell Jellybean.” I hug jughead and run to Jellybeans room to tell her I’m leaving, she hugs me and tells me good bye. I walk home and get ready for bed because tomorrow will be A long day

My clock shows 6:30 A.M. I get out of bed to do my business and start to look through my outfits to find the perfect dress. I end up grabbing a tiffany colored flowy dress with a pair a white ballerina shoes. I apply my makeup, which is very light and just stuff my outfit and things in a bag. I run down to my kitchen to grab some pancake mix with some eggs and put them in another bag. I run out my house and walk towards Jughead’s home, once I arrive I pull out the extra key that Jughead gave me and walk into the house. I walk to the kitchen and start to make our breakfast, I try to make very little sound but no matter how quiet I am Jughead will always find me.

“What are you doing (Y/N/N)? Jughead asks with a groggy voice.

“ nothing just thought I’d look at the stove, what does it look like?” i answer back with a hit of sarcasm.

Jughead laughs and tells me that he’s going to wake up Jellybean. Not 3 minutes later Jellybean is running towards me with full speed. “Y/N/N! You’re making us breakfast!”

I nod my head and turn back to the pancake on the stove and flip it before it burns. Soon all of us are eating on the table. Once we finish our food, i tell jellybean to get dressed in a dress and I’ll be there to do her hair soon. At first she’s confused but her face lights up as if i told her she’s getting a puppy. “Y/N are you taking me to school today, for the mother and daughter thing?!”

I tell her yes and she runs to me and hugs me as she cries.

“JB, don’t cry! Please, then you’ll make me cry and then I’ll mess up my makeup!” i joke as i rub her back trying to get her to calm down.

Jellybean pulls away and runs to her room as she starts to pick out her dress. I turn to Jughead and tell him i need to go change into my dress, he tells me to change in his room while he cleans the kitchen. When I’m done with getting ready I let my hair down and just leave it natural, i walk to Jellybean’s room and find her ready. I Fix her hair as promised.. It takes time since she wanted me to make her a fishtale braid, while i was doing her hair she starts to talk.

“ Y/N/N, Juggie always tells me that he likes you a lot.”

“ And I like him too JB, he’s my best friend.” Jellybean laughs and shakes her head.

“ No! He likes you, like he likes you, likes you.. He always says that if there was one girl he would marry it would be you… Don’t tell Juggie i told you.” After her words I feel like i might just faint…

“Well JB… Don’t tell Juggie i said this but I would marry him too..” Jellybean laughs and nods her head while making a zipper motion on her mouth. When I’m done with her hair we  then walk out to the living room. When Jughead see’s us he walks towards us and picks up Jellybean and pulls me into a hug.

“My two favorite girls look breath-taking.”

Jellybean laughs and tells Jughead what i just told her not to say.

“Thank you Juggie! You should marry Y/N/N like you said you would, Y/N/N said she would marry you too.”

Jughead and I both say at the the same time “ I TOLD YOU NOT TO TELL.”

Jellybean mumbles a “ oops” and jumps out of Jughead’s grip and walks away, leaving Jughead and I alone. We both look at each other waiting for one of us to break the silence, Jughead then grabs my face so fast, that before i could even blink he pushes his lips firmly against mine. Suddenly Jeallybean shouts saying that we’re going to be late.

I pull away from Jughead and kiss his cheek quickly and utter “ at least now we know we like each other.”  I grab my purse and walk out the door with Jeallybean…

Originally posted by bisexualkevinday

THE RED STRING (Bellamy Blake x Reader) 


Summary: According to the myth of the Red String, the gods tie an invisible red cord around the ankles of those that are destined to meet one another. 
On the ground, everything is different and the rules are non existent. In the midst of a war, this is how Bellamy Blake discovered that red string.

Song: Blame - Bastille

“So, smart mouth,” Murphy announces, grabbing your attention as his lips turn up in a smirk, “you never told us why you were locked up.” He turns to you in his seat. You don’t face him. You just look down at the drop ship ground and furrow your eyebrows. Locked up. You’re considered a criminal here. You never thought you’d be in this situation.

 Life has never been hard for you, breezing through school with your mother’s handwritten notes in her old books. She was a caring soul - always kind and never hurtful. Everyone would talk about how beautiful she was and how much you resembled her when you were younger. 

The only thing different was your (Y/E/C) eyes. Hers were the opposite colour of yours. She became even more popular after your father was floated. Nobody would leave you alone. It was always “I am so sorry about your losses.” Or “Y/N, help your mother around the house!” Nobody knew that at that point you were the one running the house, cleaning up and cooking for your mother as soon as you got home from your classes. 

Soon after your father’s death, she lost her job along with her will to get out of bed in the morning. You guessed you weren’t enough for her. Even though you both hadn’t talked to these strangers in months, your mother appreciated every visit and kind words they brought with them. She never grew unkind or uncaring and her friendly soul never faulted. You still remember sitting on her bed with your hand in hers just talking about your day and she would always listen and never interrupt until you were finished. Then she would smile with her warm eyes and squeeze your hand gently. 

 Over time, you learnt to cope with your father being dead and it got easier to not sugar coat it. You had friends who loved you with all their hearts and who you loved back like siblings. Though your mother never really got over it, you don’t think anybody could blame her. Murphy’s words float through your mind and your throat tightens as guilt travels through the pit of your stomach, making you extremely anxious. The memories of what had happened to get you imprisoned in the first place are deathly fresh inside your mind. You swallow hard, showing no emotion as you speak.

“I killed Bellamy Blake.”

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外国人 (2)

Do not reuse, edit or copy any of my work(s). ©
Part 2 of an ongoing series, enjoy :)

* 外国人 (Gaikokujin)= Japanese word for foreign person/ foreigner.

Themes= 😊,😖,🌟,🎭,

Summary: What happens when a native crosses paths with a ‘forbidden’ foreigner?
Kyungsoo & Reader

Word Count: 3,125

Part 1  Part 3

A/N:So I had a little bit of time today and decided to write the next chapter but I’m still not 100% sure I’ll carry on with the series but I’ll see how things go. :)

“I just thought that it may actually be useful to have lunch together, since we’ll be spending a lot of time together from now on, hmm?” Yenne beamed as she looked around the table at you, Denu and Kyungsoo. Your newly formed group and who you would be passing this class with…you hoped, Yenne was eccentric, whilst Kyungsoo was reserved and Denu, well he didn’t even seem bothered. It was the weirdest mix of people but you had to power through with them regardless. You nodded at her politely as you ate the sandwich in your hand. She looked at you insistently as though waiting for you to say something before she spoke up again. “Okay so I just want to know what it’s like…I mean how does it feel coming here as a foreigner and all, you’re international and internationals hardly ever get a space here you know that? I’ve only seen 1 other international student here, but he looked like an ass anyway.” Yenne smiled at you mischievously as you chocked on your sandwich. You noticed Kyungsoo still staring at you with wide eyes; trying to hide behind the silver tin lunch box that he was eating his lunch from. You scanned the cafeteria quickly as you frowned, everyone else was buying lunch from the cafeteria yet Kyungsoo was the only one with a packed lunch. It appeared to you as very odd, in your eyes buying lunch was all a part of ‘socialising and growing up’ bringing in a packed lunch seemed very elementary to you.

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Whatever You Need Me To Be

What Ever You Need Me To Be
[Maturity is coming to terms with waiting│BullyDaBastard]

It was well in the middle of the night when you finally made it back to the studio. You’d been out of town for the weekend for work meetings and you knew you didn’t have any salvageable food left in your fridge, so a pit stop at the convenience store was necessary.

Juggling your keys in your free hand you attempted to unlock your door without spilling your whole shopping trip down the staircase.

Once inside you froze, looking around your studio. There was no way you were gone for three days and left the light on. It just wasn’t like you. Setting your groceries down by the door, you inched inside. You could definitely feel someone’s presence there. Tightening your small fist you rounded the corner, hearing movement.

Now or never.

That fight or flight thing kicked in. As someone turned the corner you acted immediately, letting out a loud battle cry, giving their stomach a swift punch and flipping them over your shoulder.

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ladyroseystuff  asked:

The HCs so far are adorable (♡~♡)! If you could, what about one with MC being a HUGE foodie, like master chef level food expert, and how everyone would react to her home cooked meals and such?

this took me forever to get out, but here it is ^^ I can barely make myself toast tbh tho

-he absolutely loves having you over and teaching him to cook
-most date nights are you two cooking together and coming up with new recipes
-he hates having you cook for him alone because it makes him feel like you’re his mom
-but loves the end result
-thinks it’s actually much better than his mother’s cooking
-the first time he tried your home-cooked meal, he fell more in love with you
-because truly the way to this boy’s heart is through his stomach
-he was a broke college student so of course he’s just gonna love anything you make
-didn’t understand the “freshman 15” until you waltzed into his life, baked goods in hand

-ever since he left home, he hadn’t had very many decent home-cooked meals
-whenever he tried to make something for himself, he ended up either burning it or putting too much salt
-it wasn’t until he had met you that he had realized his cooking was so terrible
-and you ended up having to teach him how to cook for when you weren’t around
-he didn’t even know how to boil pasta before you, let alone make his own pasta
-and honestly, he found it so hot when you cooked for him
-just something about how you moved in the kitchen entranced him
-and he always appreciated the amount of love and care you put into making it
-and because he was so active and almost never gained excessive weight, he always finished off whatever you made

-when you mentioned that you cooked, she had always wanted to try it
-and when she did, she fell in love
-and always appreciated when you cooked for her
-especially when she gets home from a long day at the cafe
-she’s thought about having you bake goods for her cafe, but she never wanted to pressure or stress you out over something you enjoyed doing
-plus, she wanted to be the only one to enjoy it
-and she’s definitely not shy about bragging about you to other chefs she meets, in hopes to help you get an opportunity the same way you helped her get hers

-kinda lives for when you two go out to eat and you end up critiquing the food
-also loves when you send the chef home to cook for him, which is almost daily
-he loves your cooking more than his chef’s anyways
-when he gets home from work early, he’ll try to help you cook, but it always just ends up with only boiling the water
-he does feel super accomplished after doing that though, as if he actually helped
-it’s cute, he’s always so curious as to what your making and asking all sorts of questions
-will try to fund a cooking show for you if you don’t stop him

-he only ate chips and drank soda before meeting you
-so of course he’s gonna be hesitant, and even stubborn when you suggest for him to eat anything else but
-but as soon as he tried something you had made, head over heels fell in love with your cooking
-and you, but mostly the food
-he even started watching the food network more to learn the lingo and impress you
-so now any time you cook, he’ll stand behind you and say something along the lines of “needs more saffron or oregano” or “try sautéing it” just to annoy you

-if he had an Instagram, it’d probably be all pictures of your food
-adores everything about it
-he’s learned so much just from watching you in the kitchen sometimes
-but when he tries it himself, it doesn’t turn out as great
-which makes him respect your skill a hundred times more
-he can, however, get some good pictures of your food and presentation
-and also while you’re cooking, just finds you so adorable with your apron and ingredients on your face

-immediately fell in love at first bite
-he’s never had such a good meal so he not only admires your work, he wants more
-and he wants to learn how to cook from you
-so every time you’re in the kitchen, he follows behind like a cat, observing your every move
-he even offers to help by being a human spice rack, just holding everything for you until you need it
-and he even tries to cook for you some days based on what he’s learned from you
-it doesn’t end up the same, but you still appreciate and offer to actually instruct him while he cooks
-he just so admires you, even if he won’t admit it
-he can, however, admit he loves your food


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Prompt: Heyy, if you’re up for it, can I request an imagine where Negan was coach before the apocalypse (your 18-19 now) and  he finds you by  the road, realising you were his student and he takes you back to the Sanctuary and is really protective of you?? Sorry if it’s too long, love your blog <3 – Via @maddiemoo16602

Ships: None
Words: 1,369
Warnings: Curses
Category: Angst with a dash of fluff


You were walking down a street of an abandoned town, dilapidated houses either side of you. You kept your eyes peeled for any sort of movement. You heard nothing except the winds rushing through broken windows and long absent streets.

Ivy crawled up the once neatly panelled houses like a parasite. The neatly trimmed lawns and flowers which may have once been well kept and colourful were now overgrown with weeds which had killed the beautiful roses and daisies that once bloomed there long ago.

Your stomach rumbled as it had been for the past week. You had eaten nothing but a dead rat and even then you only ate half of it, its milky eyes felt although it was staring at you from beyond the grave.

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Falling in Love at an Airport

Originally posted by popecalum

After a week of final exams, a month of prep leading up to them, and your first time being away from home for an extended period of time during your first semester of college, three weeks of winter vacation in your tiny hometown sounded like heaven. So, when you arrived at the airport and checked your flight the words Delayed-2 Hours on the illuminated screen next to your flight number looked like hell.  

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Stanford Surprise

Request: Could you do one where you like go to Stanford and stuff? Xx

Your name: submit What is this?

Getting acclimated to college was rather difficult when you decided to travel to a different country of school.  Even though Canada was just north of America, Leaving Toronto was challenging.  Especially when you were going to the west coast.

But once you made friends and got used to the amount of course work, college wasn’t too bad.  Although you missed your fair a lot.  It was the little things with them you missed; like sitting at home by the fire, seeing your dog get all excited when your father came home after a day in the office, or the smell of a home cooked meal by your mother.  

You also missed your boyfriend.  Even though Shawn wasn’t home often, due to his strict schedule as a musician, you missed him even more than you did when you lived back in Canada.  Because when he was on a break, he usually went back to Toronto to spend time with family.  And that was fine with you, you would rather have him see his family while he was on one of his short breaks.  But it didn’t stop you from missing him any more.

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"Imagine falling asleep during the journey every night knowing Thorin would watch you sleep, to make sure you are always protected."

butttheavengers || imagine

Life on the road was harsh.  Despite traveling for two months now, there were still comforts that you missed – your soft mattress was on the top of the list.  Often, you had trouble falling asleep due to sharp sticks and rocks digging into your side.  You also missed your feather-pillows and the quilts that your mother stitched up for you.  You missed your mother’s home-cooked meals, your father’s booming laughter, and your brother’s snarky smile.

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You are everything I wanted when I was young.
You’re skipping stones, you’re broken bones,
You’re scraped knees when I fall from the playground. 

I’m striking matches, you’re chewing gum.
We share a cigarette in the shade of an oak tree.

There’s a bruise on your forehead from when I pushed you over.
It’s raucous. It’s easy,
It’s a hundred hours in the space of a day.
Sun on our backs with the sprinklers on, 
And your bike with my bike leaning against the park fence.

How is it justified? How is it real?
Your eyes are fire stars.
Your lips are sweet wine when I’m still too young to like it, but I do.

Down the path we take to home. 
Your house is left, mine is right,
Your mother is cooking dinner.

You are everything I wanted when I was young.
But we’re older now and the joy is brief and hollow.
Back to taunts. Back to pummeled pillows in the middle of the night,
Because being older means we understand the consequences.
It means you’ve been pushed over too many times,
But not by me,
And I wasn’t there to help you.

Meet me again when we’re younger. When the world is kinder.
Let me feel your fingers when you drag me to the park. 
Let me hear your feet splashing in the lake.
Let me run to the left and taste your mother’s cooking,
And sleep in your bed when the sun is setting.

It’s not wrong. It’s not bad.
It’s everything I wanted when I was young.
And everything I want right now.

—  boys will be boys and love other boys // t.a

Go and live in a country, far removed from your own. Don’t stay in one place, for the the whole of your days.
Learn another language - even if only the basics. Try. Choose a place that intrigues or terrifies you - a culture you know little about and move there. Pack for a year, even if you do not stay that long.

Speak to the people and bond with them. Even if only for a moment in time - by facial expression or mime, connect. Learn how to eat in this new land. What rituals are meant for which part of day. Learn how to greet; whether to shake hands, hug or kiss. Find what being alive means to them and how love is expressed.

Do not compare it to what you have known, do not belittle it because it is strange. Life will teach you that even strange, is relative. And you are equally as alien to those you find alien, as they are to you. But even strange, is life. And even there, there is love and laughter.

What greater adventure can there be, than to find this out? What greater beauty, for a heart to see? When humanity and kindness, transcends all barriers? Where learning a way, and teaching them yours, can bind?

When the shopkeeper demands that you must stay for tea, don’t leave. Accept. Drink with him in his market stall. Have dinner with your neighbours and sit with them on the floor. Pay attention. Observe how they eat and eat like them too. With your hands, with sticks or even a spoon.

And if it becomes too much for your heart to bare. If the strange soil conquers your body and makes you ill - leave. Don’t stay. Go home. Eat your mothers cooking. Sleep in the house you grew up in. See the doctor, who treated you as a child. Eat the food that grew your body this big, for a time.

And when you are better, and when you are well. And when you find yourself searching for the food of the places you’ve been. Or receiving strange looks from friends, for the new habits you’ve brought with you home. Pick up your map and try again.

No experience is a waste. However short or difficult. You may not see the change, while it is happening. But you will change, nevertheless. But do not travel, intending to save the world. Do not presume, your way is the best way of all. Be open, be willing. Life has much to teach you still.

—  all this world awaiting, fgabdon

anonymous asked:

What do you think of people who aren't feminists?

it depends, if i asked somebody in casual conversation if they were a feminist and they weren’t, my opinion of them would be entirely conditional based on how they phrased it

in short summary: i think there’s a big difference between saying “i’m not a feminist” and “i’m anti-feminist”, and the former is much more understandable than the latter for me personally

in long ramble:

saying “i’m not a feminist” usually either means one of two things:

the first, that there’s been a misunderstanding of feminism somewhere down the line either due to being misinformed or due to previous misunderstandings of feminism by awful people who are, regrettably, generally the most vocal and who receive the most attention, which isn’t actually really an error by the person saying “i’m not a feminist”, because they’re basing their perceptions on experience which is just what everybody does

the second, that the person saying “i’m not a feminist” is a person of colour whose voice has been disregarded or spoken over by white feminists, or a disabled person who has to constantly fight against ableism and expects, rightfully, that the feminist movement as a whole would make some attempt to help with that, only to be met with even more ableism from people within the movement or even just being straight up silenced and shoved to the side, or trans women who can’t even exist without constantly being harassed just for daring to be who the fuck they are- all of those people are pretty much entitled to say “i’m not a feminist” because they’ve been screwed by the movement and shouldn’t have to force themselves into social circles or events that don’t accommodate for them

now, i’m white, incredibly so, and am so probably guilty of speaking over or disregarding the voices of people of colour tbh, like, i could even say exactly the same thing as a person of colour and be seen more favourably just because i’m white, so the point about people of colour’s voices being spoken over is not based on my personal experience- it’s what i’ve seen people of colour say over and over, and i’m just boosting it because as a white feminist that should be my job

but i am disabled, and trans, and i’ve met with so much ableism and transphobia/transmisogyny from within feminist circles- and people say it’s only radical feminists who say and do those things but it isn’t, liberal and intersectional feminists are just as guilty- so it has been frequently difficult for me to identify with the name because it shouldn’t be my daily duty to sit through general cissexism because i haven’t physically transitioned yet (and though i want to, i don’t think people should have to if they don’t personally want to, you can know yourself to be a different gender to how you were assigned at birth and not currently desire a physical change, whatever, it’s cool) or being patronised or mocked because i’m autistic, but at the end of the day there are goals of feminism that haven’t been met yet and i can’t very well stop being a feminist until they have been

now, to move on to the concept of saying “i’m anti-feminist”

this is a term almost exclusively spouted by total shitlords, who spend more time harassing teenagers online for having the word “feminist” in their bio than any feminist actually devotes to any cause, and who will probably send similar messages to me for answering this question

the term intrinsically implies that the person saying it is completely opposed to any and all goals of feminism, and if it’s a woman saying it, it’s usually a woman whose life has already been bettered and improved by the feminists of the past and present- sort of like if you came home, ate dinner that your mother cooked for you, then said “i’m anti-motherhood. i’m happy to sit here and benefit from what mothers have been through, but i will harass mothers at every possible opportunity for no discernible reason other than a desire to always control conversations and prove i’m smarter than everybody else. insecure? me? shut up i’ll fight you”

so i’m super happy to be friends with people regardless of whether they’re a feminist  or not, there are so many reasons why a person wouldn’t  be and even just because they’re not right now doesn’t mean they won’t be in future, it’s not like i came out of the womb and immediately started demanding equality- i was more into screaming incessantly for no good reason

it’s people who still scream incessantly for no good reason and send hundreds upon hundreds of messages to young feminists just to assert some weird form of dominance over everybody they meet that i have an issue with

i hope that made sense, and if anybody wants to get some harassing done today, feel free to tell me i’m wrong over and over until you’re blue in the face <3

the signs as restaurants⭐️
  • Aries: the energetic, loud barbeque restaurant, all equipped with a bar and a flat screen, the food is hearty and the colors are bright, warm and fun and the music, lights, and happiness emits an aura of excitement and good memories beginning all around
  • Taurus: the delightful, wine and dining restaurant with soft, fabric covered booth seating and delectable, heavy foods that burst with flavor, light music, and a dessert list that seems to go on for miles, you will leave feeling filled to the brim, a truly sensual experience
  • Gemini: the fun frozen yogurt and ice cream shop, with light, airy, creamy desserts, upbeat music, windows all around and stools lining the counter where glass encovered ice creams sit before they are scooped onto a crunchy cone, perfect summer's treat
  • Cancer: the friendly restaurant with a breakfast food themed menu, comfortable seats and kind servers, with food that reminds you of home, of your mother's cooking, of pancakes and french toast with cartoons on a Saturday morning, of your childhood
  • Leo: the perfect, high end, expensive, classy dinner and a show restaurant, with servers setting flame to your food right in front of you, with a stage for kareoke and dancing, a fancy yet fun night out, a restaurant that fulfills the dream of good food and good experiences
  • Virgo: the old fashioned diner with food prepared by people who have been preparing it for years and years, jukebox music and healthy fruit milkshakes, with alternatives and twists worked into the food that will leave you feeling refreshed, an experience that will put a practical spin on fun food
  • Libra: the restaurant that's the essential place to be, modern and hip, yet perfect for a couple's night out, a restaurant with clean cut lines and beautifully prepared dishes that can be mistaken for art, yet still have a balance between overindulgent and restricting, a place that has people talking
  • Scorpio: the dark, mysterious steakhouse with dim lighting and food that appeals to every taste profile at once, a restaurant with secretive ingredients that many want to discover yet few will actually figure out, yet a place that has fine meat and wine, and will leave you curious for more
  • Sagittarius: the restaurant that isn't a restaurant, the streets of a busy city, lined with vendors selling international foods that crowds gather around to get a taste of the exotic flavors, the smell of different cuisines mixing together under the open sky, excitement bubbling wherever you look
  • Capricorn: the simple restaurant with reviews upon reviews, food prepared using old family recipes passed down from generations before, using ingredients many find hard to pronounce, with well known faces lined up outside to get a taste of food that's so simple that it's incredibly successful
  • Aquarius: the experimental, make it yourself restaurant, with ingredients out in the open ready to be picked by the customer, many will pick unconventional food combonations that just seem to work, the place with modern technology touches and a fun new way to make food personal
  • Pisces: the shack by the sea, with foods inspired by the open tides, smoothies and shakes being prepared for customers to enjoy while laying on the soft, warm sand, the ocean kissing their feet, the experience of being with the ones you love and enjoying foods that remind you of yourself
oh no I wrote a thing

In light of this week’s episodes, I decided to write this—I always wondered why Laura and Carm were at each other’s throats in Ep. 22 and then seemingly fine in the next episode. Thus, this was born.

Laura sat at her computer poring over her Lit notes, yet actually accomplishing little. It would seem that being bitten by one’s vampire roommate does not contribute much to focusing on one’s studies.

“Okay so…an anastrophe is when an object or event is placed in a time period it doesn’t belong in. Wait, that doesn’t sound right. Oh fudgesicles I’m going to fail…”

Laura was torn away from her studies (or lack thereof) as she felt a light tickling sensation down her neck. Her hand flew to her neck. When she brought the hand in front of her face, it was wet and smeared crimson. She let out a shriek and frantically reached for her hand towel, flinging her notes to the ground in the process. It had been a few hours since she had been drained like a Capri-Sun pouch, and she was certain the bleeding had all but ceased by now.

With the shower still running, Laura rose and hammered on the door.

“Carmilla! Get out NOW!”

Laura continued to pummel the door until it swung open. Carmilla stood in the doorway, fully dressed and dabbing her hair nonchalantly with a towel.

“What’s eating you cupcake?”

Carmilla snickered at her own joke.

Laura shoved her aside and ran the towel under the faucet. She pressed the cloth tightly to her wound, but still the blood continued to flow.

“Oh God its still bleeding. Why am I still bleeding?”

Laura gingerly removed the towel to inspect the bite in the mirror. Sure enough two puncture marks could be seen, colored a deep dark red against her pale skin. A wide trail of blood marched down the length of her neck, pooling slightly at her clavicle.

“Its not going to stop with you just slapping a towel on it and hoping for the best, that’s for sure.”

Laura stomped out of the bathroom, her brown eyes flashing with anger.

“Well then, since this is your fault anyway, do you have any bright ideas?”

Carmilla sighed and ventured into the bathroom. When she returned, she had produced a somewhat worn glass vial, a clean washcloth, and several band-aids. Carmilla offered them sheepishly.

“May I?”

Taken aback, Laura sat on her bed and nodded mutely.

Carmilla opened the vial. She poured a tacky, light-blue liquid onto the washcloth and began to gently dab at Laura’s neck. Laura couldn’t help but let out a slight hiss and winced. Carmilla drew the cloth away.

“Does that hurt?”

“A little. It stings mostly.”

“I’ll be more careful then. This won’t take long, I promise.”

Carmilla continued her ministrations.

“There’s a…I dare not use the word ‘venom’…a substance in our fangs that discourages the platelets in your blood from clotting. It makes it easier to feed, as you would imagine. That’s why your wound isn’t healing. This balm will help encourage the bite to start healing.”

“Oh.” Was all Laura could manage to say.

Carmilla poured out more of the goop onto the towel and dabbed on another layer to Laura’s neck. After several long minutes of uncomfortable silence, Carmilla sighed.

“I’m sorry.”


Laura turned her head in shock to stare at Carmilla. She winced again at the sensations in her injury. She supposed the balm was doing its job, only because she felt a strange feeling somewhere between stinging and tingling where Carmilla had applied it.

“I said I’m sorry. I have been told before that it is impolite to bite people you are friendly with. And I’ve already given you enough reasons to believe I am a monster, I don’t particularly need to give you any more.”

Laura furrowed her brows and pushed Carmilla’s arm away.

“Carmilla. I have never, not once, thought of you as a monster. A terrible roommate? Sure. An insufferable, inconsiderate, secretive, filthy acquaintance? Of course. An all-around pain in my backside? Absolutely. But never a monster. Never.”

Carmilla smiled slightly, and stared down at the washcloth in her hands.

“Even so, I intruded in your personal space and violated your trust, and for that I apologize.”

“Well, thank you. I accept your apology.”

Carmilla continued her nursing efforts and the two roommates sat in a comfortable silence. Carmilla tenderly finished cleaning Laura’s bite and placed the tiny cork stopper back in the vial. She put the vial and cloth aside and began fumbling with the band-aid wrapper.

“So…what do I taste like?”

In shock, the band-aid slipped out of Carmilla’s perfectly manicured hands.

“Excuse me?”

“Oh come on. What does blood taste like? I’m dying to know. Call it…journalistic curiosity.”

Carmilla bent down to scoop the bandage off the ground.

“I honestly have no idea how to answer that question. No one’s ever asked before.”

“C'mon, tell me! You know when you bite your lip really hard and you taste blood and its all bitter and metallic-y? Is that what its like?”

Carmilla scrunched her face and nervously began to play with the band-aid packaging.

“Its not so much as taste, I guess as a…feeling. After I feed, I feel…satisfied. Sustained. Its almost like eating a home-cooked meal made by your mother. Its warm and welcoming. But that’s the point I suppose.”

Laura nodded thoughtfully. Carmilla, finally tearing away the wrapping, peeled out the band-aid inside.

“Do some people taste better than others? I bet you’ve had your fair share of blood over the centuries. I want to know where I rank.”

Carmilla sighed, exasperated.


“No, no, c'mon tell me. Is it bad? Do I taste bad? I can take it, I promise. Just tell me! Please?”

Carmilla growled slightly.

“Yes, people taste differently.” Carmilla grumbled, unsure how to phrase her answer.

“Its actually a lot like love…unfortunately. People I have no emotional or…intimate interest in taste bland. Like food with no seasoning. If they peak my particular uhm, interests, they will taste more appealing, and I am likely to feed on them for longer periods of time. Its like when you eat ice cream out of the container and you can’t really bring yourself to put it down. When you bring emotional significance into the picture, I am wagering it would overall enhance the experience…but I’m not really too sure about that. I wouldn’t really know.”

Carmilla gently applied the bandage over Laura’s bite marks and saw the visible concern on her face. She couldn’t help but feel warmed that she was able to have this conversation. Laura, as lovely and considerate as she was, was not judgmental. She earnestly wanted to know and understand Carmilla better. A part of her was relieved to open up to someone again, especially to someone like Laura. It was freeing and terrifying, all at once.

“So?” Laura prodded.

Carmilla chuckled slightly.

“I can assure you Laura, that you are not the worst thing I have ever eaten.”

Laura’s chest stuck out a little bit then, satisfied with her response.

“There. You are all fixed up and free to go.” Carmilla said.

“Yeah, free to cram my brain for two hours until it explodes. There’s no possible way I’m going to pass this stupid mid-term.”

Carmilla paused and picked up Laura’s copy of 'The Jungle Book’ from off her desk.

“Its on this Kipling stuff, right? I might have leafed through it a couple times. The important thing is to notice the themes of order and chaos within the different animals…”

- - -

Hours later, Laura walked out of her Lit class, reeling. She felt somewhat akin to a chair in a WWF brawl. As she prepared for the long trek back to her dorm in the chilly October weather, she felt an itch at her ear. She found her hand lingering over the bandage on her neck, and she smiled.

[Ereri 365 Project] Day 289 : Talk (High School AU)

They’re cuddling on the couch at Eren’s house when Eren mutes the TV over the commercials.

Levi looks at his boyfriend. “What?”

“I looked into finding someone to talk to,” Eren says, wringing his hands together. “Like a therapist or counselor or whatever.”

Levi stares for a moment before smiling. “I’m proud of you.”

Eren looks up at him. “My first appointment is after school on Wednesday.”

“Good.” Levi sits up on his knees and plays with the pink parts of Eren’s hair. “How are you feeling about going?”

Eren drapes his arms around Levi’s waist. “Nervous.”

“Don’t be, it’ll be fine.”

“The woman I talked to sounded pretty nice.” Levi smiles. Eren looks up at him. “Will you go with me?”

“You mean drive you?”

“Not exactly, my mom’s driving in case she has to fill any paperwork out with me, but I wanted you to come.”

“I guess, if you want me to.”

Eren pulls Levi against him for a hug. “Thank you.”

The door opens. Levi looks up to see Eren’s dad walk in. The older man looks at them, shakes his head, and walks down the hall, presumably to his room. Levi doesn’t bother greeting the old man, content to pay his boyfriend attention instead.

Eren lets him go and unmutes the TV so they can continue watching reruns of Bones. “I’ve already seen this one,” Grisha says.

Both teens look over to see him standing in the doorway between the living room and the kitchen. “Hi Dad,” Eren says, slipping his hand into Levi’s. “I didn’t notice you come in.”

Levi is glad Grisha doesn’t comment on that, in favor of going into the kitchen to make something. Eren fingers tighten between Levi’s. Levi looks at him, he looks nervous. Grisha makes coffee and walks back out with it in a travel mug. “I’ll bring home dinner so tell your mother not to cook,” he says, taking his keys out of his pocket.

“I will,” Eren replies.

He opens the door. “And Eren?”

Eren looks up at his father. “Sir?”

“Don’t you ever do something like that to your hair without asking again.”

Eren looks back down at his lap. “Yes sir.”

Grisha leaves and Eren leans on Levi for support.

“Did you really keep your hair secret from him for three days?” Levi asks.

Eren shrugs. “The first day he came home late, I wore a beanie the next day, and he came home late again yesterday.”

“I like your hair.”

“You like most things about me though, he doesn’t.”

Levi plays with the pink locks again. “Don’t worry about him,” he says. “You have me and your band and Mikasa and your mom, he doesn’t matter.”

“I guess not,” Eren replies.

“You should especially care about your mom over him because she’s great and she loves you so much and she’s worth worrying about.”

Eren smiles. The door opens again and Carla walks in. “Hey there boys,” she says with a grin. Eren gets up and gives her a hug. She looks confused but happy and returns the hug. “What’s this for?”

“Because I love you.”

Levi smiles at them.

Harry's Close Encounter

You couldn’t believe it.  He was here, he was actually here.  After many long months of communication only through Skype calls and cheeky texts, your boyfriend Harry Styles was finally visiting you at your family’s farm in Iowa.  You’d tried your best to explain the farm to Harry in words, but you knew you could never do it justice.  He’d been here for a whole day now and you’d taken him through each of the daily chores you had to do to help maintain the place while you were home for the summer.  Now you were laying together, cuddling silently on your bed after eating a wonderful home-cooked meal provided by your mother.  


“I’m so glad you could finally make it,” you whispered to Harry with your head on his chest.


“I’ve been dying to see the place - almost as much as I’ve been dying to see you,” he smiled down at you.  He leaned in to kiss you softly and you giggled.


“Wanna go take a walk outside? The sky is beautiful this time of year,” you asked, sitting up.


“Why not!” Harry smiled as he grabbed his coat and yours and walked downstairs.  


You opened the oak front door and stepped out onto the wooden porch into the brisk August air.  You grabbed Harry’s hand and led him out to your favorite star-gazing spot just outside the corn fields.  Once you found it, you sat down and grinned up at your handsome boyfriend, beckoning him to join you.  He sat down quietly and you both laid down, resuming your position on your bed, and you both gazed up at the dark sky speckled with spots of light.  


“You know what?” Harry began. “Laying right here with you? One of the highlights of my short life.  Honestly, Y/N, you really are the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me.”


Your heart swelled at these words.  What more could you ask for in this life?  


“I love you so much, Harry.”


“I love - what the…?” before Harry could finish his sentence, you were both startled by a bright light shining down on you from the sky.


“What the hell is that?!” you screamed.


“¡Hola!” shouted a voice from what seemed to be a flying saucer hovering above the two of you. “¡Buenos dias! My amigos and I are here to see a certain Señor Styles,” shouted the creature from above.  You and Harry exchanged puzzled and terrified looks.  Before either of you could utter another word, Harry seemed to fly into the light coming from the saucer.  He had been pulled onto their ship.


“HARRY NO!” you shouted, but it was no use.


“¡Adios muchacha!” you recognized Harry’s voice shouting from the ship. “See ya never, motherfucker!”


And just like that, you were left alone forever, resorting to removing yourself from technology and civilization, becoming your very own Little Y/N on the Prairie.