your moms taste is awful

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"okay it was me… so?" For nurseydex?

“I know I was drunk as fuck, but I’m pretty sure the guy I made out with last night had red hair and freckles,” Nursey says,

“Lots of guys have red hair and freckles,” Dex says, not meeting his eyes.

“I’m pretty sure he was about your height, too.”

“Doesn’t mean it was me,” Dex says with a shrug.

“And I know he tasted like that awful gum your mom sent that literally no one in the world chews.”

Dex bites his lip and…

“Okay it was me… So?”

Nursey raises his eyebrows in surprise. He was about 99.9% positive it was Dex, but he didn’t expect to get a confirmation so easily.

“So… I’d like to do that again,” he says.