your mom sends me care packages

Dear Evan Hansen Reverse AU: Connor's Family

“Connor, who is she?” Looking up from his book Connor saw his mom and dad standing in the door.
“The woman who dropped this off for you.” His eyes widened as he saw the package of cookies.
‘Shit, I knew forgot about something.’
“She told us how you’ve been going over to her house everyday for the past few weeks. Now I thought I heard wrong the first time, I mean you’ve been going over to your friend Jared’s house but no. Why didn’t you tell me?” Instead of answering her Connor jumped off the bed and tried shoving past them only for his father to grab him by the shoulder.
“Connor, listen to your mother. She’s asking you why you’ve been going over to that woman’s house and you need to answer her.”
“Why should I? I mean it’s not like you cared to ask before.”
“Before I said I was going to Jared’s you didn’t ask me where I was going. You knew I was getting high but what do you do? Send me to rehab for a month. Rehab doesn’t work and you never try it again. Why should you care that I’m visiting some woman’s house?”
“Because she called you Evan!” Connor stopped to look at his mother who thrust the package into his hands. There was a note scribbled on top.
‘For my not so little boy, love mom.’
“Does she think you're​ Evan? Do you let that poor woman call you Evan?”
“So what if she does? It makes her happy.”
“But she’s not your mother Connor, I am.”
“Yeah, well you're​ not a very good one.” A stinging sensation on the side of his face let Connor know he had been slapped but he was too surprised by the look on his mother’s face.
“I’m trying my best!”
“You mean taking up one hobby after the other to keep yourself busy doing anything but be a mother? And what about you dad? I never see you yet you have the balls to say it’s my fault I wasn’t raised right. All you ever talk about is Zoe this and Zoe that well maybe I’m tired of everything being about perfect Zoe! At least when I’m at her house she doesn’t treat me like a no good junkie with no hope or future. She actually treats me like her son!” At this point tears were running down Connor’s face. He had held this in for so long it hurt to let everything out at once. His parents remained quiet as he shoved past them, wanting to be literally anywhere else.

college cammie headcanons that literally no one asked for

  • slob. slobslobslob. nothing ever really rots or stains (it smells and she’s not paying for that maintenance) but if you think she didn’t have to scramble to clean when Rachel and Joe came to visit then think again because it was def Cam trying to fit three hours worth of deep cleaning into sixty minutes 
  • takes Bex to all the best parties when she comes into town, though they always end up somewhere completely different because they’re spies for shit’s sake and big parties make them paranoid
  • plaid and leggings all the time. and when it’s not plaid and leggings, it’s workout clothes. also acquired a lot of these bullshit current fashion hipster shit shirts with aliens or succulents or cacti on them that people peddle on this site, you know the ones
  • rock wall. rock wall all the time at the gym (you can take the girl out of P&E but you can’t take the P&E out of the girl) followed by smoothies.
  • BARISTA. this girl worked as a barista for a year probably and learned all her regulars’ names 
  • sometimes Cam visits Liz at Harvard, and other times Liz visits Cam at Georgetown, and occasionally they meet in the middle
  • “messy hair don’t care”
  • the quietest person in the world during sex when she has to be, because as fantastic as Zach is in bed, she doesn’t want to be known as “Three Floors Morgan” anymore after The Incident during her sophomore year…
  • protein bars. protein bars everywhere in every room and every purse or backpack
  • netflix watcher. it’s totally Macey’s account but Cam uses it more–Stranger Things, Orange is the New Black, Arrested Development, Gilmore Girls
  • decor is christmas lights, way too many plants, random artwork and family photos, pops of color everywhere, gossamer/linen curtains. 
  • craft beer snob sorry 
  • psych student and absolutely beloved by the department faculty. also two Gallagher alumni work in that department and one of them knows Abby extremely well, but Cam didn’t know that, so imagine her shock when she was meeting said professor for coffee and Abby was just fucking there like “Hey there, squirt!” 
  • wears Zach’s t-shirts as pajamas. she’ll never give them back
  • meat lover’s pizzas. that is all. 
  • “mom can you stop sending me care packages” “well I was worried that you were running out of canned soup! it’s full of sodium but it’s better than nothing” “mom I promise you I will never run out of soup”
  • “hey cam, how’s your car running” “joe I swear it’s fine” “nothing wrong with the engine? tire pressure still even?” “joe there is NOTHING wrong with my car now can I please talk to my mother for a second”
Don’t Stand So Close To Me Ch 3 (Biadore) - Splatt

Thank you for all the kind feedback! Here’s chapter three. This chapter has homophobia and transphobia in it, so if that makes you uncomfortable, please be aware. Stay tuned, because there may or may not be some smut in the next chapter…

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reposhillo  asked:

Guzma HCs : He actually owns a few books on Bug Pokemon from around the world. His Wimpod he found by accident after taking out the trash and happened to find it rummaging through it for food. He occasionally sends his mom the letter or two to let her know he's still alive and kicking, so she doesn't worry as much because he loves her. If we go the whole Father Abuse route, the reason he slouches is because of where his dad hit him in the back with the Golf Club.

Imagine the Wimpod just following Guzma around for a few days before he decides to take it home omg 

He calls his mom occasionally just to catch up with her. He even gets care packages from her sometimes, which he hides from the grunts because it’s somewhat embarrassing but he would never say no to anything his mom sends him

And yeah! I already figured the physical trauma is why he slouches, glad it’s not just me. I also headcanon that he has significant scarring/permanent bruising from the beatings he took as a kid, and because of that he never takes his shirt off at let’s say the beach. Ever. It could be friggin 100 degrees out, he keeps his shirt and jacket on. 

“Hi, Mrs. Oikawa.”

“How often have I told you, Hajime, it’s Miko. I’ve known you since before you could walk.”

“Sorry, yeah, I know. ’s just that I was phoning Tooru’s physiotherapist earlier, and the formal stuff kinda stuck.”

“Sure, sweetheart. …physio? Again? Is he hurt? He’s overworking himself, right? Don’t lie to me.”

“You… you know how he is.”

“Yes. Like mother, like son, I suppose. Are you - ”

“I’m making sure that he’s okay, yeah. Forced him to eat and go to bed early. No more training until next week. I made miso soup, actually, after your recipe that he loves.”

“Hajime. I wanted to ask whether you’re okay.”

“Oh. Yes? I mean, yes. I’m fine, thanks.”

“Honestly! At this point, I’m more worried about you than him. I know that you’re always with him, by his side, putting up with those shenanigans.”

“I don’t mind.”

“I know you don’t. Take care of yourself though, okay? I’ll send you two some care packages. I think your mom brought one to the post office earlier, too.”

“You really don’t have to - okay. Thank you. Ah, I think he’s awake, do you wanna talk to him? He’s been napping, I can’t even sit on my own couch. Unbelievable.”

“Mhm, just hand him the phone. Ah, and Hajime?”


“Get it together and ask him already. That ring is beautiful, after all.”

“…okay, Miko.”

“No problem, sweetheart. Now let me talk to my son so I can scold him a bit more softly than you usually do.”