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The Complete Ninjago Nerd’s Guide to Seeing the Lego Ninjago Movie


2) Buy the soundtrack beforehand, so that after you see the movie, you can come home and listen to it on repeat so you don’t lose the hype. 

3) Once you go see the movie, make sure to bring every single Ninjago related item you own, be it apparel, minifigures, accessories, etc. Bring it all. Leave nothing home. If you have two different Ninjago shirts, wear the other one like a cape. #NoRegrets #WeAreAdults (P.S. If you bring your minifigures, make sure they can all see the screen so they can watch too <3)

4) Walk up to the theater like the evil ninjas did in Double Trouble. Strut your stuff. This is your red carpet, baby. You’ve been waiting for this, and you deserve the spotlight. For good measure, bring airhorns. 

5) Ask for a ticket to the Lego Ninjago Movie, and be serious about it. No whispering. No blushing. THIS IS YOUR DAY!!!!!!! DON’T BACK DOWN!!!!!!!

6) Walk into the theater and immediately lose all function of your legs

7) Flop into your seat like a seasick jellyfish

8) Stare at the screen (don’t forget to set your minifigs out so they can see) 

9) Once the trailers start, be careful not to wear your eyes out by staring too hard. You don’t want to go blind before the movie starts. 

10) The movie is starting. You have lost all feeling in your legs, as well as your arms. Your skin is numb. Your mouth is open, but nothing is coming out except for the soft sound of mangled screeching. Your heart is beating so fast you think it’s going to burst out of your chest and strangle the person sitting in front of you. Help. This is the end. There is nothing. Life is an illusion. Death is coming. 

11) Don’t forget to sob your eyes out! :) 

12) The movie is over. You have never felt so alive. All you want to do is run around screaming. 

13) Go home, listen to the Ninjago soundtrack which you should have gotten in step 2, and scream your head off on Tumblr and to all of your friends.

14) This is the most important, PLEASE REMEMBER TO TAG YOUR SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This has been The Complete Ninjago Nerd’s Guide to Seeing the Lego Ninjago Movie. Feel free to add your thoughts or anything additional you feel is important. 

Forget Me Not, My Love -Newt Scamander x Reader

A/N: Sorry I haven’t written much lately, writers block is upon me. Please enjoy!

(Requests are also open, I just may be a bit slow at times)

Drops of rain melted and rippled into the translucent puddles within the rubble of the streets of New York. A ghostly gray haze was blanketed over the city as a powerful storm threw a tantrum up ahead. Blank stares and faces blinked rapidly, as if they had just realized that they had left their oven on or left their door unlocked as they left. Unfortunately, your face would soon have the same expression painted across it.

You turned to your left, seeing Newt trying to hold back a few tears, and failing at it, as a streak had begun to glisten across his freckles. Your heart sank like a stone in a river because you knew what was going to come next. It had already happened to your friend Jacob not only moments ago, and it had happened to countless other citizens as well. You were going to be obiviated.

Tears had started to spill out of your own eyes now. Everything that had happened had been like a wonderful dream in your imagination, but once you took two steps away from under the stair cover, you would wake up in a different reality. You had chased magical creatures across the area, seen magic performed effortlessly in front of your own eyes, and had even met some of the most astounding people in your life within the course of hours. You didn’t want to wake up. You didn’t want to say goodbye. A calloused, yet still gentle hand laced itself with yours and you automatically knew that it was Newt’s. His broken face mirrored what each of your mangled hearts looked like inside, and like you, he didn’t want to say goodbye either.

Newt didn’t see you as just some foolish muggle like the rest of MACUSA did, rather, he thought you were beautiful and rare. He hadn’t even known you that long, but when the two of your first locked eyes, there was obviously something there. He came to New York to stop off before heading off to Arizona, and never in a million years did he plan on bumping into you on a Niffler chase. With eyes of illumination and a heart of molten gold, he was struck down with cupid’s arrow. When he brought you into his case to treat a few scratches you had gained when he caused you to fall over and scrape yourself on accident, you didn’t run away screaming or stare at him like he was some sort of lunatic. All of his life, people had turned their noses up at him, especially after discovering that he was not ‘the famous war hero’ Theseus. They found his profession unusual and absurd and unheard of, but you didn’t. Even as a muggle, you thought what he was doing was incredible, and he couldn’t let someone as sweet as you fade away. His heart fluttered when you said his name, and his legs felt like giving out when you brushed past him. Some sort of aura was pulling him to you, like you were connected, and his new attraction was far from expected of this trip. But he had to let you go. But he had to leave you be.

But rules were rules.

“Newt, it’s okay. We both knew this had to happen,” you spoke softly as he pulled you closer away from where the rain was falling beside you. Melodic drips and drops echoed in the smaller terminal space.

“Yes, but this wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t come here in the first place.”

“Newt, you didn’t do anything wrong. Please don’t blame yourself for this.”

“Y-Y/n it is…”

“Shh…Newt. This isn’t your fault okay? You and I both know that I’ll eventually have to go out there…” you trailed off as your voice cracked as tears blocked your words from coming out again, “I want to say I’ll always remember you b-but I won’t and I-I c-can’t.”

By now your sobs were more audible and you didn’t care if anyone heard. Tina and Queenie had disappeared to let the two of you have a moment before you both had to part. Newt engulfed you into the warmth of his coat as his face began to turn pink from the blushing and crying that he was enduring.

You sniffled a smidge before continuing, “You’re incredible Newt, please don’t forget that. You’re going to do great things, I can feel it.”

“I won’t Y/n, and I won’t forget you. I promise that.”

A small laugh escaped your lips, but it was obvious that it was haunted by pain, “You don’t need to remember me newt. It’s like MACUSA said, I’m just a muggle.”

“Not to me. There no one as beautiful or golden-hearted as you are. I won’t be able to forget you even if I tried.”

Newt stared into your eyes. They were so incredibly extravagant, he couldn’t look away. The two of you remained frozen in time, before you slowly began to slip from his grasp. The cold air whipped through his cinnamon locks, and he bit his lip to fight the tears back. Your final goodbyes were exchanged, and your feet swept over the pavement. You prepared to venture into the rain, and I was as if you were preparing to dive off of a cliff. Once you let go, there was no chance of going back to the heated surface above the crisp waves.

His gaze remained on you, and he wanted to move towards you and wrap you in an embrace. It was as if his feet were stuck to the pavement by some sort of tar, and his legs felt frozen. He couldn’t let you go through, and he had to find a way to have you stay. So many people had left and abandoned him for who he was, but now he had to abandon you for who you were. His eyes widened as his brain began to formulate thoughts. Within seconds, his feet became unstuck as he was now striding towards you in a panicked motion.

“Y/n wait!”

Your back turned away and you looked to see Newt coming towards you with a hand outstretched, but you were taken back in surprise as he had managed to pull you in and crash his lips onto yours. A shockwave coursed through your veins as his plump lips moved as you were the breath of air that he needed to survive. Locks of your hair brushed against your face as you took his own in your hand, allowing him to emit a soft moan as you did so. His hands rubbed against your waist, and you jumped a bit from the sudden warmth. This moment was yours to share with him, and you pushed the rain to the back of your mind. This was all you needed.

Newt broke away gasping and stumbling over his words. His hand swiftly held your cheek, which had a soft and smooth contrast to his own slightly stubbled one. There was no way in hell that he was going to give you up to the rainfall. He hadn’t known you all of his life, but he did know that it wouldn’t be the same without you in it. He bit his lip out of nervousness before speaking against the sound of the storm.

“Go away.”

You didn’t understand how you were supposed to take this. The man just passionately kissed you after saying he won’t forget you and now he wants you to disappear? Tears started to well up again and you couldn’t control them. Why would he say that? Your emotions were bouncing around all over the place and you just wanted answers.

“N-Newt w-what,” you choked out.

“Merlin, I mean run away. Y/n run away with me. Merlin I’m an idiot. Darling please don’t cry.”

His heart flipped around in his chest. The statement he proposed was preposterous and now here he was, making you cry all over again. He wanted to hug you but he felt as if he shouldn’t, considering he was the cause, but you crashed into his chest anyways.

“B-but Newt, where would we go we can’t be together?”

You peered up at him with shimmering pupils from the tears, and your face was innocent like a child who had woken up from a nightmare.

“England. The laws there are different. Y/n you’re the most incredible person I’ve ever met, and I promise I’ll do everything I can for you. I can help you pack and you can stay in the case until we board the boat, but t-that’s only if you want to of course, you get to decide not me it’s your-,”


“Yes? Do you really mean yes?”

“Of course I do,” you giggled as you smiled wider than ever before.

“I don’t want you to make you feel like you’re giving everything up though, it’s a big change.’

“Newt, I don’t care. I’d rather be with you than wandering around with my memories deleted. Newt I want to go with you, I need you.“

And with that, he excitedly scooped you up before pulling you into another kiss. After your lips parted, he smiled down at you.

“Let’s get your things packed, darling. England is waiting.”


Better Of Dead- Simon

Request: Can you write a story about Simon and Y/N based off of the song Better Off Dead by Sleeping With Sirens? Maybe, one of them feels like they aren’t good enough and the other is trying to reassure them but it’s taking ages, everyone tells them they should break up but they don’t and end up falling even more in love. Sorry about the long request babes 😂❤

•simon x reader•
•word count- 995•
•trigger warning- mentions of suicide- talk of depression•

He hated, no in fact dreaded the conversations he’d have with his friends. The talk about his girlfriend the person who he loved the most no matter what, there was always the spark in his heart when he sees your face. Yet they would tell him to break up with you, saying how you’re bringing him down and that everything in the relationship was failing. He didn’t want to end the thing that kept him going, that kept him alive- the oxygen that he needed. There was comfort around you, yet at the back of his mind he blocked out the negatives, the convincing and the arguments. But then again who would want to remember or think about that, not when you’re in love.

Love was what kept you alive, the strings that held your mangled and twisted heart in one piece. Without him you’d be nothing, or so you thought. For you he was, like for himself, your life source. Craving attention and love constantly, the constant need of feeling wanted ate away at you like a leech. When alone, that’s when the hell starts- the voices, the thoughts and reality all kick in leaving you all alone to live in despair and self hatred.

You looked into the mirror, tears streaming down your face like an ongoing river flushing down a mountain. Darkness consuming your mind, feelings of self hatred clouded the good in you. How could anyone love you, how could anyone stand you? Especially someone like him, Simon was too perfect- apart from the fact that he loved her deeply never once told you how beautiful you were, how gorgeous you had looked. In his case he was embarrassed and never found the words to say anything, turning on the tap you collected water in your hand and splashed it on your face. No he loves me you thought to yourself but does he really? A laugh escaped your lips, a laugh that soon turned into a scream. Something you’d been holding in for ages. Falling to the ground you punched the floor, a shock of throbbing pain surging throughout your hand.

Hearing the door open to the bedroom you and Simon shared you braced yourself, he was in the middle of doing a video with Josh.
“Y/N?” Concern was evident in his voice as he searched for you “are you in the bathroom, is it okay if I come in?” Simon feared the worst, you had been the worst you had ever been in ages. Seeing the door handle turn you felt his hesitation before he opened the door, looking up at him you let out a sob.
“I’m sorry, just- jut struggling” only just managing to choke out the sentence you shot you eyes back down to the floor.

A few seconds had passed, seconds that felt like hours before he made a move and sat down next to you. Wrapping his arm around your shoulder he pulled you into a hug as he ran his other hand through your hair, knowing it soothed you, he finally spoke to you.
“Y/n, what’s wrong, I heard you scream and now you’re crying, what happened?” He rambled on, suddenly feeling a wave of anxiety flood him.
“You, me, everything” was your reply, holding back another sob, you had muttered into his chest yet he still seemed to of have understood what you said.
“What do you mean? Speak to me, I’m here for you.” His words were reassuring, calming and most of all believable.
“I’ve heard about the chats,” she spat out, “the chats your friends have had. Telling you to break up with me… am I really that bad? Do they really hate me that much, I thought we were friends- but no, here I am good old ugly, depressed, fucked up Y/N. Go ahead break up with me-” by now your voice had raised, anger boiling. “Why do you stick around, I’m worthless. The way I feel inside, the constant presence of sadness is too much” By now the tears were streaming again, your head buried in your boyfriends chest. “Just-” as you were about to speak again Simon cut you off.
“Shut up okay,” although what he said would have come across as rude the softness to his tone said otherwise “I know you have problems, heck so do I. I am shit at comforting people I’m to awkward for this but I love you okay. In my eyes you’re still amazing, I fucking love you, you are the most beautiful person I ever laid eyes upon.” His hands that were once running through your hair were now plaiting it, trying his hardest to be gentle. “You’re good enough for me, you just need to realise it. Something you can be blind too.”
“Simon- I’m sorry, I hate that I drag you into my own problems. I never meant to do so.” Voice cracking at the end you stroked his arm “sometimes I just wonder what it’d be like to be dead, maybe I’m better off that way” his eyes widened as he heard you speak those words, those words caused a chill to creep up his neck.
“No, no, no listen to me. We’ll get help, I don’t know what I’d do if I lost someone as perfect as you. You are my life source.” He had stopped plaiting your hair and was now stood up. “I know you won’t feel any better soon, I don’t expect you to be. But come on, you and me can spend the rest of today together after I finish recording with Josh” leaning down he gave you a quick sweet kiss on the lips before leaving.

Maybe he was right and hearing him call you beautiful and perfect calmed your fragile heart. “Love you too Minter…” you muttered to yourself before dragging yourself towards the wardrobe to change into some new clothes and to clean yourself up.

Reads That’ll Make You Ugly Cry

Need a good ugly cry? Grab a tissue (or two) and snuggle up with some of these emotional reads. These plotlines will tangle up your heartstrings and leave you with all the #bookfeels!

1.       If There’s No Tomorrow by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Become obsessed with Jennifer L. Armentrout’s new and heartbreaking story about a girl’s journey to forgiveness. One night, Lena makes a decision that destroys everything normal about her life. How can she move on when tomorrow isn’t even guaranteed? Don’t read this one in public unless you have a tissue handy!

2.       North of Happy by Adi Alsaid

Although Carlos admired the free spirit of his brother, Felix, Carlos never had it in him to go against his parents’ wishes. Until Felix’s unexpected death. When Carlos travels to Seattle to pursue his dream of being a chef, Felix’s free spirit is right behind him. Their banter will have you laughing and crying at the same time.

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anonymous asked:

11 with murdoc :3 +

“Look, would you just lis- “

“Why should I? So you can lie to me again?”


You angrily swiped at the tears dripping down your face and turned to look at the wall. There was nothing there; you just couldn’t look at his dumb, lying face. “Go away, Murdoc!” you shouted again, a last ditch effort in the hopes that he would leave you to your sorrow.

Murdoc sighed, exasperated and desperate. “Look, would you just lis-”

“Why should I? So you can lie to me again?” you demanded, frustrated. You were so tired. So tired of this cycle. So tired of his lies. So tired of him.

“I’m not lying! You know I’d never lie to you, love,” he said, his desperation rising.

“Murdoc, I can literally see her lipstick on your neck! Nice fucking try though!” You grit your teeth. You’d thought the anger would have subsided by now, but the longer he stuck around, the worse it was going to get. If he left, even for a moment, at least you could sink into a comfortable numbness. -Pink Floydddddd-

Pain flashed through Murdoc’s eyes. “Baby, ple-”

“Murdoc Niccals, I said piss off!” you snapped, turning to glare at him. He knew you loved it when he called you baby. How could he use it at a time like this. He shook his head, but held his hands up and turned to leave. He closed the door softly behind him, finally leaving you alone. This wasn’t the first time he’d cheated on you. You’d think by now you would move on; you knew that, inevitably, it would happen again. There was seemingly nothing you could do to stop it. Could you really leave him? Could it be that easy? That clean? Of course, you knew the answer to that.

No. It couldn’t be that easy, and it wouldn’t be clean. You were helplessly in love with that son of a bitch. He could treat you any way he liked and you’d still, at the end of the day, drag your ragged, mangled heart back to him and beg him to take it from you.

The bliss of emotional numbness washed over you, replacing the anger in your body. You left the safety of the dark room, and went off in search of Murdoc. You found him on the couch, watching some movie you had seen before. You sat next to him, and he wrapped an arm around you, crooning how sorry he was in your ear. You could still see the lipstick mark, but you ignored it, choosing to watch the rest of the movie in silence.

It's What's Best For You, Sweetheart- Newt Scamander x Reader

It’s What’s Best for You, Sweetheart
Request: Newt scamander x reader. They have been dating since hogwarts and its only now that the readers parents get involved because they don’t like Newt
A/n: I am by no means against parents or families. Parents and families are lovely, but for this plot, the parents may seem a bit harsh and against the reader. I am not trying to portray families in a negative light or trying to make family disagreements look fun or romantic or anything along those lines. This was interesting to write because I often deal with this kind of stuff, not in terms of relationships, but with what I want to do in life and how my mental state is and etc. Basically, if your parents don’t really understand you, that’s okay. You aren’t’ strange or weird or anything like that. Sometimes families are quick to judge and don’t really see us for who we are. I’m always here, and I understand. This probably makes no sense, but I hope you all know that you are loved and there’s no one as special as you are. You have your own life to live and you need to do what makes you happy, regardless of what others want. Do what YOU want and what makes YOU happy. Thank you all again for the amazing support and I love and appreciate EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU. You are all special and amazing and awesome and beautiful and unique and intelligent and all around individual and spectacular.
-Alyssa (aka unscriptedtimetraveler)

Warnings-Family disputes/mentions of insecurities, still fluffy though

Newt’s grip on your hand tightened as you sat in the living room of where you spent your childhood. Your parents had wanted you to visit to have a ‘talk’ about something, yet you were baffled as to what it could have been about. The relationship you had with your parents was about as smooth as ships on the sea during a summer storm. The waters would lay calm and normal, but as soon as something stirred them up, the fury would be released to its full potential.

Your parents weren’t terrible, they just didn’t really understand you in a sense. They were often too wrapped up in their own roles in the world to really lend an eye or ear to you, unless of course, the family name was at stake. Your family like to maintain a successful image, which might have explained why your cousin was arranged to marry a wealthy Auror. You had lost count of how many ‘We’re doing what’s best for you’ talks you’ve endured over the years, and when they found out during your years at Hogwarts that you in a relationship with someone out of their standards, they sent a small selection of uninviting and lengthy letters for you to review. Of course, you didn’t care though. They may not have seen him the way you did, but that wasn’t going to change your mind and cut all ties with him. He was different, unique, passionate and considerate. He was none other than the frantic Magizoologist who was still squeezing your hand.

You never really expected to fall in love with Newt, considering you had only viewed each other as best friends for years. However, the bond between you two began to grow and change, which ultimately led to a confession of feelings under starlight by the lake. You two had been inseparable, constantly brushing your hands against one another in class and giving innocent kisses of luck before exams or games. Everything about Newt was everything you had asked for, which is why you were upset when you had to let it all go.

The night he was expelled still remains as one of the worst things either of you had experienced. He had apparently “Endangered life,” but you knew him better than that. He was gentle and caring, he wouldn’t hurt anyone. The school had other perceptions of him though. He was being sent away, and the two of you knew your different lives would change your relationship. With a heavy heart in both of your chests, you went your separate ways. You promised to write as often as you could but you were both alone now, with nothing but your mangled hearts to keep you going.

It would be years before you two would finally meet in person again. He had written you a letter explaining that he was in the area, and you didn’t hesitate for a second to rush to meet him. You agreed to meet in a nearby park, and after wandering around in search of him, your eyes met, allowing all of the memories to flood back. He had changed a lot since Hogwarts. His hair was longer, muscles broader, and his height was definitely taller, but it was undoubtedly the same man you had been in love with from the letters. With a passionate kiss, you both knew it would all be alright.

However, this still didn’t mean that Newt wasn’t scared of meeting your parents face to face. He wasn’t oblivious to the way they felt about him, and he wasn’t exactly begging to come with you today, hence why he kept gripping your hand out of nervousness.

“Y/n you know they don’t like me. I don’t even think I’m supposed to be here,” he whispered closer to you.

“Newt, we’ve been dating for years. They should have expected that I was going to bring you,” you assured him, “Everything is alright, Alright?”

Newt let a worried groan as his face squinted into a nervous expression as you kissed his cheek. Your father walked in accompanied by your mother lose behind. Their faces were not exactly readable, but from what you could pick out, they were not at all thrilled that Newt had come here. They had put off actually meeting him until this moment, and you could tell that their eyes might have some daggers to throw.

“Y/n, it’s nice to see that you visited us today, but I thought you were supposed to come alone dear?” asked your mother as a faint and fake sense of happiness glossed over her smile. She hadn’t even addressed Newt’s existence.

“Well, Newt and I have been together since I was a teen. I’d like to think that we are serious enough to come together,” you spoke as politely as you could before your father chimed in.

“Yes but Y/n, we were thinking about the future and perhaps this isn’t the best for you right now.”

You felt your cheeks boiling. Why would they even consider bringing this up if they knew that Newt was sitting right in front of them?

“Think about it Y/n. There are lots of other men out there. My friend Mason has a dashing young lad who is a part of the ministry-,”

“But Newt works at the ministry too, as a Magizoologist.”

“I understand that but really Y/n you should weigh options! We clearly don’t like him, and we want the best for you sweetheart!”

“There are no options to be weighed, can’t you see that Newt is standing right here!”

By now, smoke was practically fuming out of your ears as you stood up abruptly. Newt sat still, but still tried to coax you to sit back down too by grabbing your forearm. He gave you a look and you tried to calm yourself so you wouldn’t explode. You looked down at him and took in his broken expression. He knew your parents didn’t like him all too well, but he never expected them to want to replace him. He always felt that he wasn’t worthy of you, especially after the incident at Hogwarts, and he always felt guilty that he hadn’t been able to give you as much as other people. Deep down he knew you deserved better.

Your mother cut back in, “For Merlin’s sake Y/n, the man was kicked out of school and might I remind you, was a criminal?”

“He didn’t do anything wrong! It wasn’t his fault!”

“If he just got rid of those damn monsters in the first place maybe he would be a respectable member of society!” shouted your father.

“Well you may not see him as a so-called ‘respectable member of society’ but I do. I thought my parents would have been more supportive like they used to be. Oh wait! You were never there! Did you write letters of encouragement or congratulations while I was at Hogwarts? No, only infuriating and disrespectful ones. Did you show up when I invited you to attend a ceremony for my job? No, neither of you did. Did you see me off when I was going away to America? Not at all. You only care now because it’s your names at stake, because you don’t like him, and I personally would choose Newt over whatever this is any day of the week! Now if you will excuse me, the man I love and I will be leaving. Next time you want to ‘talk,’ I hope it’s on a topic that doesn’t require the validation that no one asked for! Sorry that Newt and I aren’t good enough for you. Have a splendid day!” You sarcastically shot at them as you stormed out. Newt followed you, with numerous expressions on his face. Your parents were flabbergasted and frozen to their spots. You and Newt took out your wands and apparated home.

You proceeded to storm inside you own flat and Newt trailed behind you. His heart was still heavy with hurt and insecurity. He loved you, but maybe your parents were right. Tears pricked his eyes like rose thorns, and he knew it wasn’t the strongest thing in the world, but he couldn’t help it. He went over to wrap you in a hug in his arms.

“Love I’m sorry your parents don’t li-,” he tried to get out, but he was cut off when you turned around and crashed your lips onto his. He kissed back passionately, stroking your own cheek that was now streaked with a tear or two.

“Don’t you dare even finish that sentence, Newt. I have told you a thousand times and I’ll tell you again, I love you and I don’t care what my parents say. You’re amazing and you’re everything I could ever want. I don’t care what they think, they haven’t even seen who you are as a person. You’ve been more supportive and caring than they have anyways.”

He kissed you once more, but this time harder. He picked you up in his arms and you happily ran your hands through his fluffy hair.

“I love you Y/n, I’ll try to be better.”

“You don’t need to be better dear. I love you for you, with your creatures and everything.”
“I love you my darling. You truly are the most remarkable person to ever walk into my life.”

The two of you remained close to one another for the rest of the night. You cuddled into one another as you slowly drifted off to sleep. He was yours, and you were his. Your parents could say and shout all the things they wanted, but you would both stay by one another through all of the ups and downs that life had to toss at you.

Masterlist :

any and every two objects in the universe
exhibit a pull towards the other.
you remember this vaguely
from a time with the smell of whiteboard
markers and freshly printed papers but now,
now you know this. you look at her and you
feel this, this great and heavy force
pushing and pulling every which way until
you’re sure you’re going mad.

you cannot explain, though, why this feels so big
while you feel so small,
why the magnitude of this force is utterly disproportionate
to the size of her and the size of your
mangled heart. you cannot explain this, but you look
at her and think that maybe that’s why the
unknowable things are the miraculous things.
—  Gravitation // s.b. (via inkedknuckles)

Chapter Twenty

A Conflicted New Home

Previous Chapter

Ship: Kylo Ren x Reader

Rating: M

“I regret to inform you, Miss [y/l/n],” Hux sneered at you as you stood before him in the command room. “But simply because you seem to be having quite the affair with Master Ren this does not give you permission to disobey orders and follow him into his personal, and rather top secret affairs.” 

“I’m sorry,” you apologized feebly. Your heart was pounding in your chest as the Stormtrooper behind you jammed his weapon deeper into your back. “I was simply trying to help him.”

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Summary: There were some things that were better left unknown, rules that should be followed before you won’t be able to turn back.
Members: EXO X Reader ft Jimin
Type: Thriller
Length: 1549 words

This was particularly inspired by EXO’s Monster and I’m so excited because this is the first ever thriller fic that I’ve written. Regardless, I hope you enjoy and tell me what you guys think! :))

- Admin Fits

Originally posted by baeminn

For when you were young, there was always a general consensus to never go beyond the meadow that shied away from those who rise along with the morning sun. For when it gets dark, the mothers would grab their children by their arms and into their homes; fathers would close the windows and lock the doors. For if they don’t, they might just find a body just minutes away from rotting lying on top of their roof tiles. Their widened eyes would tell a story that was veiled with questions, silently accusing the on goers that they were, in fact, the killers. For such a theory, we do not know. With blood trailing down their walls, infested with disease and fear, as if they’re saying I got you.

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NEWT GEISZLER’S MIX - An assortment of songs for a certain tiny punk feminist to sing and dance his little heart out to.

i. Body - Mother Mother | ii. Hey - Pixies | iii. Anarchy In The U.K. - Sex Pistols | iv. Bad Karma - Ida Maria | v. Your Mangled Heart  - Gossip | vi. You’re on Fire - They Might Be Giants | vii. Dancing With Myself - Billy Idol | viii. Transgender Dysphoria Blues - Against Me! | ix. Standing in the Way of Control - Gossip | x. Arkansas Heart - Gossip | xi. Sixteen - Iggy Pop | xii. True Trans Soul Rebel - Against Me!

anonymous asked:

could you do one for all of them where you find out they drunkenly cheated on you with a groupie and it takes you months to forgive them and they're heartbroken all the while but you finally do

So, I only did it for Luke just because I wasn’t paying attention to you wanting it for everyone but if you want me to do it for everyone just shoot me another request!

requests are open!!

For too long, you had a nasty (and painful) habit of looking for the silver lining. Any silver lining. And in anything. You’d look for the silver lining in your breakfast cereal running out two days before your grocery run (maybe it was time for you to eat healthier) or in your favorite television show being cancelled after leaving you on a terrible and dramatic cliffhanger (maybe you should really stop watching that show and focusing on your schooling instead).

So, it wasn’t too unusual for you to try to find the silver lining in this––in the worst thing that had ever happened to you in your entire life. (It even beat that one time you were practically run over by a car when your sister was learning how to drive.) Maybe there was an explanation to all this. Maybe there was something that would shove all the jumbled puzzle pieces together. At least you hoped so.

(You had never hoped for anything more in your entire life.)

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Your Mangled Heart - The Gossip.

One of my favorites.