your mane is so hard for me

I Am Not A Hero

Pairing: Loki x Reader (female)

Words: 670

I need to see the pain in his eyes when I pull his hair back. And, oh those beautiful eyes. So expressive. He is so broken. And yet, somehow, whole.

“You.” He looks at me with a mixture of hatred and arousal as I enter his chambers.

“Me.” I smile. I know that I am the only one that can give him what he wants.

“How are you, pet?” I ask as I move towards him. His eyes track my every move. He angles his body towards mine. I give him the same perusal he affords me. I let a disappointed sigh escape me as I see he is still clothed.

“I gave you very specific instructions, Loki.”

“I am not your slave.”

I laugh and that laugh sounds derisive even to my own ears.

“No. You are my king.”

I reach him and raise my hands to touch him. He is cold and hard but oh so alive.

My hands reach his hair and his pupils dilate. I fist my hands in that dark mane and pull his head back. He gasps in pleasure as the multiple stings register. His throat is bare to me and with one hand I fist it. He is mine. He belongs to me. He shudders in pleasure as I lightly choke him.

“Make no mistake, Loki. I obey you when you order me around but behind these doors you do what I say.”

I pull his hair harder and he falls to his knees in front of me. He wants to touch me. I know because I see him holding himself back with effort.

“You are so beautiful.”

He opens his eyes and I see the same twisted need mirrored in them that makes me double over in jealousy every time I see someone else touch him.

“I saw you with Frey, today. You went into his room and didn’t come out for hours.”

“Jealousy. Tut, tut. You are a king, Loki. You should be used to sharing your lovers.”

He smirks up at me. He knows that he is the best lover I have ever had.

“Did he make you moan as I do, y/n? Did he pet you as I do? Tell me.”

I don’t answer for the longest time.

“Tell. Me.”

I tighten my grip on his throat and he shudders once more. A growl escapes him this time.

“Tell. Me.”


That’s all it takes. He bursts out of my hold.

“You forget who I am, insolent woman.”

“You are one of my many lovers, sweetie and if you can’t handle that….”

I turn to leave but he traps me in an elaborate illusion. His illusions, as always, are beautifully done. He pulls the chains tighter and my arms extend to the limit. He comes up behind me and kisses my shoulder softly. I shiver at the chill his breath sends over me. In that moment, I know, I just know that he has changed his skin.

“Show me.”

“You are not in any position to make demands.”

“Show. Me.”

He circles around to stand in front of me.


The word is breathy. I don’t lose control often but the sight of such beauty leaves me breathless.

“You are magnificent.”

He opens his eyes and they are bloodshot.

“Do not romanticize me, y/n. I know….”

“You are the most beautiful lover I have ever had, pet.”

“I see it in your eyes. You will try to change me.” He almost hisses at those words.

“Why would I?”

“I am not a hero, y/n. I will never be one. I know why you don’t tell your comrades about me. Everyone wants me for a lover but they inevitably mate a man like…..”

“I don’t want your brother, Loki. Blondes aren’t my type.”

He looks at me with shock. I like that I have caught him off guard.

“You said you were with Frey.”

I let the smile break out of me.

“I don’t count myself among the heroes either.”

Take A Chance

A Sam Wilson x Reader Request Fic

Based off this ask. Hope you like it, nonnie!

Pairing: Sam Wilson x Reader  |  Word Count: 1820
Warnings: None, complete fluff!

It had started out innocent enough. Sam Wilson had wandered into a tiny coffee shop set back from the main streets of New York with the intention of buying a coffee and a sweet bun while he checked out the shop across the street. It had been rumored to be a front for guns run by Hydra, a small antique shop which had recently gone from being a mom and pop run place to one owned by a conglomerate.

What he hadn’t expected to find was an angel standing behind the counter serving the best coffee he’d ever been fortunate enough to have pass his lips. (Y/N), with the glorious hair, beautiful eyes, and a smile which could light up the room.

Man, she was pretty.

By the end of the week, she’d known his name, his order, and had captured his heart. Even though they’d taken down the antique store, revealing who he really was, he’d continued to return to the coffee shop every day, just to watch her face light up.

Striding through the door, Sam smirked to see her standing behind the counter. “Hey, gorgeous.”

She looked up, smiled brightly, and made her way toward the coffee pot. “Sam! You keep coming back, I’m gonna owe you shares in my business.”

Leaning on the counter, he watched her work, all graceful hands, no wasted movement. The apron wrapped around her waist was purple over a pretty blue dress, while flat silver shoes protected her feet.

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The Magic of Citrus

I’ve been quite lucky to have to never deal with dandruff. It’s one of those things that I thank God for never blessing me with. However, the past couple of weeks I’ve been using a shampoo that hasn’t really been doing me well. It work fine, post shower. My hair feels silky and soft, the problem it creates happens the next day. When I wake up in the morning, I feel the need to wash my hair almost immedietly because my just washed hair, now has dandruff and just typing it out is making me cringe and make the EWWWWW face. But c'mon, it’s something we’ve all dealt with so everyone can just calm down.Obviously this isn’t something I want to deal with, so I’ve found a solution to this annoying problem. 

The solution comes in the form of lime. Yup, lime. I’m not going to go into the science of why it works, all I know is the citric acid contained in lemon and lime does some sort of magic trick to combat dandruff. There are many ways in which you can incorporate lime/lemon into your haircare routine, such as mixing it in with some coconut oil and massaging your scalp with it, you can mix a little bit of lemon juice in lukewarm water and bring it with you in the shower and just rinse your hair with it or you can do it the old fashioned way, which is the way I do it. 

All I do is cut up two limes in half and then divide up my hair into 4-5 sections. I then rub the lime directly onto my scalp while also squeezing out the juice and just lightly massaging with my fingers. Once this is done, just let it sit for 10-15 minutes. You’ll be left with a headful of lemon pulp and it won’t look very pretty, but trust me, it does the trick. 

Last step is to just rinse it off in the shower. I don’t use shampoo when I do this treatment, just because I feel like it would wash away the juices I worked so hard to incorporate into my scalp, however if you’re doing a hot oil treatment, then I definitely recommend washing and rinsing otherwise that beautiful mane of yours will just look slicker than an oil spill (10,000 points to all of you who got that reference). 

Once you come out of the shower, just go about drying and brushing your hair as you would. Not only does this treatment (done the way I do it) get rid of dandruff, but after my hair was dry, I was left with the most voluminous and silky hair, ever. Not only that, but because my hair is colored, I found that the lime helped to bring out the color so much more

So basically, lime and/or lemon is a magical fruit and it will change the life of your hair. I highly recommend using this treatment once a week if you suffer from a legitimate dandruff problem, but if it is just an occasional issue and/or you’re looking for a butt load of volume, then definitely try this once or twice a month. 

Also, one last tip. Microwave your lime/lemon for 30 seconds for maximum juice power. It makes squeezing out the juice a lot easier and it allows for more plumpy pulps. 

Hope this helps all of you! 

Ishaba xx. 

Humans are weird post

Lots of humans are weird posts try to point out how humans are different than aliens. They say things like, “Humans are the storyteller species” or “Humans are the throwing species”. But what if we were the romantic species?

Not like Commander Shepard romance, but like Steve Irwin’s ability to see the beauty in all animals.

Like some tetrapedal giant salamander race lands on Earth and makes first contact. You can bet someone will go, “Oh, what a beauty you are! Love your coloration!” And they’ll have to check their communicators to see if that translated correctly because some space monkey just called them beautiful. That was totally unexpected for someone of a species with completely different aesthetics to call another beautiful!

But that’s the power of Humanity, we call cats and dogs cute, we call aligators and sharks pretty! And heck, horses have just the most gorgeous manes! We’re so good at seeing the beauty in other creatures that we’re soon known as the species that can romanticize anyone and anything!

I just imagine an alien who’s had a particularly hard day talking to their human friend (because let’s face it, we’ve all got that one human friend) and asking for a pick-me-up. And they’ll literally spend hours with you telling you nice things about yourself while holding your tentacle/hand/claw thingy.

And species that have physical differences based on social status, wow! Imagine the upset when an ambasitor is sumoned by what are thought to be the most beautiful and highest class beings on a planet. And they’re all, “What will the human say about us? Handmaiden, dress us in our finest gowns! We must make a fine impression!” But they come over and instantly start chatting with that handmaiden and complimenting them, much to everyone’s surprise. And then they get it, Humans literally have the power to see beauty in not just attractive aliens of other species, but in every living thing! All of them!

anonymous asked:

I loved your fluffy curls ficlet so much-but what about the braids Silver has? Do you think Flint was the one to braid his hair?Can I please request a ficlet? XD

Well of course you can, anon! ❤️ Fun fact, I had Flint and Silver refer to it as a plait rather than a braid because I think (?) that’s more accurate for the time/place. I’m American though, so what do I know!

This is also about a thousand words. More hair-centric porn that isn’t actually porn, you guys, I don’t even know. I hope anon likes it!

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A/N: Kylo isn’t so much in this until towards end but it’s so worth it, trust me. Also, forgive me if a few things about Corellia sound off it was hard getting information off of the planet besides what wookieepedia had so bare with me! Anyways, the next update shall be saturday which im v excited about…enjoy!

Word Count: 6.4K+

Warning: Profanity…duh

Which is worse: the anticipation of returning to home base where Rey, Finn and Poe could be waiting to chew me out…or, the fact that I kissed-and-dashed Kylo Ren? The latter seems far more deadly…the latter it is. Letting out a deep sigh, you leaned back in the pilots seat of the one-maned spacecraft, feeling your heart still racing against your chest. It had been a good twenty minutes since you had left–well, ran away from–Kylo, and yet, your heart was still pounding. This isn’t how it’s supposed to be.

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jay-beans  asked:

*poke poke* so i saw your lovely erronjin intro set, and i was wondering if you could do something similar with takedajin? if you dont ship it thats totally okay, i just absolutely love your work and i couldn't do half as good.

I’m sure you could, hun! My lists are not that great, but I have fun writing ‘em, and that’s the main thing, to have fun with them and release your inner Johnny Cage. :) Your own intros would be fine, I’m sure.

I’m not really a TakedaJin shipper, but …

Takeda: Cass, calm down.
Cassie Cage: You broke my best friend’s heart!
Takeda: I can’t love her the way I love Jin.

Kung Jin: You look hungry, Mama Long-Legs.
D’Vorah: This One wishes to devour your comrade.
Kung Jin: You ordered take-out - I’m gonna do just that.

Takeda: Ermac.
Ermac: We fail to see why the Shaolin finds you appealing.
Takeda: Wanna talk about peeling, mummy boy?

Kung Jin: East meets West.
Erron Black: Ready to go down South, Junior?
Kung Jin: Think Thailand’s got more to offer than Texas, Ranger.

Takeda: Pinky and the Brainless.
Ferra: Pretty Boy still likey Pretty Girl?
Takeda: Pretty Boy likes a Prettier Boy now.

Kung Jin: You better stay away from Takeda.
Goro: You actually care for someone other than yourself?
Kung Jin: I’m not as egotistical as you, big guy.

Takeda: Jacqui, I’m sorry.
Jacqui Briggs: I just wanna know why …?
Takeda: Cupid’s arrow pointed me in another direction …

Kung Jin: You look familiar …
Jason: (pulls the knife out of his neck)
Kung Jin: Well, horror movie nights with Takeda are done.

Takeda: I bet you’re happy now, sir.
Jax Briggs: Wasn’t my daughter good enough for you?
Takeda: I honestly can’t please everyone, can I?

Kung Jin: I don’t want to do this.
Johnny Cage: Thought you enjoyed getting your ass whipped.
Kung Jin: The jokes are wearing thin like your hairline …

Takeda: What’s kicking, Kangaroo Jack-ass?
Kano: Hopefully not the Shaolin when I see him …
Takeda: I’ll whip your legs off for that.

Kung Jin: You got something to ask me?
Kenshi: What does my son see in you?
Kung Jin: A lot more than you can.

Takeda: Your hair’s pretty beautiful.
Kitana: More beautiful than the monk’s mane?
Takeda: Wake up, princess, you’re dreaming.

Kung Jin: Emperor, how are you today?
Kotal Kahn: You meddled in the affairs of my employee.
Kung Jin: I’m sticking to my team’s affairs now.

Takeda: I mean no offense, Lao.
Kung Lao: Courting my cousin without my blessing is disrespectful.
Takeda: Guess I’ll have to earn your blessing the hard way.

Kung Jin: You’re not so wise, Liu Kang.
Liu Kang: I see the bigger picture.
Kung Jin: Takeda’s quite photogenic, don’t you think?

Takeda: Mileena …
Mileena: I’d like a piece of you.
Takeda: Jin’s not into guys who aren’t wholesome.

Kung Jin: You’re not taking my soul.
Quan Chi: The son of Kenshi has more to offer, I suppose …
Kung Jin: He’s mine, you second-rate pimp!

Takeda: Can you read, Raiden?
Raiden: I am not illiterate, Takahashi Takeda.
Takeda: Then read my lips: Jin trusts me, so should you.

Kung Jin: You’re easy to beat.
Reptile: You are very much mistaken.
Kung Jin: Takeda’s good, he never lies to me.

Takeda: Got any sage advice for me?
Scorpion: You shouldn’t tarry with the brazen Shaolin.
Takeda: Believe me, we’ve done more than just tarry …

Kung Jin: You hate me, don’t you?
Shinnok: You’ve read my mind correctly.
Kung Jin: Got a little help from a close friend.

Takeda: General Blade.
Sonya Blade: What’s on your mind?
Takeda: To be honest … nah, it’s too much information.

Kung Jin: Aunt Arctica, I need advice.
Sub-Zero: Never mix with the Shirai Ryu.
Kung Jin: Do you even take your own advice?

Takeda: Tanya …
Tanya: I was hoping to see the Shaolin monk.
Takeda: He’s seeing somebody else - me.

Kung Jin: Not you again …
Tremor: Were you expecting someone else?
Kung Jin: Takeda. With flowers. And chocolate.

Predator: (growls; clicks)
Takeda: Jin wasn’t kidding about cancelling horror movie nights …

Kung Jin: Get gone, granny.
Blanche: Where’s your handsome little friend, boy?
Kung Jin: I promised I’d wipe out the cougar population for him.

The grand finale …

Kung Jin: My arrow will find its mark.
Takeda: Hope you’re talking about your actual arrow.
Kung Jin: That’s for me to know and you to find out …

Takeda: I admire you for your mind.
Kung Jin: Same here.
Takeda: My mind’s up here, so stop staring at my butt.

I tried, hun, I really tried. <:3 But I hope you like them nonetheless.

Holler at me if you need an explanation on any of these intros. ^3^


“So…take out, sleepover, braid each other’s hair?” Charlie beamed, looking between you and Sam, sitting on his bed. “Come on guys, research can wait till tomorrow!”

You slammed the book on your lap shut. “I agree. We should have a sleepover.” You turned and faced Sam. “And we should start by braiding your beautiful mane,” you took a brown lock from his forehead and glanced back at Charlie, “meanwhile, you can confide to Charlie and me that product you use to keep it oh so luscious.”

Both you and Charlie burst into laughter at Sam’s annoyed expression. He narrowed his eyes then, a mischievous smile spreading across his face. 

“You know what? Got an idea,” Sam said, reaching behind him. “A better one.” 

It happened too fast. A pillow smacked against your face hard enough to knock you down on the bed. Too surprised to move, you watched as Sam dropped his pillow to clutch his sides, his and Charlie’s laughter filling the room.

“So this is how it is, huh?” you said, propping up on your elbows. “You’ll pay for that, Winchester.”

Sam got up from his bed, picked up his pillow and extended his hand to signal you in a come-hither motion. “What are you waiting for, Y/N?”

“Dude, yes!” Dean had walked by the bedroom and stopped when he saw what was going on, an excited look on his face. “Pillow fight!” Using his hunter’s skill, Dean swiftly got his hand on another pillow and hit Charlie with it, who hadn’t seen him coming. 

When Castiel finally showed up, the four of you were entangled on Sam’s bed, trying to hit each other with what was left of the pillows. Charlie stuck her head up and smiled at the angel. “Cas! We were waiting for you!”

The angel took you all in and furrowed his brow, a concerned look on his face. “That’s inappropriate.”

Yoooooooo soooooo I just reached 1.5k followers! Thank you so freaking much!!  :) Over the years of having this tumblr blog I’ve come across such incredible people and have made such great friendships and the fact that people actually are interested in the content of my blog makes me soooooo happy. Since I reached 1.5k I wanted to make a follow forever of all my mutuals but tbh even if I don’t follow you back and you follow me it means a lot to me and I thank you so much for doing so. I’ll try make more/better gifs and edits in the future. Thank you!!!!!!  ♡ ♡ ♡

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when you’re crying so hard that you enlist your angel of a dog. my dog will sit right next to me, stare at me with those otherworldly sympathetic eyes while wagging her tail, and once we make eye contact or I make room on my body, she’ll take that as her sign to climb on and cuddle. she’ll bury my face in the wild mane of fur that is her neck and just keep me there until I’m done. she doesn’t make any noise, she just readjusts her body as necessary if I’m jostling her around too much. she once sneezed on me while I was crying… but that only made me laugh so it was okay, regardless.

dogs are one of the best things to ever happen to this planet and I will stand by that for the rest of my life. the world will forever have at least a bit of goodness so long as dogs are still around.


You guys almost got me up to 600 before I could finish my 500+ follower pic, y’all are killing me <3

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There were so many more of you I wanted to feature, but I forced myself to downsize to avoid getting overwhelmed. But thanks to ALL of my followers, whether I featured you or not!!!!
You have no idea how much it means to me to have so many people enjoying my art and my characters, so thank you. 

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anonymous asked:

Princess, do you think you have good looks? Also what other ponies do you think have good looks?

My appearance is very simple and straightforward; obviously I like it since I’ve stuck with it for so many years. It’s neat and orderly, so it also represents something about what I like and who I am, which is an added benefit. Frankly, I’m quite proud of how it looks!

Not that I’m particularly special or above anypony else though. I think everypony has a look which works for them. It’s not something I think about much, but since you ask, it’s odd to imagine ponies suddenly changing their appearance. There’s a comfort in the the predictability and recognition.

Of course, for special events ponies tend to look a bit different, but it’s a social setting where such things are to be expected and add to distinguishing them from everyday happenings.

If I was to pick one pony in particular I like the look of, it would be Celestia. She just appears so regal and wise. It’s not so much about what she wears, just that she’s so tall, and how her mane flows and shimmers. It’s hard to imagine what a truly benevolent and powerful leader looks like without thinking of her. 

Me, I’m more of your average pony thrust into a role of authority, but Celestia truly looks like a pony of legend, destined to guide and protect. It must be quite the burden to be that pony, to live up to the expectations, to always look the part. It must be very lonely, too.

ask-princessderpy submitted:

Have a transparent Celestia! I absolutely LOVE how her mane looks, especially with all the colors! Her overall position and pose are actually pretty nice for something I did quite a while ago! (Although I think I forgot her shoes?) Thank you so so so much for following me! I love your art and your blog! Celestia’s pretty hard to draw! XD