your mane is so hard for me


“So…take out, sleepover, braid each other’s hair?” Charlie beamed, looking between you and Sam, sitting on his bed. “Come on guys, research can wait till tomorrow!”

You slammed the book on your lap shut. “I agree. We should have a sleepover.” You turned and faced Sam. “And we should start by braiding your beautiful mane,” you took a brown lock from his forehead and glanced back at Charlie, “meanwhile, you can confide to Charlie and me that product you use to keep it oh so luscious.”

Both you and Charlie burst into laughter at Sam’s annoyed expression. He narrowed his eyes then, a mischievous smile spreading across his face. 

“You know what? Got an idea,” Sam said, reaching behind him. “A better one.” 

It happened too fast. A pillow smacked against your face hard enough to knock you down on the bed. Too surprised to move, you watched as Sam dropped his pillow to clutch his sides, his and Charlie’s laughter filling the room.

“So this is how it is, huh?” you said, propping up on your elbows. “You’ll pay for that, Winchester.”

Sam got up from his bed, picked up his pillow and extended his hand to signal you in a come-hither motion. “What are you waiting for, Y/N?”

“Dude, yes!” Dean had walked by the bedroom and stopped when he saw what was going on, an excited look on his face. “Pillow fight!” Using his hunter’s skill, Dean swiftly got his hand on another pillow and hit Charlie with it, who hadn’t seen him coming. 

When Castiel finally showed up, the four of you were entangled on Sam’s bed, trying to hit each other with what was left of the pillows. Charlie stuck her head up and smiled at the angel. “Cas! We were waiting for you!”

The angel took you all in and furrowed his brow, a concerned look on his face. “That’s inappropriate.”


A/N: Kylo isn’t so much in this until towards end but it’s so worth it, trust me. Also, forgive me if a few things about Corellia sound off it was hard getting information off of the planet besides what wookieepedia had so bare with me! Anyways, the next update shall be saturday which im v excited about…enjoy!

Word Count: 6.4K+

Warning: Profanity…duh

Which is worse: the anticipation of returning to home base where Rey, Finn and Poe could be waiting to chew me out…or, the fact that I kissed-and-dashed Kylo Ren? The latter seems far more deadly…the latter it is. Letting out a deep sigh, you leaned back in the pilots seat of the one-maned spacecraft, feeling your heart still racing against your chest. It had been a good twenty minutes since you had left–well, ran away from–Kylo, and yet, your heart was still pounding. This isn’t how it’s supposed to be.

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when you’re crying so hard that you enlist your angel of a dog. my dog will sit right next to me, stare at me with those otherworldly sympathetic eyes while wagging her tail, and once we make eye contact or I make room on my body, she’ll take that as her sign to climb on and cuddle. she’ll bury my face in the wild mane of fur that is her neck and just keep me there until I’m done. she doesn’t make any noise, she just readjusts her body as necessary if I’m jostling her around too much. she once sneezed on me while I was crying… but that only made me laugh so it was okay, regardless.

dogs are one of the best things to ever happen to this planet and I will stand by that for the rest of my life. the world will forever have at least a bit of goodness so long as dogs are still around.