your lust is spilling all over the stage

Seventeen : Colour My Emotions Part 1 - S.Coups / Choi Seungcheol - Lust

Red, a deep, lustrous red, the color of passion, of love, of intense hunger for someone that takes over your body and repels sense. The feeling starts sparks in your heart, growing into a fire that consumes your entire being, hot and longing and suddenly you can’t think straight, your thoughts are clouded, you’re so filled with want and desire you’ll do anything to get what you suspire so badly. Blinded by love, not hate, an emotional so negatively positive it’s confusing, and he, he makes it worse. He who moves so fluidly on stage, crimson light spilling over him and defining all his features to the point it should be illegal, he who raps with a clear passion in his husky voice, he whose eyes are focused and dark and he who’s hidden in shadows yet revealed enough by that dark carmine that draws you in so and makes you crave him - you want to touch him, feel him near you, feel his lips on yours as they had been mere minutes ago before he’d gone up onto the stage and as this vivacious need courses through your veins as if a permanent part of your bloodstream the dark eyes meet yours and you just. Know.

Seungcheol is also filled with lust, filled to the very brim, and he knows his expression shows it, his body language shows it, his voice shows it. His tongue protruding from between his lips, his eyebrows fanning over his half lidded eyes, his imagination running wild unbeknownst to the crowd as he channels the feeling into energy and throws it into the performance; he needs a proper release of his intense hunger but he knows that from here he can’t do anything, can’t get to you and let his desire take over his body and soul. Though as he looks out into the roaring crowd he sees you at the front looking up at him and your eyes lock and there’s this similar, darkened look to them and he smirks, he smirks and he throws his head back with the naturalistic attitude the dancer should possess.

Blood red, the satin of sheets and the raw heat, the flames that rage and refuse to die out - your favourite color seemed to change to red after he came along. Choi Seungcheol, he awoke you, he made you feel alive, your own feeling… of cerise.