your lunch money

LANCE: Nyma??? I love her. She’s the most beautiful girl on the whole playground. 

HUNK: last week she used a jump rope to tie you to the tether ball pole and then robbed you of all of your lunch money. 

LANCE: and I would do it all again. 


Imagine: Being the youngest member of the Hale family.

The hand of Stiles Stilinski came flying from behind you to slam your locker door shut. You turned around and stared at the boy who rudely interrupted your search for your lunch money.

“You know Y/N, I could almost bet that you were a Hale!” he burst out as his brows hang low on his forehead. You clutched your books against your chest and raised your eyebrows in surprise. “Oh really? What exposed me?” you asked sarcastically.

Scott stood behind the winded up boy and tried to calm him down by grabbing his shoulder, but Stiles shrugged him off. He rolled his eyes before answering. “Oh, I don’t know. Maybe the exaggerated eye roll you all Hales seem to reserve for me.”

“We don’t roll our eyes at you.” you explained and gave him just that excessive eye roll that Derek and Cora use to make to you without even thinking about it. 

Stiles boiled up and pointed heatedly against you.  “THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!” he spits as you flashed a teasing smirk towards Scott.

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Rough Day

A/N: I’ve been feeling kinda bummed out lately and I want a Peter Parker of my own to hug me.

Warnings: slight sadness, fluffff

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 510 (sorry I’m still working on making these longer)


Today was not the best day. It seemed like the world just decided ‘hey let’s be as shitty as possible to Y/N’, and you weren’t enjoying it. First you woke up late for school, skipping breakfast and forgetting your lunch money on the counter. Then once you finally got to school you got your algebra test back, you failed it. And then to top it all off it was raining and you had to walk back home.

Instead of going to your house after studying in the library for a bit after school, you decided to go see you boyfriend Peter. He could always make you feel better. So, packing up your things, you quickly made your way over to Peter’s apartment. Swiftly knocking on the door, it flew open.
“Y/N! Honey, oh you’re all wet!” May exclaimed as soon as she saw you, “Come in, Come in, Peter is in his room!” she beckoned you forward.
“Thank you May.” You acknowledged.

You didn’t even knock on Peter’s door, just wanting dry clothes and a hug. He looked up slightly shocked before rushing over to you and taking you in his arms.
“Y/N, oh my gosh! Sit down let me get you some dry clothes.” He fussed.
He leapt over to his dresser and handed you a sweatshirt and some sweatpants. You made your way to the bathroom to change, already feeling significantly warmer.

Somehow you had held in all the emotions of your bad day, that was until you walked into Peter’s room after getting dressed. He had put in your favourite movie and gotten your favourite snacks and even made a blanket mountain for you both to cuddle in. Instantly the tears started streaming down your face, but you were quickly pulled into Peter’s comforting arms.

He flopped down onto the bed, you still in his arms, and buried the both of you in the pile of blankets, drying your tears. He hugged you close, stroking your hair and whispering little, “it’s ok’s” and “don’t worry, I’ve got you’s” and “i love you’s”. Once you had sufficiently calmed down you snuggled closer into his chest.
“Thank you Petey, I love you.” You uttered.
“I love you too.” He replied, his lips lightly brushing yours.

You kissed him, full and sweet. It was a comforting kiss. It felt like home. Once you had pulled away, when the need for breath was overwhelming, you laid snuggled in his warm embrace and fell into a soft sleep, the day’s events completely forgotten.


Peter couldn’t have asked for a better end of the day. His arms were wrapped around his beautiful, kind, compassionate, wonderful, and sleeping girlfriend, and he could see no wrong in the world at this moment. She was everything to him. She was his light through the world. She was perfect.

He paused the movie quickly and gently nuzzled into your hair. It wasn’t long before he too went to sleep, his last thought, being one he thought often; this, this is home.


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drake: hey, kid! give me your lunch money

sufjan: I Am Afraid That Will Not Be Possible As I Of Course Will Require My Lunch Money To Purchase My Lunch

drake: …what?

sufjan: If You Are In Need Of Your Own Lunch Money I Am Sure Mrs. Paisley In The Principal’s Office Would Be Delighted To Provide You With A Voucher

drake: no, no, no, you don’t understand. i don’t actually need lunch money, i-

sufjan: Then For What Logical Purpose Would You Request My Lunch Money

drake: look, i have these new friends, okay? they told me to come over here and take your lunch money. it’s my first day at this school. there’s a pecking order. if i don’t get in with these guys, i’m gonna have to spend every recess wandering around the playground with no one to talk to. no offense.

sufjan: Why Would I Possibly Take Offense At That Statement

drake: because, uh… you’re kind of just sitting here. on the swingset. all alone.

sufjan: I Am Not Alone! The Other Swings Are Occupied By My Good Friends: Peter The Ox, Dora The Talking Skeleton, And Herb The Dietician

drake: …right

sufjan: Peter, Dora, And Herb Are Kind Folks And They Would Never Require Me To Secure Their Friendship By Depriving Another Soul Of Lunch Money

drake: …yeah. well, um, i’m just gonna… go…

sufjan: Please Stay! Herb The Dietician Was Just Vacating His Swing To Make Room For You! Weren’t You Herb!

drake: uh… thanks… i guess

sufjan: Herb Can Be A Bit Cantankerous But You Seem Nice What Is Your Name

drake: aubrey

sufjan: Good To Meet You Aubrey My Name Is Sufjan

drake: sufjan… huh…

sufjan: Wow No One Has Ever Pronounced It Right On The First Try Before

drake: it’s a really cool name

sufjan: Thank You Aubrey Your Name Is Cool Too


Words: 941
Genre: slight angst/fluff
Characters: Mark x Reader
Warnings: mention of sex, handful of bad words
Summary: Mark has been your fuck buddy for a while but you’ve recently started having feelings for him so you try to break it off.


Today was not your day. Everything that could have gone wrong, did. You were late to school, you forgot your homework, you forgot your lunch money, you even managed to trip and fall a total of three times today.

But at least it was over. The final bell rang and you left the classroom as quickly as possible. However, the second you walked out of the room, you saw Mark. He was leaning against the opposite wall, clearly waiting for you.

You don’t even know how to label you’re relationship. Were you fuck buddies? Friends with benefits? Or maybe you were just friends. Who occasionally had sex. Whatever it was, you were not in the mood for it today. Especially since you recently discovered that you had feelings for Mark. Not just in the way that you wanted to have sex with him, but also in the way where you wanted to hold hands through the halls and have deep conversations with him at 3 AM. But you knew he didn’t feel the same way. He chased after every girl in the school. You were just some fuck toy for him.

The second Mark saw you, he pushed away from the wall, running his fingers through his blond hair. There was no point in trying to avoid him so you waited until he was by your side to continue walking.

“Hey. Are you doing anything right now?” He asked as you walked as fast as you could. You just wanted to get out of this stupid school.

“Yeah. Going home,” you answered. You didn’t look at him when you spoke, instead you looked straight ahead.

“Oh. Can I come?”

“Why?” You could feel him staring at you when you asked the question.

“I just wanted to hang out. Maybe we could watch a movie or something?” You spun around to look at him, making him stop walking so he wouldn’t run into you.

“Really Mark? You want to watch a movie? With me? Are you sure? Because here’s what I think. I think you just want to get in my pants. Well no. I most certainly do not want to hang out with you.” You were furious. Why couldn’t he just leave you alone? You were together just last night. You just wanted a break. From everything and everyone.

Marks eyebrows rose in surprise at your sudden outburst. He grabbed your wrist and pulled you into a nearby storage closet.

When he closed the door you ripped you hand away from his grasp.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” He asked. You rolled your eyes and took a step away from him.

“Nothing. I’m just sick and tired of being some toy for you Mark. The only reason you ever talk to me is because you want to fuck. I’m done. I can’t do this anymore.” Marks face went soft. He looked hurt but you didn’t understand why. Why was he upset if he could just go find someone else to mess around with?

“Y/n. Where is this coming from? Is it something I did?”

“No. I just don’t want to do this anymore.” You looked at the ground, not wanting to see his hurt expression anymore. It felt like you guys were breaking up, but you weren’t even together.

“Okay. I understand. No more sex. But I don’t want to loose you as a friend. Please Y/n.”

“I’m sorry. I can’t.”

“Why not?”

“Mark please. I just want to go home.” You heard him sigh and he took a couple steps towards you. The tips of his feet were touching yours.

“Tell me why you don’t want to be my friend anymore and I’ll let you leave. And I’ll leave you alone.”

You knew this was the only way he was going to let you leave. You took a deep breath before you began.

“I don’t understand why you even care. You could get any girl in the school. It’s not like you care about me anyway. I’m just someone to have sex with. Nothing more. And I know that. But I like you. A lot. And so I can’t keep doing this. I’m sorry Mark. I can’t.” You try to walk around him to leave but he pushes you until your back hits a wall. You gasp in surprise as you feel his hands on your hips.


He kisses you. It’s soft. Softer than any of the kisses you two have shared before. You move you mouth against his even though you know you shouldn’t. He pulls away and you’re both breathing heavily.

“I like you too,” he breaths out. Your eyes widen in shock.


“I like you too Y/n. I have for a while. I just thought you didn’t feel the same.”

You smile and he automatically smiles back. He leans in and kisses you lips quickly before taking a step back.

“But if you really don’t want to be my friend then I won’t stop you.” You push away from the wall and walk straight out the door. You stand outside of it for a couple minuets before Mark walks out. The second he looks at you, you wrap your arms around him. It takes him a moment to return the hug because he’s confused.

“I don’t want to just be your friend,” you whisper. “I want to be more.”

He chuckles and your heart skips a beat. That has to be your favorite noise. He picks you up and starts spinning you around, not caring if a few students give you weird looks.

Maybe today wasn’t so bad after all.

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@jade-mod look what you’ve done now

uli is the rival who shows up periodically to take your lunch money. you should have named him “dickweed” it’s what he deserves honestly. the snivy’s name is “national secrets” so he can say things like “i’m taking national secrets with me to johto” and people will wonder (they don’t).

fritz has a bulbasaur now thanks @radicalestes which he made sure had perfect stats for the build he wants. he’s tested out of the first three gyms but he’ll go through and do them anyway, he wants to beat the league fair and square. the bulbasaur’s name is bulbasaur because fritz has very little imagination.

hans arrived too late to get a pokemon from the professor but that’s ok someone had a togepi (thanks to @wanlingnic‘s suggestion!) they wanted to get rid of and they were destined to be friends. he’s not really here to battle and he’d rather just give you his lunch money than fight, he just wants to wander around and be friends with his lil wee bab. the togepi’s name is “emil” and it has a very profound loyalty to hans, as well as an unforeseen arsenal of faerie magic it is prepared to unleash if anything should happen to its idiot trainer.

wyvernjack-xiv  asked:

Why are you such a bully?

Because I feel the need to hide my insecurities by focusing on highlighting other people which directs attention off of me and I do not know how to handle feelings because I have the mind of a confused horny teenager so I instinctively push away those who invoke those feelings from me.

…I mean

Shut up and give me your lunch money, nerd! It’s not like an overgrown lizard like you needs it, especially with how oddly shaped your butt is, b-baka!

storm-eye-the-umbreon  asked:

/You're kind have now migrated to Colorado and are pooping everywhere while also attempting to steal food from my chickens. do you condone these actions?/


Do you mean to tell me that magpies graced you with their presence and you didn’t have offerings and the finest sleeping arrangements waiting for them?  You made my magpie brethren resort to stealing from chickens?  FOR SHAME.  Next time, be prepared for the magpie invasion or else we’ll just be back next year to steal your chicken’s lunch money. You have been warned.