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I love your Fullmetal Alchemist AU, might I suggest a Hiccstrid version of Ed's proposal to Winry.

I also love this AU for the following reasons:

  • Main-character Astrid and side-character Hiccup
  • Anger-issue’d brutish/blustery/bluntish Astrid (yes, taking over-used fanon qualities and actually applying them–albeit delicately–for once!)
  • Doe-eyed/bewildered/FRUSTRATED Hiccup
  • Astrid making ridiculous faces in every-other-panel
  • Hiccup with an automail leg
  • Astrid at the risk of paralyzation without Hiccup
  • Hiccup being a mechanics nerd that Astrid sometimes buys tools for in a completely unsubtle way to beg forgiveness
  • Astrid being overly about equivilent exchange/justice/eye-for-an-eye that Hiccup has to teach her out of on a completely emotional level
  • Basically, at the end of it all, Astrid tries to awkwardly propose/assure Hiccup into a relationship with her in the only way she knows how and Hiccup, once again, needs to remind her that he had always been hers, she just had to open up to him.
  • #HTTYA

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I had a thought, during the Fire's in the Oter Rim AU, Anakin becomes known for his ambushes, so much so that he banks on his reputation and defends an empty fort with only a handfull of people by having them sit out in the open drinking tea. The Republic AKA Obi-Wan; shows up, sees Anakin just sitting there in front of the fort drinking tea and is like "NOPE! this is definitely a trap. We're leaving retreat and regroup"


(FYI, if y’all have heard the story this ask is referencing, go check it out. It’s amazing.)

It’s particularly perfect if he uses this trick against Obi-Wan, because honestly this is a trick Obi-Wan himself would pull. Which makes him instantly suspicious. But how suspicious should he be? There are so many possibilities! Is Anakin bluffing and using his own trick against him? Or does he expect Obi-Wan to think he’s bluffing, and call the bluff, only to find a well-armed and impressive militia waiting for him? Or does he expect Obi-Wan to ask that question, and he’s actually bluffing about bluffing about bluffing, and there really aren’t any soldiers? What does it mean?!

(Eventually, years down the road when the Empire has come to power and Obi-Wan’s ended up joining the Free Alliance by default, he and Anakin will become friends and this will be a lasting joke between them.)

(Anakin never admits whether he had a full complement of fighters or not. And he’s sworn seemingly the entire Alliance to secrecy. Obi-Wan never finds out and it’s killing him.)

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OMFG I just had this thought, do Shmi and Oni-wan say "I had a vision" when they don't want to explain why they are doing something?

I legit almost had one of them do that in a post and at the last second was like “shit wait OKAY SELF REEL IT BACK, LET’S NOT CROSS THE STREAMS, WE’LL JUST LET MACE HAVE DIBS ON THAT ONE”, hahahaha. XD 

In Which Carmilla Is Terrible At Directions

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Response to a prompt by your-loveable-tiger, ‘Danny/Laura/Carmilla prompt: Summer trip abroad to Eastern Europe’


“Carmilla I thought you said you knew your way around!”

“I do, gingersnap. It’s just… been a while.”

“Oh my god Carmilla have you not been here since you grew up?”

“Oh, it’s Europe. How much could it have changed?”

“You’re three hundred years old! There were two world wars, Carmilla! And that’s not even getting into the Industrial Revolution!”

“…fucking waste of everyone’s energy…”

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I have a fic rec for you, it's called "You shall become (Me)" by Jedipati. It's also know as "How to accidentally join the Sith without really trying" in which Obi-wan and Anakin become Sith Lords on a technicality. It's 22 chapters long and it's complete with an epilogue.

I’ve already read that fic, actually! (and recced it once or twice too, haha >>) But you’re right, I really liked it! I cannot even explain how much I love the concept of “Sith Lords on a technicality”, I would do TERRIBLE THINGS with that concept. << 

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Go on anon (or not) and leave a personal message letting them know they are loved: "Maryne, your drawings, comments and posts are amazing, I wish i could meet you in person and tell you this and maybe get an autograph - Your Loveable Tiger"

Awww. That’s so cute and nice and everything…*blushing* I wish I could met all of you around here, and for the autograph, well.. that’s the first time someone is telling me that.. I guess I’ll give you one with pleasure one day ! :) ♥