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so there's this geek (@swaggyt-a-o) who's a real big cutie. He makes my insides feel soft and sweet and I look forward to the day where I can just look into his eyes and just be in his presence. Honestly, just his silent presence would make me the most comfortable I've ever been. I love him a lot and our love makes me tear up from happiness. He treats me so well and makes me feel safe. I can't wait to see him and start our forever in an apartment. I just love him a lot and I'm the luckiest girl.


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though you are easily one of the kindest people I've ever met, the vibe you give off is simultaneously warm and devastatingly powerful. you're intimidatingly intelligent, yet still somehow very approachable. you are something to aspire to, someone who encourages me to better myself as a writer and a scholar, while not being a cold 'above it all' figure in the community, because you are also so kind and good and lovely!

𝙰𝚗𝚘𝚗𝚢𝚖𝚘𝚞𝚜𝚕𝚢 𝚖𝚎𝚜𝚜𝚊𝚐𝚎 𝚖𝚎 𝚠𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚟𝚒𝚋𝚎𝚜 𝙸 𝚐𝚒𝚟𝚎 𝚘𝚏𝚏 & 𝚠𝚑𝚢

throneless. i’m sitting w/ my flatmates drinking champagne and vodka and i’m getting highkey emotional over this ask !!! thank you anon for the incredible encouragement, and know that you have been an inspiration in yourself with this ask :’) i only wish i knew who you were so i could appreciate you on a personal and individual level!! you have made my evening, thank you lovely !!! <3 but never think me intimidating, we all struggle and I DO, seriously, university takes its toll despite how much i love to learn, so don’t you worry, you seem fantastically articulate and your kindness says so much about you, you are a gem!!!!!

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Thank you! I'll wait, take the time you want, don't worry :) meanwhile I'm gonna keep reading your other scenarios and texts 😍😍😍

Oh, you’re so cute!
Thanks for your love and to keep following us, it means a lot for me and the other admins. 
Kisses, M. ♥♥♥


Thank you all for 2.5k followers, thankyou for following me to show your love and support to im jaebum it truly means the world. ❤️❤️❤️

Hello everyone! So to celebrate 1 year (and a belated 4k follower goal) on this blog, I wanted to do a follow forever. Thank you so much to everyone I’ve had the honor of speaking with and befriending, and to the content creators who bless our eyes with their  beautiful work. I’ve come to know and love so many of you, and I’m very thankful to have met you ♡

I tried to keep this list as condensed as I possibly could, my muscles are still tense from restraining on making this miles long. 

Special Mentions:

Members of @pastel17net & @jihanetwork I’ve spoken with in their respective chats. I adore talking to you all and I really love how much of (cringes) family we’ve become through our conversations. I really don’t know how bored and bitter I would be if it weren’t for you guys. I truly do appreciate and love all of you, and I’m so glad to have met you all.

@joshsua @saltyjeonghan @cutiecoups & @oo-ji / @woozai -

I REALLY don’t know what I’d do without any of you. The amount of love and comfort I have with you guys is sickening. Thank you so much for all the advice, tolerance and joy you guys bring me. I feel like each of you anchor me and I can’t even find words to convey how appreciative I am for you all. I’m so glad a 13 member meme group helped us meet. 

♡ = people I adore! (most likely people I’ve had a few conversations with)


@95linenet  ♡ @jeonghanetwork​  ♡  @jihanetwork  ♡ @joshuasnet  ♡  @junhuinetwork@pastel17net  ♡   @pastelsvtnet   ♡  @seventeenet  

# - J

@1jh | @1scoups​ ♡    |  @95joshua ♡  | @95scoups ♡  | @adoregyus ♡ | @amillionwon | @cafewoozi  | @cinnamingyu | @chocohong | @cutiecoups ♡ | @dirty-jamjam17 | @doughkyeom​  ♡   | @doekyum  ♡ | @gyuhan-17  | @hannie-jars  ♡ | @hansvernon  ♡ | @hansolence​  ♡ | @hanwooz  | @hoon-seok | @hwashua  | @icydays  ♡ | @jeonghanii  ♡ | @jeonghanplz ♡  | @jeonwoof​  | @jeonqhan-senpai​  | @jihhoon​  ♡ | @joshsua​ ♡ | @junghan​  | @junhuidu​ 

K - S

@kiminguy  ♡ ​ | @koraenpop​ ♡   | @kueonhoshi  ♡ | @kumakookie | @leejihoonz  | @leeuji | @leeseokminnie  ♡ |  @milkgyus | @minghaou | @minghowcute | @mintgu  ♡ | @monoka | @mountean | @nilk / @taehyuug ♡  | @oo-ji  ♡ | @saltyjeonghan  ♡ | @sevuenteen | @sebuniteen@shuasoo  ♡ | @smenterslavement  ♡ | @smolgyu  ♡ | @stanjunhui ♡ | @sugarjisoo  ♡ | @svnten  ♡ | @sunqkwan   ♡

T - Z

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Gojira vs Smaug

Smaug’s a big jerk. A big jerk with nubby legs.

Want a print? Have this:

Thanks to all my followers! I love hearing from you guys. Your support keeps me grinning like a loon.



Semester starts again in a week! Super excited to start research with a postgrad group on neutrino physics! Feeling really bad at the moment though. Just overall having awful flashbacks and I am in a lot of pain. I’m finding everything so hard right now :( however, got my exams back: straight As. So at least those went well. Thank you so much for your support … I love all my followers so much, you guys keep me going through times like this.


I have no idea why these @ symbols won’t leave T_T One year ago today I made a blog with the url animeforyears on tumblr. I made it so that I could have some place to post my opinions on anime and look at cool anime gifs and pictures. I remember to this moment when I got my first follower and I was like “why, I haven’t posted anything good”. I remember the first time my posts started getting notes and the excitement it brought.ɾ⚈▿⚈ɹ Now looking back one year later after getting into anime and tumblr I’m pretty happy with how far I’ve come. I certainly didn’t expect this many followers when I first started one year ago or that I would learn how to make gifs and photoshop. I’ve been able to do these for a two primary reasons. The first is because of my beloved mutuals. They are such good, supportive friends that I cannot honestly come up with anything to express how much they mean to me.O(≧∇≦)O The second is because of all my lovely followers. It’s your continued support that keeps me posting even when my free time is at a low. I want to thank you all for following me and I look forward to another year with you!(*゚∀゚*) Here are all the blogs whose content I enjoy and you should check out! Mutuals are bolded as per usual :D

#-F: @acquaoftheback @afoggygoose @akibacomplex @akiyue @albenedetto @alphastigma117 @ambi-dere @amuriita @angiethebunnie @animecorecollection @animesoul @animeshittalk @anrakutei @araragii @archersheroicshadow @art-of-legends @atenaku @byzantine-love-machine @bootymonogatari @cactusberry @captain-of-the-lesbian-ships @captaincrunchmakesmebleed @chaodence @chino-is-the-order-a-hell-yeah @chitoge-kirisaki @clafster @crimson96illusion @crazymysterychase @cutiebaka @daiijoubu @dank-flame-master @danmachi @deathbydoki @deathbyyuri @deathbyyuri @deadecchi @darkrai-10 @enragedvampire @evangelikon @fairytailwitch @fourleafclovertaiga

G-L: @gifs-of-legends @griffmstr @gurrenlagging @go-yojn @haisesaski @hime-lulu @hot-anime-mom @i-love-anime-love @infiniterhapsody @ipscell @is-the-order-a-destroyer-new @k-chan @kanyecolle @kappafacenospace @kaizoku-niiichan @kirishii @kittyy-chan @kiyaasarin @kizutsuku @koyomichan @kurisu004 @kurummi @kuzu-chi @kv3dia @kyoto-animation @laurini-chan @lenziii @lilium @literallytheworstblogger @literally-the-best-onii-chan @lllyasvielvoneinzbern @loveliveyuri

M-R: @masterweeb @machcaliber-ax @maddie-neko @megaboy335 @meroune-lorelei @messingo @mikuba-chi @moe-vampin @more-moe-more-problems @mr-matoi @musicinanime @my-scarlet-princess @naki-mishikino @nicomaki-trashblog @na-na-ka @nagaspooks @nightraiders @ominous-misaka @onee-samaaa @onodera-kosaki @onoderabruhh @onlymyrailguncan @officialprinzeugen @officialnishikino @officialhibiki  @oh-yodo @otonanomiruku @psychopass @piyox22 @paradiseyuri @rachneras @rmorales01 @rathim @rokkanoyuushaorsomething @rx-zer0

S-Z: @shadowjen @shiiro-chaan @shirayyyy @shoniki @shoujoai @silvertsundere @simplykasumi @sqidimus @such-misfortune @sugoihentai @tachibana-marika @tokuisora @tsugumiseishirou @tsukiyma @tsundead​ @tippy-the-rabbit @thethoughtsthought @u-m-r @utsu-tsu @vergil03 @vesperiastar @wickedlordshingan @worldofglass @xthundere @xyzismywaifu @yuri-gyunyu @yuri-pics @yurimother @yuridiculous @yuriobsessed @yuri-no-niwa @yurioverlife @zeetsubou @zsaber327​

If I forgot anyone or didn’t bold your name (sometimes tumblr unbolds people and its obnoxious O_O) shoot me a message, I’ll fix it up right away! :D

Picture Preference #347 - Another Boy Instagrams A Picture Of Both Of You Being Cute


niallhoran: At the beach with @harrystyles and @Y/I/N :) These two   can´t let go of each other! They’re so adorable and I love them :)


fakeliampayne: Came with @louist91 and @Y/I/N to the pier! The sunset was so beautiful :) I had to take a picture of these two watching it!


niazkilam: What a beautiful day! Had to take this picture of @niallhoran and @Y/I/N! Such a peaceful place :)


harrystyles: These two are so cute together :) Came to @fakeliampayne and @Y/I/N’s hotel room and found them like this! Love it!!


louist91: Watching @niazkilam teaching @Y/I/N how to skateboard is the most fun and adorable thing in the world :P

Y/I/N: your instagram name

I hope you like it!!

These preference was a requested one :D

So, keep sending me your requests!!!

Love you all beautiful followers <3 <3 <3

Picture Preference #333 - He Instagrams A Cute Couple Picture


harrystyles: Having the best vacation with my babe xx


louist91: Being silly at the beach with my love <3


niallhoran: It’s always a good night when I spent it with her <3


fakeliampayne: Babe + Mirrors = Perfect Match <3


niazkilam: She’s the reason of my smile <3

I hope you like it!!

These preference was a requested one :D

So, keep sending me your requests!!!

Love you all beautiful followers <3 <3 <3

As you can see i don’t ART! very much but as you can also see i keep a folder on my browser called FANART with all links to good art blogs and i just want all of these amazing artists to know this and share these wonderful people with all of you. 

well im sure sure im missing some great artists i once reblogged from and forgot to save but i think this is a pretty good list my friends and its always growing 

and if i had money to spend i would buy like all of the merch from you guyys who have society6 like dont think i wouldn’t . like have a whole room of 1dfanart. #thedream

and tbh for some of you all your art is reblogged on my harry&louis sideblog instead of this one ayyyy

(i know some of you dont post as often as before or as much 1d as before but like i wanted you on the list so)

Hey everybody this is my first follow forever! I was going to do this when I reached 1,000 followers around the World Cup but I procrastinated so much that I gained another 100 followers in the meantime so here is my overdue 1.1K FF. 

Here are my favorite blogs that I’ve followed over the last couple years, you guys are all so awesome and I’ve loved getting to know some of you and bond over our obsession of this team! Mutuals are bolded :)


alexmorgans | alikriegersalkrieger | amygodriguezashleyjpalmer | ashlynharris24 | baby-hope | baby-horse | becky-sauerbrunn | carli-lloyd | chocolatemilkohara | cypher2 | epitomeofloyalty | erimacphoto |


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I’m hoping I haven’t forgotten anyone, you are all amazing! Go USA!