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Hi! You mentioned before that there are some metabolism boosters that you liked. Is there a big difference between brands, and would you be able to link the ones you were talking about? Your hair looks lovely by the way :)

I use Magnum CLA, EGCG Green Tea Pills (just ran out yesterday i need to re-purchase lol), and L-Carnitine! I get them from Popeyes, a Canadian supplement store. 

oh btw i like these ones because they’re all caffeine free :)

I have a theme of loving web-comics with stubborn skeleton boys

Helvetica belongs to peachskull

Vince belongs to sweetappletea 

Yall know where that green fucker comes from

No More Little Ones... I Think (Niall Horan Request)

“Mumma! Mummy! Mum!” three of your little ones yell as they run up the stairs to where you were laying your one-and-a-half-year old down for a nap.

“Shh, babies. Leighton is sleeping,” you say in a hushed tone, ushering your children out of the room and shutting her door quietly, hooking the baby monitor onto your pants, and picking up the laundry basket to bring to the washer.

“Mumma,” Michael, your three-year-old and youngest boy, says pulling on your yoga pants, “I’m hung’y.”

“Okay, my love, tea is on the cooker now. How does pasta sound, hm?” you say, setting the basket on the machine and leaning down to place a kiss to his head before he runs back upstairs to his room.

“Mummy, me and sissy did our school work. Can we p’ay now?” Oliver, or Oli as everyone calls him, your five-year old, asks even though he was already pulling on his older sister’s hand.

“Elodie, did you get your work done, as well?” you ask, loading the machine, starting it, and then making your way to the kitchen to stir the pasta.

“Yes, mum. When is Daddy coming home?”

“Soon, baby girl. I promise. Go play, yeah?” you say, leaning down to kiss both her’s and Oli’s heads.

With the children all upstairs playing and Leighton sleeping soundly, you were able to finish cooking the pasta, have the babies come help set the table, move the laundry into the dryer, and get everyone in their chairs at the table, just in time for Niall to walk in the door.

“Mhm, is smells great in here, love,” he says walking into the dining room after setting down his keys and sunglasses. He leans over to give you a kiss on your lips, when the three little ones attack his legs. “Oh my goodness, look a’ my babies. I missed you kiddos. Tomorrow your uncles want to see you, yeah. I’ll bring y’a to ‘de studio wit’ me, hm,” he says, picking Michael up and putting him on his hip whilst your other two, hug him, pushing him onto his back.

“Alright, my family, tea’s goin’ to be cold by the time we eat. Let’s go,” you say, pushing your little ones towards the table. A few steps away and Niall pinches your bum, chuckling as you squeak before sitting down.

Elodie and Oli tell Niall all about the new schooling work, as you taught from home so that you could travel with Niall comes the new tour, and Michael was sitting on Niall’s lap, babbling about the cartoon on the telly from the morning. You were feeding Leighton, watching as she giggle and babbled nonsense at the table, staring aimlessly at your husband. As you rinse the plates in the sink, you feel Niall come up behind you and snake him arms around your waist.

“What do you want, hmm? I know that smirk,” you say, turning around so that your arms could hand loosely on his shoulder.

“Well, I was thinking we could have some Mummy and Daddy time. How does that sound?” he asks, leaning over to place kisses along your jaw and neck, settling on your collarbone to leave a mark, that could easily be hidden from your children.

“That sounds nice, but what about our babies, I’m pretty sure they’re not ready for bed just yet,” you say, both of you peeking over into the lounge to see the three little ones watching a movie, most likely Monster’s Inc. University, their favourite movie, and Leighton have tummy time on the mat.

“I called your mum, she said she’d come by ‘round 7 to pick ‘em up for us,” he says, voice husky, and returning to his place on your neck, only picking back up when three little voices and a waddling baby grab your attention.

“Mummy, Nana’s here. Daddy got us our bags at ‘de door. Love you!” Elodie says, pulling you down for a kiss.

“Alright, my babies, give Mummy kisses and hugs. Daddy and I will pick you up tomorrow. I love you,” you say, leaning down to give kisses to all your little ones, picking up Leighton and blowing raspberries on her cheeks, before Niall brings the little ones out to your mum.


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reverie - calum hood

just a lil blurb because I felt like it. not my gif xx

Request - could i request a fluffity fluff fluff with cal? it doesn’t even have to be smut, just something cute that i can cuddle up to with my tea and read please. :33

my masterlist - x

Sorry this is a little late, love! This is quite short, as well, but enjoy your tea, my love! Xx


He wasn’t the type of guy that liked planning things out. He wasn’t the kind of guy that liked to itinerate everything, step by step. He liked adventure. He liked the joy and mystery in not knowing things. 

Maybe that’s why he liked you. 

Seeing you sitting there, a few tables away from him and his mates, it seemed like a halo was resting over your head. And he just, had to, he had to touch it. He wanted to know what it felt like to be able to touch an angel, to caress her face and feel the softness, to be blessed by her touch. He wanted to know you. He wanted to make you smile, most of all. He wanted to hear the little delicate bells in your laughter, and know that he was the one that caused it, caused your head to fall back, smiling bright enough to light up the other side of the moon, your eyes closed. 

His friends could tease him about you endlessly, he didn’t care. He just wanted to know you, if only he wasn’t so scared. He could hardly walk past you without staring, and for all he knew, he creeped you out to no end. He wasn’t even sure you knew he existed, you were always off in your little world. And he loved it, honestly. He loved the way your eyes would always drift to the window in the middle of class, he loved how you would always sigh and rest your chin on your hand. He wondered what you were thinking of. He wanted to know every single one of your dreams, every single one of your wants, so he could do everything in his power to make them come to life. He wanted to be able to travel to another universe with you. A universe with endless sunsets and beaches and forests to walk through. 

He wanted to feel what your hand felt like in his. He could imagine it. Soft. Warm. Smaller, maybe. He could intertwine your fingers and keep you wrapped close to him. He could love you, forever. 

He could see himself showing you all around the world, taking you to Paris, and Rome, and Spain. He could try to impress you with his little knowledge of Spanish, although it didn’t get much further than ‘Donde está.’ He could see himself pulling you closer when the sun fell, keeping you as near as he could because if he didn’t, you might slip away. Rain could pour and he’d still stay there, with you, forever. 

Maybe his imaginations were ridiculous, maybe he was just seeing things. But he couldn’t help the irresistible attachment he felt towards you. The want to be near you, the draw that he felt to be by your side, caressing your hair. Watching you sleep in the morning, and making fun of the way you put on your make-up. Wrapping his arms around your waist, making you smile and lean back into his arms, and he would press kisses into your shoulder and your neck. The smell of you, like vanilla. 

You were the kind of girl he’d show up ten minutes early for, with a bouquet of thirteen red roses, twelve real, one fake. You were the kind of girl he wouldn’t mind being cheesy and sentimental for.

But the clashing of a body against his, made him stop. And suddenly, all of his dreams were right in front of him. 

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do u read facebook comments? do u see how many people don't like felicity and olicity anymore? this otp was my favorite ship of all time but the writing is awful! Their sexual banter was the best part of their relationship. now all we get is felicity crying and whining about oliver? this isnt the same felicity the audience loved in S1 and S2

Sorry it’s not your cup of tea.

All the Places I’ve Brushed My Teeth.

We made love nine times that night
and still my shirts smell
like the suite ashtray
which was a miniature pie tin
leftover from the vending machine.
The mirror was smudged and cracked
like a piece of frozen chocolate
melting not because it is hot
but because it is no longer cold.
I despise hotel mouthwash.

Parents fighting down the street,
I came to you and spent the night
on a sofa with a towel as a blanket.
The sink, ringed with your sister’s hair,
drained so slowly, I read my spit
like one might read tea leaves.
Dark times ahead, it said. Your love life
is sure to wane if you are not cautious.
I flossed twice that night.

I’m not sure if it’s acceptable anymore
to answer the phone with residence anymore
but I imagine all the times the receiver
must have been sprayed with foamy s’s
when you called me as I was walking
to my bed. What did you always say?
Sorry it’s so late.

I don’t live alone, I tell the pizza man.
I just don’t have a car. Please, come see
all the space I’m not taking up. Come in,
ignore that I’m in a bathrobe
curtain in the doorway, propped
by an elbow. I pay and spit in the hedge.
I tip him extra.

I’ve never liked the dentist, but at least
the toothpaste is free. That is, after
the appointment. I still smuggle in a tube
and a collapsible brush, and so fervently
scrape laziness from out of my gums
each stroke or circle more helpless,
each facade met with a trickle of blood.

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Using only song names from one artist, cleverly answer these questions. pass it on to 15 people. try not to repeat a song title, it’s a lot harder than you think!

pick your artist: Bangtan

what is your gender: miss right ;^ )
describe yourself: expensive woman $‿$
how do you feel: sick literally tho :-/
describe where you currently live: tomorrow? ??
if you could go anywhere, where would you go: waterfalls
your favourite form of transportation: jump
your best friend is: the swagger bless these predebut songs srsly
you and your best friends are: fun boys  B^ )
favourite time of day:  n.o
if your life was a tv show, what would the title be: regular girl
what is life to you: 2 cool 4 skool 
your relationship: coffee  me + coffee = ♡
your fear: fuck cockroachez

some of these don’t even make sense but w/e

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Hi, so you are an excellent reference for things that are queer-friendly; I was wondering if you had any book recs for someone who doesn't want to see the same "boy falls in love with plain but special girl" plot over and over. I tend to like dystopias or fantasies but anything is good at this stage. Thank you so much!

I’m so glad you came to me!!!

okay, so.

first of all, let me recommend the Grisha Trilogy–it seems, at first, like it’s “boy falls in love with plain but special girl”, but there’s this huge plot twist in the first book and it’s just. so good. there are so many amazing ladies, and there’s even a canon lesbian couple in book 3.

i also am unrepentantly in love with the percy jackson series, and recommend that to everyone who hasn’t yet read it. not sure if it’s your cup of tea, but i will probably never stop loving it.

ok, now for specifically queer (and mostly lesbian) books:

  • the “when women were warriors” trilogy by catherine wilson is a must-read. so many lesbians. 98% of the large cast of characters are women. it’s this sort of semi-magical medieval setting, and there’s a lot of women in armor fighting with swords and kissing each other, and the first book is free on amazon, ibooks, and available in pdf form on the author’s website
  • “santa olivia” and “saints astray” by jacqueline carey are some of my favorite queer ya lit books of all time tbh. santa olivia is about this girl who’s the daughter of a genetically engineered werewolf and a human, who lives in a town in texas (i think? it’s been a while since ive read this) that got quarantined and became a dystopian military state, unbeknownst to the rest of the world. after her brother dies, she becomes a boxer, and also falls in love with this girl named pilar. they are the cutest couple of all time tbh. saints astray is the sequel, and it’s literally like the author was like “ok i finished this book so now im going to write smutty secret agent au fanfic about my own book.” i love it so much. you will also find yourself surprised that these two are ya lit, bc there’s a LOT of sex and cursing.
  • gay pride and prejudice by kate christie is a fun read. it’s pride and prejudice rewritten so that elizabeth falls for caroline and darcy falls for a dude. the author matches jane austen’s voice really well though.
  • “better off red” by rebekah weatherspoon is amazing if you’re looking for some self-indulgent vampire sorority erotica. it’s pretty well-written, v racially diverse, and the sex scenes are really good.
  • “Eon” and “Eona” by alison goodman are p good. they’re v het, it’s true, but the main character is genderfluid, and there are no white characters. at all. also, one of the main characters is a trans woman. it takes place in a sort of fantasy world with heavy chinese and japanese influences.
  • “tipping the velvet” by sarah waters is good, well-written, and filled with historical lesbians. occasionally tragic lesbians, it’s true, but still.
  • just. go read everything geonn cannon has ever written. just trust me on this. especially his “squire’s isle” series, which is about an island in washington that’s populated by like. 99% lesbians. it’s amazing. you should read the books first, but there are also a ton of additional stories you can read for free on his website and lj. but also definitely read his “underdogs” series, which i ADORE. for that series, definitely start off with the stories in that series on his ao3 (he’s just geonn on ao3), and then read the books. but honestly, i stand by my statement: just read everything he’s ever written.
  • “Ash” and “Huntress” by malinda lo are classics and i would be remiss if i didn’t recommend them. they’re loosely connected to each other (they p much just take place in the same universe) and they’re basically lesbian adaptations of fairytales. also, “adaptation” and “inheritance” are really good as well.
  • “promises, promises: a romp with plenty of dykes, a unicorn, an ogre, an oracle, a quest, a princess, and a true love with a happily ever after” by l-j baker is one of my favorite books of all time tbh. it just manages to parody fairytale/”heroic quest” stories so lovingly but also so brutally, and there are so many queer ladies and it’s just. i love it. so much. i recommend it to everyone ever.
  • i also rec everything by julie anne peters
  • and “empress of the world” by sara ryan is adorable af. 

your life is moderately difficult today. we pity you and give you extra chai. you probably “don’t normally drink coffee”. Hipster tea loving nerd. slowly your dirty chai gets dirtier and dirtier until you can’t taste the chai anymore. You don’t notice but we’ve been making you real lattes for weeks.

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I think it's okay to take teachings from other cultures and practice them. If someone wants to convert to Judaism then why not? I think you are too hung up on ownership and "otherness". I personally find it most important to surpass the injustices in order to form bonds between humans of all backgrounds. As a gay mexican I'm keenly aware of white/straight privilege, but Appropriation is a part of life, and it can be done respectively. I practice (Buddhist) mediation, Greek philosophy, etc.

Did this biznotch, seriously just tell me “appropriation is a part of life, and it can be done respectively”???? 


Your dismissive attitude is the exact reason we have all of the problems that we do. Because people like you have your heads so far up your own new agey, buddhist, meditating, tea loving, yoga-pant-wearing asses that you DON’T FUCKING GET IT. Our cultures are not your toys, don’t play around with them. My people were literally mascaraed for practicing their cultural ceremonies, and you want me to suddenly be okay with the very people who have continued to oppress us for years, still to this day, to be practicing or open to the very teachings of cultures they tried to permanently exterminate? FUCK NO. And fuck you for even saying something this ignorant to me.