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The fact of the matter is that sometimes staying closeted for your own safety isn’t just about fear of physical violence. Sometimes it’s because you don’t think that you could handle the rejection, judgement, and/or emotional abuse that could come with coming out. Sometimes it’s because you don’t know what coming out would entail and you’re scared to find out. Staying closeted (with everyone or with some people) is your choice. Put your wellbeing above all else. I love you, stay safe.

how to write a fat character

by: your local fat writer 

media seems to do such a terrible job at representing people like me and same goes for many fic writers who try to base their characters on these characters shown in media. Here are some basic do’s and and don’t’s to writing fat characters! 


  • make your character in love with food- they’re allowed to eat like everyone else, but not every real fat person has an obsession over food. The rule can get iffy if your fat character is a cook.*
  • make your character the center of jokes- everyone has something “funny” about them, but don’t make your fat character constantly make jokes about their own weight. Fat people get enough bullshit from skinny people about their weight already. 
  • make your character incredibly unfit- there are real fat people who are incredibly athletic! their weight may be from genetics or from proper muscle building (not the muscle building we’re groomed to think is right in society). The choices your character makes is what affects their athleticism, not their weight 
  • make your character the Depressed One- yes, fat people do get upset over their body. Many go through horrible diets to try and get slim. It takes years for real fat people to get over it and realize their body is horrible gross. Their weight can simply be because of genetics, not because of how much they eat. 
  • make your character’s arc about things involving their weight- unless your fat character ABSOLUTELY needs to involve food, don’t make this their entire character arc. There are so many cooler things you can do with your character; sexuality, friends/family, simplifying the heroes journey, etc. make your character exciting! make them relatable! 
  • make your character the token fat character- the real world has many types of people, the fantasy world should not be too different from this fact. Your characters should always show diversity, and sometimes repetition is good when its the right character type. 

*making your fat character a chef can be a risky move. think about why your fat character is a chef. was it because they’re the fat character? or is there something that influenced them to become a chef? choose your answer carefully


  • make your character’s interests diverse- I like food! but i also like many other things! video games, bike riding, painting, singing, give your character varying interests! maybe your character has that one thing they love above all else. the game Fire Emblem: Awakening has always been my go-to favorite thing, what’s your character’s?
  • make your character an individual- develop their personality! how would your character react to seeing the ASPCA commercials? What’s their reaction when a family member dies? When their favorite artist is performing in town? Are there songs that make them emotional? What do they do to de-stress? Do they stim? There’s PLENTY you can say about your character that isn’t just “I love food.”
  • make your character as realistic as possible- just as skinny people are diverse, so are fat people. When you’re describing a fat character, don’t default to “pear shaped.” there are proportionate and disproportionate fat people. maybe they have fatter thighs than they do calves, their stomach pops out but they don’t have “bingo wings,” maybe their chin does that weird thing or maybe it doesn’t (this happens to skinny people, too!). and don’t forget stretch marks. they are real and they are not “taboo.”
  • write your character as if they’re like any other- it all boils down to one thing: the similarities and differences. I’m an XL and my friend is an XS, we both enjoy oversized hoodies! She would wear hoodies in the summer but I would rather walk around shirtless (if society didn’t tell us boobs are bad.) I would never wear short shorts when exercising because they ride up my thighs. Your fat character can act just the same as your skinny one(s).
Thin Walls (Jaehyun x Reader)

Rating: M, as hell

(A/N) Hey! Long time no see! It’s been a minute since I last posted something or filled a request, and the guilt of not doing so was slowly eating away at me lol I managed to throw this one together after forever and it took so long because I was struggling hard core on the actual smut. It’s just so difficult trying not to repeat a scene I’ve done previously in the exact same way, etc. But finals are coming up, and I’ll be trying my darndest to chip away at these requests as best as I can! Hope you all enjoy this one!!!

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Moving to one of the biggest cities, you had your hopes high, but not too high. You knew it wasn’t a perfect place, with perfect people who had perfect lives and perfect apartments. There were the dumpster divers, the druggies in the alleyways, and the snobs that flaunted their glittery 24 caret plumage on their wrists and necks, suffocating themselves with mink coats and expensive cigarettes. But you were determined to ignore all of it, the people who mattered were like you; starving, but alive, living their big dreams regardless of the struggle. You clung to those people, the places they frequented, and learned to love and appreciate the side of this city that was your new home. You were stable and free now, able to pursue the things you enjoyed and make a living to support yourself. 

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request: Can you do a Bucky x Female reader where they are training together(he’s teaching her how to do the widow move) and she is readily distracted by his arm, and he realizes that, so, he keeps on teasing her with it and then they finally fuck?

word count: 3400 (i’m out of control)

warnings: smut, giving bucky a blowjob, bucky fucking you with his metal fingers), bucky talking dirty to you in russian, pet names eg: babydoll and babygirl, dirty thoughts, spanking, calling bucky sarge and sergeant

a/n: changed the request a little bit, hope you like it. also this took me three hours to write so show me some love! all russian is from google translate so if wrong in any way, it’s not my fault!

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Art is to be looked at, to be admired never to be touched and it is that fact that adds to the severity of the situation you always seemed to find yourself in. Just one look could make your pulse rise and make you clench your thighs together involuntarily. Bucky Barnes wasn’t just art you longed to touch but he was art that you craved between your legs whilst soft moans fell from your warm and swollen lips. Bucky Barnes was the reason you woke up panting, sweating and slick on your thighs and wetness on the bed sheets.

In summary, Bucky knows how to make you weak at your knees and you secretly love it above all else. Bucky loves the control, to know your writhing and panting is because of him and for him. You’re all that he desires but Bucky is a man who likes the thrill of the chase, he loves to tease you. He adores the small pout that breaks out on your face at his actions or when a moan slips from your lips (the only sound in the world he cares about).

That day is no like no other, Bucky daily teasing continued and you had to excuse yourself to your room to have some alone time. After the third time sneaking into your room and partaking in some much-needed release you headed down to the gym knowing full well Bucky and Steve would be there. You were hoping that you would finally get what you had desired ever since you had first laid eyes on the man of your dreams.

You were a woman on a mission and nothing would stand in your way.

The moment your eyes locked on his form, you couldn’t look away. You had always been right: Bucky was a piece of art but as you gazed on him that day you couldn’t help but think he was a masterpiece. His long hair was pulled back into a low man bun, his face glimmering and glistening (it may have been sweat but he looked radiant) and his shirt so tight it was clinging to him. You could see the outline of his toned muscles beneath his shirt and it took your breath away, he looked absolutely wrecked already just the way you hoped to look once you and Bucky both got what you wanted.

Bucky and Steve didn’t notice you too busy sparring with each other so you leaned against the wall your eyes never once leaving Bucky’s form, he was truly glorious. You found yourself biting your lip as you watched him or more accurately his metal arm, in all your fantasies his metal arm was front and centre bringing you the pleasure you deserve.

You could hear and see the whirling of the plates as Bucky lunged forward and attacked Steve, your heart rate quickened as your eyes focused solely on his metal arm.Images you had dreamt and thought of came back to life as Bucky flexed his metal arm, in that moment you could imagine riding his thick metal fingers as your tongues melded together in a scorching kiss that took all air from your lungs. In your head Bucky’s eyes were locked on yours as you bucked your hips against the cool touch of fingers inside of you, he looked at you his gaze predatory and growls emitting from his throat each time you moaned his name so softly he nearly blew his load.

Your thoughts weren’t for the light hearted but neither was what you planned on doing to Bucky and what he planned on doing to you.You were so lost in the wet dream leftovers swirling in your head to realise that Bucky and Steve had stopped sparring and were looking your way.

Steve had a look of concern that crossed his features but Bucky had the biggest grin plastered across his features.“Y/N, you okay?” Steve asked and you nodded but not before arching your eyebrow in confusion, why wouldn’t you be okay?

“Yeah, why?” You said once you took a few moments to keep your heart rate down and your breathing normal again.

Steve’s eyes went wide at your words whilst Bucky chuckled in the background behind his best friend, “It’s just that you were breathing pretty heavily a minute ago.” At Steve’s words, you felt heat rising to your cheeks but you wouldn’t let Bucky have the satisfaction of seeing you wrecked just yet. So, you just smiled politely at Steve ignoring Bucky’s presence.

“I just came from a run, still a little out of breath… I guess.  I was looking for Sam to take him up on that date offer actually.” You said smiling widely at Steve yet again not bothering to look Bucky’s way, you already knew what the look of jealousy on his face looked like -  you had seen it too many times to count.

“He’s in his bedroom.” Steve replied and the smile on your face grew even wider as you heard a small growl emit from Bucky’s throat, it was just as possessive and sexy as you had imagined and better.

“Thanks, Steve.” You said flashing him a sultry smile before leaving the room not once looking back at Bucky who was clenching his fist trying to contain both his anger and arousal. Bucky swore he heard a moan fall from your lips earlier on and he wanted nothing more than to make you moan like that again.

Bucky tried to control the feelings inside of him but when it came to you, self-control seemed impossible because every fibre of his body wanted to be with you. Every thought of every day was of you, whether it was the two of you fucking like wild animals or the two of you saying I love you every thought was of you.

So, Bucky stalked off his fists still clenched at his sides and his cock hardening in his shorts at the thought of what was about to happen. Bucky would be damned if he let you slip away on a date with Sam when he could be fucking you so hard you’d see stars.

He finds you in front of his door and not Sam’s, a teasing smirk dancing on your lips. “I was starting to think you’d wouldn’t go after me.” You said folding your arms across your chest pushing your breasts up and instantly Bucky’s eyes went down to your chest as he sucked in a breath.

“I couldn’t let you go on a date with Sam especially when I know how much you want me,” Bucky replied a smirk of his own taking its permanent place on his lips. He knew what game you were playing and he wanted to play it too.

You chuckled darkly as Bucky approached you opening the door to his room, “You’re the one opening the door to your bedroom, I think you want me too.” You said before stepping into his room as Bucky closed the door behind you.“

You’re all that I desire mалышка (babygirl).” Bucky said and the sound of him speaking in Russian made, even more, wetness pool at your legs, he sounded just as sinful as you had hoped.You swallowed thickly resisting the urge to tear off his clothes and mount him but then he had said his next words and you couldn’t fight it anymore.

“Did you like my little show in the gym? How about you put on a show for me and I’ll give you what you need. I’ll fuck you like you deserve, moya gryaznaya malen'kaya shlyukha (dirty little slut).”

That was all the confirmation you needed. “What do you want me to do?” You asked and Bucky chuckled as his hands ran down your sides till they reached the curve of your back, they dipped low to your ass and Bucky grabbed more than a handful of each cheek groaning in your ear.

“Call me sergeant and take your clothes off, slowly.” Bucky said and you nodded which earned a large smack to your ass with his flesh hand.

“Talk baby or you’ll get punished.” Bucky said and so you did as he said.

“Yes, Sergeant.”  You replied and Bucky smirked loving already how you submitted to him, how you put your trust in him.You did as you were told, as you were commanded and you slowly removed your top leaving you in the red lace underwear you had worn especially for this moment. You were facing Bucky your eyes never leaving his as you removed your trousers leaving you in the matching panties and stockings. At the sight of you wearing nothing but red (his colour) lace, Bucky groaned his hand coming down to his shorts as he palmed himself through the thin material.

“Take it all off, babydoll. All of it.” Bucky demanded and you obeyed. You slowly undid the clasps of your bra letting it fall, the cold air hit your nipples causing the peaks to harden. Bucky had never seen such a glorious sight. Your panties were next and you took extra time with them, you turned to face the other way bending over to make sure Bucky got a good view before pulling your panties off.

When you were done, you turned to face him again an innocent look on your face as you batted your eyelashes.Bucky was furiously pumping his cock that he had freed from the confines of his short and only one question came to mind. “Can I suck your cock, please Sergeant?” You asked the deep groan that came from your Bucky was fucking delicious. You fell to your knees before he had even answered, you were crawling forward till you were situated between his legs your tongue running over your lips.

Bucky’s metal arm came up to your face resting on your cheek, you shivered at the frigid touch before leaning into it. His metal thumb ran over your lips as you parted them making Bucky groan, god he wanted to fuck you into an oblivion but first he wanted to see your mouth on his cock.

“Go ahead babygirl.” Bucky said and it took you nearly two seconds before you were leaning forward and running your tongue along his tip lapping up his precum. The moment your tongue touched his cock, Bucky was a goner a loud lewd moan fell from his lips as you did so. You smiled up at him as you heard the sound before your attention rested solely on his cock, your wet warm lips attached to the tip and Bucky found himself clenching at the sheets of his bed.

“Девочка Иисуса Христа, ты убьешь меня. (Jesus Christ babygirl you’re going to kill me).” Bucky spewed in Russian and the sound of it was so sinful you couldn’t help but bob your head and suck his cock with a thirst so strong it made Bucky groan and moan as he occasionally muttered dirty words in Russian.

You took it all, everything he gave you as his metal arm reached into your hair pulling you further onto his cock and allowing euphoria to slowly creep up on the man before you who was close to coming down your throat.You didn’t stop, you were ruthless and sucked Bucky so hard he knew it was only a matter of time before your lips were covered in his come (his wet dreams were close to becoming a reality).

“Fuck, you’re a dirty little slut, yeah? Only want to suck my cock, huh?” Bucky asked and the only noise he heard in response was a moan around his cock before you went back to giving him the best blow job of his life.

Bucky’s breathing became harsh as you put everything you had into sucking his cock, you lapped and licked at the precum steadily oozing out of his cock into the lead up of his high. You pumped his cock as you gave the head attention and slowly but all too quickly you felt Bucky getting closer and closer to the edge. Bucky’s much-needed push was when you started to lap at his balls and suddenly he was seeing white and before he knew it your mouth was back on his cock as his come cascaded into your mouth and onto your lips. The sounds he made as he did so were melodic, you needed to hear them again.

“Fuck!” Bucky exclaimed as he pulled his metal arm from your hair and took a few moments to collect himself.

“Get on the bed babygirl, gonna show you just what I can do with my metal arm.” Bucky commanded and you couldn’t help the moan that fell from your lips at his words.

“Yes, Sarge.” You said before hauling yourself on his bed lying flat on the mattress patiently waiting for him to give you the pleasure you had only dreamed of.

Bucky all but crawled up you a predatory look on his face as both his hands pulled your legs apart. Although he hadn’t touched you anywhere near where you wanted him to you couldn’t help but arch your back at the feeling of him touching you for the first time. Bucky chuckled darkly at your actions, you looked up at him realising he was now as naked as you were and the excitement that bubbled in you couldn’t be resisted.

“On your knees.” Bucky commanded and for the umpteenth time that day you obeyed.You rose to your knees looking at Bucky curiously, what exactly did he have in mind.

All confusion and wonder were expelled however when he held two of his metal fingers to your face and said, “Get ‘em wet babygirl.” You smirked devilishly at the piece of art in front of you before guiding his two thick metal fingers in between your parted lips and sucking on them in the way you had sucked on his cock only seconds ago.

You kept eye contact with Bucky the whole time as you did exactly what he told you two. After nearly a minute of watching you suck his fingers Bucky felt him hardening again and so he removed his fingers from your mouth earning a whimper from you that was like music to his ears.“Lay down babygirl, gonna open you up and then I’m gonna give you what you want.” Bucky said and at his words, a silky moan tumbled from your lips.You did as you were told lying down in your previous position and in an instant, Bucky was in between your legs giving you one of the many things you craved his fingers in your puckered hole. He dipped one finger in slowly groaning at your wetness making your eyes roll back into your head before you felt another join his lone finger.

“So wet babygirl, you got yourself ready for me, da?” He said and you nodded and because you had discovered Bucky liked vocal confirmation his metal arm came down your pussy.

“Words babygirl, if I have to remind you again then we’re done here.” Bucky threatened and the thought of not being able to get what you wanted made you pout so, you were a good little girl and did as Bucky said.

“Yes, Sir I got myself ready for you. I knew you’d be big so I had to prepare myself.” You answered honestly and at your reply, Bucky groaned so loud it was the only sound you could hear.

The groan was the first warning of the storm to come because before you knew it he was plunging his fingers in and out of you at a speed only a super soldier like himself could keep up with. Your back arched like a cat against Bucky’s bed as he fucked you with his fingers. Then Bucky added a third finger and you had never been so full in your life, you found yourself bucking your hips up to match the sinful thrust of his fingers.

“God, Fuck Sergeant!” You moaned as Bucky continued his gruelling pace, you knew that soon you’d be a thriving panting mess in front of him.It didn’t take long not with the way Bucky was looking up at you his face full of hunger as your pussy swallowed his three fingers over and over. He, like you were at the gym was on a mission and you knew Bucky wouldn’t stop till you were coming all over his metal fingers. You imagined him sucking them dry and the thought paired with Bucky’s fingers hitting your g-spot were too much. Your legs began to quake and you practically thrashed around Bucky’s bed as you felt your climax nearing.

Before you could have the chance to revel in the high, Bucky pulled his fingers out making you whimper softly. You wanted it so bad, it hurt but then Bucky was pushing his cock into your entrance and suddenly nothing else mattered. The high you had been chasing previously had returned as Bucky didn’t wait to thrust into you for the first time all whilst he sucked clean his three fingers covered in the delicious taste of your slick. You could hear Bucky groan into his mouth at your taste before he said,

“You taste so fucking good babygirl.”And then he said, “Ты такая плотная детская кукла, дай мне все (God you’re so tight babydoll, give me everything).” Bucky said in Russian and even though you had no idea what he was saying, you still knew it was all of your dirtiest dreams come true.You screamed, your high was closer than ever and every time Bucky drove his cock fast and hard into you as he hit the spot that made you see stars.

He pinned your wrists down each one beside your head as he fucked you so hard his balls slapped against your skin. Bucky’s eyes were trained on your chest, he couldn’t help but dart his tongue out at the sight of your hardened nipples and before he could think he attached his warm lips to one. It was too much for any girl to handle, your orgasm was approaching faster than ever and as Bucky let his metal arm unclasp your wrist and slither between your bodies to your clit. You knew your time was up.

It was beautiful, the sight of you coming was better than anything Bucky had ever seen. Your moans were simply perfect and you looked positively wrecked and that fact made Bucky plough into even harder. He wanted it too. He wanted to be as fucking wrecked as you were so kept driving his cock as fast as he could into you going so deep that every time he thrusted into you, your tits bounced so wonderfully.

Bucky removed his lips from your nipples and moved them your own lips capturing you in a kiss that was as lustful and sinful as the act you were divulging in. Your hands now not pinned now came to his back where they scratched down his back in a mix of pain and pleasure that made Bucky growl and thrust harder into you.  With your orgasm and how sensitive you were, you didn’t know if you could take anymore so your nails pressed down into Bucky’s back, he cried out in pleasure the sound swallowed by your lips on his.

It was everything he could have wanted and more and the just the feel of your nails against his back and your whimpering against his lips made reaching his orgasm easier than imagined.He came hard and fast groaning as he did, he pulled back his lips press sloppy kisses against the creases of your lips as you moaned softly.

The two of you laid motionless until Bucky spoke up, “The next time we do this it’s going to be after a date.”

You chuckled before replying, “Are you asking me on a date, Sarge?”

Bucky shook his head smirking up at you and said, “No, that was an order babygirl.”


6 Signs You’re Being True To Yourself

1. Authenticity - you do what you want, when you want. The clearest sign that we’re being true to ourselves is doing what we want, when we want and with who we want completely unapologetically. When we feel obligated to act in a certain way for others this creates resentment towards them and ourselves.

2. Self-love - you prioritise your needs above all else. Having an honest relationship with ourselves means that we give love to ourselves rather than trying to seek it externally. This allows us to having fulfilling relationships with others because we are not dependent on them to make us feel good.

3. Positivity - you know you create your reality so you love your life. When we are living in harmony with our heart’s desires we know that this life can be whatever we want it to be. With this in mind we look forward to the future with the knowledge that the best is yet to come.

4. Peace - you know how to resolve your inner conflict. It’s common to feel conflicted about decisions we make in life, being true to ourselves allows us to make the choices that serve and fulfil us rather than seeking the answers externally.

5. Purpose - you’re following what makes you feel good. Being true to ourselves allows us to build our lives around what we love to do and in doing what we love we gain a sense of purpose and meaning for our lives rather than just doing things we don’t enjoy because we “have to”.

6. Tribe - you’re honest with yourself and attract others who reflect this. We know that our vibe attracts our tribe, when we’re being true to ourselves we attract others who are truthful to themselves and those around them. Being surrounded by people who are dishonest is often a reflection of the ways we are being dishonest to ourselves.

When what we say, think and do are in harmony - then we will know peace.

Peace & positive vibes.

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HI KEITH! So now it reeeeaallly has been a while since I sent a prompt but you want fluff so I shall send fluff. Okay. So it's their anniversary and Shiro wants to plan something involving the kids. He remembers he used to leave notes for Keith all over the house to make him smile. So he does that and Keith is used to it but it surprises him to find the kids' handwriting in the notes left for him. It's a treasure hunt for Keith and it leads to family fluff. There. Thank you cathreeeeell! 💞💞💞

[The Voltron Family] Keith woke up alone in bed one morning and he suddenly got irritated because he was used to Shiro’s kisses being his alarm clock. He rolled over the bed and just laid, forming a big star. He closed his eyes and felt some paper sticking on Shiro’s pillow. It was a post-it.

Good Morning, Red Bean! Did you know you look so beautiful today even with your bedhead? How do I know this? Because I wrote this while looking at your sleeping face. Keith. Shut up. It’s not creepy if we’re husbands. I’m allowed to stare at you. Now, don’t frown just because I’m not there beside you. Get up and pee. *winks at the bathroom*

Shiro would leave notes to make Keith smile and well, they didn’t really fail. Keith got up and headed to the bathroom to pee. He saw a note on the wall.

I know you’re reading this while you’re peeing. LOL I want you to know that I love that little mole on your neck, the one near your right ear. Yeah, that’s right. I know you’re touching it now. HAHAHA I love kissing that part not because it’s such a perfect place for kissing, but simply because you’re ticklish in that area and I love your adorable laugh the most.

Keith snorted as he unconsciously touched the mole Shiro was talking about. He shook his head, feeling his face heat up. He was about to leave the bedroom when he saw another note on the door.

Aha! Leaving our room now, aren’t you, my pretty one? Remember the first day we moved in into our house? We didn’t even unpack our boxes. We simply just laid in bed all day, talking about how fun our future will be now that we have our own place. You were excited about building your own library, I was excited for curtain shopping. Oh shut it. You know I love my curtains, Keith. We kinda just cuddled all day and napped. I love that. I love napping with you.

Keith couldn’t help himself but “Awww” softly. He loved napping with Shiro, too. He was glad to know it was mutual. He took all the notes with him and he walked over to the stairs and found another one.

Dude. That one time I slipped in this very stairs? It was hilarious for me, and I was the injured one. But you, Keith… my love, you panicked and thought I died. HAHAHAHAHA I was touched by that. Thank you for caring so much. I love how compassionate you are and just an overall kind person.

He was blushing. Keith knew that, and he wanted to punch Shiro for making him feel that way. He made it to the first floor and saw another note by the wall leading to the kitchen.

We had our first kiss here. Well, technically not our “first” but in this house it was. You know what made it so memorable? You called me “A spineless, pale, pathetic lot.” You quoted “Mulan” because I told you to “talk dirty” to me. I started laughing so hard because you’re such a dork. I love your kisses but I love how you’re such a nerd above all else. 

Upon remembering the event, Keith laughed so hard that he had to cover his mouth with his hand to stop himself from being too loud. He passed by the hallway and saw three notes connecting each other.

Daddy Keith, Daddy Shiro told us to write something about you that we love. But we couldn’t fit it all in just one sticky note, so we combined three! We’re so brilliant, right? We will start with your smell. Daddy Shiro is looking at us weirdly. But you smell so nice when you hug us in the morning. Especially when we bury our faces in your neck. Daddy Shiro is nodding, saying he agrees. That’s good, isn’t it? At least you’re not stinky unlike other people! The meals that you prepare for us and the snacks we eat during recess always tastes so good! Lance said to add the chocolate crinkles because it’s his favourite. Pidge said to mention brownies and Hunk (me!) butterscotch. Other mommies and daddies just don’t get it right. Daddy Shiro said because you put love in it and sweat (according to Lance which Daddy Shiro denied. I don’t think you put sweat in it too. That’s just icky. But if you really do, then that’s ok! Because it tastes good!). You’re the best Daddy in the world (Daddy Shiro said it’s ok to put that because he thinks so too) and if you were not the one who adopted us, we will leave the current ones, and look for you. (Pidge said we’re not sure how to do that since we’re only little, but we will. Lance agrees because you kiss his boo boos away with Spider-man band-aids).

Keith started tearing up at the long message of his kids. He sniffled as he wiped his eyes and chuckled to himself, slowly taking the notes with him. God. It was too early to get emotional and yet here he was. He looked around and saw another post-it leading to the backyard.

These past couple of years have been the best years of my life—not to sound too dramatic or anything. Stop rolling your eyes at me, Keith. I know you just cried reading that beautiful letter from our cubs. I can’t believe I just called our children “cubs” but it felt so right lol. I just want you to know that, I would never have asked for a better husband in my life. Dude. You made me gay. I can’t believe it! HAHAH Just kidding. But seriously, Keith. You’re probably thinking “Wow. It’s been 14 years of being together and 6 years of being married and this idiot still wants me?” I do, Keith. I do. And I will want you every day till my dying breath. Wow. So dramatic. HAHAHA That very day you told me you were ace? I think that was one of the best days of my life. Thank you, Keith. For being you and for having me.

Keith was surprised someone wiped his tears that he didn’t know he had. He looked up and saw Shiro smiling at him fondly, hugging him in the process. His tears poured all the more when he saw his kids outside near the pool sitting on the table, waiting for him. His eyes landed on the table. They prepared an English breakfast because Keith loved that. He felt Shiro kiss his forehead and heard him softly say, “Happy Anniversary, love.”

Embarrassed at how red his face had gotten, Keith buried his head in Shiro’s neck and mumbled something incoherently, but somehow Shiro had caught on it and just laughed while saying, “I love you, too.”

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If you're open for Zen prompts would you care to write some Yandere!Cultist Zenyatta hcs (stuff like how he fell in love with his s/o would be pretty rockin too! ;P)

  • He’s very possessive of you and understands this well
  • Sometimes he doesn’t bother to hide it when you’re alone together though
  • When he feels affectionate he’ll just turn to you and gesture you for you to come and sit in his lap while he levitates
  • No matter how heavy or thin you are he can always hold you with ease
  • Enjoys having you in his lap while he meditates or when you’re about to doze off above all else
  • He fell in love with your drive and ambition to do something you loved but also challenged you 
  • He found your passion to be very attractive but you weren’t outwardly arrogant about it
  • Occasionally he would try to intervene with your work just to see how you would react. You have to wake up early? Of course he understands but another half hour won’t hurt will it? You need to stay late? Let him come over and be of any assistance and certainly not to distract you in any way
Her Wanting to Fuck Before a Performance: WINNER


He would be reluctant to agree, since he knew that it would be rushed and messy only. He didn’t care that it was in a public place, since it was with you, but the fact that he couldn’t satisfy you the way he liked to do it was droning into his mind and so he’d say no to the idea.


One part of him would tell him to tell you no, because as a responsible leader of three idiots, he knew better than to mess around just before a performance. However, as your boyfriend, he wanted to take you right there and then, not caring about a shit but pleasing you and not being caught in the process. He went with the latter.


Would agree without much thought. He loved you and he loved your body. What he liked doing above all else was give you total satisfaction, and he also knew you were stressing, so if sex could make you a little bit less nervous, he would do it. It was a good thing for the two parties.


Definitely all in for the idea, getting excited just from hearing you ask of that; just the thought of people having the slightest idea of what he’d done to you before you coming into the stage giving him a hard on because you were his and what better way to prove that?

The pendulous small crystals from the chandeliers are like a soft pastel white against the room, aglow as if the whole place is a lucent cave filled with melted snowflakes. It’s beautiful. Breathtaking in its own way.

And it’s only fitting that Hide’s smile is just as bright and beautiful, too. He’s no longer shameful of his scars.

Kaneki watches him, eyes following his dearest one with a tender stare.

Amongst the crowd, Hide smiles warmly at his guests, hands sometimes casually fixing his suit and hair, trying to remove the imaginary creases and messes. He looks radiant and lovely and Kaneki’s chest bursts with all the desire in the world.

Then Hide finds him among the crowd and his smile grows larger. Hide nods at his guests, excusing himself and making a swift march towards Kaneki whilst the quirk of his grin stays.

The ghoul king laughs softly. When Hide is closer to him, Kaneki quickly circles an arm around the slender waist and brings the human closer to him.

“May I have a dance?”

Hide scrunches his nose. Playful. “I don’t know. May you?”

“You don’t get to say no to a king.”

“Well, you’re not my king,” Hide teases. “I’m not a ghoul, remember? The rule doesn’t apply to me.”

Kaneki hums but he doesn’t wish to prolong the silly banter. So he drags Hide to the middle of the room and they sway. Hands clasping together, feet following the rhythm of the old classical music ricocheting in the room. There are noises all around them; people murmuring, laughing and dancing. Familiar voices from dearest friends. A feast, a wedding that can finally be held now the war is over.

Their wedding rings cling against one another.

Kaneki doesn’t remove his gaze from Hide’s face. He’s resplendent in the sea of white foams and silky feathers and Kaneki falls in love all over again. He doesn’t ever want this to end.

Kaneki,” Hide whispers, smiling, looking at Kaneki with a vibrant affection. Despite the music, his voice is hushed. Not stentorian. “Wish me joy, Kaneki.”

Kaneki lets their foreheads touch. His heart is heavy. “It is your joy that matters above all else, Hide.” I love you very dearly.

“Thank you,” Hide mutters. He smiles one last time before they part ways. Kaneki lets him. He watches as Hide returns to his husband’s side and the luminous affection around him is far more vivid than ever.

They wear their wedding rings but the rings do not bear the same shape nor it has the same name.

And Hide will always be the greatest what-if Kaneki will carry to his grave.

anonymous asked:

So the thing is I made this new side blog but it's like... Im also way too shy to go big with it. Like requests r open but now its like I almost regret it not bc i get anon hate no but just im scared of big crowds? ;3; Like one moment i was happy to make the blog but next im like "maybe I should stick to small blog" or "just leave it for me" or "this idea was stupid" ... ;3; Heh. I didnt do ot for anything else except pure fun. Well not pure but just fun lol

Honestly, I didn’t even start this blog with any sort of intent to be popular. I was just thirsty asf and my two other friends are here and I bit the bullet and started to write trash for them, LOL! I don’t even consider myself big at all… just… thirsty asf and loud about it HAHA

As a person with mad social anxiety, I feel you on the crowds thing. I don’t feel it so much on Tumblr because it’s not like I have to literally look at a thousand people, but if it helps, just focus on producing what makes you happy. Take each day one step at a time and have fun with it like you’ve intended. The moment you stop having fun, stop blogging. No pressure. You’re not getting paid to keep it up so there’s no expectation to fulfill if it becomes more of a hinderance than a blessing, so just remember that. *hugs*

I think you’ll do fine. Just frolic away in this awesome fandom, and things will work themselves out. YOU GOT THIS FAM



From Fire Emblem Awakening it is the caring Wyvern Rider: Cherche. Caring, yet not without the steel underneath as she can threaten your life while weaing a glowing smile.

Loves her wyvern, Minverva above all else and decimating foes with her might axe, Cherche is here!

Again, this whole undertaking and the “return” of my Timelapse craziness was all for my pal @petelavadigger. I like Cherche as a character so on top of everything it made the three hours spent on this far beyond worth it!

Take me devil,
I know it’s love
because I can’t think straight
when I’m with you,
because your mind is an abyss
and I am caught in the vapours
of divine revelation.

Evil wordsmith, kiss me dirty
with the kisses of your mind.
Speak your truth to me.
Call me only
by the truest of names,
lecture me
on the science of my being.
Whisper against my skin
about the mathematics of lust
until I am shameless,
until I wish everyone could see me
become unraveled.

Take me devil,
I know it’s love
because love hurts
like the cut of your words,
like your base
fuck me stares
at family dinner.

Take me devil,
let me spend all eternity
studying the soiled bible
of your lips.
I know it’s love
because I want to know your mind
above all else,
because I have to confess to God
that he is close
but you are even closer.

Being Jimin’s Girlfriend:

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  • Tease, tease, tease, did I forget to say tease because TEASE
  • You just got yourself into such deep trouble is2g
  • You’ll never know what to expect from this little sexy-cute-adorable-spreadyourlegsin0.00005seconds-handsome squish
  • One moment he’ll be this adorable sinnammon roll who just wants to cuddle with you and the next he’ll be teasing you till you’re so hot under your clothes you two might just end up banging as soon as you take one step into the house
  • Intimate moments with him would be late night talks, holding your hand or playing with your hair as he listens to you talk about literally any and everything that’s troubling your mind
  • He’s an avid listener imo and the fact that you trust him so deeply to share everything, would make him feel so damn special (*wipes tears* I swear i’m not crying)
  • However he’s the type to brood over problems alone and try to find a solution by himself, so you’ll always have to be on the lookout for what’s really hiding underneath his mask of beautiful smiles and try to give him a shoulder to share his burden with
  • Always showering him with love so he knows how important he is not only to you, but to bts and his fans, because he might always end up questioning himself and his worthiness.
  • Dates would be so hella romantic because he’d want you to feel like his princess. He’d spoil you with gifts and hugs and kisses and literally every beautiful thing he possibly can.
  • He’d want to take you out to romantic candle lit dinners or walks along the beach, his arm around your waist as he tucks you in close to him. Whispering soft nothings into your hairline as he peppers you with kisses.
  • Hopeless romantic is2g 
  • Showing you his new dance routine whenever he can because he values your opinion above all else. If you love it, he’ll work even harder to perfect it.
  • However, you’d also be making sure he doesn’t overdo it and always try make him rest and eat regularly so as to help him build and retain energy for his shows. 
  • Jimin lowkey loving it and smiling shyly every time you show up at his practice, arms laden with food and drinks.
  • Whenever he’d go out of the country because of schedules he’d always make sure to bring back a gift for you. A special piece of that country’s culture just for you. And he’ll try his damn hardest to get one every time.
  • But let’s just make this clear that no matter how much you love each other, know that you can never come in b/w vmin bromance because vmin is ultimate otp (alongside yoonseok)
  • Cheesy dialogues/texts 24/7 (that Hoseok made him send)

Jimin: On a scale of 1-10, you’re a 9 and I’m the 1 you need
You: Jimin, what the fuck.
Hoseok: [muttering in the distance] I can’t believe it didn’t work

  • Perv face
  • He would be up early every morning before you, and probably just gaze at you next to him, singing beautiful slow songs with that angelic af voice, till you finally wake up and he gets to plant soft morning kisses on your jaw and neck
  • Competing with Jungkook for Jimin’s affection
  • Jimin contemplating whose booty he wants to smack more: Yours vs Jungkook
  • Let’s come to the sex bit, Two words: STRIP. TEASE.
  • (*shivers*clears throat* …okay moving on) He’s definitely a switch so dom, sub he can do both. 
  • He’ll caress you soft and strong while whispering dirty in your ear, calling you his princess and kitten, helping you ride him hard and slow on top of him while he bites his gorgeous plump lips in pleasure. In contrast he’ll also be ready to wear that leather collar and those handcuffs and beg for you, his mistress, to let him cum while you spank him hard, breathy moans bouncing off the walls every time the paddle slaps on skin. (okay I’ll stop now bye)

A/N: I mean, a Jimin post without some smutty smut is just not possible

  • After sex cuddles would be so cute because you both would be all tangled up in each other, breathing heavily as he lazily strokes your back and whispers how amazing you make him feel.
  • He’d be such a caring little squish because seeing you hurt would be the last thing he wants in his life. 
  • Calling you to make sure you’re okay whenever your late. Hugging you tight as soon as you step into the house.
  • Saying he can’t do aegyo but does it anyway cause he loves seeing you laugh and smile
  • Hearing HIS angelic laugh whenever you act adorable and smiling in return cause it’s just that contagious
  • Always making sure you’re happy and satisfied in the relationship because if there’s even a tiny tear on that pretty little face of yours, even if it’s not his fault, he’ll blame himself endlessly.
  • Ultimately, this absolute angel would love you to death and literally do anything to keep you happy and smiling.

I absolutely love writing, and I am so humbled, I am so honored that my writing moves other people.  Recently I’ve had an utterly heart-warming influx of longer responses on my fics, from my most recent comedic fic to my soul-baring series about love and what it means to be human.  And one theme has shown up repeatedly: other writers expressing a desire to write like I do.

God, I hope that never happens.  I want you to be inspired – I want you to lean your shoulder on mine when you’ve lost your love for the show and find it again – but above all else I want you to nurture your voice.  I want you to love your writing.  I want you to love your writing like I love mine.

I used to despise my writing.  It was prose-heavy.  The scope was limited.  Dialogue was a menace, and stage directions were even worse.  The flow was compromised by many things, including grammar and sentence structure.  A lot of words had no reason to exist.  There were great excesses and great absences.  It was neither lean nor poetic.  It craved refinement.

I tried to strengthen my writing by cutting out all the excesses, and I lost emotionality in the process.  I dropped the metaphors, dropped the excess prose, kept to the bare minimum of prose needed to propel a story.  And my writing lost something – I lost that whimsicality that had made the fics emotional.  I started to lose my voice because I tried to be more like other authors.

I learned valuable lessons during this process.  I picked up subtle technical skills involving sentence length, word order, pronoun usage, the presence and absence of speech modifiers, and the purpose of punctuation.  I mastered things by focusing on them: I spent countless hours fine-tuning my dialogue and stage directions.  I tackled more topics as my understanding of the world I worked with became more developed – and the scope of my universe increased.

But the best things about my fics are their characterization and emotionality.  If you can’t see the character you love and I don’t make you feel something, my writing isn’t doing what it’s meant to.  For me, it’s cathartic.  It’s like snowfall: subtle and beautiful, ephemeral and real.  It makes me feel more alive, more in touch with the universe around me.  When I share these fics, I really do bare my soul: this is how I see these aspects of the world, these beautiful and indescribable things.

I want you to not only see these characters we both love but to see yourself in them.  To feel what they do, to look around and love their view.  I like to find beauty in the mundane, extraordinary meanings in ordinary things.  I have always striven to do that with my writing – to introduce a little magic, to make tangible things that are hard to describe – and I am so grateful, and happy, to be able to do it.

I am so honored.  I am just, truly, from the bottom of my heart, humbled.  I don’t really think when I write – I just pull up a blank page and free-associate until the story has run its course.  I plan nothing.  I edit minimally.  I’m willing to write stories I won’t enjoy in a week because I can write stories I still enjoy, years later.

I want you to love what you do.  I don’t care how good you are or how much stuff you produce.  I care about how much you enjoy it.  And I want you to keep striving to love what you do, until you love it so much you can’t put it into words any more.

I love what I do.  I love it so much that it brings tears to my eyes to write this, because God, I love what I do.  I am so lucky.  I am so happy.  I am so full of love and I wish everyone could feel this way about what they choose to do.  It’s stressful, it’s overwhelming, it’s frustrating and exhausting at times, but it’s still amazing.  And I couldn’t be happier to be here, with you guys, sharing this thing that on its own, in its solitude, brings me tremendous joy.  When you reflect that enjoyment, it overwhelms me, because how can any one person deserve this much?

I used to think I was never gonna be able to write the fics I wanted to.  Now I don’t even think about it.  I pull up a word doc and I write a fic.  It’s that simple, and that’s what makes it amazing.  It’s my favorite.

This message is long and rambly, but I’ve never been very good at keeping things short, and I wouldn’t change that.  It’s who I am.  I am a twenty-three-year-old who gave up on writing for years.  Then I started sharing it, even though it was still unrefined, and slowly, slowly, slowly, I got better.  And I’m not at my peak, and that only brings me more joy to think about.

I can’t wait to see what kind of writer as I write my next fic.  I can’t wait to see what kind of writer I am as I publish my 200th Flash fic.  I can’t wait to see what kind of writer I am when I publish my 500th fanfic.  We’re less than 100 away.  Sounds like a goal for 2018 to me.

Thank you for indulging me.  Thank you for reading my stuff.  Thank you for commenting and liking and supporting me even when I didn’t like my stuff.  Thank you for being generous and kind.  Thank you for being here.

I hope we’ll find wonderful things together in the future.  And I hope you’ll find what you are looking for, and may it bring you peace and joy.

BTS Reaction to Your Management Forcing You to Diet

Dieting can be okay, if you are smart and safe about it. Skipping meals is not a way to go, but if you do your research, dieting can help to make your life better. But again, do your research. However, above all else, you should make sure you love yourself for who you are; whether that be while dieting or not, and merely enjoying food. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this reaction. <3

I do not own these gifs

-Admin Kat

Jin: He stared at you from across the table, feeling his heart almost break as he stared at your empty plate. You sipped on your water, trying to keep your hunger back. He hated what the company was doing to you. He had tried to talk you out of going on the mandatory diet. He reached over, placing some of his rice onto your plate. You gave him a look, starting to shake your head no. “Jin, you know I can’t eat that.” You told him as you started to push the food away from you. He pushed it back, giving you a stern look. “You can come work out with me. That way you can eat. As long as you work out more, then it is fine.” He said hopefully.

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Suga: He was silent as you told him about your diet. “It isn’t like I will be starving. I can have one meal a day. I just have to make sure it doesn’t have sugar and carbs.” You told him as you stared at the grocery list. You let out a small sigh, enough to make Yoongi really worry. He took the list out of your hand and looked it over. Everything on the list looked dull and horrible. He couldn’t imagine you actually enjoying any of the food. He ripped he list in half. “Yoongi! What are you doing?” You yelled as you stared at the pieces of the list. “Come on, we are going to get some cake. And I don’t care what your stupid diet says. I just want you to be happy.” He said as he kissed you nonchalantly and led you out.

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J-Hope: You stared at the picture of all the food that Hoseok and the other boys were going to eat. You felt like your stomach was going to eat itself. Hoseok looked over at you, seeing you staring at the picture, and felt his own happiness fall. He hated seeing you like that. He took your hand, pulling your phone away and throwing it onto the bed. He pulled you up so that you were facing him. “How about we go hang out or something? We can go get a salad and then go to the practice room and run through some songs.” He suggested as he tried to think of ways to help distract you from your hunger. You nodded your head, going off with him, happy that he was trying to help.

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Rapmon: “Joonie, do you think you could get me another water?” You asked as you finished your second bottle. Namjoon stared at you with wide eyes, shocked that you were still thirsty. He held out another water bottle for you, but he didn’t say anything. Once you were done with it, he finally figured it was worth asking about. “Jagiya, why are you drinking so much water?” He asked you with concern. You shook your head. “I read that water helps to keep your hunger away.” You informed him nonchalantly. He looked at you in confusion and reached over to take the fourth water bottle out of your hand. “Maybe you should take it slowly. You can really make yourself sick from too much water.” He was clearly concerned about your health, but he couldn’t figure out an easier way to tell you.

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Jimin: He didn’t like watching you like this. He wanted you to eat, he wanted you to be happy with yourself, and he wanted you to eat whatever you wanted. He knew exactly how hard it was to diet, and seeing you skip meals like he used to just made him sadder. He watched as you sat quietly at the dinner table. The other members of your group and the boys were eating lunch. He finally had just enough of watching you starving yourself. He took your hand and pulled you away from the table, taking you to the corner to talk to you. “Jagiya, you need to eat. If you want, we can come up with a better and tastier diet and we can do it together.”

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V: “Jagiya, my grandma said that she wants you to be chubby too. So stop this silly diet and eat with me. It is important that you listen to my grandma. She knows what is best for everyone.” Taehyung lectured you as he started to munch on more food. He wanted you to see you eating more and enjoying yourself. When you told him about the diet your management was forcing you on, he knew that it was going to do nothing but make you unhappy. Every time he saw you skipping a meal or looking at the ingredients in a food product, he would remind you of what his grandmother told him. It was almost as though he had a third eye, quick to make sure that you were eating when you needed to.

Jungkook: His face was serious as he stared you down. He pulled you towards him. “I mean it jagiya, you need to start eating. It is unhealthy to skip meals, especially when you are spending all day dancing and singing. You can get light headed really fast and sick.” He told you in a stern voice. He had lectured you about this numerous times. You always waved him off, telling him that you knew what you were doing, but he would simply roll his eyes at your stubbornness. “Okay, but you will learn the hard way when you get sick during rehearsal. And I will not just wait for you to get to that point. So please just listen to me this one time. Okay?”

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To anyone who needs this:

You do not have to forgive your abusive parent.

You can forgive them on your own terms, when the timing is right, and if you ever even want to.

You do not owe your family anything, especially if they have been nothing but horrible to you.

Your feelings are valid. If you feel you are being mistreated, then you are being mistreated. Distancing yourself from abusive family members is an act of self love and self protection, NOT an act of selfishness.

Telling someone you’ve just met, “Oh, you must have been really spoiled as the only child” is literally the worst thing you can say to someone who came from an abusive home. We were the only child, and therefore the sole receiver of the abuse.

Christmas isn’t always about family. It’s about love, and that doesn’t mean that you need to go to your abusive family in a desperate attempt to appease them and find love. You will never win, and they will never, ever change.

Please love yourself, and above all else, know that your abusive family is not your fault.

Michael is selfish; He drinks the last of the juice without asking you first and sometimes doesn’t stop playing video games when you ask him to cuddle and he will take all of the blanket when you’re supposed to be curled up in bed together. 

Michael is needy; He whines for you to bring him food when he is sick and you’re almost always late for work because he just wants “one more minute, baby, please” and he needs your hands everywhere all the time: in his hair, on his chest, wrapped around him tightly as you whisper for him to come “just one more time, baby, please”.

Michael is aggressive; He grabs your hips roughly when he takes you from behind and kisses you with enough force to make your head spin and always gets a little pushy when one of his friends gets a little too close when you go out dancing.

Michael is thoughtful; He makes sure to text you at least twice a day while he’s on tour and never forgets to order your favorite food from the place down the street when you’re both too lazy to cook something and he is always, always asking you if you need anything because he is “always gonna be here for you, baby, always.” 

Michael is a lot of things; forgetful, silly, annoying, loving. But above all else, he is yours. One-hundred and fifteen million percent yours, and that’s all you could ever ask him to be.