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BTS Reaction to Your Management Forcing You to Diet

Dieting can be okay, if you are smart and safe about it. Skipping meals is not a way to go, but if you do your research, dieting can help to make your life better. But again, do your research. However, above all else, you should make sure you love yourself for who you are; whether that be while dieting or not, and merely enjoying food. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this reaction. <3

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Jin: He stared at you from across the table, feeling his heart almost break as he stared at your empty plate. You sipped on your water, trying to keep your hunger back. He hated what the company was doing to you. He had tried to talk you out of going on the mandatory diet. He reached over, placing some of his rice onto your plate. You gave him a look, starting to shake your head no. “Jin, you know I can’t eat that.” You told him as you started to push the food away from you. He pushed it back, giving you a stern look. “You can come work out with me. That way you can eat. As long as you work out more, then it is fine.” He said hopefully.

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Suga: He was silent as you told him about your diet. “It isn’t like I will be starving. I can have one meal a day. I just have to make sure it doesn’t have sugar and carbs.” You told him as you stared at the grocery list. You let out a small sigh, enough to make Yoongi really worry. He took the list out of your hand and looked it over. Everything on the list looked dull and horrible. He couldn’t imagine you actually enjoying any of the food. He ripped he list in half. “Yoongi! What are you doing?” You yelled as you stared at the pieces of the list. “Come on, we are going to get some cake. And I don’t care what your stupid diet says. I just want you to be happy.” He said as he kissed you nonchalantly and led you out.

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J-Hope: You stared at the picture of all the food that Hoseok and the other boys were going to eat. You felt like your stomach was going to eat itself. Hoseok looked over at you, seeing you staring at the picture, and felt his own happiness fall. He hated seeing you like that. He took your hand, pulling your phone away and throwing it onto the bed. He pulled you up so that you were facing him. “How about we go hang out or something? We can go get a salad and then go to the practice room and run through some songs.” He suggested as he tried to think of ways to help distract you from your hunger. You nodded your head, going off with him, happy that he was trying to help.

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Rapmon: “Joonie, do you think you could get me another water?” You asked as you finished your second bottle. Namjoon stared at you with wide eyes, shocked that you were still thirsty. He held out another water bottle for you, but he didn’t say anything. Once you were done with it, he finally figured it was worth asking about. “Jagiya, why are you drinking so much water?” He asked you with concern. You shook your head. “I read that water helps to keep your hunger away.” You informed him nonchalantly. He looked at you in confusion and reached over to take the fourth water bottle out of your hand. “Maybe you should take it slowly. You can really make yourself sick from too much water.” He was clearly concerned about your health, but he couldn’t figure out an easier way to tell you.

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Jimin: He didn’t like watching you like this. He wanted you to eat, he wanted you to be happy with yourself, and he wanted you to eat whatever you wanted. He knew exactly how hard it was to diet, and seeing you skip meals like he used to just made him sadder. He watched as you sat quietly at the dinner table. The other members of your group and the boys were eating lunch. He finally had just enough of watching you starving yourself. He took your hand and pulled you away from the table, taking you to the corner to talk to you. “Jagiya, you need to eat. If you want, we can come up with a better and tastier diet and we can do it together.”

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V: “Jagiya, my grandma said that she wants you to be chubby too. So stop this silly diet and eat with me. It is important that you listen to my grandma. She knows what is best for everyone.” Taehyung lectured you as he started to munch on more food. He wanted you to see you eating more and enjoying yourself. When you told him about the diet your management was forcing you on, he knew that it was going to do nothing but make you unhappy. Every time he saw you skipping a meal or looking at the ingredients in a food product, he would remind you of what his grandmother told him. It was almost as though he had a third eye, quick to make sure that you were eating when you needed to.

Jungkook: His face was serious as he stared you down. He pulled you towards him. “I mean it jagiya, you need to start eating. It is unhealthy to skip meals, especially when you are spending all day dancing and singing. You can get light headed really fast and sick.” He told you in a stern voice. He had lectured you about this numerous times. You always waved him off, telling him that you knew what you were doing, but he would simply roll his eyes at your stubbornness. “Okay, but you will learn the hard way when you get sick during rehearsal. And I will not just wait for you to get to that point. So please just listen to me this one time. Okay?”

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Here’s to all the MOTHERS for conquering the world, for having it all, for not having enough sleep, for pushing out or having 5 to 7 pound babies cut out of your bellies, for working long hours in the office and having even more chores at home, for eating leftovers that have been picked over, spit out or played with, for worrying to death over the slightest fever, runny nose or hacking coughs, for no longer noticing how gross poop/pee are when cleaning up in public places, for losing your tempers over tantrums, and especially for loving your children over and above all these and everything else in this world. 

And to all Tumblr MOMS, you rock!


I have learned many things in my lifetime but I think one of the most important and significant things I’ve learned in life is above all else, love. Love you, love your family, love those who love you, tell those that you love that you do. Life is too short to hide how you feel when it is a good thing. So love, celebrate that love, spread it and be love and kindness.