your look sir

hair part i
  • malfoy manor
  • harry: nice to meet you sir! i'm harry, harry potter
  • lucius: i can't believe my son is going to marry someone who doesn't even know how to brush their hair
  • lucius: i mean, how pathetic. Yes?
  • harry: i'm sorry sir?
  • lucius: ugh, I said i fancy your hair mr. potter, I wish draco's was like that
  • harry: oh, your hair looks amazingly shiny sir
  • lucius:
  • lucius: (blinks)
  • lucius: (smirks)
  • lucius: call me father mr. po--
  • harry: harry.
  • lucius: yes of course, harry.

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my drug is attention
and i am an addict
—  art is dead, bo burnham

When some dude texts you “hey what’s up” out of nowhere at 10:00pm.