your llbean boyfriend

When we heard the crack of thunder, Theo and I started sprinting up from the water to the house, but we were too slow for the sudden downpour which turned our attempt at a heroic run into a hilarious, wet, slippery shamble up the hill. Theo reached the porch first and turned around to pull me up the steps as I slid around in my soaking flip flops and he pulled me into a surprise kiss. “This isn’t a bad end to the day,” he said with a smile. 

O-M-G, serious #TBT, guys. Three years ago today I wrote my first post while joking with my best buds about the rugged handsomeness of LL Bean models. (And then immediately posted like 20 more. Oh, those were the days when I did not have to make sure I wasn’t repeating content.) 

At this point in my life, 3 years is one of the longest voluntary commitments I’ve ever had to anything, so it feels pretty significant! (And it’s even longer than I’ve had my IRL, human boyfriend around.) Many thanks to my friends who appreciate this private joke spun into something thousands of people read, to LL Bean for tolerating my fanfic habit, and y’all tumblr babies for keepin’ it weird. Since there are ~39,000 still following (!) I’m going to keep posting, and although you regular readers know I don’t post as frequently as I did at the beginning (when I was underemployed and 23), just know there’s always more coming. Thanks for reading so far, weirdos! Now check out 60 pages of previous posts if you feel as nostalgic as I do. ;)