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Passionfruit | 2

“To you, matters of the heart have always been simple. You’ve always lived by three rules: you don’t do emotions, you don’t do attachment, and you don’t do love. That is, until you meet the enigma that is Kim Namjoon- a man who shakes your entire world upside down.”

pairing: namjoon x reader
genre: smut
wordcount: 7.1k

part one

You were used to judgment.

It came in many shapes and forms. Men’s roaming gazes as you walked past. The way guys would leer at you, objectifying you with their stares and their wolf whistles. You were used to coming face to face with judgment. 

People made assumptions about you and always had. Guys you slept with always approached you and you knew they had seen you and made a snap judgment about who you were. Girls who saw you narrowed their eyes and protectively put a hand on their boyfriends knees when you walked past. People saw you and decided that they knew who you were, you didn’t have a say in the matter. In their eyes you were already the slut, the loose one, the messy one, and nothing you could say or do would change that judgment call.

So it had been a surprise when you had met Namjoon’s eyes last week and seen no judgment there.

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7 Minutes || Jughead Jones

Originally posted by juptern

word count : 1,225

pairing : Jughead Jones x Reader

warnings : make-outs, cursing, hating each other.

summary : You are friend with Betty and Veronica and they invited you to this party so of course you say yes. you didn’t know you’d end up playing seven minutes in heaven and be stuck in there with someone you hate; Jughead Jones.

     Betty and you had been best friends since you were babies. You were lucky enough to occupy the house right next to hers so you spent countless hours with each other growing up. When Veronica came to Riverdale, the two of you welcomed her with open arms. Of course when Veronica and Betty were fighting you took a neutral stance, or as neutral as you possibly could. You were happy to know when they made up, at least for the most part. Veronica was even throwing some party to finalize it; which is a bit weird but you were just going with it; who could say no to a good party?

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peeping steve.

Originally posted by luvinchris

authors note: this is my first try at smut and im hoping it isn’t too embarrassing. 

reader x bucky, (steve)

 warnings; daddy kink, steve watching without them knowing, swearing, smut.

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When you playfully bite their ear

Anonymous asked : Bts reaction to there GF bite there ear playfully :) 💞


You spend the night out with the boys and you couldn’t be happier. It’s been too long since you spent an evening with them, and you laughed a lot during this dinner ! Now you’re heading to an arcade and have to take an elevator to get there. Obviously, the lift is far too small for the eight of you but nothing is impossible. You feel Jimin’ small hands resting on your shoulders as you & Namjoon are being pushed to the bottom of the elevator. You all laugh like idiots, even more when Hoseok yells when he’s pressed against Jin. You’re slightly behind Namjoon and you can rest your head against his shoulder. You look at him and feel a sudden burst of happiness. You get on tiptoe and nibble his earlobe. Namjoon slightly startles and turns his head towards you. When he sees your smirk, he snorts and passes his arm around your shoulders. Without looking at you, he whispers : « You’re in trouble. »


The large white paper between you is almost entirely filled with your strange doodles. Your fingers are stained with vivid colors. You both are lying on your stomachs, drawing on the floor, and you take a few seconds to look at Tae. You notice that he has a blue stain on his cheekbone and you get up to get a tissue to get rid of it. When you come back, you sit on his butt and lean forward to gently brush his cheek. Tae doesn’t move, too focused on the eye he’s drawing. When you’re done, you lean over his shoulder to watch him draw large eyelashes that join the little colored stars you drew previously. You slowly lean toward his neck and bite his ear. He giggles stupidly but remains focused on his drawing. You smile and continue to bite him gently, pulling his ear between your teeth to make him react. Tae giggles again and rolls you over to get above you and starts biting you everywhere, making you laugh out loud.


You find your boyfriend in the living room, sitting on the couch while scrolling his twitter feed. You silently sneak behind him and pass your arms over his broad shoulders. Jin starts to smile and rests his head against yours. You smile and, as you tighten your embrace, comes to kiss his temple, then his cheek, his neck… Jin closes his eyes every time your lips touch his skin. He’s just adorable. You laugh softly and bite his earlobe. A slightly satisfied grunt comes out of Jin’s mouth as he swings his phone to the other side of the couch. You burst out laughing when Jin catches you and knocks you down on the sofa so you’re in his arms, sitting on his lap. He puts a lock of your hair behind your ear, looks at you for a few moments with the sweetest look, and finally kisses your lips.


You pull Hobi against you while you’re taking pictures in front of the big mirror. Hoseok lets out a cute little laugh and passes his arm around your waist, smiling as you give him your phone before you slip your hand on his chest. You take some cute photos until Hobi kisses you. It’s just a peck, but he puts his lips so gently on yours, so soft and teasingly, and his look is so naughty… You bite your lips, watching him slide his hand in his hair while looking at his reflexion in the mirror. You smile and bite his earlobe, your other hand gripping his shirt. He turns his eyes towards you and starts to chuckle, eyes full of lust. His hand goes down on your ass as he firmly pulls your body against his, his mouth already on your neck to kiss it.


When you both get out of the restaurant, you decide to enjoy the fresh autumn air for a few minutes before heading back to the car. Leaning against the railing of the paved street, you are comfortably huddled in Yoongi’s arms, your head in the crook of his neck. It’s not cold but you always need to be as close as possible. Yoongi doesn’t really like PDA but it’s late and the street is almost deserted. You take advantage of it and gently kiss his neck, nibbling his earlobe while smiling playfully. Yoongi gently giggles, his eyes scrutinizing the surroundings to make sure nobody’s watching. As his hands slips in your jacket to grab your butt, making you sigh against his neck, Yoongi whispers « Let’s go home, Jagi. »


Comfortably snuggled in Jimin’s arms, you begin to lose interest in the movie you’re watching. You lightly raise your head, still leaning against his shoulder, and look at the angel you call your boyfriend. He really looks like he’s into the movie, his gorgeous mouth slightly opened. You smile and put your lips on his earlobe. Jimin smiles. You slightly nibble it. Jimin starts to chuckle, whispering « stop » in a breath, his eyes still on the tv screen. Your smile widens as you’re getting turned on by this little game. Your tongue slips along his ear, making Jimin giggles as his hand clenches on your knee. He turns toward you, laughing like a little boy and hugs you really tight, his head sinking into your neck, unable to concentrate on anything else than you.


Your little stroll through the Seoul’ streets leads you to a large library that has a vast selection of comics. Obviously, you both rush into the bookstore. You first stay together but the more you wander in the immense rays, the less you pay attention to where your steps leads you. After a moment, you see Jungkook from behind and decides to scare him a little. The bookstore is silent, so you try to get close without making a noise. When you’re behind him, you gently bite his ear, causing him to violently jump. You don’t waste any time and run away, hiding in the shelves, not giving him time to see where you’re going. From your secret hiding place, you can see his stupid head : he looks everywhere, a silly smile on his face. You can’t help but laugh, which reveals your position. Jungkook sees you and rushes to you. While he catches you and holds you tight against him to bite your neck, you hear the librarian’s voice :  « YOU CAN’T RUN IN HERE ! ». You both quietly giggle, Jungkook still holding you tight, his hot breath against your neck.

The Recruit (Chapter 17) - Mitch Rapp

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “Day 78, Part I”

Characters: Mitch Rapp & Reader/OFC

Warnings: SMUT. IT’S A LOT OF FUCKING SMUT. like, blowjobs, light choking, vaginal sex, orgasms.. so much smut and cursing. IT’S SMUTAPALOOZA!

Author’s Note: yo… morning head is fun tho. im posting this for @mf-despair-queen who literally JUST begged me for Mitch smut. bless that fucking shirtless picture for making all of us collectively lose our shit. stay thirsty, my friends. 

Summary: Mitch gets a smut filled morning with Y/n.

Chapter Sixteen - Chapter Seventeen - Chapter Eighteen

Originally posted by alberto-rozende

You woke wrapped in nothing but his limbs and the bedsheets. You closed your eyes, tilted your head up towards the sun coming through the curtains, softly bit your bottom lip and sighed. You were so happy. You turned slowly and quietly, and looked at Mitch sleeping, gently pushing some of the hair from his eyes. He was, without a doubt, the most beautiful man you had ever actually seen in person, and his peaceful resting face made your heart skip beats. 

Mitch’s legs moved under the sheets and he rolled onto his back, turning his head away from you. You smirked. He wasn’t hard, but there was a small bulge that perked up under the thin white sheets on the bed. You rubbed your tongue along the bottom of your left canine and cracked a simple plot: you knew how you wanted to wake him up that morning.

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“Shaving Seb”

Authors’s Note: So, apparently Seb shaved again (WHY? WHY DID HE DO THAT?) so I got inspired to write this short drabble. I hope you all like it! Also, I reached the quantity of 1,167 followers, so…THANK YOU!

Warnings: None, smut implied.

Words: 667

Originally posted by ididntchoosethislife

“Oh, please, Seb” you whined while kicking his arm, watching as your fiancé laughed. You pouted, knowing this made him react to your liking. He crossed his arms and you knew it was a lost battle.

“I’m sorry Doll but…” he made a grimace, running his hand down his jaw. “It’s too hot to have this on my face. Besides…it needs care”

You faked to cry but he laughed, dragging you towards his body, peppering kisses over your face. He loved watching you acting like that. He found it adorable. You ran your hand over his thick beard, nuzzling your nose in the crook of his neck.

“But I love it…” you pressed hot and wet kisses over his skin and you felt him stiffen at the feeling. Sebastian swallowed hard and you smirked wickedly. “…there”

“Doll” he warned, his hands on your hips. You felt his fingers digging on your skin covered by your summer pyjama. Your smiled grew up wider and you bit his earlobe. Seb grabbed your hands and pushed you softly, observing you with his piercing blue eyes. “Enough. I was gonna let you shave me but since you’re a bad girl…”

You watched him standing up, leading to the bathroom and your jaw fell open. You stood up and ran behind him, hearing your dog barking at the joy that seemed to fill the atmosphere. You leant against the door frame as he took the electric shaver, checking if it was fully charged. You pouted and hugged him from behind.

“I’m a good girl…”

“Are you, Doll?” he growled, a mere whisper that made you shiver. He smirked at you on the mirror and handed you the shaver, sighing. “You do whatever you want with me, huh?”

You squealed happily and he sat down on the stool, circling your hips with his arms. You turned the device on and grinned when you heard the sound. He lifted his brow while smiling at you, his eyes shining.

He had met you in the wedding of your friend Anna. He was friend of her now husband Matt and she decided it was a good idea for you two to meet. You dance the whole night with him, having the best time of your life. After that, he asked if he could invite you to have some coffee with him.

“No” you had said, watching as his smile faded. “I will invite you”

Years later, you loved him as the first day.

“Be careful, Doll. Anthony won’t forgive you if you harm my sexy face” He teased and you slapped his cheek carefully. He made a grimace and you laughed.

You started to shave his face, watching as the hair started to fall on the floor. Sebastian observed your concentrated face as you shaved his beard carefully. He loved when you were  focused on something. You’d stick out your tongue a little bit, your eyes keeping moving, following your actions.

Absent-mindedly, you sat on his thigh, shaving his left cheek. Sebastian tensed and gripped your hips. You noticed it and smirked, grinding your clothed core against his sweatpants. He cleared his throat and you blinked innocently, smiling at him.

“Are you okay, honey?”

“Yeah, keep going” he muttered and you kissed his now shaved cheek. Your index and thumb gripping his chin, turning his face to the other side. You kept shaving him and he closed his eyes, inhaling your aroma.

It drove him mad. It was a mix of your shampoo and perfume with your natural smell. Sebastian loved it.

You finished but noticed he had his eyes closed so you decided to take advantage of it, grinding yourself against his thigh. Sebastian bit his lip and looked at the ceiling. You knee grazed his bulge and he groaned, taking the electric shaved from your hand and placing on the counter.

“You little tease…” he growled while sitting you fully on his legs, spreading yours open. His hands went to grip your ass and he smirked “I think I must teach you some manners”

anonymous asked:

May I request the RFA finding out that MC has a giant ball python? Named Noodle? Im sorry if its too much or specific aa

( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Sure! My local music shop has a ball python (I mean the pictures look the same so I think it’s that) and it has a little mustache!! It’s a sweetie.

- When he first came over and saw the cage, he nearly yelped, but managed to hold it back as he saw you quickly go to the giant snake and coo at it
- “Hey, Noodle woodle, how are you today?”
- How could you talk so normally to it??
- It would take him ages to get used to it, and he would def be too scared to even let it slither on him.
- But, eventually, he would be willing to join you in greeting and talking to it, just. Please keep it in the cage until his poor heart gets used to it.
- When she first saw it at your house, she screamed.
- Granted, it was a first reaction, and when you explained the giant creature was your pet, she tried to calm down a bit.
- When you let it wrap around your shoulders and it’s little tongue flicker on your cheek, she did giggle a bit, especially when your face lit up
- It would take her a few months to be open to it crawling on her, and the first few times she would let out a little squeal and beg you to get it off, but otherwise she’d do her best to help take care of big ol Noodle with you
- No. No no no no no.
- Snakes eat cats, especially big snakes. Hell, depending on how big it was it could eat a person!
- He wouldn’t mind you having it, per say, but he would never, ever, let you bring it into his home for Elizabeth 3rd’s sake.
- Otherwise, he wouldn’t mind joining you at your home, listening to you coo and giggle at it, feed it, etc
- He’d be interested in learning more about it, and maybe, maaaybe, he wouldn’t mind trying to pet it as well.
- If it came to you living with him, that snake was getting its own room that no one could open without a key, and it was a room far from Elizabeth 3rd, but even then he would still be anxious.
- (He would still help you spoil it, since it would make you happy.)
- Oh my god.
- His princess had a huge snake? His sweet princess was bad ass enough to handle having such a scary thing as a pet??
- He loves you.
- But…It’s still a little nerve wracking. How are you not scared? How are you so relaxed near it??
- how can you stand feeding it???
- He’s constantly impressed, and he would act like he wasn’t scared whatsoever
- (He was very scared)
- But he would want to take so many pictures with it, with you having it wrapped around
- He’d also counter any Elizabeth 3rd talk with Noodle. Jumin spamming pictures? Zen is going to spam pictures of Noodle’s impressive teeth
- (thank you for letting him take so many pictures, he’s so happy being able to shove this in Jumin’s face)
- Holy Fuck
- He loves it.
- He was nervous at first, but once it got used to him he was trying to dress it up and put glasses on it for fun (Fake glasses, at least)
- You’ve came home more than once with Noodle slithering around in Seven’s jacket
- “Does Noodle like noodles? Or chips? Or is it strictly poor little mice?”
- “Seven, if you try to give him chips I will hurt you.”
- Seven would most likely be the one to love it the most.

Women Like You- Thomas Shelby

*Some of you may have noticed that Peaky Week was interrupted and I really am sorry. Family drama and schoolwork pushed me away from writing for a bit, but I’m back now. I originally planned a surprise for you guys, but now I’ll post it tomorrow as an ‘I’m sorry’ gift. My geat friend @kill-thy-zombie-babies gave me this idea and I feel kinda bad for not putting as much time into it as I would have liked. Also, special thanks to @bonniebirdsgifcentre for the Tommy Gif. xoxox*


Your plan had not gone completely according to schedule. The strategy was to seduce your target- a despicable local politician who had gotten on the wrong side of a rich customer-, get him to take you home, and take him out quietly with the help of a gun suppressor. Everything went suitably up to getting to his home. You had caught his eyes at his third cousin’s wedding earlier that evening, and it didn’t take more than a flashy smile and letting him get you a drink to have him lusting after you. It was supposed to be a piece of cake, killing an unexpected target, but you could tell this wasn’t the first assassination attempt on him. Before you could even pull out your gun, he was reaching up your dress to search for your holster. Luckily, a good kick to the face got him down long enough for a hectic but fulfilled job. You tried to straighten out your appearance and prepare yourself for a casual exit, but before you were ready, you could hear a loud pounding on the front door, the police. That’s all it took for you to bolt out his apartment window and down the fire escape.

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2AM - part 2 (A Minseok Series)

Genre: Angst / Smut (mature 18+ only)

Characters: Minseok X You

Description: You have been continuing a secret friends-with-benefits relationship with your best friends older brother Minseok, who is idol group EXO’s Xiumin, for two years now, while secretly concealing the very real growing feelings you’ve always had for him. A sudden blind date for you and for him suddenly forces you to face those feelings or end the relationship entirely.

A/N: yes yes yes…’re SUPPOSED feel that at the end. Sometimes a fuckboy acts like a fuckboy.

2AM - [M] part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9, part 10, part 11

Your hand was on your deadbolt and you took a deep breath to steady yourself before you turned the lock.

Minseok was home. It was 2AM and he was knocking on your door. You didn’t even need to look through the peephole to know it was him. Of course it was him.

When you pulled your front door open you were caught.

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Road Head

Rating: Explicit

Genre: Smut

Pairing: Saeyoung/Reader

AO3 Link!

         It was rare Saeyoung looked at you with pleading and shining stars in his eyes like he was now. You had gotten the puppy eyes, the pout, and sly attempts at reverse psychology, but nothing like this.

         “ …What is it?” You said slowly, an uncertainness on if you really wanted to know what was on his mind.

         “ You said that on my birthday, you’d be willing to try something new, riiight?” When you nodded, he dropped to his knees beside the couch you were resting on, clasping his hands together in front of his face with a loud clap. “I figured out what I want! And I want you to at least think on it! Pleaaaase!!”

         “ What is it?” You scoffed, running your nails through his hair.

         He took a deep breath and looked at you with that desperate but determined expression. “Roadhead.”

         A few seconds ticked by. Your fingers locked in his hair, his hands still clasped together, and his nerves starting to radiate off of him.

         “Roadhead.” You repeated, and you swore he was about to break into a sweat.

         His forehead dropped against his fingertips as words fail him. He nodded the best he could posed like this, but didn’t bring his head back up.

         “At least think about it? Sweetheart? Babe? The salty to my sweet heart?”

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Tumblr prompt ( Park Jimin/ OC)

Genre : Heavy Angst \ Romance 

Warnings : Dubious Consent, Domestic Violence, Emotional Manipulation. 

Pairing : Park Jimin/ OC 

Request fic : An abusive marriage drabble with Jimin . 

Rating : Smut

( P.S. Dear Anon who requested this, you just opened up a very dark and twisted part of my brain and you’re going to regret this. )  

 Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick tock. 

I glanced at the clock on the wall, twenty feet away and hung between  two huge portraits , one of Jimin , in his wedding Suit and the other of us, together taken at our honeymoon in the Swiss Alps. 

It was a little past eight. 

He had said that he would be home by eight thirty. That gave me just twenty minutes to get dinner ready,set the table and chage my clothes. 

I felt my fingers tremble, just a little bit as I continued peeling the carrots. I’d spread out a thin sheet of paper on the table to keep the scraps from falling to the floor. I worked harder, a little faster. He had been on tour for a week and he was coming home tonight.

Everything had to be perfect. 

I julianned the carrots, added them carefully to the bowl of bulgogi before cleaning the worktable meticulously . I laid out the plates, the forks and the spoons . Wiped down the wine glasses, arranged them neatly on the curve of the floral pattern on the dining table. I grabbed the most expensive wine, Jimin’s favorite and placed it on the table before arranging seven candles around the table . I placed the candle lighter on the mantel, checked once again to make sure every inch of the living room was sparklingly clean before moving to the bedroom. 

Ten minutes. 

i quickly stripped out of my summer dress, tossing it into the hamper and ran into the shower, turning on the knob to the coldest setting. Jimin had a way of knowing if i used hot water instead of cold and that would make him angry. I really didn’t want him to get angry. 

The water felt painful against my skin but it numbed me as well, in a good way. I quickly grabbed the bottle of vanilla flavored body wash and rubbed it all over my skin, before washing up.

I finished dressing up, zipping the skin tight red dress and slipping on the ruby necklace and the earrings before grabbing the brush and combing through my long hair. I’d just finished smoothing the red lipstick on my lips when the door bell rang and my fingers slipped , the lips stick smudging across my cheek a little. 

i panicked, fingers reaching out for the wet wipes on the counter. i grabbed a couple and hastily swiped at the scarlet stain on my cheek, before stumbling to my feet. I slipped into the stilletos clumsily, nearly toppling over as i rushed to the door. 

When i opened it, my breath caught in my lung as usual. No matter how many times i saw him, the sight of Park jimin in person,  wearing one of his expensive suits, never failed to steal my breath away. He looked like a painting came to life. The prince Charming from every childhood story i had heard in my mother’s lap. The love of my life who was my salvation. My knight in shining armor. 

His ash blond hair was swept up and he ran his fingers through it. 

“What took you so long?” He drawled casually, eyes automatically moving over every single inch of me. I stayed still , waiting for him to be done with his scrutiny, knowing that he was looking for imperfections. 

But i’d worked hard, spent the entire week in salons and spas .

I wasn’t gorgeous, just as beautiful as i could be next to someone so breathtaking like jimin. i knew I wasn’t good enough, of course i did. Jimin was so handsome, so talented. Every woman on the planet wanted him but he had chosen me . I had to be grateful.

The least I could do was look good for him in return. 

His eyes stayed pointedly on my lips, where some of the lipstick was still smudged and I flinched when his hand shot out, thumb digging into my cheek with painful force as he wiped it off. 

“What is this? Have you forgotten how to put on lipstick? “ He said softly and i gulped, looking down at the floor.

“i was .. in a bit of a hurry..I wanted to be ready for you” 

“But you weren’t ready for me, where you? And well, If you were going to take your bloody time opening the damn door, might as well have fixed this face at least , right princess?” He scolded, reaching down to grip my chin hard forcing me to look up.

“I’m.. sorry..”

“Of course you are. Every single day. You’re sorry. But you never get better do you? You still do shit you should be sorry for. Well, you’re lucky you’re married to me , aren’t you baby girl. i’m not picky like the other guys out there. I’ll put up with your stupidity.” He pulled me closer, kissing me softly and gently. “ I love you so much sweetheart. “

“I love you too, Jimin.” i said breathlessly. 

“Good girl.” He pulled back and used his thumb to stroke my cheek, this time a little more gently. “ is dinner ready?” 

“Yes… of course. i made your favorite.”

“Let’s hope you didn’t ruin any of it.” He kissed me lightly on the nose, arm wrapped around me. i watched as he pulled away, slowly taking off his jacket and draping it over the couch before moving to the table. i lit the candles carefully and he opened the wine , pouring a generous bit of it into both the glasses. 

“ How was your tour,  Jimin?” i said softly.

“It was amazing. Sold out concerts all across Japan. The boys are exhausted. They do want to meet us for dinner day after. Wear that pink dress with the salmon trim, okay baby?” He smiled.

I smiled back, weakly. i hated the way the pink looked on me but I couldn’t really remember the last time i’d picked a dress to wear by myself. 

“Sure, baby.”

The rest of dinner was spent with him telling me about the tour, about jung kook and Taehyung and their shopping trip. He showed me pictures of the dozen or so gowns he’d ordered for me.

“Why aren’t you drinking baby?” He said suspiciously. 

I swallowed. 

“I’m just feeling a bit sick..”

“You’re still on the pill right?”

“Yes. “

“Good. I’m not ready to share you , yet.” He winked. He then stuck his hand inside his pocket and pulled out a small velvet box. 

“Here you go.” He slid it across the table and i opened it tentatively.

It was a eautiful diamond ring, the stone set into a pattern like a butterfly. 

“it’s beautiful.” I whispered. 

He smiled and stood up, slowly picking up the wine glass as he came to stand behind me. 

“It is, isn’t it? it’s because i love you. No one can love you the way , i do baby. Here… have a sip..” He reached out, palm curving around my throat and lightly squeezing till my mouth opened instinctively. He pressed the rim of the glass to my lips, tilting the crystal up till the red liquid went down my throat, fingers lightly massaging my throat as i gulped it down obediently. 

“I missed you baby…” He bent down and kissed my neck. “ Did you miss me?” 

i nodded frantically. i had missed him. I’d missed him so much, the house empty and lonely and scary without him around. 

“Will you show me, baby? Show me how much you missed me?” He whispered and I nodded, watching as he came to stand in front of me , while i stayed seated, his waist in line with my lips, as he stared down at me, lightly brushing back the hair from my forehead. i stayed still as  his fingers moved up, spread a little and sank pinto my hair, shaping the back of my head, before curling and gripping the thick strands.

And then without warning he  pulled hard, my head snapping back as pain exploded in my skull except it wasn’t really pain. It was electric and fiery hot, little licks of pleasure up my spine. I liked getting my hair pulled especially when it was Jimin. it was an odd sort of freedom, knowing that he controlled where my face and mouth would be. And if he was in control, i wouldn’t make stupid mistakes and make him mad. 

“Open wide, wet your lips, okay baby?” He whispered and i licked my lips obediently, letting my lips draw back, mouth open in an ‘ O’ as he fumbled with his belt buckle and zipper using his free hand while the other gripped my hair harder. 

I almost sighed in relief when he pushed three fingers into my mouth, my eyes fluttering shut as he carefully massaged my tongue, spreading the digits till i gagged a bit. 

“Just got to make sure if it’s wet enough for me, okay baby… Don’t gag on me okay? you know i hate it when you gag…” He shoved his fingers in deeper and I held back my reflex, breathing rapidly through my nose to keep it down. 

“Good girl… You want my cock now?” 

I nodded frantically, pain now stopping to register and a sort of hazy pleasure settling on my shoulders. I felt the blunt end of his cock against my lips and I leaned forward eagerly but his grip on my hair tightened, hard yanking me back till my skin burned . I whimpered in pain and he made a noice of impatience.

“Filthy little slut, did i tell you that you could suck on me? So fucking desperate for it all the time… Can’t even fucking put on a bit of make up without bungling things up and you act like you fucking deserve to suck on my cock…You’re lucky I even let you near me…. ungrateful little bitch..” He snarled. 

“Please…i’m sorry please let me..”

“Fuck… stop whining… i hate it when you fucking whine like the bitch that you are…” He said boredly, gripping my chin hard till my mouth opened wider. He shoved his cock inside , hard and fully till it hit the back of my throat.

 Don’t gag. Don’t gag.

 i struggled to stay still…. trying to keep my senses together as he fucked into my mouth. 

“Fuck, did you forget how to suck cock as well? use your tongue , you little whore..” He shouted and I struggled to lick the head, using the tip of my tongue to dip into the slit before tracing the small flap of skin near the head. He sighed a bit and slowed down a little before slowly pushing in , gradually till my nose was brushing against his pelvis. 

“ Good girl….” He said finally, and I felt myself preening with pride at the little praise. He used his palm to lightly stroke my throat, fingers pressing in to feel his cock through my neck. I breathed evenly as he slowly fucked into my mouth and finally stilled, spilling into my mouth. i swallowed quickly careful not to let any of it dribble down on the expensive carpet or the fabric of my Ralph Lauren gown. 

He would really hate that. 

When he was done, he pulled back and tucked himself back in. He then bent down and kissed me lightly. 

“You know… i saw the flowers in the front table. i don’t remember sending those.” He said casually.

i froze in place. 

“Those.. Those were from Seokjin…” I said, slightly terrified. 

“i read the card. Didn’t know you were close to my hyung.” 


“is that why you were so eager to come to the dinner day after. To wear that pink dress? Because you wanted to flaunt yourself for him?” He hissed, voice growing gradually louder. 

i shook my head in a panic. 

“No.. No, Jimin I would never…”

“You think i’m a fucking idiot? You think i can’t see the way you look at him.. the way you look at all of them??! Little whore…but guess what … none of them would put up with you…I’m the only idiot who’s willing to settle for a stupid little bitch for a wife….”

“I know..i’m sorry i’m not good enough….” i sobbed out , willing him to look at me. i felt so small when he refused to look at me. Like i wasn’t even alive. like i didn’t matter. At least when he was hitting me or abusing me or fucking me…i felt visible. i felt like I mattered. 

He slapped me then. 

Hard. I trembled as my face burned from humiliation and regret. And relief.

 He’s not ignoring me. 

“I’m sorry…. Jimin, i’m sorry…”

“Shut up! You’ve ruined everything… Take yourself to bed…. and don’t let me see your face till tomorrow morning.. Get the fuck away from me!” 

I stood up on trembling legs and slowly made my way to the bedroom, head bowed.

 Tomorrow, i told myself firmly. ,  Tomorrow I would do better. Tomorrow i would be good enough for him. Tomorrow i would make him love me. 

Author’s Note: Fuck. That hurt. 

1:27AM - Taeyong x Reader (M)

Originally posted by teeuai

Request: Hi! Can I request a virgin sub Taeyong (NCT) smut where you’re kinda younger than him but you’re the less innocent and more experienced one? Thanks! 

A/N: I had no idea if you wanted boyfriend or best friend Taeyong so this is a nice surprise yo. (I haven’t wrote anything as serious as this since my yusol..)

Warning/Content: Smut 

Taeyong, didn’t exactly strike you as a virgin; Usually he would be caught leaving the porn tab open on his computer by his room mate, Johnny and get teased by it later. 

“Dude you need to put the porn away and get laid” you and Johnny would tell him over and over. Problem being? Taeyong was inexperienced and actually blushed at the thought of having sex with another person. 

So one night, when you found him on your doorstep at 1:27am, asking for sexual guidance and how to please a girl you didn’t know whether to be surprised or not.

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