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Dear everyone who has called me miss and she today,
Fuck you.
Morgan, your genderfluid pal who is a He today
((The notebook says He/They genderfluid, my phone just ruined the quality))



cat got your tongue { Little birds should stay away from big bad kittycats (listen here)

momma’s gonna kill for you { I’m going to kill you for everything you’ve done to me. All the times you’ve made me feel useless and small (listen here)

so many people to kill, so little time { If you are strong enough, you will survive. That is the law of the jungle (listen here)

  • My favorite part of the qrowin ship is the possible part of their relationship where Qrow is super open about his feelings but Winter is getting super Tsun about it like
  • Qrowin: *Sexual tension*
  • Ruby: Hey uncle Qrow when's the wedding? ;D
  • Winter: You watch your tongue you little red-
  • Qrow: Good question kid. When's good for you, Winter? Sunday?
  • Winter: I will literally gouge your eyes out.
  • Qrow: Save that for sunday night.
  • Winter: *Exasperated noises*

“Cat got your tongue, little bird?” A resident cooed at you, reaching out to touch your hair. You flinched away, but he didn’t get the hint, following you closer and making you get nervous.

Suddenly, an arm was around you, pulling you away from the man and placing you protectively behind them. 

“Leave (Y/N) alone.” Kit said, giving the man a glare and looking around the room to make sure everyone else knew to treat you kindly.

abrasivepersonalitytendersoul  asked:

You can tell when Oliver is concentrating really hard because he sticks his tongue out. He did it when learning to roll over as a baby and when he works on college application essays. He's in the zone.


Sonny coming to sit down by Oliver as he’s finishing up one final college application at the kitchen table, blond hair all sideswept from running his fingers through it, tongue poking out as he types.

Sonny getting all kinds of emotional, because, “You know you did that when you were a baby, right? Stuck your tongue out when you were concentrating.”

Oliver looking up and furrowing his brows, because no, he didn’t know that, and Sonny elaborating.

Sonny telling him, “Yeah, when you learning how to do different things. Rolling over, sitting up, standing, walking to me or your dad. You would just poke your little tongue out because you were just concentrating so hard.”

Oliver smiling at his dad, Sonny leaning over to give him a kiss on the forehead.

Sonny saying, “I’m just glad to see that some things will never change.”

We`ve Seen the 5x23 Black Hoodie Ending Before!

(Thanks to a viewer Allison Rivera for bringing this up)

I doubt the PLL producers and writers are running out of ideas, so why are the 4x17 and 5x23 black hoodie endings almost identical?

5x23. “The Melody Lingers On”

Black hoodie puts Paul Varjak`s documents (Social Security card, etc) through a shredder. 

Tippy is shown in her cage. 

Black hoodie dumps the shredded paper into the bottom of Tippy`s cage.

Tippy sings her songs, aka Mrs. Grunwald`s phone number. Ali was calling her when she was staying at her grandma`s and Tippy memorized the sound. 

Black Hoodie gives Tippy a treat. 

Now let`s take a look at the ending for 4x17, “Bite Your Tongue”

Black hoodie puts a document (a patient sign in sheet) through the same shredder.

The shredded paper is dumped out into the bottom of Tippy`s cage.

Tippy says “Hey Board shorts” and sings the same song (Ali dialing Mrs. G`s phone number).

Camera pans over to a map of Cape May. Two areas are circled. One is marked as “Wilden`s yacht and the other as “A&C” 

The same shredder. Same song. Both Tippy and Black hoodie are in both of the endings. -A`s movements are basically identical. 

However, the 4x17 ending also features the map of Cape May which could be a connection to Wilden, Ezra (Board Shorts?), Cece, Beach Hottie (if Beach Hottie and Board Shorts is not the same person)…5x23 has black hoodie feeding Tippy a pistachio which could be a clue that points to Jenna. Here is that theory if you haven`t seen it yet. 

So, why make the 4x17 and 5x23 endings sooo similar?!

4x17 Ending Click here.

5x23 Ending Click here

Mafia Probs. Warning: Dirty
  • (all the bidders in lounge)
  • Ota: Hey soryu what does eating out your girlfriend and working in the mafia have in common?
  • Soryu: I don't know. Tell me.
  • Ota: One slip of the tongue and your in deep shit
  • (Soryu Pulls out gun and everyone hides)
  • Soryu: Looks like you slipped your tongue a little to early
Me staring at my reptiles while they sit in their homes minding their own business

Look at you. Ms cutie patootie snootie. That’s what you are. A cutie patootie snootie. Look at you with your cute little eyes and you cute little nose and your cute little tongue that goes wiggle waggle. Look at all those perfect cute little scales. Look at that cute little stripe down your nose. Look at how you rest your chin on your hide. So stinkin cute. You’re too cute. It should be illegal to be that cute. You’re under arrest for the over displaying of cute.

Hold your tongue, little girl.
Don’t you know you were
born under an inanimate sign,
destined to be the balance
sought by all to right themselves.

Curb your silly self indulgence,
people are here for your charm,
to take take take what you’ll give
with an easy smile and warm hands
until you’ve no heart left.

Be tolerant, civilized,
you weren’t born to fight, but to
right their wrongs and paint them
with your own vivid colours even if
it leaves you in stark monochrome.

How dare you think you can 
break your constellation mold?

- The Plight of Libra, JLB