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7 Minutes || Jughead Jones

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word count : 1,225

pairing : Jughead Jones x Reader

warnings : make-outs, cursing, hating each other.

summary : You are friend with Betty and Veronica and they invited you to this party so of course you say yes. you didn’t know you’d end up playing seven minutes in heaven and be stuck in there with someone you hate; Jughead Jones.

     Betty and you had been best friends since you were babies. You were lucky enough to occupy the house right next to hers so you spent countless hours with each other growing up. When Veronica came to Riverdale, the two of you welcomed her with open arms. Of course when Veronica and Betty were fighting you took a neutral stance, or as neutral as you possibly could. You were happy to know when they made up, at least for the most part. Veronica was even throwing some party to finalize it; which is a bit weird but you were just going with it; who could say no to a good party?

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Still Of The Night • Theo Raeken

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Prompt: You are the only human girl in the pack and you saw one of the ghost riders. Theo stays with you to protect you as the pack goes out to find them.

Warning: Sexual content (oral, male on female and female on male, pain kink)

You were the one who saw the ghost riders. The terrifying sight of the black eyes, the sealed mouth and the grey, wrinkled skin was still burned into your retina and you found yourself waking up in the middle of the night, bathing in sweat because of the nightmare.

As the pack was going out to stop the wild hunt, you needed to stay behind, but you wanted to help so dearly. You couldn’t, because you were the only human girl in the pack. Well of course Lydia was there, but she was a Banshee and still had the power you didn’t have.

You needed protection from the wolves in the pack and you had stubbornly said that you could take a baseball bat in your hands like Stiles did, but since you were only 5’1, the ghost riders could crush you before you had lifted the bat.

Scott smiled, but shook his head as you were all gathered in his house. “This is an order, you’re staying here, Malia…”.

“I’ll stay with her”. Theo offered, a smirk tugging on his lips as he looked over at you. You rolled your eyes as Scott nodded in approval. They still didn’t like Theo very much and that’s probably why they all agreed to him staying here.

The others went out of the door and you were left with the golden eyed wolf. Theo Raeken is handsome, you must admit, but you weren’t sure if you wanted to spend a whole night with him.

You both did whatever you wanted, Theo plopping down on the couch to watch some television, he didn’t seem to be very bothered about the things that were going on outside with those supernatural creatures.

You sat at the kitchen table with a book and a small light, not really reading the words on the paper, but looking over the edge of the book to stare at him. Theo grinned as he felt your eyes in the back of his head, hearing your heart beating faster as he glanced over his shoulder.

You dug your teeth in your lower lip as he moved his arm to rest over the couch, muscles rippling beneath his shirt.

Theo stood up and flashed a grin at you, walking upstairs to which you assumed the bathroom. You needed to take some fresh air so dearly and if you went outside after all, you’d search for Scott and the rest of the pack.

You closed your book and patted over to the front door, looking over your shoulder to make sure Theo was still away. You looked at your hand that was closed around the doorknob.

“Where do you think you’re going, princess?”. Theo’s low voice in your ear, breath ghosting over your neck as you were pressed up against the wooden material by his taller and stronger body. “N-nowhere”. You stuttered.

“Good girl”. He muttered, letting you turn around. Theo’s eyes lit up in the dim lighted space. The golden irises staring at you and seeing every detail of your face. His canines where slightly and it didn’t scare you at all, you were actually more turned on by it.

The wolf tipped his nose in the air a little and smirked. “Is that arousal, baby?”. He purred, nose dipping down to your neck now, sniffing up your skin. Theo groaned at your delicious feminine scent mixed with your arousal.

You were a bit shaky as Theo looked into your eyes, the golden eyes fading away, showing his just as beautiful blue orbs.

You tugged your lip between your teeth as you had some sort of stare down, but he couldn’t control himself and smashed his lips onto yours. You whimpered at the way they melted together and Theo soon ran his tongue over your lips.

You automatically parted yours to let him deepen the kiss. Theo got your waist with a firm grip and you yelped as he picked you up. You locked your ankles behind his back and let him take you with him to the couch.

Theo gently laid you down on the soft cushions, as if you were a porcelain doll. Theo’s eyes darkened at your smell and he hovered over you. The wolf created a path of fire down your neck, making sure to suck on your pulse.

You were dying to see what was underneath his shirt and your nails slightly scratched his skin as you rolled the hem of his shirt upwards. You got slightly up and pushed him down to sit on the couch and crawl into his lap.

Theo helped you by lifting his arms and you groaned at the flexing muscles. Theo grinned and tugged at your shirt as well, throwing it somewhere in the room. Theo’s lower lip was between his teeth at the sight of your full cleavage and a bulge was poking your thigh.

You pressed your hips down onto it and it made him let out a low grunt. You moaned at the friction it gave you as well and you grinded a couple times more. “Stop it”. He groaned. You didn’t stop as it felt too good.

Theo grabbed your throat and you jumped slightly by the action. “I said stop it”. His eyes boring into yours and you nodded quickly, unbuckling his belt to reveal the boxer covered cock in his jeans.

You palmed him through the material and you were content with the hiss he let out. Theo licked his lips as your hand passed the elastic band of his underwear. You pushed the cotton down till you saw his erected cock, the mushroomed tip a flush pink colour.

“It’s all yours tonight, doll”. Theo said, swallowing the moan he wanted to let out by the way you looked up at him, fluttering your lashes.

“Oh I’m pretty sure it is”. You said, grinning as your tongue lapped a stripe over his length. Theo shivered and collected your hair in his fist. You slowly sucked on his tip, still sitting on his legs. Your other hand disappeared into your own panties and you giggled at the confusion in his eyes.

Your fingers were wet by your arousal and you wrapped your hand around his length. Theo never expected you to do that and he moaned at the action, brows knitted together.

“Oh, yes”. The wolf growled and tugged on your hair a little harder. Your tongue lapping at the thick vein on the underside got him moaning your name and his breath slightly panting as you let him go. Theo quickly got rid of your jeans and flipped you around.

His hands reached behind your back to unclasp your bra and his mouth went straight to your nipple, red lips wrapping themselves around the nub. Theo looked up at you as you whimpered, pushing your hips upwards against him.

The wolf smirked and softly grazed your nipple with his teeth, moving over to do the same to the other. Your hands found his styled hair and your fingers moved through the dark hair. His nostrils were filled with the smell of your pooling heat and he took a shaky breath.

“You smell so goddamn good”. Theo groaned, dipping his finger into your heat.

You moaned and arched your back, pushing yourself further onto his finger. Theo ripped your panties off as they were in the way of his fingers.

He tried his best to keep control of himself as his tongue lapped at your folds and your moans echoed through his ears. You looked down at the boy between your legs, mouth delved into your heat and it felt so amazing.

“D-don’t stop, Theo. Please”. You begged, your fingers twisting themselves in his hair. He swallowed hard before continuing, his eyes lighting up in that gorgeous golden colour.

Theo took a break to let his lips wander to your thighs and his lips pressed kisses to your delicate skin. You took a sharp breath as his canines grazed your inner thigh and he sucked on it to make sure it wouldn’t hurt you.

You almost came at the sight and when his lips wrapped around your nub of nerve endings, you were send into an euphoria. “Oh my god, Theo”. You cried out, wanting to close your thighs around his head.

Theo hovered over you again, pressing his lips roughly to yours as he got rid of his own jeans as well. He groaned as he stroke himself a few times and you could taste yourself on his lips. His eyes found yours to search for something, hesitation or doubt maybe.

But the only thing he could see was the want and the need of him in your eyes and he could smell how turned on you were and with that, he pushed into your slick heat. Theo watched your close your eyes and throw your head back with a grunt.

“This is exactly what you want, isn’t it princess?”. Theo asked with a grin on his face, hips snapping forward. A loud moan was your answer and you wrapped your arms around him.

You looked down at where your bodies connected and then looked up to see his face. Theo was so beautiful. Thick eyebrows knitted together in concentration and his muscled arms next to your head. The whimpers you let out were like music to his ears.

“Because this is exactly what I want”. He said, kissing you again. You whined as he dug his teeth into your lower lip. Your nails scratched his skin and he moaned loudly, revealing his kink.

You couldn’t help it but raise an eyebrow at him. “D-do it again”. Theo grunted, filling you till the hilt with his thick cock that made your thighs quiver.

You pushed his chest to turn you two around, giggling as you knocked a few cushions from the sofa. Theo looked up at you with his lips slightly parted and he took a hold of your hands to let you ride him.

“Like that, baby”. He moaned, crunching his nose at the way your hips circled on his lips. You loved the feeling over overpowering the wolf beneath you, you knew he could push you off so easily, but he didn’t. Theo loved it that you took charge.

The rough pads of his thumb was suddenly on your clit and you yelped, leaning onto his broad chest with your hands. “Come for me, doll”. The wolf purred, hissing and closing his eyes as you clenched your walls around him.

“I-I’m… Theo!”. You cried out, your nails pressing down into his skin to help him to his orgasm as well. Theo groaned and felt his claws getting out as well. He placed your hands over his. “Harder”. He muttered and you hesitated a little but pressed his clawed hands down, drawing a little blood from his skin.

Theo was brought over the egde by that and he sat up to pull you close, pressing your heat further down onto his length. You whimpered as you were still sensitive, feeling his cock twitching inside of you.

Your legs were shaking and you were softly whining, wrapping your arms around him to cling to his body as if you never wanted to let go.

“Baby”. He softly said, kissing your closed eyelids and your cheeks. “We have to get dressed and fix this place a little”. You giggled as you saw the mess you made of the couch.

“We do, but they’ll smell sex and me all over you”. Theo chuckled, looking up at your gorgeous face. He stroke a few strands of hair away whom had fell in front of your eyes. “That’s fine, they can know that I’m yours”. You shyly said, your fingers moving to the hairs in the nape of his neck.

“Can they?”. He grinned and you swatted his chest. Theo smiled and kissed your lips briefly before picking you up to place you on the ground. He got your underwear and clothes and you quickly pulled it on.

You fixed the sofa by putting the cushions on it again and you did an attempt to get rid of the smell of sex. You didn’t even smell it anymore, but Theo could and of course Scott and Malia would smell it as well.

Theo was dressed again and you sat down next to him on the couch as he put the tv on again. He swung his arm around you and you gladly leaned against him. You looked up at each other and laughed as you both had never expected that this would happen.

peeping steve.

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authors note: this is my first try at smut and im hoping it isn’t too embarrassing. 

reader x bucky, (steve)

 warnings; daddy kink, steve watching without them knowing, swearing, smut.

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anonymous asked:

May I request the RFA finding out that MC has a giant ball python? Named Noodle? Im sorry if its too much or specific aa

( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Sure! My local music shop has a ball python (I mean the pictures look the same so I think it’s that) and it has a little mustache!! It’s a sweetie.

- When he first came over and saw the cage, he nearly yelped, but managed to hold it back as he saw you quickly go to the giant snake and coo at it
- “Hey, Noodle woodle, how are you today?”
- How could you talk so normally to it??
- It would take him ages to get used to it, and he would def be too scared to even let it slither on him.
- But, eventually, he would be willing to join you in greeting and talking to it, just. Please keep it in the cage until his poor heart gets used to it.
- When she first saw it at your house, she screamed.
- Granted, it was a first reaction, and when you explained the giant creature was your pet, she tried to calm down a bit.
- When you let it wrap around your shoulders and it’s little tongue flicker on your cheek, she did giggle a bit, especially when your face lit up
- It would take her a few months to be open to it crawling on her, and the first few times she would let out a little squeal and beg you to get it off, but otherwise she’d do her best to help take care of big ol Noodle with you
- No. No no no no no.
- Snakes eat cats, especially big snakes. Hell, depending on how big it was it could eat a person!
- He wouldn’t mind you having it, per say, but he would never, ever, let you bring it into his home for Elizabeth 3rd’s sake.
- Otherwise, he wouldn’t mind joining you at your home, listening to you coo and giggle at it, feed it, etc
- He’d be interested in learning more about it, and maybe, maaaybe, he wouldn’t mind trying to pet it as well.
- If it came to you living with him, that snake was getting its own room that no one could open without a key, and it was a room far from Elizabeth 3rd, but even then he would still be anxious.
- (He would still help you spoil it, since it would make you happy.)
- Oh my god.
- His princess had a huge snake? His sweet princess was bad ass enough to handle having such a scary thing as a pet??
- He loves you.
- But…It’s still a little nerve wracking. How are you not scared? How are you so relaxed near it??
- how can you stand feeding it???
- He’s constantly impressed, and he would act like he wasn’t scared whatsoever
- (He was very scared)
- But he would want to take so many pictures with it, with you having it wrapped around
- He’d also counter any Elizabeth 3rd talk with Noodle. Jumin spamming pictures? Zen is going to spam pictures of Noodle’s impressive teeth
- (thank you for letting him take so many pictures, he’s so happy being able to shove this in Jumin’s face)
- Holy Fuck
- He loves it.
- He was nervous at first, but once it got used to him he was trying to dress it up and put glasses on it for fun (Fake glasses, at least)
- You’ve came home more than once with Noodle slithering around in Seven’s jacket
- “Does Noodle like noodles? Or chips? Or is it strictly poor little mice?”
- “Seven, if you try to give him chips I will hurt you.”
- Seven would most likely be the one to love it the most.

Women Like You- Thomas Shelby

*Some of you may have noticed that Peaky Week was interrupted and I really am sorry. Family drama and schoolwork pushed me away from writing for a bit, but I’m back now. I originally planned a surprise for you guys, but now I’ll post it tomorrow as an ‘I’m sorry’ gift. My geat friend @kill-thy-zombie-babies gave me this idea and I feel kinda bad for not putting as much time into it as I would have liked. Also, special thanks to @bonniebirdsgifcentre for the Tommy Gif. xoxox*


Your plan had not gone completely according to schedule. The strategy was to seduce your target- a despicable local politician who had gotten on the wrong side of a rich customer-, get him to take you home, and take him out quietly with the help of a gun suppressor. Everything went suitably up to getting to his home. You had caught his eyes at his third cousin’s wedding earlier that evening, and it didn’t take more than a flashy smile and letting him get you a drink to have him lusting after you. It was supposed to be a piece of cake, killing an unexpected target, but you could tell this wasn’t the first assassination attempt on him. Before you could even pull out your gun, he was reaching up your dress to search for your holster. Luckily, a good kick to the face got him down long enough for a hectic but fulfilled job. You tried to straighten out your appearance and prepare yourself for a casual exit, but before you were ready, you could hear a loud pounding on the front door, the police. That’s all it took for you to bolt out his apartment window and down the fire escape.

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1:27AM - Taeyong x Reader (M)

Originally posted by teeuai

Request: Hi! Can I request a virgin sub Taeyong (NCT) smut where you’re kinda younger than him but you’re the less innocent and more experienced one? Thanks! 

A/N: I had no idea if you wanted boyfriend or best friend Taeyong so this is a nice surprise yo. (I haven’t wrote anything as serious as this since my yusol..)

Warning/Content: Smut 

Taeyong, didn’t exactly strike you as a virgin; Usually he would be caught leaving the porn tab open on his computer by his room mate, Johnny and get teased by it later. 

“Dude you need to put the porn away and get laid” you and Johnny would tell him over and over. Problem being? Taeyong was inexperienced and actually blushed at the thought of having sex with another person. 

So one night, when you found him on your doorstep at 1:27am, asking for sexual guidance and how to please a girl you didn’t know whether to be surprised or not.

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so near to home and yet so far

for @actualsvenshirogane - some Altean!Lance fic for you, buddy my bud

If he’s gonna be honest, Lance is in a state of pseudo-shock, right now.

Everything in the past hour has just happened…so quickly, and now he’s standing outside his once-home, too scared to go inside.

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wreakedhavok  asked:

5 times we were never alone and the one time we were + Alex ❤️

Alex Summers + this prompt list

A/N: Karley my love I’m so sorry. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. @mvximoff @rax-writes wanna suffer too? anyway this is angst for days so enjoy y’all and also can anyone tell me what my damage is when it comes to water based metaphors bc idk wtf is going on there

inspired by (or something) neptune by sleeping at last

It was supposed to be just the two of you. It’s not, but it was supposed to be. You smile tightly at Alex across the room, across the sofa that is now too full of your boyfriend’s friends to fit you next to him. He smiles tensely, apologetically back at you. I’m sorry, his eyes say. I forgot you wanted it to be just us. I’m sorry. Your hands are cold as you twist and untwist the hem of your sweater, another mechanical smile pulling at your lips. The movie on but it’s just background noise for you. It’s fine, you’ll tell Alex later. It’s fine. It doesn’t matter. We’ll have time for us another night. Maybe you’ll remember it when you’ve had a less stressful week.

Maybe he will.

He probably won’t.

You don’t want to fight with him. You never wanted to fight with him, but it feels like you’re suffocating under the weight of things that don’t work about the two of you, and you’d swear you were never this incompatible before. Funny how things work out like that sometimes.

The movie plays on and you keep twisting and untwisting the hem of your sweater and stare blankly at the TV screen as you think of ways to avoid fighting when the others all leave for the night.

Raven is waiting by the door, hovering with tension evident in her face as you stare evenly back at Alex. You can feel the uncertainty radiating from her and you know she doesn’t want to be here, doesn’t want to have to be seeing this. It’s not her fault she’s seeing it, though.

“Alex, I told you. I can’t do tonight. I’ve been telling you all week that I’d be busy with the work function tonight.” Your chin is raised defiantly and you refuse to back down or to show the slightest sign of weakness. He sets his jaw and exhales slowly.

“It’s another party. Do you have to go to another party with the same twenty something people you’ve already met a hundred times-” he starts and you fold your arms.

“Yes, I have to be there, Alex. I have to go. I even asked if you wanted to go when it was first organised and you said no. Which is why Raven is coming instead of you,” you remind him, a little too sweetly for the apology in your tone to be genuine.

There’s a pause that echoes sharply, like something is fracturing, breaking irreparably. Something is changing between the two of you and you don’t want to think about it right now, so you just smile tightly and move to kiss his cheek and say “Another night, baby. I appreciate that you wanted time for just the two of us. Another night.”

You can feel him watching you as you turn on your heel and make to leave, taking hold of Raven’s arm as you let the door swing shut behind you.

“So, how are you two?” The question hangs in the air, like bait in the water as the shark circles below, just out of sight. You risk a quick glance at Alex, offering him the chance to answer first, unsure just how much of the damage the two of you are willing to reveal to the other people at the party. He meets your gaze and then as suddenly as if a switch has been flicked, he smiles brilliantly and turns back to meet Betsy’s eyes.

“We’re great. Things have been busy lately, what with work and everything, but we’re both doing fine, if a bit tired.” You’ve only met her once or twice before. She’s Warren’s girlfriend and she’s just trying to be polite. She wouldn’t have known just how loaded the question she posed was. Alex can feel the way your hand tightens slightly on his arm, and out of the corner of your eye, you can see the way his smile flickers slightly, can feel the way his arm tenses briefly. The well-practiced façade of ‘fine’ is tired. Is run down. Is barely believable.

The room is suddenly far too full and you wish you hadn’t come to this party. You don’t even know who’s hosting. Someone from Alex’s work. Someone you’ve probably met before, but can’t remember. Maybe if you remembered who was hosting, you wouldn’t be fighting with Alex like you are-have been. Alex’s body temperature has always run high, but right now his arm is ice cold under your touch, and you feel so distanced from yourself that you might as well be floating miles above everyone else.

The rest of the crowd is unaware of the tension rising between you and your boyfriend, but you feel it’s sharp talons dig into your spine and you know they’ll stay there until you’re home, until the wave breaks and the latest fight begins.

You’re tired-so unspeakably tired. You’re sitting in bed, staring at a book you thought you wanted to read and wishing you were somewhere else. You can hear the faint murmur of Alex’s voice in the next room, the low answering hum of Hank’s voice in response, but you can’t make out the words. You don’t think you want to. The exhaustion radiating through your body makes you feel like you’re sinking down into the mattress and you’re hovering right on the edge of dreamless, weary oblivion, but sleep isn’t overtaking you fast enough to outrun your thoughts. You don’t know when loving him got this hard. Because you do still love him, but these days, it doesn’t feel like loving him is enough to make things work for the two of you.

You haven’t fought much lately. It feels like you’re both tiptoeing delicately around each other, hoping that the feigned peace will last, hoping that if you pretend for long enough it might become real again. It won’t, and you both know it, and right now you’re too tired to let yourself cling to a false hope. Your hands are numb as you set your book aside and you shift onto your side, pulling the covers up to your chin and wondering idly if things could have been different.

Doesn’t matter now, though. Things aren’t different. Things are bad and you and your love and your exhaustion are caught right in the middle of it all. There’s a low sigh from the other room and you hear Hank say sympathetically “I’m sorry,” and you wish you didn’t know what he was apologising for, but you do. Or at least, you can guess. And you know it’s not Hank’s fault.

You sit back against the sofa in the coffee shop, warming your hands against your mug of hot chocolate as you tune out the voices of Sean and Angel, chatting idly beside you, your gaze fixed on Alex’s back as he waits in line for his coffee. It’s bittersweet as he glances back and smiles at you. You feel like you’re standing on thin, cracking ice, and there’s a pit in your stomach that reminds you of falling. You’re tired and so is he. The carefully engineered veneer of ‘fine’ is fractured almost beyond repair and you know your friends are all treading delicately around the both of you. The looks of sympathy from the others is almost more painful than knowing that sooner or later, you’ll have to call this whole thing off.

The hot chocolate burns your tongue a little as you take a sip and you wonder absentmindedly if Alex can feel the end looming over the two of you as clearly as you can. He glances back at you again, and the flicker of something desperate in his eyes tells you he can. Maybe that’ll make it easier. Maybe it’ll feel more like falling asleep than drowning when you both finally let go. You wonder if it would hurt less if you blamed him for it all. Even if it might, you can’t find it in you to put all of the blame on him. It’s your fault too.

The room is empty, except for the two of you and it feels like the walls might cave in. He’s right there but there might as well be a million goddamn miles between the two of you. You could reach out and touch him if you wanted to, but you’re afraid that if you try, your hand will pass right through where it looks like he’s standing. It doesn’t feel real. None of this feels real. You force yourself to meet his gaze, dragging your own from your feet, your head feeling like it’s full of cement.

“Yeah. I get it. We-it-yeah.” The words slip numbly from your lips, and you’re barely paying attention to your actions. “I understand, Alex. It’s okay.”

It’s not okay. It’s the furthest thing from okay, but trying to hold on, trying to prolong this would only make it worse. His brow is furrowed and his eyes are distant and glassy and you wonder if you look like that. Worse, probably.

“I’m sorry,” he whispers. His voice is low and hoarse and a little desperate. “I’m sorry I couldn’t be better for you.” His words are like a final plea for you to stop this, for you to reach out and take hold of him and pull him back to shore. You know that’s how he feels because you feel the same way. But you know this has to be over. It’ll hurt, but if you cling to this broken love you’ll only end up hating each other. You take a deep breath and square your shoulders.

“I’m sorry too. I hope-I hope we’re both happier after this.” This is the grown-up thing to do, you tell yourself. This is the right thing to do. It feels like you’re letting go of the safety raft, letting yourself drift aimlessly into the dark current. “I love you. I want you to be happy. And being happy means we have to call this off.”

Letting go feels a little like drowning, a little like falling asleep. It’s different to how you thought but it doesn’t hurt any less. You smile sadly at him and reach out to squeeze his hand. He’s real. His fingers flex under your touch and he lets out a long, shuddery breath. “Yeah,” he says almost inaudibly. “This needs to be over, doesn’t it?”

Your smile has jagged edges and you can feel your head slipping under the water, safety slipping from your grip.

“Yeah. It does.”

Glowing x Ashton Irwin

Word Count: 1743

Requested: Nope

Warnings: SMUT, Daddy kink, choking, references to subspace and I didn’t exactly proof-read yet either

Much love…

“Mm, Daddy’s little princess looks so pretty,” he muttered, calloused hands running over your bare body. Your hair rest in its natural state, sprawled across the satin sheets just as the rest of your frame was, “And your being such a good girl today, aren’t you,” he praised.

You began to tug lightly at your restraints, the colored glimmer of Christmas lights could be seen in a reflection on the eggshell ceiling. His smirk was one that you wanted to wipe from his face. He already had you whimpering and  hadn’t laid a hand on you.

“Answer me when I speak,” Ashton threatened, his former sweet tone had transformed into a harsher one. A single finger run down your leg before he brought a string of lights to your ankles, hooking it to the frame of the bed, “Do you like this, do you like that your wrapped up in shiny lights?”

“Yes Daddy,” flowed quickly from your tongue before you’d processed it. That’s what Ashton did. He has this sick power over you in which you lost yourself. Every inhibition was gone, you submitted yourself completely. It wasn’t a strange feeling though, it wasn’t much feeling aside from pleasure and mutual need but it was all too natural.

He was your dominant and you his baby girl, and he loved you more than anything else in this cruel world. There was always love, yet at times it was what one might see as tough love. That didn’t make it any less satisfying though. Ashton’s priorities always came down to your safety and then of course your pleasure. Everything you needed you had, anything you’d ever wanted, he made a point to ensure you that as well.

Nearly every night he had you willingly writhing under his fingertips, begging him to take you into oblivion. He never took advantage although that may have been what you wanted. You wanted him to break you, release you from your complex, wash it all away. He did that but in a very different manner.

You loved losing control, being taken care of for once. Of course it seemed selfish yet you’d grown to indulge in it although it was a harmless indulgence. Ashton was the man you loved, the one who thrived on pleasuring his princess even if it was in a compromising manner. One you’d grown weak in the knees at.

“Beautiful body that’s all for me, but she’s also got a beautiful mind as well. Not everyone is fortunate enough to possess it all, not like my little girl anyway,” Ashton continued, his right hand making stinging contact with your thigh. You groaned out softly although there was a reverse psychology within his action, “You like that, don’t you?”

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need a hand? - Joji

I’M BACK! Requested. You stumble upon Joji jerking himself off and he invites you to finish him, even if you don’t know what to do. He’s there to teach you. (also I have no idea how handjobs work, please forgive me V_V)


You’ve heard the noises—but that didn’t make you stop. You approached the sounds with an innocent curiosity, your pure mind not grasping the reality of the situation, the private time Joji was having. You only heard the moans as help for cries, as if he was struggling with something—the pants, as if he was struggling to lift something heavy. You stopped in front of the door, wondering what was Joji working on. ‘Must be for a new video,’ you thought and hesitated a bit from entering his bedroom. You came here uninvited, being bored, and decided to ‘annoy’ Joji a bit with your presence. You didn’t expect him to be busy and maybe you should just go home and leave him to it. You know how into it Joji can get when filming and you didn’t want to interrupt his flow of creativity.

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Advice | 2

fandom: SHINee
member/reader: Onew, female
genre/warning(s): CollegeAU!SHINee, smut, language, 
length: 2K+
summary: In which you tell your friend Taemin about your crush and he has some sound advice. prompt: “I sent a selfie of myself in the tub to the wrong number and you responded back with another selfie. Holy shit you’re really attractive.”
part 1 | part 2

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2AM - part 2 (A Minseok Series)

Your hand was on your deadbolt and you took a deep breath to steady yourself before you turned the lock.

Minseok was home. It was 2AM and he was knocking on your door. You didn’t even need to look through the peephole to know it was him. Of course it was him.

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anonymous asked:

could you do a nsfw scenario where dazai is giving a female reader oral under the table? (sorry your nsfw scenarios are jus so good >///<)

I live for that ;)

Pairing: Dazai x f! Reader
Genre: NSFW

Another boring meeting stood on the Agency’s doorstep. Things like payment, shifts and other issues would be discussed that day and like always, Dazai, also known as your lover, would skip that meeting. 
It wasn’t unusual for Dazai to skip important things happening in the Agency, everyone was already used to it.
You just finished cleaning the large, oval-shaped table everyone would gather at in a while. Already sitting down on your seat, a sigh escaped your pink lips; you definitively weren’t ready for another uninteresting session in your life, but some things had to be done even if they were equal to chores.
The brown-haired male seemed to have a sixth sense for you as he opened the door and his honeybrown eyes spotted your already exhausted body.

“Say, [Name]..” Dazai spoke in a devious voice, his hands being stuffed in the pockets of his trench coat. It already dawned on you; every time Dazai planned something, this kind of voice would reach your ears. 
The brunette detective flashed you a cheeky smile, went underneath the table and started caressing your calves, his eyes catching a shot of your [f/c] panties from underneath the skirt. 
“How about I keep you some company? But you have to be quiet!~” Dazai chirped in a happy-go-lucky tone and carefully pushed the chair you sat on closer to the table.

You probably shouldn’t have agreed on Dazai’s offer. But it was too late; Ranpo, Yosano, Kunikida, Tanizaki, Naomi and simply everyone was already in the meeting room sitting on their seats and greeting each other. 
“I think the Agency needs more candy.” Ranpo was the first to speak up with a bag of chips in his hand which was already half empty - or half full, in Ranpo’s opinion.
“You’d pay for that, right, Ranpo-san?” Yosano chuckled, already imagining how much Ranpo would pay just to get more candy than he already had.

Meanwhile, you were gulping down the lump in your throat as you felt chapped lips place kisses on your calves up to your inner thighs; each kiss was a bit wetter and sloppier. Long, slender fingers pushed your panties to the side. Even Dazai knew it’d be a bad idea to pull them down like he’d usually do.
A pleasant shiver rolled down the curves of your spine and lingered between your hips, your heartrate increased.
Dazai’s lips were adorned by a smirk as he cupped your womanhood with his hand, rubbing it very carefully and tenderly.
“I-I’m pretty sure we can delay this subject to l-later.” You chuckled sheepishly, trying to ignore Dazai’s company between your legs. “We have more important things to discuss, right?” [e/c]-tinted orbs darted over to Fukuzawa who nodded in agreement, grabbed a file and skimmed through its content.

There was little to nothing you could do to stop the slight throbbing between your legs. Breathing out a soft huff, the male between your legs knew exactly you’d struggle soon.
Dazai used his thumb to rub your clit in slow circles; your toes curled, legs tensed up as well as your spine. Oh, how much Dazai loved to gain that kind of reaction from you. 
The discussion above him was loud and heated. Perfect.
Grabbing your hips, you’re slowly pulled closer to Dazai’s face, his hot breath tickling your sensitive areas. 
Dazai removed his thumb from your clit and replaced the lack of touch with his tongue, dragging it through your moistened folds a few times. 
Pressing your lips together, you held in a moan and tried spreading your legs further apart. One silent glance towards your brown-eyed lover, one silent question to spread your legs..and it was denied.

“How about [Name]-san and I switch shifts?” Atsushi asked in a curious yet quiet manner. No one seemed to be against it, only your approval was missing. With your hazy mind, you weren’t able to completely focus on what was going on and only nodded your head, being afraid of moaning out loud if you opened your mouth to speak.
“Say, are you alright? You look like you’re having a fever.” Kunikida stopped scribbling in his notebook as he scrutinized your reddened cheeks and spotted a few sweat drops on your skin. 
It took all of your will not to make any sexual noise.
“I..I simply caught a c-cold..”
“Very well then.”

As a reward for such a plausible explanation, Dazai started happily sucking away on your clit as if it was his favorite candy. Giving it a few more kisses and kitten-like licks, Dazai pulls away to admire his work.
The sensitive bundle of nerves was already swollen and your arousal stained the chair you sat on. Placing his hands on your thighs, Dazai dipped his head back in, circled your entrance with the tip of his tongue and finally inserted his slippery muscle to thrust it at a pleasant pace.
In return, you gripped the table’s edge, small pants leaving your lips; to your luck, they were barely audible. Nails probably left light marks in the wooden table. 
Thanks to Dazai’s actions, you didn’t even notice that the meeting was close to coming to an end.

“Now we should discuss the payment.” Fukuzawa ended the previous discussion about switching shifts and carried on with everyone’s approval.
“I don’t know about you guys, but I’m fine with what I get per month.” A gentle smile was placed on Tanizaki’s lips, his eyes looked like they were searching for any kind of disagreement.

Dazai lowly growled from deep within his chest, mumbling how sweet you were; his nose pressing up against the bundle of nerves.
He made sure to let his tongue explore every angle he could possibly reach, the taste of your arousal made him more eager, greedier. Brown locks tickled your thighs as Dazai pushed his head closer to your dripping pussy, simultaneously nipping on the sides of it. 
Each shiver that rolled down your spine brought you one step closer to your badly-wanted orgasm, each suck and nip made you wanna go crazy.

“..with this being said, I end the meeting.” 
Finally. Every Agency member stood up and left the room. Atsushi was about to leave, but ever since he knew you caught a cold, the light-haired teen was worried about your health. “[Name]-san? Do you need anything?” 
Damnit. You had to answer this question. “I..just..need a minute. G-go ahead, please..” 
Atsushi smiled in a kind way, believed your little excuse and left the room as well, closing the door behind him.

As soon as the door fell into the lock, your legs were thrown over the chair’s arm rests and Dazai kissed your glistening womanhood, letting his tongue prod the entrance just to see you shiver and squirm.
“Ngh~ Let me c-cum, pleasee~” You kept your voice down and yet it was just as needy and begging as it usually was when Dazai did certain things to you. Given the situation and how well you behaved, your lover didn’t deny your little request. 
Dazai’s tongue picked up the pace, his fingers pinching and rubbing your clit. You leaned your head back, put your palm over your mouth and squuezed your eyes shut. The familiar tight knot in your tummy threatened to explode and you weren’t wrong about that. 
A few flicks and thrusts later, you released your cum all over Dazai’s tongue. Groaning, Dazai accepted your sweet juices. You moaned into your palm to muffle the sexual sound, arched your back, let your eyes roll. “Damnit..D-Dazai..~”

“Hmm? Someone seems to have enjoyed herself~” Dazai pulled away from his place between your legs, repositioned your panties and skirt and shot you a sweet grin as if nothing happened.
“S-Shut it, i-idiot..” Slowly but surely, you came down from your high, took a deep breath and sat on the chair like you used to during the meeting.
The suicidal brunette offered you a hand.

“Let’s get you home. After all, I must nurse you back to health~”

Boring Classes

requests: hey, so i was wondering if you could do one where tommy is the teacher (mr. sangster 😏) and you the student xx

Can you do a Thomas Sangster smut or am I in the wrong Tumblr Imagine? 😓 I know weird request much and you can make up your ownn storyline if you are going to make one. THANKS AND LOVE YOUR STORIES! 😘

warnings: smut

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