your lips are out of this world

it’s the little things. watching her move in that dress of hers, feeling your throat tighten up. when she comes too close and suddenly all the air evaporates out of your cells. watching her lips when she talks. the way her laughter makes every bit of you warm. like it’s going to be alright if you can just get her to smile. like how you can’t stop talking about her.

“you kinda love her, huh?” your friend laughs.

yeah kinda. yeah kinda. she makes the sunset rename itself and when she’s around you the world dresses up in better colors. yeah kinda. a little.

meeting you was the opposite
of the big bang;

here i was, a universe of my own,
full of stars and stardust swirling
around me like a tempest of creation,
so full of everything a girl 
could possibly dream of and yet,
somehow, empty,

too spread out. i’ve always wanted forever
at my fingertips without
fear of spreading myself
too thin.

but now, for all of those grandiose
dreams of extending into eternity,
you have condensed the world into
a single point: namely, the one
where my lips meet yours;

can’t you see what you’ve done to me?
you’ve taken a galaxy of a girl and
given her something to collapse into.
and now i am a single point of singularity,
of infinite possibility, only waiting for
you to set me alight.
—  creation in reverse | jocelyn

I long for you.

When I say that, I don’t just mean that I miss you. I don’t miss you; I yearn for you.

It’s like my heart strings are reaching out towards you, waiting for you to pluck them. Every breath of air from my lungs wants to scream your name, and my eardrums impatiently wait to hear my name come out of your mouth. My lips crave the taste of yours, and my tongue dances behind my teeth. My fingertips tingle in anticipation, waiting for you to put your hand in mine.

I need you, in every sense of the word. You are the oxygen I breathe and the sun that lights up my world. I long for you always.

"Bisexuality isn't real"

“I’m bisexual,” I say.

A sudden unease creeps upon your face. Your eyebrows knit together in worry. Something isn’t right.

“But -” you start. The rest of your sentence dies on your lips. You open and close your mouth, as if tasting the words before saying them. I begin to worry as the silence stretches between us.

“But -” you repeat, finally. “Bisexuality isn’t real.”

As soon as you utter the words, I start to fade. My skin rapidly becomes transparent and I can feel myself being lifted out of existence.

You are right. Bisexuality isn’t real. I wave goodbye to the Real World™ as my Fake Soul™ descends to Fake Bisexual Hell™, where all the Fakers™ end up.

You sleep better at night knowing you saved the human race from yet another liar.

Good job, you.

Sirius Black was the calm before the storm, that sharp intake of breath, the intoxicating feeling of euphoria as you throw your middle finger up in the air and scream fuck the world! He was leather jackets and bruised knuckles. The telltale muted thrum as you pass a concert venue. He was all about soft moans and gentle touches behind closed doors. The pale curve of a back against worn out sheets, innocent and challenging at the same time. Grey eyes that could burn your eyes and lips that could soothe the aches of a bad night. He was dangerously proud and confident but ridiculously understanding and loyal. Sirius Black was a contradiction in every sense of the word.

Remus Lupin was the smell of earth after rain, the warmth you feel when you hold a cup of cocoa on a cold night, the thrill that runs down your spine each time you enter a library and the comfort of sweater paws. He was also a hurricane when he was writhing in the sheets, silver scars glowing something fierce against soft skin. A mouth full of lightning that looks like sin but feels like heaven, with fingertips that drew lines of fire down a lover’s throat, thin hips with edges that could cut but instead, tasted of the sweetest things and a smattering of freckles in between his shoulder blades that spelled out hope, love and something that was a little too wild to comprehend. Remus Lupin was the boy who refused to give up on a world that gave up on him.


Batmom Series #1

Warnings: death, depression, mention of drowning

Word Count: 1136

Note: I have so many exciting plans for my Batmom series, but I wanted to start with this one that tugs at the heartstrings ~ K


Your head was submerged under the water of the shower, as you hoped it would drown out the sounds of the world. You wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between your tears and the water. It had been a while since you let yourself cry over what had happened and you only let yourself in the safety of your shower. You remembered it like yesterday.

“Y/N….” Bruce said warily as he came back with a body in his arms.

“Bruce who is that?” you asked afraid of the answer yourself.


With just the sound of your name leaving his lips you knew exactly who it was. The world collapsed around you as Bruce set your son on the table, and you cried out for him. The pain was indescribable; like someone had ripped away the gravity from your world. Blood-curdling screams dragged out between hyperventilated breaths, and Bruce shed tears from the sound of you. He had come over to put his arms around you as the two of you sobbed and mourned for the death of your child.

Everyone knew that you were different, the hollow look in your eyes, and the lack of true smiles that stretched on your face. The funeral had been one of the hardest days of your life, as you depended on Dick and Bruce as your life support.

“Mom I’m right here,” Dick said as he fell into your embrace. You cried as you held onto him; the only son of yours right now, and held tightly. “I’m not going anywhere.”

When Bruce brought home Tim and Damian, you accepted them with open arms and they became your next two sons. You loved them both every bit as much as you did Jason, but a part of you would always be missing.

It was one day when Bruce and Dick had just gotten home from chasing after a new crimelord that went by Red Hood. You were coming back from restocking bandages when you heard a quiet and rushed conversation between Dick and Bruce that made you stop for a second to listen.

“We have to tell mom,” Dick whispered harshly to Bruce.

“No it will absolutely destroy her and we’re not sure yet.’

“She has the right to know, it’s not fair to her or anyone else. Don’t get me wrong, she is a good mom to Damian and Tim, but you and I both know that she has never been the same since him.”

“We can NOT tell Y/N Dick.”

“Tell me what?” you asked as you emerged from the shadows of the Batcave, holding the bandages that you had gathered for Bruce. ‘What is going to ‘absolutely destroy’ me?” you asked with air quotes and emphasis on their repeated conversation.

“Dick…” Bruce warned as you could see Dick start to open his mouth to say something to you.

“I’m sorry mom,” Dick said in response to the light warning.

That was all that was said that night that left you with a million questions popping in your mind. What could Bruce be hiding from you that Dick wanted to tell you so badly? And what on Earth did it have to do with Jason? It wasn’t until a couple days later that you would find out.

Bruce had gone out again and by now it seemed like everyone knew, except for you. You were in the Batcave cleaning when you got curious as to what was on Bruce’s computer; it was seemingly analyzing something. It wasn’t your fault that the sequence was finished and you saw what it was. A loud bang filled the cave as you dropped what you were holding, seeing what it read.

Red Hood, the new crimelord running Gotham is your son. Your son, the one that died in an explosion caused by the Joker.

“You weren’t supposed to see that Miss,” Alfred said from behind you as he had come to see what the loud sound was.

“He knew and didn’t tell me,” you whispered to yourself. “He knew and didn’t let anyone tell me.”

“I’m sure Master Bruce had his reasons.”

“Reasons to not tell me that my son is alive?!” you raised your voice, immediately regretting it as it was Alfred.

“Y/N I had my reasons,” Bruce said hearing the tail end of your conversation with Alfred. “He’s not the same Y/N. He’s running the drug game.”

“I don’t care he’s my son. And Dick was right I had a right to know. You didn’t have the right to keep this from me, Bruce,” you told him as you walked up to him indignantly.

“I’m sorry it was for your own good.”

After a bit of silence, you finally said, “I want to see him.”

“That’s not a good idea.”

“I wasn’t asking,” you replied still upset that Bruce had kept something of this nature from you.

It had been several weeks since the last conversation you had with Bruce about Jason. You had watched as he and his father battled on top of the building that he had kept Joker in. You had seen all the headlines as people began to recognize him for working outside the law to clean up Gotham; for doing what Batman wasn’t able to. You had seen it all but you never expected to come into the Batcave and see him standing there in his new get-up. You walked up to him and put a hand to his new helmet.


He flinched away from your touch a bit and didn’t reply.

“Please…just…let me see that you’re real,” you begged him as tears welled in your eyes.

He sighed but reluctantly pulled off his helmet. It was undeniable that he was Jason. He had aged since the last time you had seen him of course, but you could recognize your son anywhere.

You held your breath and hesitantly put your hand up to his face, and rubbed your thumb across his cheek ever so slightly.

“Hi Ma,” he finally said breaking the silence that had filled the air since he had gotten rid of his helmet.

Tears fell from your cheeks as he grabbed you and pulled you into a hug. He had grown so much and was taller than you, and you could feel his own tears falling onto your head.

“I missed you so much Ma, you have no idea.”

Imagine going on a long drive with Calum; when you leave the sun is just setting and leaving a glow on his face making it impossible to look away. Him lip syncing to the over played songs on the radio, when he catches you his lips turn to a huge smile and he starts screaming the lyrics. His hand in yours, as he pulls up to a cliff overlooking the city you guy are in that day. Climbing into the back seat of the jeep resting your head on his chest listening to the sound of his heartbeat as you look out the window at the dark sky. Calum goes on and on about how much he’s loving this mini vacation he has with you, how he never wants this break to end. Drawing little patterns on your back, everything felt right in the world. Soon the music on the radio begun to fade out, as your eyes been to fall slowly. Thinking you were asleep Calum mumbled “I fucking love you.” A small smile formed on your lips gripping onto his shirt tighter. Falling into a gentle sleep.


pairing: jughead x reader

word count: 1,466

a/n: school is in three hours but this was so worth the effort

Only days before finals and the pressure of the world was upon your shoulders. Your eyes were stinging but you had to spend every last waking hour to shove all the possible information you needed in your head, there was no other option. You glare at your notebook with what seemed to be the thousandth calculus problem you’ve done, frustration was slowly building up in your chest as a groan escapes your lips because somehow you couldn’t seem to figure out this one topic. You bury your head into your palms and rub the sides of your head as you feel an impending headache set in. This little mantra repeated itself in your head: Don’t be a failure, don’t be a failure, don’t be a failu—your ears perk at the sound of your phone buzzing.

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Pastel!Dan and punk!Phil please? Maybe Dan introducing Phil to his parents and being like "We put up with your clothes but not this!" Just some homophobic parents and some really sweet Phil.

Title: Work In Progress

Summary: pastel!Dan is dating punk!Phil and finally comes out to his parents, but they aren’t exactly supportive, but Phil is there to comfort Dan.

Pairing: phan

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1,638

Trigger Warnings: homophobia


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Ok. Listen. Griffin. Mr. G McElroy. I’ve noticed you removing or disabling many of the BoB personnel​. So listen.

If you hurt Angus McDonald, the World’s Greatest Boy Detective, beyond a minor scraped knee or have him be plot-knocked-out only to show up at the end with his arm in a sling to bravely smile and hug his three terrible dads, I will come for you. You might think you’re safe because I am in the UK and you are in America, but that will not stop me, Griffin. I will board my boat and deliver myself across the sea to put my fist right in your face. Sock you square on the lips. Do not abandon my boy, Griff. Do not.

Pentagon To You Being Short And Trying To Kiss Them

Jinho: Honestly you are the same height as Jinho and you two kiss without struggle. And small kisses will take place anywhere and everywhere where he will hold your waist every single time he kisses you- and it looks so precious and cute to everybody because u both look like puppies. 

  Hui: Will grin and sort of fanboy alittle because you are precious to him as edawn. Doesnt hesitate to lean down to kiss you but sometimes will playfully pull back before you do plant one on him which you will of course end up either smacking him or not giving him one. “I was jokinggg give me a kiss.“ 

Hongseok: Cannot handle the precious and adorable thing in this world which is you and cannot believe you are his. Will most likely pull you in for a bear hug out of excitement and lean in to kiss your lips- then your nose and forehead and cheek(back and forth several times)basically love the shit out of u

 Edawn: You’d only a be a slight bit shorter than him since he himself isn’t tall so he’d make u try your best to kiss him as he looks down at you with a playful smile. ”You’re so close, these lips are waiting for you.“ You end up charging into the kiss and pressing your lips on his too hard. he will pull back all stunned and laughing like. ”Did you do that on purpose??“

 Yeo-one: ”You’re so cute.“ He will say as he grins, then holding you firmly by the waist and bending down to kiss you slowly but softly, pulling his face back afterwards only a slight bit so he can stare at you lovingly. 

 Shinwon: This boy is so rude, he will wiggle his eyebrows teasingly as he freaking tiptoes himself to get even taller. ”Catch these lips.“ ”Forreal you are an idiot shinwon.“ Afterwards will attack you in a hug as he kisses you right away, his arms all the way around your body, pulling you in as close as possible. 

 Kino: OKAY i wouldnt say hed do the most and kneel for you to just kiss him but Im saying he might kneel for you to just to kiss him. If you were sitting on a bench at an amusement park he will get down on one knee to fix your shoelaces and then look up and make eye contact along with a sweet ass smile of his, sending you signals that he wants you to lean in and kiss him (which you do).

 Yanan: Makes his signature baby shy smile as he has his hand in his coat pocket (with your hand in there as well for warmth) and lean down to let you kiss him (cuz there aint no way he brave enough to initiate it). Eyes closed but smiling into the kiss. 

 Yuto: Damn boy is really soft but when in public with you he gets these surge of manliness, wanting to impress you and people around him so he kind of has his arm around your neck almost into a headlock to initiate the quick kiss. You pull back all stunned like what just happened, with Yuto standing there like ‘I did that' 

Wooseok: Type to pick you up and have you wrap your legs around his waist and arms around his neck as he gives you small kisses 5 thousands times. Ends up giggling and spinning until you forcefully get down off of him yourself.

your hands;
a slow burn under my stomach
growing unbearable
uncomfortably warm, it itches
but my hands are tied up in yours

and you did make me feel beautiful
you said it over and over
spitting the murmurs out like sugar pills
until I started to sink into the words
taking them as gospel
from the lips of a goddess

I crave feeling needed
and it seemed like you really required
the warmth of my breath
and the iciness that always accompanies my fingertips
to bring your own heart to beating
but I should have seen how soundly you slept without me

you were my sunshine
you were my golden everything
that coated the world in a rosy hue
and promised only the best times ahead
you were heaven to behold
and I was luckless Lucifer

but I no longer see myself as helpless
nor you as the savior I waited for
for you are a storm, a poison to my system
wrapped up in the sweetest of smiles
and for the toxins we carried on our tongues and fed each other quietly
the only antidote is time

—  See, Someday I Won’t Belong to You (December 20)
Little ways to give yourself attention
  • Capitalise your name, and your I’s when referring to yourself. Like royalty, you’re worth the effort.
  • Wink or smile at yourself in the mirror as you pass it. It helps.
  • If you have the spoons, find little health and beauty tips you can add to your routines to make yourself feel special. My favourite is applying coconut oil and vitimin E around my eyes, and pawpaw ointment on my lips, even if I get straight back into my pyjamas afterwards.
  • Focus on a part of your body you enjoy. Give it some love. Admire even tiny things like the smooth skin on your ankle, or the freckle on your ring finger.
  • Take pictures. If you don’t like the way your face looks, take pictures of another part of your body. Be artsy and self-indulgent.
  • Daydream. Imagine you’re a world-famous superstar singing to a sold-out crowd with your favourite band as backup, or giving a sassy and well-timed response to someone who made you feel bad once.
  • Walk with your chin up. Straighten your back or default to first position when you’re idle. When you walk down stairs, glide your hand down the railing like you’re royalty. Own the space your body takes up, and make it beautiful.
There is a theory that in an infinite amount of time, about a trillion trillion years from now, the universe will end. All the atoms in the world will grow so far apart that there will be nothing left- and all the laughter, tears, and trials of every single human life will be wiped out. Just like that. But the look in your eyes convinces me, for a split second, that some things do not have a beginning or an end, and even if the universe flattens and chills out to complete nothingness, there will still be those eyes, staring at me. There will still be my chest, and my wrists, and my lips. Burning for you. And no matter how this world ends, or how it will begin again, this moment will stay. We will stay. Even if it’s the last, and only thing left the universe has to its name. We will be the stars’ last possession.
—  ap (1.22.16)

“That’s Y/N?” He asked Raven, his eyes never leaving your silhouette.

She chuckled to herself, noticing the shear amazement in his eyes. “Dude, you’re totally drooling.” She teased.

Alex swallowed hard, and wiped his mouth. Though nothing was there in the first place.

Before he could respond, you walked over to him, and smiled.

“Nice to meet you Alex.” You muttered.

He was taken aback, furrowing his brows. “H-how–”

“She can read your mind.” Raven stated.

“So, she’s one of us?”

You couldn’t help but giggle, still overhearing his thoughts. “Yes, I am one of you.”

Alex felt his lips twitch into a shy smirk. You were out of this world beautiful, and he was hooked. “You’re beautiful.” He breathed.

Raven, rolled her eyes and huffed. “Okay Romeo, I am taking this girl to meet Charles. When you’re done daydreaming, you can meet us.”

She started pulling you along with her, away from Alex and Hank.

The very second you stepped out of his view, he immediately smacked his hand against his head and groaned. “You’re beautiful?” He mimicked himself. “God, I’m an idiot.”

Hank shook his head, chuckling. “An idiot who has a crush.”

“Shut up.” Alex groaned.

in the light of the ancients

For @nipuni, Happy Birthday! I know I am not the only one who’s been inspired by your art. I am supremely grateful for and moved by your talent and your kindness. It’s been amazing to watch you create over the past year or so, and I wanted to write a little something for you. I know it’s not much, but I wanted to give you something to show my appreciation. I hope you had/have (it’s still the 15th over on my side of the world) a lovely day!

Inspired by your stunning piece of art <3

Nalia’s echoing steps are the only thing she hears as she walks through the sunken halls, the passages long-abandoned to time whispering with the faint promise of knowledge—if one only has the will to seek it out. A soft rasp of bare feet, brushing across the worn stone floor polished flat over millennia and covered in a thin layer of dust. Her breath ghosts from her lips and she tries not to shiver in the chill. If she could just pull her cloak tighter…

She lifts her right arm higher, fighting the phantom surge of pain where her left hand might once have twitched. Her jaw clenches as heat rises up her chest, old memories threatening to spill over the confines of her mind.

Here in this forgotten place under the earth, far from her friends and the remnants of the Inquisition she left behind, she feels him. More, perhaps, than she has in a long time.

He’s there in the etched murals on the walls, the touch of wind over her cheek, the lingering scent of smoke and parchment. She can feel him in the curl of her toes against cold marble, the gathered shadows that reveal more than they hide.

Part of her knows it’s imagined, but she clings to it all the same.

Down here, beyond the Deep Roads, at the edge of the world, she can see him retreating to seek shelter, to gather his strength and knowledge. Over the years, she’s searched for signs of him, traces of the man he used to be, before she met him. Before her world shifted on its axis.

She frowns at the idea of him locked away down here, far from the sun and the trees he so loved. The man she knew was more at home lying on a field of grass, fingers drifting lazily in the air with half-lidded eyes.

Her feet scuff against something soft, and she jerks to a stop. Her torch nearly slips from her grasp, but as she looks down, the flickering light of her veilfire illuminates grass growing over the stone. For a moment, she thinks she might be going mad, or dreaming.

But the memory of another place deep beneath the earth comes to her, where a Titan blossomed with red fire and the ground gave way to an endless, airy expanse of twining vines and light.

Her breath comes faster now, and she looks up, peering through the dim, slanting light of something up ahead. A towering statue…

Of him.

Almost as tall as the halls themselves, he rises over her like a beacon. Shafts of what might have been moonlight cross his marble face, coming from some source she can’t see. His hand is raised, in warning or greeting, she can’t tell, and he wears the garb of a scholar, a diplomat.

Her heart clenches when she sees what hovers in his hand—an orb. Not the one that broke at her feet, but another, larger. A replication, maybe.

She lifts her torch higher, takes a step without thought, trying to see more of him. Certainty pricks at the back of her mind, along with a bone-deep curiosity to know. Whatever he buried this deep beneath the earth, he made sure to mark his place, so that any who came would know Fen’Harel guarded the secrets that lay beyond.

She knows she should be wary, that this statue was meant to put fear in those who wished him harm, and hope in those who searched for another life. This is a statue meant to inspire and give pause.

But all she can see is him.

Wind brushes past her cheeks, carrying the scent of fresh air and trees. Sure enough, something peers through the darkness behind him, orbs of twining metal and magic.

The ghost of her left hand twitches again, and she exhales. Steels herself. Looks up one more time at the statue.

She recalls his face, not etched in white marble, cold and unfeeling, but soft, a smile tugging at his lips, a crinkle at the bridge of his nose.

“Hold on, vhenan,” Nalia whispers, shivering at the sound of her voice after so long in silence. “I am coming for you.”

I want to kiss you


I want to kiss you while all the world behind us fades into black
I want to kiss you without expectation
I want kissing you to be the only objective
I want your hands to wander and your breath to quicken
I want your legs to tremble
I want your chest to heave

I want to kiss until you’re smiling into my mouth
Until I’m laughing into yours
Until I sink my teeth into your bottom lip
Until I hear you moan out for me

I want to massage your lips with my own
My fingers kneading your hips
Roaming your sides
Grasping your waist

I want my tongue to tickle your lips
I want my tongue to dance with yours
I want to taste what else has touched your tongue
While making you forget anything else ever did

I want to kiss you
Until my lungs run out of air
And I have to breath through yours
Until you’re moaning into my mouth
Your body pressed to mine
Fingers tangled into my curls
Pulling me deeper into your kiss
Further into your kiss

I want to kiss you so passionately
That you’re engulfed into me
Totally ignorant to anything around us
I want the windows to fog up
I want the air to grow warmer and warmer

I want to kiss you until you’re dizzy
Light headedly dizzy
And then I want to pull away
Rest my hands on your hips
Rest my forehead against yours
And I want to ask you what the answer to 2+2 is
And I want you to be so over come you giggle my name in response

-Kiss You// DevBanfield

Bad Things

based off of Bad Things by Machine Gun Kelly and Camila Cabello

Bruce Wayne 

look whos finally writing wowowow 







“It’s complicated.” Your voice was soft as you explained your “relationship” with Bruce Wayne to your friend. 

The entire conversation you could only think about the night before. Bruce made you feel amazing, like you were the only person that mattered in the world. His lips left marks of scorching love, your nails left long lines of blisters down his back. He made you scream out in pure ecstasy, you made him weak in the knees. In the morning you saw the scratches on his back, and he saw the purple marks on your neck, yet you still left quietly without a hesitation. 

“He’s ruining you (Y/N),” Your friends voice was concerned yet stern. You could tell they only wanted what was best for you, but in your mind Bruce was the best. 

“We only do bad things together,” You rested your head in your hands, this man was truly tearing you apart. 

You loved the pain. Each morning when you left with bruises on your thighs the shape of his finger tips and a dull ache in your heart you smiled. So did he, just as you he loved not knowing what he was doing. Bruce Wayne was a mystery even to himself. When he would see you in nothing but heels his heart would skip a beat and when your fingers would brush over his scars his breath would hitch. You two basically lived between the sheets when you were together. You talked little and made a lot of love. 

“I want you forever, even when were not together,” Bruce’s voice was raspy when he spoke, your eyes grew at the words he spoke. He had never spoken in such a way to you, it made you shiver. 

You kissed his lips softly as your response. You didn’t dig your nails into his back and he didn’t bite your shoulder. Your touch was soft and his breathing was staggered. The connection was strong and the whirlwind of emotions made you want to cry. The man on top of you was confusing, the affection was so unique. Even when you thought you were out of your mind he somehow reeled you back in and made everything so much more complicated. 

Dating Crowley

Requested by: @thefrozencoelacanth

-Hellhounds and Demons constantly looking after you

-The Winchesters calling you Crowlette

-Having to constantly move locations and hide for your safety

-Wearing Crowley’s custom made shirts

-Sitting on Crowley’s lap as he sits on the throne because he doesn’t want you to be too far away from him

-The demons having to follow your orders, which don’t occur often since you don’t always know how to phrase what you want

-Crowley constantly giving you small kisses, no matter what

-On your cheek

-On the lips

-On the side of your head

-The back of your ear

-Being treated with constant luxuries

-Fancy food

-The best clothes the world has to offer

-”I love you, darling.”

-”Good morning my Queen”

-”Good night my sweet.”

-Crowley trying his best to hide secrets from you

-The Winchesters and Castiel always trying to find out what Crowley does through you

-Him showing you all his powers

-Having an anti-possession tattoo because he wants you safe no matter what

-Him holding on tight to you as you both sleep

-Him wrapping you in his suit coat when you’re cold

-Overprotective Crowley

-Him constantly reminding you that he loves you

-Constantly saying that you will always love him

-Being Crowley’s only weakness

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