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Resolution - [Extended Ending]

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Rating: Mature
Summary: The aftermath of your steamy night with your boyfriend.
Word Count: 1.1k
Genre: NSFW and some fluff.
Warnings: language, talks of sex and hickeys… is that even a warning?

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   The next day - Avengers Tower, Manhattan, NYC

When Steve felt the rays of the morning’s sunshine hit his shut eyes through the window, he slowly opened his eyelids and smiled at the sight next to him. Peacefully lying on your back with just your head peeking out of the covers, a small smile graced your lips while a hair strand was stuck across your face.

“It’s almost illegal to be that cute in the morning.” He chuckled softly and lovingly placed a protective kiss on your forehead.

Steve grabbed a paper from the nightstand and wrote something before, leaving the bedroom. He searched for his clothes in the mess around the sofas and eventually gave up on searching for his blue shirt. He went to the bathroom and took a quick warm shower as he tried to not wake you up. Memories of the night before came into his mind, as well as a sly smirk curled his lips.

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Bucky Barnes Imagine; Naughty Therapist.

This has a little more naughtiness than I imagined, oh well. Enjoy! 

Let me know if you’d like to see a little smut! 

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Steamy Makeout.

Word Count: I truly have no idea.

Request: Hello! A Bucky request where reader is his psychologist working for the avengers and plus she is his girlfriend but nobody knows about it since they can fire her of it. Somehow Steve and Tony finds about it and doesn’t tells anyone.

You have been called to a meeting with Fury, you walked in your black heels towards the meeting room, looking out the window, watching how the clouds floated on the air before knocking on the door. 

“Come in.” Fury’s voice said from inside, you opened the door, revealing Fury sitting down on the head of the table, his eyes on his laptop. 

You went inside, walking towards him as you stood aside of the table. “You called?” 

He nodded, closing his laptop before settling his eyes on you. “Please, take a seat Y/n.” he said, you sat down on the chair next to him, placing your hands on your lap as you fidgeted. “As you know, the Avengers are currently dealing with a lot of things, they’re becoming more and more stressed. I thought why not assign you to them? You know for a few weeks to see how you do and if you like it you can settle down as their personal therapist.” he commented, his gaze fixed on you. 

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Gang!BTS (Jin, Fluff)

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Jimin // Jungkook // Suga // V // Rap Monster // Jin

HEY WHAT’S UP, HERE IS SEOKJIN’S AU HOPE THIS IS ALRIGHT BYEE. I’m sooo excited for you to read Hoseok’s next!!!

Words: 2283

“(Y/N),” a voice whispered in the darkness, catching your attention as you stepped from the car. You nonchalantly closed your door, keeping yourself as far away from the street lamp as possible while walking to the back of your car. Drugs were always the easiest to transport, easier than weaponry and deadpan criminals. You were always sent out on this sort of job, exchanging drugs for money with other higher up gangs. Your group needed the money lately, and you had more than enough of everything to sell for a hefty price.

He walked from the shadows, almost like a cliche murder mystery film that was laughable. Seokjin grinned at you, watching you hoist open the trunk of your car and reveal stacks of cocaine in boxes.

“Oh, Seokjin.” You greeted sweetly, turning around. Seokjin walked to the back of where his car was, conveniently right across from the trunk of your car. He leaned on his trunk, crossing his arms across his chest.

“This is the third time I’ve dealt with you. When is Taehyung coming back?” You wondered, turning toward him. He had his head cocked to the side, a grin formed on his beautifully plump lips.

“Taehyung is busy on a job. Do you not like to see me anymore?” He wondered, hoisting himself off the car and coming toward you.

“Well, after the last time actually yes I would. You haven’t called me back, so I’m pretty much done with you. Is Taehyung really too busy to do his own job instead of making you do it?”

Seokjin sighed, running his hands down your arms as you met his eyes. “That sex happened…because we both thought we were going to die. Taehyung is too busy, trust me.”

“Is that how you think of me?” You pouted, brushing his hands away from your body. He pushed back, stepping so close to you that you could feel his breath on your forehead.

“Of course not. I just…you know how it is, Namjoon really hates us dating people with the same…occupation as us.”

“That’s not true and you know it.” You murmured, turning back around and picking up a box. Once you turned, Seokjin pulled it free from your grip. You took the initiative to open his trunk and watched him ease it into the car.

“(Y/N), I won’t lie,” he began. “I really like you.”

“You and many others, sweetheart.” You teased, resting a hand on his shoulder. Seokjin leaned down, pursing his lips as he leveled his eyes with yours.

“These illegal contents aren’t going to move themselves into your car, are they? Do you have the money?” You almost pushed him off, reaching back into your car to get another box. Seokjin nodded when you looked over at him, and he took the box again. The two of you continued to exchange boxes until there was none left.

“(Y/N), are you really upset about me not calling you?”

“Yes.” You admitted.

“I still have your number.” He attempted to defend himself. You merely laughed, turning around after you slammed your trunk closed. Seokjin had closed his as well, and he was holding the envelope of money. You tried to  snatch it away, but he didn’t let you.

“Seokjin, give me the money.” You scowled, reaching up to grab it from him. He was being completely unprofessional. You were tired of it.

“I will, but only if you promise to answer the phone when I call.”

“No way. You lost your chances to fondle my ass after ignoring me the first time. Give me the money before I’ll have to forcefully take it.”

“Oh, feisty. I like it.” He winked, before narrowing his eyes and pushing you against your trunk. You gasped, reflexively slapping him across the face.

He flexed his jaw for a moment, moving his head to the side while massaging where he got slapped. Your eyes caught swift movement from the corner of your eye, over Seokjin’s shoulder. You could see a gun.

“Oh my god…” You whispered, trying to keep your face as expressionless as possible. A gun was being pointed right at you and Seokjin, you weren’t sure what else might be lurking.

“What?” His voice lowered as well, as if understanding your new tone in a sense.

“Don’t move quickly… There’s a sniper being pointed to us right now. Smile, pretend like you have no idea…”

“You’re not driving back alone.” He decided, pulling away from you. His eyes met yours with dismay, and you nodded your head. You could see the wire from Seokjin’s ear piece hiding under his hair. Of course, the infamous Yoongi would’ve never let him leave without a device attached to him at all times. 

You placed a hand on his ear, clicking the almost invisible button to allow Yoongi to hear you. Seokjin moved his face closer to yours, trying to seem nonchalant by wrapping his arms around your body snugly.

“Yoongi, I know you can ear me.” You began in a quiet voice. “There’s people surrounding us with gun’s and we need some fucking help here…”

“He’s on it.” Seokjin whispered, and you dropped your hands into his. Seokjin pushed up both of your hands, resting your palms on his chest. You took a deep breath, before shoving him out of the way against his car.

“Get in the car, (Y/N)!” Seokjin instructed, jerking his head toward the passenger side and bolting. A shot from the gun hit your car, almost close enough to your arm to puncture it. Sighing, you gratefully hurried to the side of the car, blood pumping in your ears as you climbed into it with barely enough time before Seokjin revved the engine to life and was gone down the street with squealing tires.

“Who was that?” Seokjin snapped, yanking violently on the steering wheel to get over a tight corner. You almost fell into him, but he used his free hand to shove you back into place.

“I couldn’t see properly!” 

“Are they fucking following us?” He called out, turning his head for a quick second to see. Your hand flew to the back of your pants following Seokjin’s gaze out the tinted back window. There was a car hot on your tail, and you groaned loudly. You’d brought a gun as a precaution, no matter if you knew the one you were dealing with or not. Leaning from the seat, you pulled the gun from the back of your pants and rolled down the window.

“What are you doing?” Seokjin hissed, and you slapped away his hand that was attempting to pull you back into the car.

“I’m going to kill their asses. Focus on driving, I’ll fuck them up.” You snapped, leaning your arm out the window. You could scarcely see where you shot, but the familiar pang against glass was almost like music to your ears. Seokjin shouted profanities, telling you that if you got hurt he’d be hung.

“I’m fine- shit!” You called out, dropping your gun out the window as a shot from the other car grazed your arm. You pulled your hand back into the car, examining the fresh blood spilling from it.

“I told you! Take over driving, I’ll deal with them-”

“No, Seokjin, give me a new gun.” You commanded, hurrying into the back of the car, and almost falling by how hard he swerved. You held your still bleeding, stinging arm out but ignored it. It was barely a graze, you would survive after having much worse. Seokjin handed you the gun, and you held the button to get the window down. A shattering sound against the back window had you lowering your body to avoid being shot again. Glass shards were painfully sticking to your skin, but you could care less. Seokjin was yelling louder, now.

“After this we really better have hot I-was-about-to-die sex!” You snapped, and Seokjin exhaled, before letting out a fake laugh.

“You bet, but can you please get them off our tail? I can’t bring us back to the hide out if they’re following us.”

“What’s Yoongi saying about this?” You wondered, leaning out the window and shooting. There were 3 outlines in the car, and you aimed for the driver. Perfect shot.

The car tailing you and Seokjin began to swerve dangerously into another lane, and your next shots went right for the tires. You missed one shot, but still got two tires in the firing. You fell back into the car, and laid against the seats in the back. There was a loud crash in the distance, and you heard Seokjin sigh as he glanced behind him.

“How’s your arm? I’ll fix it up after we get back. We’re almost there.” Seokjin’s unsteady driving grew sane, but he still hurried from being caught by the police that would be sure to be on the scene soon. Great, how were you going to tell your boss you lost a car? You definitely couldn’t go back for it, without risking being caught and outing yourself to the government.

“I’m fine, just get us the fuck out of here.”

And he did. Seokjin got you to his hide out in good timing, because you were getting sick of the stinging in your arm that had grown worse. It wasn’t a worrisome wound, just an irritating one that made you want to break a few things.

Seokjin parked under ground, helping you from the car even though you didn’t want it. You were escorted by him to a room that smelt like a wannabe hospital, where he helped you fix your arm.

“Stop moving, (Y/N).” Seokjin murmured, trying to steady your arm as you flinched every time he picked out a piece of glass with tweezers. 

“I told you it’s fine.” You promised, running a hand down your now cleaned arm. Seokjin rolled his eyes, shaking his head over exaggeratedly while letting go of you.

“And I told you not to get hurt. Look who’s being a hypocrite.” He moistened his bottom lip with his tongue, getting up from his seat and walking toward a cabinet. Seokjin opened it, revealing long arrays of pill bottles and skimming over each of them with a finger. He pulled free a small yellow bottle before throwing them at you.

“Take those once a day for your arm. Keep the bandages I gave you and don’t forget to change them before you sleep every night. Come over here if you need help with it, you are pretty clumsy.”

“Wow, thanks so much. I have my own ‘doctor’, though. I don’t need your high end drugs for a little pain.”

Seokjin turned, walking back over to you, taking his sweet time. You attempted to jump down off the table, but he held your thighs. “I insist.”

“I already said it’s fine…Stop helping me so much. What do you want, me to pay for your back window to the car?”

He shook his head, running his hands up your thighs slowly. Every place his fingers touched left a tingling sensation running through your body. You shivered, placing a hand on his chest to get him off. Seokjin leaned closer, parting his lips. His face drew closer to yours, hands tightening on your thighs as you froze in place.

“Seokjin are you done helping (Y/N) o-” Yoongi walked through the doors, pausing at the sight before him. Seokjin stepped away from you, warily pulling his hands off of your body and placing them behind his back.

“Oh, oh shit.” Yoongi backed up slightly, furrowing his brows. You spotted the hint of a smile on his face before he held up the same envelope Seokjin had once. “I have the money.”

“Perfect. Now,  I should probably go.” You hopped off the table, not looking back to see Seokjin as you snatched the envelope from Yoongi. He tipped his head toward you, letting his hand flop back to his side.

“(Y/N),” Seokjin placed a hand on your shoulder as you walked down the hall, stopping you in your tracks. Yoongi wasn’t far behind you, but you could tell he didn’t really care about what was happening in front of him.


“I’ll drive you home.” He deemed, wrapping a jacket around your shoulders. You shook your head firmly, backing up.

“It’s fine, I’m not too far away from here actually.” You promised, shrugging out of his jacket. Still, Seokjin insisted, pulling it back around you. He patted your head gently, slinging his arm around your shoulder.

“Let me drive you home.”

“I…Fine. But keep your jacket, I have no way to give it back to you.” You urged, ready to pull it off once more but failing when Seokjin held it onto you.

“No, you’ll manage. I want you to give it back to me on your own time. I own a bakery upstairs, come see me when you can.” He began to steer you toward the staircase, bringing you upstairs to a dark, sweet smelling kitchen. Jimin was in there eating some banana bread, and he waved at you with full hands.

“She lives!” He spoke up, almost spitting the moist bread all over the spotless counter. Seokjin rolled his eyes, pushing you a little faster so Jimin couldn’t stop you again.

“Seokjin really…I’m not mad anymore about you not calling me. This is so childish, let’s just stop. You said yourself Namjoon didn’t like you dating people like me and you.”

“No way,” He opened the door to the outside world, and a gust of wind blew past the both of you. “I’m a criminal, why the hell should I listen to something so petty?”


with every step and jump, with every twist and dip, and with every sway and swirl, you’ve expressed yourself without uttering even a single word and to be honest, i don’t think words are enough for you to let everyone know how much you want it, how no one wants it more than you do and that’s what makes your dance the most beautiful of them all. you’ve waltzed into everyone’s hearts with your powerful moves and graceful twirls but you’ve snugged yourself in when you showed how genuine you are. your laughs that are distinctively louder than everyone else, your smiles that are brighter than the sun, even your tears that tug at every heartstrings and then you turn and spin everyone on their axis by curving your lips into a sinful smirk, moving your body in an almost illegal way, and looking like you know something that nobody else does. but that’s what makes you so endearing and special. you’re always so grateful to every one but the only one you should be the most grateful to is yourself. 

never stop standing on stage like you were meant to be there and continue the dream you have been longing for since the start. it’s only right for you to claim everything you deserve because you’ve earned it and there’s only more for you in this world and nothing less. I love you so much, my two left feet could almost dance. happy birthday to the one and only dancing machine, our precious Kim Jongin. #HappyJonginDay #종인아생일축하해

Stay safe

Request: Kiwi anon heeeeeere! I had my first ever tattoo done yesterday. Can I get a samxreader where he finally sees it (on their wrist) after they’ve been wearing long sleeved jumpers and wants to know the meaning behind the phrase.

I’m sorry it took so long. Hope you like it, my dear Kiwi anon; for some reason I feel I might not have gotten this one right.

As always, let me know what you think, guys (and if you want me to tag you in future fics – or if you want off my list. That’s alright too.)

Word count: 2.640

To the common, passive bystander, it might have looked something like this: a crazy chick screaming and launching herself at a pale and deformed guy without reason, before being struck in the shoulder with surprising force and sinking to the ground, and then a seething, plaid clad man setting said creature on fire.

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1D Preference #54: He flirts with you...


“Hey there,” a curly haired brunet gave you a nod, “I’m Harry. Harry Styles.” You raised your brows, returning the nod and trying hard to keep in a laugh. “And I just wanted to know: Did it hurt when you feel from Heaven?” There was a snort from behind him which caused you to laugh at his flirting. The blush on his face told you he was being sincere, but still. “Good try, love.” You smiled prettily at him and patted his hair.


"Hey, love,” a boy with a mischievous smile and bright blue eyes said from above you. You looked up at the boy from the pool ladder to smile, “Uh hi?” The wind hit you hard as you stood in the shade, dripping wet from the pool. “Are you cold, love?” The pet names were going on thick for someone you didn’t know. When you didn’t respond, he took the towel from around his waist to give it to you. “Here you are, darling. Don’t want a lovely girl like you getting too chilly.” You reached to take it, still unusually speechless and blushing hard. A whistle went off from the other side of the pool. “Y/N, practice is still going on if you’d care to join!” Your swim coach yelled. You looked at the boy regretfully and he shrugged. “I’m here all day, love.” Your cheeks heated up as you turned away from him, a small smile on your lips.


“I reckon it must be illegal looking the way you do tonight.” A strong accented voice said from beside you. You turned to tell him off for checking you out like a piece of meat. When you saw his high cheekbones and light brown eyes, you had absolutely no words to say. He was gorgeous and he was flirting with you. You opened your mouth to respond but there were still no words. “Let me buy you a drink.” You nodded encouragingly at the beautiful man. “Yes definitely, do that.” The man chuckled lightly at your word vomit. “I’m Zayn.”


“So that’s,” the guy behind the register rattled off the 10 cups of coffee the bleach blond guy in front of you had ordered. You crossed your arms and rolled your eyes. There was nothing you hated more than hold ups before you’d had your morning coffee. “Yes, all that and,” he peeked behind his shoulder at you, “whatever that beautiful woman wants.” He smiled at you as he scooted over to let you order. You gave your order without hesitation or thought and went towards where the blond was. “So,” he leaned against the counter trying to look cool, “come here often?” “Oh god,” you rolled your eyes.


“I reckon I haven’t seen you around here before?” You looked up from behind the counter. In front of you was a Beckham lookalike in a backwards snapback with a pile of books stacked in front of him. “I reckon you’re here to check out not flirt?” He eyed you, a nervous gleam in his eyes before running a hand through his hair. “I thought I’d at least try. You’re cute and you have a really good book beside you so I just went for it. Points for trying?” A laugh and a smile from you brightened his nervous expression. “I get off in twenty minutes. Wait for me?” You asked as you began ringing up his items. The boy nodded eagerly, a genuine grin on is face and a twinkle in his eyes.

A/N: Obviously the newest preference. Please request new prompts as I am running out of my own writable ideas. Hope y’all enjoyed!


No but in all seriousness, is there a support group yet for this man’s fucking face or am I expected to just deal with it?

Boats & Bridges

Michael Clifford   rich boy!au

A/N: For the sake of the plot, you have a brother and like Luke’s, there will be names. Feel free to switch them! (also football=soccer)

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You looked down at the cars speeding down the highway, your legs swinging off the bridge you held herself on. The evening breeze flew across your face as you breathed in the city life. Your fingers wrapped around the metal railings that prevented you from falling into the metallic rush below, your free hand twirling an unused lighter in its hold.

It wasn’t uncommon for you to disappear in the randomest times, as you lived under a roof where your presence wasn’t necessarily adored, nor graced upon. You had the luxuries of a millionaire and yet you couldn’t find happiness in all that was given to you. 

You stayed still, watching the whizzing of the vehicles beneath your figure, before deciding it was time to head home, as the sun was already beneath the horizon and street lights were beginning to turn on for the night travelers. You stood up and dusted your uniform skirt, as you had gone straight to the bridge the second the dismissal bell rung, and grabbed your knapsack before heading down the bridge, thumb mindlessly clicking the lighter on and off, on and off.

You passed by the trees before you heard a distant shouting of some sort behind the greenery. Your feet dug into the dirt before you turned your head once you heard the revving of engines. Your curiosity piqued so you did what any other nosy person would do- you headed towards the noise.

The screaming and the cheering got louder as you neared and you were faced with a hip-height metal fence that separated you from the crowd surrounding the engines in the canal 50 or so feet away. A small gasp escaped your lips as you took in the scenery.

You’ve heard stories of illegal drag racing before from your parents (as they were lawyers and have had their fair share of lawsuits containing reckless teenagers drag racing) and from rumors but never in your life have you actually thought you would manage to stumble upon one.

Two cars pulled up to what seemed to be a makeshift starting line and that was when the cheering intensified. You suspected that the drivers of the two cars present were somewhat a big deal if the excitement was this big, so you waited it out. 

You looked behind you to see if there was anyone that followed but you were relieved when all there was were the drooping branches of a tree with its leaves covering any outsiders to know what was going in behind. You turned back to the crowd and felt her heart rate pick up when you noticed that one of the two cars was one you’ve seen many, many times in the school parking lot. The sleek black Tesla was one that couldn’t be missed.

And as suspected, the familiar mop of bright red hair that unmistakably belonged to a very infamous Michael Clifford emerged from the hood, a worn out leather jacket adorning his body instead of the usual black, red-trimmed blazer you usually saw him in when you pass in the halls. You watch him closely, and judging by his body language and the vibe the crowd was giving off, this obviously wasn’t his first rodeo and he’s been doing this for who knows how long. 

You hear the familiar tone of a phone call, snapping you out of your thoughts as you whip out your phone out of your bag, accepting the call without checking the caller ID.


“It’s half past 6, Y/N, where the hell are you?”

You bit her lip, and cringed at the sound of your brother’s voice over the line.

“Vi, shit, I lost track of time-”

“Well, you better hurry it up then.”

You kept her eyes trained on the red head as you huffed in frustration at the tone of your brother.

“Why are you so eager to get me home? This isn’t the first time I’ve stayed past curfew and it definitely isn’t the first time I’ve had to sneak into the house. And need I remind you I’m always successful,” you retorted back, starting to walk backwards, away from the scene of the drag race so your brother wouldn’t hear the loudness and suspect where you were.

“Jus’ don’t want ya to get in trouble, is all.”

You chuckle as you start your trek back home, following the path you’ve walked down since year 8.

“Always very caring, aren’t you Xavier?” you tease, climbing over a fence to get to the shortcut you usually use to get back home. You could practically hear him rolling his eyes on the other end of the call.

“Just get your arse home, would ya?”


The next school day was pretty uneventful, seeing as the previous night’s discoveries overtook your thinking processes. It felt weird to pass by one of the school’s most popular students and know one of their deepest secrets.

Drag racing, at your school, was seen as taboo, something only “punks” and “nerds” would do, according to most of the student body. Although considered badass, it was seen as dirty and only something lower class teens would do, so imagine your surprise when you saw the one of the most popular kids participating in a drag race, and then noticing that it wasn’t the first time.

You were tempted to share with everyone what you saw, but they wouldn’t believe you. You were just another meteor floating around the universe that was your school, while Michael Clifford on the other hand, was a planet.

Michael indulged himself in the luxury of fame as he ruled the hallways with his two best mates, as their parents were the school’s largest donors and being on the football team contributed to their agenda. He was tall, attractive, charming, and frankly a musician so it was no surprise that he could win over anyone from the whole school, even with his crazy hair-dyeing habits, which apparently also attracted him to both girls and boys alike.

“You’re a little out of it today, Y/N,” you hear a voice say next to you. You turn your head to be faced  with your best friend, Ry, who just looks at you with a concerned look. 

“I’m fine. Just didn’t get enough sleep last night,” you reassure her, sending a small but genuine smile her way. She shrugs at your answer before disappearing into a whirlwind of stories of everything that happened in the span of 12 hours, while you nod as you grab your materials from your locker.

Ry continues talking as you head to class and you freeze when Michael himself is standing no less than eight feet away talking to one of his best friends, Calum Hood, captain of the football team, whereas Michael was striker.If this was like any other day before the discovery, you would’ve just carried on and ignored him, but now you couldn’t keep your eyes off him.

You could see a little soot covering his fingertips, and his hair seemed tousled naturally by the wind. You duck your head down as you enter the classroom, bidding a goodbye to Ry as hers was right across the hall, settling in your seat as you shake away the scene you have stumbled upon plastered permanently in your head, and you suddenly felt a weight settle on your shoulders.

The bell rings, signaling the start of class and the last of the students file in. You snap your eyes up as your instructor begins talking, but Michael was in your same line of vision and your eyes stay on him, before he was about to look at you as he sat a few seats in front.

Had you kept your gaze linger a little longer you would have seen him staring back at you.

hadn’t written in a long time so there you go. hope it wasn’t as shitty as I think it is as I wrote this at 1 AM.

feedback would be nice, btw :)

Part 2