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To Love Yourself the Way I Do

Request: Anonymous said: Can you pls do an imagine loki where he comforts female reader when she’s sad\down about the way she looks? Thank you. ♥ 

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Words: 570

A/N: I hope you all enjoy this! Anon, I hope this is good, I hope you like and enjoy this! <3

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You stared in the mirror as your eyes started mapping out your imperfections. Your brain was easily cooperating when it came to this.

The dark voices from the inside told you to hate every inch of your body. To hate how your legs didn’t look like a Victoria’s Angel’ ones, to hate how your lips weren’t so plump and smooth, or how your belly would stick out a little when you sit down.

Nevertheless, those thoughts did not hurt as much as it hurt to think that the person you loved with your whole heart and soul, would see you as an unattractive mortal and nothing more.

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Midas is king and he holds me so tight

And turns me to gold in the sunlight

I’ve gotten some questions on what the @crossingscomic angels look like.


Angelfamily Dinner Conversations
  • Genesis: Dads, can I go wreak havoc on earth?
  • DeBlanc: yes of course
  • Fiore: NO YOU CANNOT
  • DeBlanc: ................Fiore
  • Fiore: Yeah alright, but ONLY A LITTLE HAVOC

tell me, agamemnon

tell me of the wild kingdom you reigned over
how the sun never sets upon your empire
how the angels’ wings decayed like the
remains of ashes in your ghostly cathedrals.

tell me of the time you led the journey of ten years
and how the ocean swept the stars that
twinkled in the expanse of the sky into
its voracious arms.

tell me of the helpless daughter you sacrificed
to the goddess for the sake of your battleships
and the blood that encrusted upon the sand,
and how her blood was strength and innocence lost.

tell me of the dangerous queen you left behind,
the deadly belladonna with an angelic smirk
she braided fire into her hair when you weren’t watching
and hid a spear beneath her mattress for you.

—  tell me, agamemnom |(P.V.)
Kitchen (M - Hoseok)

*Hobi is always welcome in my kitchen….*

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Word Count: 1,648 words

You were his sunshine; the only thing that he knew would always make him smile. Your smile was heaven sent, your laughter was melodic and your beauty was ethereal. How did he get an angel like you into his life?



“Pay up, Kookie.”

“What are you two talking about?”

“I betted that you were daydreaming about Y/N because you had a silly grin on your face.” 

“Yah!” Jimin took his money from a sulking Kookie and ran away before Hoseok could punch that brat. 

“Hyung! I get that you love Noona but all the time?” 

“It’s because he’s whipped, Kookie.” 


“What? It’s true.” His phone buzzed in his pocket and he checked the message from you

[From Angel]

Are you still coming over dinner? 


“Did Y/N cuss you out for forgetting to buy her something?”

“Again, Hoseok?” 

“It was one time and no, that’s not it.” He grabbed his coat, leaving to find a florist. He knew you had a favourite flower and he set out to find a bouquet with a bunch of it. He went to a few florists, freaking out a bit on the inside when he couldn’t find it. He went to the third florist shop he could find, finally finding the bouquet with your favourite flowers. The florist smiled at his evident nervousness and chatted with him.

“That’s a beautiful bouquet, girlfriend?” 

“Yeah, she’s pretty much my whole world.” 

“Aww, that’s so cute. I hope she’ll love it.” He quickly paid, rushing to your apartment and knocking on the door. You opened it, wearing what seemed to be just his sweatshirt and underwear. No shorts. He gulped, trying to swallow the influx of sinful thoughts that just occurred to him.

“I didn’t expect you be over this quickly…”

“I could leave and come back if you want- I mean I did come too early, didn’t I-” 

“Hoseok, it’s fine. Just come inside, although you’re going to have to wait for dinner.” You let out a little giggle at his rambling and he relaxed. 

“I don’t mind.” 

“Make yourself at home, then.”

“I bought you some flowers…” 

“Aw, you didn’t have to and you got a bouquet with all my favourites.” You sniffed them with a smile and kissed his cheek. He covered his cheeks, praying that he wasn’t blushing. 

“Thank you, Hobi. Now, I really should start on dinner.” You placed them in a vase with water quickly and he sat down, attempting to watch TV to pass the time.

He watched you walk into the kitchen, scanning your butt and your smooth legs. Your skin must be soft based in the way they looked, he wanted to feel them resting on his shoulders. He wanted to see underneath the loose sweater, imagining what kind of underwear you would wear. Was it a pure white, the embodiment of pure innocent, maybe a sultry red, or even a sexy black? Did you wear lace, satin or sheer panties? He could just imagine the way your panties shaped around your perfect ass. He could tell how your bra perfectly cupped your breasts, concealing your nipples. 

You teased him unknowingly, the loose sweater exposing half your collarbone and he wanted leave hickeys against your clear skin. He fantasied about the purple bruises against your skin, the soft moans that would escape your lips while he sucked on your sweet skin. How could an angel like you give him such sinful thoughts? 



“How long until dinner’s ready?” 

“Hobi, it’s only been 5 minutes?”

Thinking about you could make years go by. 

“5 minutes?”

“Come get a snack, if you’re really that hungry.” He skipped over to the kitchen, catching you bending over to grab a pan. He caught a lovely glimpse of your panties, reveling in the soft cream color of your panties. You turned to the stove, glancing over to where he stood and dropped the pan. 

“Sweet Jesus, Hobi. Don’t stare at me like that…” 

“You just look really pretty.” 

“I’m wearing your sweater, not an ounce of makeup and my hair is a complete mess.” He stepped into the kitchen, his socks against the cold tile and he stood in front of you. 

“I know it sounds cliché but you’re absolutely gorgeous.” 


“I like this side of you much better.” He brushed stray strands of hair behind your ear and looked at you. You bit your lip, silently driving him even crazier than his thoughts did. He could feel the twitch of his cock in his jeans but he simply leaned in to kiss you. Your lips were addictive, making him yearn for more than just your lips. He let his tongue taste yours, making sure he could remember the taste in your mouth. He switched to open mouth kisses, not letting his lips leave yours for more than mere seconds. 


“We don’t have to go far-I don’t want to push you into anything-I mean-“ 


“Sorry.” He lifted you on the counter, his fingertips slowly gliding up your legs and he marvelled at how soft they actually were. You were letting him experience all his dirty thoughts about you and he was going to make sure you enjoyed every second of it. He pulled the sweater over your head, exposing the matching cream bra you wore. He eyed you for a bit, taking every inch of this breathtaking sight that was you.

“Hoseok… don’t stare.” 

“You’re stunning.” He muttered against your skin before he sucked on the sweet flesh of your neck. You moaned his name while he created more hickeys along your neck. He marked your beautiful collarbone; your hand flew to his hair and tugged at strands of his hairs. 


“Ye-” You pulled the collar of his shirt, pulling his lips on top of yours. He put his energy into kissing you while you unbuttoned his shirt. You simply slid your hand down to his crotch, stroking his hard bulge and he groaned in your mouth. 

“Not so fast, baby.” 

“That’s not what your body’s telling me, Hobi.” You leaned over to press your lips against his ear before nibbling on his lobe. He felt you squeeze him a little to hear him groan again and you stroked him harder.

“N-Not like that..” 

“Tell me, Hobi.” His fingers dug into the skin of your hips as you continued to pump him. You stopped only to hop off the counter. He watched you get on your knees in front of him and unzip his jeans, pulling his cock out of the fly. 

“So hard..” 

“Fuck, baby.” 

“I’m just getting started.” You gave his shaft kittenish licks before licking the tip of his cock. He watched you slowly begin to suck on the head of his cock and you looked up at him while you did so. You two never broke eye contact while you solemnly sucked on his tip and he pulled out the hair tie, letting your hair flow freely. He held it back for you, not wanting you to fix it constantly and he eased your head onto his cock. You bobbed your head to your own pace, ignoring his hands that tried to guide your pacing and speed. 

“Just like that.”

He felt his tip tickled the back of your throat, loving the way you were blowing him. Your tongue swirled around him, layering his cock in your saliva and pumping his cock with your hand. He stopped you, feeling his cock beginning to twitch. You got up, hoping back on the counter and he hooked at your panties. He slipped them down your legs and pulled his face close to your face. You glanced at his lips before he moved down to your bra. He slipped it off you, kissing your shoulder as he removed your straps.

“You’re all talk, baby.” 


“You were soaking wet for me, huh?” He kissed your jaw before he moved to eye level with your pussy, teasing your clit. You moaned his name while he spread your lower lips open and slowly licked from top to bottom. You were deliciously wet; the taste of your juices was the sweetest thing that ever touched his tongue.  He could eat you out for hours if you had the stamina but judging by the way your voice cracked and the hard tugging at his hair, he knew you wouldn’t last long 


“Bend over the counter for me.” You did so, your ass arched out for him and he teased your hole with his tip. You whined, wanting him to quit teasing and bury himself deep inside. He fell prey to his own teasing, unable to hold back and thrusted himself into you slowly. You cried out to the feeling of him inside you and he wiped the little tears in the corners of your eyes. 

“Am I hurting you?” 

“I am fine… Y-You’re so big, Hobi.” 

“Move, please.” He started slowly, making sure he really wasn’t hurting you before finding a faster pace. You gripped the counter hard, screaming him name shamelessly and grinding your hips. He gripped your hips, making you feel more of his cock and you threw your head back.


“So good, baby.” 

“G-Give me more…aahh..!” His hips worked to your command, going faster and deeper than before and making your voice crack once again. You cursed under your breath and his name constantly slipped past your lips.

He kept coming, feeling your pussy beginning to tight around him before you hit your orgasm. Your legs trembled, making him hold you up and he kept thrusting until he found his euphoric orgasm. He pulled out of you, thanking his earlier self for carrying a condom around with him in his back pocket and he tossed it in the rubbish bin. 

“I think we can skip dinner, I’m pretty full now baby.”

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  • Trafalgar Law: Life fucking sucks
  • Oda: Don't worry, soon you'll meet your guardian angel
  • *A few chapters pass*
  • Oda: How you liking your angel
  • Trafalgar Law: I think mine's broken he keeps falling down
  • Oda: Well of course he falls a lot how do you think he got here
  • Corazon: Don't worry Law with the help of this table and this wall I'll pull myself up and be ready to go to the park in no time
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