your like an angel how

Did anyone say idiotic fluff prompts?

‘I heard a high pitched whine and ran in to see you crying over a picture of a kitten and a puppy hugging yes i know that is cute but are you okay’
alternatively: ‘I started whining with you’

‘Hey I noticed you were down so here’s a box of kittens don’t ask me where i got them but we gotta return them before sunrise no it wasn’t illegal shhh h’

'Yes I killed this man but he was a bad owner and now his animal is mine and perfectly happy so I don’t see the problem’

'Are you reenacting Bet In It from High School Musical as a way of making this decision?’

'You’ve been wearing gym clothes all day but haven’t moved at all what do you mean its a 'mindset’ no you need to actually move’

'Can you take this seriously what no i don’t care if there’s a dog this is a crime scene’

'It was a normal day until you rolled in blasting the 'maria hee maria ha’ song and I’m so done’

‘If you don’t stop singing ‘Poker Face’ I will make sure you will have no flippin face’

‘Person C playing ‘Pony’ every time Person A and B have a moment of sexual tension’

‘Is that an alligator?!’ ‘Hey, show some manners, his name is Lieutenant Fred!’

‘I made a blanket fort and you can’t come in unless you admit I’m the best and my moves are the funkiest’

‘I know how to settle this; DANCE OFF’

‘Will you stop stroking my hair and whispering ‘my precious’?!”

‘What’s your favorite book?’ ‘Fifty Shades of Gray’ ‘Okay, another question, are you trying to make me shoot you?’ ‘Yes.’

‘Did you seriously learn the book word-by-word and do all possible research just to be able to sass your teacher when he thinks you don’t know anything?’

‘I stole your seat and in retaliation you sat on me’

‘You know, you’re not supposed to EAT THEM ALL AT ONCE, YOU COULD DIE’ ‘Your skin is like a pillow, are you an angel?’ ‘Great, now you’re high’

‘How many coffee’s did you have???’ ‘At least eleven’

‘Help me find my shirt’ ‘You know, as much as I want to…I don’t want to.’

‘Would you stop chatting with the fricking enemy

‘Are you eating a whole jar of Nutella in one sitting?!’ ‘I have problems leave me be’

‘Why am I the only sober one at this party and you’re completely wasted and clumsily flirting with me god at least you won’t remember my blushing’

‘You can’t just use ‘I have problems’’ as an excuse for everything!’

‘Did you just bake 20 fricking breads?’ ‘No…. I named them too, this is Breadly, Demi Loafato, Attila the Bun…’

anonymous asked:

Can you do an in depth character arc and story analysis for Phichit the way you did for Chris??

Awww anon of course I can! Although I have to say, what I wrote about Chris was not really as in depth as it could have been, it was more me ranting about the aspects of his character that I wish we saw more of. I can go deeper. So I’m going to go deep with Phichit. Because hey if Chris is more than his ass, then Phichit is more than just a Victuuri shipper (and borderline stalker for some reason why fandom why) and more than just a social media maniac. Much more. In fact, narrative wise, Phichit would be the best choice for bronze at the GPF because he, like the Yu(u)ris, made history.

Now, Phichit is intrinsically connected to Yuuri as a character, considering his role as his best friend. Possibly because of that, he is one of the secondary characters that gets the most screen time and attention, if not the one we learn the most about. That said one of the best things about Phichit is that, while he is very closely connected to Yuuri in the narrative, he has his own goals and story. Truly, I think the basis of Phichit’s entire character is how passionate he is about both his friends and his country.

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Midas is king and he holds me so tight

And turns me to gold in the sunlight

I’ve gotten some questions on what the @crossingscomic angels look like.


Sam Wilson Thoughts:

One of my favorite things about Sam Wilson as a character is how empathetic he is and how he always seems to figure out the right thing to say to Steve to let him help. Steve Rogers is a character that is terrible at accepting offers for help and even worse at asking for it, but Sam seems to be able to have no difficulty figuring out the right way to word his offers of help to Steve, in a way that Steve doesn’t refuse them.

A scene I haven’t heard talked about in meta, but was a great example of Sam’s character for me, was talking to Steve on the bridge before they bring down the helicarriers.  (Okay, I think I have heard some “How dare he tell Steve to kill Bucky?” but I’ve very pointedly ignored that) Because that’s not what the conversation is about. At all.

Sam approaches Steve on the bridge, knowing that Steve is most likely going to have to make a very tough call. The man who used to be his best friend is now a threat to them and a threat to what they’re trying to accomplish, and Steve might have to take him out to take down Hydra.

“I’m thinking he’s not be the kind you save, he’s the kind you stop.” This is not Sam telling Steve that THEY will stop Bucky, that if Steve doesn’t stop Bucky, he will; he uses the word “you”. This is for Steve and up to Steve. Sam makes no ultimatums, nor threats of what will happen if Steve doesn’t follow through.

He’s telling Steve that it’s okay. That he might have to make that hard call, might have to take out the person who used to be his best friend, and that it might be the right call to make. He’s leaving it as a choice, and entirely up to Steve, but letting Steve know before he has to make the choice, that Steve shouldn’t feel guilty if that’s what he ends up having to do. And he’s saying it in an incredibly sensitive and delicate way. Because that’s how great Sam Wilson is.

hey yall since i know i probs have a lot of younger kids followin me listen

just go ahead and like your “cringy” stuff ok?? doesnt matter what it is. mlp, warriors cats, little online animal sites, jeez even if youre a furry

if its harmless and you like it, if you wanna draw it or participate in it, do it

dont listen to stupid adults trying to make you feel bad so they can feel better. because they did this stuff too, and theyre ashamed of it. they made horrible ocs, they talked like “OMG LOL xD RAWR”, they went on all the sites you do, and theyre ashamed. 

be proud of who you were and who you are and what you like ok???? 

We Don’t Talk Anymore | 2

Originally posted by jungkookfortunekookies

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader 

Word Count: 2.419

A/N: well I actually did finish it tonight, what a surprise! I don’t know what to think of this tbh meh, let me know your thoughts :)

also I did not proof read again, so there’s a high possibility that my tired brain did make some horrible mistakes in this and I already want to apologize for that


Her dress was hugging every single one of her curves like his hands used to do. Gently caressing her soft skin, like he used to do. The light illuminating her skin softly, giving it a golden glow, making her eyes sprinkle while her smile seemed to be able to cure illnesses. Her hair slowly swaying from side to side while she laughed at Hoseok’s jokes, placing one of her perfectly small hands on his shoulder for support, the way she used to do it to him.

Jungkook couldn’t tear his gaze from your figure, no matter how hard he tried. You looked like an angel descended from heaven. Nothing compared to you. He had bought you that dress as a Valentine’s gift, knowing that it wouldn’t stay long on your body while he was around and therefor giving himself a nice present as well. Seeing you was already hard enough but this whole situation made it ten times worse. What was he saying, a million times worse and more.

Memories of that exact night came flooding back into his mind, heart aching and tears filling up his eyes, about to spill. 

“You look really beautiful tonight (Y/N)”, he complimented you, looking for the same pain in your eyes that he was feeling.

“You really do (Y/N)! I really love your dress, where did you get it from?”, his girlfriend asked you. Her voice made Jungkook’s insides twist in regret, realizing how painful it might have been for you to sit right across from them.

Instead he saw you smiling back at her. “Thank you! Sadly, I don’t remember where I got this from… I think it might have been a gift or something”, you smiled apologetically and she shrugged before turning her attention back to Taehyung who was sitting on her other side. 

Nobody else seemed to notice that your hands were slightly shaking while brushing down your dress and when you spoke; you seemed to be a little out of breath, as if your nerves were taking up all your energy. 

Nobody, except for Jungkook. 

He noticed every small detail. He knew you like the back of his hand and seeing you like this, trying to hide your feelings, trying to stay strong while your eyes were already turning watery, he wanted to do nothing more than to hold you in his arms and tell you that everything’s going to be fine. 

That he would be there for you. Kissing those tears away while rubbing small circles into your skin, telling you how beautiful you were. He’d promise you as many times before that he would never leave you.

Wasn’t it ironical that he wanted to comfort you and tell you these things when he already did leave you? He already broke your heart, he was the reason behind those tears and he knew. Because he was feeling the same.

A tear silently rolled down his cheek before he could stop it and his hand was quick to wipe it off.

“Who is she Jungkook?”, your voice cut slices into his skin. Never had he seen you this angry.

“She’s just a friend from uni (Y/N), relax”, he tried to play it down, letting himself fall onto your couch and grabbing the remote to turn on the Sports News.

As he leaned back, you ripped the remote out of his hands, throwing it against the wall, making him flinch at the sound.

“Who. Is. She?”, one of your hands was holding onto your phone for dear life while the other one was being clenched into a fist, slowly turning white. Jungkook saw the anger burning inside of you and even though you were fuming, he still thought you were the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. His breath got caught in his throat as he looked up at you, getting lost in your eyes before your voice broke him out of his trance.

He shook his head a little and stood up, walking past you and rolling his eyes. “I told, she’s just a friend, no need to get jealous babe.”

“Don’t fucking ‘babe’ me Jungkook! What is this huh?”, you stopped him on his shirt, making him face your phone. There was a picture of two figures, one being held up against a wall by the other, while their tongues swirled around each other. His hands on her butt, her hands in his hair. Even though he recognized that scene on the screen, he shook his head again and shrugged. “Looks like some nasty college kids making out in the backyard of some house, how the hell am I supposed to know?”

He tried to free himself from your grip but you were holding his shirt so tight, he was scared it might rip if he broke apart violently. So instead, Jungkook stayed in place, eyes looking anywhere but at your face, heart beating painfully in his chest and blood pulsing in his ears.

“Look at me”, you whispered, voice already shaking as you knew him too well. Jungkook knew that you had figured out he was lying. Yet, he tried his best to seem convincing. He really didn’t want to hurt you. His love for you was stronger than anything he had ever felt. He didn’t want to cause you pain. Not for any costs.

Your finger softly turned his face to yours and he looked at your broken expression. “Look me in the eye and tell me this isn’t you making out with another girl. Look me in the eye and promise me that you didn’t do anything with her while you were at the exact same party yesterday.”

His gaze locked with yours and all his insides dropped. He wanted to lie. He wanted to tell you that he’d never do something like that to you, that you were his one and only. That all he ever had in mind was you and only you. Which was true. But in that one second, he allowed someone else into his mind and it all escalated. Escalated so bad, he’d never thought was possible.

“I-”, he started but his voice broke and he had to restart. Your big, dull eyes, filled with tears, hands shaking and clinging onto him as if her life depended on him, made lying so hard. His heart and mind battling each other between telling her the truth and hoping for the best, just kissing her and holding her, comforting her. Making her believe that he was the one she was looking for. the one that would never hurt her, never do something like that to her. 

“I- that’s-”, he stuttered and your eyes closed in resignation, small tears escaping your eyes and rolling down your cheeks. His hand automatically shot up to wipe them away but it got slapped away by your own as you turned around, facing away from him. “I swear, I didn’t mean to (Y/N). I- I could never hurt you like this!”

Jungkook noticed how desperate he sounded, how dumb and idiotic. But it was the truth. He never wanted this to happen. Never in a million years.

“Don’t pull that shit on me Jungkook! Don’t you dare pull that ‘I didn’t mean to’ crap!”, your voice had turned into screams, streams of tears covering your yet so beautiful voice, shattering Jungkook’s heart into tiny pieces. He reached out for you but you stepped back, giving his heart another crack.

“(Y/N)…”, he whispered but you cut him off. 

“Pack your stuff. Now. And get out of my apartment. I don’t want to see you ever again, you understand that? Never again!”

Your screams and sobs still echoed through his head. The same way your laugh and giggles wouldn’t leave his mind. Every beautiful and every painful sound that ever left your mouth was burned into his memory. Every moment he had spent with you, every smile, every playful smack, every hug, every touch. Every stupid joke. Every silly comment. 


There wasn’t a night where he didn’t miss your touch, your smell, your soft hums. He had gotten used to your body laying beside his at night that he barely slept now. He missed you like lungs missed the air. He missed you like fish missed the water. He missed you like the birds missed the sky. He missed you like the sun missed the moon. It was unbearable and yet he was the one who caused it.  

Now you were standing beside him, applauding to one of the manager’s speeches while waiting for this dinner to be over. Jimin was standing on your other side, making Jungkook fume with anger and jealousy. He was supposed to be the one being there for you. He was supposed to be the one being to hold you whenever, kiss you whenever and erupt into little giggles with you together. 

As everybody started heading back to their seats, Jungkook took the opportunity and stopped you by gently grabbing your wrist. Electricity ran through both of your bodies, your eyes widening in disbelief as Jungkook smiled slightly. 

He turned to Jimin. “Hey man, can I borrow her for a minute?”, Jungkook knew that if he asked Jimin, his hyung would say yes and you wouldn’t have an excuse to say no to him.

As predicted, Jimin smiled and nodded before heading back to his seat, leaving the two of you alone. You looked lost and Jungkook’s instincts to protect you from anything bad became more prominent. He swallowed hard, reminding himself that it wasn’t in his rights to feel like this any longer.

“Let’s go somewhere more quiet, I need to talk to you”, he said before turning into the direction of the balcony, looking back once to make sure you were following him.

Stepping outside, he held the door open for you and a mild breeze hit your naked skin, making goosebumps appear. Jungkook noticed that you were feeling uncomfortable in his presence and he lowered his head in sadness. If anyone would have told him a year beforehand that you two would end like this - not that anyone knew about the two of you to be able to tell him - he would have laughed at him and declared him for mad. 

“So, what did you want to talk about?”, you asked casually, avoiding his gaze and looking up at the stars instead. He smiled a little at your behavior, knowing that you were only doing that because you were too nervous (and hurt) to face him directly. 

“I’m sorry”, Jungkook apologized suddenly, making your head snap at him, eyes wide in surprise. Quickly, you caught yourself and looked back into the restaurant, making sure that nobody was looking for the two of you.

“For what?”, you raised one eyebrow at him, questioning his apology. Anyone could apologize but not everybody knew what they were apologizing for.

“For promising you that I would be the man that you needed. For promising you that I’d never ever hurt you. For promising that I would never leave you, no matter how hard times would get. For promising you a future together. For promising everything we both wanted and needed and yet standing here, having broken every single one of those promises”, a lump started to rise in Jungkook’s throat so he quickly swallowed and continued.

“I’m sorry for glorifying your simple being, loving everything you do or didn’t do. For falling so hard for you that everything else just didn’t matter anymore. For making you fall so hard for me that you were blind to anything that didn’t involve me. For causing you so much pain that breathing alone was one of the hardest tasks you had to go through in your entire life. I’m sorry for every single tear you shed because of me, every single scream you led out because of me. For every broken vase, every deleted picture and every deleted song. I’m sorry for every time you had to run to the bathroom in the middle of the night, throwing up into the toilet because you thought that this pain was about to eat you out alive, burning you from the inside and taking all the air from your lungs.”

Your eyes had started to well up with tears, bottom lip stuck between your teeth, trying to hold your composure. When Jungkook looked at you, you breathed out, shaking your head.

“How do you know all this?”, your voice was barely whisper but Jungkook would have heard you anywhere.

“Because I felt the same.”

“Why now?”, you choked out before tears wet your puffy face.

“Because I see you with him (Y/N). I see how you’re trying to forget about me, about us. I see how every time he touches you, you flinch but act as if nothing happened. I see how when you open up, you cling onto him as if you were scared he might leave you as well. I see the dark circles around your eyes, no matter how hard you try to cover them up. You don’t sleep at night because you can’t let his warmth lull you in like mine did. You can’t move on even though I know you want to”, Jungkook’s voice started shaking at the thought of what’s going to come. He closed his eyes, ignoring the stinging feeling in his chest and the burning in his lungs that were telling him that this was not right. 

“That’s why I’m telling you this”, he breathed out, looking at you sincerely. “So you can find closure and move on. Be happy with him. Let him love you like I did and love him like you loved me. He’s the one you need, the one you want. He will be your happiness.”

“Jungkook…”, you choked out in between tears but he shook his head and smiled at you, tears now also streaming down his face. 

“Shh it’s okay. You deserve him”, was all he could muster to say before reaching out for the door handle, ready to go back inside.

“What about you?”, you asked heartbroken, grabbing his arm and holding onto it.

“I’ll be fine”, was all he said, before placing a soft kiss onto your forehead, lips lingering on your skin a little bit longer before opening the door and going back to the table as if nothing had happened.

Because for him, nothing would change. 

Except for seeing you being finally happy with his best friend.


The Shy One (Bofur x Hobbit!Reader)

Fandom: The Hobbit 

Lenght: 3938 

Requested by @weirdnewbie Hope that you’ll like it and sorry for the long time it took me! 

Request: With Bofur. Reader could be a family friend of Bilbo and she kinda tagged along with them and she’s nice but shy and Bofur is always trying to bring her out of her shell and she starts liking him but doesn’t tell him but he figures it out and boom! Fluff. Thanks. 

Originally posted by artymissk

You smiled as you walked down the path that lead to your friend Bilbo’s house. You were softly humming to yourself, the fresh night breeze brushing against your skin and pushing your naturally rich blond curls away from your face. You could hear the cheers and the laugh of your fellow hobbits who were still drinking and talking down in Hobbiton. You also loved the atmosphere of The Green Dragon Inn, the place was always filled with happiness and warmth. Moreover, the quality of the ale and food was renowned throughout the entire Shire, making Hobbits proud of their food heritage. You particularly loved those cold winter night during which you would gather in the warm surroundings of the bar with your dearest friends to chatter about your day or the new book you had devoured.

That is actually what brought you out of the tavern and up the hill tonight. Your dear friend Bilbo was late and everyone knew that a Baggins was never late. The others told you to wait, saying that the nice hobbit must have got lost in his books and maps once again. However, your heart – and your Took blood – told you that something wasn’t right that evening. Your feet brought you to Bilbo’s door quickly but stopped abruptly when you heard the loud voices from inside the luxurious hobbit hole. Your curiosity increased as you caught the large shadows of Bilbo’s guests dancing across the thin curtains on the kitchen’s window. You bit your lips and looked down at the basket you were carrying with you, wondering if there would be enough cake for Bilbo and his guests. After all, you had cooked it for Bilbo himself, you didn’t know that he would have guests to feed as well. You sighed and pushed your worries away, knowing that only hobbits would care about these kind of things, before ringing the bell and waiting for Bilbo to answer the door.

You danced from one bare foot from another, not knowing what to do. You were a rather shy hobbit, you loved your books and loved adventures but the idea of interacting with strangers scared you beyond measure. Your heart raced as you heard your friend’s light footsteps nearing the door .You chuckled to yourself as you also heard his grumpy voice saying something about “dwarves and their manners”.

‘Dwarves?’ You thought as the door opened suddenly, making you jump slightly.

You looked up to be met with a rather angry Bilbo, he looked disheveled, tired and stressed out. Words that you could rarely use to describe Bilbo Baggins.

“(Y/N)!” Your friend exclaimed and sighed at the same time as if he was relieved to see a friendly face at his door.

“Bilbo! What happened to you?” You asked trying to contain your giggle. Bilbo rolled his eyes but let you in anyway.

“Dwarves, that’s what happened.” The hobbit answered, closing the door and looking back at you as if he had seen a dragon. You chuckled and raised your basket in the air with a proud smile on your face.

“Dwarves!” You exclaimed in awe. “Well I brought cake! Maybe there will be enough for all of them?” You quickly added in a cheerful voice. You innocent made Bilbo smile warmly, his anger fading.

“I highly doubt that. One of them swallowed a whole cheese in one bite!” Bilbo told you in some kind of high-pitched whisper, taking hold of your elbow to make you move out of the doorway. You looked at him with wide eyes and gasped.

“This is impossible!” You whispered back.

“I swear, (Y/N). I’ve seen it with my own eyes!” Bilbo answered completely distraught. You looked down at your basket, your face slowly falling as you comprehend that your cake wouldn’t be of any use.

“Well then, my cake will not be enough.” You said, making Bilbo smile gently at you with apologetic eyes. You sighed but an unknown voice made you jump and hide behind Bilbo suddenly.

“Someone talked about a cake?” The voice asked, excitement evident as they tried to have a look at you. Bilbo chuckled and nodded his head but before he could answer another voice joined in.

“Who is this, master Baggins?” The voice was rough and strict, as if the person attached to it was used to give orders and being obeyed.

“Well… hm this is my friend (Y/N). She’s…” Bilbo tried to explain but the rough voice cut him before he could have a chance to explain himself.

“What did you tell her?” The voice asked almost angrily, making Bilbo take a step back and bump into you.

“(Y/N) Took!” A gentle voice exclaimed, suddenly making everyone’s head turn in its direction, including yours.

“Gandalf!” You exclaimed, your fear and shyness long forgotten as you stepped away from Bilbo to reach the old wizard. Bilbo looked at you skeptically and shook his head.

“You remember him, just like that?” He asked you, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Indeed! How could I forget about Gandalf the grey!” You chuckled and hugged the wizard as well as you could because the height difference. Gandalf chuckled and patted your back several times before his eyes landed on a tall dwarf behind you.

“You still haven’t answered my question, little one.” The dwarf said, his arms crossed over his broad chest. You slowly turned to look at him with apprehension. However, his voice didn’t sound as angry as it has been a few seconds before. Gandalf stepped next to you and laid a gentle hand on your shoulder.

“Thorin, this is (Y/N) Took. A friend and cousin of Bilbo.” The wizard said, squeezing your shoulder slightly to encourage you.

You looked around the hallway to be met with several dark but amused eyes and your cheeks flushed red. You quickly looked away and down at your feet to try and hide your shyness and embarrassment. However, Gandalf squeezed your shoulder again and you looked up at him. The old wizard gestured toward the tall dwarf with his eyes and you straighten up your back before bowing before the dwarf. Your shyness wasn’t an excuse for not introducing yourself. You took hold of your dress and tried to bow as elegantly as you could before the dwarf lord.

“(Y/N) Took, at your service master dwarf.” You said in a sweet voice, your cheeks still rosy. The dwarf bowed his head slightly at you, his long dark hair framing his face as he did.

“Thorin son of Thrain, son of Thror. At yours, Miss Took.” The dwarf answered, you didn’t know what to do so you smiled and nodded your head before taking a step back in a lame attempt to stop being the center of the attention.

Yet the other dwarves started to introduce themselves one after another and this is how you met the company of Thorin Oakenshield. You remembered that night precisely, you remembered how Fili and Kili found it amusing to play with your shyness. You remembered how Bombur had eaten your cake in a second, you remembered how Bilbo fainted after the mention of Smaug, you remembered how you accepted to sign the contract to help the dwarf reclaim their homeland. You also remembered the beautiful song the dwarves had sung and last but not least, you remembered how you actually met your favorite dwarf.


You were drinking some tea with Bilbo, trying to make him feel better after he had fainted. A dwarf with a funny hat told him about the dragon and how it felt like to die by his fire, the dwarf meant it as a joke but you were slightly pissed off at him for making your friend faint. After a while, Bilbo went to his room and refused to sign the contract. Gandalf left you by the fire place and you got lost in your thoughts. How could Bilbo leave you on your own like that? Can’t he see that you had to help the dwarves? The Shire was your home and you knew that if you were robbed of it you would feel lost and depressed. As you stared into your warm cup of tea you did not hear the dwarf that had make Bilbo faint approach you.

“Are you alright miss?” A soft voice asked, making you jump and drop your cup of tea. However, it didn’t have the time to hit the ground as the dwarf quickly kneeled in front of you and caught the cup in his hands. Your hands went up to your mouth to cover your gasp but the dwarf chuckled and smirked at you knowingly.

“You’re a little shy creature, aren’t you?” He asked in a teasing way. Your cheeks flushed once again but you nodded your head slightly.

“The name’s Bofur. I’m sorry that your cousin fainted. I didn’t mean to make him feel bad.” Bofur said as he settled the cup on the small table before your armchair. You looked at him, your mouth sealed with shyness. You gulped and tried to answer him, even a few words would be fine but your mouth seemed to have its own will.

“Are you upset?” Bofur asked, his hat jumping on his head as he turned to look at you. You shook your head no and giggled.

“N… No master dwarf. I know you meant nothing by it.” You said just above a whisper and stuttering a little. Bofur smiled warmly at you and sat next to you.

“This is nice of you, thank you my lady.” Bofur said in a gentle voice but you heard the hint of teasing in his voice as he spoke. You looked at him from under your lashes and shook your head to dismiss his previous statement.

“I am no lady. Just (Y/N) is fine, master dwarf.” Bofur stared at you with a smirk, making you blush even more and clear your throat.

“Very well then. I’ll call you (Y/N) if you call me Bofur.” His statement took you by surprise but his kind smile warmed up you heart. You smiled and nodded your head in agreement.

“Alright then, Bofur.” You answered just above a whisper, looking down at your lap as you felt a wave of embarrassment wash over you.

The nice dwarf smiled at you as he studied your behavior. You looked like an angel in his eyes, he could already see how nice and sweet you were even if he knew you for only several hours. You were a foreign beauty in his opinion, he wasn’t use to see ladies without facial hair but weirdly he found you absolutely gorgeous just the way you were. Your curly locks framed your face perfectly, your skin seemed smooth and warm, and your rosy cheeks were absolutely adorable. Bofur cleared his throat and got up suddenly from his spot next to you.

“Well, miss (Y/N). It was a pleasure to talk to you… and to save your cousin’s cup.” He added teasingly, making you giggle and look up at him. “But it’s getting late and you should have some sleep if you’re going to accompany us on our journey.” The nice dwarf said. You nodded your head and got up, smoothing your skirt in place before smiling up at your new friend.

“You’re probably right, Bofur.” You told him, not sure of what to do next. Bofur saw your hesitation and softly took your hands in his before slowly bringing them to his lips to kiss your knuckles. Your cheeks flushed red once again and you avoided his eyes as he released your hands.

“Goodnight, miss Took.” Bofur said softly before bowing before you and stepping past you to reach an empty spot on the floor next to his brother to sleep.

You smiled to yourself and quickly walked out of the living-room to reach the spare room Bilbo had prepared for you earlier. You closed the oaken door behind you and leant against it for a while trying to understand how you were going to survive this quest if you had to control your heartbeats every time Bofur talked to you.

The next morning, after leaving Bilbo’s home and finding yourself on a pony with the same dwarf that made your heart flutter. The dwarves decided to bet on whether Bilbo would come or not. You knew that your cousin would come, seeing the house entirely empty after what happened last night would act like a trigger. You sighed out in relief as Bilbo finally showed up, not long after you had left Hobbiton.

“Were you afraid of travelling around Middle-Earth all alone with a bunch of dwarves, miss Took?” You heard a voice say from next to you. Apparently, your sigh had not go unnoticed by the youngest prince. Kili was smirking at you, his eyes sparkling with amusement.

You shook your head, trying to hide your flushed cheeks but Bofur’s arms – that were circling your waist to hold the reins as you didn’t know how to ride a pony – tightened around you to support you.

“I… I…” You tried to answer the young prince but Kili smirked even more at your confused state.

“Leave her alone, laddie. Can’t you see she’s a shy one?” Bofur suddenly said to defend you. Kili’s smile fainted and he looked at you with kind eyes.

“I know, I was just trying to start a conversation.” He said and Bofur laughed at the prince.

“Then you definitely don’t know how to start a conversation, lad.” Bofur laughed again, this time that was Kili’s turn to blush.

“Maybe…” The young prince answered, a pout over his face. You chuckled softly at his childish antics, making the prince smile at you. Happy that he managed to make you laugh.

Bofur smiled too but for another reason. Kili’s little teasing made you loosen up a little bit and you leant your back against Bofur’s chest, now feeling relaxed and comfortable around them both. Your hands were even gripping Bofur’s sleeves to keep your balance on the pony.

After a long day of ridding and sometimes talking with Bofur and Kili, you were happy when Thorin said that it was time to stop for the night. Bofur went down first then extended his hands in your direction to help you down. You were slightly embarrassed that you were such a small hobbit but you took his hands and went down easily.

“Well, soon you won’t need my help to get down of a pony, little missy.” Bofur said as he laid his warm hand on your shoulder. The friendly contact made you blush but you smiled at the funny dwarf and nodded your head. He smiled back at you and went to help Bombur with the stew.

You quickly made your way to your dear friend Bilbo and sat next to him, your cheeks still flushed.

“You’re alright?” Bilbo asked as he observed you.

“Yes, absolutely fine.” You answered lost in your thoughts as you watched Bofur and his funny hat from your spot. Bilbo followed your gaze and smiled as he saw who you were looking at.

“He is a nice fellow.” You heard your cousin’s voice say, making you frown and turn your head to look at him.

“Who?” You asked, hoping that he didn’t see your wandering eyes.

“Bofur.” Bilbo said with a small smirk on his lips. Your mouth open in surprise but you tried to cover it up by answering.

“He seems to be, yes.” You looked down at your hairy feet. “But I don’t know him very much.”

“We’ll have plenty of time to get to know each one of them during this journey.” Bilbo said as he observed the dwarves and Gandalf.

“Yes, indeed.” You whispered, your eyes once again wandering to the funny dwarf.

The next few days were rather exciting in your opinion. You were still riding on Bofur’s pony and even if you were still as shy, the dwarf had found a way to slightly break your shell and have short conversation with you. Your feelings for the dwarf started to grow and you knew that you were already in love with him.

You thought that it was impossible as you had given up on finding love a long time ago but here he was. Right behind you. Telling about the time when Bombur had eaten so much that he couldn’t get up and it took 5 dwarves and Dwalin to get him up and walking. You laughed as he tried to imitate Dwalin’s face as he tried to pull Bombur up by himself. The dwarves around you, Gandalf and Bilbo started to laugh as well and you leant once again against Bofur. Your head tucked under his chin and his arms wrapped almost tightly around your waist. Everyone could see that something was up between you two but you couldn’t tell him that you had feelings for him. You were too shy and you were sure that Bofur was only seeing you as a really good friend.

Gandalf told you several times that Bofur might have feelings for you too but you had denied the wizard’s word, not wanting to risk a heartbreak. Bilbo talked to you every single day about how you should tell the nice dwarf but it was simply impossible for you.

You were shy, everybody knew it.

Including Bofur.

The dwarf saw the looks you were sending him when you thought he wasn’t looking. He saw how comfortable you felt around him. Indeed, you weren’t as comfortable as you were with Bilbo but it was already something for him. As he saw all these little signs and he couldn’t help but hope that your feelings for him were as deep as his for you. Dwarves could only love once and since the first time his eyes landed on you, Bofur knew that you were his one. Your small smile, your personality, your kindness, your shyness, and every single thing you did made his heart skip a beat. Bofur knew that he will soon have to tell you, his secret was slowly affecting his mood and his behavior.

Thorin called once again for everyone to stop and Bofur got off his pony before turning around to help you but you were already on your feet next to him. That made him raise an eyebrow at you but he smiled proudly as he saw the blush on your cheeks.

“I know how to do it now.” You said, a bit embarrassed.

“I saw that, lass.” Bofur answered, patting your shoulder before going to help his brother with his restless pony. You chuckled and went to help Bombur start a fire. Bilbo came to help and after a while you sat next to him and chatted about the Shire while stargazing. After dinner, you were ready to turn in for the night went Thorin’s deep voice called you name in the darkness of the night, starling you.

“Miss Took, you have the first watch tonight.” He said turning to Bofur and nodding him forward. “You too Bofur.”

Your heart skip a beat, it was the first time you would be alone with Bofur. Or at least with the others asleep and not listening to you. You nodded your head at Thorin and smiled slightly at Bofur. You slowly made your way to a huge rock at the border of the camp and sat on top of it, your eyes focused on the dark woods before you but you mind focused on the dwarf who was climbing the rock to sit next to you. You turned your head as you saw Bofur’s hat from your spot on the rock and smiled as his face showed up quickly after.

“How did you do it so fast?” Bofur asked with a chuckle as he finally sat next to you.

“Hobbits are good climbers.” You said proudly, making Bofur nod in agreement.

“Aye, they definitely are.” He said as his eyes focused on the woods. The silence settled between the two of you and you started to feel self-conscious. Your hair was all over the place, your cheeks and your nose were flushed red from the cold wind biting at your skin and your trousers were dirty. You sighed as you started to run the palms of your hands over your trousers catching Bofur’s attention.

“You’re alright, lass?” He asked concern written on his features. You nodded and shrugged your shoulders not wanting to tell him about your lame worries. “You know you can trust me, right! You can tell me anything.” Bofur said, his voice as nice and caring as usual.

You sighed and looked up at him, his kind eyes piercing through your shell a bit more every day.

“I… I feel ugly.” You suddenly said, just above a whisper. His eyes widen in shock and you quickly avoided his gaze.

“You feel ugly?” He repeated, confused and surprise. You nodded your head and looked at your hands, trying to make yourself as small as you could. Bofur observed you for a few second before shifting to sit closer to you. “Lass, please look at me.” He asked in a soft voice that made your cheeks flush.

“I… I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said…” You started but two rough fingers on your chin made you close your mouth. Bofur softly pushed your chin up to make you look at him. His eyes held so much and so much love that it made you gasp.

“Don’t ever apologize to me, (Y/N). I understand and I accept who you are. Your shy nature is beautiful in my eyes. You are beautiful in my eyes. Please don’t feel ugly, you are so beautiful you have no idea how much it hurts to see you sad.” His words took you by surprise.

“Wait… you… you think I’m beautiful?” You asked in a whisper, not knowing what to do. Bofur smiled and chuckled at your shocked face.

“Indeed, I think you’re beautiful, amrâlimê.” Bofur said his hands coming up to cup your face into his warm hands. You looked at him, not able to hide your love anymore. The dwarf smiled at you and slowly touch his forehead to yours, closing his eyes.

“I love you, (Y/N). I know it seems impossible but I know that you are my one. I understand if you don’t feel the same but know that I will always protect you. I don’t have much to offer except my unconditional love and a promise to always love you.” Bofur said, whispering his love to you. Your eyes started to water but you smiled brightly at him.

“Bofur… I cannot ask for more. I only need your love to be happy with my life.” At your words Bofur pulled away slightly to look at you with joy and suddenly, he closed the space between you and kissed you with all his love and passion. Your eyes widen at first but you quickly melted into the kiss and wrapped your arms around his neck as his wrapped around your waist and pulled you into his lap to deepen the kiss.

As the stars shone above your small bubble of love, several dwarves at camp were still up and saw the two of you kiss. They said nothing, knowing how meaningful this moment was for you and for their friend. However, Gandalf smirked and turned around to ask the dwarf king.

“You did that on purpose.” The old wizard said, observing the content smile that appeared on Thorin’s lips. 

Hi guys! I hope that you liked that imagine. Don’t hesitate to request something! 

NEXT UPDATE: Teach Me (Dwalin x Reader) Part 2 :D 


Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: Snapshots of important things throughout your relationship with Steve.

Warnings: none i don’t think?

A/N: I thought this was just so cute! Thank you so much for reading! ~J

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“Steve, will you hurry up with the eggs? The team will be here in like 30 minutes to see the new place” you huff. Having just moved into together officially into the new brownstone, you wanted everyone to see the place of your dreams. He chuckles at your whine and whisks the eggs he had cracked.

“You know, we still have yet to figure out what to do with all the spare rooms” he mentions.

“I was thinking we could turn the den into your office since our living room is huge, one room into my office, a guest bedroom, and a gym that’ll probably be turned into a nursery.” you state matter-of-factly.

“W-w-what d-did you say?” he stutters.

“I mean that’s just what I thought, but we could do whatever you want. But, you might want a bigger office because you do way more paperwork, and you’ll need a place that’s quiet when we have kids.” There’s that word again. Kids.

“You think of us having kids?” he stammers. You turn to look at him with your brow raised.

“Do you not?”

“N-no!” he yells and then breathes in. “I do, I just didn’t know you did”

You laugh at his admission, “I love you, you love me, we’ve moved in together. I’m pretty sure the next logical step would be for us to think about getting married and kids.” His heart melts when he hears that you’ve thought about the future with him.   

“So, just to be clear… you want to get married.” he states.

“Yes” you giggle.

“To me” he clarifies.

“Yes, to you. Steven Grant Rogers I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” You couldn’t understand why he didn’t understand. He was the best man you had ever known and you were madly in love with him. You couldn’t even imagine a life where Steve wasn’t in it. It seemed to be like second nature to you now. The walls that you had built to keep everyone out came down the moment you were with him, of course you wanted to marry him.

“Ok” he breathed out, seemingly in a trance.

“Ok” you echoed back and went back to preparing brunch.  

He stares at you still, even with your hair up in a messy bun and food stains all over your apron, you look like an angel. He’s been so nervous about how to propose that you threw him for a loop. You were so calm about wanting to spend forever together, like it was just the inevitable that it would happen that it made his heart skip a beat. He was no longer nervous about when or how to propose to you because it didn’t matter. You would say yes because you loved him. The realization hit him and he dropped everything and ran upstairs.

“Steve?” you shouted with concern. You were met with silence. Figuring that he just forgot something upstairs you got back to the pancake batter. A few minutes passed and you hear his heavy footsteps racing down the stairs. You turn to look at him with amusement, but then everything stops when you see the item in his hand. You look up at his face to see if he was joking, but you see nothing but love and excitement.

“I was so nervous to do this that I had the ring for two months. I thought it would matter when and how I asked you, that the proposal would be the reason you said yes. But you saying all those things, like thinking of getting married and having kids with me like it was just going to happen, it made me realize that I was being a coward. Of course I want to marry you (Y/N), you are the best thing to ever happen to me. And I don’t want to spend another day without knowing that you are going to be right there next to me, through everything.”

He sees that there are tears behind your eyes now, and walks closer to you. He takes your hand and gets down on one knee, “(Y/N), will you marry me?” he grins up at you.

You are momentarily stunned and he chuckles a little bit at the shock on your face.

“Darlin’? You’re making me nervous again.”

“Yes. So many times yes Steve” you sob and fall to the floor next to him.

He places the ring on your finger as you kiss him and pull him closer to you. You’re so wrapped up in the moment that you don’t hear people until someone clears their throats. Bucky, Natasha, Sam and Wanda all stand peering over the island in the middle of the kitchen at the two of you.

“Should we come back later?” Wanda slowly asks. All of them clearly confused as to why you and Steve were wrapped around each other on the ground.

“We’re engaged!” you yell as you leap up to show Wanda and Natasha the ring. Wanda squeals with excitement and Natasha pulls you in for a hug.

Sam hugs Steve as he stands up, “Congrats man!”.

“Glad you finally had the balls to ask her punk” Bucky says as he also hugs him.

The six of you all chatting happily about the ring and the engagement before Steve sniffs the air and runs to the oven.

“Almost forgot to take out the biscuits” he murmurs as he pulls the tray out.

“Oh crap! I forgot about the brunch!” you remember. Everyone laughs and helps to finish the brunch before the rest of the team shows up.

That night you lay in bed, staring at the gorgeous ring on your left hand. You haven’t stopped looking at it since everyone left.

“How’d I do?” Steve asks as he pulls the covers back on his side and slides into bed.

“It’s amazing Steve. Thank you” you whisper in awe.

“It not even half as pretty as you are” he says as he pulls you to his side. “Although I do have to say, you deserve a better proposal than that. So maybe we should do a redo?”

“No chance Rogers. You’ll have to pry the ring from my cold dead body if you want it back. The proposal was perfect.” you grin up at him and start to kiss his neck. You feel him laugh, “OK, calm down Mrs. Rogers”.

“That sounds perfect doesn’t it? (Y/N) Rogers” you test out.

Steve’s eyes light up at the sound and pulls you up for a kiss.

“It really really does.”  

This is part 2 for Monsta X. Check out part 1 for the BTS version. :)

Monsta X


When he notices it he would ask you why you are covering your mouth everytime you smile. After your explanation he would be quiet for a while and burst out something along the lines of:

Shownu: “I understand but I still dont get it. Your so pretty when you smile.”

He would probably try to make you believe him by reasoning that there are parts of him he doesnt like but doesnt hide because he knows that you do. 

what a cutie I love him


Minhyuk: “What do you mean you dont like you smile? But its so pretty!”

This sweet little puppy would be showering you in compliments from the day he heard your reasoning for hiding like that. He`d constantly remind you of how your laugh sounds like angels singing to him, or how your smile lights up a whole room. And he wouldnt stop untill you are super confident of yourself.


Would notice right away and try to make you smile or laugh trough various ways. Even going as far as doing aegyo to get you to smile. When you hide it then he would quickly snatch your hands down and tell you that you dont need to hide.

Y/n: *hides smile*

Kihyun: *takes your hands* “No no no, no hiding anymore. Your smile is beautiful just like you.”


Another confused bunny here. He would probably be a lot like shownu and not really understand how you could think about your smile like that. Especially since your smile and laugh are one of his favorite things about you. He would sit you down and just straight up tell you that you are wrong and that your smile is amazing.

I.M: “Y/n, I know we can all be insecure about things about us sometimes, but your laugh is litterally one of my favorite things about you! Please dont hide that.”


Did this boy even listen when you told him that you dont like him hearing you laugh? Nope. He was too busy getting lost in your eyes. He is a hopeless romantic so when he heard how you dont like a part of yourself he doesnt miss a beat to make you feel better about it asap. He would be the type to tickle you and purposly do lots of things so you have to smile. And then he`d hug you and tell you how gorgeous you are. 

Wonho: *gif*

Y/n: *smiles*

Wonho: *hugs you while sweetly whispering* “You are beautiful, every single part of you.”


Aegyo mood at 100% He is determend to make you smile as often as possible by being the cutest most squishiest thing in the entire universe. like seriously stop it jooheon You wont have any other choice but to laugh and smile. In addition everytime he gets to see you smile and hear your laugh he would be super excited making it hard to have any kind insecurities anymore.

Jooheon: *gif*

Y/n: *smiles*

Jooheon: *freaks out* “OMG y/n that was gorgeous. You are so pretty!”


Probably the most chill out of group. He would carefully listen to you explain why you hide it but at the end he would also tell you his own idea about your laugh and smile, which is that it`s his favorite sound. He wouldnt want to pressure you to anything but would often encourage you to show him a smile or a little laugh. Which would be the best part of his day no doubt.

Hyungwon: “Will you show me a little smile?”

Y/n: *smiles*

Hyungwon: *tries to stay calm but inside his mind it`s replaying for the rest of the day*

Catalyst : Unbroken // Yoongi

Hunter!Yoongi x Angel!Reader. 2.8k words. Mild angst.

Series collaboration with @lovelyoongis and @optosomnio

Description. Hoseok || Yoongi || Taehyung || Jimin || Seokjin || Jungkook

In a world where demons and angels are hunted for the price of their wings by humans, will there ever be a chance for a hopeless love ─precisely between the hunter and the hunted?


They ─the believers call you. There’s hilarity in the sickening irony of the noun; a twist of syllables on tongue that drips with a sense of unrestricted conviction. They worship what they grow up knowing are virtuous and they curse the demons, shuddering at the mere thought. Defiled creatures, they hiss spitefully as if the words alone are toxic in their mouth.

Naivety runs along the line of blind loyalty and apparent scorn.

Don’t they know that the worst kind of evil is the one they can’t see?

For those who see beyond the pale of faultless masks masqueraded by the angels, they are the ones that truly transcend the limit of human capabilities. Loaded on guns, sheathed daggers strapped on legs, they are set for the hunt. Values are discarded for the high of the chase, poaching for the intricacies of angels’ wings. They call themselves ─hunters.

Min Yoongi, he’s one of them; an angel hunter.

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Any Tips Would Be Helpful (Castiel x Reader)

Title: Any Tips Would Be Helpful

Pairs: Castiel x Reader

Warnings: Implied smut ;)

Summary: Overhearing Cas asking Dean on how he could make your sex life better.

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“Well if you gentlemen excuse me..” You stated as you stood up from your seat in the kitchen.

Dean hummed nonchalantly, still munching on the bacon and eggs you had cooked him for breakfast. You bent down and gave your boyfriend, Castiel a kiss.

“Guys, I’m eating, c'mon.” Dean groaned, scrunching up his face in disgust.

You smirked at the hunter, purposely giving Cas another kiss. You chuckled lightly as you noticed Dean’s glare. With that you walked out the kitchen and into the bunker’s halls.

It’s when you realized that you didn’t have your phone that you decided to turn back around. Showering without music wasn’t enjoyable at all.

As you walked back to the kitchen, your ears perked up at the sound of your boyfriend’s voice. He had been quiet most of the morning.

“Dean, I would like to obtain some information from you.” Cas stated slowly to the hunter, almost like he was choosing his words carefully. .

“Yeah, what’s up Cas?” Dean answered, his attention still mostly on his food.

“I would like your advice on how to have sex with Y/N.” The angel asked bluntly. 

You could hear Dean choke slightly on his food, obviously caught off guard. You were surprised too but you found it adorable that he was asking for advice. 

“Well I know how to have intercourse with her but I would like to learn new ways on how to please her.” Castiel continued when the hunter didn’t answer.“I believe what the pizza man taught me isn’t enough.”

“Well, man, I don’t know what to tell you.” Dean coughed, uncomfortable with the conversation.

He thought of you as a little sister, he did not need to know how you were getting it on.

“I know you’ve been with a lot of women. Just tell me how you would satisfy them.” Cas pressured again, not realizing the hunter’s mood change. “Any tips would be helpful.”

You bit your lip to stop yourself from laughing. You knew that Dean was uncomfortable and it was quite amusing.

“I don’t know what kind of things Y/N is into, dude.” The hunter stressed, trying to find a way to get conversation.

“Oh I could tell you—” The angel exclaimed.

You decided now would be the best moment to interfere. Dean’s gasp of relief when you walked into the kitchen was almost comically.

“Y/N, thank god.” The eldest Winchester stated and you couldn’t help the giggle that fell from your lips.

“You heard?” Dean hissed in horror, his eyes widening in disbelief. “And you didn’t stop him?!”

“It was cute.” You defended yourself, your smile widening as you noticed the confusion expression on your boyfriend.

“Hey baby.” You whispered to the angel, straddling his hips as you did so. His hands immediately went to your hips.

“Seriously?!” Dean muttered annoyed. “You guys better not do anything in the kitchen.”

You heard him getting up from his seat and walking out the kitchen.

“I just want to learn new ways to please you.” Cas said sincerely, referring to the conversation he was having with Dean.

“Then we could learn together.” You told him honestly. “But don’t ask the guys for advice, please. They do not need to know anything about our sex lives.”

The angel nodded, his brows furrowing in confusion as he processed your words.

You placed your hands on top of his, an idea coming into your head. He watched you as you moved them down slowly so that they rested on your ass.

You bit your lip as you let go of his hands. Your eyes traveling up to his face, seeing that his eyes hand turned a darker shade of blue. 

Almost as if he had read your mind, which he probably did, he squeezed your ass gently, catching you off guard. 

“Now when you do that, it drives me crazy.” You admitted to your boyfriend, pressing your forehead to his.

He pressed your lips to yours hungrily, slapping your rear softly. 

You pulled away as the kiss got more heated. You got off his lap quickly, ignoring the frustrated look on your boyfriend’s face.

“How about we finish this in the shower?” You suggested to the angel, backing away slowly. “Come and catch me baby.”

You giggled softly as you ran to your room, already knowing that Cas was following right behind you.

A/N: more cas bc why not, well i hope you guys enjoy this small cas imagine 

credit to the owner of this gif!

sweetragdoll  asked:

i have a one-shot suggestion. JD falls asleep in Veronica's bed and refuses to get up because he's comfortable.

Yay!!! More requests! I’m so excited when I see people take an interest in my writing! And this blog is still new so I’m trying to gain speed. I hope you enjoy the story! I had a lot of fun writing this one, I tried to amp up the jdronica cuteness.

Veronica leaned over the bed and looked down at her boyfriend. “Hey there.” She sang. JD opened his eyes wearily and looked up at her. She was leaning over his face so her curly brown hair floated around her face. He smiled at her, she looked like a real angel. “How was your nap?” She asked in a tasing tone.

“Did I fall asleep?” He asked. Veronica nodded, earning a small laugh from the boy sleeping on her bed. “Well then, good morning, darling.” He winked at her and Veronica rolled her eyes. She reached her hand out to try and help him up.

“It’s four in the afternoon, JD.” She told him. She tried to pull JD up out of bed, but he groaned and sort of fell limp, so she dropped him back on the pillow. “Come on, JD. Get up, I need to change my sheets.” She told him. JD mumbled something and rolled over to have his face in her pillow.

“No.” He complained. Veronica laughed and jumped to sit on top of her boyfriend. He laughed and turned over, so she tumbled off of him and her climbed on top of her, so he was smiling down at the other seventeen year old.

“Come on, I need to make my bed.” She told him yet again. JD made a face and put his head down so his face was very close to hers. He yawned and shook his head.

“It’s comfortable here, I think I’ll stay.” He grinned before closing his eyes. Veronica made a face and scooted closer. She bopped his nose, earning a giggle from him and he opened one eye. “Yes, Ronnie?” He asked. Veronica scrunched her face up and pressed her nose to his, making him laugh yet again.

“I need to change my sheets, but you’re on my bed, JD.” She reminded him.

“So you’ve told me… twice.” JD reminded. Veronica put one hand on either side of his head and pulled him into a kiss. JD wrapped his hands around her waist and deepened the kiss. As soon as he got lost in the loving daze, and let his guard down, Veronica pulled away and pushed him down off of the bed. JD tumbled backwards and fell onto the rug.

“Gotcha.” She grinned, giggling. JD looked up at her. Again she was leaning over the side of the bed and looking down at him, with that same angelic look that made his heart flutter. JD sat up a  little straighter, enough to kiss her on the forehead.

“Well done, darling.” He smiled. Veronica smirked in a smug manner and got off the bed. She pulled the blankets off the bed and threw them on top of JD, so he was buried in the fluffy mound of bedding. He poked his head out and saw Veronica set a sheet out on the bed. JD smiled and crawled out of the pile of blankets and crept up behind her. Before she could notice him, he wrapped his arms around her waist and tossed her on the bed.

“JD!” Veronica exclaimed with a loud giggled. JD grinned and jumped so he was on her, giving a deep kiss. “I told you four times! I need to make my bed!” She laughed, but kept kissing him back and running her fingers through her hair.

“It’s nicer like this, can’t we just lay here for a while?” JD asked, innocently. Veronica smiled at him and brished his bang out of his face. They always hung over his one eye, no matter how many times he pushed it out of the way, tried to slick it back, which he did often. By the end of the day his bangs fell back in his face.

“We can lay here for as long as you want.” She grinned and gave him some more kisses. JD smiled again and went back to being lost in the little love-struck daze Veronica sent him into. But just as he let his guard down for the second time, Veronica pulled the sheet out from under him so he tumbled off the bed again. She then grinned at him. “We can stay here for as long as you want, AFTER I change the sheets.” She reiterated. JD smiled up at her and leaned his head back. “Now get up here and help me put the sheets on the bed.” She commanded. JD laughed and made his way to his feet, grabbing on end of the sheet.

“Anything for you, darling.”

You keep waking up with your breath aflame. Your body murdered by the gnarled imagined thing that trails your sore swamp water dreams. You keep waking up to visions of bloodstained hymnals, a bounty hunter, amidst the bushes, asking for the price on your head. You keep waking up to a messenger whose voice reverberates like war bells. Someone who tells you of the night and how it’s already planning the deforestation of your grave. 

In another patch of grey, in the womb of a waterfall, in a hotel bathroom, two lovers kiss and their hands begin to change shape. Butterflies in chrysalis. Droplets of water clinging to naked chests. Picture: Pangea, personified. Some vagabond, bearded old man with a walking stick, his eyes cloudy from seeking the fury in everything, his arms wrecked with scars that glimmer like little ugly mirrors. Picture: Pompeii on the run from an angry mob, her feet maimed and crooked, passing the cathedral where her brother tried to drown her in the baptismal font, the cypress tree where her mother left her brain to rot, the town where they tried to burn her at the stake. The villagers are scornful & indignant, always posing the question, when did girls first begin equalling to wolves?

I hate you and I want you. I keep losing myself to manholes and empty highways, to the warmth of your opaline lips. Every moment I spend thinking about you is another moment wasted. Burnt away. And yet I keep finding myself clambering about in circles. The dip in your cheeks like angel dents, your green eyes, your love affair with life, how my limbs grew tidal against your arms. Our revenants catching up to us. Our souls leaving us. The bats watching, the crows watching. Sliding gently, as if by the will of god himself, out of our skins in the park, by the lake, in the funeral home where you set your history to rest. Places where the dirt bites into my knees and I worship your endless heartbeat, your sick humor. How the skies crown you king. 

YOU SEEM TO HAVE DIALED A WRONG NUMBER. THE TELEPHONE CHORD SEEMS TO HAVE SLITHERED UP YOUR DAINTY NECK. Are you experiencing discomfort? You seem to be struggling, you seem to be in pain. Tell me, is this what death feels like? Your esophagus sore from trying to keep your intestines all inside, your eyes unblinking, tire tracks lining your throat, wires climbing your throat, his fingers pushing into your throat. Your throat’s become a war zone. The blood never ends.  

my head, my heart, my liver, stored in separate vials, a bow to the Egyptians / a decaying banana peel / an emerald flecked with gold like splatters of god’s blood / the sun on its seventh leg / the telephone chord I wielded to kill myself / his shirt / his jacket / a rusted bird cage / a child’s tooth / an ECT device / bite marks / scratch marks / the shriveled remains of my childhood home / a wedding ring procured from the kitchen sink / expired eggs / two broken marionettes with twin expressions of horror staining their faces / a corpse hanging from the moon. 

How BTS would react if you suddenly giggle in your sleep

Thanks for the request @ulzztrologii !


You didn’t know how long you had been waiting. Maybe an hour, possibly two. But all that really mattered was that you wanted to seen Jin. You never really got the time to see him as he had practice. But you were determined to stay awake to see him.


Jin finally came home, at 1 in the morning. He carefully opened the door so he didn’t scare you. He swiftly walked to your shared bedroom.

“Jagiya?” Jin said as he opened the door. He found you curled up on the bed, sleeping peacefully. Then he decided to climb in bed and hug your back.

Suddenly, he started to here cute giggles escape your throat. He leaned over to have a closer look at your form. When he did, he saw a small smile on your lips. He thought it was the cutest thing ever!

“Good night, Jagiya,” he whispered into your hair as he fell asleep with you in his arms.


You began to microwave some popcorn as Namjoon put a movie on the TV for both of you to watch.

“Come on Jagi! The films about to start,” Namjoon yelled as you heard the titles of The Hunger Games playing (sorry if you don’t like The Hunger Games, you can change the film if you want!)

“Coming!” You replied as you took the now microwaved popcorn out and rushed to cuddle your boyfriend on the sofa.


during the 3rd film, you fell asleep in Namjoons arms. You hoped he didn’t notice that you giggle in your sleep.

But, funnily enough, he did notice.

“Jagi…” Namjoon stopped mid-sentence as he noticed you sleeping comfortably.

Soon after that, he noticed your cute giggles. A dimpled smile came onto his face.

“Cute…” he mumbled and hugged you tighter for the remainder of the film.


Yoongi was angry. Very angry. He couldn’t sleep becuase of the sound of you giggling in your sleep. You couldn’t tell him! What if he thought it was weird?

Well, that didn’t matter becuase he knew.

“(y/n)-ah!” Yoongi whisper shouted, trying to get you out of your peaceful slumber.

You woke up slowly, met with an angry Yoongi. You knew he knew.

“(y/n)-ah, why didn’t you tell me?” Yoongi asked.

You replyed, on the verge of tears,“I thought you would hate me…”

He didn’t reply, he held you close until you drifted of to sleep.


“Thanks for the amazing date Hobi-ah!”

“Don’t worry, Jagiya!”

Hoseok had taken you to an amazing restaurant and then you two went for a romantic walk on the beach. Romantic, right?

“You look tired, Jagi. Go to sleep if you want, we won’t be home for another 45 minutes.” Hoseok said reassuringly.

You didn’t want to fall asleep incase you started giggling again. It would be so embarrassing, especially in front of your boyfriend.

You glanced over at your angel-like boyfriend. How could you day no to the actual sunshine?!

“Ok, just 5 minuets…” And you slowly drifted of to sleep.


You steadily woke up to the sound of Hoseok in a fit of giggles.

“Oppa, what’s wrong?” You asked, know what was wrong. He knew about your giggles.

“(y/n)-ah, your so cute!” Hoseok litrally screamed as he hugged you tight.

Apart from the death like hug Hoseok was currently holding you in, tonight had been pretty good.


Jimin had just text you, asking if you wanted to go and watch the boys’ choreo for their new comeback. How could you refuse?You quickly made your way to the bighit building.

“(y/n)-ah!” Jimin exclaimed as you entered the boys’ dance room.

“Hey Oppa!” You replied and sat down to watch your boyfriend dance.


after what felt like hours, you had managed to fall asleep. Unluckily, the boys’ had noticed this. Especially Jimin.

As you were in fits of giggles, Jimin decided, to save embarrassment, to carry you to the makeup room which was currently empty.

Jimin started at your sleeping form, and how beautiful you looked. But he couldn’t help but laugh about your little fits of giggles.

“Oppa…” you said to Jimin as you slowly wake up, “You heard, didn’t you?”

“Yes, yes I did.” Jimin said with a smirk and a slight chuckle, “But it was the cutest thing I have ever seen.”


It was Taes’ day of and the two of you decided to stay in bed cuddling all day. You hoped that you didn’t fall asleep any time soon. You felt insecure about giggling in your sleep. But, mother nature is a bitch and decided to go against your will. You fell asleep in your Oppas’ arms.


You woke up to a smiling Tae.

“Hey Jagi,” Tae said, trying to keep serious. “You know you are so cute when you sleep?”

“Oppa!” You exclaimed, embarrassed.

“It’s true (y/n)-ah!” Tae explained as he performed aygeo for you. You two enjoyed your day in bed.


“(y/n)-ah get some rest please!” Jungkook pleaded.

The truth is, you didn’t want to. You didn’t want kookie to find out about you giggling in your sleep. You thought it was werid and that he would hate you for it, so you avoided sleeping in front of him.

“I’m fine oppa!” You explained, but jungkook was not buying it.

“Jagi, is their something you’re not telling me?”

“No, I’m going to sleep now Oppa!” You declared, now giving up arguing with Jungkook. Hopefully he doesn’t notice…


You woke up in Jungkook’s lap. He was stroking the hair out if you face while looking at you with loving eyes.

“Wae (y/n)-ah, why didn’t you tell me?”

You explained how insecure you were. Jungkook couldn’t believe it. He was upset you didn’t say, but also thought you looked cute and didn’t mind, as long as you were happy. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hope you enjoyed this guys! Remember, requests are still open! So get requesting, Annyeong ♡

About a month ago (probably more I have no concept of time) @strawberryparade tagged me in this tag and I couldn’t do it because I do not have a phone so after a month of self loathing I remembered that I can draw and stole someone’s phone (borrowed is a better word but I’m sticking to stole) so here is a drawing of me knowing my poor choices so I refer to an awkward peace sign as the sugar donut that is Nicole looks at me with disbelief and regret of ever tagging me (in my defense I was so in awe of her beauty that I was in shock and couldn’t draw this sooner) 

Angelfamily Dinner Conversations
  • Genesis: Dads, can I go wreak havoc on earth?
  • DeBlanc: yes of course
  • Fiore: NO YOU CANNOT
  • DeBlanc: ................Fiore
  • Fiore: Yeah alright, but ONLY A LITTLE HAVOC

anonymous asked:

Heeellooo Im new here and wanted to request something! Thank you in advance, but could I request an Oikawa x fem reader morning scenario in which the two are waking up and Oikawa is being very affectionate? Much fluff pls. Thank youuu~

Thank you for sending this request in!

Disclaimer: I don’t own Haikyuu or the characters.

Pairings: Oikawa x Reader

Warnings: Major fluff and cheese ahead.

A small ray of sunlight made its way through the crack between the curtains.

(Y/N) was already up, just admiring Oikawa’s face. He still looked perfect. His mouth was slightly agape, but his face was totally at ease. His hair was slightly tousled due to the his constant shuffling.

She shifted slightly, positioning her left hand under her cheek. Oikawa always insisted that he should sleep on the right side of the bed.

He stirred slightly, feeling the warmth of the sun on his sock-clad feet, and (Y/N)’s gentle breath on his nose.

Oikawa slowly opened his eyes, and was greeted with the sight of (Y/N), his beautiful angel. He would call her an alien due to his loves for them, but she was far more beautiful than that.

His gaze softened, and he brought his hand up to stroke her cheek. His hands were rough and calloused, but the way they caressed (Y/N)’s face gave them a gentle feel.

“I know you’re awake, (Y/N).”

Her eyes fluttered open, she was about to ask how he knew, but decided against it. A lazy smile settled on (Y/N)’s face, and a little giggle up her throat.

Oikawa’s heart melted a little more at the sight of her smile.

“You know… Every morning I wake up, and you always look like an angel,” he muttered. “With your hair so silky smooth, no matter how much you move around,” he twirled a strand of (Y/N)’s hair with his finger. “And your eyes have this… glint in them, and it makes me fall for you even more.”

“Tooru, you’re kinda trash,” (Y/N) giggled again. “But you’re still sweet. You’re like, a candy wrapper, or the recycling. Like, the best trash.”

An amused smile made its way onto his face. “You think I’m recycling? So that means you think people use me only to throw me again, and I’m constantly being reused? Okay then (Y/N)-chan.”

“Wait! I didn’t mean it like that. Cuz like, recycling is better than trash, and I even said that you are like a candy wrapper, which is sticky but sweet. I mean, you aren’t super sticky, just kinda clingy. But that’s really cute and sweet, but it perfectly suits you and-”

Oikawa cute (Y/N) off with a kiss to her lips. Her face morphed into disgust. “Ew! You and I both have morning breath! That’s disgusting Tooru!”

“You’re way too good for me, you know that?”  He pulled her into his chest. “I love you.”

Thanks for the request!

-Admin Ella