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i'm just like you! i literally go day by day on my horoscope lmao, but of course we'd be compatible i'm a taurus! I wish there was personalised ones tbh

Haha yes! Taurus are literally always my one true love. And do you mean like a personalised reading?? Cos you can get one of those here! It’s one of the best i’ve found online and although you have to say you’re over 35, all the signs and information is the same so it’ll all be still relevant if you’re not 35, you just need that for the life experience! Mine was scarily accurate, let me know what yours is like as well! 🔮


Her name alone invokes awe. Faith. A set of principles or beliefs upon which you’re willing to devote your life. The dark slayer. A lethal combination of beauty, power, and death. For years and years, or - to be more accurate - months, Faith fought on the side of good, terrorizing the evil community. But like so many tragic heroes, Faith was seduced by the lure of the dark side. She wrapped evil around her like a large, evil Mexican serape. She became a cold-blooded killer. Nobody was immune to her trail of destruction. Not friends, not family.

ROTBTD ships (some of them at least)
  • Mericcup: the wee Scottish/Viking ship that is too pure and everyone has at least a little bit of a soft side for. Even if they deny it. They're that couple that has been bffs since preschool.
  • Hijack: THE BOYS they're literally so cute even the homophobes can't deny their love for each other. They're the gay couple that denies their totally obvious gayness, while simultaneously winking and flirting with each other from across a room. Seriously guys. You can come out now.
  • Jackunzel: sometimes referred to as the sun and moon ship because that's basically what they are. Definitely that one couple who plays with all the kids at the park and are the ultimate parents.
  • Jarida: fire and ice, literally. They're the couple that argues all the time but they work great together and always make up after fights with lots of kissing and cuddles.
  • Hiccunzel: the nature loving nerds who are too pure for this earth. They're the couple that's so innocent other people around them feel the need to protect them. they're probably each other's first girlfriend and boyfriend ever, tbh, but not because they couldn't get anyone else.

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So I read your little blip on Uranus in the 8th and I did my chart to see what planet's in mine and sure enough I have Uranus in 8th and holy moly it's so accurate, I'm not surprised but also a bit freaked about the sudden, strange death thing...

thank you for reading. as the passage says death comes when the individual is ready. the 8th house comes with the condition of being intimate with the whole rebirth/life/death process, so even your conscious fear of death at all sort of shows you arent ready for it yet, rest assured, you will rest in peace, wait you wont be resting in heaven, u will be so overjoyed at being one with everything again biggg stretchhh

INFP: Interpersonal conflict time
  • Me (INFP): *Has a mild disagreement with someone*
  • Shortly after: *Starts bawling*
  • Te: Wth
  • Fi: They're WRONG and it's because of this and that and /this/ hypocrisy and /this/ unreasonableness and they didn't even try to understand my point of view
  • Si: Oh and don't forget how what they said then contradicted what they asked of you in the past
  • Ne: And they could have made it better easily by doing this but ohhh no they had to go do that and it's not just an isolated problem it's an -
  • Si: -accumulation of all these previous passive-aggressive encounters-
  • Fi: -and repressed feelings -
  • Ne: and really a reflection of how bad both your communication is and symptomatic of this unsatisfactory place you are in life right now-
  • Fi: -which is impacting your emotional health although I don't really understand how I got like this exactly and it's driving me crazy and I'm afraid I have flaws that I'm not addressing which are making this worse
  • Ne: So I always have a doubt in the back of my mind that my perceptions are at all accurate -
  • Fi: - and maybe I'm really a just a terrible person
  • Te: ...
  • Te: Why are u like this
  • Fi: Everything Hurts And I'm Dying

Pairing: NaruHina

And one more tonight for sakaeguchiyuuto! Morrow wanted a fluffy NaruHina fic. I hope I fulfilled that! It was a good reason for me to go finish this one; it’s been in the works for a while.

Summary: Just because we can’t be kids again doesn’t mean we can’t act like it.

He had proclaimed it out of the blue at 10:47 at night, in the middle of the movie they were only sort of watching amidst their pile of blankets on the floor.

“Let’s have a sleepover!”

Hinata gave Naruto a strange look. “Wasn’t I going to be staying the night already? It is late…”

“Nah, nah, Hina-chan!” Oh, dear. Naruto usually only pulled out “Hina-chan” when he had something up his sleeve and would not take no for an answer. “I know you were, but I mean, let’s make it fun?”

“Isn’t it usually fun when I stay?” she teased, then laughed at the red that suddenly speckled his face.

“Well, yeah, I mean, but– Just trust me! Let’s do stupid kid stuff. Eat junk food, color, whatever. We’ve already got half of a blanket fort. Anyway, I’m pretty sure that both of us missed out on a lot of fun sleepovers in our childhood.”

She couldn’t really argue with that. Much of her life had been consumed by training and the strict Hyuuga lifestyle, and his life had never even thought to offer the opportunity. She nodded.

“Only if I get to sleep in one of your shirts.”

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Package Deal: Michael Clifford (Part 7)

Word Count: 1685

Requested: Yes

Warnings: Implications of smut

Much Love…

“Mommy? Why don’t I have a Daddy like the other kids?”

Shrugging, you ruffled his shaggy curls, this had been a conversation you’d always anticipated, though could never quite muster up a proper nor accurate response. “Well Gray, your father just had different plans and he wasn’t lucky enough to have you in his life.”

“What do you mean?

“He just had this grown-up plan and you and I weren’t part of it, Bud. You were always a part of mine and that’s why Mommy loves you so,” you sighed pulling Gray up onto your lap.

Grayson peered straight into your eyes, furrowing his minuscule brows into a near perfect line, “Since my real Daddy isn’t here, can umm, Mikey be my Daddy?”

“Gray, that’s up to you and Mikey. I just want my two boys to be happy, okay? I’d love for Mikey to be your Daddy but you two need to talk about that, it’s not my choice Bud.”

“But Mikey said its up to you Mommy,” Gray sighed with a huff.

Rolling your eyes at his persistence, you couldn’t prevent the upcoming smile, “We’ll talk about it tonight; all three of us. Why don’t you go check on Mikey now?”

“You mean Daddy, right?”

“Whatever you say Grayson..”

With that, his little legs carried him out of the room much quicker than you anticipated.

Picking up the few stray Legos from the carpet, you couldn’t help but to laugh thinking of your boys, laying flat on their stomachs, fumbling with the small blocks, only in hopes of constructing just another turtle.

“I tried to get them all last night,” Mikey interjected as he entered the room, “Sorry, Kitten.”

Dismissing his comment, you passed the blocks to him, “It’s fine, Babe. At least the two of you were content.”

“That’s true,” he shrugged, “So where is our little Raphael?”

“He ran off after bringing up the Daddy thing again,” you sighed throwing your head into Mikey’s chest, “I feel so bad.. It’s my fault that his father isn’t in his life and now I’ve dragged you into it,” you rambled on, never stopping once for a breath.

“(Y/N), don’t even go there.. He’s a douche for abandoning you and Gray. I truly want to be in your lives and you are fully aware of that..”

Mikey’s lips made their way to your forehead, pressing slowly against it, feeling soothing; soft and warm, “I’d do anything to satisfy the two of you, and you’d do the same for Gray, regardless.”

“It’s just so difficult on him and it’s not his fault whatsoever. I fear that he thinks it’s his fault and I just wish his father would’ve believed me when I said I was pregnant.” By this point Mikey’s shirt had become stained not only your tears, but by the mascara that dripped down your cheeks.

Michael’s arms wrapped tightly around your waist once again, “Kitten, stop crying, you’re too much of a beautiful person to waste time on tears. You should forget about this jerk because he obviously a narcissist who doesn’t care for much other than himself. There isn’t a doubt in my mind that you’re better off without him in your life.”

Sniffling, a minute smile spread across your lips, “He wasn’t a very talented drummer at the time either and I doubt he’s improved..”

“He couldn’t bang his drums so he tried to bang you… He certainly wasn’t too good at that either,” Michael smirked, almost knowingly.

“Shut up,” you scoffed, lightly smacking his chest, “And for your information, besides, I have yet to have any other experience to compare it to.”

Almost as if a light went off within him, his face lit up, “I’d be more than happy to supply you with that experience, though only if you’d like me to.”

“For the art of comparison,” you replied grabbing onto Michael’s hand.

“No, because I want to show you how much I love you.”


“I can’t believe we just did that,” you sighed, legs still tangled within Michael’s, “That was so selfish and probably ranks me as one of the worst mothers in history.”

“You need to stop insisting on all that, it’s natural for you to need some special time. It’s only been what, five years?”

Nodding, you blushed, “But you proved that it was worth the wait.”

Your heart was still racing as your bodies lay side by side, never had you felt so loved by another man.

“Thank you Michael..”

“Don’t thank me for sex, I know it was good bu-”

“Thanks for ruining the moment you idiot, I was about to get sentimental about how you’ve affected Grayson and I, but you’ve lost your chance,” you spoke stifling a rapturous giggle.

“But I need to hear you say that I banged harder than the drummer,” he bluffed pressing a quick kiss to your nose, “I was simply advocating for that response. But now I guess I’ll go check on Gray.. SpongeBob can only keep him occupied for so long,” he sighed.

Michael stood up, quickly slipping on his boxers and a pair of sweats. His hair was completely disheveled, several pieces flattened against his forehead.

“I’ll be right out,” you smiled, running your hand through a tangle within your own hair.

Mikey slipped out from the bedroom, pulling the door to a close behind him. Sitting up, a newly discovered feeling of plenitude fluttered within your stomach.

Before you had met Mikey it was just you and Gray, but now it was like you had a family. It used to be that you and Grayson were the package deal, yet now that deal came with a bonus gift; that bonus gift was Michael Clifford.


“Mommy, Mikey.. I mean D-Daddy,” he smiled proudly, “Said we could go meet his friends tonight, right?” Grayson tugged on Mikey’s hand.

He nodded, “Yeah, the guys invited us over for dinner if that’s alright.”

“You mean your former band mates? I don’t want to intrude on your time with them,” you began though were harshly interrupted.

“Trust me, they begged me to bring you and Gray. They want to meet the girl and little man who have drastically improved my life.”

“And they all like the Ninja Turtles too.. Isn’t that cool Mommy?” Grayson jumped in.

Inhaling deeply, you smiled, “What time are we leaving?”

“Right after you put on something a little less thought provoking,” Michael wiggled his eyebrows a bit too suggestively for your liking as he motioned towards his oversized tee and tight shorts you had on.

“Afraid your band mates might develop feelings for me?” You smirked rather arrogantly.

“Yes and I have a right to protect my girlfriend, don’t I?”


Unbuckling Gray from him car seat, he insisted that Mikey carry him toward the foreign house.

The air was brisk, a welcoming sign of the autumn season, causing you to pull your cardigan flush against your torso.

“They’re all ridiculous at times,” Mikey’s lips curved into a smile as he pushed Grayson farther up his side, “But you’ll love them.. I promise.”

Stepping into the foyer, you were taken aback by two beaming smiles, “You must be (Y/N),” the tan, brunette smiled reaching out to pull you into a hug, “I’m Calum and that idiot is Luke.”

“Hi, it’s nice to meet you,” you muttered awkwardly hugging back the boy you could now identify as Calum.

“And guys, this is Grayson, but I like to call him Raphael, right Gray?” Michael spoke before softly poking your son in the stomach, prompting a delightful giggle from him.

“Right Michelangelo!”

“Aw, that’s so cute.. He’s adorable (Y/N).” Luke insisted, “Hi Grayson.”

Gray’s short arm raised from his side, waving frantically at the tall blonde.

“Do you remember that time we dressed up as Ninja Turtles for that live broadcast and you yelled, "My name’s Michelangelo,” Calum spoke rapidly, enthusiasm dripping from his voice.

“Dude, we dressed up as Ninja Turtles a countless number of times. You guys are just jealous that I still get to,” Mikey scoffed, kneeling down to place Gray on the floor.

Calum reached his hand out for Gray, as to high five him, though Grayson seemed to have other plans as he gently brought his index finger to Cal’s cheek, erupting into a fit of laughter as he poked at it. “You kinda look like a turtle,” as Gray’s laughter continued, Cal couldn’t help but to laugh as well.

Your hand covered your mouth out of politeness before you spoke, “I’m so sorry-”

Luke quickly interjected only to say, “No, it’s fine.. Grayson is hilarious for such a little guy, I love it.”

“Well I love him, so don’t break him while we go see Irwin? Where is he anyways?” Michael questioned, locking his fingers with your own.

“Probably in the kitchen as usual,” Luke shrugged, “C'mon Gray, let’s go play..”

You had to admit, it was an impressive sight to see how all the boys, so far, had taken to Grayson. There was no judgement whatsoever which was greatly appreciated, yet there was something further enhanced this concept; Grayson had actually went to the boys himself because of who they were Mikey. The two had formed this phenomenal trust that you couldn’t fathom, yet you had never been so grateful for it.

“Mommy and Daddy will be right back,” Michael directed towards Grayson, though quickly turned you for approval which he immediately gained.

Luke and Cal exchanged rather quizzical glances but they were soon brushed off as Grayson tugged at Luke’s skin-tight pant leg whispering, “Can we please play now?”

Michael slowly pulled you out into the hall that you assumed led to the kitchen, before he spoke, “I really think your gonna love my last band mate. He’s an awesome guy but he’s got a giggle that seems unrealistic for a grown male,” only to briefly shake his head.

Rounding the corner, your heart felt as if it rose into your throat.

“(Y/N), this is-” Mikey began.

“Ashton?” You nearly choked out, cutting off your boyfriend.



Reasons to watch the Tudors: 

A brief introduction to the reign of Henry VIII: Have you ever wondered why Henry VIII had so many spouses? How the Reformation played out in England politics? What was the life at a Renaissance court? Then “The Tudors” is the show for you. Although it doesn’t follow history to the letter and mixed up some events and persons, it is still very accurate in its depiction of the court of Henry VIII, the politics playing out and the people involved. Get ready for the ride of your life, because no one is safe.

The signs when you don't make a FaceTime appointment
  • Aries: do you wanna go??!
  • Taurus: Nuh-uh we do things on my watch.
  • Gemini: I'm so popular *sighs*
  • Cancer: *answer by accident* SHIT
  • Leo: *answers* damn I look good
  • Virgo: I'm so done with this hoe
  • Libra: Didn't your mom teach you to ask before intruding someone's life?????????
  • Scorpio: *just doesn't answer*
  • Sagittarius: HEY FRIEND!!!
  • Capricorn: We didn't plan this
  • Aquarius: bitch no the fuck bye
  • Pisces: *answers and covers camera and doesn't talk*

Watching interviews that Taylor does is so strange for me sometimes. Here is this girl that I feel like I know, talking about her life and about the imbalance of meeting fans for the first time, and it breaks my heart a little. Sometimes the harsh realization that I don’t truly know this person, that she doesn’t know me, that her life is so different than mine, is hard. I don’t really know how to accurately explain it, but I have so much love for her, and all of the sudden reality slaps me in the face (picture that bug hitting Taylor in the face if you will) all like, “Look, you will never be actual friends with her. She’s a celebrity. She doesn’t know you. She doesn’t care. Get. A. Life.” Reality is rude. I think it’s just really difficult, and strange, to care about a person so much that isn’t actually in your life. Taylor has always made me feel like she gets me, I’ve always been able to relate to her. I’ve always felt some weird connection to her, like we would be best friends in another place and time. I’ve always looked to her because I think she and I are so much alike…she is the ideal form of me in a way, if that makes sense. She’s inspired me. She’s helped bring out things in me that were hidden, and she is a constant source of happiness in my life. I just wish she was actually here, knew who I was, and cared about me the way I care about her. Loving a celebrity that makes you feel like a friend is rough!

so i have a male black lab called alice, and i knew he was male when i called him that and i have no reason for it except that it suits him. people who stop to pet him either shrug and go “why the hell not?” or they HATE it and get really weird and aggressive. like you know that idea of “cis people will change pronouns for a dog but not for people” has not been so accurate in my experience. it is at least a 50/50 split between people who can deal with alice the boy and people who begin frothing about “complexes” and “he’ll be wearing bows next”

i actually said to one woman recently, “well you know i also got his balls removed” and she said “that’s different!” like no…they are both irrelevant to my dog’s gender which is irrelevant to your life, and mine, and his. please stop crying over my dog’s gender

my mum recently got kittens and she and my brother named them lily and lana but when they were getting vaccines the vet confirmed the presence of balls. the names and pronouns are staying. but because my mum does not want to endure my fate of having that conversation every time they go to the vet, they have masculine ‘vet names’

why gender pets