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Hey so Hawaiian!Hunk is becoming a really popular headcanon and I decided to give you some cool Hawaii facts from a real life Hawaiian™ so that way you don’t have to perpetuate stereotypes. I haven’t seen it too much yet, but I understand that it’s hard to find accurate stuff online if you don’t already know where to look. (Other Hawaiians feel free to add stuff)

  • It’s very rare to find a pure Hawaiian, there’s ~200 left. So when you’re making your Hunk keep that in mind. Here’s the formula for making a Hawaiian. Asian + Polynesian + Caucasian. For example, I am Hawaiian, Chinese, Filipino, Portuguese, and Swiss. And i had the smallest number of ethnicities out of my friend, I knew one dude with 15. That’s kinda a lot, but not uncommon. 
    • Also, it’s totally not weird to ask someone what they are. (something i needed to learn not to do in my college because apparently it’s rude??)
    • I personally would HC Hunk as being a mix of Hawaiian, Samoan, Tongan, Filipino, Portuguese, Chinese, and maybe some British.
    • Fun fact: the reason we are so mixed was because plantation workers were imported from around the pacific and they usually stayed for so long that they would end up marrying a Hawaiian. Tbh this is probably why we didn’t completely die out in the 1800s.
  • No one really speaks full Hawaiian anymore, our language is sadly dying out, but there have been efforts made (like charter schools where they only speak Hawaiian to the students) and everyone here knows at least 30 words in Hawaiian. However, we do speak pidgin very frequently, it’s basically a dialect of the islands evolved from the Hawaiians first learning the languages of the traders who came to Hawaii. Because of pidgin we call a lot things by a different name (and most of the time don’t even know it has a different word).
    • Examples: Mainland for the continent of America, chicken skin for goosebumps, rubber band for hair tie (i’m actually not sure what the real word is…), etc
    • Also this means that you’re constantly having to translate when you’re on the mainland. I never realized how much pidgin I used until my friends just kept giving me blank stares. It’s very frustrating, especially when you realize you have never known the translation and have to just hope the others will understand.
  • Hawaii is a very unique place. The culture, the people, the weather, the aloha spirit, etc. Any time you leave the islands for an extended periods you get very homesick because it’s difficult to find things that are authentically Hawaiian outside of Hawaii.
  • Some stereotypes:
    • Yes all of us do at least one of these things, surfing, hula, playing ukulele, singing, or swimming.
    • We do wear “Hawaiian shirts” and “muumuus”, however they are nothing like what you are probably thinking of. We call them aloha shirts and Mu'umu'us, and they are our formal wear. The designs are a lot more subtle and there really aren’t any crazy bright colors. The designs are usually quilt patterns of native flora and fauna
    • yeah we’re pretty chill with walking barefoot and in a bathing suit. The weather is very temperate and you don’t really need to wear clothes so it’s not really a big deal to see people in various stages of undress. We really don’t care about nudity that much…
  • Hawaiian Quirks:
    • we call everyone older than us Aunty or Uncle and pretty much everyone over 20 responds to that. It’s a sign of respect. It also confuses mainlanders a lot because they think we have super huge families, which we totally do, but still I’m not actually related to everyone on the island.
    • being on the verge of destroying the earth every time someone calls slippers “flip flops”. THEY SLIP ON AND THEY DO NOT MAKE A GODDAMN FLIP OR FLOP NOISE. it’s such a dumb name pls stop. I legitimately thought it was a dumb tv joke for 18 years of my life because tv has never been accurate with anything about Hawaii so there’s no way it was actually accurate with such a dumb name.
    • automatically judging someone based on their reaction to you saying you’re from Hawaii ex: “OH! You’re from Hawaii??!!!1!!!11 That’s so cool!!!11z!! Do you guys live in grass shacks?? is this the first time you’re wearing real clothes???? do you know what the internet is??!!??? How did you get here??” (yes these are real questions my friends and I have been asked) If you ask any of these we will probably avoid you forever
    • Using Hawaiian words to describe moral values because they hold so much more meaning than the English translations 
    • Having a list of local foods you’re gonna have when you get back
    • layering up once it gets into the 60s (15ish) because hello the coldest it ever gets in Hawaii is 60 and that’s only in the dead of winter.
    • Freaking out about seasons. We have no seasons here. It took me 18 years to see Fall and Spring and I can count on my hand how many times I’ve seen snow. So yeah, we lose it every time we see snow. Also we wish people a bright Christmas because we’ve really only experienced maybe one white Christmas
  • Although body image issues are still a thing in Hawaii they aren’t as bad as everywhere else. Hawaiian ads usually features locals without photoshop so we aren’t really bombarded with this “perfect” white body image

Feel free to come talk with me if you want to know more! I tried to keep this simple.


Her name alone invokes awe. Faith. A set of principles or beliefs upon which you’re willing to devote your life. The dark slayer. A lethal combination of beauty, power, and death. For years and years, or - to be more accurate - months, Faith fought on the side of good, terrorizing the evil community. But like so many tragic heroes, Faith was seduced by the lure of the dark side. She wrapped evil around her like a large, evil Mexican serape. She became a cold-blooded killer. Nobody was immune to her trail of destruction. Not friends, not family.

@maychorian is writing this brilliant fic called Sell Me Your Nightmares, I’ll Trade Them for Dreams and it’s AMAZING and frought with ANGST and the most beautiful and accurate comfort you could dream of

and there’s always like…ONE LINE every chapter that just gets me, and for some reason, in the latest chapter, it was this moment. so I drew it lol

Watching interviews that Taylor does is so strange for me sometimes. Here is this girl that I feel like I know, talking about her life and about the imbalance of meeting fans for the first time, and it breaks my heart a little. Sometimes the harsh realization that I don’t truly know this person, that she doesn’t know me, that her life is so different than mine, is hard. I don’t really know how to accurately explain it, but I have so much love for her, and all of the sudden reality slaps me in the face (picture that bug hitting Taylor in the face if you will) all like, “Look, you will never be actual friends with her. She’s a celebrity. She doesn’t know you. She doesn’t care. Get. A. Life.” Reality is rude. I think it’s just really difficult, and strange, to care about a person so much that isn’t actually in your life. Taylor has always made me feel like she gets me, I’ve always been able to relate to her. I’ve always felt some weird connection to her, like we would be best friends in another place and time. I’ve always looked to her because I think she and I are so much alike…she is the ideal form of me in a way, if that makes sense. She’s inspired me. She’s helped bring out things in me that were hidden, and she is a constant source of happiness in my life. I just wish she was actually here, knew who I was, and cared about me the way I care about her. Loving a celebrity that makes you feel like a friend is rough!

so i have a male black lab called alice, and i knew he was male when i called him that and i have no reason for it except that it suits him. people who stop to pet him either shrug and go “why the hell not?” or they HATE it and get really weird and aggressive. like you know that idea of “cis people will change pronouns for a dog but not for people” has not been so accurate in my experience. it is at least a 50/50 split between people who can deal with alice the boy and people who begin frothing about “complexes” and “he’ll be wearing bows next”

i actually said to one woman recently, “well you know i also got his balls removed” and she said “that’s different!” like no…they are both irrelevant to my dog’s gender which is irrelevant to your life, and mine, and his. please stop crying over my dog’s gender

my mum recently got kittens and she and my brother named them lily and lana but when they were getting vaccines the vet confirmed the presence of balls. the names and pronouns are staying. but because my mum does not want to endure my fate of having that conversation every time they go to the vet, they have masculine ‘vet names’

why gender pets