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things i wish i’d known in my first year of university

I’m reaching the end of my time at university and it’s got me all sentimental. and regretful. There are a number of things that I had learned during my time at university that I wish I’d known during first year. 

  • Read everything. The only valid excuse for not reading everything on the reading list is that you didn’t have time, not that you found it boring, or that it wasn’t useful. Because there’s nothing scarier than trying to write an essay on something you studied a month ago, and you have no notes on the topic. 
  • Revise constantly. I wish I’d revisited everything I did a week after I did it, just as a recap. I tended to focus on what I was doing in the moment because it felt the most important thing at the time. Well, during exams, everything is equal. And it’s so frustrating not quite being able to remember something. So, revise. Even just for ten minutes.
  • Don’t spend all of your money on impulse. I’ve bought so much rubbish that I really don’t need. And if I’d saved that money, I could have gone on holiday. Save every last penny you can. 
  • Eat well. I just said that you should save all the money you can, but I think that food is one exception to that rule. Try and save money where you can, obviously, but don’t go for days and days without fresh vegetables because you’re saving money for a holiday. Your mind, as well as your body, needs food.
  • Go and talk to professors in their student hours. I used to find this so awkward. To be honest, I still do. But if you’re going sending them an email and asking for clarification on a topic, consider maybe popping into their office when it’s open to students. And tell them if you’re struggling! If you don’t let them know, then they can’t help you.
  • Take hot drinks with you, to your lectures or to the library. Don’t spend all your money in the library cafe. Bring a flask of tea, and loads of study snacks in a packed lunch box. Trust me on this.
  • Make time to meet up with friends you haven’t seen in ages. Don’t wait for them to ask you. I make sure to socialise with my friends at least twice a week. And by socialise, I don’t mean getting blind drunk and going clubbing. Sit down and have lunch together. Chat. Get to know each other properly. Friendships formed over alcohol never last as long as friendships formed through actual conversation.
  • Do stuff that the university puts on for students. Join societies. Get involved. One of the best nights I ever had at university was a masquerade ball that my college put on. And for some reason, I’ve never done anything like that since then? And I don’t understand why! University is for making memories, and I don’t really have many!
  • Travel around your university town. If you’re university is on a campus, don’t let your life revolve around that one place. If you’ve travelled away from home to go to university, then make it worth your while! See the sights, be a tourist, get on a bus and go to a random town and buy ice cream. 
  • Experiment. This is the time. Dye your hair blue, join a weird and random society and take up a hobby you’d never dreamed of.  If you want to try drugs, make sure it’s a safe environment and do your research before hand. If you don’t want to do that kind of thing, then don’t judge other people for doing so.
  • Give yourself a day off per week. When you’re at university and you’ve got loads of work, it’s tempting to just work constantly - or at least, to work every day, if not all the time. But it’s so much better for your mental state to take a day off to just relax. 
  • Keep up with your chores. When you’re stressed about an assignment, you don’t want to be also stressed about that pile of washing up accumulating by the sink. Keep your room tidy too - clear space, clear mind.
  • Be kind to everyone. You’re going to meet a lot of people at university, some you’re going to hit it off with immediately. But there will be some who really rub you up the wrong way. Don’t worry about it, it’s completely fine to not like someone. But don’t be mean to them. This isn’t high school, you’re all here to learn and there’s just no need to make them feel bad about themselves. It’s just petty and childish.
  • Think about the future. I know that you’re completely wrapped up in your university life right now, but you’re going to have to venture out into the real world at some point. Do things that might help your future career: volunteer, get a job, join a sports club, make connections. University isn’t, sadly, forever.

There you have it! The advice that I would have given myself in the first year of university. Whether you’re just about to start university, or whether you’re just about to leave, I hope this is useful to you.

ART TIP: Keep a balance between digital and traditional art

because there are things traditional art will teach you that digital art won’t, and the same goes the other way

Aisles [M]

Aisle Two

Summary: Jungkook was your best friend. You held onto his secrets. And he knew all of yours. Except for one. One that would change your friendship forever. You were in love with him.

Pairing: Reader x Jungkook

Genre: bestfriend!au, college!au, angst, smut

Word Count: 6,772

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Aisle One Aisle Two Aisle Three

Your apartment was like a ghost town. The emptiness echoed every time you stepped foot in the sad space. His shoes were missing by the front door. Your keys were never on the side table. There was evidence that people lived there. Ramen packets in the trash. Used coffee cups on the sink. But no one had really been around for two weeks.

Two weeks. This was the longest you had gone without speaking to Hoseok, yet alone seeing him. The fight at Yoongi’s was the worst you ever had. His sharp tongue dug wounds that even stitches couldn’t heal. He had been keeping himself occupied at Yoongi’s or the dance studio. Your heart sank into your chest anytime you came home and heard the washing machine running, only to find that the person who was wearing them was nowhere to be found.

A small part of you enjoyed the quiet. You were able to spread all your materials out on the coffee table. Bags of chips and half empty iced lattes were littered in between stacks of highlighted notes. He wasn’t there to yell at you when you fell asleep face first on your microbiology homework, the lines of the pages leaving imprints on your cheeks.

You did miss him. The two of you had been friends for years. But this time it was not your turn to say sorry. If Hoseok wanted things to go back to normal, he would have to swallow his large amount of pride and apologize.

But you had never heard Hoseok apologize in his life. 

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I could not tell you how many times a day I wonder where you are, what you’re doing and if you’re happy…
My favorite thing to do is imagine where you could be or what you could be doing at that time of day based on your old routine.
But I’m not part of your life anymore and your routine has most likely changed. Your whole life is probably different… You could be a completely different person now and I wouldn’t know.
Time moves forward and people change… people move forward as the times change… and everyone is living in the ever changing present.
Everyone except me.
I’m still here, in the past… loving the old you…
Taken By Force (Taeyong!)

anon(s) said:Hey guys! I was wondering about a Dom!Taeyong smut where he’s really rough and forces you to blow him? Of course including consent but still, can it be really hot and stuff? :D sincerely, whose life is now complete 😌 thanks for your hard work guys❤

Can i request Taeyong smut when he finds out his gf search history was “Taeyong SMUT fanfic” “Taeyong 18+ fanfic” etc Lolololol Thank-you and have a great day

could you do a rough!taeyong super steamy smut? please make it as hot as you can sorry im just too thirsty for this guy lmao

author: admin hyo

word count:1863

a/n: What have I done~ this took me forever, but it’s here. The only real warning is that there is some consensual non-con. So if you’re not into that don’t read. But please enjoy.

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Hellborn - Chapter 3

Genre: Smut; Angst; Demon!AU, Dom!Jimin, Sex Slave!AU

Word count: 5k

Summary: After you are kidnapped by a demon and declared as his sex slave your life has been filled with pain, fear, and anger as every day has been taken up by useless plans of escape as you try to figure a way out and learn more about your intimidating master.

A/N - I’m back! And let me tell you - writer’s block is a fucking bitch

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Fic Recs: You Show Me Yours by endingthemes:(~11k)

When Erik receives nudes in the middle of the night from an unknown number, he’s confused and mildly amused. He doesn’t expect it to turn into an actual conversation…with feelings.

As if that’s not baffling enough, his friend’s brother ends up crashing at his place, further complicating everything.

Comments: Amazing, incredibly sweet, wonderfully written fic, please kudo this to outer space. It’s in Erik’s pov, but you can see Charles pining - both of them pine like the idiots they usually are , and there are misunderstandings and texting sass and all that jazz of a good fluffy rom com. I have reread this at least three times

The Only Exception (Part 10)

Summary: AU. Reader is given the task of running a popular love advice internet show when her coworker is fired. Her cynical attitude toward love makes her offer some harsh advice, and more than a few hearts are caught in the aftermath. Will hers be one of them?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 1,937 (End!)

Warnings: language, fluff, it’s an innocent lil epilogue

A/N: Sorry I get so cheesy in this space. Thank you to the people who encouraged me along the way, most of you total strangers who didn’t need to stop and take time out to do so, but did it anyway because you’re good people. Thanks to the other writers who sympathized with and cheered for me, I adore you. This is dedicated to you empathetic, beautiful people.

Part - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10

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Mafia!Jungkook Imagine Pt.2


Imagine your a police officer trying to arrest a mafia boss… A quite special one. In the end, nothing goes like planned… And suddenly he’s your boss.


Mafia!Au, and a little bit of everything?

Part 1// Part 2// Part 3

“The deal was that your collegue is free. Well, he is now. He’s on his way home with the other cop. Make yourself comfortable, sweetie, because your not leaving soon.”

Great. Now you were the one who was being kidnapped and Miller wasn’t going to come and save you. You tried to stay calm, but that wasn’t easy considering that your life was on the line. However, what scared you the most was that you couldn’t see the Mafia guy… He might be standing right behind you with a knife and you wouldn’t even notice. Just the thought of that gave you chills. You slowly walked deeper into the dark, hoping not to run into something. You had to get away from him. If you couldn’t see anything, he probably couldn’t either. You took one step… A second one… You couldn’t hear him. Was he even still here? Where the hell was he and how could he be that quiet? The only thing you heard was your own, hectic breath.

“Oh well, I didn’t expect you to throw yourself at me.”

You jumped and breathed in sharply. His voice… It was directly in front of you. You could even feel his breath on your face now. Just how did he get there? You could have sworn he was standing behind you in the beginning! You quickly took a step back. Your heart was hammering against your chest.

“What do you want from me? Get away.”, you said, keeping your voice as stable as possible. He laughed. Suddenly, you could hear his loud steps. You raised you arms over your head to protect yourself, but…

He wasn’t walking towards you. What was he doing? Before you could think about it any longer, suddenly bright light was dazzling you. You squinted you eyes, trying to get used to the sudden brightness. Why’d he turn on the lights now? What would you see? You slowly tried to open your eyes, not just out of fear but also curiousity. You looked around, immediatly searching for the guy. The room you were in wasn’t as big as you’d thought. And not as… scary. One could even say it was… cozy? You were standing in front of a dark red sofa, just like the one in the bar. The walls were painted in a calming beige. Next to you you noticed a big desk with a wooden chair, but there wasn’t anything laying on it. Besides than that, the left part of the room was empty. You noticed someone moving from the corner of your eye and you quickly turned around. The brown haired guy was standing about 10 metres away from you, leaning against the wall- and he had this wicked smile on his lips, again. He always seemed like he was plotting something, even if he smiled. You couldn’t stop youself from noticing how hot he looked. At least he wasn’t right in front of you this time.

“To answer your question- I just tried to have some fun, but your reaction wasn’t as hilarious as I hoped. Not as funny as everyone before you. Anyways, we’ve got something to talk about. Sit down.”

You just silently watched him, wondering what the hell he was up to. If he was planning on killing you, why didn’t he just do it? If this was a kidnapping, why would he want to talk to you? 

“About what do you want to talk? How I prefer to die? ”, you asked sceptically. Now that you could see where he was, some of the fear from earlier had disappeared. You felt exhausted and confused. What was the point of panicking when you couldn’t change a thing about all this? You didn’t want to sit down and calmly talk about everything. However, suddenly his smile disappeared and he started coming your way. And- again- you couldn’t help it, you were scared.

“Either you sit down yourself or I’ll help you with it. It’s your choice.”, he said. You could tell he wasn’t messing around by the treathening look in his eyes. And you didn’t want to make everything worse, so you quickly sat down on the sofa before he had made his way over to you. You were to tense to notice how comfortable it was. He took the chair and pulled it in front of the sofa, so that he could face you while sitting down. You tried to breath slowly to  calm yourself down. Maybe there was a way to get out of here, you shouldn’t lose your hope that early. The guy was now sitting in front of you, his arms crossed over his chest. He looked at you with a measuring look. It made you feel umcomfortable- not like you’d felt comfortable in the first place.

“So, what do you want to talk about?”, you asked, trying to hide your impatience and confusion.

“Don’t you wonder why I kidnapped you? I don’t just abduct someone because I’m bored. That’s not worth the effort.”

You scoffed internally. Oh, you didn’t wonder at all, wasn’t kidnapping a normal thing to do? Of course you wondered, what was he thinking…? However, you decided against being sarcastic, for you own good.

“I do.”, you said shortly. You were curious, but you hoped he would tell you without you asking him. You wanted to avoid saying something that would make him angry.

“Listen. You might have already noticed that this was a trap. I expected you to come and get your dumb little friend. It’s a shame I had to let him go, he was quite talkative… under special circumstances. However, back to why your here. You’ve been observed for quite some time now. The lady selling street food. The old man living next to you. Even the post man I believe. It’s funny what people do for money.”

Your eyes widened in shock. That couldn’t be true…He must be joking! Why would the Mafia observe you? You were just a common police officer! You recalled all the times you’d got yourself dinner at the street food stall. The lady there had always been a little bit talkative, but Mafia…? And how often you’d done the laundry for the grandpa living next door! You had basically told him everything about your private life… You couldn’t… you didn’t want to believe that, they weren’t part of the Mafia.

“Y-your lying… Why would the Mafia take interest in me? I’m just an average person, I haven’t… I  mean… Why?”, you asked him confused. All this didn’t make sense.. right? The Mafia guy just looked at you emotionless.

“I don’t now either, I’m not the head of the Mafia. I’m a sniper, you know. I was confused to when they told me to kidnap you and inform you about… Your new life. And why would I lie to you?”

By now you were completely done. A sniper. Ok. Not like you cared at this point. But what did he mean by ‘new life’?

“My new life? Are you completely… What do you mean by that? I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who can tell when I need a new life, and I’m quite happy with my old one!” You didn’t even try to hide you anger, but the man in front of you didn’t seem to care.

“The Mafia isn’t. Guess who’s more powerful. But let’s start from the beginning, let me explain everything. These days, there are lots of riots between the different Mafia clans. Which means people are dying… And new people need to be educated. However, right now the kids who are already born into the Mafia are still to young and we need good snipers. We can’t set their life on the line. Your known for you shooting skills and your said to be one of the best police officers. Not like you'be proven that today. But see, (Y/N), you know where this is going.”

You flinched when he said your name. Of course he knew it. You’d told your neighbour. But still, you were in a loss of words. As a police officer you hadn’t been working on cases involving the mafia yet, so you hadn’t noticed any riots between the Mafia gangs. But they must’ve been really bad if the Mafia was already trying to recrute their worst enemies… The Police. Maybe the Police wasn’t their worst enemy anymore.

However, you didn’t need to think twice about that. You weren’t, not under any circumstances, going to work for the Mafia. You’d rather die than kill innocent people. And you knew that’s exacty what you were going to do…

“No way. I’m not going to work for the mafia. Kill me if you want, but I refuse.”,you said, making your words sound harsh. You knew you could never forgive yourself if you’d give in.

The Mafia guy was raising one eyebrow, than he smiled at you. He probably expected this answer, even though he didn’t seem to undertstand it. It did confuse you, but you were curious about his answer.

“Are you sure? You could save peoples lifes. Childrens lifes. I would be the one teaching you, so you don’t need to worry about your skills. If I was you, I’d consider it as long as I’ve got the chance.” He looked you right in the eye and you could tell he was trying to be convincing. It actually seemed like he cared about you. But you weren’t dumb, he was only trying to get his job done. Of course you didn’t want to die, but if saving peoples lifes meant taking others… No, you didn’t have a choice.

“Forget it. I’m not going to work for the Mafia.”

“Is that your last word, (Y/N)?”, he asked sighing.

You just nodded. So that was it. You never expected your life to end like this… All you ever wanted was to help people, to make them happy and feel save. And here you were now. You didn’t even want to think about your parents… You didn’t want to cry infront of this guy. You just wished you’d seen them one last time to tell them how much you loved them. At least you’d saved Officer Millers life.

The brown haired guy stood up and slowly walked to the door. You shuddered,  finally noticing how cold it actually was. You tried not to think of anything. You tried not to think about how your life as a sniper would be. Suddenly, you saw that the Mafia guy had turned around and was looking at you with a strange expression. Now you where the one raising one eyebrow.

“Ah, and (Y/N)… I’m not supposed to tell you, but… As soon as I leave this room and tell my boss about your decision, the bomb in your parents house will be activated.”

You felt your heart drop as your eyes grew wide in shock. He walked on, grabbed the doorknob and opened the door…


“Wait. WAIT!!!”, you screamed in panic.

The guy turned around, smiling in triumph.

“Welcome to the Mafia, (Y/N). I’m Jungkook and I’ll be your teacher for the next months.”

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Help Me {Soulmate AU} [D.M.]

Character: Draco Malfoy
Word Count: 1574
Requested?: Yes/No
Summary: Soulmate AU where whatever Y/n writes on her skin also appears on her soulmate’s skin. Draco is determined to find the girl who is begging to be saved from herself.
Other Parts: Part 1 Part 2
WARNINGS: Do not read if you are triggered by depressive thoughts.
Disclaimer: Gif isn’t mine, credit to whoever made it

+ + + + +

Depression is a complex thing, meaning so much to one person, yet so little to another. To one, it’s a demon, reaching out and taking the joy from everything in the world, and replacing it with hopelessness and despair.

It isn’t always easy, to see who has depression. Sometimes, it’s the person you least expect. Sometimes, it can be the happiest-seeming person ever. But then one day, they may be in the middle of a laugh,

and they just stop.

Depression is a constant thing, and it rips apart everything you ever hold dear.

It stops you from caring, about anything, really. It consumes you, filling your head with thoughts that wouldn’t even dare to enter other people’s minds.

Depression is the slow, painful process of accepting life’s negatives, and being exhausted whilst waiting for death.

Because sometimes, suicidal people aren’t really wanting to die, but rather, they just want an escape from the horrors of day-to-day activities.

Depression is hard when you have no one to talk to, because no one seems to care. Hell, you don’t even seem to care. It’s made even harder when those around you frown upon anything in the mental health region.

It’s impossible to try and do anything, without second-guessing yourself about it, because that’s what depression does.

And maybe that’s the reason why, when you came across a strange group of dark, hooded figures in your third year, that though they tried, they couldn’t take away your happiness.

Because you had none left to give.

Life had chewed you up and spat you out. And you were done.

Because depression is like screaming in a room filled with people, yet none of them seem to hear or care.

It’s like drowning, but people are watching you struggle, enjoying your pain.

It’s like waiting for something dreadful, sitting around with a ball of angst circling your stomach, as you try to cling onto any last hopes you have.

Except, it’s all disappeared.

When you sat around, alone with your looking thoughts, all you had was parchment and a quill. It wasn’t enough to take your mind away from all the negativity - nothing was - but it helped. Marginally.

You had lost all hope for anything getting better, but you did cling onto the fact that maybe, possibly, there was somebody out there that could help you. That cared.

You had heard rumours, where a thing printed onto your skin, would appear on your soulmate’s. You didn’t know if it was true - nobody spoke of it directly to you. Nobody spoke of anything directly to you.

But it was the last thing you could do.

You picked up your quill, and printed two words.

Help me.


He hadn’t noticed at first, too caught up in trying to catch Potter doing something he shouldn’t.

He barely paid attention to the black ink that had mysteriously appeared on the back of his hand.

It was only when Crabbe pointed to his hand and asked what it was that he finally noticed two words etched into his skin.

Help me.

He stared at the words, his heart pounding, and breath getting caught in his throat.

Help me.

They appeared again, written carefully underneath the last. His mind clogged with situations where his soulmate would need to try and communicate with him like this.

Help me.

“I have to go,” he said, pulling the sleeve of his cloak to hide his hand as he walked out of the Slytherin common rooms.

Help me.

He glanced down at his hand, which was becoming filled with black ink, the same phrase written over and over.

Help me.

He had to find you. There was no doubt about it. You needed him. For once, he was going to try and help someone other than himself.

And that’s when he pulled out his own quill, and began to write.


You dropped the quill, your hand aching. If the rumours were true, your soulmate would see what you had written, and, with any luck, save you before it’s too late.

Gripping harshly on the table in front of you, your face contorted in pain; emotional pain.

You stared down at your ink-covered hand until your eyes began to blur.

That’s when you saw it.

The intricate handwriting printed on the back of your other hand, appearing like magic.

How can I help?

Your heart jolted. The soulmate rumours were true. And now… now you had someone who was willing to help you.

Slowly, as if you expected it to be a dream, you began to answer the question.

I need help saving me from myself.


“How many times do I have to tell you, you filthy little mudblood! Stay out of my way!” A voice ring through your ears as you clenched your hidden fists. “Just leave me alone, Malfoy,” you muttered, pushing past him.

You wanted to get to the library, where you could communicate with your soulmate in privacy.

“Wait a minute, come back here!” He said as you held a hand grabbing your cloak and yanking you back, “You seem to be in a hurry. Where are you heading to? You better not be contaminating everywhere with your dirty blood.”

“Why would I tell you?” You said quietly, removing your cloak from his grasp, and trying to turn away.

“Hey! I’m not done with you yet!”

“Well I’m done with you,” you said as you stalked off, tears threatening to spill out of your eyes.

You could just lay down and cry right now, a voice inside your head said, Nobody cares, not really.

Finally making it to the library, you took a seat hidden in the shadows, far away from the other people sat down studying, and took out your quill.

I can’t do it anymore.

Your reply was almost instantaneous.

Don’t say that, please don’t say that.

You gulped harshly.

I’m sorry, but nothing’s working. I’m not getting better, and I don’t think I ever will.

You will! I’ll help you. I always do, remember?

You remembered all the times where you sat alone, talking to this mysterious person, who always seemed to be able to make you feel even slightly better - at least temporarily.

I don’t think words will work this time.

The words were shaky, and you didn’t expect the reply as quick as you received it.

Then I’ll meet you someplace. That is, if you’re at Hogwarts school?

Your heart raced. Your soulmate wanted to meet you. You.

I am.

Then I’ll meet you in the Astronomy Tower at 7 tonight.

For the first time in as long as you could remember, you smiled.

I’ll be there.


You started having second thoughts when you walked up the steps to the tower. What were you thinking? This person was the only one to ever help you, and now you’re meeting - what if they decided they didn’t want to help anymore?

This person, though you hadn’t properly met yet, was, by far, the most important person in your life right now.

And, if you were completely honest, you didn’t know if you wanted to put a face to the writing.

It was nearly 7, and your heart was beating faster than it should have. Your nerves were at an all-time high.

You didn’t know why you agreed to this.

When you finally heard footsteps, you braced yourself, looking out of the window to look across the school grounds, and took a shaky breath.

The footsteps stopped, and you turned around.

“What are you doing here, Malfoy?” You said in shock, hoping, praying this wasn’t what you thought it was. You glanced over his shoulder to see if your real soulmate had somehow appeared yet instead.

“I’m meeting somebody, not that it concerns a mudblood like you. You should just leave, so I can wait alone.”

“Who are you meeting?” You asked, your heart plummeting down into the depths of your stomach. You had a terrible anxious feeling; you knew what was coming.

“I’m meeting my soulmate, if you must know,” Draco said with a smug tone, “Bet you haven’t found yours yet have you?”

You felt a pang of pain in your heart when you realised who you’d been talking to, “I’ve got to go.”

Rushing out of the room, you ran down the stairs and heading straight for your common room.

Draco Malfoy was your soulmate.

If that wasn’t enough the send you over the edge, you didn’t know what was.


Why didn’t you show up?

You glanced at your hand, your chest seeming to tighten.

You didn’t know how to reply, not now you knew your soulmate was Draco Malfoy, the boy who had been bullying you for the past couple of years or so.

Sighing, you picked up your quill.

I did.

You lay on your bed in your dorm, staring up at the ceiling and wishing it was someone else you were talking to.

Anyone else.

I didn’t see you there.

You did.

There wasn’t a reply for a while, though you kept checking. It was more of a habit now, than you actually wanting a reply. In fact, though you were attached to the person you had been talking to, now you knew it was Malfoy… things were different.

You couldn’t believe how much you had actually told him in the space of two weeks.

When you looked down at your hand again, you sighed.


B r o k e n   F e e t

Requested: Yes~  

You should do 2 and 32  

Member: Jeon Jungkook Fuckboy!au

Genre: Humor, fluff, slight angst, implied smut

Word Count: 3,110

#2- “I’m gonna need you to put on some underwear before you say anything else.”

#32- “Look I know you really want that seat, but I do too now you should move before I sit on your lap.”

A/N- I’m sorry this just had to be a fuckboy one but I’m totally not sorry Well, here it is, my friend requested so I hope y’all like it~ THANKS LOVELIES

     A harsh knock disrupted you from your sleep, which, mind this dream snatcher, has been the first good few hours of sleep you’d gotten in a long time. Begrudgingly, after enough knocks to think the door would break down, you slid out from the covers of your loft that seemed surprisingly soft and mumbled a quiet, “coming”. When you threw open the door to confront the person who might get punched in the face from you, you surely did not expect to see the fuckboy of the campus, Jeon Jungkook. Oh god, how you hated his guts. You had always hated fuckboys, I mean, who other than sluts liked them? Unfortunately, you two had known each other for quite sometime. You had both grown up in the same hometown, and graduated in the same class. You frequently questioned the universe why you couldn’t have been born a year or two before, just anything to get away from this boy. He used to be so cute and shy - the little boy who was ever scared to accept dandelions from the girls on the playground when he was on the swings for recess. Hell, you two used to be friends, even though you would tease him for having boy cooties. You would always walk with him, wrestle him in the mud when no one else would, and he would finger paint you some picture that meant the world to him and pick you first for flag football on his team. He was your closest friend, your everything. He would never make fun of you for wearing cargo shorts and not dresses, for playing football and blocks instead of house and dress up. But, alas, not all good things last forever. Around sixth or seventh grade, things changed. Puberty hit, and you went from wearing cargo and basketball shorts to leggings and denim shorts. He got taller - surprisingly taller. But you thought that this lanky alien was still the boy you loved, the boy who would stick with you through thick and thin.

     But shit, you couldn’t be more wrong.

     You pretty much acted the same - you’d rather stick to basketball and soccer rather than dance and softball, but hormones got the best of him. He was one of the cool kids, obviously too cool for you. And you knew this was going to happen, but never that fast. You both expected to stick together until out of college, where you’d both either have your own lives and families, or just end up marrying each other. But nope. Life doesn’t ever want you to have what you want, and you had learned that the hard way. He stuck to his sports, but he tried to get as far away from you as possible. He’d ask to switch his seat if he ever got one next to you, and frankly, most people could see how hurt you were. You two had always been glued at the hips, you being one of the only people who he would actually talk to. It almost hurt other people to see this happen, but you learned to get over it. You’d learned to cage up your heart at a young age, and let only a few people crack that barrier, but never infiltrate it. With everything you did, every step you took, you told yourself, don’t ever get close to anyone again. You stuck to two friends, both girls who were like you in many ways, and you all understood each other well. You’d eventually turn into a pop, but not the “Oh look at me, I’m a slut who wears skirts and plays sports and has had one hundred boyfriends already”. Oh no. Far from it. Everyone knew you as the girl who would fight for herself, the girl with the good grades, and the girl who will beat you to a pulp if you’d ever insult her. So, that being known by the whole school, people were decently nice to you. You heard the rumors people say, since your friends give you all the gossip, but couldn’t ever find a shit to give about what anyone had said anymore. You’d basically cut everyone out from your life except those two special friends, to the point where you wouldn’t talk to your parents and they had almost reached out to a therapist. And honestly, you couldn’t even try to believe this all happened because of some measly boy, and you’d try to tell yourself otherwise. He’d hang out with the jocks, and do anything in his power to stay away from you. By eighth grade, you just gave up and blocked him out too. He was a no one to you at this point, you’d pretty much forgotten about him.

     But on that faithful day, when he showed up to your college dorm dripping wet and naked, you were quite amused from the look of pure horror that slapped him in the face.

     Apologies spewed out of his mouth like water from a fountain. Your attention had drifted down to his bare torso. Seeing as it was only 2 in the morning, nothing could really keep your focus for more than a minute. With a lift of a single finger from you, his ranting ceased, and your eyes looked back up to his face. A heavy sigh drifted out of your lips, and you were ready to just crawl back into bed and forget that any of this happened.

     “I’m gonna need you to put on some underwear before you say anything else.” You laughed at his red face, thinking, Wow, the one and only Jeon Jungkook, just blushed. This must be a dream. You moved to slam the door shut in his face, but as the action happened, he moved his bare foot between the door frame and the door. A howl of pain erupted from his throat, and you could’ve sworn you heard a few bones crunch. Sighing, you opened your door back up and ignored his hopping figure as you went to find some kind of cover for him. Settling on a towel, you threw it at his chest and slammed the door shut.

     “(Y/N)!!!! Please, open the door, you’re the only person I know for at least three square blocks!!!! I’m sorry for what I did, and what has happened, and I know that none of this should be happening because if I was smarter as a kid we might be in a better college in a nice apartment with better friends and-”

     “Fuck off, Jeon. You made your choice, and I chose to block you out from my life completely. Now keep the damn towel, spare the early birds some nightmares for later tonight, and get the fuck away from me.” Ouch. You could tell that hit something in him, because it even plucked a few of your heart strings. Hearing the soft sigh and the receding patter of feet, you decided to just head back to sleep and persuade yourself that all of this was a dream.


     “He did what?” You rolled your eyes at the question from your friend and went on to sipping your coffee.

     “He showed up to my dorm, naked, dripping wet, spewing out some kind of apology and asking for what I assume was clothes and a towel. I won’t be surprised if he comes out to find me again. Oh, and I probably broke his foot.”

     “Why the fuck would you break his foot?!” Her exclamation earned you both a few shushes and judgmental stares, as well as a hard glare from you. You answered with a shrug and something simple:

     “He wouldn’t move his foot.” That, also, earned you a groan from her.

     “That’s when you report him, or shove him out, not shatter his bones!”

     “That is very well an option in that situation, and you know it.” A sigh escaped her lips, and she moved to gather all of her stuff into her bag.

     “(Y/N), you know he can sue you, right?”

     “And you know he wouldn’t, right?” You mocked, putting your book mark in your book and placing it in your bag while getting up. “He won’t do it knowing what he did to me and how badly he screwed up my life. I can guarantee you that the little boy is still in there, but he’s just caged up.” You shrugged at her and walked out of the cafe to your classes.

     “… Oh for god’s sake, your literature major is getting to you. Bring the old (Y/N) back, please.” Her hands clasped together in a dramatic show, earning the finger from you. A laugh poured from her lips as she waved and walked to her art building. “There she is. Anyways, see you at lunch!” She jogs away from you as you head to your class, giving her a small wave. Today’s going to be pure hell, you thought. You knew word of what happened had already gotten around, but you also knew that you didn’t care. And that no one cared enough to ask you about it, but just simply play telephone until the story is completely twisted and wrong.


     You thought you’d heard everything by now. You heard that he’d fucked you. You heard that you stabbed him, and attacked him, hence the broken foot. Hell, you heard that you were actually the leader of a gang and called your members over to kill him. You liked that one the best, it made you laugh. Your classes had ended now, and you’d had one too many run-ins with some of Jungkook’s friends. Luckily, and surprisingly, one of them was your friend. Park Jimin. He was one who stuck with you through your little experience, and had always comforted you when the stories got to your head. Anyways, you two had made plans for you to come to the theater downtown with him for the midnight viewing of “The Mummy”. Now, you were planning to go alone some night that wasn’t the opening, but how could you resist the absolute sweetheart named Jimin? So, your friends being your friends, they invited themselves over to your dorm to, “Help you with your outfit,” despite their lack of fashion sense.

     “So Jimin, huh?” Both of them snickered at your irritated face as you slid into the simple outfit of black denim jeans, a cut off Obey crop top, and some black Vans.

     “Oh, you’re both so fucking funny. Don’t pull that bullshit on me. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a movie to watch with my friend and I would appreciate it if you both got the fuck out of my room.” With sarcastic smiles, they both trudged out of your room as you shut and locked the door. Just as you hit the stairwell, you heard one call after you.

     “Don’t forget to tell us the details (Y/N)!~” Once again, her comment earned another finger and you trotted down the stairs and meet up with Jimin.


     Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck.

     Those were the only two words running through your head as you saw the silhouette of someone who’s build looked a hell of a lot like Jeon Jungkook’s.

     Including the bulky quad of someone who would be wearing a boot.

     Perhaps the boot of someone with a broken foot.  

     Which may have been caused by someone slamming said foot with a door.

     Yeah, that was him.

     You were contemplating turning and sprinting away while you still could, but it was too late at that time, seeing as you could hear Jimin calling out your name. Damn you Jimin. But, the closer you approached, you saw the apologetic look in his eyes, now fully understanding that this was all the little brat’s choice, and Jimin couldn’t have possibly stopped him. So, you chose to walk in with them, ignoring the gaze that was burning holes into the back of your skull. After everyone but Jungkook found their seats, you took up the duty to gather the snacks and drinks. One your way back up the isle, you knocked shoulders with Jungkook, setting him off balance. You knew he was more confident today, your outburst from last night, or rather early this morning, boosting his esteem.

     “Don’t get to rough just yet Princess, it’s only the first night.”

    Princess? God, you were so close to barfing and breaking his other foot. How were you both friends once? But, choosing to just walk away and get back to your duty, you came back later with snacks for everyone. But that wasn’t the only thing you came back to. He was in your spot. Your spot. A growl was threatening to tear from your throat, but you just quietly handed everyone their food and went to block his view. You gulped as you saw his signature smirk glued onto his face as he gazed at you, and wait, why were you nervous? Why is your heart hammering? (Y/N), keep it under control! A sigh escaped your lips, and you chose to go the simple way, seeing as the room was much too quiet for the both of you to start up a fight.

     “Look, I know you really want that seat, but I do too now you should move before I sit on your lap.” Oh shit, there’s that blush again. You couldn’t believe this. The Jeon Jungkook, blushed at your words for a second time. That was absolute madness. You even caught how he adverted his eyes for a second, and how he uncomfortably squirmed the slightest bit before patting his thighs and smirking all over again.

     “Have at it.” And so you did.

     That was something he wasn’t expecting.

     And fuck, you realized that he’s still a guy, let alone one who goes around fucking girls, and that’s when you felt it. Ohhhhhh no. Please, let that be something in his pocket, please oh please oh please oh please. But by the groan that came from his lips that he tried to cover with a cough, you knew it wasn’t something in his pocket.

     Ladies and gents, you had just given him a boner.

     In some way, you were sort of proud, because hey, don’t fucking mess with me bitch. But, you also were aware of the bright blush on your cheeks as you trained your eyes on the screen. This was going to be a long night.


     Around the mid way point of the movie, you slipped out to use the bathroom, yet almost everyone in that damn theater knew that wasn’t the case, seeing as you didn’t dare to move for majority of the movie. With that being said, you opted out on chilling on the sinks for a bit before you heard the footsteps of a limp enter. Your eyes widened as Jungkook limped his way in, trying to be as quiet as possible for someone in his situation.

     “What the fuck are you doing in here?!” The sharp whisper left your lips as you jumped down to pull him out of sight of anyone who might come in. “You’re gonna get us kicked out! What if someone saw you?! Oh god, someone saw you didn-” Your sentence gets cut off by the soft feeling of his plush lips pressed against yours, and the first thing you noticed was the sweet strawberry taste of the Twizzlers he had been eating. Your cheeks burn, and he pulls you flush against him with his arms draped around your waist. His tongue swiped over your lips, and you graciously granted access.

     After a few minutes of hair pulling and tongue fighting, you both broke away gasping for air, and that old bunny-like smile plastered over his swollen lips.  “I had to shut you up one way or another, so I went with the one I would’ve liked best.” He was back, the little boy you loved so much, the one who you had found out loved you back. “(Y/N)… I’m still sorry about all that happened… I was so stupid, and naive, and I honestly don’t know why I thought I could ever live without you in my life.”

     A soft chuckle escaped your lips as you tilted your head to look up at him. “Yes, you were all those things, but I still love you and I don’t really think any dick move you did could’ve eliminated my feelings for good. Jeon Jungkook, I love you, always have, and always will.” A smile graced your lips as you ended, and a grin placed itself on Jungkook’s.

     “I love you too (Y/N).” And he topped it off with a kiss.

     You were right, tonight was going to be a long night.


     “Corinna, come on, mommy needs to get you to school on time!” The giggle of your daughter lit up your eyes, and you set off to find her and your son. Your husband peeked out from the bedroom, looking down over the upstairs railing at you.

     “Hide and seek again?”

     “Yes Jungkook, now instead of playing with them again, could you please help me try to find them?” A laugh bubbled out from his chest, and you couldn’t help but grin and the melodious sound.

     “Okay baby, just a sec.” He goes to find them, hands fiddling in an attempt to tie his tie. But he certainly didn’t expect the door of his childrens’ bedroom to slam shut on his foot, a yelp of agony slipping from his throat.

     Both of the children joined in yelling for you, saying that, “DADDY’S FOOT GOT STUCK IN THE DOOR AGAIN!!!” You rushed up the stairs to see your husband cradling his foot on the floor and a laugh broke out from your lips.

     “Really Jungkook, what is it with you and breaking your foot in doors?” This made a smile tug at his lips, and you swoop in for a quick peck. The kids chide in with sounds of distaste as you both laugh, and you pull out your phone. “I’ll call in for you, and we’ll get you to the hospital after dropping the kids off at school.”

     “Thanks baby, I love you~”

     “I love you too, now go rest that foot.”

     And suddenly, all of your childhood fantasies had come true, and you knew you could never ask for a different life.


You are a man of taste and quick decisions. That is how you amassed your billions. You have your ideal boy in mind and you know that when you see him you will make your move. You might see him on an airplane, on the street or even the beach. He really could be anywhere. Yet, once you look in his eyes, you “know” that you will know.

He really is stunning isn’t he? Yes. Those eyes! You sink into those eyes, don’t you? You must have him. Sure, you have the charm to invite him to coffee (or…maybe to your penthouse - you think: why not show it off asap?) Good plan.

Bring him up and give him a tour. My, he looks so perfect here. Invite him to sit and bring him coffee. Good plan. Just stare into those eyes. Those eyes are so inviting. So powerful. You must have him. You now “know” it for certain. He likes your wealth. You can feel it. Oh, my. His eyes are even more beautiful than you remember. Yes. Sink into his eyes. Listen to him. Yes you want him to know more about you. You want him to know the big things first. Tell him about all of your holdings: Every company you own, and how many homes. Yes, this young man needs to know. You want him to know everything upfront. Just look into his eyes. They are so commanding and it is so easy to tell him the truth. Good boy. Yes, he is impressed and takes your hand. So comfortable. So horny. So obedient. It’s nice to let him be in charge. You “know” you are safe to just let go and be a good boy. You feel him lead you to the master bedroom and feel his gaze as he speaks. You “know” that you have never been so at ease and that you are so so happy

You wake up in his arms and you just “know” you are just meant to be with him. You want to prove it. You want to take him shopping today. He will need new clothes, new watches and so much more to fit into your lifestyle. As you make love to him ask him to move in and tell him he no longer has to work. You blurt out a figure as a weekly allowance. How did you even come up with that five digit number? You assume that you just “knew” his worth and what it would take for him to put his career on hold (wait… did this boy even work?? No matter). You want him to enjoy your life with you and that starts today. Tell him he is your god and you beg to make him king of your castle. Beg him to let you take him shopping. Yes, look at that smile. You “know” you make the right choice.

After you taste the sweet nectar, you dress him from your closet. Not quite as fitted as he deserves but that will change. Without him saying a word, you “know” he would look so much better with your finest watch on his wrist. Yes, take his hand and go to the safe. Teach him the combination and show him your tray of watches. Beg him to let you put the president Rolex on his superior wrist. There, now he is adorned like a god should be.

Yes, let him take the lead. As a handsome younger man he will know what brands and designers look good on him. On the way out of the building you tell the security staff to add his profile to your list of approved visitors. You even joke that they will be seeing a lot of him. Yes.

You look into his eyes after each purchase. He says “thank you” but his eyes say “good boy slave.” After a full day of shopping you head back into the penthouse and stare into those eyes. Yes. You make the decision. Your life is now complete. You “know” it. He is to be so much more than your king. You need him as your husband. No prenup. Good decision boy. Yes, those eyes. He deserves to be a billionaire. Asap. You KNOW it.

Spoiler-free review of Wonder Woman



In other words, the movie did not suck, and my life is now complete. Thank you for your patience.

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This is the end result of the 4am conversations and crazy ideas @travelwithwords and I seem to produce often. Couldn’t help but post it.

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What if your workout was not primarily about getting in better shape? What if your workout wasn’t mostly about the hard work and sweat that you think must be required to lose weight or tone muscle? What if your workout was not about being or looking different than you do today? Let’s say your workout is about feeling good, being honest and experiencing a positive connection with your body/day/life. Please be open to your body/day/life being completely great right now. Can you find the good feeling of muscles doing what muscles do?
Morning Cuddles

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Your education as something you had always prided yourself on. You were valedictorian in high school, hate some of the highest marks in your graduating class in college, and you landed yourself a pretty great job as an accountant for a large YouTube company. So, you were a pretty educated woman.

So why you thought it would be a smart idea to sleep with one of your clients was a mystery to you. Of course around the seventh or eight time you stopped wondering.

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Pairing: Bucky / Reader

Warning: Fluff, A little bit of swearing. I think thats all. 

Request: @bts647  Hi I just want to say I love your writing so much! I wanted to ask for a Bucky x deaf reader as I am deaf myself. Please just something fluffy I don’t really mind what it’s about I just would love if you could wright this for me. Thank you for reading this and I understand if you don’t want to do this request.

AN: I really enjoyed writing this and I hope you all enjoy reading as well. I know my posts have been a bit sporadic this week but i’m hoping to go back to usual posting from now on. 

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The world had always been quiet to you. No matter how much music played, how much traffic circled or even how many times you heard gunfire the world still remained silent for you. You’d been born deaf and counted yourself semi lucky in that regard. In your view at least it would have been much harder to be born hearing and then slowly lose that hearing, slowly feeling the world become quieter and quieter around you.

As it was you’d had an almost idyllic childhood. A loving set of parents, 3 incredible younger siblings and even a dog. You had been a postcard cookie cutter all American family. For 15 years your life was perfect and then in the blink of an eye it was all taken away from you.

You didn’t get to hear the screams of your family but you remembered clearly the look on your father’s face when he’d realised he wasn’t going to get the car to move in time and the drunk driver who was coming straight for you was going to hit the car full on. Your car had flipped and spun sliding along the highway on one side. You’d been slammed into the window your head crashing into the window and that was the last time you’d seen your family. You lost everything in one moment to the next.

That was 10 years ago though and now your life was completely different. When your whole family had passed away you had been sent to your closest blood relative. Your only uncle on your mother’s side. Anthony ‘Tony’ Stark. He was a man you had seen only a handful of times in your whole life and he had now been landed with a traumatised 15-year-old girl.

It had been very rough to start with. Tony hadn’t known how to deal with you or even how to start engaging with you and you had been less than willing to try and start any sort of relationship with him. Science had eventually been the link that brought the two of you together. You’d been hours in silence with each other doing work in his lab. On your 18th birthday he had actually built you your own lab and revealed that after 3 years of trying and failing he had finally mastered sign language meaning you no longer had to read his lips constantly.

You were 25 now. You lived in Stark Tower you worked with your uncle and you’d graduated with a masters in chemical and biomechanical engineering. Helping Tony work on various equipment for the Avengers that lived along beside you all. Even if your Uncles transformation into Iron Man was still semi unbelievable to you.

The last week in the tower though had been different, Steve had finally tracked down his friend James ‘Bucky’ Barnes otherwise known at the Winter Soldier. He’d brought him to the tower with Sam. You’d only seen him once when he had been carried into the tower between the two of them. You had a vague impression of dark long hair, deep blue eyes and the signature metal arm. Beyond that he’d been holed up in his room with Steve and the others trying to determine just how dangerous he still was.


The second time you saw him he nearly startled you to death. You’d were in the shared kitchen to the tower making a pot of coffee and when you turned around with your cup he was stood there on the other side of the kitchen island. He shocked you to the extent that the cup slipped in your hand and hot boiling coffee spilled all over your hand.

Gasping you dropped the cup shaking it madly trying to get the burn to go away.

“Holy fuck, I’m so sorry. I thought you heard me come up.”

You only saw part of his sentence not focusing on his mouth, but you did see him slip around the island to come closer to you.

“Are you alright?”

Nodding you shoved your hand under the icy sting of the cold-water tap trying to ignore the tingles going down your fingers.

You looked back up at him and presumed from the confused look on his face he’d still been trying to talk to you while you’d been staring at the tap. He obviously didn’t know who you were or that you were deaf.

You waved your free hand at the place you knew FRIDAYS camera was knowing as well that she would explain to Bucky why you couldn’t hear or answer him. Sure, enough his confusion slowly cleared and you knew that he had been told.

“Are you alright?” he repeated looking directly at your face.

You nodded your head again glancing at your hand that was still stuck under the tap. You could speak, or you knew you could attempt to speak. Others had said you were perfectly understandable however it often embarrassed you to try. Instead you simply remained quiet staring at him.

He didn’t you decided look much like a super assassin soldier. He looked normal apart of course from the metal arm. Wearing a simple white t-shirt and jogging pants, long hair pulled back and blue eyes still concerned about your hand.

You only got a few more minutes with him before Steve came barrelling into the kitchen obviously alerted by FRIDAY as to what was happening between the two of you. He instantly took charge and very soon Bucky had vanished once more.


You saw him almost constantly after that, he’d turn up in your lab and simply sit with you every so often grabbing your attention to ask what you were doing now or what it was that you were working on. You didn’t know how it had happened, but over the months of him sitting in your lab as you smiled and worked around him you’d begun to fall in love with him. He would bring you lunch when you forgot to eat and then sit there as you tried to teach him sign language. You had tried to introduce him to some modern inventions. A mobile phone, he’d taken to that one very well enjoying sending you messages and for some reason snap chats. Then others like an Xbox that he really hadn’t enjoyed so much. You could understand that he didn’t find it fun to shoot things even in fiction. He couldn’t understand the enjoyment behind it. You got used to him being there, getting to the point that when he was gone on missions you actually missed his presence in your lab.

He’d been gone almost 3 weeks this time and when FRIDAY flashed up a message on your alarm screen that they were back you dropped your work and ran down to the hanger where the jet had just landed. You watched impatiently as they got off the jet until finally you saw Bucky in the back. He was smiling and talking to Steve much as usual.

“You’re smiling” Tong signed to you stopping in front of you “why are you smiling?”

“Am I not allowed to smile?”

“Not unless it’s at me. Your amazingly heroic uncle”

“You’re an ass” you smiled so he knew you were teasing.

“You’re waiting for Barnes, aren’t you?”

“What? No. Why would you think that?”

“Please, everyone can see that you like frosty”

Sometimes it was hard to understand why you loved your uncle. Especially when you realised that he’d probably been spending a lot of time spying on your lab along with FRIDAYS help.

“Does it matter if I do?” you eventually signed at him. In reality, actually very curious about what your uncle would say. You knew that Tony didn’t exactly like Bucky he’d made that very clear at numerous times throughout the past 8 months of Bucky’s time in the Tower.

Tony glanced back to glare at Bucky who was still with Steve on the ramp of the jet. Finally looking back at you. You saw his body sigh heavily and his hand came up to gently run down your face. He shook his head at you.

“No, it doesn’t matter. All I want is for you to be happy. It’s all I’ve ever wanted for you. Does he make you happy Y/N?”

“He does”

“Then no, it doesn’t matter”

“It doesn’t matter anyway, he might not even like me”

A small smirk came to Tony’s face. You’d seen that smile before it never led to anything good. It made you very nervous as he looked down at you with that smirk.

“I don’t think you have to worry about that”

He didn’t sign anything else instead calling out to Steve to walk with him leaving you and Bucky alone in the hangar. He came up to you with a small smile on his face.


You smiled at him as well. Bucky had started to learn sign language, was actually picking it up very quickly and knew enough for you to both have conversations, with a heavy amount of lip reading on your end and occasional writing in a notebook when he didn’t understand the signs.

“Are you ok?” that was an easy sign for him to understand.

“Yeah we’re all fine. It was a long mission though and…” his words trailed off and you got the feeling that he wanted to say something but cut himself off instead his eyes dropping down to the floor.

Biting your lip, you took a chance and reached out touching his hand. His head shot up once more to lock eyes with your own. “and what?” you’d actually said the words out loud this time and it made the corners of his mouth turn up.

“I missed you” he admitted carefully. “I’ve gotten used to being around you” he paused in his signing switching to words again as he obviously ran out of the correct signs. “My mind never stops spinning, never stops showing me images and faces of people I’ve hurt over the years. Normally it’s like a hammer on the back of my brain. When I’m with you though… when I’m with you the spinning stops. It’s like I can suddenly breath again. You give me clarity Y/N. You give me peace and I never thought I’d have that again”

Your heart had stopped at his words. You’d never had anything so beautiful told to you before and the fact that it was coming from him just made it all the better.

“I missed you too” you said carefully trying to get the syllables out correctly. “You’re my peace as well”

You couldn’t get any more words out but instead decided to simply show him that you agreed with everything he had just said to you.

Reaching out you took both of his hands in your own making no distinction between his metal and flesh hand. You took another step closer to him and when he made no moves to stop you carefully you placed your head on his chest.

He untangled one of your hands and wrapped it around your back holding you closer to his body bringing his head down to press it into your shoulder. You felt him tremble as he gripped onto you tightly.

Your free hand went around his neck fingers running through the hair there. You’d never felt so comfortable before, so accepted for simply being yourself. Bucky gave you that, he never once made you feel judged or less than anyone else.

You didn’t know how long you stood there holding onto each other before Bucky pulled away from you, hands coming to frame your face. It seemed to take him forever before he finally moved the few inches between you pressing his lips against your own.

You clung to him allowing his lips to move across your own as he pleased, relinquishing control to him. Your heart which had been hurting for the past 10 years since the loss of your family finally felt healed. Surrounded in the peace that Bucky brought to you.

Baekhyun - Play (IX)

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Playone, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, ?

pairing: baekhyun/junmyeon x reader

; this is the moment where i can say that you have truly lost me.

meet the heartbreaker himself.

A/N: sorry for the super late update, i’m sorry if this is more of a filler than a chapter. i hope ya’ll still love me (sorry if im asking too much, but could we reach 100 notes for the next part?) PART TEN IS ALREADY POSTED

masterlist // get to know me

     Baekhyun’s heart fell apart as he watched you kiss Junmyeon. Your lips moved against Junmyeon’s the way that you’ve never kissed Baekhyun, his heart seeing past your movements and your soul, the words and feelings it was saying.

You’ve hurt her, Baekhyun’s mind told him, a sharp pain striking his heart as he continued watching you. But it didn’t stop him from moving, moving towards you and pulling you off of him then punching Junmyeon’s jaw, hoping that bruises would be of some help to him to stay away from you.

“B- Baekhyun,” you stumbled over your words, shocked by his sudden appearance and the fact that he had caught you with Junmyeon and had punched him, “what are you doing here?”

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