your laugh makes me smile

Congrats on 13 million, Sean! 
I’ve only been subscribed to you for a few months, but I’m so happy I found your channel. Even when I am having a shitty day, your video’s never fail to make me smile and laugh. I know you always say we having nothing to thank you for, but I’m going to say it anyways, THANK YOU! 

This drawing wasn’t planned to be this way, but I like how it turned out! Hope you like it :)

Please do NOT repost my art. Thank you. <3

Why I fall so hard, so fast.

a lot of people don’t understand how I can fall so hard for someone, so fast. for a while I didn’t understand it but now as I get older it all makes sense to me. the truth is i grew up in a family where love wasn’t always present and to this day it has changed me. I didn’t know what a healthy relationship looked like or what love was. the reason I fall so hard for people is because I crave the love I didn’t get to see when I was younger. the love I should’ve seen my dad give to my mom. my “home” isn’t considered a home for me, so I make one out of girls who make me happy and care about me. girls that shower me in affection and give me what I’ve always wanted. whether it’s holding my hand, cuddling me, making me smile or laugh, kissing me, tracing your fingers over my skin, putting your hand on my thigh, tickling me, taking me for drives. doesn’t matter how big or little. it’s not something I’m proud of or happy to be like at all. it confuses people and upsets them. but I have a big heart and I can’t change that about myself. people will come into my life and have a huge impact on me but I will end up meaning nothing to them in the end. I think that’s what hurts the most. so please when you tell me you don’t understand why I fell so hard for you this is why. I’m not sorry for having a heart too big, I’d rather rip myself open and give someone everything, then give them nothing at all.

victuurisims  asked:

So I've been following both you and keilattes for awhile now and can I just say how precious both of you are?? I love seeing your posts and meme wars on my dash. I had a pretty shitty week tbh but your posts and art makes me laugh and smile and the world seems like a better place. *Makkachin hugs*

aww, thank you! and I’m glad our bad memes made you feel better <:

also some more asks bc kei is popular on here apparently hahah

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Please don’t get too close
Please stay miles away
keep your laugh
and that smile that you have
for some other girl now
Keep it and pretend that it doesn’t affect me

As if hearing your laugh
leaves me untouched
doesn’t make me sick

As if seeing your smile isn’t
tears to my eyes,
a knot in my throat,
and my chest turning into a fireplace

I’m always so afraid
That if you come close like you used to

you’ll hear my heart beating

out of my fucking chest

And know that it’s still all for you

—  my heart’s always been a dead giveaway
i’ve never been one to believe in “second chances.”
i’ve always thought that once you’ve had something,
you’d never get it again.
but you are living,
proof that “second chances” exist,
that maybe the “first time”
was just a warm up,
that maybe you’re not my second chance,
but my first time.
because there’s something about your voice that makes me forget i’ve been hurt,
and something about your laugh that makes me believe in miracles,
and something about your smile that makes me question the brightness of the sun.
—  and i’d give you the sun if i could,
i’d give you everything if i could
It was my fault. I expected something from you. I assume things between the two of us. I gave every meaning with your actions and words. I assume that there’s something with your sweetness. They way you cared means a lot to me, i’ve never felt that kind of appreciation from someone. I got used on our late night conversation, with your presence, they way you can make me laugh and smile is really something, no one ever does that. I was so attached to you that it made me feel that you feel the same. But i was wrong. My expectation hurt me. It’s not you, it’s me. You didn’t say a word, i was so stupid to think that you will love me too.

Happy Birthday Ashton!!! You’re a beautiful ray of sunshine and it never ceases to amaze me how much brighter you make my day. I can always count on your snapchat shenanigans to make me laugh or smile. Words can not express how thankful I am for you and everything you do for this band. Happy Birthday Ash, I hope you have a lovely day. @5sos-official

I don’t like you,
but I enjoy our time together, I like laughing with you, your laugh makes me smile, and I hate to see you leave.
I swear I don’t like you,
but when you’re with me, you have my complete attention, I miss you when you’re gone, and I find myself smiling when I think of you.
I won’t admit I like you,
but I get jealous when you give other girls attention, I listen to your advise, I search for your face in crowded rooms, and I like to watch you when you’re deep in thought.
I’m trying to convince myself I don’t like you,
but I feel safe around you, I want more of your hugs, and I dream of you often.
Ok, I think I like you, but for now, I’ll keep that a secret.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll write, 26
“Secret love”

I miss the way you made me smile. I miss the way you made me laugh. I miss the way you gave me butterflies. I miss how your eyes made me weak. I miss the way our eyes locked whenever we crossed paths. I miss the way you would cheer me up when I'm feeling down. I miss how special you made me feel. I miss your voice. I miss your smile. I miss the tension between us. I miss the way you’d tease me. I miss your laugh. I miss making you smile. I miss you telling me everything will be okay. I miss you.

- 2:14am 27/12/2016

Friends! It’s time for another blog appreciation. Send me your love for those in the fandom! Tell me who you love and why. Tell me your favorite bloggers who make you laugh, smile, feel beautiful, feel important, feel safe! I’ll tag them so they can see it. I think a lot of us are feeling particularly tired right now and I’m hoping this can cheer us up.

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  • America: England... I really like you... And it's not the brotherly love that we always blush about, it pure love! I really love you so much! Your laugh, your smile, your cute face... It makes me happy just being with you. D-Do you feel the same?
  • Canada: okay, nice practice, now let's try it on England.
  • America: I can do it! Definitely-
  • England: what are you lot doing?
  • America: a-a-a-a-ummmm... I... I... *screeches*
  • Canada: *mentally slaps himself*

To the loud blue boy💙,
Your videos make me laugh and smile when I can barely breathe and I’m so proud of us for how the channel has grown and proud of how you’ve been able to connect to your viewers on an individual level, not always easy to do. I consider you more of a best friend rather than guy a guy on a screen with games. You’re always here when nobody else is and you’ve helped calm me down in dangerous situations without even knowing it. You’ve saved my life and continue to do so on bad nights, which are frequent. Thank you so much. I love you with all I have left, which isn’t much. And I can’t wait to see what you have waiting ahead of you, I know you deserve every bit of it. Keep up the amazing work. And please don’t forget about me.

And please guys, don’t repost. I want him to see this as my original post.

Dear Jack,

If you read this I want to say: Thank you for everything that you’ve done for this community. You make so many people happy each and every single day. You deserve all the subscribers that you have earned & many more to come. When you play games, you face the camera and talk to us, and ask us how we are. I really do appreciate it. You make us feel like we’re never alone, that if we meet you, to come up to you as if you’re our friend. Jack, I’m so happy that I started watching your videos and that you started YouTube. Your videos never fail to make me laugh or smile. I would sometimes watch you during class if I could, and I wouldn’t stop smiling. I really do want to meet you and tell you how much you mean to me and how much I love you. You help so many people. You don’t do this for money, you do this to make so many people happy. You believe in us, all of us, even if we cant believe in ourselves. I don’t know what I’d do if it wasn’t for you. You inspired me, you guide me. You don’t deserve any hate whatsoever. You’re one of the sweetest YouTubers I know. Not once did I stop loving and appreciating you. Also, I’m so so proud of how far you have came. You have 14 million people in this community, that’s so many and I couldn’t be anymore happier. You spend around 12 hours a day, talking to your fans, reposting fan art, and making videos. I just, I appreciate you so much. You make me and so many other people smile. I can’t thank you enough. And if I ever met you, I would be so incredibly happy, I would be able to tell you just how much you mean to me. Thank you so much for everything. I love you so much, Jack 💚 @therealjacksepticeye

Happy happy birthday to Niall James Horan aka my favorite irish boy :) Omg I can’t believe he is 22 now… Niall I hope you have an amazing day and spend it with your loved ones. I wish I could spend it with you… you can make me smile with just your laugh and I hope that it will always be there…