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givenchy & gold, part i (m.)

;pairing — jungkook/reader

;warnings — sex | implied exhibitionism | mild dom/sub tones | if u’ve got a praise kink then ur gonna love this | mentions of daddy kinks | instances of spanking 

;summary — you’re the supervisor of the clothing department with a lot of useless lingerie knowledge, jungkook is the jewelry department’s defiant hot boy who flirts in wristwatch brands. basically an upscale retail au, but with lots of implied under-the-counter sex. and when an opportunity presents itself to fuck each other in the boss’s office after hours, you’re both too hot for each other to say no.

;word count — 20k im so sorry

part i | part ii

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Find Your Asari Name

I want to make one of those silly name maker memes because they’re fun, so let’s try this one.

Asari First Name:
- First 3 letters of your preferred first name
- Last two or three letters of your mothers middle name (your choice)
- Put in an apostrophe if you’re in the mood

Asari Last Name:
- First letter of your birth city
- Last half(ish) of your middle name
- Add a T’ prefix if your current age is an even number

Mine would be Shara T’Selle. Add yours in the tags/reblogs :D

(EDIT: Now there’s a Quarian version too if you’re interested)

BTS | The s/o Mumbles Another Member’s Name In Their Sleep But Not In A Sexual Way

Anonymous said:

How would bts react to s/o who mumbles another members name in her sleep but not in a sexy way. More like “ Goddammit gime me my candy back Tae!” “I think the golden cape and slippers are bit too much Jin.” Basically her dream life is weird and active. Sillier the better. Thanks and have fun! :D

“Nicki Minaj called, she wants her ass back,” you mumbled causing Jin to look over at your sleeping form, “Of course those pants make your ass look big Tae, what did you think I meant?”

“That’s the last time she goes shopping with Taehyung…”

Originally posted by jungkookiescookies

“Jimin, I can’t tell you how much wood, woodchucks chuck, if woodchucks don’t actually chuck wood…”

Yoongi turned in his desk chair and look at you, you still off in dream land. “I’m not even going to question this one….”

Originally posted by jeonbase

“Namjoon…just duct tape it, no one will notice,” you said, before letting out a small snore.

Upon hearing this information Hoseok got up and began to search the dorm to see what you or Namjoon could’ve possibly broken (this time).

Originally posted by jjeonguk

Rap Monster/Namjoon:
“Don’t tell me you can’t talk right now when you just called me, Hoseok…” you stated before rolling over with an aggrivated sigh.

Leaning over Namjoon looked at you to see you were still asleep, but had an irritated look on your face. “I don’t know if I want to know what happened.”

Originally posted by taestylips

“No Jin…it wasn’t inappropriate for me to point a hairdryer at the other members and ask if they wanted a blow job, it was a legitimate question….”

“Excuse me?” Jimin questioned, seeing you still sound asleep. He would be more concerned if you weren’t a hairdresser, but he would have to talk to you about your word choices.

Originally posted by senpai-sisters

“No you can’t call Dominos and ask for the number for Pizza Hut, that’s rude Jungkook….”

Tae turned and looked at you, still sleeping away. “Actually that’s quite genius.”

Originally posted by mvssmedia

“Yes Yoongi…I think people would be concerned if I called in ‘dead’ for you instead of ‘sick’…”

Jungkook stopped and looked at you sleeping away on the couch. “I’m gonna go check on hyung…”

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Best Laid Plans

Properly late this time.

(Also posted on AO3)

“Alright!” Teddy said loudly clapping his hands.

Victoire rolled her eyes, “We’re all right ‘ere, Teddy. You don’t need to shout.”

“This is the very important first meeting of the-” Teddy hesitated and bought time by climbing up to stand on the empty teacher’s desk in the classroom they were meeting in, “The Cupid Club!”

Peter groaned.

“That is an 'orrible name,” Victoire frowned.

Daisy and Saanvi giggled, leaning into one another.

“Whatever,” Teddy said dismissively, “We can work out a better name later. The important thing is, we’re all here for one united purpose!” He paused to gesture dramatically and the other students stared at him, Daisy and Saavi giggled.

Teddy sighed, “You could show a little more enthusiasm, you know!”

“Should we clap?” Peter asked.

“Get on with it, Ted,” Victoire prompted with an exasperated smile.

Teddy said, “Fine. So, we’ve all seen my cousin and godfather, the illustrious Professor Potter and Professor Malfoy, flirting-”

“Insults really don’t seem like flirting to me,” Victoire said. To try and quell Teddy’s puppy dog expression she added, “They do look good together.”

Saanvi sighed, “Have you seen how Professor Potter smiles when Professor Malfoy talks with him?”

“He just lights up!” Daisy said with a giggle, “It’s the sweetest thing.”

“But what about Professor Malfoy?” Victoire said, “ 'E is always sneering and smirking at 'arry.”

“He stares at his arse.”

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“I deleted your number from my phone month and months ago so that I wouldn’t text you in the late night. I know you sleep well, and fully throughout the night, and you grew sad and distanced yourself each morning you woke to find my frustration, years too late. I unfriended you on Facebook because you liked all the posts I put up, the happy ones, the good ones, the fun ones. I trained my brain to forget your last name. I taught myself not to think of your eyes. Or the shape of your collar bones. I now can proudly say I don’t think of you late at night when I stare at the light coming in my bedroom windows.”

I’m trying to slow time, and stay still enough so that I don’t wreck anything. That I don’t turn any of the good let in my life into something negative. 

I’m writing everything down lately. Because I don’t trust my memory to catch all the good and bad. It’s like a recently mended net, about to test it’s new strength. 

I hate writing K’s and G’s in my handwriting. I like writing L’s and S’s. I bought a spray bottle at the dollar store and filled it up with water and eucalyptus essential oil. I’ve been burning lavender incense and spraying my pillows with the eucalyptus water. I’ve rearranged my bookcase, and listened to an old FM radio. I searched for a station that didn’t have commercials for about 20 mins. My internet had been down some 24 hours at that point and I just needed a little something in my ears.

I’ve been gone 11 days, and now my cats don’t leave me alone. They come, twirling and dancing between my feet as I walk around surveying this apartment I missed. Each tiny and large thing put in a place that feels right, at least for now.  

In college I would repaint my studio apartment’s walls in the middle of the night because I needed a bit of a change. I would rearrange pillows, shelves and furniture because it felt better thinking about how I’d never been kissed. How I’d never known the touch of a trusted lover. Now I do it because it feels good to seek and find solace and comfort here, away from the world outside. 

I’m not sorry that I’ve allowed certain men take root in my memories. Idaho with his grumbling, growling, and breathtaking smile, his declarations. Brown eyes with the way his mouth moved when he talked and his tattoos, and his love of achingly soft music. The midwest gent for his attentive nature, patience, and his stoicism. My southern best friend who made me laugh like no other, with goofy memorable moments of pride and care, his strength. My contractor ex, nationally ranked rugby boyfriend who lived in the Poconos and who made me feel delicate, womanly, but who trusted me with a hammer and power tools. The tall gangly boy who grew into a handsome man, one night to take my hand late at night in his sports car only to whispered beautiful words of praise besides a lake under the moonlight some miles later. 

But that’s because I sometimes forget the bad associated with each. Or the bad I brought to them. 

I’m sitting on the floor, my legs have fallen asleep and I know I should shed my clothes and crawl into my bed. I should make a list of all I want to accomplish tomorrow, and I should, I should, I should, I should. 

I think I’ll soak in the tub, or change my sheets and get into bed and play a song that starts slow and sad, but builds in my chest like road trip views where you get surprised by a great landscape after the same sad thing miles and miles. Just one more hill. Just one more hike, one more mile, until you’re closer. I’m closer.

Everyday, I am thankful for those who have loved me, and who have allowed me to love them, even if it wasn’t enough for either of us in the long run. Because I’m learning to love myself more, and more. Learning to call myself out on my bullshit. Learning that exciting things happen every day, that I can make exciting things happen, worthwhile things.  

That one day, doesn’t matter how soon, all these memories, all this growth will mean a more successful relationship with another extraordinary person. With my extraordinary person. Who will grow with me. That will take me as I am, a person capable of greatness, even if that greatness is just great according to each of us, and the small things I do to affect others positively. 

I just have to breathe in, make several small movements that turn into larger ones, exhale, then do it all over again. 

Not The Romantic Type

Prompt: After being labeled as a ‘non-romantic’ by the reader, Digger Harkness tries to prove the reader wrong by planning a cliche Valentines Day date.

Pairing: Captain Boomerang X Fem!Reader

Warnings: Some cursing, sexual suggestion, but mostly fluff galore!

Originally posted by heartofdevastation

Digger Harkness was certainly a man of many talents and you were lucky to be able to call him yours. In one afternoon he could build you a wooden table and four sturdy chairs. He could drink an entire 12 pack of beer and still speak impressively coherently. He made the best damn grilled cheese in the world and never failed to make you laugh until tears were streaming down your face.

He was everything you could ask for and more! The only quality you could say he lacked was a romantic side… Which wasn’t a bad thing? He was sweet when he wanted to be and definitely an affectionate son of a bitch. But, as Valentines day was begin to creep up on you and all the heart shaped boxes of chocolates were on sale at the store you couldn’t help but to feel, well… Like you were missing out on something?

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“Being Friends is Great and All”

Peter Parker x Reader

Avengers Chat-room

Part 1 HERE .

Warnings: Spidey fluff, Love Confression or Crush, Backstory Explanation, Reader Powers Are Cool But She’s Still Learning, Some Plot In A Chat-Room Somehow, Little Angst But Barely.

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Your Move

The nine times Simon and Baz prank each other and the one time they don’t

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10

March 28


I haven’t had nightmares like that in years.

           Replaying the scene of my mother’s death is a classic, and it’s been a while since I’ve dreamt it, but it almost always has me waking in a cold sweat.  Occasionally I see it as I did when I was a child, but often it’s me as I am now, and the last thing I see is the look in her eye.  It’s not afraid, it’s just sad, disappointed that I’ve carried my sickness with me all these years.  That I never finished what she started by sending the nursery up in flames.  That I’m still walking the planet with vampire’s poison in my blood.

           There’s always the reassuring thought that I’ll wake up as soon as I’ve seen that look and the fire takes over, but this time it doesn’t work.  I keep dreaming, and it gets worse.  It turns into the nightmare that haunted my dreams almost every night for all of fifth year.

           I have to bite Simon.  I’m starved of blood and he is placed before me, veins pumping like drums in my head.  Someone somewhere is egging me on, sometimes it’s Fiona’s voice, sometimes my father’s, sometimes my mother’s.  I keep telling them no, and then Simon picks up a knife.  He tells me it’s okay and he presses the blade to his neck, tracing a shallow line and drawing just the thinnest stream of blood but the smell alone is enough to set my senses blazing.  I’m begging him to stop and he just walks calmly up to me, like the hero that he’s always been destined to be.  

           Sometimes I wake up in time.  Sometimes I don’t.

           When I don’t, I give in.  I always give in.

           His blood tastes real and alive and after one drop I lose control, drinking from his neck like I’ll never eat again.

           Sometimes I stay in the nightmare long enough to feel him run his sword through my stomach before I wake up.

           That’s what happened last night.  Before I was shaken awake, clutching at the phantom blade in my stomach, to find him gazing down at me with wide, fearful eyes.

           In the moment all I wanted was to pull him into my arms, to convince myself that he was real, we were awake and alive. Well, him at least.

           Instead I burst into tears in front of him.  Of course.

           He made no further move to comfort me, which is for the best.  Where in Merlin’s name would we have gone from there?

           When my alarm goes off this morning, I don’t bother hitting snooze.  I just slam the off-button and sit up.  My eyes are fuzzy and heavy, and I can feel the tears dried onto my cheeks.  I feel like a bear waking up from a terrible hibernation.

           Simon hauls himself out of bed, his curls standing up off his head like he was the one who didn’t get any sleep.  When he looks over at me, there’s a sort of caution in his gaze.  “You alright?” he asks tentatively.

           “Brilliant, Snow,” I croak, my voice raw from crying and the little sleep I got, “never been better.”

           He doesn’t move to get ready or even get off the bed, just keeps staring at me, and I can only imagine what I must look like right now.  Red, puffy eyes and tear-stained cheeks, probably a rat’s nest of hair.  A wreck.  A vulnerable wreck.  Wonderful.

           “Maybe…” he ventures, trailing off.

           “Words, Snow, I’m not in the mood to read your mind.”

           “Maybe you should skip class this morning.”

           I scowl at him.  “I know I look like death, but it’s nothing a hairbrush won’t fix.”

           “No,” he shakes his head, bronze curls falling in his eyes, “I mean you need your sleep.  I can say you’re sick or something.”

           I raise an eyebrow.  “Since when are you invested in my well-being, Snow?”

           “You didn’t hear yourself last night,” he mutters, and I think I see him shudder, staring at the floor, and it dawns on me that I must have been talking in my sleep.  My blood runs cold imagining what he might have heard, what I might have revealed.

           “No need to worry yourself,” I say, though I can barely keep my eyes open.

           At this point, he gets up and crosses over to me. I’m too shocked to protest when he gently pushes me back to the mattress and pulls the covers over me again, but I look up at him quizzically.

           “Just go back to sleep,” he tells me before heading to the bathroom to change.

           I’m practically asleep again by the time he leaves the room, shutting the door slowly and quietly, like I’m a sick child in his care.  The thought should be terrifying, but I’m out like a light before I can finish it.


           Even though I sleep for another few hours, I still wake up in a bad mood.  The rain pouring down the window doesn’t help, and I just have too many thoughts swimming around my head to feel refreshed.

           Second class has already started, so I take my time in the shower, scrubbing the feeling of the sword away from my torso. If I think too long about my nightmare, the tear-tracks on my face start to feel like Snow’s blood, and I rub the sensation off until my cheeks are burning and red.

           I don’t think about the nightmares.

           I don’t think about the concern in his eyes last night.

           I don’t think about his gentle touch pushing me back into bed.

           Instead, I think about our game.

           Snow never made his move.  So what does that mean?  He sure didn’t look like he wanted to pull anything on me this morning.  In fact, he looked quite the opposite, almost guilty, like he felt responsible.

           So who’s move is it?

           Mine,I think as I shut off the water. He forfeited his turn, so now it’s my move.


           I wait until classes are over to act.  I haven’t seen much of him since this morning (Crowley knows he can’t be seen talking to me in a civil manner outside the room), but I find him in the study hall.  Bunce and Wellbelove sit across from him, the three of them engrossed in their notes and textbooks.  Snow has a set of earphones in, and his phone sits on the table beside his work.

           None of them notice me when I come in, nor when I take a seat on the other side of the room.  I open one of my own books but I can’t concentrate when I look down at it. I’m still feeling the effects of the terrible night I had, plus I’m not even here to study.

           I see Snow say something to Bunce without removing his earphones.  He must have the music low enough that he can still hear.  Perfect.

           I wait a few more minutes, until he’s lost in his notes again, before pulling my wand out of my pocket.  I won’t be able to swing the wand as usual with this many people around, but I discreetly aim it at Snow from across the room.  More specifically, at Snow’s phone.

           “A little bit louder now,” I whisper.

           Snow jumps back from his table, frantically ripping at his earphones as his music goes from quiet to blasting in less than a second.  Wellbelove actually stands in shock, and someone’s papers go flying.  

           I don’t see the tail end of Snow’s reaction, as I have returned to staring pointlessly at my text.  When I glance back up, he’s turning the phone over and over in his hands, trying to figure out what happened.  Bunce hands him her earphones.  Classic.

           This time he only puts a bud in one ear, and he’s visually stiffer, ready to react if it happens again.  Which it will, of course it will.  Once he’s dropped his guard and I get bored of skimming over my book.

           This only takes approximately fifteen minutes. After another five, he’s noticeably flagging, his eyes drooping closed, the heel of his hand pressing a red mark into his cheek.

           As if he lost sleep last night.  As if he’d had the nightmares about killing me.  Well, not me, I suppose.  Someone who matters to him as much as he matters to me.  Wellbelove, maybe.

           That thought alone makes me sick.  Stupid Wellbelove and her stupid perfect hair and perfect face and perfect clothes. I almost want to turn my curses on her.

           They haven’t dated in almost a year now, but the fact still remains that they did.  At one point, Simon looked at her in that way that makes bystanders sigh and go all mushy.  He doesn’t look at her that way anymore, but it’s like a stain that won’t come out.  I can still see it, or imagine that I’m seeing it.  I wonder if it will ever go away.

           It’s with this thought in mind that I cast the spell a second time, expecting some sort of satisfaction when he once again jumps a mile into the air, but finding nothing but bitterness.  Stupid Snow and his stupid golden curls and splatter of moles.  Fuck him.  Fuck the way his eyes turn into oceans in the dark.  Fuck his crooked smile and the way his laugh makes the rain turn into sunshine.

           I forget to look away when he catches me glaring at him, and too late I see him figure it out.  He doesn’t glare back defiantly like I expect him to, just holds my gaze levelly like he understands.  What in Merlin’s name he’s understanding is beyond me.

           Thrusting my chin forward I mouth the words “your move” slowly and obviously. He just nods once before turning back to his books, deliberately leaving his earphones on the table.

The 100 - John Murphy - Jelly Legged

please do a murphy smut where he has such rough sex with y/n she cant walk the next day and the boys (bellamy, jasper and monty) tease her :p 

Warnings: smut + probably swearing. 


“I want everyone in this god damn camp to know you’re mine.” Murphy growled between kissing your neck making you moan quietly. You loved it when Murphy was rough with you. It wasn’t his regular go out and beat someone up rough though. He’d never actually hurt you, it was just down to the fact that when Murphy got rough and passionate: the sex was so so good. 

He continued leaving hickys on your neck to show everyone in camp the next day exactly who’s property you were. Swiftly, you began you unbuckle his belt and unbutton his trousers as he tore you vest top over your head ripping it ever so slightly. As he took your trousers off, his fingers moved down to your heat and he drew rough circles around your clit making you whine and moan for him.  

“Murphy…” You groaned arching your back up in desperation for him. 

“What was that?” He asked grinning slyly. “I didn’t hear you.“ 

“Murphy, fuck me please.” You begged loudly as he thrust a finger inside of you and moved it in and out slowly making you wetter and wetter by the second. 

“Better.” He growled removing his boxers as you were in no fit state to do it for him anymore. He reattached his mouth to your neck and roughly thrust himself inside you making you cry out in ecstasy. He was big and gave you little time to adjust before moving in and out of you increasing the speed. But you didn’t care. It was wonderful. 

You moved your hands to his hair and began tugging it slightly and playing with it as his hands moved over to your breasts and began running his fingers over your nipples making you moan loudly. You could feel your orgasm approaching. It was getting closer and closer. 

“FUCK. MURPHY!” You cried out not caring if anyone could hear you as you reached orgasm. It was like an explosion in your lower abdomen. You’d never felt it quite as much as you did then and, as he pulled out of you, you could see your legs trembling. 

Both of you feeling incredibly satisfied lay down on the camp bed you shared and you fell asleep with his arms around you and your face buried in the crook of his neck.


The next day, you woke up next to him and decided to get up and get dressed. He swiftly dressed and left promising to save you a seat at breakfast. You sat up and threw on you underwear and shirt which was sat on the end of the bed and put on your trousers which were on the floor next to you. You had one of the smallest tents out of everyone hence why you got camp bed privilages. So you crawled over to the entrance where there was little room to stand and poked your head out of the entrance on all fours. Looking out you could see your two best friends Monty and Jasper walking with Bellamy to where breakfast was being served. 

“Hey guys,” you called out to them. “Wait up.” They walked over to you as you ungracefully crawled out of your tent. 

“Heard you had fun last night.” Jasper laughed as you looked up at him. 

“What?” You asked. 

“Don’t deny it. The whole camp heard you yelling out Murphy’s name last night. I’d be surprised if the grounders didn’t.” He chuckled winking at you. 

You sat there blushing for a second and tried to stand up. As you got up, you found your legs collapsed underneath you and were too weak to get you back up again. 

“Shit.” You mumbled. 

“Wow so you did have a good time last night.” Monty chuckled as you sat on the ground glaring up at him. “I didn’t realise it was that good.” He added as the three boys laughed at you. 

“Guys shut up. What do I do; I can’t walk.” You said angrily. 

“Blame Murphy for that one.” Bellamy laughed. You gave him a look of death and he stopped laughing and scooped you up bridal style in his arms. “Come on then. Let’s find Murphy for you.” He said carrying you over to where Murphy was sat as you blushed furiously and giggled slightly to yourself. 


AN: hope this is okay for you guys, I’m going through a Murphy phase at the moment. I love him! Hope you all are enjoying the holidays and if not hope this brightens them up for you. Stay safe! :)

Prison Break - Part 2

Word Count: 2099

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, Violence, Blood

A/N: Unbeta’d, Unedited

Prison Break - Part 1

It had been weeks since the demon had made his presence known to Dean or to you. Weeks since Dean had shoved you into solitary. Sam had found out within a few days that the demon used to be an inmate, David, who was wrongly accused of killing a cop. Once he was in prison he was murdered by a gang of guards and cops who didn’t take kindly to crimes against their own. He wasn’t a truly innocent man. He was a rapist and a murderer, but he wasn’t a cop killer. He ended up in Hell and became a demon, coming back to this prison to exact some twisted revenge.

You’d grown closer to Dean over the weeks. Incredibly close. He’d managed to keep you in solitary confinement, always giving a reason why you had to stay there. He kept the other guards away. You didn’t ask how, but their visits to your cell were few and far between and you were thankful.

Maybe it was the confinement. Maybe it was that he was your only real human contact. But you could swear there were lingering touches, longer than necessary glances, comfortable silences. You were falling for him and you were pretty sure he was falling for you.

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Library Love - 1

Bucky x Reader :)

“Y/N ! Come on !”, my bestfriend Natasha whined, as I walked in between the huge bookshelves.

“Nat, you knew it would take time !” I hissed, giving her a glare.

Nat rolled her eyes at me, and pretended to browse through some book.

“So boring ! Can’t you just use the internet for your research ? This place is killing me !” Nat said, yawning.

“Natasha ! Im here to study !” I said, trying my best not to raise my voice.
“Why did you come in the first place?”

“I had nothing better to do!” Nat said, shrugging.

“Hm. You can go if you want, Nat” I said, pulling out the book I was looking for from the shelf. “I’ll be fine”

“Of course you will be” Nat said. “But Im not leaving without you”

“Alright ! Be quiet then” I said, walking towards one of the big benches in the middle of the room, my eyes fixed on the book.

“Y/N, watch out !”

Well, Nat was too late to inform me - I walked straight into something hard and fell back. I screwed my eyes shut at the impact, and felt a pair or arms around me, blocking my fall.

I opened my eyes and gasped.

“Oh God” Nat’s voice had a touch of relief in it.

“Are you alright ?”

That was a new voice. I looked at the man in front of me, who was holding me, a look of concern on his handsome face.

“I-” I stared at him.

Those blue eyes.

“Y/N” Nat’s voice brought me back to reality again.

Thats when I noticed that I held my book tightly against my chest with one hand, and my other hand was on his shoulder. The fabric of his shirt crumbled under my tight grip.

I quickly let go, blushing.

“Are you alright, Y/N ? ” He asked again. Thanks to Nat, he knew my name !

“Yes, Im fine. Thanks for, um, -” I said, feeling the heat rise to my face.

He smiled, and said, “You’re welcome”

I smiled back, almost fully smitten by his good looks.

Nat was on my side by now, her hand squeezing mine tightly.

“See you around then” I managed to say, wanting to escape from this situation.

“See you” He said, and with a nod to Nat, he walked off.

Just as he was out of our sight, Nat burst.

“What the HELL was that ?!” she said, eyes wide.

“What ?” I asked, sitting down on the bench.

“See you around ?” Nat asked.

“Its not like I will be seeing him or anything” I said, feeling a bit of regret in that.

“Exactly !” Nat said. “Did you see him?!”

I raised my eyebrows at her.

“You already have a boyfriend ! You shouldnt check out other guys ” I said, with a grin.

“I checked him out for you, moron!” Nat said, shaking her head. “I cant believe you let him leave like that !”

“What are you trying to say?” I asked, closing my book, and looking at her.

“You should have talked !” Nat said. “Asked for his number or something!”

“Sorry, no” I said, “I dont do that”

“Hence your single situation!” Nat scoffed.

“Hey, Im totally fine with being single!” I argued.

“No you’re not !” Nat shot back. “That guy was perfect ! Did you hear the way he said your name ?”

“Yes” Was all I could say. My name never actually felt that good. Hm.

“Well, good thing you have me as your bestfriend !” Nat announced, with a grin.

“No, I dont like the sound of that” I said, shaking my head. “ Nat, whatever you’re thinking - DON’T”

“Oh please” Nat said, giving me a bored look. “I wonder if hes gone… Just wait here!”

Nat was too quick for me. She sprinted across the room in split second, and I sat staring at the direction she ran.
And a certain dread came over me.

                                  * * *

“Nat please tell me you didnt do anything stupid” I said, sitting on my bed, feeling totally burdened.

“Y/N, for the hundredth time ! He wasnt there ! I didn’t meet him !” Nat said. “I swear !”

I nodded.

“I wish he told me his name” I wondered out loud.


Nat had a wild look on her as she said that.

                                * * *

I was at the library in my usual time, and I walked towards the librarian to return a book.

I almost lost my breath, seeing HIM standing there.

“Hey!” He said with a smile. “Y/N?”

“H-hi” I said, feeling a lump forming in my throat. “You work here ?”

“Only helping out Mrs.Christie” He said, with a smile.

“Oh, thats nice” I said. “How long have you been doing this ?”

“Well, I started last week” He said. “That same day”

“Oh…” I was so afraid if Nat had done something that I skipped coming to the library a whole week.

“Bucky” He said, taking the book from me.

“Hm ?”

“Bucky Barnes. My name” He said, his smile widening.

“Well, you know mine right ?
Y/N  Y/L/ N” I said, smiling back at him.

He laughed.

“Thanks to your friend” he said.

“Yep, thanks to her”

We met almost regularly after that. He was a very fun person to be with, and he was slowly creeping into my heart too. I was not ready to admit it to myself, even. Thats when Nat found out.

“I cant believe how primitive you two are !” She sighed. “You dont even have his number !”

“Stop it, Nat” I whined, trying to wrestle her out of my bed.

“Seriously, Y/N” She said. “You gotta woman up, and make a move ”

“Not happening” I said, shaking my head stubbornly.

Nat exhaled loudly, giving me a dirty look.

                              * * *
Over the next couple of days, I didnt have much time to talk to Bucky. As disappointing as it was, I had an assignment due that very Friday, and there was no way I could fall behind in it.

After a long day of reading and typing, I was finally ready to leave. I felt a sudden shiver, when I saw that library was almost completely empty - was everyone gone ?

I raced to the desk where Bucky usually worked, and let out a sigh of relief to see him sitting there.

Bucky looked up, and smiled.

“I thought I got locked in” I said, leaning against a bookshelf.

“Wont do that to you, now would I?” Bucky asked, with a grin. “Pretty busy these days, I see”

“College work” I said with a shrug. “Just too many assignments”

Bucky nodded understandingly.


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anonymous asked:

Can u do one where Josh is using you for sex? And you don't realize it until he has to spell it out for you and you are completely heartbroken. Happy ending tho please, however you decide to do it. (Like maybe Josh is actually crushing on you, but doesn't realize it till you leave?)

this was soo much longer than i intended wowowow, enjoy!! xx.


Your phone vibrates halfway through your shift, leaving it a good four hours to just steadily burn a hole in your pocket.  You secretly wonder if the text is from him.  You spend the afternoon pouring coffee and bussing tables, trying to put the boy from last night out of your mind.  It doesn’t work, and the longer you ignore the text, the more you find yourself hoping it’s him.  

Needless to say, the next four hours drag on.  Normally, you’d have time to sneak away for a minute just to peak at your phone, but Saturday’s at the cafe were always busy, so despite your curiosity, you were forced to wait.  

“Any fun plans for the rest of the weekend?” your boss asks once the closed sign has been flipped and you were scrubbing the final dish in the sink.

“Not a whole lot,” you say honestly.  You wipe your damp hands on your apron before shrugging it off from around your neck, hanging it up for the weekend.  Once your hands were dry, you could finally pull your phone out of your pocket, clicking the home button and smiling widely at the name flashing across your screen, the one you’d saved in your contacts just last night.  You swallow the lump in your throat and try to cover up your sudden excitement, “I’ve got some school work I should be catching up on.”

“Well try to have a little fun, won’t you?” she says, rubbing your shoulder gently, “Be safe, see you Monday,” she calls on her way out.  

You wave, offering her a soft smile before she’s out the door.  

You were finally free to open the text message.  

You slide to the right, shaking your head realizing that if it is him, you’d have to save his contact as “guy from the bar” or something. You’re only slightly ashamed that you never did learn his name.  

hoping you had as much fun as i did last night’ one of the messages read, and then another a couple of hours later, ‘sitting here… hoping you wrote down the right number

You bite back a smile before typing a response, ‘so sorry! ive been at work all day.  i had fun last night too!

There was a big part of you that felt ashamed for having sex with a guy you’d met at a shabby bar.  You’d spent the latter part of the morning beating yourself up about it.  It was unlike you to go out at night, let alone go home with the most tattooed guy in the place.  But he was just so captivating, sitting across the bar with his bright, pink-dyed hair and electric smile.  He made small talk with everyone around him, laughing and socializing like being in a grungy bar at half-past two was the most normal thing in the world.  And once his caramel eyes locked with yours, your mind turned to mush.  

You had morals.  Standards even.  But his voice was so sweet and his words were so methodical.  Even the way he sauntered over was magical.  More of a glide than a walk.  How could someone look so good in just black jeans and a t-shirt.  

“You’re all alone,” he observed, tilting his drink in your direction.

Your eyes widened, surprised that this obviously interesting boy was talking to you, of all people.  

You nod, your tongue numb, your mind blank.  Suddenly you forgot how to form sentences.  

He chuckles at your blank stare, “No offense, but what’re you doing hanging out at a place like this on a Friday night?”

“I could ask you the same thing,” you defend, insecure about him pointing out your solitude.  You were always insecure about your socialization skills.  You’d always been quiet, more comfortable alone than with people.  

“Fair point,” the boy says, taking a seat next to you and looking straight ahead as he sipped his beer, “we’re both loners then.”

“Loner has such a negative connotation,” you contest.  

He chuckles, “Is there a term you like better?”

“We’re socializing,” you point out, “so technically I’m not completely alone.  But yeah, ‘flying solo’ has a little more dignity to it.”

The boy raises his eyebrow along with his beer bottle, “To flying solo then,” he says, and you clink your drinks together.  

He starts asking questions about you after that.  He’s so curious about where you come from and what your passions were.  He asked about music taste.  Favorite bands, favorite genres, favorite instruments.  You ask back, of course.  But he doesn’t seem too inclined to talk about himself.  

Of course the cute tattooed boy had to be mysterious as well.  

You could have said no after he threw a wad of cash on the bar and extended his hand towards you.  The words lingered on the tip of your tongue, waiting for a breath of air to tip them over the edge, but then you heard the voices of your family and friends echoing through your mind.  Everyone was always telling you to be more carefree, have fun, let loose.  They were never hesitant to point out that you studied too much, worked too hard.  With their imagined encouragements in the background, you bit your lip and took his hand, letting this mysterious figure lead you across the room and out the door.  He held tight and didn’t look back, weaving through the street and all the way to his second-floor apartment.  

The bed wasn’t made and there were clothes scattered on the floor.  You had knots in your stomach once the sudden realization of what you’d decided to do sunk in, but the minute that he brushed your cheek with the pad of his thumb and pressed his lips to yours, all of that melted away.


You tip-toed around his room hastily.  You felt panicked, wondering what the hell you’d just done.  You kicked stuff around, looking for your other shoe in the dark.  Your ears pounded with shame and guilt and you desperately needed to inhale some fresh air.  Just as you were about to give up on your shoe and bolt out the door, the boy let out a loud sigh.  You turned and looked at him, laying on his stomach, sleeping peacefully under the one blanket he had on his bed.  His heavy breathing filled the room, you let your face ease up, gazing at the resting face of the boy you’d just slept with.  

He was gentle and soft and kind and as much shame you felt, you had to admit that you didn’t completely regret it.  

You grab a sticky note from his desk and scribble out a note to leave behind, your number and the indication that you did, in fact, have a good time.  

You quietly shut the door behind you, smiling without realizing it and oblivious to the fact that you had only one shoe on as you walked home.  

You’d be lying if you said you didn’t want to see the boy again.  You were hopeful that his text would lead to a possible invitation, but you tried not to get your hopes up.  You were timid about rejection.  

You’re only two steps out the door of the cafe when your phone buzzes again.  The boy from the bar was quick to respond.  

Any chance you’d want to do it again sometime?

Your smile’s so big, your skin starts to hurt from stretching.  

of course’ you reply.  

just name the time and place’ he types back.

your house? 10 minutes?’

‘you got it.’

You chuckle at your own spontaneity and hesitate only briefly before replying, ‘see you in 10’

The speed of sound barely has time to disperse your knock before the door is swinging open and a puff of pink hair is pouncing on you.  His lips press firmly to yours and he takes your bag off from your shoulder, tossing it on the chair, and wrapping his arms around your waste in one swift, motion.  

“You actually came,” he says, smiling against your lips.

“I said I would,” you say breathlessly.

He wastes no time in helping you shrug off your jacket.  

He seems rushed and desperate, but just as gentle as the night before.  

You go until you can’t anymore.  Until you’re both left in a panting heap on his bed, wrapped in sweat and sheets, staring up at the ceiling, your limbs intertwined.  

“I’m Josh, by the way,” he says, laughing slightly.  He holds his hand in the air for you to shake.  

You cup your hand over your mouth, covering the giggle that bubbles in your chest.  “Y/N,” you say, taking his hand and making your first introductions.  

You actually stick around for a bit this time, laying in Josh’s bed, talking.  He’s still a bit hesitant to talk about himself.  After some significant probing, he does finally tell you where he’s from and that tells you that him and his best friend are in the early stages of starting a band, says they’ve even toured around the U.S. a few times.  He talks about the music and the logistics of it all.  He also tells you about how much he can’t wait to get out of Columbus.  And when he asks where you’d like to go in the world, you feel stupid because you’ve barely left the midwest.  He’s traveled a lot, you can just tell.  Your waitressing job and useless English major pail in comparison to Josh’s adventures.  

It’s your growling stomach that snaps you back into reality.  You check your phone and realize hours have passed since you stopped by.  

“Was that your stomach or a monster under my bed?” Josh asks, leaning up enough to laugh at you.  

You hide your face in embarrassment before sitting up and dangling your feet off the bed.  

“I haven’t eaten since like eleven this morning,” you say, trying to defend yourself.

“Okay then, I have a very serious question for you,” Josh says, “Do you like waffles?”

Josh drives to this diner that’s only a few miles away.  It’s tucked away on the corner of a deserted intersection and you’re surprised you’d never even noticed it after all the years you’d lived in Columbus.  

You sit in a booth across from Josh and slurp down the chocolate shake he insisted you order.  It really was delicious.  

“Make sure you get every last drop,” Josh chuckles after you started sucking up nothing but air, making a loud obnoxious noise with your straw.  

You laugh out loud and push your milkshake to the side, slightly disappointed that you’d drank it so quickly.  

You end up ordering something on the menu titled “Hungry Trucker’s Special” upon Josh’s suggestion.  It’s accompanied by two large waffles, bacon, eggs, and toast.  Your eyes widen when the giant plate is laid in front of you and you look at him in disbelief.

“You expect me to eat this?” you say in disbelief.

He laughs and starts digging into his much smaller plate.  

Aside from your bulging waist band, the evening was nice.  Josh talks more about himself, telling you a bit about his family and more about his band.  He has a way of telling stories that just makes you want to listen.  Not that he’s a wordsmith or whatever, but he’s just so interesting.  Everything about him intrigues you, to the point where whenever he asks you a  question, you feel like it’s a waste of time, because you’re  no where near as fascinating.  

You’re sad to see the evening end, but you thank Josh for such a fun night before heading home.  He even suggests that you do it again sometime, which sends your stomach into flip mode.  

You think a lot about Josh in the following days.  You’re not sure what the protocol for this type of situation was, but when two days go by without any word, you decide to shoot him a text.  

It goes unanswered.  

And you’re disappointed in yourself when you realize how bothered by it you are.  

You run through various scenarios in your head, wondering if you did something weird or came off too strong.  Were you too desperate?  Too clingy?  You shouldn’t have texted first.  That was a bad move.  

Tuesday rolls around and another shift at the cafe starts.  You talk to your boss about your mellow Sunday and continue taking orders and wiping table surfaces.  You think you’re going crazy when a puff of pink hair flashes in the door just as the bell rings.  You refuse to do a double take until a sweet, familiar voice rings through the shop.  You look up from the table you’re taking an order from and see Josh walking into the cafe with a brown haired boy, around the same age as him, and a pretty blonde.  They sit in the window seat, Josh on one side of the table, his friend and the blonde on the other.  

You have to force your attention back on your current customer and finish their order before you head over with three menus and your pad of paper.  

“Hi there,” you say, as calm as possible.  

Josh looks up from his phone, his face surprised.  “Y/N,” he says.  “You work here?”

You nod smiling, “Glamorous waitress, I know,” you chuckle.  

Josh’s friend and the girl are looking at Josh for an explanation.  He finally clears his throat before introducing you.  “Tyler, Jenna, this is Y/N, um… a friend.  Y/N, this is Tyler and Jenna.”

You cringe slightly at the ‘friend’ label he threw at you, but you give them both a smile.  “Nice to meet you,” you say warmly.  

“Aw yeah, Josh mentioned something about a girl from the bar,” Tyler says, positioning his body so he was facing you better.  “This is a sick place to work, very modern, very aesthetic.”

You chuckle at his description, but he seemed genuine about his statement, not condescending of any sort.  

“Yeah, it’s not bad.  I mean, it’s not a rock band or anything but we all have to make due.”

“You’ve heard of us?” he says excitedly, flashing his white teeth your way.  

“Josh told me,” you clarify.

“Way to promo, bro,” Tyler says happily, nudging Josh from across the table.  “Hey, we’re having a gig tonight in Columbus, you should come.”

“Really?” You look excitedly at Josh, but he was staring at Tyler instead.  

“Yeah, totally,” Tyler says.  “Can’t promise you’ll like our tunes, but there’s a bar there, so you can’t lose, really.”

You chuckle, absentmindedly flipping the page in your notebook, thinking that by the looks of it, Josh wasn’t even the one who wanted you there.  He’d barely looked at you this whole conversation.  But Tyler’s hopeful ‘common’, persuades you and you think what the hell.  “Yeah, okay.  I’ll go.”

You find yourself regretting that promise shortly before it was time to leave.  You stood in front of the mirror, rustling your hair and trying to flatten out the wrinkly fabric of your shirt.  You couldn’t help but remember the way Josh blatantly ignored you at the cafe.  You wondered if he was just as ashamed of your one night stand as you originally were.  

You sighed heavily, cracking your neck to the side, and determining that if you didn’t leave now, you’d be late.  

You send Josh a text message just for good measure, letting him know you were on your way and excited to see him play.  This time he actually responded.  A simple, ‘awesome,’ with a smiley face emoji.  Enough to keep you intrigued.  

The venue was close by.  You were grateful for the amount of parking spaces vacated considering  the fact that you didn’t think you could walk very far in the heels you managed to squeeze on.  The venue was like a small club, the music was playing through these giant speakers and there were dimly lit blue and green lights flashing.  The people were shoulder to shoulder, dancing, swaying, jumping, drinking.  

Tyler had instructed you that they would be starting at eleven, so you had about fifteen minutes to kill.  The stage was set up, drums and a piano, but no sight of your Josh or Tyler.  You squeezed your way up to the front. Not like anyone cared that much anyway, and found your place on the left side of the stage against the rail the security had set up.  

You felt awkward, standing alone with nothing but a phone and small wallet in your hand.  You nervously twist your hair between your fingers and wander back to earlier in the day.  Josh didn’t seem to thrilled with Tyler inviting you to the gig.  Part of you couldn’t blame him.  I mean it’s not like you two were together or anything.  You’d only slept together.  Twice.  And talked all night wrapped up in each others arms.  

You shake the image out of your head.  You were overthinking it.  All of it.  This was just supposed to be for fun, to prove you weren’t a stick in the mud.  You never intended to actually have feelings for Josh.  Therefore you can’t blame him if they weren’t reciprocated.  You were a one night stand (or two nights in this case).  Just the girl at the bar.  You’d watch the show tonight, then you’d go.  Because one night stands didn’t stick around.

Suddenly, the flashing blue lights stop and the entire room goes dark.  At first you think it’s trouble with the circuit or something, but then you hear this faint humming noise and realize it’s all part of their act.  After an excruciating amount of time just waiting in the dark, you watch as the two of them finally take the stage, Josh taking a seat at the drums and Tyler sauntering over towards the microphone.  

They put on an incredible show and you can’t even deny it.  You watch, in awe, not knowing any of their lyrics or even understanding half the words Tyler’s spewing out so quickly, but you’re energized and you’re hooked on the way he puts so much effort into it.  They’re nothing like the two, awkward boys you spoke to in a cafe earlier.  There’s motive behind their eyes and fire erupting around them.  

Josh keeps looking at you.  You grip onto the rail in front of you and can’t help but notice every time his eyes flicker your way.  Your heart palpitates every time your eyes lock with his.  You can’t help it, the boy was just so damn intriguing.  

After a night of full night of entertainment and unexpected surprises, including a back flip and Tyler diving head-first into the crowd, the boys finally wrap up their show.  Your heart pounds in your chest as everyone cheers so loudly once they exit.  You’re thrilled and excited and all the more fascinated with Josh.

But then you remember the promise you made to yourself before the show.  You’d watch, and then you’d leave.  That was the way it had to be.  So you squeeze your way out of the crowd, muttering ‘excuse me’ and ‘sorry’ to all the people you crash into and make your way back to the door, pushing it open and walking towards your car.  

You feel shitty, overwhelmed and messy.  Like who were you to fall for the guy that picked you up at a bar?  The one with pink hair and one set of dishes in his cabinet.  You squeeze your eyes shut because it was stupid.  It had been less than a week.  You shouldn’t be feeling this bad about walking away.

You sit in your car, pulling out your phone to check the time when you realize Josh had called you, only minutes ago.  You bite your lip, wondering if you should call back.  Instead, you wait.  But you don’t have to wait for long.  A text from Josh comes in.

‘Where’d you go?’ He asks.

heading to my car’ is all you respond.

wait up, i’ll be right there’ Josh types back, almost immediately.  You bite your lip, pocketing your phone, before getting out of your car.  You lean against the door as you stuff both of your hands in your pockets and breathing in the cool night air.

“Y/N!” you hear Josh call from across the parking lot.  

You turn and look at where his voice came from.  He had just exited the back entrance door to the venue and he was running over, still in the same tank top that he performed in.  

“Hey,” you say as he gets closer.  

“Were you gonna take off?” he asks, “without saying hi?”

“Well, I just figured you’d be busy after the show—“ you say, trying not to look like such an asshole.  “So I thought I’d just head out…”

“Well I was hoping maybe you could keep me busy…” Josh’s voice trails off.

You should say no.  Your emotional wellbeing is begging you to say no.  You just weren’t made for the hit-it-and-quit-it lifestyle.  But Josh’s hair is damp with sweat and he’s still breathing heavy and it just isn’t fair the way he’s biting his lip and looking at you.  So you nod your head yes, knowing you’d regret it later, but not really caring much about that now and you let Josh lead you back into the venue.  He squeezed your hand tightly, intertwining your fingers and leading the way to a small storage unit out back.  You cringe at the musty smell, but the minute he presses his lips against yours, you’re overcome with everything Josh.

When you’re both finished, left panting and naked, clothes scattered throughout the storage room, you cling to him, your fingers digging into the flesh of his biceps, your head resting on his sweaty shoulder.  

Neither of you speak.  Your hot breathes fill the air.  You stay like that until Josh’s phone starts vibrating in his pocket.  You step away from him, hastily grabbing your clothes and trying to pull them back on.  

“Hello?”  Josh answers his phone.  

“Uh— yeah.. I’ll be there in just a sec…” he pauses as he tries to pull his pants on, “what?  No I was just trying to find a shower— shut up. I’ll be right there.”  

Josh hangs up the phone before grabbing the rest of his wardrobe and dressing himself.  

“That was Tyler,” he says, “just wondering where I was.”

“Oh, are you guys doing something tonight?” you ask casually, hoping that maybe Josh would invite you along.

“Not really, just me him and Jenna are grabbing a bite to eat.”

Clearly not an invitation.  

“Right,” you say quietly, “I’ll just get going then-“

“Are you hungry?” he asks.

You look up just as you were gripping the door handle.

“Cause I don’t know if you like pizza, or whatever, but if you’re hungry, you could come.”


“I mean— if you wanted to,” he says.  

You nod slowly before waiting for him to finish getting dressed, then the two of you walk out of the closet, careful to not draw attention to yourselves, and then go to find Tyler and Jenna.

They’re backstage still.  Tyler’s sitting on a chair with his feet up on a table, scrolling through his phone with a lollipop stick hanging out of his mouth.  

“So pizza?” Josh asks, making Tyler look up from his phone.

Tyler looks between you and Josh.  You try desperately to hide your guilty face, but the silence is killing you so you go with plan B instead.

“Great show tonight, Ty,” you say, giving him a warm smile.

He turns back to you and grins, “You liked it?”

“Yeah, you guys were incredible.”

Tyler gets up from his chair, carefully putting his feet back on the floor.  “I’m glad you enjoyed it, are you joining us for pizza then?”

“If that’s okay,” you say shyly, looking from Tyler then back to Josh.

“Yeah, of course it’s okay.  Just gotta wait for the misses, she’s chatting with a friend.”

Within ten minutes you’re on the road, piled into Tyler’s car, you and Josh both in the backseat.  Tyler and Josh talk about the show, highs and lows and people they recognized from other shows.  

The pizza shop they choose is close by.  No more than a mile or two away.  You trail behind Jenna as the two boys lead their way into the place.  

“So do you go to every show?” you ask her, trying to make small talk.  

She nods, smiling, “Yeah, I guess it kind of came in the job duties of dating Tyler.  It’s not bad though.  They put on such a good show every night, it’s fun to watch.  Did you enjoy it?”

You nod, grateful for how easy Jenna was to talk to.  You weren’t sure why, but being around Josh in a nonsexual way was so intimidating for you.  At least you had her and Tyler as a buffer for tonight.  

The night goes fairly smooth.  The boys continue to talk about the show.  You like hearing Josh talk about his music.  His face lights up and the little dimples around his face show when he smiles so big.  You can tell how much he really likes it.  

Tyler starts asking you probing questions then, about where you’re from and what you do.  You disclose that you’re a student at Ohio State and that your job at the cafe is what pays the bills.  You stop once you realize how dull your life is in comparison.  

Josh seems fascinated by the idea of your English major.  He starts asking you about various authors and books, asking if you’ve read them before.  When you tell him about your favorite Jack Kerouac novel, he almost spills his drink, because it’s his favorite too.  

“No way,” you gasp laughing, “no one’s ever heard of that book—“

“That’s what I thought too!” he says excitedly.  

He seems to lighten up after that and include you more in their conversations.

And you feel happy.  Because you were so worried that you were just Josh’s one night stand.  You were worried that his feelings for you were only skin-deep.  But tonight, you really seemed to hit it off.  You hoped there would be more dates, because for the first time in a long time, you actually felt like you had a connection to someone.  A real life, personal connection.  

The boys went up to the counter to pay and you were left in the booth with Jenna.  You chat until her phone starts buzzing against the table.  

“It’s my mom,” she says, “I’ll just be a sec.”  

She takes the call and walks to the back of the room, leaving you alone at the table.  So, you decide to join the boys at the counter.  You collect your coat and wallet and walk up to where they’re both waiting for a cashier.  

You can tell they’re mid conversation when you walk up behind them.  You don’t mean to eavesdrop, but your name comes up and you can’t help it.

“She’s cute, I like her,” Tyler says, drumming his fingers on the table.  “You gonna ask her out?”

Josh scoffs and lets his head fall, “We’re not like dating or anything, if that’s what you mean.”

“Common man, you were so into each other tonight,” Tyler observes.

“I wouldn’t say that—“ Josh protests.

“What would you say then?”

“She’s a fun night, a good time in bed…” Josh pauses, “That’s it.”

You stop dead in your tracks as his words hit you like a ton of bricks.  You suddenly feel so embarrassed and stupid and naive.  You don’t hesitate before making a beeline for the door.

You hear Josh mutter a slew of cuss words under his breathe before calling out after you, but you’re already pushing on the latch, feeling the cold air whip you in the face.  You can’t stand to face him.  

“Y/N!” he says, pushing the door and rushing out after you.  

You keep walking, dead set on getting away from all of them.  

“Wait!” he calls, getting closer.  “Y/N, stop,” he says, grabbing at your wrist and trying to pull you around.

“What?” you belt out, spinning in his direction and glaring at him.  “What do you want?”  you plead, trying to keep yourself from crying.  

“I just— I didn’t mean it—“

You sigh heavily, trying to hold in the tears as best you could.

“Look, we hooked up a few times, we got waffles, it’s not like we’re dating,” he says, defending his harsh words.

You sigh heavily before nodding, “Yeah, you’re right, I know,” you cross your arms over your chest, “ But I can’t do this anymore,” you indicate between yourself and him,  “I can’t just be a good time in bed.  Look, it’s fine that you don’t like me.  Really, I get it and that’s okay.  But I was starting to like you, so I can’t keep doing…” you pause, “whatever this has been.  I just can’t.”  

With that you tighten your coat around yourself and turn away, walking back to the road and in the direction of your car.  As soon as you turned away from Josh the tears started to fall.  You felt stupid, crying over someone you knew just over a week.  But you were overwhelmed with false hope and disappointment and you couldn’t help it.  It hurt, feeling like you weren’t good enough.  

Part of you is afraid that they’ll drive by and try to get you to ride back with them.  You’d rather walk a marathon in the cold than get in a car with Josh right now.  But they never do.  In fact, the whole walk back to your car, not a single car even drives by.  

You finally climb in your vehicle and blast the heat, at this point you weren’t sure if the shivering was from the cold or because you were so upset, either way it hurt like hell.

But life moves on.  You work extra shifts at the shop, trying your best to stay distracted and to pick up whatever paycheck you can.  You wipe tables and make flavored lattes and by the middle of the week, things almost start to feel normal again until a puff of pink hair sets the the bell off by opening the door.  

Josh looks around once he’s stepped in the shop.  You only give him a slight glance before walking behind the counter and into the break room, finding your manager and hiding your face.

“I’ll work an entire hour for free today if you serve the guy that just walked in,” you say desperately.

She gives you a sideways glance, raising her eyebrows and clearly thinking you’re crazy.

“What is he a pervert or something?” she chuckles, pulling out her notepad.

“No— just… long story,” you sigh.

She starts scribbling on her pad, making sure her pen has ink before offering you a kind smile.  

“Just take fifteen, I’ll cover for a bit, okay?”

You sigh a breath of relief, “Thank you,” you whisper.  

Once she leaves the room, you sit down and let your face fall in your hands, wondering why on Earth Josh decided to show up today.  Your mind starts running back over everything that had happened between the two of you before your thoughts are suddenly interrupted.

“He’s asking for you by name,” your manager says, peaking her head through the door frame.

“Did you tell him I was here?”

“No, but I don’t think he’s stupid… think he saw you on his way in, before you ran back here.”

You groan and run your fingers through your hair.  

“Hey,” she says, placing a hand on your shoulder, “whatever he did, whatever happened, you’re stronger than it.”  

You take a deep breath, already feeling the embarrassment of facing Josh and you nod.  “I guess so, thanks.”

You tighten your apron back around your waste and exit the break room, scanning the coffee shop quickly before seeing Josh standing in the same spot as when you left.  

You decide to play it cool and flip open your notebook.

“What can I get you?” you say stoically as you flip to a blank page.  

Josh looks up at the sound of your voice and takes a step forward, meeting you closer.  

“Hey—“ he says, his mouth open slightly.

“Hello,” you try to stay as casual as possible. “Did you want coffee… or—“

“Um, no… no, not really.  I wanted to—“ he’s stuttering trying to find the right words, “I wanted to apologize for the other night…”

“It’s fine,” you interject.  This was exactly what you wanted to avoid— him bringing up events from the other night.  You can already feel your face growing red and hot with embarrassment.  

“No… it’s not.  I wasn’t thinking and it just wasn’t—“

“Josh, it’s fine.  Really,” you say, harsher this time.  

He stops and finally meets your gaze.  His eyes are soft, he looks anxious.  

“I… I don’t do this,” he says, his voice thick.  “I don’t go on dates, I don’t have girlfriends.  I don’t— “I don’t trust people, I never have,“ he pauses and clears his throat. “My dad left us when I was five.  All that stuff I said about family vacations and childhood memories was a lie.  I have siblings, but we don’t talk… and my mom— she died a few years back… Tyler’s all I have.  That’s it, everyone else? They leave or they die or they just don’t care,” he pauses enough to inhale sharply.  

“Why’re you telling me all of this?” you ask softly and slightly shocked.

“Because I wanted you to understand why— why I said that stuff the other night…  I just said that stuff to Tyler so he wouldn’t bug me about asking you out.  I like you,” he says.  “But I don’t know how to show that or act.  I guess I’m afraid to get close to people, I’m afraid they’ll leave or whatever…”

Your face softens as you look at Josh.  His head is hanging and he’s picking at a piece of loose skin on his thumb.

“I’m a stupid drummer with a high school education and big dreams that aren’t going anywhere.  You study Kerouac and Faulkner at a University.  I just figured you’d get sick of me sooner or later.”

You laugh, whether that be an appropriate reaction or not, and wipe the tears from your eyes, “Josh, I’m a waitress living in a shabby one bedroom apartment, studying for a degree I probably won’t even be able to use when I graduate.  Your life is exciting and interesting, you have pink hair for God’s sake…  I thought I wasn’t the one good enough for you.”

He shakes his head and breaks eye contact, almost like he doesn’t believe a word you’re saying.  His hand travels to the back of his neck where he scratches the skin and take a deep breath.

“I’m sorry I said that stuff, it’s not true… you’re way more than that.  I knew it the minute I spotted you across the bar, too.”

You look down at the floor, his compliment making you blush, “Well, thank you for saying that.”

“So what do we do?” he asks.

You sigh heavily, “Can we just start over?  No more booty calls or sex in storage closets.  We can just hang out, be friends?  I don’t want you to do anything you’re uncomfortable with,” you say gently, “But maybe we could just… get to know each other a little better.”

Josh smiles his soft, warm smile and nods.  “I’d really like that.”

“Yeah, me too,” you say honestly, then, remembering Josh’s sly text, you smirk, “Just name a time and a place.”

He laughs, “Waffle house?  After your shift?”

“Will there be chocolate shakes involved?” you challenge.

“Of course,” he says, like it’s the most ridiculous question in the world.

“You got it, then.”

“It’s a date,” he says, as he slowly backs out of the coffee shop with a smile spread across his face.

Your stomach flutters at his words and you can’t help but feel so special and grateful and humbled, all at once, that Josh chose to trust you.  


“You’re the luckiest kid in the world,” he said. 

“You don’t know the half of it.” 

I let him ponder my statement. Then, perhaps to fill the silence that was becoming unbearable, I blurted out, “So much of it is wrong, though.” 

“What? Your family?” 

“That too.” 

“Living here all summer long, reading by yourself, meeting all those dinner drudges your father dredges up at every meal?” He was making fun of me again. 

I smirked. No, that wasn’t it either. He paused a moment. 

“Us, you mean.” I did not reply. 

“Let’s see, then—”

63 and 65 with Kraglin

63: I am home
65: that’s never going to happen

You joined the Ravagers involuntarily. You weren’t necessarily forced. It was more out of necessity. You had been given the option of a life of slavery or a life of crime. You picked crime going with Yondu. Your price had been “paid” and you had become quite a good Ravager.

Over time you had gotten close to a certain Xandarian Ravager. He was rough around the edges but he was sweet and loving. The two of you had been together for a very long time. A lot longer than most Ravagers could commit for and you were proud of that. In your eyes nothing could come between the two of you. But apparently that wasn’t how Kraglin saw it.

Yondu had announced a new mission. A trip to Terra to deliver some stone to some group that kept Terra safe. You were ecstatic. You hadn’t been to Terra since you’d been abducted by slavers. You wanted to see your planet so bad. You missed the way the grass looked and the way the breeze felt. What you didn’t see was Kraglin watching you pack your backpack with a frown.

He was anxious. He knew you loved him and he loved you more than anything. But this was your planet, your home. A home that you had been violently ripped away from. You had been shoved into a new life and sure you seemed to enjoy it but how could that compete to your home full of your people. Most of the Ravagers had become Ravagers because they didn’t have a life on their planets but you did. You had been happy before. There was no way he could adjust to life on your planet. He doubted if he could even survive on your planet. Besides he wasn’t made for civilized life. He was rough and rude and he lacked even the most basic manners you had.

As you turned to him you couldn’t stop the smile. His frown quickly changed to one not wanting to upset you. He followed you out of the room and to a landing pod. You and him were the only two who could walk around Terra without causing suspicion. As long as Kraglin kept his mouth closed so no one could see his teeth. You held his hand the stone in your bag. You didn’t notice his nervous twitching and what you did notice you assumed was his nervousness about a new planet. As you touched down you were almost jumping out of your skin. Sure you’d only be in some tower but it was Earth.

The two of you stepped foot onto the landing pad and you let go of Kraglin’s hand as two men came to greet you. One was tall, blonde, and muscular in some red white and blue suit and the other was shorter, black hair and some metal outfit. You were calm though as you smiled at them.

“Welcome to earth. I’m Captain America.” The blond greeted you putting a cautious hand out.

“And I’m Tony Stark. You may have heard of me.” The other man grinned checking you out rather bluntly.

Kraglin’s blood boiled but he knew not to do anything. This deal was too important. Besides he trusted you and the quick drop of your smile reassured him.

“(Y/N) Obfonteri. Pleasure to meet you.” You shook the blonde man’s hand firmly.

“Kraglin… Obfonteri.” Kraglin shook the man’s hand as well.

Both Captain America and Tony’s eyes widened when Kraglin opened his mouth. You simply pushed past them heading towards the door they came from. Kraglin followed behind you his mouth closed now. The two men hurried to catch up guiding you to a meeting room. You sat down at the table seeing a few others in the room. Kraglin stood behind you ever watchful.

You seemed so different here. So comfortable and in charge. He wasn’t sure if it was because Yondu wasn’t here or if it was because this was your planet. He studied the people around the room each of them looking like you. A much larger blond man gave a large grin to the two of you and despite better judgement Kraglin smiled back. The whole room seemed to jump a little at the sight of the sharpened and metal teeth. He immediately felt out of place.

You were in your area of expertise here. You were cool and collected as you got the stone out of your bag. It was in a sphere much like the one Peter and Yondu had dealt with not long ago. You placed it on the table watching the men on the other side intently.

“So… about our fee.” You smirked.

Kraglin stood behind watching as you negotiated perfectly. You had settled on billions of units worth of tech. After business was done the other people in the room started to ask you both questions.

“So… you’re aliens huh? Where are you from? You look pretty human. You know minus big guys teeth.” Tony asked raising an eyebrow at you.

“I’m Terran… I mean human. Kraglin’s from a planet called Xandar.” You felt Kraglin’s hand on your shoulder.

“You guys are what exactly?” Captain America asked.

“Ravagers. But I guess you could say we’re space pirates.” You grinned.

“And how did you… become a space pirate if you’re from here?” He asked.

“I was kidnapped by slavers. It was slavery or space pirate. I chose space pirate.” You answered not wanting to give too much away.

“Alright last question. You single? Or are you and big guy.. you know.” Tony asked eyeing you curiously.

“We’re together. If you didn’t notice you know… same last name.” You rolled your eyes feeling Kraglin’s hand squeeze yours.

After the line of questioning and quite a bit of laughing at your answer you pushed away from the table standing. You stretched out a little before grinning. You turned to look at the two men.

“Well this has been fun. But we should head out. You can load the tech onto our ship.” You walked out the same door you’d come in and to the ship Kraglin following behind you.

Later than night as you laid in bed next to Kraglin you could feel him shifting. Rolling over onto your side you watched him. You put a hand out gently resting it on his chest. You traced a scar comfortingly as you scooted closer.

“What’s wrong sweetie?” You asked him using your little pet name.

“D'ya wanna go back ta Terra?” He asked softly after a moment.

“What do you mean?” You asked confused pushing yourself up on one arm.

“Ya know. Stay on Terra. Back ter ya old life.” He asked.

“No. That’s never going to happen. As much as I miss Terra I don’t want to go back.” You admitted.

“Ya don’t wanna go home?” He asked.

“I am home. Right here. With you.” You smiled softly at him your hand rubbing his chest.

“But ya seemed so… comfortable there. Wit all those Terrans.” He muttered.

“Because they reminded me of you guys. A little less rough. But thy reminded me of the crew.” You mused laying your head on his chest now.

“Ya sure? Ya don’t wanna go back ta all yer friends and yer old job. Yer old life.” He asked running a hand through your hair.

“I’m sure. Because I wouldn’t have you. You can’t take the Terran out of me and I can’t take the Ravager out of you. So it’s best if we’re both here together.” You gave his chin a quick kiss.

“I love you…” he smiled softly keeping you close.

“I love you too.” You closed your eyes ready to fall asleep now.

There were a few moments of silence and you were almost asleep. Until you felt Kraglin’s chest heave a little with a small laugh. You opened your eyes glancing up at him.

“So…. yer goin by ma last name now?” He asked giving you a toothy grin.

“Oh shut up.” You smiled back contradicting your words.

In the avengers towers, Tony and Steve stared at each other quiet and in a bit of shock. Steve couldn’t get the imagine of those teeth out of his mind. Tony just couldn’t imagine that those two were together. But both of them were thinking the same thing. “Space pirates are freaking cool.” Came Clint’s voice saying what they had all been thinking.

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I know Ruby and Sapphire's last name is Fire now But I really like them being called the Loverrts too it was fun to say Maybe that's like Sapphire's Maiden name or like they have it hyphenated? Like Loverrts-Fire But they Just say Fire cause it's easier lol (I'm not trying to tell you how to run your blog, you're doing great by the way hon 😘 I thought it was a fun idea?)

[Thats a great idea!! yes that is now canon]

After the last episode of Natsume, I just have to say: If Natsume ships were represented by actual boats, Natsume x Taki is like a romantic cruise, Natori x Natsume is a fun party boat, Matoba x Natsume is a raft with like three perverts on it… and Tanuma x Natsume is a freaking BATTLESHIP with canons aimed at the rest of us. XD

Boyfriend Jin

boyfriend seokjin? thank you! :))

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  • aaah I already know writing this will make me so emotional ;w; Jin is so stunning, his voice is so beautiful and he’s so caring to the boys omg,,
  • ok
  • so let’s start this pain fest
  • with how you ended up together
  • you were an old friend of Hobi’s. he’s the type that when he likes and trusts someone, there’s no escape, u are his friend for life
  • so even though you hadn’t seen each other in 5 years, he invites you to the after party of BTS’ debut
  • the uncertainty and excitement of what the future may hold was tangible and the party carried on until the early morning hours
  • you met Seokjin while ordering food,, you, the youngins and Seokjin were the only sober ones and the snacks had ran out hours ago. So you all went to pick up food in the local 24 hour convenience store, since nowhere nearby delivered past 3 am
  • Jimin, Tae and Jungkook branched off together
  • leaving you and Seokjin alone
  • his awkward nature meant there were many long pauses and neither of you knew what to say. until you realized you had a shared love of Mario and lame jokes
  • he likes to tell you that this was the moment when he started falling for you,, while you stacked instant noodles in a cart and the babies of BTS argued over which brand of crisps to buy
  • your relationship stayed in the “flirty friends” phase for the next three years. he was busy learning choreo, filming, promoting BTS and you had your own life. you never lost contact but weeks would go by without seeing him and just as you think ur crush is fading … he surprises you with a phone call at 11 pm: “are you still awake? can I come over with the new Mario game and snacks??”
  • this odd schedule might have continued for even longer if it weren’t for resident match maker Jung Hoseok
  • he always sent you texts with updates of Seokjin: “your bf is really happy today” “he lost in a game now he’s mad lol” “I told him u were coming over later & he’s been smiling for an hour straight”
  • and does likewise to Seokjin
  • you knew you liked him, and he liked you, but you were afraid to make a move bc what if it ended badly?? and that effected your friendship w him and the other boys?? and he thought much the same
  • but Hobi didn’t
  • he kept pushing Seokjin to ask you out until one day he cracked and sent you a text message: ‘Knock knock’ ‘Who’s there?’ ‘Kim Seokjin’ ‘Kim Seokjin who?’ ‘Kim Seokjin who’s picking you up at 7 tonight, wear something nice ;)’
  • the dork took you to a restaurant, of course. you better like food bc that’s what 99% of your relationship consists of
  • the boys call you their step-parent, since Joonie is already the dad and Jin is the mom
  • he loves back hugging you
  • and when you run your nails along his back
  • or spoon him, pressing your face between his shoulder blades
  • he’s so whiny sometimes,, like a child
  • “jagi, why aren’t you playing with me? why aren’t you looking at me? why did you say Jimin looked handsome in this comeback but not me?” he needs to be your #1 always, no exception
  • ((although he does love seeing you look after the maknae line))
  • ((but not hyung line, that makes him jealous lol))
  • kissing him is usually soft and warm
  • he pecks you when he wakes up, groggy voice asking you how you slept or telling you about his dream. and kisses you chastely after you’ve had breakfast and taste like greasy bacon. those kisses turn desperate when he knows he’ll be gone a while. and last for hours when he’s going on tour
  • mostly, his kisses are loving and sweet. even when they’re needy and passionate, they express his love, his affection, his adoration of you
  • whines like a child if you bite his lower lip too hard
  • mewls and pants with heated kisses
  • can feel your kisses for hours afterwards
  • especially those on the sensitive spots of his neck since yes,, he has many
  • changed your screensaver to his selca, his name in your contacts to ‘World’s Greatest Visual’ and set his ringtone to the Mario theme song
  • which is super fun when he calls and you’re at a funeral or a wedding or in work and everyone thinks you’re weird :))
  • when you’re in his room and eating a meal,, sometimes the boys don’t know if he’s moaning bc of the food or bc of you so you’ll often hear timid knocks from hungry boys on the door
  • “Hyung?? … Is it safe to come in??”
  • often goofs off in practice if you visit or if he’d rather video chat you,, Hobi is the purest bean on earth lol my bias is showing but you do NOT want to anger him,, so you’re quickly banned from visiting during practice
  • or shows, tbh
  • Seokjin is always more focused on you than learning lines or rehearsing for a show so you basically can’t visit him,, ever
  • no one loves you together more than his family
  • they love seeing him happy, knowing that he’s found someone who loves and supports their precious Seokjin
  • the boys are a close second
  • Taehyung legit talks as if you’re both already married and have kids,, which isn’t too far from the truth tbh … you both already have discussed marriage, and taking care of BTS is more stressful than having actual kids
  • you and Seokjin know you’re going to get married someday, the boys know, your families know. it’s just a thing that is undoubtedly going to happen
  • but he’s afraid of the media attention, of anti’s targeting you so although you know you’ll walk down the aisle someday, you just don’t know when. but you have a colour scheme already picked out (red & white like Mario’s cap lol it will be the nerdiest wedding of the century)
  • like all couples, you have your fights but they’re rare. you’re both mature and the bond is so strong that you always can talk issues out. there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that you’re soul mates, destined to be together, through thick and thin and shitty puns,, til death do you part
King’s Crown Bar (Chapter 3)

King’s Crown Bar (Chapter 1)

King’s Crown Bar (Chapter 2)


Warning: Bughead Smut

Archie scratched the back of his head, color flushing his cheeks. “Long time no see,” He said lamely.

“Who’s fault is that?” Betty grit. She pulled her cardigan taught over her shoulders. She couldn’t help but notice Archie’s hair was longer than it was last time she saw him.

He winced. “How long has it been? Six, seven years?”

Betty swallowed hard. “It was another lifetime.” She spotted her purse on the counter, snatched it and turned away from Archie, exiting the apartment.

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First Date

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Sana x Reader, College!AU


Word Count: 768

Written by Admin LJ

It had taken four months and at least thirteen pep talks from Momo and Mina to ask Sana out on a date. You two had been friends for so long, when you met almost two years ago in your freshman history class, and had been interested in each other for half the time of your friendship, but neither of you could work up the courage to take anything any further than the occasional glance during study sessions or in class, that was obviously more than just a “friend” sort of look, though you both denied it whenever Momo called one of you out.

Momo and Mina knew you had a crush on Sana since nearly the beginning, and being the great friends that they are, never mentioned it until the lovey-dovey looks between you and Sana got so unbearablely gross that they had to call you out. Privately of course, because they still respected you and your decision to not actively pursue Sana, but although it was in private, they wouldn’t let you live it down, and spent many a day trying to get you to do something, anything to ask her out.

You knew Sana and you knew what kind of person she was when it came to the romantic aspect of life- she was fearless, open and always went for what she wanted- or, rather, that was the case before she started to fall for you. You had seen Sana have her fair share of boyfriends and girlfriends since the start of college, but after you two had grown closer, all that suddenly ended. She never even looked at anyone in a romantic way anymore.

You never thought Momo and Mina could be aggressively persistent, given their gentle natures, but they both talked your ear off for a solid two hours one night when they came to visit at your apartment just five minutes from campus, about all the reasons you should ask out Sana, and you had to admit, they had made some pretty good points.

So you finally decided to ask Sana out on a date.

And she, thankfully but not surprisingly, agreed, and you two met that Saturday night for dinner and a movie. It had been great fun, though a little nerve wracking, and it didn’t exactly help when Sana kept glancing at your lips throughout the entirety of dinner (though, you were very guilty of that as well- you couldn’t help it), causing your heart to beat a mile a minute. It also didn’t help when you grabbed Sana’s hand during the movie, lacing your fingers in hers with a soft touch that caused Sana’s cheeks to light up a bright shade of pink. She glanced at you, eyes sparkling in the light the movie screen was projecting, and she had just begun to lean in when an exceptionally loud jumpscare made you nearly leap out of your seat while Sana screamed.

That definitely killed the mood.

After nearly crying during the movie (why did you guys pick a horror movie???) Sana drove you home, and you felt her eyes fall on you quite a few times on the way to your house. It made you blush, and Sana laughed.

“Thanks for tonight,” Sana said once she had walked you to your porch, “I had a lot of fun.”

You smiled, but your eyes fell on Sana’s lips again, and God, you wanted to kiss her. “Yeah, I had fun too. We should, like… go out again sometime, maybe, if you want to-”

“I’d love to.”

You two said your goodbyes, with a hug that lasted a bit longer than you had been expected, though you weren’t complaining, before Sana turned to leave.

She had made it halfway down your driveway before you called her name. Sana had turned and immediately, your lips collided with hers, a little sloppily and not the most perfect first kiss, but the way Sana’s arms wrapped around the back of your neck told you that she didn’t mind at all.

Your kiss lasted just as long as your hug, which you were forever glad about, and when Sana pulled away, out of breath with a red face, she rested her forehead against yours with a smile.

When you asked Sana to go on another date, she nodded before you even finished your sentence.

Sana went home after that, and not a half hour later, Momo and Mina texted you begging for every bit of detail you could give them about the evening spent with Sana and the kiss she had apparently gushed about the moment she walked through the front door of their dorm, and you made sure to thank them for pushing you to ask Sana out.

You thanked them ten times over because it was one of the best nights of your life.

We Have a Spy on the Inside

* Alexander x Reader
* Hamiltime
* 141: I trusted you!

    A/N: So I had this weird little idea and I figured I’d write it.  I actually really like this. So I here’s this angsty thing. Enjoy!

    Word Count: 2,957


    “Y/N!” Your father called from his study. You rushed up the stairs to see what he wanted.

    “Yeah?” You asked as you stuck your head in his study.

    “Come in please.” So you walked in and sat in a chair across from your dad. Archibald Campbell. A general for the British army. The colonies were pulling away but your father, and many more, were trying to keep them in the English empire. You did’t see why they wanted to leave anyway. They had the protection from the King. Otherwise the Spanish or the French would come and wipe them out. And now they were waging war on a global superpower. But it didn’t matter to you. You were on the winning side. “I have something to ask of you.”


    “This is an idea straight from King George, you understand?”

    “Father, what is it?” You pressed.

    “We have information on who the aide-de-camp to George Washington is.” You didn’t miss the way your father practically spat the name of the supposed general of the rebels. “King George devised a plan that we have a young women get close to this man, Alexander Hamilton, and see if they can glean any intel.”

    “And you’d like me to.” You finished for him.

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