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legs are coming to save you shiro!

bladedamus  asked:

Fact that I know is true: You keep a bowl of salt next to your keyboard and just stick your fingers in there for whatever reason.

not next to my KEYBOARD…. the salt gets in the keys. hard to clean. but on my desk? yes. nice feel. nice finger feel.

So I reblogged a post suggesting (among other things) that we never call the Orange Toupee “president” or by his last name, just to piss him off

How about we give him the Bunsenburner Curdlesnoot treatment and just mangle his name more and more until you reach that point where you can just smash your keyboard and everyone still knows who you’re talking about as long as the initials stay the same?

Reminder for young witches that...

Simply cleaning your home or room is enough to allow good energy into your home! (it’s also good with witches who deal with mental illness like depression or anxiety! it’s trouble starting but doing it slowly is great!)

Open a window and grab a duster and dust out the negative energy!

maybe light a good smelling candle (yellow is good for this)

play some music to help you through and fill your home with good vibes!

Charge some sigils in sunlight as you clean!

vacuum the carpet! (i saw a cool post where adding baking soda and essential oil to the carpet makes it extra clean and smell nice!)

Charge your phone, and organize apps!
make to-do lists!

organize your grimoire/bos or any note book you keep notes in!

charge your crystals and tools if you wish!

make some coffee or tea (or chocolate milk!!!) and sit on your bed or chair for rest!

clean your clothes and be neat!

reorganize your altar!

refresh your offerings or plants!!

clean your computer screen and keyboard!

refresh batteries in anything!

charge your tarot cards!

chat with your deity or spirit companion or familiar!

clean out anything old!

take dishes out of your room!

take out your trash!

cleanse your room if ya want!

Speak Your Language Day

So, I know this is non K-Pop related but since it’s speak your language day I thought I’d enlighten you all with the longest word in the Welsh language: Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch. (It literally translates to: St Mary’s church in the hollow of the white hazel near to the rapid whirlpool and the church of St Tysilio of the red cave)

Try and say it, I dare you 😉💚✨

Happy language day my friends!

What Your Favorite Anime Says About You
  • Voltron: You don't actually watch anime
  • Haikyuu!!: You watched this because you play volleyball. If not, alternatively you don't know the actual rules of volleyball
  • Yūri!!! on Ice: You jumped on the bandwagon and now you can't get off. Also you probably ice skate now
  • Free!: You came for gay ships not swimming
  • Attack on Titan: You're planning a murder
  • Hetalia: You have the history side of wikipedia bookmarked on your laptop
  • Ouran High School Host Club: You're a sucker for cliches (also you slam your head on your keyboard every time you have to type the long ass title of this goddamn anime)
  • Mr. Osomatsu: You don't know what to do with your life and you're just filling time

It’s Fred and George’s 39th birthday today, think about that when you continually request me to write smut you filthy animals




Hair Dump// All hairs recolored in wms naturals and unnaturals as addons

  1. Mesh - Download - By @lehgaming
  2. Mesh - Download - By @blogsimplesimmer
  3. Mesh - Download - By @rusty-sims
  4. Mesh - Download - By @grimcookies
  5. Mesh - Download - By @sunnyfriendell
  6. Mesh - Download - By - @blogsimplesimmer

Note: (The file for the 3rd hair is called “RUSTY-151208_Fhair_Long Wavy Parted Edit V4.package” Press ctrl + f on your keyboard in paste in the name!)

Client: (on phone) I wanted to email you about some revisions to your design, but my keyboard won’t work. Could you come help me?

I went over to his house, and he had just bought a new wireless keyboard.

He hadn’t turned the keyboard on or plugged the dongle in.

Client: Well if you have to plug something in, then why is it called “wireless”?

No. Just no.

you ever try to type but your fingers are slightly out of place on your keyboard and you just type absolute nonsense