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That’s how we do it here at the Alliance. When life gives us pain, we rebels take that pain and we push it down. And if the pain starts to come up again, we push more pain down on top of it. Why confront something when you can avoid it, right?
—  Cassian Andor, probably
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I’m just wondering wtf all the hype is about (like why all this shipping stuff is showing up) ^^’

Mostly because it’s not actually about shipping.

The character played by Chris Wood that was introduced in this current season (Season 2) of Supergirl is a blatantly, egregiously sexist, selfish asshole. Supergirl Season 2 is attempting to do the “fuckboy to redeemed romantic hero” trope with his character, but they are doing it REALLY REALLY BADLY. Because, somehow, they do not know how to write that trope at all. His character has not grown or changed nearly at all and he is still blatantly sexist and selfish.

But that could all be mostly excused if he weren’t in a romantic relationship with the main, titular character of the show, Kara Danvers. He treats her very badly, up to an including getting into screaming matches with her in the middle of her place of work wherein he insults her for everyone she works with to hear. He also will make promises to her that he clearly has no intention of keeping and breaks them almost immediately after he makes them, in the most humiliating way possible for Kara, also in front of her co-workers, family, and friends. He does not respect Kara as his superior in the field and will intentionally go against instructions she gives him for his own selfish desires (usually to “protect” Kara when she can take care of herself, rigid gender roles anyone?) which puts people’s lives in unnecessary danger. He does not respect Kara’s needs or opinions about their relationship and will push her towards things she does not want. For example, she asked for some privacy about their relationship a little early on because in her last relationship everyone knew and she felt a little over-exposed and didn’t want that to happen this time. His response was to immediately tell everyone she knew that they were together (he announced it, very loudly, in the middle of her workplace, actually) and “very happy” and didn’t even apologize or sound contrite afterwards. 

This character gets a LOT of screentime and the writers clearly want the audience to believe that he has changed and is redeemed and is now a hero worthy of Kara. But he’s not. This is a guy who is apparently now calling himself a “hero of Earth” and who just admitted that literally the only reason he is a hero is “to be by Kara’s side.” I don’t know about you, but I, as an Earth citizen, would not feel comfortable putting my life in his hands as a protector of our planet.

This romance with Kara is also quite literally the only narrative she has. There are more overarching storyarc narratives, of course, dealing with alien rights and the human organization that wants to eliminate all aliens on Earth. And she has a reporting storyline that NEVER really comes in or gets any progression or allows for any growth in Kara’s character until she gets fired from said job. So the only true narrative she has is her romance with a guy. In comparison, last season she had a whole narrative about learning about her parents and their role in the destruction of Krypton and how she has to handle that new legacy. She also had a narrative about just becoming Supergirl and learning how to be a superhero. 

This season, she is playing second fiddle to Chris Wood’s character’s sexist, selfish hero’s journey. This show is literally in its second season and already bringing in a new white boy to take over the female-led superhero show.

And that hasn’t even brought in the whole racism aspect of this relationship. Because Kara was in a relationship with a Black man (James Olsen) at the end of last season. This is a guy she had been pining over and growing a friendship with for AN ENTIRE SEASON. And they had JUST established that relationship at the end of Season 1. In 2x01, Kara decides that they are better as friends. These two have literally not gone on a date yet, so the the break-up was honestly just a lot of shitty writing choices all rolled into one ten second scene. And then you hardly ever see them as friends anymore in this season. And James’ character is then VIOLENTLY SIDELINED for the entirety of Season 2 so far. He has his own hero origin story, one that is massively more believable than Chris Wood’s character’s (although I have my issues with the Guardian storyline as well, but it’s still better than the white frat boy hero), and it literally gets no screentime. James is promoted in his job to be the boss of a worldwide media empire and he is NEVER seen doing that job. He is effectively Kara’s boss now and as a Pulitzer prize-winning photojournalist now in control of one of the largest (if not THE largest) media companies in the country, he could be having a lot more to do and the two of them could be furthering both of their reporting narratives more if the writers realized what they could do with that.

The writers/creators claimed that they broke up the interracial relationship because they believed it had no chemistry. But they then chose to IMMEDIATELY replace it with a straight white relationship where the guy is a sexist selfish asshole who the girl has to then fix. Somehow, this does not seem like it has nothing to do with race, no matter what this relationship’s shippers say.

There is also a canon LGBTQ+ relationship in the show, but it does not get anywhere near the amount of screentime or the two women aren’t allowed to show anywhere near the same amount of affection towards each other as the straight white ships. Even in episodes that the writers will claim are “Sanvers-centric.”

And the reason it has become a “ship war” so to speak is because there is YET ANOTHER potential love interest that was brought into Season 1. Lena Luthor, Lex Luthor’s younger adoptive half-sister. She and Kara have become very good friends over the course of the season and have a very loving, healthy relationship, even though it remains platonic for now. But a lot of the original fans of the interracial relationship have noticed the chemistry between Kara and Lena and are hardcore shippers of the two of them. We’ve all basically given up any hope that the writers will get Kara and James back together, because obviously interracial ships can’t have chemistry, but the actress for Lena Luthor has just been given a three-year contract as a series regular. So those of us who speak out against the massive injustices in bringing in Chris Wood’s character and forcing him into a romance with Kara also tend to ship SuperCorp.

But for us, this isn’t about ship wars. It’s not about ships at all, really, because there aren’t a few different good ships to choose from and we’re just being really petty about it. The current canon relationship is ridiculously toxic and is sending out some pretty nasty messages to little girls who watch about how they should allow themselves to be treated and teaching some pretty nasty messages to any little boys who watch about how they are allowed to treat women. The current canon relationship is sending out messages to all poc and queer people watching that we aren’t as important or romantic as a straight white relationship. The “good” ships are generally banding together against this one bad one (Karolsen, SuperCorp, and Sanvers, mostly)

So all of the shipping stuff is showing up because those of us with actual morals and a lack of bigotry are getting majorly pissed off that a show that is still hailing itself as feminist and progressive/liberal is continuing to write this shit. And we continue to speak out against it. But our pretty negative opinions tend to piss off those who ship Kara Danvers with Chris Wood’s character and they respond in kind with their own hate. And so the cycle continues.

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Random hoe tips
  • Avoid caffeine before bed. 
  • Try to go to sleep around the same time every night. 
  • Avoid using electronic devices before bed. 
  • When choosing an outfit, stick to solid colors like black, olive, khaki, white, gray, nude, etc. They’ll go with anything. 
  • Drink!!! Your!!! Water!!! 
  • Using a toner for oily skin helps a lot. 
  • Find a moisturizer that doesn’t make your skin oily throughout the day. 
  • Exfoliate once or twice a week. 
  • Use castor oil or Vaseline to moisturize your eyelashes because they do need to be conditioned, just like your hair. 
  • If you don’t have time to wax, shaving with Neosporin leaves your kitty stubble-free. 
  • Kat Von D lipstick is blowjob proof. 
  • Estee Lauder’s Double-Wear foundation is smear-proof. 
  • Fantasia Smoothing Serum keeps your hair from flattening and tangling during sexy time. 
  • Switch to men’s deodorant and razors. You’ll see why. 
  • Use tea tree oil to moisturize where you usually shave. 
  • Shaving with baby oil also gives a stubble-free, smooth shave. 
  • Pat a bit of foundation on your lips before applying lipstick to make it last longer when making out and giving blowjobs. 
  • Matte finish foundations stick to your skin better and don’t rub off. 
  • Cranberries will make your kitty’s scent a little sweeter. 
  • Use coconut oil and Vaseline on your thighs nightly to eliminate stretch marks. 
  • Put garlic on your nail beds and coconut oil on your cuticles for longer nails. 
  • If you have marks from ingrown hairs on your kitty, rub on aloe vera for the itching and coconut oil to fade the marks. 
  • Threading your eyebrows lasts longer than waxing them. 
  • If you know you’re doing the dirty, don’t wear cotton panties because they can trap lint in the crevices of your thighs. 
  • When brushing your teeth, brush your tongue too to eliminate bad breath. 
  • Use a pumice stone to get dead skin cells off your feet and focus on your heels. 
  • Chloraseptic throat numbing medication helps incredibly with deepthroating. 
  • Lemon juice and baking soda removes cum stains. 
  • Yoni oil makes your kitty extremely soft. 
  • Peeing after sex decreases your risk of UTIs and STDs. 
  • Change the condom if you’re going from anal to vaginal sex so you’re more protected against bacteria. 
  • Applying a homemade body and face scrub made of brown sugar and honey can work wonders. 
  • For dry or peeling lips, use water and a toothbrush to exfoliate them. 
  • Floss daily. 
  • Olive oil repairs nails broken from acrylics. 
  • Add moisturizer to a foundation that’s a little too dark for you to lighten it up. 
  • Even if you’re on birth control, wearing condoms can help prevent against STDs. 
  • Don’t let your number of partners affect you; to each their own. 
  • Don’t use soap in, near, or around your kitty. 
  • Coffee and salty foods will make your kitty taste bitter, so stick to water, tea, or juice. 
  • Don’t constantly use bath bombs or take bubble baths as they can give your kitty an infection. Keep it to a minimum. 
  • Never spray perfume in or on your kitty. This is a no-brainer. 
  • Don’t lie to your doctors about being sexually active. 

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