your just a boy

“maybe, in another world, you’re just two boys tangled up in plaid sheets.

your armor is his worn sweatshirt, threadbare in all the right places. your helmet: his knit cap, the one you pull off of his head whenever he least expects it.

your hands aren’t meant to hold a weapon, not anymore. they tangle in his hair instead, intricate braids woven on lazy sunday afternoons, framing his face and falling gracefully over his shoulders.

somewhere in your mind, there’s the memory of waves slapping against rocks, loud and aggressive, a call to war that dragged you away from everything that had ever felt safe. the sounds here are softer. birds find a home outside your window, and their songs align with the sound of his steady breathing beside you each morning.

the room you share smells like coffee and hair conditioner, and feels more like home than anywhere else ever has. his clothes smell like him, and he never minds when you wear them.

the blood that once rushed in your ears and seized your heart in violent stutters is nothing more than the shower running now, every morning at the same time. sometimes you’ll join him, and other times you’ll lie in bed, listening to him sing until he wanders back to you. his damp hair is always wrapped in a towel on top of his head, and you both laugh.

in fact, there isn’t any blood here at all, just empty soda cans on your dresser, and a teapot sitting on the stove. he always puts fig leaves in his tea, and the notion stirs something in your heart that you can’t name.

he’s different here too. you’d love him in every universe, but his eyes never lose their brightness anymore. his hands hold yours without shaking, gentle and soft, and you can’t help thinking that this is how he was always meant to be. he never trembles in his sleep, and there’s a peacefulness to his face that never falters.

you aren’t afraid of losing him here. that’s the best part, isn’t it? he is a constant. achilles, achilles, achilles. you never feel like the ground is falling out from under your feet, and you’re never struck with the realization that he won’t always be beside you. “we’ll have each other forever,” he promises you, and you believe him.

maybe, in another world, you’re just two boys who love each other, and there isn’t a war or a prophecy to separate you.

maybe, in another world, you wake up every morning to the feeling of his lips against yours.

maybe, in another world, you’re happy.”

         -dear patroclus, i promise you there’s a place where everything is okay // jc

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MTL: Who will get too worried about you overworking and start lecturing you?(btw, your writing is great love the jk one shot <3)

Overworking S/O


Now, don’t get me wrong. Every single one of these dorks would have their concerns. Whether they would vocalize these concerns is another matter entirely.

Taehyung would be the most insistent out of all of them. He would leave his hands gently on your shoulders, nuzzle his cheek against yours, demanding your attention. You seem to always be bringing your work home and goddamn the boy just wants you to put your pen down for a minute and pay attention to him. He snakes his arms around you and leans on you, and mumbles little complaints in your ear, about how ‘work is for work and home is for me’. Needy little Taehyung is needy. But really, it’s just his deeply set concern for seeing yet another one of the people he loves work their fingers to the bone.

“What?!” I hear all those reading scream in frustration, “Yoongi is second on the list? Any hope of authenticity from you is lost, Sony! He is the epitome of overworking!” BUT! Just here me out. Yoongi knows what it’s like to be tired all the time, to force consciousness on yourself to just get that last little bit done. This is the Suga we all know and love. Yet, he is caring, and he wouldn’t wish this ill feeling of exhaustion on anyone, let alone his S/O. There would be many a lecture, (”Yah, you’re back at the desk again, what did I say about that? You have to get rid of the damn thing, all that work is causing you stress and then you complain to me”) He would not speak out of hypocrisy but rather experience and complete adoration for you. He may not take care of himself so good but heaven and earth be damned if anyone says he doesn’t take care of YOU.

There is no doubt that Namjoon is a hardworker and a deep thinker. He ponders on life more than any normal persons spares a minute for, and he knows that moments are precious. While he feels like a complete hypocrite for saying so, he often tells you to stop working and just take a moment for yourself. You can bring up the fact that he sometimes falls asleep with a pen in hand as many times as you want, he ain’t having none of it. He would take your work off of you and pull you up, guiding you to the couch and promptly wrapping you in a blanket. Mini house arrest within your own home. You are not going anywhere until he has put on a movie but made it impossible to watch due to the fact he can’t stop giving you little facts about how to relax. He knows you’re capable of the workload, he just also knows he loves seeing your smile.

Jin would be concerned, and more often than not, he would show his concern. But sometimes, he would just leave you be, because he knows that sometimes you just need to smash it all out in order to get it over and done with. Most of the time you try this method far too much and he feels the need to interfere (he’s just like Taehyung, in the respect that he demands attention) and when he feels you’ve been working really really hard, he’ll cook up one of your favourite dishes for you and him to try and coax you from your at home desk.

Jungkook worries. He is a worrier. Maybe it comes from the days where he was always a lil’ bit shy and a lil’ bit withdrawn, but he can prove himself to have many a concern. Yet, when it comes to you overworking, while he is very much so concerned, he just doesn’t know how to say it. He doesn’t know how to express these worries, and so he leaves it be. You can always tell though, because his concern shows itself without him even trying. It comes in the beverages he brings, warm and soothing or cold and refreshing, or the small pecks on the cheeks he’ll give every now and again. Sometimes it will come in the form of a matched curiosity, and he’ll come and observe what you’re working on before going back about his own business. 

And to this extent, Jimin is much the same. I can’t find much different about Jimin’s approach, except for the fact that he wouldn’t find it in his place to say anything. He works himself to his limits too, possibly a lot more than necessary, and he knows that telling you otherwise would be unfair of him. He does bring up these concerns, and you don’t fail to catch the prolonged glances in your direction he gives as he bites his lip and wonders whether he will gather up the courage to pull you from your work and have you relax. Most of the time, he leave you. Sometimes he’ll interrupt you, feeling somewhat guilty for doing so, and ask you to accompany him for a drink or a walk, because you need to stretch your legs.

So. That leaves us with Hoseok. Now, let me tell you, Hoseok would be ridden with worry. He would be concerned of course. But he wouldn’t be the one to tell you that. He works himself so hard you sometimes don’t even see him come home because you’re already fast asleep and it’s the earliest hours in the morning. He is the lead dancer, and so all the choreography rests on his shoulders. He DOES NOT STOP until he has learnt every step, every slight change in weight and position, so that he can pass on his knowledge to his brothers and ensure they do their best as he knows they can. He cannot possibly reprimand you for working so hard, as he does it too. He would tell you to sleep if you were still up when he gets home, because your eyes are falling and your head alongside. He would help out where and when he could, trying to make things easier on you. But he would give no lectures because he needs them just as much as you do.


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You don't have to answer if you want but are you Asian ?

Nope I am white.

Anonymous said to incorrecttwicequotes: Hey, I assume that twice is your ultimate bias group? Which boy group is your ultimate? And I just wanna say you are so nice to everyone and make us feel at home, this blog is such a stress reliever. I wish I know you in real life, you seem like a such a cool person <3

Man that’s so awesome, I started this blog as a stress reliever for myself but knowing that it’s become so much more than that for a lot of people makes my heart so full. Anyway, before I get all sappy, to answer your question. My ultimate boy group is BTS. They were actually the first group I ever stanned, and they’re the group who got me into kpop. You actually have Jungkook to thank for my obsession with Twice, since the only reason I checked them out to begin with was because I saw a video of Jungkook dancing to Ooh Ahh. 

Anonymous said to incorrecttwicequotes: This is kinda of a confession, but when ever I watch ohh ahh live and Sanas part comes on where she kinda of bends down my soul hurts just a little D:

I know, especially when she does the hair flip as well uhhh she’s such a visual goddess. Now I’m gonna go watch all of the ooh ahh performances.

  • twenty one pilots performing during concerts: gods among men, no one can touch their talented greatness
  • twenty one pilots performing on live t.v shows: two weird potatoes ready to be boiled

I like to imagine Neil giggles a lot when he gets tipsy. Imagine: Andrew and Neil sitting on the roof, sharing a bottle of whiskey, Andrew’s bitching about Kevin and Exy and Neil is just lying with his head on his lap, staring up at his stupid face and losing his shit. Andrew alternates between glaring at him and shutting him up with a kiss. 

Friendly reminder that Artemis Fowl literally donated a hugeass amount of his money to his already richass all-boys school–anonymously–with the deal that his whole year will go on a field trip all the way to friggin Germany just so he can sneak away from the whole group to rob the most secured bank in the world undetected by his parents. 

Artemis’ passion for crime knows no boundaries. 

so i just watched the video the leafs put out about violence against women and homophobia.
i watched it twice.
to say i am shell shocked is the most base description of my emotions right now.
i spent just about ten minutes crying and am still tearing up occasionally.
do you all know how many people follow the leafs? whether theyre on tumblr or not, whether its a casual following or an obsessive following, do you all know HOW MANY PEOPLE this video could reach?
that’s millions of people watching a video of two of their alternate captains, a star defenseman, and a man whose literal job it is to fight on ice, shouting down violence against women. pledging to empower the women in their lives. casually (it was only mentioned once, by morgan rielly) but firmly shutting down homophobia. promising to stand with us as allies.
hockey is a lot of things for a lot of people on this site. for me it’s always been a safe place, discourse and occasional toxicity aside.
nothing has ever made me feel more grateful, or more validated in my chosen safe space, than this video. and maybe thats dramatic. maybe thats stupid. but my team, and one of my role models, just showed that they are, without a doubt, on my side, and as much in my corner as i am in theirs.
and that? that means everything to me.


Kane & Toews: forever linked (x)

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