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I don't really know what you think of B.A.P, but 2 of their members now have mullets and it makes me scared to death for our boys. WHY IS THIS TREND HAPPENING??? IT NEEDS TO STAY DEAD. DON'T YOU DARE DO THIS TO ME NOW TOO, BTS

I. Have. Thoughts. I have serious concerns. Who came to Korea looking to destroy every beautiful man they could find? First they came for Dean, then Nam Joo Hyuk (yeah, yeah, it was for a drama BUT IT FUCKING HAPPENED), and then they came for Nicole’s-first-ultimate-bias-sex-god Byun Baekhyun, and now they put two – TWO! – mullets into one group. Himchan and Jongup. Why? Have they not suffered enough? Did the stylist decide to finally give Zelo a free era off? 

I’m going to say it right here, right now, quote me on this if you feel like it.

If Park Jimin has a mullet I will loudly unstan (and quietly still stan from afar) because no one – ABSOLUTELY NO ONE – looks good with a mullet. 

But, truth be told, I feel like Tae and Yoongi are the real concerns here. Tae’s hair has been noticeably longer…I’m hoping that is just a coincidence or a sign he’s going to get that messy, wavy hair thing (TAEHYUNG IN A MANBUN OR I RIOT). But Yoongi….they’ve screwed with him before. 

I mean, have we forgotten this travesty?

Or. Dear God. THIS?!

PEOPLE SIGNED OFF ON THOSE! Think about that for a minute. Let it settle into your brain and rustle your jimmies because MULTIPLE people looked at those and said, “Yes. This is good. This is fine. He looks great!”

A mullet is not impossible and now B.A.P has upped the ante by having FUCKING TWO mullets in one group. 

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….Like I said. I. Have. Thoughts.

When an Apprentice level mission goes horribly wrong and the Wizened Hag obliterates your entire party so you return to the Hamlet with heavy heart, mourning your precious heores who died a horrible death for nothing

but then this happens

Be afraid bitch, angry lesbians are coming to rustle your jimmies

Tagging fics on ao3 is a nightmare because tropes are one thing but sometimes it’s like is this fic funny enough to be a humor fic? Is this a reasonable amount of angst for the angst tag? What’s the vibe of this fic? What’s its soul telling me? How do I tag ‘there’s like sex but it’s probably not arousing but hey! might be! whatever rustles your jimmies!’? How much and prominent does a trope or act have to be for it to warrant a tag? And what if that trope or act is like. too revealing of what the ole id likes and you need to bury your passion deep down so you never make yourself vulnerable by letting people know that you like things (while you post your fanfic)? I hate tagging. Taggins is the most useful thing you can do and I hate it and this is how I end up with fics tagged with nothing but “cw: potential jimmy rustling”

Bad Day Blues

Prompt: ANONYMOUS: If requests are a thing and you somehow manage to find sparetime…poly!hamilsquad x reader where the reader has a chronic pain disease (think Ehlers Danlos syndrome or lupus or whatever you want) and hamilsquad taking care of reader during bad pain day? (If not your thing then that’s cool, love your writing!)
Pairing: Poly!Hamilsquad X Reader
TW: mentions of chronic pain, Lupus disease, gay sex-not detailed but mentioned, fluff???
A/N: Hey guys! Sorry this took so long for me to write! I’m really excited about this piece, so thank you to the anon that requested it! I did some research on this disease, and I tried my best to accurately portray it, but I do not have these disease, therefore I cannot 100% accurately portray it or begin to understand how it feels to have this. Please, if something is inaccurate, let me know so that I can fix it. Please! I love y'all a bunch! I hope you enjoy it!
Word Count: 2034

Right from the start, you knew it was going to be a bad day. You felt like you hadn’t slept in days. Was this how Alex always felt? Your joints and muscles were stiff and sore, and you knew that today would be futile. You couldn’t help it; you teared up. It wasn’t anything new. You’d been living with Lupus since you were twelve, but the bad days still felt fresh. You were frustrated with your disease. You felt like you couldn’t win. Every day, it felt like the same struggle. It was never going to get better. It would never go away. Angry tears slipped down your cheeks, and you sniffled, snuggling into the crook of John’s neck. The movement ached, but you worked through it. You always had to. It was always something. John groaned and rolled over, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you closer, causing you to grunt in pain. His eyelids fluttered open at the sound, and he immediately focused on the tears that fell down your cheeks.
“Sugar, what’s wrong?” His southern drawl was thick with sleep as he slipped a hand up to caress your cheek. He brushed your tears away with his thumb.
“Bad day,” you whispered to him, and he bit his lip. He nodded in understanding, and then he pecked you on the forehead. He carefully moved out of Lafayette’s hold on him and separated his legs from the tangle they were in with Alex’s. Once he was out of the tangle, he gently shook awake Lafayette. Laf was a doctor at the local hospital, and although he was not a rheumatologist, he did know the basics.
Lafayette woke up with a start, jolting up with a gasp and looking around before his gaze settled on John. He took a deep breath, his bare chest rising and falling.
“Bad day,” John whispered to Laf, who took a moment to process before he turned to look at you. You hadn’t moved from where John left you. It had hurt too much, and you didn’t feel up to it today. At least, not yet. Laf leaned over to peck your cheek before placing his hand on your forehead.
“Oh, mon ange, I think you have a fever,” he whispered to you, and you bit your lip. Laf got up, his blue pajama bottoms slung low on his hips, and he shuffled to the bathroom. John went to the living room to start the day.
Laf came back with a cup of water and a handful of pills. They were the standard. He gently and carefully helped you sit up, ignoring the occasional curse word as you strained. He helped you take a drink of water, then he tilted your head back, and placed the pills in your mouth. You swallowed the pills and let your head droop. Laf put the cup on the nightstand and tenderly picked you up. Despite his efforts to not jostle you, it still hurt, deep within your joints. You groaned, and he whispered apologies in French in your ear. He gradually moved into the living room, each step timid and calculated as not to hurt you.
He took you to the couch and eased you down onto the nest of blankets John had already arranged. He tucked a few heating pads around you and turned them on medium so that they didn’t make you too hot. Your hair hung in your face, and instead of moving to fix it, you tried to blow it out of your way. You failed. Laf chuckled at your attempt before he pulled the hair tie from his own hair and stood behind you. His fingers elegantly glided through your hair with the precision of a surgeon, scraping it up into a messy bun. While he was busy at work, John placed a hot cup of tea by your side.
“Thank you for helping me,” you whispered, and John gave you a sweet kiss.
“There’s no need to thank us, darlin’,” he simply replied before he went back into the kitchen with Laf. Laf had turned the TV on for you, but he had left it on the news. You didn’t care about the news. You wanted to see what else was on. Acting on impulse, you moved to grab the remote and swore when you were reminded of your predicament. Still, you powered through. The heating pads were helping, and your meds were kicking in, but the pain was still there. You grabbed the remote and flicked through a few channels before swearing and taking a break. Lucky you. You landed on another news channel.
Thankfully, only a few minutes passed before Alex stumbled out of the bedroom. When he saw the heating pads, he frowned.
“Bad day?” He asked as he scratched his scruff sleepily.
“Bad day,” you confirmed, and he nodded, tight lipped. If there was one thing that bothered Alex, it was disease. He hated seeing his loved ones ailed by things he could not control. He could not argue away your Lupus. He couldn’t do anything. He couldn’t save his mom, and now he couldn’t save you. That bothered him, so he didn’t say anything more on the matter. He just came over and sat on the floor in front of you. You moved your hand, ever so slowly and painfully, over to his hair and began to toy with it, ignoring the ache. It wasn’t as bad. Alex caught your palm in a butterfly grasp and turned to press his lips to it.
“I love you,” he whispered into your hand before he let go and leaned back against the couch. You continued to carefully play with his hair as the news caster gave the weather update. It was supposed to rain. How ironic. It was said that the rain was supposed to make you ache.
John came back in and put a plate of stir fried veggies in front of you. He then leaned down to give his boyfriend a peck, but Alex had different ideas. He pulled John down onto him and deepened the kiss. Alex was always the most… excited in the mornings. You rolled your eyes and began to try to eat. It was a slow, grueling process, but you were hungry.
Suddenly, there was a hand gently stealing your fork from you, and you looked up to see that Lafayette was kneeled in front of you. Alex and John were getting busy with a makeout session on the floor. If they didn’t stop soon, the morning was about to get hotter than the forecast. Whatever. It’s not like they hadn’t done it before.
Laf fed you while the boys went for a romp on the rug, and the news caster droned in the background. You had protested that you could feed yourself, but one look from Laf shut you up. He was a doctor, not an idiot. Well, at least, that’s what he had told you.
You had gotten tired of eating, and you wanted to rest, but Laf insisted that you finished your breakfast and tea. You begrudgingly complied. Finally, once you had finished, Laf took the dishes back to the kitchen before he helped you lie down on the couch. You glanced at the other two boys, who had started cussing at each other, and scowled. They always had grumpy, angry sex in the mornings.
“Could you two calm down? I’m trying to sleep,” you grumbled, and you heard Lafayette laughing in the kitchen.
“Take it somewhere else, boys,” he called to them.
“How about you come with us?” John cheekily sassed, and Alex agreed. Laf came into the living room and looked at you.
“Can I get you anything, mon ange? Are you all set? I brought you another mug of tea in case you get thirsty, and you know you can always call me in here-” Laf was always the Mom friend.
You shook your head. “I’m fine; I promise. Go rustle your jimmies or whatever.”
Laf smiled at you and kissed your lips ever so softly before he was roughly dragged by the other two hooligans out of the room.
You closed your eyes and fell asleep to the monotonous noise of the news.
Laf had woken you up for lunch with another vegan dish and a round of meds. Hercules was up now, and he was hovering around you, eager to help but unsure what to do.
Once you finished, Herc knew how he could help. “Hey, do you want to go to the hot tub?”
You always enjoyed the hot tub on your bad days. The hot water helped you relax, and it eased your pain. The only thing you hated was when one of the boys had to dress you. You felt like a helpless child. Just another burden of your disease. They always reassured you that it wasn’t anything to be ashamed of, but you still hated feeling weak. The boys, however, often called you their little soldier.
Herc was the one to dress you, and he moved as quickly and carefully as possible. It hurt, but not as much as it would have when you had first woken up.
He muttered apologies the entire time and gave gentle kisses to your cheeks every time you winced.
Once dressed, he carried you out and with the help of the others, maneuvered you into the hot tub. The jets were set on low as not to cause you harm, and after a few minutes of soaking, you felt strong enough to slide yourself towards Herc. He grinned at you when he saw you move towards him, and he helped you snuggle against him. Even in the hot tub, his body was warm. He wrapped his arm around you, watching you for any sign of pain, but you relaxed against him as the hot water helped to ease your pain. Hercules kissed the top of your head ever now and then are traced soft, smooth patterns over your skin with his fingertips.
After a while of boiling in people soup, the boys helped you out of the tub. Even though you had started to feel just a smidge better, Herc insisted on carrying you. He helped you change into dry, comfy clothes before taking you back to your nest. He went to put you down, but you clung to him.
“Lie with me?” You murmured, and you looked at him with your puppy dog eyes. He could never say no to you, and Herc would never pass up the opportunity to cuddle.
He inched himself onto the couch with you, taking his time to recline, before he was finally adjusted. He was on his back, and he had you curled up on his chest. You pressed your face into his neck as he covered the both of you with blankets and swaddled you in heating pads. This time, Laf sat in front of the couch, and John and Alex sat together on the love seat. There were other seats for Laf, including his boyfriends’ laps, but he wanted to be near you, and Herc was really good and playing with his hair.
Laf fed you again, rather embarrassingly, because you protested especially hard this time and still lost. After watching your favorite movie and being peppered with kisses from Laf And Herc, you were carried to bed. Everyone turned in early so they could cuddle you, and their kindness and love for you brought tears to your eyes.
As you lied together in bed, embraced by Herc, spooning Alex, an arm from Laf thrown across you, and John’s ankle on your thigh, you couldn’t help but be thankful. Your disease made your life difficult, and at times it felt unbearable, but your boys made it suck just a little bit less.
“Thank you for taking care of me. I really love you guys,” you sniffled, suddenly overcome with gratitude. They made you feel so loved, even if they did occasionally romp on the floor in front of you.
“Always,” John replied while Herc said “Anytime,” Laf said something incoherent in French, and Alex murmured “I love you.”

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❂ What is the greatest misconception about Keith that rustles your jimmies, Sinny?

/ the pointy nose, of course. 

  OHHHHH BOy. we’ve had many discussions about many of them and it’s very hard to pinpoint one just out of all of them especially when the feelings are strong with so many topics and our poor boy is subjected to so much. whilst the amount of levels of salt we have about keith + leadership i think i have rambled about that before here and touched upon here also here + i wholeheartedly believe you can articulate the misconceptions with black paladin keith far better than me bud.  

so i think im gonna take this chance to take on the notion that keith is overtly violent by nature and in turn also cold and uncaring. especially when this behaviour is all directed towards the paladins. 

let me just say firstly this is going to be a mix of some objective observations and subjective statements. i don’t have the energy or time unfortunately to meta as much as i want to - this is going to be a casual but focused discursive analysis breaking down a few things about the Best Boy.

further disclaimer that by saying these things about keith i am not detracting anything away from other characters. but the focus here is solely keith, so yes! i’m gonna make a cut because lmAO THIS IS SO LONG. im so ready to just smash this to pieces tbh. 

word count: ~5.8K 

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hi hi! i was wondering if you could write an analogical fic where Anx feels like hes not really good enough for Lo and Lo makes sure Anx knows hes everything for him?

Title: No Bounds

Of course I can?? I love hurt/comfort?? Why am I using question marks?? Thanks so much for this ask, anon! I adore prinxiety, but I sure do love me some analogical, yes please.

Also, let me just say - I am AWFUL at poetry. I whipped something up for this, but it is SO BAD honestly, poetry is not my forte. Sorry that it sucks.

My finger still hurts from how I broke it but the shipping must go on. :)

AO3 link here.

Pairing: Analogical. This will be slightly angsty, like hurt/comfort. It will become fluffy.

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red velvet reaction to: you saying another girl’s name in your sleep

request:  Red Velvet reaction to you saying another girl’s name in your sleep? 😂

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irene: her jimmies were rustled af. she stared at you for a while, eyes boring into your skull, waiting for you to mutter hyolyn’s name again. after her paranoia flees, she would just assume you’d experienced a very vivid nightmare and probably forget about it.

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seulgi: nearly jumped out of her skin when she heard one of her s.m unnie’s names slip out of your mouth. she would try so hard not to infer the worst, to remain trustworthy of you. the next day, she would ask you about how you’d slept, hoping to get something out of you.

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wendy: at first, didn’t think much of it. she just assumed you were having a weird dream. however, if it continued, she would have to see what was going on, asking you herself if you were having romantic dreams about jiyoon.

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yeri: like seulgi, freaked out immediately. however, unlike her, she did go ahead and assume the worst. she’d never heard you say her name in sleep before, nor had you reported having any dreams about her before. she felt insecure, like someone else, even if they weren’t a lover, was much more significant your life, even if that wasn’t the case.

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joy: didn’t even want to wait to inquire you the next morning. she immediately bounded up from her spot in the bed the moment she heard you speak, shaking you awake.

“who the hell is mackenzie?” she’d shout the moment you came to. she really wouldn’t care if the girl was a friend or even an old classmate you hadn’t talked to in years; she only wanted herself in your dreams and absolutely no one else.

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Are you happy now? Kubo has ruined her series with the pedophilic bullshit that you and all the other otayurgles go mad for.

Oh, I was wondering when you would show up. Antis just can’t stay away, can they? Look, I don’t care what you think about ‘Welcome to the Madness’ or how rustled your jimmies are–if you don’t like what’s going on, don’t be apart of the fandom. If you can’t handle the fact that Kubo wants to play on what Otabek and Yuri’s relationship could be and how it’s developing, don’t stick around and make everyone else annoyed with your negativity.

It’s obvious that you all are being super fucking stupid about this but no one wants to own up to the fact that you all are literally bitching about a basically 2 year age gap. Last I checked, Otabek was 18 not 56–soooo, like?????? 

Right now, I am too fucking jazzed about all the new content and basking in the glow that is the Madness with everyone else in our lovely little community that aren’t total dickholes. Maybe you should go put your time and effort into something more productive, like leaving me the hell alone <3

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What nazi's are giving speeches at university campuses? First time I've heard that.



I could probably go on but I’m sure you get the picture. The fact this is the first you’ve heard of it might be because the media insists on using the name ‘alt-right’, but I decided to call them what they actually are, which is Nazis.

someone reblogged that comic from me with a rant bitching about teh SJW’s and how he should be allowed to make triggered jokes, etc. (like, no one’s stopping you, just know that not everyone’s gonna care for them or is gonna put up with you when you make them, though. Plus that word was only part of the message in the comic.)

And buddy for someone trying to accuse people of having delicate sensibilities you’ve kinda got your jimmies in a rustle over something so petty. :V