your jacket against mine

Peace Bloody Peace (While It Lasts)

A/N: Post 5B, 1.6k, a quiet moment before Storybrooke is under siege once again. Some fluff, angst, Neverland mentions and a tiny bit of Daddy!Killian feels

Something is brewing once again in Storybrooke, Emma can feel it. She’s grown accustomed to the atmosphere of tension and worry that blankets the town with every new arrival of a villain or a character she knows from her childhood that turns out to be real. She’s not even really sure what or who the problem is this time, but both the sheriff and savior parts of her tingle with the knowledge that something is coming and the anticipation is hard to shake off.

The Jolly Roger proves to be an effective recluse though. It’s like a separate world aboard the ship, a little bubble that offers her comfort and peace and the chance to enjoy Killian’s company without being interrupted. For a little while, anyway.

‘Your thoughts are rather loud, love.’ Killian murmurs, lazily brushing his fingers through her hair as they lie close together on the small bed. It’s only a fraction of the size of their bed at home but it’s comfortable nonetheless, offering no excuse but to cuddle in the small space.

‘I can’t help it.’ Emma sighs, wiggling against him restlessly.

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