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thank you so much to you both! I am sorry, I have been neglecting so many messages, especially the ones that ask for art help because they take the longest to reply to. I will try to get back to most of them.

I just combined both these questions since they ask for materials. I got my mechanical pencils from Japan or from a Japanese brand.. the only brand I can tell you is the black mechanical pencil which is from MUJI, otherwise the other two I have no idea :’) I bought them at a random stationary store in Japan.

Traditional: I have a loot of art materials so I’ll just list a few brands that I am fond of! I love faber-castell materials, they are quite expensive but so worth it in my opinion. I also have more MUJI gel pens that I sometimes like to use. Pentel (another Japanese stationary store) and a few others I’m not sure but I believe they come from Amsterdam (oil paints/acrylics)

Digital: my tablet is linked here (although now that I am looking at it, it seems they have upgraded it into a newer model, so I have the older model of this) and my program is linked here

When You Go (Part 5- Finale)

Words: 2.8k

Summary: You and Misha are officially back together and ready to get your life back to normal. Or not…

Warnings: Second had embarrassment? This is pure, unadulterated, painfully sweet, domestic fluff. Consult your dentist before reading.

A/N: This is the conclusion. If I keep going, the series will never end. Tag list is at the end, let me know if you’d like to be added for more Misha/Castiel stories.


When you woke up the next morning, he was gone. You knew he would be, he had an early call time this morning. You were a little bummed he hadn’t woken you up to say goodbye though. You stretched your sore muscles before heading downstairs to make some coffee.

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I’m writing my dissertation on the things I find attractive about Richard Speight Jr. Not really, I just wanted an excuse to admire how beautiful this man is.

I’ve put together a short list, because a long list would take days.

1. That hair that starts to flip and curl over his collar when it gets a little length to it.

2. His eyes. Those eyes that I can never find just the right words to describe. The eyes with the laugh lines that show how much he smiles, and what a good sense of humor he has.

3. The necklace, and the story behind it.

4. I shouldn’t need to explain that.

5. Arms.

6. Seriously, look at his arms. And also his chest. MmmHmmm.

7. His tummy, it’s very important to me.

8. His thighs. I could write sonnets to his thighs I’m not even joking. They’re perfection. Not really I’m not a poet I don’t even know what a sonnet is.

9. I mean really.

This post has been brought to you by Meg’s daily meltdown over Richard Speight Jr, you may now resume your regularly scheduled programming.

Seriously Annoyed

Based off this ->: XXX

Word Count: 850+ (relatively short, I know)

Warnings: None

“No! No! No-please don’t!”

Jim bounded up the stairs to his flat as he heard you cry out. Fear coursed through his veins, fear that just maybe someone had found out where he lived and was threatening you, to get to him! He slammed his fist on one of the many ‘distress’ buttons lying around the entire building. It would send out a signal to Sebastian to get his gear and get ready for a killing. Jim had just gotten back from 'playing’ with Sherlock when he heard you. It took him only a second to pull out his keys and get the door unlocked.

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Long Neymar imagine where you and Neymar meet Shakira

“C'mon baby, well be late”, Neymar calls out from downstairs living room.

“I’ll be right there”, you walk downstairs in your long, gorgeous, white dress that’s shows some cleavage. Your hair is curled and you look stunning. You come down and watch his reaction which is just stare at you in awe.

“What?”, you ask very quietly, smiling with your eyes.

“Nothing, you just um…look so gorgeous”, he moves in a little closer. “But you know the rule right? We can’t leave this house unless you give me a kiss”, he smirks

“I’ve never heard of that rule”, you say as you fix his tie. “Well, rules are the rules”, you say and move closer as your lips touch his and his hands move up your back, your hands in his hair. You slowly let go.

“Will that do?”, you ask smiling.

He licks his lips and responds, “Mhm”.

When you arrive to the party you look around and you see almost every footballer that plays for Barca.

“Oh my god”, you gasp and turn around.

“What?”, Ney turns around after you, feeling a bit worried.

“I just saw Shakira”, you open your mouth in excitement.

“Oh, you wanna meet her?”, he asks you.

You mouth, “Yes” and you two start walking towards Shakira and Pique.

“Hey man”, Neymar shakes Pique’s hand. “Hi Shakira”, and kisses Shakira’s hand.

“This is my girlfriend (Y/N)”, he introduces us with a smile. You already met Pique several times before, so it’s no big deal.

“Hi”, you greet both of them. “Shakira, I’m such a big fan of you, it’s so great to finally meet you”, you say as your inner fangirl shows.

“Thank you so much, it’s great to meet you as well”, she smiles. “Neymar tells me you’re a model.”

“ Yes, yes I am.”

“Well I mean you’re gorgeous”, she says looking at you. ‘Omg Shakira just said I’m gorgeous’ screams in your head. “Nothing compared to you, but thank you”, is your response.

“Hey! My hips don’t lie, and I don’t either!”, she says and you all laugh.

“Hey, I heard you’re pregnant”, Neymar says to Shakira.

“Oh yes, we are”, she locks her hands in Pique’s as their happiness show.

“Congratulation”, you and Ney both say.

“Thank you”, she smiles. “Are you guys anything serious?”, she asks looking at you and Ney both.

“We’ve been dating for 2 and a half years now, but we don’t wanna rush things, we think it’s too early to get married yet, were both very young”, you answer her.

“Yeah, that’s true. Well good lick to both of you, we’re going to go and greet Messi and Antonella now. But it was so nice meeting you (Y/N)”, she says and gives you a big hug. With that they leave.

“Omg, she is so nice”, you say to Neymar as you guys turn around and walk towards your table.

“Yeah, she’s really nice”, he agrees.

“And so beautiful”

“Yeah, she is gorgeous but you’ve always been more gorgeous in my eyes”, he kisses your cheek.

“Pshh, stop lying Ney”, you say and playfully hit his arm.

“Hey! My hips don’t lie, and I don’t either!”, he impersonates Shakira, moving his hips. You can’t help but laugh your head off.

For the rest of the night, while you dance you just adore Neymar and think 'Wow, I love this man’.

I’m sorry I mixed it up but I hope you like it anon.

The moment you realize...

You’ve been shipping your two friends since the moment you noticed they’d be cute together (years ago) and that they acknowledged they liked each other and yet, they’re not boyfriend and girlfriend.

And it frustrates you even more to know this is real life and you don’t know if they’ll be endgame or what.

So, you can’t help but remember all your favorite tv shows/movies and reach out to your inner fangirl and just say:



PART 1 / / PART 2 / / PART 3

AU MEME: Even though you’re best friends with 5SOS, you still managed to keep in touch with your inner fangirl even if you show it around the boys.

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Sorry this took me foreverrrrr! let me know what you think!



PART 1 / / P A R T 2

AU MEME: Even though you’re best friends with 5SOS, you still managed to keep in touch with your inner fangirl even if you show it around the boys.

Not my gifs, just my edits

such a laaaaame au, im soooooo sorry

  • Luke: "Are you nervous?", you massaged Luke's shoulder backstage at the BBMA. "Yes", he replied, body tensing. "Hey", you moved from your spot behind the couch and sat on his lap, "I'm sure you guys will be amazing". His hands wrapped around your waist, bringing you closer to him. Softly, your hands caressed his face, moving to his hair - which caused him to lean into your touch. "We're in five", Calum announced, looking just as nervous as your boyfriend whom grip on your waist intensed and body tensed again. "Hey, you repeated, taking his face in your hands and making him face you, "You've rehearsed for this, you've played this song over a thousand times. You're ready for this, you're capable of this. It's just like any other of your shows", you assured him. "Okay", he said, resting his forehead on yours. "Time to go, mate", Michael said. You walked with them to the side of the stage, stopping Luke before he walked in: "Good luck, I love you", you kissed him quickly and watched him go on stage.
  • Ashton: "So, Ashton, we've noticed you brought a date with you", the interviewer said eyeing you talking to some fans not far from where the boys were being interviewed. "Yeah", he smiled once his eyes laid on you , "My girlfriend's with me tonight". "She looks really nice", the interviewer commented. "She does, doesn't she?", Ashton agreed, "I've told her that over and over, but she doesn't believe me!". "Well, she looks absolutely gorgeous. Don't you think so, boys?", she asked to the rest of the band. "When isn't (Y/N) looking gorgeous, though?", Calum joked, watching how Ashton tensed up. "Why don't you bring her here then, Ashton?", the interviewer suggested. "Sure", he walked off to where you were. The fans you were talking to suddenly had wide eyes and looked to a spot behind you. You were about to question what had happened when you felt two hands wrap themselves around your waist. "Babe", Ashton's voice said, "You're being requested in our interview", he smiled sweetly to the fans. "Me?", you blankly asked. "Yeah, c'mon", you waved to the fans and left with Ashton. It turns out the interviewer only wanted to put you on camera to tell everyone that if they thought you looked gorgeous to tweet "#(Y/N)IsThePrettiestAtBBMA". It was trending by the end of the night.
  • Michael: You were sitting next to an empty chair that belonged to Michael, who left along with the other boys to get ready to perform. You were nervous as a girlfriend and a fangirl - it was the moment they'd stop being your secret. As Kendall Jenner stepped on stage and started to announce the boys, you brought your sweaty palm together, cursing when she confused them with One Direction - thinking of how furious everyone would be by her small, yet extremely significant, mistake. The thought was pushed away from your head when you saw Michael on stage, playing his guitar, jumping around and looking as happy as ever. You awkwardly danced in your seat, not wanting to attract a lot of attention, but nevertheless singing every lyric to the song. As people around you started to stand up and dance, you did the same, letting your inner fangirl show. Little did you know that you were being filmed whilst enjoying, in a rather indiscreet way, your boyfriend's band music. Gifs were already being made and posted on Tumblr and Twitter was blowing up with trendings. You were the "supportive girlfriend" of the moment.
  • Calum: As the boys performance was coming to an end, you left your seat at the audience and went backstage to receive the boys when it was finished. Claps and yells emerged once the music stopped playing and you smiled proudly: the really did rock the BBMA. Luke was the first one to come backstage, followed by Ashton and Michael. You told them all congratulations and gave them a quick hug, commenting on how good they were. Not long after it, Calum came backstage, eyes already looking for your face. Before they even landed on you, he felt your arms wrapping around his neck and kisses all over his face. His hands wrapped around your waist and he lifted you off the ground, spinning you around. "Congratulations!", you whispered in his ear, "You were great! I'm so proud of you!", you kissed his face again. "I think you forgot one spot", he told you, putting you on the ground, but not taking his hands off your waist. "Really?", you arched your brows. "Yeah", he pouted. Giggling, you leaned in and pressed your lips against his. He kissed you back, one hand leaving your waist and cupping your cheek, the other one wrapping around your back and filling the place the first one left. "Congratulations", you repeated when you broke the kiss.