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Elizabeth of York aesthetic for @margarettudor

   Endearingly called “the Gracious Queen” by her subjects, one clear demonstration of the English people’s love for her can be recalled: while progressing over a carpet of woolen cloth that watching crowds were permitted afterward to take as a souvenir, a riot ensued and some died in the ordeal, all to obtain a piece of the cloth the Queen had tread on.

   After her premature death, the Tower – where she had died – ceased almost entirely to be used as a royal residence. Her family and subjects genuinely grieved her loss.


ok so i woke up thinking…
the love that is within me can never ever run out, resources can never get low. my love is in abundance and it is boundless. even when i am tired and i think i just can’t possibly…… actually i most definitely can still….. love for my neighbour, the earth, leaves, you, the woman at the bus stop, my family, the boy that just walked past me, it’s endless. the love i have comes with a certificate saying it will never ever bleed dry so i can act wild and run fast with it 🙌🏾. you love towards me and i love towards you, you hate towards me and i love towards you, i really do. you hate towards me AND I LOVE TOWARDS YOU. i love for the day you wake up and see that your love is infinite too! i wake up real, healthy and happy and i have enough love inside for everything in my day. im not saying I don’t feel dark sometimes or worn out, like anyone i can be misguided. but just to know i have a gift of love inside me that is limitless no matter how much i give away is amazing. what a relief to find out. it’s taken 28 years for this notion to settle, i just want the universe to know. so just to be clear, my love won’t ever run out ok ok 💁🏽

-FKA Twigs posted this statement on her Instagram account

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Happy Birthday, Kim Myungsoo

Each of us have such beautiful qualities to share with the world. It would be a shame if we didn’t completely shine them out!

Dating Kim Sunggyu Would Include...

here’s a random Sunggyu boyfriend list just because I felt like writing it :3

  • Him being the worst lil shit ever LOL
  • Lots of jokes between you two that no one else would get
  • A lot of “oh jagiya, I look handsome today” “oh no wait, I look handsome all the time :))” “right jagiya*silence*ah, I thought so too
  • It may not seem like it, but I think Sunggyu would surprise you from time to time with small gifts
  • They wouldn’t really be extravagant presents, but just simple small things that Sunggyu would shyly admit made him “think of you” when he saw them
  • Sunggyu wouldn’t be the best at expressing his feelings, but sometimes when it was just the two of you, he would confess that you basically made him feel like the luckiest man alive
  • Hand holding happens a lot
  • Stroking your hand with his thumb as he stares off into the distance and sighs also tends to happen a lot
  • Sometimes Sunggyu wouldn’t even say anything, he’d just give you that adorable eye smile of his and say “really?” as if he couldn’t comprehend that he actually found someone who put up with him 24 / 7
  • Ok as cute as he may be as a boyfriend, we all know he would also be a pain in the ass
  • The two of you would bicker so much that it would actually turn into a sport as the other members would watch in amusement and “keep score”
  • You would be the epitome of an old married couple
  • When people say that the two of you are really cute together, Sunggyu would smile and say “thanks, it’s all me
  • Could you stop complimenting yourself for at least five seconds?
  • Jagiya, you have to admit, if you were me, you’d never stop complimenting yourself
  • You’d probably be 120% DONE with him most of the times
  • But you’d still love him dearly
  • In conclusion, Sunggyu would have a somewhat balanced “romantic” side and a playful side to him, but you know at the end of the day he loves you more than anything, and it shows through the things he says and does
  • also side note sunggyu, if you wanna date, hmu
But when I looked into your hazel eyes, I saw a whole new world and I realized, it’s my world.
—  I reached 8k people 😱
Infinite excerpts.
You know the reason The Beatles made it so big?…‘I Wanna Hold Your Hand.’ First single. Fucking brilliant. Perhaps the most fucking brilliant song ever written. Because they nailed it. That’s what everyone wants. Not 24/7 hot wet sex. Not a marriage that lasts a hundred years. Not a Porsche…or a million-dollar crib. No. They wanna hold your hand. They have such a feeling that they can’t hide. Every single successful song of the past fifty years can be traced back to ‘I Wanna Hold Your Hand.’ And every single successful love story has those unbearable and unbearably exciting moments of hand-holding.
—  Dev, Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist