your ignorance is their power

Neptune - place of your hidden potential

Neptune is a planet of illusion and confusion. It is very mysterious place in our chart. It brings people a lot of disappointment due to Neptune’s very enigmatic nature. I believe the house our Neptune is placed holds a great potential that is hidden there and takes time to fully understand. What makes you confused and vulnerable with a little bit of work can also be a source of your great strength. 

The House Neptune is shows when you are the most vulnerable. This is a place of confusion, place that you have always a problem to tell the reality from illusion. The way to master your Neptune placement is to recognize your weakness and allow yourself to be vulnerable in this area. Be aware of what brings you confusion. Awarness is your greatest weapon. This is what Neptune truly wants to tell you. Be aware.

1st House - be aware that your weakness lays in your perception of the world and yourself. You may feel lost in life, confused about how you see the world. You may not see it for what it is and people may see you not who you really are. Don’t idolize this world. Don’t idolize your views. Don’t let your artistic nature cloud your judgment. Also, don’t be afraid to be emotional. Don’t be afraid to show your sensitivity. Use amazing psychic gifts you have. Finding confidence in life may be hard for you since your perception of self is delluded but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. You just have many sides to yourself and you can’t be defined with one word and that’s okay. Be a chameleon; don’t limit yourself to one. Also, your natural optimism can make you a little bit naive so you need to watch out for people because some of them will have no problem using your good heart against you so take care of yourself and trust your intuition more.

2nd House - be aware that your weakness lays in your self-worth. It is what brings you the biggest confusion. You may feel vague about your self-worth. You may feel confused about material things. You need to understand potential that lays in your soul and the practical use of your imagination. You also need to understand that material things are not the biggest evil on the world. They are also not your biggest need. It will always bring you confusion. Find balance!  Be aware of your money (abundance or their lack) in your life. Use them constructively on what you really need. If you can, make your art to give you profit.

3rd House - be aware that your weakness lays in the processing of your words. It can often feel like the words you are looking for in your mind are hidden behind a mist, like they are there but you can’t find them and use them. You can also feel at the moments that you are a better story-teller than everyone else in the room and desperately try to prove it. Don’t idolize the power of your mind but also don’t ignore it. Be aware that you can get an access to a beautiful inner encyclopedia but still you need to make an effort to check yourself while using it. Be aware of the voices you will hear, ideas you will get and be open to messages from your head but be selective of how you will use them. You can take people to other dimensions with your you words, you are highly creative but you must be aware that you need to check things twice before saying them because sometimes your words can be really confusing. Focus on making yourself more clear while speaking, avoid using unecessary words. 

4th House - be aware that your weakness lays in your roots. Family always can bring you a lot of confusion. Many times you don’t see your family for who they really are, you probably idolize them a lot just like your chilhood. You may feel truly lost at your core, not knowing who you are and being too dependent on your roots. Truth is, that yes,  you can become emotionally independent person who is also able to help others to see through their own delusions. You just need to make yourself your strong foundation and set clear boundaries with your family. Your imagination make them seem better that they really are. You need to remember that your home and people who make it are part of your life not the center. Family life will never be as perfect as you wish but it doesn’t mean it’s not going to be good. Appreciate what you can have.

5th House - be aware that your weakness lays in your vision.  You idolize everything. Romance, people, children, hobbies… Everywhere where you can express yourself and follow your vision of “something perfect”.  You just try to run from reality this way. Just be aware perfect love  or a child doesn’t exist. Express yourself artistically, yes, but don’t let your imagination cloud your judgment. Life here is not a Hollywood movie but it doesn’t mean it’s not beautiful. Use your imagination in your creations but don’t let it control your love life (and other aspects). You are extremely creative. Use it wisely.

6th House -  be aware that your weakness lays in working. You love to help others. Animals, people… Your service is needed but is also a place of your delusion. You may get lost in your job. You need to take responsibility and do your work in whatever you choose to but remember about taking care of yourself too. Also, you should pay more attention to deadlines. You can get lost so you need to remember about passing time and other details. You are really responsible and devoted, don’t overdo yourself but also try to look at yourself (especially your health) realistically. Getting a flu won’t kill you but don’t ignore it either. Keep yourself in check.

7th House -  be aware your weakness lays in your  relationships. Whether they are of romantic nature or platonic; you may appear as a very confusing person to others and others are like that to you too. You may have problem with recognizing people who have bad influnece on you, you may idolize them and you can be too dependent on others. There is always something very entangled in your partnerships and you need to recognize that and stop idolizing people in your life. You need to directly adress those issuses. There is a chance for you to see relationships with people clear, as they are. You will become more confident and more independent as a person. Just stay aware of your relationships and don’t let them define you.

8th House - your weakness is tied to taboo topics. You may become obsessed with sensitive topics like death and sex.  You may feel you lack understanding of those and  try obsessively to get information in those areas. You may feel confused and feel you are truly not living your life here on Earth because you may focus too much on matters connected to the other world. You need to be aware that  delving into dangerous matters with that kind of passion may not bring you what you want and just make you feel more lost in life. Use knowledge you gain in constructive way. Don’t hoard it, it can cause you more pain. Share it with others. Don’t idolize taboo. Focus on mundane things too. Come back from the dead, your world is here. 

9th House -  your weakness lays in your philosophy. You may feel confused about your beliefs and be easily influenced by others in this area. Whether you are more into spirituality or religion, any area involving higher realms seems to be bringing confusion to you. This also apply to higher education. You may have problem with finding out what you want to study and you can become perpetual student or reject idea of studying at all. You may have problem with describing your life philosophy and often change beliefs. You can become a fantastic teacher for yourself and others. You have great psychic abilities. Don’t let this confusion stop you from spiritual development. 

10th House - be aware that your weakness lays in your social position. You  feel confused about your position in the world you may feel lost on your life path and you may appear to others as this always indecisive person in those matters. Be aware that feeling of being lost in life happens to everyone. You need to remember about what you truly want to achieve and understand that it will take time. Don’t idolize achievement. Follow it but don’t forget about other important things in life. You will be at the top of a social ladder. You will inspire others to work hard for your goals. Just be aware that outer sucess is not the goal end in life.

11th House - your vulnerability lays in your sense of belonging. 
Confusion is tied to your need to be a part of a group. You may idolize them a lot. You may idolize society a lot and see no flaws in how it functions.  You may also do that to your friends. You need to stop looking at people through pink glasses. Remember that humanity is flawed. Be aware of that  being a human means making  mistakes. You can be a strong individual who can do a lot of good for people and society but you need to remember about the fact that society is built from individuals who just like you, are only humans. Allow them to be.

12th House - your weakness lays in your isolation. You may feel very helpess and confused, you may feel you are not safe in this world and you may try to delve into another to find your inner security. You isolate yourself from this world and it not only brings you more confusion but it is also a source of your pain. You can’t run from yourself. You are extremely gifted person. You have amazing ability to reach higher dimensions but you shouldn’t do that in order to avoid pain. Be aware of the mundane world and try to stay more connected with it. You won’t regret it. Our world is painful but you are a part of it. And people like you make it more beautiful.

In retrograde
- you may have a problem with accepting your vulnerability due to the aversion in immersing into the more spiritual side of yourself. You are a very private person and you dislike showing  vulnerability but it runs deep in you and you cannot reject this part of yourself.

Advice to Baby Witches

Here’s some things I wish someone told me when I was first starting out

  • You’re gonna find a lot of sources that are Wiccan. So if you don’t want to follow Wicca, it might be harder to find things that talk from a non- Wiccan perspective. This is not the only perspective. I encourage you even if you are wanting to follow Wicca to seek out specifically non-Wiccan sources to get a different view point. (nothing against Wicca here; I just think it’s healthy to get differing opinions)

  • It’s still witchcraft even if it doesn’t look like what books/Internets witchcraft looks like. Remember that:
    1. Everyone has a different way of doing things and your craft will never ever be the same as anyone else’s.
    2. The people posting about what witchcraft they’ve done are most of the time showing a perfected version of it. You are just starting out. You should not hold yourself up to the standards of people who have had more time and practice.
    3. It’s actually good that it doesn’t look like anyone else’s because that means that it’s entirely your own.
  • I know it can feel very daunting first getting involved in witchcraft because there is so much to learn. Trust me, you cannot learn everything, and that is okay.

  • Take things step by step. Find something that really excites you. For example, say you are really interested in deity worship. Focus on just that first. Research different deities and meditate on the ones that interest you. Once you feel like you’ve learned enough (you don’t have to be an expert by any means, just to a point where you feel like you have your foot in the door) then you can move on to something else. You don’t have to do it this way, but I found it helped me narrow things down.

  • The idea that “if you don’t know what your doing with witchcraft it can backfire” is a myth. Don’t be afraid to explore, learn new things. That being said, I wouldn’t recommend doing anything outside your skill level either. Maybe save the big deal curses for when you have a good grasp on them. Listen to your intuition on this one, if you feel like something you’re doing is too much for you, don’t do it right away, but work your way up. Don’t give up on it, either. Like I said, if you feel like you don’t have the ability to do something, get to a point where you do.

  • You will have thoughts like “this won’t work” “you’re being stupid” “it’s just some *conventionally useless item*, that can’t do ANYTHING” this is okay. Any intrusive thoughts that tell you it’s not going to work are fine, especially if you are mentally ill. It does not mean your magic looses it’s power because you had an intrusive thought. Yes, the best way to make your magic work is to believe it will work, but intrusive thoughts will not automatically stop the magic from working. Just try your best to overcome them, whatever technique you have for that will work fine. I always use my inner voice to talk back to my intrusive thoughts and say something like “What? That doesn’t even make sense! You’re being ridiculous, random voice in my head that has no attachment to me.” and try to ignore it. Your mental illness does not make you a less powerful of a witch, remember that.

  • You are much more powerful than you realize. Own this. Be empowered by it.

  • You don’t have to have a whole bunch of extravagant altars and read your tarot cards and meditate every day to be considered a ‘real’ witch. You do magic without even realizing it sometimes. It’s sometimes hard to do anything big because of busy schedules/low spoons/being closeted or whatever. Try and incorporate little things in your daily routine. I did this by Stirring my tea clockwise and focusing on the cup, while repeating “this tea will improve my day” in my head. It works great for practicing putting your intent in things, focusing your energy, and it can even work if you live in an unfriendly witch household! Get creative with the little things you can do everyday. And even if you can’t do those things sometimes, don’t worry about it!

  • Be very careful about cultural appropriation in your practice. It can get very dicey as to what is offensive to include in your practice and what is not. I can tell you straight up right now that anything taken from a Native American culture is not okay to incorporate in your practice. A very popular thing that’s taken from Native American culture is smudging. Don’t smudge. There are many alternatives to this. That being said, some things are ok to take from other cultures because those cultures aren’t practiced by living people/are part of a culture or religion that is open to outsiders taking it. Don’t bat yourself up for doing something then finding out it was offensive, because when you recognize it then take necessary steps to fix it, that’s you growing as a person and is a positive change. If you aren’t sure if what your doing is cultural appropriation, ask yourself:

    1. Is what I’m doing practiced by a group of people today? if yes, you’re in the danger zone, but it does not  necessarily mean it is appropriation
    2. Is the religion that it comes from a closed or open religion? (this means is it ok for outsiders, people who do not follow the religion, to practice it. example-Judaism=closed, wicca=open) If closed, it’s probably appropriation.
    3. Am I apart of a race that has a history of oppressing this group of people? If yes, you might want to be cautious about it.
    4. If it is deity related- Do the deities in question give me permission? if no, then definitely do not do it.
    5. What would a person from that religion/culture think if they saw me doing this? If they would not like it, it might not be okay.
    6. Is this from my heritage/ancestral background? Don’t worry too much if the answer is no but you passed most of the other questions, This one is mostly because if you grew up in a Jewish/Catholic/Muslim/other closed religion household, wanting to incorporate that in your practice is ok.

  • You do not have to be religious to practice witchcraft. Your craft can exclude deity work of any kind.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask what you feel are stupid questions. If your really scared, google is a very handy tool and most blogs have that anon option for a reason. :p

Mmk, spoons are low. Feel free to add any advice you think I’m missing. I really hope this helps someone!

Writing isn’t just sitting down and word-vomitting.

It’s plotting your story, coming up with the characters and their personalities, coming up with their interactions, setting the mood, thinking of the right words to say for someone like that in that type of situation, wondering if your character is doing something that is out of character, wondering if you’ve managed to describe them the way you see them in your head.

It’s sitting down and struggling to bring those characters to life. 

It’s questioning yourself and getting that suffocating feeling in your chest when you think about your own writing.

It’s somehow managing to put all of that into words and then editing your own writing time and time again because you’re scared of the reaction you’re going to get from nameless strangers.

It’s questioning your own word choices, your own phrasing, your knowledge of the language, your ability to tell this story that’s been in your head for days, weeks, months, sometimes even longer.

It’s questioning if you’re good enough to put those thoughts into words, it’s questioning if those words are good enough.

Writing is never feeling like you did a good enough job at putting down those characters and events into words, it’s doubting yourself every step of the way.

It’s clicking that post button and then waiting in fear of the reaction.

Writing is sometimes not getting a reaction at all.

It’s going through the tags and finding a back-handed compliment that makes you want to cry because it just proves that your insecurities are true and that you shouldn’t be writing in the first place, that you’re not good enough.

It’s getting negative feedback because you didn’t write what some nameless person wanted to read, it’s getting hate because you decide to tell your own story in your own words.

It’s getting hate because you decided to include or not to include a smut scene in your story.

It’s getting constant asks about updates that make you feel that you’re not worth anything to your readers, that you’re there as a robot that’s meant to sit and be quiet and produce content that they like otherwise you’ll get punished with constant asks and hate.

Writing is waiting for feedback that never comes, which makes you doubt yourself. Writing is watching other people get more feedback, which makes you want to stop writing. Writing is getting feedback, but seeing other people not get feedback, which makes you feel guilty, and makes other writers resent you and exclude you from everything.

All in all, writing is giving a large number of nameless people a part of yourself in a story that took you a long time to come up with and put into words, but also giving them the power to give their feedback, ignore your story, or spew negativity your way. 

But, writing is a talent and I’m proud of you for writing despite all of that. You’re good enough and your efforts aren’t going to waste. You’re getting better at writing with every story you write. Regardless of the kind of content you write, regardless of the length, the genre, the feedback, the notes, the reblogs, the mentions… You’re good enough, you have a talent, and I’m happy you’re choosing to share it with the world. Don’t let the lack of feedback or negative feedback bring you down. Don’t let it turn you against other writers. Do what you love doing and the rest will come. All in good time.

Attempts and Guilt
Could you write an imagine where the reader is Bruce’s S/O and is constantly trying to get Damian’s approval but he refuses to let her in and then one night he overhears her talking to Bruce about how much it upsets her?

Bruce Wayne x Reader


You didn’t think you were a bad person. You were a well liked person, one of the many reasons Bruce loved you. He was infatuated with your personality, you always managed to bring a smile to his face. A relationship had blossomed between the two of you, it was perfect. But there was one big obstacle that had popped in the way recently , well not that big, actually it was very small, Damian Wayne.

He did not like you at all. You understood that you weren’t his mother, even though he wasn’t a big fan of his biological mother either. Damian was not comfortable with his father being in a relationship, even if you two had been together long before he had walked into the picture.

The rest of the boys adored you, especially Tim, you had a soft spot for him. Another reason why Damian wasn’t warming up to you. Jason always came to you to talk about his problems, you were like his mother, scratch that you were his mother just not biologically. Dick loved to annoy you but he acted like a baby when you were around, always searching for your attention.

But Damian, he did everything in his power to ignore you. You had tried talking to him about his interests, taking him out, playing video games with him, and you even went to all his award ceremonies at school since Bruce rarely went. You had tried desperately for him to like you, for him to accept you.

It had been putting you down lately, you wanted to make Damian a part of your family. You wanted him to like you and be comfortable around you. It didn’t take long for Bruce to notice your depressing behavior.

“What’s wrong?” You rolled over to face Bruce, “What do you mean?” Bruce pushed a few strands of your hair back, his eyes softening at your sad expression.

“I know you better than you know yourself, something’s bothering you.” You knew better than to lie to him, he would see through the lie in a second. He was a detective after all.

“Damian doesn’t like me.”

Outside the bedroom door a little someone halted their movements as they heard their name. Damian curiously put his ear to the door, wanting to know why his name was involved in a conversation.

“He doesn’t like you?” Bruce urged you to go on, “I’ve been trying to get him to warm up to me since he’s got here, but every time
I try to get closer to him he pushes me away. He can’t even stand to be in the same room as me.” You explained sadly, your eyes reddened at how hurt you felt.

Bruce began to console you but Damian, he felt horrible. No matter how much he wanted to hate you he couldn’t, you were too much of an amazing person for him to dislike you. You had tried countless times to get to know him and it secretly had warmed his heart that someone cared so much, the someone had so much interest in him. But he had been selfish and rude, he had instead lashed at you and ignored your attempts.

Damian was mad at himself for not giving you a chance, you had welcomed him into your household. The kid who was your husband’s son but nothing of yours. You didn’t know he even existed until that point, but instead of judging and hating him you tended to all his needs.

Damian knew he had to make it up to you, he could here your choked sobs from outside the door. He walked towards Tim’s room, something he would never do unless it was an emergency.

He knocked on the wooden door, “What?” Tim opened the door with a curious expression.

“I need your assistance, I’ve made a big mistake.”

Lilith in Astrology

Lilith, to put it simply, is your subconscious bad bitch. But let’s start with where Lilith comes from. She comes from the Hebrew legend where Lilith was the original wife of Adam where she was made from the dust of the Earth just like him. She demanded equality, specifically sexual equality. When she didn’t receive that she left the Garden of Eden to pursue a life on her own. Becoming a she-demon where she had sex with other demons, causing demon children. Now I am by no means religious, but it is always good to know the story behind the name when it comes to astrology. For often that can help you understand the meaning of whatever placement. 

Through this story you can see that besides being a bit of a bad bitch, she represents feminine independence. She is about catering towards your honest needs. She is where you are rejected by others yet you fulfill that area for yourself. I feel like the house placement tells us where you feel powerless or where our inhibitions lie while the sign placement tells us how you enforce your personal power in compensation for those areas where you have inhibitions or have been rejected. Lilith is often seen as how we approach sexual power due to it’s origin story. And that is true, it is, but it is also much more. Beyond what I have already mentioned, Lilith is also the place in out charts where we feel vengeful, where we are willing to become as evil as the rest of humanity. It shows us where our darkness comes from, and where it is going to take us. 

Retrograde Lilith in a chart can show us where we are given power that we don’t want, or are too scared to use. Which can then lead to people with asteroid Lilith “retrograde can ultimately go critical like the uranium in a nuclear bomb.” Lilith in synastry can show us where another person reflects our own worst traits. Or where they’ll make us feel powerless. Of course, it could also show where we push our sexual desires on another person. Where Lilith is transiting in our chart can show us where we are currently feeling held back and where we are currently trying to compensate by conjuring up our own personal power. Lilith in our draconic chart can show us where we naturally felt inhibited, but through our own force and power we took control and gained strength in that area. Lilith in a man’s chart shows how he approaches powerful women or women who exert themselves over him. Or even how he approaches his own femininity. 

Note that not everyone has all that strong of a Lilith in their chart and they’re three different Liliths to check.

Natal Lilith placements 

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The Bat(mom) Glare - Batmom x Batfamily

Summary : Everyone feels a bit…uneasy when Batmom gives them that glare.

I know I said the next fic would be about a jealous Bruce, but I had a dream last night about this story down there, and just had to write it, hoping it’s not too bad, hoping you’ll like it. As usual feedbacks are welcome ! Here 

(My masterlist blog here :


It was at the very beginning of your relationship with Bruce that you discovered your “superpower”. Before that, you never really noticed, even though it was already there…No, it really was about four months in dating the Batman that you truly realized this capacity of yours. 

You had been friend with Bruce for years, and you knew about his nightly activities since quite a while…So when he told you you two shouldn’t be together anymore because it was dangerous, you couldn’t help but sarcastically laugh and give him your best “really ?” face. 

What, all those years it wasn’t dangerous and all of a sudden, as your relationship started to get serious, it became life threatening ? 

You remember him scoffing at you, saying it had nothing to do with you and him getting “serious”, while you perfectly knew it had everything to do with it. 

Words were useless to convince him, he was such a stubborn man, and he wouldn’t listen…So you just stared at him. Glared at him. You did not turn your gaze away, you did not leave like he told you to. 

You ignored Alfred and his sorry look, when he told you to follow him out of the batcave. You ignored Bruce when he started yelling at you to leave. You just glared at him, you kept your eyes on his silhouette. Until he said : 

-Stop looking at me like that. 

You didn’t stop. Because all of this was bullshit. Because he was pushing you away for a stupid reason. Because you knew he was doing it only cause he was afraid to get too close from someone and loose them too, like he lost his parents…So you just kept staring, glaring, without saying a word. 

-Stop (Y/N), please.

He tried to keep his composure for a long time. Damn stubborn man. 

Only, on that day, he realized that you were way more stubborn than he’ll ever be. Only, on that day, he realized, as your eyes wouldn’t leave his form, he could not go on without you. But he still resisted. For appearances maybe ? Or maybe he thought you’d eventually give up. You did not. You would never give up on him, he just had to deal with it. 

-Stop…stop looking at me like that…(Y/N)…please…

His voice was cracking. You had won. He knew it. You knew it. Because the reason he was pushing you away was bullshit. Being around him was dangerous ? Well big deal, leaving in fucking Gotham was dangerous anyway ! So you stared at him, glared at him, until he gave up. 

He needed you. Your support. Your presence. He knew it, you knew it. And under your intense gaze, he realized just to what extend he loved you. 

Love ? Yes. Yes it was definitely that. An intense, deep, unbreakable bond had always existed between you…and the day he finally asked you out, it became stronger than ever. No, he would not pushing you away because things were “dangerous”. You wouldn’t let him. So you stared, and he realized…

He realized just how doomed he was because of how much in love he was with you. Too damn much, probably…But it was a good kind of curse. He was glad to be doomed of loving you…

You stopped glaring at him when he fell into your arms, all his tough and emotionless demeanor gone. You stopped glaring at him once you knew he understood. You weren’t going anywhere. Period. At least, not until he’d stop loving you (which he knew would never happen. Could never happen. Hell, he was the one afraid you’d be tired of his shit and leave…But you’d never leave). 

On that day, he realized how much you meant to him, and you realized that you had magic eyes. If, with a simple glare, you could crack even the great Batman…Yup, you discovered your “superpower” the day Bruce understood you were the one and only. The love of his life. 

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If the Sun is our ego, then Pluto, the planet farthest from the Sun, is our subconscious. It is often associated with death, destruction, hidden truths, obsession and other hard to grasp concepts. Away from the light, this planet seem to work in mysterious ways and many fear the effects it has on one’s chart. However, Pluto, at its core, represents transformation. The cycle of life: death and rebirth, destruction and creation…Change. When we are at our lowest, Pluto offers us a second chance to redeem ourselves, to examine what we tried to bury and to evolve.

Queen in the North {Pt. 5}

Originally posted by olivermellors

Requested: As always, by the loveliest people in the whole world

Pairings: Robb Stark x Reader

Previously: {Part 1} {Part 2} {Part 3} {Part 4}

Summary: Y/N was sent to live with The Stark family at a young age, and ever since then, she seemed to fit perfectly, maybe even more than she had ever noticed.

Warnings: none that I can think of tbh

Word Count: 1,523

The past few days had tested your patience. When you were injured, Robb was content to sit by your bedside, reading for copious amounts of time. While he never complained for your benefit, you were beginning to suspect that he was growing stir crazy after being cooped up in his room for so long. The wound in his side was healing at a faster pace than anyone could have predicted, but Robb was still upset that he was not to overextend himself. You had done your best to keep him entertained, making sure that everyone dropped by to visit and finding him a book or two that you knew he would enjoy.  Unfortunately, it seemed that no matter what you tried, Robb would have much rather been out in the courtyard teaching Bran how not to shoot him in the side.

Somehow, you had managed to fool yourself into thinking he was content to laze around in his chambers until you found him attempting to sneak out of the castle and take a short ride on his horse. Thankfully, Grey Wind had all but taken your door off of the hinges before leading you to the stables so quickly that you were nearly sprinting to keep up.

When you found him struggling to saddle his horse and failing miserably to hide the blood seeping from the wound on his side, he only spared a quick glance at Grey Wind before reluctantly making his way back up to his room. You spared him the lecture after linking your arm in his, deciding that the look in his eyes after realizing how worried you were was proof enough that he had learned his lesson. But that didn’t make you feel any less rotten that he was going mad after being restricted to resting in his chambers for so long.

Which was exactly why Robb was sitting beside you at your morning needlepoint lesson with Sansa. It had been your life’s work to avoid attending, and the awful artwork in your hands was proof that you only attended after you received a scolding from Catelyn that was not nearly as scathing as it should have been. Unfortunately, Robb was usually your excuse to miss them, and he had begged you that morning to accompany you, if only to get out of his rooms for a bit.

“You know that I hate those blasted lessons.” You said softly, trying to ignore Robb’s pinky linking with yours, breaking down your will power to say no by the second.  

“I know that you do.” He said, in a tone that told you he wasn’t really sorry for attempting to persuade you to break him out of his room. “But I have been in here for forever-”

“You’ve been in here for a week, and no longer” you laughed.

“Well, that’s beside the point. I would very much like to no longer be in my rooms. I guess that I could take Grey Wind for a walk instead if you would prefer.” You felt his eyes shift from where your hands were lying on the bed to study your face. You allowed yourself a deep sigh before meeting his questioning gaze and nodding once. The smile on his face was enough to make you forget that spending your day practicing your needlepoint was the last thing in Westeros that you wanted to do.

You had been clumsily attempting to embroider the Stark Family Sigil on a handkerchief. You had done it many, many times before, but after not practicing from so long, your stitches were clumsy and it looked nothing like the direwolves that you loved. Grey Wind was sitting calmly at Robb’s feet, a lazy smile in his eyes. It was almost as if your favorite direwolf could sense your growing discomfort, and Grey Wind showed no sign of sympathy for you, choosing to nap lazily near Robb’s chair instead of coming to entertain you. Robb was content, sitting beside Sansa and working away at a design. You were growing antsy, wishing that you were tucked away in the library or laughing with Arya in the courtyard while she practiced with her sling shot. After an incident a few years ago, you were allowed nowhere near her favorite weapon, but nevertheless, Arya did love an audience.  

You glanced around the room to see that you weren’t the only one whose project was not coming along as planned. Most of the girls in the room seemed to have more interest in Robb’s presence than their assigned work. You were hopeful that they were simply intrigued by a new presence in the room, as opposed to being interested in your dearest friend.

You had tried your best to be attentive, but after a few hours, all that you had to show for yourself was half of a sloppily completed Stark Sigil. You sat your pitiful attempt at needlework beside you, resolving to work on it later. You met Robb’s eyes from across the circle, and you would have known that twinkle in his eyes anywhere. He was proud of himself. And when he showed you the needlework that you had thought was going to be a clumsy mess to reveal a beautifully sewn rose. Sansa announced that it was time for tea, but you were rooted to your seat. Robb came to sit by your side, sliding the needlepoint into your hands.

“I thought that you might like to keep that.” He said with a bit of a chuckle. “I will never live it down if Theon and Jon were to find out that I somehow managed to needlepoint a rose.”

You ran your fingers over the soft thread for a moment before asking “How did you manage such a beautiful rose? Lord knows that you’ve never picked up a needle in your life.”

“You know that I am a naturally talented person.” Robb said, only managing to keep a straight face for a few moments before throwing his head back, allowing a full-bodied laugh to echo around the room.

After a few moments, silence swallowed the room again, leaving you alone with Robb and your racing thoughts. After the past few days, you weren’t so sure that those two things were the best combination that you could have ended up encountering.

The two of you sat in silence for a long moment, before you glanced down at your hands, which had somehow already found each other while resting on the bench. You took a few moments to relax, basking in the warm sun of the early afternoon. It was an unusually warm day in Winterfell, and you could tell that Robb would have much rather been spending it out in the woods.

“I truly am sorry that you are all cooped up in the castle, you know.” you said, resting your head on Robb’s shoulder as he traced circles on the back of your hand.

“I know that it isn’t your fault, but I would give anything to take Grey Wind hunting today. You know that he loves to run in this kind of weather.”

“I know. But everyone is telling you that you need to rest.” You glanced up at him, grateful that he was focused on watching the light dancing on the windowpane. “Maybe you should think about listening to them.”

“Maybe they should think about listening to me.” Robb was holding in a laugh, knowing that him grabbing his side in pain was not going to help the case that he was trying to make. “I think that I have been on bed rest for long enough to justify a day trip.” Robb didn’t pause long enough for you to protest. “We wouldn’t even have to hunt. Grey Wind could come with us, just you, me, a small picnic. I’m going crazy stuck inside all day.”

“I don’t think that you getting onto a horse is the best thing that you could do for your side, Robb.” He was breaking you down, bit by bit, and if you didn’t find an excuse to say no, he was going to get his way.

“We wouldn’t even have to take the horses. The pond isn’t that far away, we could manage the walk, and I could do with the fresh air.” His eyes were lit up

“Robb, I don’t think that this is a very good idea.”

“I just want to make it up to you.” Robb was getting frustrated.

“I know that you want to make it up to me, but there is really nothing that you need to make up for. The best thing that you can do for me is to stay in bed, and to get better. That is all that I really want.”

The two of you were so lost in thought that you didn’t even hear Sansa coming in to inform the two of you that the tea was getting cold. However, she stopped short when she saw that the two of you still had not moved. Needless to say, the two of you did not make it to tea that day.

You can read Part 6 here!

This is for the girls who have been told they are weak. For the girls who are kind but are thanked with rage and hostility. Do not let others with hearts made of stone and minds locked behind metal bars make you feel anything less than whole. Remember that not everybody is born with a pleasant demeanor and with elegance burgeoning in their spirit. Many do not possess the ability to remain kind in situations that treat them otherwise. They use their hands to hurt rather than assist. You must remember that some people lack compassion, along with the intelligence to know that to remain soft in a world so rough is an act of true courage. You are a red rose with a stem in sparkling water, remember that you have thorns to prick those who only wish to touch your surface. You are golden light. Yes, you are brilliant but do not forget that you can blind those ignorant to the power of your rays. You are the gossamer of a black widow, fragile but deadly to those who run into you hoping that their force will tear you apart. To the girls who are pushed around because they are generous, to those treated like a doormat because they are welcoming. Remember, despite of all the bitterness you will encounter that roses have thorns. The sun has the potential to be blinding. That spider webs can deceive and kill. Remember that you are not only graceful. You are tender. You are warm. You are strong, you are durable. And yes, you have the power to be lethal.
—  K.S
Heat in the Night

Summary: Alpha Bucky finds his favorite omega taking care of a pup. The problem is, it’s not his and he gets furious.

As requested by @theloveofanauthor

Pairing: Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader

Word count: 2.1k

Warnings: angst, some adult language

A/N: I hope you guys like it!

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Bucky sat in the front seat of Tony’s new Porsche smiling like an idiot. Normally he would’ve been more serious when coming back from a mission (or in Tony’s presence in general), but he was on his way to see his favorite omega, you. He had just spent the past year away on a top-secret mission and was excited. It was hard not to be near you, but since you two hadn’t bonded yet, he couldn’t take you with him. He quickly remembered all the times he locked himself up during his rut, called you while holding back tears, and wished for just a hint of your scent. But now, the agony was over. Bucky’s heart fluttered as he imagined your guys’ reunion. He thought of you running into his arms, him holding you tightly, both of you kissing and then furiously knotting. Tonight was the night. Tonight Bucky would confess to you how he truly felt. He was going to tell you that he loved you and that he never wanted to leave your side ever again. Bucky tapped his fingers against his thigh as he became more and more impatient. As he and Tony stopped at another red light, Bucky let out a small grunt.

“Anxious, are we?” Tony teased.

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“Move” - One Shot

This is my ultimate fantasy. I have a lot of fantasies about ocean related things with Harry, or anyone - but this, by far,  is my ultimate fantasy. Enjoy ;)

Rating: M (Smut, Daddy) 

­­­­The evening was hot and muggy, the hair that you had spent hours on earlier today when Harry announced that he wanted to go on a date that evening starting to stick to your now sweaty neck, regret filling your mind about how long it took, and how it will probably go up in some sort of hair tie pretty soon. Trying to find relief you tilted your head backwards and let the strands dangle to the middle of your back, swaying your head back and forth gently to let any type of air in the thick humidity hit the back of your neck. Your eyes slid closed for a minute when air hit your neck, shivers running up your spine. For a minute you thought it was pure luck, like the heavens were listening, but a split-second later you realized you knew where this stream of air was coming from. Your eyes opened halfway and you looked to your right, to the source of the air, and they landed on a set of perfect raspberry red lips, wet from the drink he was sipping on in a shape of an O.

           “You don’t happen to have a hair tie, do you?” you groaned and bit your lip, glancing at the top of his head that was still adoring his Dunkirk hair, the shaved bits were now growing back into his beautiful curls. They were not long enough for him to pile any sort of tiny bun on his head, but you still had hope. For a month or two after he chopped it off for charity and it was buzzed for the movie, there was still a hair tie lingering in his pocket or on his wrist out of pure instinct and familiarity. It took him another two months to figure out that he wouldn’t need one, finally ditching them. You thought that maybe if he was growing it back, the hair ties would come back.

           He glanced at his wrist, brows pulled together as his arm twisted around and he pouted out, shoving his hand in one pocket, then the other one. He looked at you with sorrow in his face, grabbing at your locks and wrapping them in a circle between his index and thumb finger. Leaning in he blew another stream of air on your neck, the pressure of the wind getting closer until you felt his lips on your skin.

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lightning under your skin

Yoongi scenario

genre: angst, fluff

word count: ~ 9700

a/n: Technically, in quantity, there’s probably more fluff than angst. But Yoongi’s character is quite heartbreaking in general, so I’m leaning towards it being angst. Also, I guess, it’s kind of “People have random magical powers!AU”.

mini-playlist for the story

1. Sixx A.M. - Skin. || 2. MIIA - Dynasty. || 3. Billie Eilish - Ocean Eyes. || 4. Troye Sivan - BLUE (feat. Alex Hope). || 5. TroyBoi - On My Own (feat. Nefera). || 6. Agust D - So Far Away (ft. Suran). 

“That’s just how your world worked. People were used to trying different things and hanging on to every opportunity to participate in a new activity; all in hopes to reveal the power they were born with. You wouldn’t know what it is until you found yourself in a situation, where your own magic could be used. The hardest part of the search - most powers were so random and specific, that you’d have to be pretty damn lucky to stumble upon it.”

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Misconceptions-Chapter 4

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Natasha x Bucky, Platonic Tony x reader.

Warnings: Violence. Badly written violence. Angst, the tiniest amount of fluff in the world, THE BABY IS HERE!! The lullaby is in Afrikaans, my ma used to sing it to my sisters. 

Translation for the lullaby:

Monday’s child is fair of face,
Tuesday’s child is full of grace,
Wednesday’s child is full of woe,
Thursday’s child has far to go,
Friday’s child is loving and giving,
Saturday’s child works hard for his living,
& the child that is born on the Sabbath day
Is bonny and blithe, and good and gay.

Guys i’m not sure about this chapter. But it needed to happen. Happy reading!

(Also i know Adriana is six weeks old, and this lil’ cutie is at least 4, but i could not for the life of me find what i was looking for, and this pic was the closest i got)


 “Buck” you call out, walking into the living room, “Stevie’s looking for you, you missed training” you look up from your phone, Nat’s holding Bucky’s hand looking guilty as sin, Bucky looks like it physically hurts to look away from her “Uh guys?’ suspicion clouding your tone, “Everything alright in here?” “yeah kitty cat, Nat was jus’ helpin a fella out, didn’ know what ta get my best girl for her birthday” Buck replies. Your eyes are fixed on Natasha, she never could hide anything from you “Nat?” you venture “Nat what’s going on?” “Buck’s a clueless procrastinator, I was helping him pick out something special sestra” she’s lying. You know she is. Your traitorous heart latches on to the lie like you need it to breath “Natalia” you warn her “Don’t lie to me” “I wouldn’t (y/n), honestly I don’t know what’s going on with you lately, but stop projecting onto me” She storms past you, Bucky following close behind her. Shit.

 6 months later 

 You curse as you unsuccessfully try and tie your shoes, your spectacularly huge baby bump impeding the most mundane of tasks, you didn’t know what you were expecting, you’re carrying the child of a genetically enhanced giant with fabulous hair, your half expecting the baby to come out walking if you’re completely honest with yourself. You’re alone, by choice, you have no one to blame for your current predicament but yourself. Tony tries, he calls twice a week if he can, sometimes he doesn’t call at all, your melancholy has been slowly suffocating you, your hair has lost its shine, your eyes are dull, voice scratchy from disuse, “I’m going insane” you muse “This baby is fixing to pop any day now and I’ve lost my ever loving mind” you feel the power leaking out of you, your control slipping as you slip deeper into your panic, objects are hovering and vibrating in mid-air, the windows of your 4th floor apartment cracking as you desperately fight for some semblance of control, you laugh, an inhuman sound that shatters the mirror in front of you, chunks of glass hovering a few feet from the floor, the power a tangible thing that you can see in front of you, wrapping around you like a deadly vice clawing at the remnants of your sanity. No no please no, CONTROL IT. You’re screaming at yourself, windows shattering and furniture splintering with the weight of your emotion, grasping onto the first image that flies into your head, Bucky smiling at you, the real no holds barred smile he reserves for the truly fortunate, memories replaying in your mind of happier times, Natasha laughing at a prank Sam pulled, Steve blushing as you recount a particular interesting dalliance, Sam rugby tackling you at the fourth of July football game, Tony soothing you after another failed relationship. Family. My family. Your heart beat calms, syncing with the beat of the babies, a deep steady rhythm that has you coming back to yourself gasping and spluttering as you try and balance your emotions and your power, ignoring the ache that shoots through your chest when you think of his face, his laugh, his smile. “no” you chastise yourself ‘it’s not just you anymore (y/n), this baby needs you, she only has you, pull your shit together kitty. Woman the fuck up.” Decision made you abandon the sneakers and opt for a pair of ballet flats instead.

4 days later you give birth to a beautiful baby girl, with a full head of raven black hair and the greenest eyes you have ever seen. It physically hurts to look at this perfect mixture of you and Bucky and your heart breaks all over again, reliving the pain of the horrible words and your hasty departure on a loop in your head. That is until she looks at you, unfathomable devotion to this tiny person flares in your chest, and you know. You know, that no matter how deeply broken you are, you would give anything for her, withstand any torture, kill a thousand men if it would make her happy. She will never know, you promise yourself, she will never know pain. 

 You name her Adriana. You sign Barnes as her last name. you can’t figure out what compelled you to do so.  You have accepted you are never going to see James again.

6 weeks later: “Shh Ari baby, mamochka is just warming up your bottle” you try to quiet the crying child in your arms, singing softly “Maandag se kindjie is wonderskoon, in dinsdag se kindjie sal grasie woon, woensdag se kindjie is altyd bly,donderdag se kindjie sal alles kry, vrydag se kindjie is lief dog sterk, saterdag se kindjie sal altyd werk,en n kindjie gebore op sabbatdag is vol wysheid of hy werk of lag.” She gurgles happily “ssh Adriana” you whisper. Stretching out your senses you scan the building, too many people, 16 altogether, armed. Shit. Grabbing your phone, you shoot off a quick text and strap Ari to your chest in a baby carrier, “You gotta keep quiet for me Ari, Mama’s gotta kick butt and she’s a bit outta practice” Adriana sobers instantly, staring at you with her wide green eyes, you know she understands you, you can feel her power. “Alright baby” you say, grabbing the dual katana’s off the fireplace, sticking the gun hidden underneath the hearth into the front of your pants “this aint going to be pleasant.” You shove the throwing knives into your boots, you can feel your attackers’ minds, like a hive, swarming and busy, one coherent thought between them: take them alive.

Nope, not happening, you think. “Alright bitches, bring it” you yell as the first agent crashes through the window, he barrel rolls into a crouching position aiming a taser right where Ari is strapped to your chest. “Not my daughter you bitch” you scream, gracefully swinging the katana, severing his neck. 3 more enter through the door, grabbing the glock from the front of your jeans you take them out in rapid succession. Racing out the door way you head for the stairs when you’re roughly yanked backed, roots of your hair smarting at the force, neck straining with the pressure, you elbow your assailant in the solar plexus, driving a hard kick into his knee, breaking the kneecap, he grunts as he falls. You knee him in the face for good measure, tugging the knives out of your boots and expertly throwing them at the two agents racing up the stairs. You catch one in the throat and the other in the eye. This isn’t working, there’s too many, they will out man me eventually, you’re two stories up, there’s a lull in the fight oh god this is going to hurt, you send out your mind to find the remaining agents, gently prodding into their consciousness, they can’t detect you, not yet, not if this is going to work, you wait until they get closer, reeling them in slowly, and with one final push you channel everything you’ve got into their heads liquefying their brains. You fall to your knees, gritting your teeth against the exhaustion. Need to get up, need to move. MOVE. You limp your way to the exit, cradling Ari against your chest avoiding the stares of passers-by, getting into the car waiting for you, you bark out “Stark tower. Now” 

 15 minutes later you’re stomping into the Avengers tower screeching “ANTHONY FUCKING STARK! HOW THE FUCK DID HYDRA FIND ME” Only to come face to face with the man you’ve been avoiding for 8 months. You pale, Ari making distressed noises against your chest, Bucky’s eyes flicker to her and back to you, shock apparent on his face. “Well shit” you breath.

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Her Royal Highness (T'Challa x Reader)

I’m baaaack!!!! Sorry, I’ve been so busy, I haven’t had time to post as often! But here’s a new fic based on our favorite panther, T'Challa!!! This may turn into a mini series, so stay tuned. Okay love you guys💕💕💕


You rushed down the hall of the castle, the sound of your heels echoing loudly. You hiked up the skirt of your gown a little to move quicker.

You had just gotten word that your boyfriend T'Challa had just returned from Siberia, where he had gotten into some trouble with the Avengers. He initially left to Lagos, then made his way to Bucharest, wound up in Germany, then ended up in Siberia. Despite the Avengers being personal friends of yours, you had to stay behind to help the kingdom recover from the death of the King.

You moved to Wakanda a year ago after the battle of Sokovia to be with T'Challa. You were a former Avenger, but you decided to follow your heart and become a defender of another country. When you heard about Wanda and what she did in Vienna, you tried your best to make it back to the tower. However, nobody would let you leave the country. Not even when T'Challa and T'Chaka left for the meeting regarding the Accords. Not even when Bucky was found. Not even when a civil war started among the Avengers. The entire time, you were forced to stay within the walls of the country.

In the distance you see a group of people surrounded by the Dora Milaje (they were always so protective). You rush closer to find T'Challa, Steve, Bucky, Sam, Wanda, Scott, and Clint.

“T'Challa!”, you shout, running towards him.

Everyone turns to look at you. T'Challa brightens up. “Y/N!”, he shouts back as you run into his arms. He catches you and spins you around, bringing you close to his chest as he sets you down.

“How were things back here?”

You sighed. “It’s been a struggle. The people are upset over your father’s death. They mourn him a lot. I’ve been outside the castle a few times to visit some of them.”

He grabbed your hands. “My darling, I’m sorry I had to be away. The only thing that kept me going was knowing that I had you to look forward to.”

“I’m just glad you’re safe.”

You turned to the few Avengers that were in your presence. “Hey, guys.”

“Hey Sparkie,” Scott says.

“What’s up Whiskers?”, Sam follows.

“Missed you, dollie,” Clint adds (they all had a nickname for you).

Wanda ran up and wrapped her arms around you. “It’s nice to see you, Y/N. I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you too, Wanda.”

When she pulled away, you grabbed her hands and looked at her. “What happened in Lagos wasn’t your fault,” you whisper. “You didn’t mean it.”

A tear runs down her cheek. “I-I lost control. I didn’t mean t-to hurt all-”

“It’s okay, Wanda. I’m not blaming you.”

You look behind her to see Steve with a somber expression on his face. “Spangles?”, you say in a hushed voice.

You and Steve have been best friends since he got out of the ice. Leaving him behind was the hardest thing you’ve ever done. You hated when he was angry or sad, so you were immediately concerned when you saw him.

You walked over to him and wrapped your arms tightly around his neck. You could feel tears fall from your face as you felt his arms around your waist.

“What happened?”, you manage to get out.

“I broke the Avengers,” he whispered. “I’m sorry.”

You pulled away and grabbed his face. “You. Did. Not. Break. The. Avengers. You just did what you thought was right. Ross was wrong. The Accords wouldn’t have helped. Stark didn’t see that. You’ve been through so much, Stevie.”

You wipe away his tears while yours just kept falling. “And I’m so sorry about Peggy. I should’ve been there for you. I should’ve gotten on the first flight to London. I shouldn’t have fucking left you there to grieve by yourself. I shouldn’t have stayed here at all. I should’ve-”

“Don’t blame yourself, Y/N,” he cuts you off. “It wasn’t your fault.”

You hold onto his hand. Someone clears their throat. Behind Steve was his old friend, Bucky. He steps forward.

“So you’re the famous Y/N,” he says. “Steve couldn’t stop talking about his ‘bestie’ on the ride here.”

You laughed. “That’s me. And you’re the infamous Bucky. Steve wouldn’t stop talking about his “best jerk” when I lived in the tower.“

He chuckled and grabs Steve’s shoulder. “Well, this punk got me through a lot when we were kids. And now, when he risked it all to save me. It’s a good thing he’s in our lives.”

“Yea, it is.”

The three of you stay in silence for a few moments before T'Challa clears his throat.

“I shall have the Dora Milaje show you all to your quarters. Y/N, may I have a word?”

You nod. “I’ll see you guys later?”

The team smiles and follows the Dora Milaje out of the room, leaving you and T'Challa alone.

“Why didn’t you tell me you didn’t want the Accords?”, T'Challa asks.

“Honestly, because you already made up your mind about it. There was nothing I could say or do to change that.”

“Of course there was something you could’ve done. I would not have ignored you.”

You sigh and cross your arms. “Regardless, what power do I have? I’m not like you or your father. I’m not royalty. My opinion wouldn’t have mattered.”

“Your opinion always matters to me.”

T'Challa moves closer to you and wipes away the stray tears on your face. He lightly brushed his lips against yours. You grab the collar of his shirt and bring him closer, deepening the kiss.

After what seemed like an eternity, you broke apart, trying to catch your breath. You rested your forehead against his.

“Marry me,” he whispered.

Your heart started pounding. “W-what?”

T'Challa got down on one knee and grabbed your hand. “This isn’t how I wanted to do it. I had this whole proposal planned with flowers and lights and dinner and the ring is literally in my room. But Y/N, all I want is to spend the rest of my life with you. You’ve stood by my side for so long. Through every decision I make, every obstacle thrown my way, you were there. You gave up being an Avenger so you could come here. I love you more than anything else in the world. The people adore you. You would be an amazing queen. You’re caring, kind, and courageous. And you are the most breathtaking person I’ve ever met. So, Y/N L/N, will you marry me?”

You wipe the tears from your eyes and get on your knees so you are at his level. He stared at you with a nervous expression on his face. You threw your arms around him and engulfed him in a hug.

“I-Is that a yes?”, he asked.

“Yes! Yes! A million times yes!”, you replied, tears still running down your face as you let out a laugh.

As you both stand up, he picks you up and spins you around. When he sets you down, you lean in and kiss him, your future husband. Your king. And now, you would be queen. Her Royal Highness, Queen Y/N. It would be scary, but you had T'Challa by your side. And he was all you needed.

In that moment, you knew that you were going to be with your true love for the rest of your life.

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read the novels, tho. danzo wanted the uchiha dead from the start. he blames them for the kyuubi attack, sequesters them in the compound with camera surveillance, kills and has his ROOT members impersonate Uchiha when Itachi refuses to divulge information about clan meetings, and cuts their budget to piss them off. He wanted them for their eyes, manipulating Itachi into believing killing the Uchiha was the peaceful choice was his plan all along, since it wont make the other clans suspicious.

Oh, don’t get me wrong Anon, I have a lot of compassion for Itachi’s difficult choice, especially considering he was only 13 years old, had been in training as a soldier (and thus both malleable to authority and desensitized to killing) since early childhood, and had a good dose of what seems to be some kind of genetic/sharingan-based tendency to mental illness.

I know also that according to the novels, Obito “the Coolest Guy” Uchiha generously told Itachi he would take care of killing the elders and children. Ok, so Itachi probably didn’t slit his grandmas throat or stab a baby asleep in a crib.

I’m just saying that the narrative is exceptionally averse to even the possibility that Itachi made imprudent or immoral decisions. Partially because the narrative even less wants to confront Hiruzen’s even greater complicity in this and other heinous and despicable acts and their cover-up.

In Boruto, Sasuke and Naruto are setting up to become Itachi and Hiruzen 2.0, really, with the role of Orochimaru being played by……. Orochimaru. Huh.

The Bronx: Part 3

Pairing: Reader x Peter Parker
Word Count: 1.1K
Warnings: Angst, attempted attack/rape,

A/N: I’m planning on another part or 2!

Feedback is always appreciated. Let me know if you want to be added to the tags list.

Part 1, Part 2

You hadn’t spoken to Peter in over 2 weeks, not for his lack of trying. He called and texted you every day, and had even resorted to emailing and DMing you. But you ignored him. You were still upset about him wanting you, and telling you, to stop using your powers to help people. What else were they for if you couldn’t save lives.

You were using your powers more and more, for hero stuff as well as every day convenience. You knew that your powers were growing more unstable every day - your bedroom carpet was now covered in vines and grass - but you were doing your best to ignore it. Trying to suppress your powers didn’t help to stabilise them, so you went about using them at will.

You were fighting crime and helping people almost every night, but nothing helped take your mind off Peter. You loved him, you couldn’t deny that, but if he was going to try to control you, then he didn’t love you. So you had to keep your distance for a little while longer until you’d come to a decision about what to do in regards to the relationship.

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Hump Day

A/N: okay so I decided to write @lucifer-in-leather this fic since she said she was in her feels for something like this, so I took a shot at it. Also no need to inform me that it’s bad, I know, I wrote it at 3am so ya. Oh, and this is also my first time doing something like this so there’s that too.

Warnings: Dry humping, sexual content, that’s about it. Nothing too extreme

Words: 1,529

Paring: Crowley x reader

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It was the middle of the day and you were sitting at the table in the bunker reading a book on demon lore. Everything had been calm and peaceful inside the place you called home up until the Winchesters had returned back from their hunt, irritated and tired.

Noticing right away of their mood you opted to escape to your room in hopes of peace and isolation. With book in hand, you rushed to your room staying silent and making no movement towards the brothers with the exception of a slight head nod towards the younger Winchester when passing by him.

Your intention to relax in the comfort of your room alone was quickly halted when upon entering your room and laying eyes on your boyfriend, the king of hell himself, sitting at the end of your bed with his hands firmly placed in is lap, as if he was waiting for you.  

Hello love, not chatty today I see. Oh what, did you miss me love” remarked Crowley, with a smirk forming on his lips as he looked at the demon lore book in your hand.

You sighed as you tossed said book on your desk and walked over to straddle his lap, throwing your arms around his neck. “Oh you wish and Sam and Dean weren’t feeling good so I just decided to not speak and go to my room. And speaking of my room, what are you doing in it?

What? Can a king not visit his beloved queen when he has the time to?” Explained the demon king as he ran his fingers through your hair while starring lustily into your eyes, earning a pleased sigh from you. The sounds you made were always driving him insane but he couldn’t get enough.

Caught off guard, he started leaving kisses on the side of your jaw quickly traveling down your neck at a painfully slow pace following with a little nipping on your neck and on your collar bone, gaining a breathy moan from you. You could just feel his smirk on your skin and decided it was his turn for teasing.

You decide to stop his teasing and take control by placing one hand on his cheek and the other tied up in his hair and with that, you slammed your lips into his, kissing him passionately.

Crowley had surprise plastered all over his face but that didn’t last very long and was quickly replaced with lust in his eyes and him reciprocating the move.

Deciding to take the teasing up a notch, you grabbed the lapels of his jacket and pulled him closer to you as you rolled your hips over his growing bulge in his suit pants, earning a low growl from him.

You smirked as Crowley grabbed your hips and followed your movements, using his hands to control the speed and movement of your thrusts.  

Still kissing him, you stopped your thrusts for a minute and removed one of your hands from his lapels down to cup his erection, causing Crowley to tense up for a moment at your sudden action.

You knew he wouldn’t be able to take the teasing for much longer before he would just take you right then and there. Not caring if the Winchesters heard.

Just as things started to heat up Sam knocked on your door. Making you bring all actions to a stop and facing away from Crowley towards your door.

Y/N, are you okay? You seemed really quiet earlier and I just wanted to make sure you were all right.

You sensed the concern in his voice and you lifted yourself off of Crowley’s lap and walked over to the door but not opening it.

Uh, ya Sam I’m all right just kind of in the middle of something. What about you two. You guys seemed like something was wrong, what was up?

Crowley crossed his arms and rolled his eyes at the conversation between the two of you. As he was waiting for you to finish talking, he decided that this moment would be the perfect time to get back at you for teasing him so viciously the way you did.

Without making a sound he simply walked over to you and bent you slightly down, grabbing your hips to take control and stood closely behind you. Behind you, you could feel his dick print through his pants rubbing up against your ass covered by your jeans.

You tried to follow what Sam was saying but his voice kept fading out as Crowley groaned and switched between thrusting at and rubbing his clothed dick in circular motions over your ass.

While caught up in trying to pay attention to what Sam was saying on the other side of the door and the growing heat in your core caused by Crowley, you didn’t hear him snap his fingers leaving you naked.

You quickly noticed the absence of your clothes as the room fell a few degrees, causing your nipples to tighten up. You used everything in your power to ignore the sensations Crowley was making you feel but you were quickly failing.

Crowley’s hand snaked over to the front of you to cup your breasts. You fought to suppress a moan as he fondled them and played with your nipples. All of a sudden he halted his movements but as soon as you heard his belt buckle clink against the leather of it, you knew exactly what was happening.

As Crowley unbuckled his pants you used the spare moment to lie to Sam and tell him that your stomach started hurting and that you were going just lay down and to make sure no one comes in. Sam understood and bid you farewell as he got up and went to off to go see what dean was doing.

You felt a bit bad for lying and not listening to Sam about what happened and getting rid of him but your thoughts were interrupted by Crowley’s comment.

Moose is a big boy Y/N, he can take care of himself. With that said, don’t we have something to continue, love?

You were going to say a sarcastic comment but as you were about speak, sensations from Crowley dry humping you again filled your head. Only this time, you had one less layer between you.The feelings that he was giving you couldnt be from his movements alone and you figured he was using his demon powers somehow to keep you from feeling too much pleasure.

Crowley had swiftly unbuckled his pants and pushed them down, letting them fall down to his ankles. His suit jacket quickly following but his dress shirt and tie remained intact. Now Crowley was only in his dress shirt and tie with his black boxers briefs.

You on the other hand were completely naked and were holding yourself up against the wall leaving Crowley to do whatever he wanted.

Crowley rolled his sleeves up, revealing his expensive looking silver watch. “Goddamn Y/N, you’re so fucking beautiful love, and you feel even better.” said Crowley as his hand raised and came back down hard on your ass, giving you a stinging pleasure and surely leaving a mark. 

Crowley knew that he was driving you crazy with his teasing and he knew that it would drive you crazy to leave you without letting you come first, but that was exactly his plan.

Crowley grabbed your hips hastily and started in a ‘up n down’ motion mixing it with thrusts.  Increasing his speed and slowing down repeatedly to drive you crazy and to give him the pleasure.

After a minute of repeating his actions they started to become a bit faster and erratic as he felt his release approaching and with that he instantly removed his boxer briefs.

As soon as you felt his bare cock on your ass you let out a loud moan. Your moan was the last thing he needed to push him over the edge and with a quick jerk of his cock and a groan, he shot his load all over your back.

Crowley let a breathy chuckle as he snapped his fingers cleaning up the mess he made on your back and making all of his and your clothes appear again.

Standing up straight and crossing your arms, you turned to face your boyfriend.

What about me!” You pouted. Crowley took a step forward and lifted your chin so that your eyes met his. You swallowed anxiously as you waited for him to speak. Smirk on his face he explained.

You don’t tease a king Y/N. That’s my job. Maybe if your a good girl for your king, I’ll come back later give you your release.” He explained simply with a wink before disappearing in thin air to god knows where.

You let out a sigh and grabbed your demon lore book as you hopped on your bed, thoughts of what might happen later flooding your mind. This book really was making you miss him now.

Now all you had to do was wait for your king’s arrival. If only you knew of the night Crowley had in-store for you.


Void Stiles x Reader

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Part Two

When you over heard Mellissa’s son talking about Kitsune you panicked, had they caught onto you, even with all your hard work to keep your secret. To make it worse the next time they gathered at the hospital they were talking about Nogitsunes’.


“Please, what’s going on?” A woman asked and you smiled as you tried to stay calm.


“There’s a storm so we’re just trying to keep on top of things, nothing to worry about.” You smiled and she seemed a little relived.


“Thank you nurse (Y/N).” She smiled and you nodded as you left her room.


You sighed with relief as your next room was filled with a grieving family. You could feed from them, making them feel better in the progress, avoiding having to hurt anyone so you could survive.


“Well, what’s this?” A voice said as you finally left the room and turned to see Stiles smirking at you.

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anonymous asked:

How can i build self confidence

Hi there lovely,

I have some awesome tips for you and some links :)

Steps to improve self Confidence:

  1. Focus on your strengths – figure out what you are good at! There are plenty of things that you are wonderful at and use those to build your confidence! No one is good at everything so do not fret if you are bad at something! Instead focus on what you are good at and enjoy them!
  2. Learn from your mistakes - you don’t have to be good at everything like mentioned above but use your mistakes to your advantage! Don’t worry about them- live and learn!
  3. Do what you love – make time everyday to do something you enjoy! Do something that makes you happy to improve your mood!
  4. Tell yourself you are beautiful - stand in front of a mirror and tell yourself how beautiful you are ! Keep telling yourself and fake it until you make it! Really mean what you are saying a realize all of the beautiful things about you - including any flaws ( they make you unique!)
  5. Turn your negative thoughts into positive ones – instead of thinking your legs are big or whatever your problem is, be thankful you have working legs that you can run marathons with if you wanted! Try to stay optimistic and see the positive side of everything! It will greatly improve your mood and outlook on life!
  6. Realize that beauty has no measure on your life. Okay even if someone is not beautiful that has no relevance to one’s life ! Everyone has worth and is amazing! I am sure you are the prettiest person ever but even if you are not then who really cares? What does it really matter? All that matters is that you are happy and love your life- and that should not be dependent upon whether or not you are pretty.
  7. Weight has no relevance to beauty! Whether you are 100 or 300 pounds you can be beautiful! Please do not relate the two to one another! See this post (:
  8. Spend time with people you love and who love you! It is important to spend time with loved ones! They will boost your mood and confidence! If people have a negative impact on your life then you don’t have to spend time with them! Don’t feel like you must stick around for everyone! You have to put yourself first and make sure you are happy! Don’t let others drag you down!
  9. Remember that life is simple - the sun rises and the sun sets, we just tend to complicate the process. Remember the simplicity in life and let it help you to stay calm and stay focused on the important things! Love yourself and love your life! Enjoy it while you can and don’t let everything stress you out so much!
  10. Be generous! Help others, be kind to others, and give when you can. It will spread love and make you feel better as a person.

Now, lets work on changing your thought process. Changing the way you think about things for example, when you have negative thoughts. Try these thoughts instead:

  • I am ugly - I am beautiful
  • I am worthless - I have worth
  • I am sick - I will heal
  • I hate myself - I will learn to love myself
  • I am weak - I am strong, or I wouldn’t be here today
  • I am moody - I have profound emotional depth
  • I am lost - I will find myself
  • I am scared - I have courage
  • I am crazy - It is normal to struggle
  • I am in pain - It’s okay to hurt
  • I am tired - I will not give up
  • I’m not good enough - I am better than “good enough”
  • I can’t change - I can change

Tips to help end self loathing:

  • Talk to yourself the way you talk to someone you care about: “What would you say to good friend who was going through the same thing you are going through?” These are important questions. If you hate yourself, you likely say things to yourself that you would not dare say to another person. What would you say to somebody else who has the exact same traits as you? What could you say to yourself?
  • Recognize that beliefs do not equal truths: Often, people believe what they tell themselves. If you think you are a loser, you may believe it is absolute truth. Try this cognitive behavioral technique called “the three C’s”: catch, check, change. Catch yourself thinking something negative about yourself. Check whether your distressing thought is true. Change it, if not. You can talk back to your negative thoughts. Challenge them. Serve as a defense attorney to the prosecutor in your head.
  • Embrace the concept of “good enough”: Many people feel they should be perfect—never angry, always generous, never critical, always right, and so on. These expectations deny that imperfection is the human condition. If you are one of these people with too-high expectations for yourself, ask yourself what is good enough?
  • Consider turning to spirituality or religion: Many spiritual or religious traditions center on the belief that people are flawed but inherently good, not only lovable but also inherently loved. These beliefs can serve as a huge balm for the hurting soul. The practices of meditation and mindfulness, too, can foster feelings of self-compassion as well as loving kindness toward others.
  • If you hate yourself for mistakes you made, make amends: You may be reading this and thinking, “This does not apply to me. I did something so awful that I can never be forgiven.” First, as much as you condemn yourself, ask if you would equally condemn—to their face—someone else who did the same thing. If not, then you are being unfair to yourself. Perhaps you really did do something awful. If you cannot make amends to the person or people you harmed, do something good for somebody else. Beating up on yourself serves nobody. Doing good for others or taking part in a larger movement not only helps others, it helps you—and it can lead to self-forgiveness.

Helpful Links:

Self confidence links:

Hope this helps! <3