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Top 5 Harry/Ron friendship moments.:3 ❤

- constantly ignoring all the death and misery surrounding them to just chill and play chess and talk about quidditch 

- making up dreams together. the whole underachieving student support system they have for each other god bless like when they both fuck up the divination exam and harry tells ron how he told the examiner he should already be dead according to his leaves and ron cheers him up by telling him how he spent the exam accidentally telling the examiner how ugly he is 

- ron breaking harry out of the dursleys. iconic. your friend could never.

- takin down a troll together when they’re fresh ouuta the womb like it’s nothing

- losing their fucking minds trying to ask a girl to the yule ball 


Icon tutorial + feel free to use the icons

I’ve been asked by several people how I get the affiliate and network icons so sharp in some of my groups, so I decided to write a tutorial. (This will also work for your tumblr dash icon.) I’m using Photoshop cc for mac, but I’m not using the mac shortcuts here, so it should work for PC users as well.

This is pretty basic stuff, but it’s a wordy tutorial so that anyone with less photoshop experience should be able to follow along. 

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Ahhh those Drabbles look great! Are you doing them as well? If you are , I request 53 "I can't believe you talked me into this" im not sure what would be cuter Niall pouting and grumpy about something (like your icon) or Niall super excited about something and you have to be grumpy . (Though let's be real, he radiates happiness, sunshine and good thoughts. That shit is contagious.)

Anonymous said:number 3 for the prompt thing!

Anonymous said:Prompt 3! “Don’t fucking touch me”

I ended up combining these two - enjoy!!!!!!

Hot Yoga

Originally posted by sweatandfitness

“I can’t believe you talked me into this.”

Niall sank down another inch into the passenger seat of your car and let out an annoyed huff.  You’d caught him in an extremely weak moment last night and gotten him to agree to join you at your favorite Bikram Yoga studio.  He must’ve missed the part where you mentioned class was at 7am.  You couldn’t really blame him for being distracted - your hands had been shoved down the front of his joggers while you traced the freckles along his neck with the tip of your tongue.  

“Niall.  You’re pouting.  Relax, it’ll be fun and it’s good for you.  Might actually do you some good to sweat out the last four nights of pints with the band.”

He shot forward in his seat, twisting to face you.  “We’re building a rapport! Can’t go touring if I don’t even like the guys in me band!”  Niall’s voice keened with offense.  You just snickered softly to yourself at his outburst and patted him softly on his knee.  You tucked your lip into your teeth trying desperately to suppress the giggle in your throat.  He glared at you from the corner of his clear blue eyes and curled his lip into a sneer.  “Don’t fucking touch me.”  You snatched your hand back to grip the wheel and raised your eyebrow at the petulant man child seated next to you.  “Ok Horan.  I’ll remember that later.”  Mornings had never been Niall’s strong suit and today was proving to be just more of the same.  As you trained your eyes back on the road you caught Niall’s lips pulled down into a frown, probably realizing he’d just cock-blocked himself.

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wait why is your icon chris pratt after he made "chick with a dick" jokes?

1) don’t know what your talking about, some context would be nice please (if it’s a line from a movie then it’s an a-hole character, not Pratt. But idk because I never heard of this. Please don’t expect everyone to know every. single. bad. thing. a celebrity did.)

2) it’s a screenshot from guardians of the galaxy, my #1 favorite movie of all time

3) Chris Pratt plays my favorite character, Peter Quill.

4) really it’s an icon of Peter Quill

5) I headcanon Peter Quill as an Space Agender Ace

  • Tumblr mobile: [crashes every two seconds]
  • Tumblr mobile: [mixes everyone's icons up so you don't know the identify of anyone and you suddenly have an anime character as your icon]
  • Tumblr mobile: [deletes your bio, header, and all of your possessions whenever you refresh the page]
  • Tumblr mobile: [is generally the most badly functioning app ever made]
  • Staff: you know what we'll do...
  • Staff: we will put a little gif icon in the corner of gifs so that people know that it's a gif
redshoesandfairywings replied to your post  “top 5 most iconic things that whites with anxiety do”

Let me tell you something I’ve learned by becoming disabled.  You can tell people they’ve been discriminating against you and leave them to deal with it by themselves, but it’s not very compassionate and not very effective.  When people realize they’ve been hurting people without even realizing it and they become ashamed, it’s very powerful.  Shame is an extremely powerful motivator, but not necessarily to do what’s right. Our most powerful and instinctual response to shame is to make it go away and never feel it again. Because it’s painful.  This is the one of the top reasons why people often don’t report sexual violence, because they feel ashamed - not because they should, but because that’s how it usually works. So, if you really want this world to change you need to do more than call people out.  You need to be kind to them.  You need to forgive them.  You need to have grace for them.  You fill yourself and your world with light and they will be drawn to it. Is it my responsibility to comfort someone when they ask me why I can’t lift something heavy, walk far, use the stairs, and I tell them why I can’t?  Nope.  I can leave them high and dry feeling like a jerk if I want to.  But they can’t tell by looking at me.  And ableism is spread like the flu in our culture.  I was plenty ableist before I became disabled.  I still mess up sometimes.  I don’t know how to be sensitive to everyone or everything. Or inclusive - not to everyone.  I wasn’t brought up that way.  None of us were.  And you can’t learn all at once.  It takes time.  So, please pardon me if I’ve been rude or missed something, but I do think this is important.  When someone’s really trying, sometimes they need extra help.  You’re not obligated to give it to them, but you might want to consider it - and you certainly shouldn’t mock them.  They’re trying their best.  It’s hard to grow.

wow you really sat down and wrote all of that huh

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Pixie pink lavender and maroon ❤️❤️❤️

pixie pink: who are your favorite youtubers?

Markiplier, Superwoman, Swoozie, and Jacksepticeye ^o^

lavender: what’s an iconic outfit of yours?

Eeeh I do love this one the skirt is bae-

maroon: describe your first crush

Ridiculously awkward, shy, and ended in rejection of course- isn’t everyone’s like that? XD 

Thanku for the questions :3