your honor the defense rests

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"They stalk me and don't respect my privacy!!!!!" - screamed Brianinjia who ran to the tabloids as soon as she got her pregnancy test, made sure her grandma posted all of her sex pics/tapes online, called paps to the private property to parade with her new baby carrier several days in a row, meanwhile 1D fans were praying for a day of NOT seeing her face all over their dashboards and timelines. Sure, Jan.

the defense rests, your honor

I would like to let the record reflect that This Love is genius.

Like, This Love, as in the love came back. The type of love you crave. The type of love that everyone looks for. The type of love she had with D. But then she lost it. And she gave up. And she “let it go” aka she had to stop looking to replace that love. And THEN IT CAME BACK. it came back in the form of Karlie. It came back, that type of love.

The defense rests your honor.