your heart will always be the b side to my tongue

Fall Out Boy Discography, Pt. 1 - 2001-2004

All songs released by Fall Out Boy from 2001-2004, with links and trivia!

[2005-2008]  [2009-2012] and [2013-2016] coming soon!

Project Rocket / Fall Out Boy Split EP


Uprising Records, 28 May 2002
Reissued 2005; FOB’s tracks came first, and ‘Split EP’ was taken off the front. There are some versions that have the original order on the CD but have the reissue case.

Reissue cover


Spring of 2002 in Madison, Wisconsin.
Production by Jared Logan.


Tracks 1-3 by Project Rocket
4. Growing Up [X]
5. Switchblades and Infidelity [X]
6. Moving Pictures [X]


○ Recorded by FOB’s original line up - Jared Logan on drums, Joe Trohman on lead guitar, Patrick Stump on lead vocals, Pete Wentz on bass and backing vocals, and T.J. Kunasch on rhythm guitar.

○ The first songs ever written, recorded, and released under the name Fall Out Boy.

○ Patrick wrote all the lyrics.

○ Andy was drumming for Project Rocket at the time; After he met Joe and Patrick, he agreed to be a fill-in drummer before joining full time. He had already been in a band with Pete called Racetraitor.

Fall Out Boy’s Evening Out With Your Girlfriend


Uprising Records, 25 March 2003
Remastered 2005; FOB had nothing to do with this and received nothing for it.

Remaster Cover


Summer of 2002 in Madison, Wisconsin.
Production by Jared Logan.


1. Honorable Mention [X]
2. Calm Before the Storm [X]
3. Switchblades and Infidelity [X]
4. Pretty in Punk [X]
5. Growing Up [X]
6. The World’s Not Waiting (For Five Tired Boys in a Broken Down Van) [X]
7. Short, Fast and Loud [X]
8. Moving Pictures [X]
9. Parker Lewis Can’t Lose (But I’m Gunna Give It My Best Shot) [X]


○ Even though T.J. is on the cover, he wasn’t in the band by the time this was recorded; Joe played almost all the guitar, but he let Patrick play a bit in Moving Pictures. Mike Pareskuwicz played drums instead of Jared.

○ Patrick wrote all the lyrics on this one, too.

○ Recorded in only 2 days - because it was so rushed, FOB was never really happy with it, and they don’t consider it a real album.

○ They were unpaid for the entire thing.

Take This To Your Grave


Fueled by Ramen, 28 May 2003

Dead on Arrival - 4 April 2003, Grand Theft Autumn/Where is Your Boy - 4 August 2003, Saturday - 21 December 2003


Fall-Winter of 2002 in Madison, Wisconsin at Smart Studios.
Production by Sean O’Keefe.


1. “Tell That Mick He Just Made My List of Things to Do Today” [X]
2. Dead on Arrival [X]
3. Grand Theft Autumn/Where Is Your Boy [X]
4. Saturday [X]
5. Homesick at Space Camp [X]
6. Sending Postcards from a Plane Crash (Wish You Were Here) [X]
7. Chicago Is So Two Years Ago [X]
8. The Pros and Cons of Breathing [X]
9. Grenade Jumper [X]
10. Calm Before the Storm [X]
11. Reinventing the Wheel to Run Myself Over [X]
12. The Patron Saint of Liars and Fakes [X]

13. Roxanne (Original by the Police) [X]
14. Grand Theft Autmn/Where Is Your Boy Dance Remix [X]


○ First FOB album with their current line up!

Chicago… features Justin Pierre of Motion City Soundtrack and Grenade Jumper features Jeff Warren of Knockout.

○ They all lied to their parents about where they were and what they were doing while they recorded this; Pete and Andy were both supposed to be in college.

○ They slept on floors, rarely bathed, and were so broke they had to get O’Keefe to buy them soda and PB&Js.

○ They were all straight edge when they recorded it.

○ Pete wrote all the lyrics for “Tell That Mick…” and Pros and Cons…, Patrick wrote all the lyrics for Grand Theft Autumn and Saturday, and the rest were a mix between the two.

○ A lot of Patrick’s lyrics were omitted because they were too gory.

○ Patrick had originally written Calm Before the Storm for EOWYGF, and he and Pete rewrote some parts for TTTYG.

○ During production, filming, and touring, they shared an apartment. Among other things, this included a root beer keg in one shower, pissing on the floor of the other shower, and Patrick killing a mouse accidentally and flinging it into a pile of clothes in Joe’s room where it stayed for weeks until Joe finally cleaned his room.

○ The original cover featured Patrick laying on his bed, but there was a Who poster in the background, so they had to change it for copyright issues. There’s still vinyls out there with the original cover, but they’re painfully rare (and expensive).

Original cover

My Heart Will Always Be the B-Side to My Tongue


Fueled By Ramen, 18 May 2004


Spring of 2004 in Chicago, Illinois.
Production by Sean O’Keefe.


1. My Heart Is the Worst Kind of Weapon [X]
2. ‘It’s Not a Side Effect of the Cocaine, I Am Thinking It Must Be Love’ [X]
3. Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner (acoustic demo) [X]
4. Love Will Tear Us Apart (Original by Joy Division) [X]
5. Grand Theft Autumn/Where Is Your Boy (acoustic) [X]


○ They all hate it. Like, they really regret this. They like to pretend it doesn’t exist. But the internet is forever bitch!! The internet is forever.

○ Release the Bats is a product of this. It was deemed too gross to have on the DVD, so they made it it’s own thing.

○ Oh, I guess that there’s a DVD at all is trivia.

Fun FOB Quotes

(on the unequal amount of attention Pete and Patrick get) We mean a lot to each other as musicians and as people but sometimes we start believing what people say about us: that the band is just two guys.” -Joe in a Rolling Stone interview

Q:is it ok to love patrick and you BOTH?

A: sure you could even love joe and andy. i bet you could fit us all in your tiny dark heart - Pete on his blog

“I hope that I’m still doing this in 10 years… in some form or another or at least I hope I still know these people” - Pete on the “My Heart will always be the B-side to my Tongue” DVD; people not person

“Pete always wanted to create a culture with the band where the band where it was about all four guys and not just one guy- Patrick on the TTTYG cover

“ I don’t consider it Fall Out Boy until Andy joined” - Joe also in the same RS interview

  • Patrick: [standing in a crowded room] holy smokes! I lost Pete!
  • Patrick: [cannot find Pete for several minutes] here goes nothing
  • Patrick: [shouts] FOLIE À DEUX IS OUR WORST ALBUM
  • Andy: [from across the room] WHAT THE FRICK DID YOU JUST SAY?
  • Patrick: what
  • Pete: [from right next to him] what

Sure! Ok here we go:

•Project Rocket|Fall Out Boy split EP
•Fall Out Boy’s Evening Out With Your Girlfriend (mini LP)
•Take This To Your Grave
•My Heart Will Always Be the B-Side to My Tongue (acoustic EP)
•From Under the Cork Tree
•Infinity On High
•Leaked in London (live EP)
•****Live In Phoenix (concert movie and album)
•Welcome to the New Administration (mixtape feat. dif artists to promo FAD)
•Folie à Deux
•Believers Never Die Greatest Hits
•Save Rock and Roll
•Live in Tokyo (live album(pretty sure only available in Japan))
•PAX AM Days (EP)
•American Beauty/American Psych*
•Make America Psych* Again (remix album)

Ok I think that’s all of them. Some one let me know if I’ve missed any or if any are out of order. I did this from memory.

Signs as Fall Out Boy releases
  • Aries: Evening Out With Your Girlfriend
  • Taurus: Believers Never Die
  • Gemini: Leaked in London
  • Cancer: My Heart Will Always Be The B Side of My Tongue
  • Leo: From Under the Cork Tree
  • Virgo: Folie a Deux
  • Libra: Save Rock and Roll
  • Scorpio: Take This To Your Grave
  • Sagittarius: PAX AM Days
  • Capricorn: Infinity on High
  • Aquarius: Project Rocket/Fall Out Boy
  • Pisces: American Beauty/American Psycho
the signs as fall out boy albums
  • ARIES: pax am days
  • TAURUS: infinity on high
  • GEMINI: take this to your grave
  • CANCER: american beauty/american psycho
  • LEO: folie a deux
  • VIRGO: my heart will always be the b-side to my tongue
  • LIBRA: fall out boy's evening out with your girlfriend
  • SCORPIO: from under the cork tree
  • SAGITTARIUS: save rock and roll
  • CAPRICORN: **** (live in phoenix)
  • AQUARIUS: make america psycho again
  • PISCES: believers never die (greatest hits)

Me on a first date: So what is your favorite Fall Out Boy album?

Them: That’s a hard question. Take This to Your Grave is such a pop-punk anthem, but I appreciate how emo From Under the Cork Tree is and Pete’s screams are a treasure. Then again, I feel like Infinity on High as a whole is under appreciated but has so many great, catchy songs. And while they’ve always been catchy, Folie à Deux is the epitome of catchy songs and even if they don’t make much sense, some of the lyrics really hit home. Believers Never Die was an A+ greatest hits album and honestly a great intro pack to FOB. Save Rock and Roll was an amazing comeback album though, but American Beauty/ American Psycho has some top-notch singles, and it makes me happy that I can jam to them on the radio. Oh but I can’t forget all those solid EP’s in between albums like PAX AM Days and My Heart Will Always Be the B-Side to My Tongue.


Me, stuffing breadsticks into my purse: We gotta go home and make out to the entire Fall Out Boy discography right now. You’re in.