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i have been stalking your blog for the past 20 minutes and i'm in love. is there any way you'd be able to draw nurseydex as girls??? i would sob tbh

idk?? I? love girls????????

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Title: Consequences

Pairing: Victor Zsasz x Reader x Ed Nygma

Summary: Ed told you there would be consequences. He didn’t mention exactly what they were though. (Shout out to @ruffles-the-fluffalo for requesting this glorious idea)

Warnings: I have a thing with calling Ed ‘Sir’ and ‘Mr. Nygma’ so sue me. I also really love when he talks dirty apparently. And Zsasz calling Reader ‘kitten’. All kinks ahoy, matey. There’s biting, blood (mentioned), hair pulling, slapping, anal sex, blowjobs. Everything is consensual though. Mostly. There’s literally no fluff in this at all. Just really rough fucking.

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     When you agreed to work for Oswald Cobblepot you had no idea that also meant you would be working for Ed Nygma. And with Victor Zsasz. You’d heard so many stories of those three men. So many terrifying, awful stories. If you’re being perfectly honest with yourself- and anyone really- that’s why you accepted the offer so quickly. That part of a person’s brain that tells them “danger, run” never really developed in you. Sure, you would run. But it would always be towards the danger rather than away. The three most powerful and horrible men in Gotham would be your bosses and coworker. How exciting is that?

     Apparently the appropriate answer is ‘not at all’ if the glares from your best friend are any indication. You wake up, she glares. Go to work, she glares. Retell a riddle Mr. Nygma made you figure out, she glares. Show her the way Zsasz brushed against you in the hallway, she glares. The only time she isn’t completely disgusted by your job is when you talk about the mayor. She quickly becomes attentive and responsive. It would be adorable if it wasn’t so annoying. Sometimes you wonder if you should hint to Oswald he’s garnered a lot of female attention. A lot of positive female attention. Even if he doesn’t want to pursue any of them romantically he can always find a way to work the predicament to his advantage.

     You think about it all day at work, tapping your pencil against your desk while your mind wanders to how exactly you would approach the subject. Mayor Cobblepot is a very… temperamental man. You don’t want to lose your job for suggesting something he takes the wrong way.

     A loud thud pulls you from your thoughts. Ed is standing in front of your desk, arms crossed, tired expression on his face. He gestures to the files he lovingly and gently threw down in front of you, saying, “Have all of this reviewed by the end of the day.”

     “What? There’s no way!” And there really isn’t. The stack of papers are thicker than your thighs.

     “This isn’t an option. Oswald needs it by tomorrow.” Ed starts to walk away, tossing one last comment over his shoulder with what seems like practiced ease. “If you’re unable to perform the task satisfactorily there will be consequences.”

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I Didn't Mean To Say That part 1 (mature)

“Oh, daddy!” you call out, your fingers tangled in his hair.

         Oh no.

         Ed, who was moments ago kissing and massaging your bare breasts, stops his movements, “What?”

         “Um…” you don’t know what to say. Ed looks at you with raised eyebrows and wide eyes.

         “Did you just call me daddy?” Ed asks with an odd look on his face.

         You don’t answer and avoid looking him in the eye. How entirety embarrassing is this? In the midst of some very titillating foreplay, (pun intended) you moan the word ‘daddy’. This is the first night you and Ed have had sex since he left for tour and you ruin it by accidentally letting something slip out of your mouth.

         While Ed was gone on tour you were forced to pay more attention to yourself and your needs. While exploring different things that you might like and reading the ‘Sex 101’ section in Cosmopolitan magazine (so sue you), you found that you have a bit of a kink. You were always one of those people who thought calling someone other than your father ‘daddy’ was weird and gross. Then after thinking about it some more, you realized it’s actually kind of sexy sometimes. Now you have a different understanding of it; it’s totally not that weird since you’re not talking to your real dad!

         Okay, you don’t really think you’re helping your case here.

         Ed slowly sits up on his knees in front of you, “I had no idea you were into that sort of thing.”

         “I’m not,” you lie, “I didn’t mean to say it.”

         “Are you sure?” he cracks a goofy grin.

         You eye him suspiciously as he lowers his face closer to yours. Your lips brush, but it’s all a tease. He quickly dips his head and starts kissing your neck instead. Once again, you let out a moan, but refrain from saying the ‘d word’ again.

         “Say it again,” Ed speaks into your neck breathlessly. It gives you chills.

         “What?” you say. You have to say, he completely caught you off guard with that.

         Ed doesn’t reply, but starts to work his way back down to your chest, kneading and sucking. This time you stifle your moans. You don’t want this to be any more awkward than it already is.

         “Say it, babe,” Ed says with a bit more pleading in his voice. He takes his shirt off, leaving him in his jeans and you in your underwear. Ed kisses you deeply and wraps his fingers in your hair before tugging just enough to make you hum into the kiss. His hips slowly start to grind against yours and the friction gets the best of you.

        “Daddy,” you whine, separating your lips from his.

        You can tell it’s turning him on by the way he slightly groans and by the growing bulge in his pants. He gently pushes your hair behind your ear and kisses your lips. You watch as his usually bright blue eyes grow dark with lust.

         “Good girl,” he says in a suddenly husky tone. “But don’t make daddy ask twice next time.”

         You have no idea what you’ve just gotten yourself into, but you think you like it from how fast your heart is racing. If he enjoys this too, this could be a lot of fun.

        You whimper and roll your hips against his again. He groans as you start undoing his pants and helps you get them off the rest of the way, his navy blue boxers being the only thing keeping him from being completely exposed to you.

         “Do you want daddy?” he whispers seductively in your ear and nibbles it. You sigh and nod eagerly. “How badly do you want me?”

         “So bad,” you can barely force your weak voice to say.

         “Let’s see,” he says sneaking his fingers down your underwear. He dips a finger lower until he can feel your wetness.

         “Good,” he purrs. It makes you shudder. “Now let’s get you out of these.”

          You happily oblige and raise your hips to allow him to slide the damp material down your legs.

         “You’re such a good girl for daddy,” he says, also sliding his boxers down his pale legs. You bite your lip and blush. Looking at his fully exposed body gets you going even more, picturing him hovering over you.

         To your confusion, he walks over to the closet and opens the door. He turns around, and in his hand you see three of your scarves. Your eyes travel from the scarves to his face, feeling heat rush through your body when you see the devilish smirk on his face.

         He prowls back over to you, his eyes piercing into yours. He moves his focus to the rest of your body, licking his lips at your figure. That’s always been something he’s done when he’s turned on.

         You shiver when he makes his way to the head of the bed, gently taking your wrists and tying each one to the bedposts with the scarves.

         “We’re trying something new,” Ed purrs in your ear.

         Your legs rub together and your body writhes and begs for Ed to do something, to ravish it. He kisses your neck and sucks lightly. You long to wrap your fingers in his hair. You feel him smirk against your neck when you tug, trying to pull your wrists free from the new contraption. The more it doesn’t work, the more heated the both of you get.

         “What’s the third scarf for?” you ask anxiously.

         He raises his face from your neck and lifts the scarf.

         “This is to make it more fun, darling.”

         Sitting next to you on the bed, he gestures for you to lift your head. You do so and he ties the scarf around your head, allowing you to only see darkness.

         You feel powerless. You guess that’s the point after all. Taking away one sense heightens another. Without your sense of sight, your hearing and touch become more keen.

         “Can you see anything?” Ed asks.

         “No,” you say.

         “I think you’re forgetting something,” he says, running his hand over your stomach and causing you to flinch.

         “No, sir,” you repeat breathlessly.

         “Good girl,” he says.

         You feel him stand from the bed, listening to each footstep until he lands at the foot of the bed. Slowly, he lowers his body onto yours. He starts kissing his way down your body, beginning at your neck. Each kiss leaves a ghost feeling as he moves to the next place. He swirls his tongue around your nipple before kissing down to your naval and stopping right above where you want him the most; there’s no better way to describe the feeling coursing through you than to call it lust.

         His hands land on your calves, pushing them up so that your legs bend. He then puts his hands on your knees, spreading them as wide as they will go. With no warning, he gives you one long, slow lick, stopping at the bundle of nerves hidden in your folds. Your breathing hitches and your hips rock forward.

         He takes this as an invitation to go wild.

        Ed’s tongue makes broad circles around your clit, pausing to suck and poke at it with the tip of his tongue. He laps at the sensitive nub and hums to send small, but direct vibrations through you. You moan and encourage him to go faster and harder.

         “Tell daddy how good he makes you feel,” he says before diving his tongue inside of you, making you squirm and arch your back.

         “So good, daddy,” you call out. “You make me feel so good.”

         He picks up the pace, pushing his tongue against you more, multiplying the pleasure. His tongue continues pulsing in and out while he brings his hand up and starts moving your clit in short, soft circles.

         “Ooh,” slips out of your mouth at the new strong sensation. Every feeling is amplified when you’re blindfolded. Your head falls to the side. You feel yourself getting closer and closer. When you think you couldn’t feel any better, Ed slips a single finger inside of you, stopping his tongue movements.

         “Do you like that, darling?” his thick accent making you wetter. Before you can even think about responding, he lands his tongue feverishly onto your clit.

         “Oh, yes!” you call out. “Yes, daddy, please don’t stop!”

         “Fuck, you taste so sweet,” Ed grunts.

         The more you squirm and beg, the faster Ed’s tongue moves. You feel yourself almost at your peak. You let out a long, breathy moan.

         “Oh, daddy, I’m–”

         As soon as he hears your voice, he stops. He quickly grabs your legs when you try to rub them together to create even the faintest friction. So he leaves you like that; throbbing, whining, begging. You were so close to release you could almost taste it.

         “Please,” you cry, “I’m begging you, don’t stop.”

         “Poor kitten,” he falsely sympathizes. “Don’t worry, I’m not done with you yet.”

         He climbs onto the bed with you, reaching over you to untie your blindfold. The first thing you see when he takes it off is his lips. You lean your head forward to kiss him deeply, taking your own breath away. You see his hand snaking lower, taking himself with it and pumping slowly. He’s so hard. Your hands try to pull free and touch him but it’s no use.

         He settles down between your legs and rubs his tip against your still wet core.

         “Now,” he says, propped up with his left hand and hovering over you. “Daddy’s gonna fuck you senseless and your job is to be as loud as you possibly can. No holding back. Got it?”

         “Yes sir,” you say excitedly…


On this day in music history: September 8, 1973 - “Let’s Get It On” by Marvin Gaye hits #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 2 weeks (non-consecutive), also topping the R&B singles chart for 6 weeks on August 18, 1973. Written by Marvin Gaye and Ed Townsend, it is the first pop and tenth R&B chart topper for the R&B music icon from Washington DC. After the critical and commercial triumph of “What’s Going On”, Marvin Gaye renegotiates his contract with Motown Records which guarantees him greater creative freedom, and at the time making him one of the highest paid black musicians in the music industry. However, Gaye finds himself once again plagued by writer’s block as he is scheduled to begin working on his next album. When Marvin begins working on material, one song in particular initially has a completely different concept and subject matter. Initially, Gaye comes up with a song that has a religious theme, which evolves into a more political song with lyrics contributed by Kenneth Stover. When fellow songwriter and co-producer Ed Townsend (“For Your Love”) hears this original version, he urges Marvin to change it, as the track has a decidedly sensual vibe and the original lyrics don’t work. With Townsend’s assistance, the song is dramatically transformed and becomes the centerpiece of one of Marvin Gaye’s most popular and enduring works. Having come from a very strict religious background, often having a difficult and sometimes physically abusive relationship at the hands of his preacher father, Gaye grows up with a deeply conflicted view of sex that he carries over into adulthood. “Let’s Get It On” is written with the idea liberating one’s self from the often dogmatic views of the church on sex, and that religious fervor and sexual ecstasy are not that far removed from each other. Another inspiration for “Let’s Get It On” comes when Gaye meets guitarist Slim Gaillard’s daughter Janis Hunter. Though she is only seventeen years old at the time, Janis and Marvin become friends which later evolves into a romantic relationship and eventually marriage. Becoming Gaye’s creative muse, Hunter’s presence further sparks the musician’s creativity. “Let’s Get It On” is recorded at Motown’s Hitsville West Studios in Hollywood, CA on March 22, 1973. Issued as the first single and title track of Marvin’s thirteenth studio album on June 15, 1973, it is immediately and emphatically embraced by the public. Entering the Hot 100 at #74 on July 14, 1973, it climbs to the top of the chart eight weeks later. Like the album itself, “Let’s Get It On” becomes iconic, further establishing the Motown superstar as a sex symbol. Over the years, the song is featured in numerous films and television programs including “The Sopranos”, “House”, “The Simpsons”, “High Fidelity”, “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me” and “Something’s Got To Give”. “Let’s Get It On” is certified Platinum in the US by the RIAA.  

Not interested (Jerome x Reader)

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Part 1, Part 2

A/N: There will be just one more part of this story.

Summary: Reader is Ed’s younger sister. She met Jerome while working for GCPD.

˝Y/N, Y/N! Wake up! ˝ Your brother Ed yelled coming into your room. After hearing his voice, you covered your ears with your pillow. You hated when somebody would wake you up during the night. The traffic outside was loud and you heard sirens in the distance.

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Forged Performance

“After being awoken from a cold slumber, Ed finds himself at the Sirens - which is now called the Iceberg Lounge. Due to having no memory of how he managed to get himself frozen, he is more than delighted to meet his best friend again. However, Ed quickly realizes that Oswald is hiding something from him and acting unusually different. And Edward Nygma hates being unaware of the truth.”

Relationship: Oswald Cobblepot/Edward Nygma

General Audiences, No Archive Warnings Apply

Words: 2944

AO3 Link

Dedicated to @endless-nygmobblepot for being such a wonderful beta-reader and everyone on twitter who gave me feedback regarding the plot <3 I hope you guys enjoy this angst!

Waking up, the first memory that came to Edward Nygma’s mind was the torturing and seemingly never-ending cold that had surrounded his body. It had entered through his arms, crawled over his shoulders and laughed into his terrified face. When? Why? He couldn’t remember. He wasn’t even certain for how long his blood had been frozen instead of liquid– and he hated to be unaware of it.

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I’ll be there pt.2

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Jughead x Reader 

You and Archie have been writing songs after school for a few weeks, when out of the blue Archie suggests that you both preform in Riverdale’s Variety Show. With the performance right around the corner it’s hard for you to focus with other thoughts floating around in your head. Will you ever tell your secret crush/best friend how you feel? Will he even feel the same way about you?But at least all your friends will be at the show cheering you on…Right?

A/N: Hello all! This is the second part of I’ll be there. I’m sorry that this part is so short but I needed to split up the second part because it was super long. I’ll be posting the third part towards the end of this week. I honestly didn’t think anybody would read the first part of I’ll be there but I’m super happy that some of you have and that you like it! :)   

Warnings: None

Word Count: 571

Part 1   Part 3


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Wings [Part 17] || Taehyung


Pairing - Kim Taehyung x Reader

Genre - Fantasy, Fallen Angel! AU, Fluff, Smut, Angst

Summary - You help Ji Hyun get steady in her life and while your friend asks you of Taehyung’s whereabouts, he appears in the picture. But it seems he has more secrets that one that you reluctantly accept.

Prologue ; Part 16

How Ji Hyun went through all of it, you didn’t know. But what you knew was for the fact that she was very strong. No where did she falter as she sat in front of the policemen who questioned her endlessly about her younger brother and her mother. She had kept her voice steady and her chin high. The grief in her eyes had dared to speak otherwise.

Her mother had passed away on the same day as you had driven Hoseok home. And not being able to overcome it, Hoseok had slipped into depression and couldn’t attend university until Ji Hyun had come home to his body floating lifelessly in the bathtub.

Jin and you, both offered her to stay with you, but she rejected it insisting that she didn’t want to be a burden to you as you both were still doing your studies and she had her relatives living in her birth place, Gwangju. It was just an excuse to leave the place that held painful memories, you thought as she fussed over the both of you.

It was one more week before she said she was ready to move out. You and Jin went along with her to the airport.

‘Please do come visit sometime, Ji Hyun.’ You whispered as you hugged her close to you, hoping that she would be able to move on quickly.

'I will, little one. Take care and- and thank you very much for loving Hoseok. You made him happy.’ Her eyes teared up as a sad smile rested on her beautiful face.

'We’re always here for you, okay?’ Jin said as he hugged her as well. You and Jin, both bid her goodbye as she walked into the airport waving at you. And until she was no more than a speck in the distance, you had kept waving.

'Has he moved out or something?’ Soo Young suddenly questioned while you were cleaning the table. You looked at her and gave her an expression that suggested you didn’t quite understand her question.

'That Blondie. He hasn’t come in weeks now.’ Just as she spoke, the bell at the door jingled and the subject of your conversation had walked in. The blonde, tall, gorgeous man turned his head around, scanning the café before his gaze settled on you. He didn’t waste time standing there, and walked quickly towards you, grabbed your hand with a quick apology towards Soo Young and pushed open the door before pulling you out with him.

Right when you stepped out, you felt the same light weighted feeling you got when he was in your room two weeks ago. The same light-headed feeling wrapped itself around you before you felt your feet land on hard floor, making you open your eyes. You took a while to adjust your vision around you and when you noticed where you were, you jumped, a hand flying to your chest trying to calm your already fast beating heart. There was a sofa, a lounging chair, a rug and a fireplace. This was not where he was pulling you to. Where even was this?

'Y/N, I’m sorry. This is all very sudden but-’

'Where are we?’ You asked frantically. He looked at you with a surprised look before it dawned on him.

He had just teleported to his house. With you. He mentally smacked himself thrice, before opening his mouth. He was struggling, to say the least.

'Ah.. Um-’

'Kim Taehyung. Where the actual hell are we?’ You took a few steps back. Unsure glances were thrown to him, behind him and yourself before you could finally rest your gaze on him. A very scared, feckless gaze. It almost made him flinch.

Taehyung took a deep breath, and said, 'My house. This is my house.’

What?’ You gasped. More like hissed.

'Now, really, Y/N. There’s nothing to be worried about except-’

'Nothing to be worried about? Nothing to be worried about? I can already say we tele-something-ed here and- WHY AM I HEARING YOUR VOICE IN MY HEAD?’ You yelled, frightening him. He was trying to calm you down by talking telepathically, and clearly, it wasn’t working. He flinched this time.

'Okay. Y/N. Hear me out,’ He said, two hands in front of him defensively. He wasn’t sure if to tell you what he had heard back in Yoongi’s place or what he really was. Either way, you were sure to bolt out of the door. Your defensive stance screamed escape.

'What? What do you mean what you really are?’

He had spoken in your head again. Great. At this rate, he could might as well let you in on everything he knew. Be it intentional or not.

Silently cursing, he put his hands back down and walked to you, making you take a few steps backwards until the back of your knees bent at the contact with a furniture, making you fall. You braced yourself.

No contact with a hard floor came, but instead there were two arms around your waist, holding you, as you stared back at Taehyung, horrified.

'What?’ He asked you, as he noticed your expression.

'Your- your eyes. They’re red!’ You stuttered, scared and surprised, yet fascinated. You cursed at yourself for that. Here you were getting fascinated by things when you should have been running out of the room and onto the street. 

'This is going to take a while.’ He mumbled, helping you stand straight and pushing you around the table you had bumped into, before making you sit on the couch.

'Look, Y/N, I have something to tell you.’ Your heart beat quickened as he looked at you with such emotion in his eyes you thought they’d burn through your head. Your head was in such a turmoil. He claimed to have something to tell you - which he really should be getting started with if he wanted to cover everything that he was making you experience. But at the same time you wondered if you were simply being over dramatic.

You didn’t say anything, neither did you shake or nod your head. You just kept looking at him, while his hands held yours.

'I’m not- you know…I don’t- you have- no- agh!’ He let out an exasperated growl, leaving your hands and holding his head, turning to face forward, away from you. You stared at him, before everything seemed to fall into place, excruciatingly slow, like how it happened while solving a math problem. Memories of unnatural occurrences slipped their way into your head while Taehyung sat there, trying to figure out how to break the news, subtly but not so subtly to you.

The silhouette in your room that night, when you had found a feather on your floor; the time he would just appear and disappear in front of you, but you thought it was just your eyes playing tricks on you; the time he had brought you from the window to your bed, and today when he brought you to his house from the café all in just less than a second.

'You’re not human, are you?’ You completed his deserted sentence, your hands crossed over one on your lap, as he slowly picked his head up. You half expected a smart-ass retort like 'You don’t say!’ from him. But given the circumstances, that really wasn’t close to helping to make any progress. Besides, that sounded more like what you would have said. Not him. But, still.

'What?’ He looked you, his hands in front of him, his body still bent over.

'You’re not like me. You’re different. That’s why you always seem very out of place in a normal place like the café. That’s why you always look different to me. You’re different.’ Now you knew what you had been trying to say since the first time you let him know what you had thought of him. And the time when you had told him he was different, you didn’t how or why he was, but now; now you surely did.

A smile formed on his lips, but you could see it was sad. He looked at you with melancholy eyes before he turned his body to you. Scooting closer, he cupped your cheek with one of his hands. It was warm. Warm and inviting. Almost impossible to resist to lean into.

'You’re not afraid?’ You saw specks of red glistening in his dark brown orbs, when the reminiscent of the nightmare crashed into you. Your eyes widened, Could it be?

But something - you didn’t know if it was in his eyes, or the way he spoke to you, or the way he was holding you - something made you shake your head. No.

He nodded his head. He hadn’t told you what he really was, and neither was he planning on telling it anytime soon. After all, he could only reveal things one by one. And he wasn’t even sure of how you would react to it. Sure, you held a certain fascination to Fallen Angels - you had said so yourself and sure you had taken this quite well. But, he knew that hearing tales of one, and actually meeting one were completely different scenarios with different outcomes.

But you had a feeling you already found out what he was. And even if you were right or wrong, the image you had of him in his true self, was just as beautiful to you as it was frightening.

[Part 18 on Sunday]

My Angel

A/N: Hello my lovelies! I haven’t written and posted anything in ages and I felt terrible. Last night, however, I got inspiration to start writing again. So I did. Hope you enjoy.

Pairing: Eddie Redmayne x Reader

Summary: Reader wakes up because she heard a noise, when she sees what it is she takes action immediately.

Words: 1558

Warnings: None

Y/N = Your Name

Originally posted by mariebum

GIF is not mine!

Strong yet gentle arms wrap around your waist from behind, and a full head of copper hair appears next to you. Eddie places a gentle kiss on your cheek and sighs, turning to face the beautiful sunset in front of you. No words needed to be said. It’s peaceful, and quiet, and you could stand there in his arms every single day if you could. But you couldn’t, so standing here, in your dreams with the man himself, you savour every moment as though it’s your last. A distant sound reaches your ears, and you turn to face Eddie to ask him what’s happening. Except he’s gone, and everything around you slowly fades as you gain consciousness against your will.

Your eyes reluctantly flutter open, blinking a few times so they could adjust to the faint lighting in the room. You immediately turn to Eddie’s side of the bed to ask what that noise was, but just like in your dream, he’s gone. Confused, you sit up, eyes searching the expanse of the room for any sign of your fiancé. Eventually your eyes land on the adjoining bathroom, and you hear the noise that woke you up. It’s Eddie. You throw the covers off and run the short distance to the bathroom. Opening the door, you see him on the floor, hunched over the toilet as he spills the contents of his stomach.

You immediately rush to his side, running a hand down his back in an attempt to soothe him a bit. His shirt is wet because he’s broken out in a cold sweat. When he finally stops he turns to you, breathing heavily after throwing up for the umpteenth time that night. You reach out to him, heart aching at the sight of him looking so dishevelled and on the verge of tears.

“Shh, c’mhere love. It’s okay. You’re okay. I’ve got you.” You hope that your words ease some of his pain. He rests his head in the crook of your neck, and that’s when you feel that his skin is burning up. He mutters something against your neck, and you turn to him to ask what he said when he hunches over the toilet again, dry heaving because there’s nothing left to come up. He settles himself on the floor, resting his forehead against the cool porcelain of the toilet. If possible, he looks worse.

“How long have you been in here like this, Eddie?” you inquire. If he’s only gotten worse since you found him, this isn’t normal.

“Been in here for almost an hour. Every time I think I’m okay, I feel like something punches me in the stomach on purpose.” He chuckles dryly. You know he’s trying to lighten the mood, and you admire him for it. But you’re worried like crazy.

“An hour’s a really long time, Ed. Why didn’t you wake me?” You expect his reply as soon as you ask him why.

“Didn’t want to bother you. S’not that bad.” But it was. Eddie’s face was paler than usual, sweat pooling on his forehead yet he’s shivering against the cold tiles on the bathroom floor. You can’t take it anymore. You get off the ground, holding a hand out to him. He hesitates a bit before he allows you to gently hoist him up from the floor.

“What are you doing, love?” You lead him to the bedroom where you begin to change clothes, and help him slip into something a bit more suitable for the public eye. You knew that regardless of whatever time it was, there’d be paparazzi mulling about, waiting to capture something and sell it to the media. You’d rather not have to deal with them at this ungodly hour, and hopefully you won’t have to.

“I’m taking you to the hospital, Ed. You don’t look so good and this isn’t a normal stomach flu that’s gonna go away on it’s on. I don’t like seeing you like this, nor do I like sitting here feeling helpless.”

You reach into the nightstand drawer and grab your car keys, wallet and phone. Eddie watches you silently, he knows you’re doing this because you care and his heart swells with love no matter how crappy he’s feeling. When you reach back to his side, he smiles a bit, causing you to smile too before remembering the hospital.

“Let’s go.” You help him off the bed and wrap an arm around him to keep him steady as you walk to the garage and help him settle into the passenger seat of your car. It’s quite early in the morning, so you don’t expect any traffic. It’s smooth sailing on the way to the hospital. You hadn’t run into any paparazzi yet, and you were hoping it stayed that way until you at least got Eddie safely inside. He hasn’t spoken a word since you left, which worried you a bit more because he usually makes small talk. You drove to the back emergency entrance of the hospital, just to be safe, and as soon as you parked you got out of the car and went over to his side to help him out.

“Jeez, Ed, you’re hot.” His skin felt like fire, even hotter than it was before.

“Why thank you, love.” He winked at you, even in his state he’s still making jokes. You laugh at that, and slowly lead him inside to the front desk where you’re immediately offered help by a young woman you assumed to be a nurse. You fill out the forms as she leads Eddie to a room to start running tests and determine what’s wrong. Silently, you pray that he’s okay. It’s nothing too serious, but still, you worry any time something’s wrong. What felt like hours, but was only about 30 minutes, passed when the nurse came over and told you that you could see your fiancé.

Knocking on the door a couple times, you waited until a voice welcomed you in before entering. Eddie’s changed into a hospital gown with an IV in his arm, while a doctor checks something on a clipboard. When the doctor spots you, he puts the clipboard down and explains that Eddie has food poisoning.

“You brought him in at just the right time. His body was gradually getting weaker and, he was this close to slipping into unconsciousness,” the doctor explains. Luckily it didn’t come to that, you don’t know what you would’ve done if that happened. You thanked the doctor for his help, and after murmuring something to Eddie that you couldn’t hear, he left the room leaving you two in private.

“What was that?” you ask. Curiosity got the better of you. You hoped he’d spill the details of his conversation with the doctor, but you were disappointed since he kept his lips sealed. Deciding to drop the topic, you sit on the edge of his bed and take his hand into yours. Intertwining your fingers, Eddie give you a reassuring squeeze.

“I’m fine, love. I promise,” he says.

“I know, but what if we waited just a moment longer and you passed out?”

He sees the worry on your face, and beckons you closer to him. Eventually you settled in right next to him, lying on the bed. The proximity allows you to feel how warm he is, though it’s not a bad as it was before. It’s comfortable laying like this, and you rest your head on his shoulder while he kisses your forehead.

“Nothing would’ve happened to me,” he says while speaking into your hair.

“How do you know?” you reply.

“Because my fiancée would never allow it. In case you don’t know, she’s a bit of a worry wort. Even a simple sneeze would set her off.” And now you’re both laughing, slipping back into the ease of things while the worries of before melt away. He’s okay. Your Eddie is okay, and that was all you could ask for. As you both settle down, the time catches up to you and you both realise just how tired you are. You offer to get off the bed to let him get more comfortable, but his grip on you tightened as he refused to let you go. You let him have his way, snuggling closer to him while trying not to hurt him or hook onto any of the tubes he’s connected to. You both soon find comfort in each other, and you’re close to falling asleep when he mutters something you don’t quite make out.

“Hmm?” you ask, too tired to even form words.

Chuckling, he says, “You know what the doctor told me? He said I’m a lucky man because I found myself an angel like you. I’m paraphrasing of course, he didn’t say angel exactly, but that’s what you are to me. An angel. My angel.”

You blush, your cheeks burning up and you’re thankful he can’t see you. Even after all these years, Eddie still manages to give you butterflies.

“I love you, (Y/N). More than anything else in this world. I’d be nothing without you.” He kisses your forehead again, before pressing his cheek against it while he finally lets the sleep take over. Just before he goes under, he hears your soft voice fill his ears.

“I love you too, Ed.”

'wildlife' songs for the signs - la dispute
  • aries: edward benz, 27 times // I carry your image, your grandfather’s coffin. and Ed, if you hear me, I think of you often. that’s all I can offer, that’s all that I know how to give.
  • taurus: you and I in unison // but if I still hear you singing in every city I meet. after I blur it all out, our every memory, if you never fade with the days, your shape still haunting me then, should I not just sing along?
  • gemini: harder harmonies // And when you sing the wrong thing it all starts collapsing. starts to ring out and feedback, starts lapsing and crashing, on notes that don’t clash, but that never quite feel like they match. and I never quite feel like mine match.
  • cancer: edit your hometown // and now my friends have all left. or it’s been me gone all along. I guess we all part one day and drop like leaves into the breeze. and ain’t it wild? ain’t it bitter? (didn’t it carry you from me?)
  • leo: a poem // see, lately I’ve hated me for over-playing pain. for always pointing fingers out at everyone but who in fact is guilty and for picking at my scabs, like they could never break but they can and they will
  • virgo: a letter // I’ve never spent a lot on finding a remedy. I guess I figured that it hurt for a reason. I guess that’s why I’ve always turned to writing it down. not just in stories, but the letters in between. and I guess that’s why it haunts the pages of everything - to self-examine.
  • libra: the most beautiful bitter fruit // after sundown, before sleeping, I am the worst of me. I am a mess of these old themes and the murmur of half-dreams whisper seductively and stage scenes.
  • scorpio: I see everything // no, I will never forget you, now six or seven years later I’m devoid of all faith. I am empty of comfort and I am weary of waiting, though I’ve felt nowhere what you have, I see nothing at all. though I’ve felt nowhere what he did, my eyes are closed.
  • sagittarius: a broken jar // I know I knocked the table over because I watched the jar break, and I’ve been trying to repair it every single stupid day, but won’t the cracks still show no matter how well it’s assembled? can I ever just decide to let it die and let you go?
  • capricorn: king park // I want to know what the colour of the blood was spilling out from the tarp onto the concrete. I want to write it all down so I can always remember. if you could see it up close how could you ever forget how senseless death, how precious life. I want to be there when the bullet hit.
  • aquarius: safer in the forest/love song for poor michigan // last snowfall left splinters and some winters never end; neither wane nor wear. and sunshine is like lovers and some summers just pretend; only warm the air. it’s that I’m tired of the feeling here.
  • pisces: st paul missionary baptist church blues // made me wonder if there’s anyone like that for you and me, and anybody else who broke and lost hope.
Concert Madness ||Ed Sheeran||

You were so excited for tonight! My friend (Y/F/N) was bringing you to an Ed Sheeran concert. Although, you don’t really know who he is, because you’ve only heard one or two of his songs. All you know is that he’s picking up in popularity.

You were in your room, throwing on a simple black t-shirt and white skinny jeans when (Y/F/N) called. When you picked up the phone you answered while tying up your black converse “Hey, what’s up?” you asked nonchalantly. Suddenly an ear shattering scream comes through the phone causing you to quickly jerk it away from your ear. After (Y/F/N) stops screaming you ask “What the hell was that?!” you said as you rolled your eyes at her action. “How are you not freaking out right now?” Was her flabbergasted reply through the receiver.

“Well for starters it’s not even that big of a deal.” you stated with a sigh, ultimately leading her to scoff dramatically “(Y/N), have you suffered from brain trama?” She asked “Um… do you count being friends with you ‘brain trauma’.” You jokingly asked with a slight laugh in your voice. “For one, that doesn’t count. And two, this is fucking Ed Sheeran: The Ginger Jesus; My future husband; The father of my un-born children.” She said matter-of-factly, to which you just looked at your phone in disbelief a moment before you replied “Whatever you say (Y/F/N).”

“Exactly. So I’ll pick you up now, ‘kay?” She asked as you subconsciously nodded your head before answering a simple “Yeah.” before swiftly hanging up your phone, not wanting to hear (Y/F/N) yap on about Ed Aberrant some more.
Five minutes after you hang up the phone you hear a car horn honk outside. With a sigh, you quickly grab your phone and shove it into your pocket before walking outside. Once you get to the car and sit inside, you’re halfway through shutting the door when Casey starts speeding down the street. In a split second you quickly shut the door before shaking your head in utter disbelief.

Thirty minutes later you only just pull into the concert venue when (Y/F/N) starts to scream “Omg, omg, omg!” as she excitedly bangs on the steering wheel. “(Y/F/N), calm down.” you told her before swiftly exiting the car and entering the venue. When you both find your seats your friend suddenly slaps your arm “Ouch! What the hell was that for?” You asked while rubbing the tender spot that she slapped. At this point she had a michevious glint in her eyes, which most definitely meant trouble. “I dare you to sneak into his dressing room.” She said with a Cheshire like smirk spreading across her face as she looked at you. “Whose dressing room?” you asked, not even a bit confused, but trying to stale your friend. “(Y/N), don’t play dumb with me.“ She said as she crossed her arms over her chest before continuing “Ed Sheeran’s dressing room.” At that moment you couldn’t help but to sigh in defeat “Fine.” You ended up giving in with a roll of your eyes. After all, you could never back down from a dare, and she knew that. Not long after you agreed you could see the wheels turning in her head “I also dare you to take one of his bracelets.” She said with a sly look on her face, obviously trying to make things a lot harder for you. You heaved a big overly dramatic sigh of defeat as you went in the direction of the backstage.

You knew you couldn’t get into the backstage area without a backstage pass, so you swiftly grabbed one from the back pocket of some security guard as you calmly walked past him. A sigh of nervousness passed your lips before a sigh of relief did when you walked up to the big security guard at the backstage entrance and showed him my pass, to which he, thankfully, nodded and let you in.

After a couple minutes of looking around you finally found Ed’s dressing room. You quietly snuck in and looked around, trying to find a braclet, and not a moment too soon because you saw some on the counter. You were about to grab one when a British accented voice stopped you in your tracks “What are you doing in here?” it said, causing you to slowly turn around. Shit. “Um… hi!” you awkwardly said when you saw him. Your awkward actions caused him to chuckle before speaking once more “Hello. But seriously, what are you doing here?” He asked you for the second time. You just stared at him for a second, before trying to make a run for the door.

As soon as your hand grasped the doorknob, you felt firm arms wrap around your waist “Not so fast.” He said while draging you to the sofa that lay in the corner of the room. When you got to it he gently shoved you on to it’s plush cushions, but before you could get up, he sat on you. His whole demeanour made you roll your eyes. “Get off me!” you said as you wiggled underneath him, trying to get free. “Not until you tell me why you’re here.” he replied bluntly, crossing his arms over his chest as he looked down at you. You heaved a heavy sigh before finally answering “My friend dared me to sneak into your dressing room.” You didn’t want to get into any more trouble than you already were in, so you weren’t going to tell him about the part of stealing his braclet. “Is that so?” he mocked you with a raise of his ginger brow. “Yes. Now get off me!” You replied as you wiggled beneath him once more. But all he did was continue to sit on you as he silently thought. After a good moment or so he finally broke his silence “Well, why don’t I give you something to show your friend?” he said with a reading tone and a mischievous twinkle shining through his eyes.

You were very confused by his word, but slowly nodded your head regardless. “Okay…” You hesitantly said along with your nod. A smirk crossed his face, which almost automatically made your doubt your decision. “Great!” he said cheerfully with a light clap of his hands. Within a split second of his answer Ed went from sitting on me, to stadling me. Oh great.

His face was coming closer and closer until his plump lips finally met mine. You had to admit, you didn’t even mind because there was something about Ed in that moment that made you almost hypnotised. Almost immediately after your lips made contact, he tried to gain access into your mouth. Feeling a bit mischievous yourself, you denied him access and reached up to grabbed his shirt in order to pull him closer. As soon as you did that you heard him grunt in frustration, and then lightly nip at your bottom lip. At this point you thought that you should put him out of his misery, so you slowly parted your lips.As soon as you did so he swiftly he put his tounge into your mouth, and started to fight for dominence with yours. In the end, he let me win.

Soon after, he started trailing kisses down your jaw, slightly nipping at my skin, undoubtedly leaving purple bruises in his wake. Not long after he went down your neck and to your collar bones, most likely leaving bruises there as well. You felt him bite and suck at the sensitive area of skin, and you couldn’t help but to let out a little moan once he found your sweet spot. A second after I did so he stopped, smiling down at you as he looked at your neck “There, you can show her that.” he said, nodding towards your neck. Slowly lifting your hand up, you felt the soft skin and winced slightly. Slightly glaring at him, you spoke up only slightly upset “Really?” Laughing, he got off of you and a second later you got up and headed toward the door, but stoped when you heard “There’s somthing else too…”
“(Y/N).” You told him with a slight nod. He smiled and walked over to you “Here,” he said, taking a necklace off from around his neck “I want you to have this.” he placed it over your head, and around your neck. Looking down, you saw the necklace had a medalion of some sort on it. As you looked at the necklace you felt a soft kiss being placed on the top of your head, causing you to look back up. “You should go, before we’re both late for the concert.” He said with a wink, making you laugh then placed a kiss to his cheek “Thanks, Ed.” You said, before leaving his dressing room.

When you got back to your seat beside (Y/F/N), she immediately looked at you in utter shock “(Y/N), what’s on your neck?” she asked. But you didn’t reply. At that moment she saw the necklace too “Where’d you get that?” she asked you, but you couldn’t reply because at that moment, the lights turned off and the stage lit up. Thankfully (Y/F/N) immediately turned away from you and to the stage. On the stage, Ed stood there with his guitar in hand and he leaned into the mic “I’d like to dedicate this song to a very special someone. I met her today, and her name’s (Y/N).” he said huskily, and you could’ve sworn (Y/F/N) eyes got wide as a smile appeared on your face. Ed started singing the song, and you continued to just stand there smiling. 'I’ve never heard this song before’ you thought to yourself, but then (Y/F/N) leaned in a whispered to you “The song’s called 'Kiss me’.”

Gentle Protector (Edward x Reader)

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Again, I asked my followers on my main blog, @yayume-ladypenguin, to send me fluff pieces to brighten up the negativity that seems to be permeating the internet right now.

This prompt was sent to me by @the-brilliant-questioner, in which Ed plays with your hair and brushing his fingers against your skin as you sleep. Also, I attempted to make this a gender neutral piece as I will continue to aim for with any of my reader fluff fics.

Also tagging the amazing friends who support/inspire me here. @tampire, @amandajuly81, @queencobblefreezestuff, @jokesterwrites <3

“____, are you sleeping?” Edward comes up behind you as you were in the midst of pouring yourself a cup of coffee. You jump startled ask he seemingly popped up behind you with no warning. Before any hot coffee could spill on you, Ed grabbed the pot, spilling its contents on his own suit sleeve.

Setting the mug down quickly, you turn to Edward holding his wrist in both of your hands. “Oh, Ed! You are not burned are you?” You look at him through your glasses eyes filled with concern.

“No, no, I am quite fine.” He pulls his hand our of my grasp. “I am more worried about you actually. If those circles around your eyes got any darker, I’d say that you bare a resemblance to a raccoon or great panda.” He crosses his arms across his chest eyeing you with a slight in a manner you cannot tell if it’s stern or protective.

You lower your head slightly to avert your gaze from his, lowering your voice as you begin to mumble. You hated when Edward was upset at you. “I haven’t been able to…I always wake up due to a horrible nightmare. When I try and close my eyes to try and fall asleep again,…I just see the horrors flash behind my lids and sleep leaves me.” You cannot meet Edward’s gaze as you feel his eyes on you.

His brow furrows as his expression softens. “_____, why didn’t you tell me any of this?”

You shake your head from side to side still unable to look him in the eye. “I thought I could handle it, and I think I still can.”

“No, you can’t!” He says sharply with an edge of frustration in his voice as he opens and closes his hands in to fists now at his side. “To function properly you need at least seven hours of sleep a night.”

You open your mouth to retort, but Edward stops you by continuing talking. “I’m coming over.”

“What?!” You shout out louder than you intended seeing the eyes of those in the precinct staring at the both of you. Lowering your voice, you clarify your question, “What exactly do you mean by come over exactly?”

“Exactly what I meant. I will be staying over with you, so that you can get your necessary sleep. Don’t try telling me no, ____.” He quirks an eyebrow at you.

“Okay…” You say unsure of if your are okay with this arrangement, but the thing about Edward is once he decided something, you could not convinced him otherwise.
There was a sharp knock on your apartment door. Walking over to it you knew who it was before you even open it. Swinging the door open, you gesture for Edward to come in.

“Quite a quaint little place.” He comments looking around as he steps inside setting his small suitcase down while he hung his coat on the rack.

“I’ll grab you an extra pillow and some blankets you can use. I’m sorry you are on the couch, but I can’t afford larger apartment or better furniture for that matter.” You comment off offhandedly placing a pillow and folded blankets on your couch. Looking to Edward and then back to the couch, you shrugged slightly. It was Ed’s idea to stay over, so he would find a solution as to how he would fit himself on your couch. “Is there anything else that I can get you, Edward?” You yawn feeling the drowsiness of sleep set in.

“No, I think I shall be good.” He eyes the couch then his eyes dart to the door to your bedroom. He crosses over the the couch and starts making up his bed on the couch. You leave him to it heading for your bedroom. 

Just as you are about to close the door to your room, you peek around it smiling faintly at Edward. “Thank you, Edward.” Closing your door behind you softly.

It was only a couple of hours before you were tossing and turning in your bed. You even cry out in incoherent moans as you still sleep. Hearing the racket through your closed door, Ed shoots up from the couch where he’d been dozing. Not caring that your door is shut, he turns the knob entering your room quietly. 

Frowning as he watches you struggle against the demons behind your closed eyes, he slowly climbs up on to your bed. Wrapping his arms around you, he hold you close against his chest until you stop your tossing and turning, whispering to your ear softly, “Shhhh…shhhhh…everything is alright. I’m right here.”

He keeps whispering that over and over to you his hand stroking stroking through your hair trying to help you fight what ever horrific images you were seeing behind your closed lids.

Feeling you relax slightly against his touch, he still runs his fingers slowly through your hair, combing through it bit by slow bit still whispering his comforts to you. After a few more moments, his finger move from your hair down to your shoulder and lightly running along your upper arm. He continues his gentle touches of comfort in this manner until he feels you completely relax.

Hearing your breath calm, he kisses your forehead whispering, “Pleasantest of dreams, _____.” Falling asleep with his arms loosely still keeping a hold on you with his head resting on the top of yours. 

helloednos  asked:

What's your story? I like hearing people's stories. When did your ED start vs. when did you personally start noticing it? How did it progress, how long? How are you now? <3

Long story short I got called fat a lot when I was younger and my mom has a lowkey ed I’ve always thought and she would always comment on my weight and make me feel like shit bc she was skinnier than me and in 6th grade I started purging occasionally and from then to my senior year in high school I purged and always hated my body and would go through periods of restriction and my weight fluctuated a lot but never got unhealthy. anyways my mom divorced my cheating verbally abusive alcoholic asshole dad and we lost our house and everything but like I was alright and then one day she was like oh btw we’re getting back together and we all moved in together and everything was so toxic and hellish and shit hit the fan for me I lost so much weight so fast and like things progressed for a while and I was hella skinny it was great but then I got sent to PHP which sucked so badly. Since I got discharged at the end of summer after senior year I’ve been struggling with purging over exercising restriction and all that stuff but recently I’ve been restricting and losing a lot which i’m pretty stoked abt tbh I really don’t wanna get sent back to treatment but oh well I can’t help it I’ve tried for so long to be healthy and I can’t stop it now. Relapse here I come

2moms-0fucks  asked:

Because I'm a whore for post-"deadalive" I NEED to know how Scully told him she was pregnant AND that he was the father. So, list 1 "I'm pregnant"

haha, the phrasing of this ask is hilarious. I am in the middle of another fic for you too by the way (writer’s block) but until then, hopefully, this satisfies your post-deadalive angst need :) btw it strays from canon, because I refuse to believe that timeline and the way they handled things. 

p.s. - I re-watched the scene where he wakes up for inspiration and it’s absolutely gut-wrenching, Tony Wharmby (who directs NCIS) directed this scene beautifully. 

“I’m Pregnant”

“Did anyone miss me?” he whispered into her hair 

She laughed into his chest, tears soaking his hospital gown. She lifted her head to kiss his shoulder and clutched his hand tighter. She fell asleep on his chest minutes later, the sound of his heartbeat no longer just a dream or wishful thinking, but reality. 

Mulder couldn’t fall asleep, he felt like he’d been sleeping for eternity. Even if he did fall asleep, he wouldn’t be able to shake the images digging holes into his active brain, tarnishing what remained of it. So he lay there, breathing in her scent, running his thumb of her knuckles, brushing his lips over her head. He never wanted to leave her again, things were about to change, he’d decided. No more X-Files, no more FBI, no more running. He was going to take her away, get out of here, live a normal life together; they deserved it. 

His thoughts were interrupted by a soft twitch near his thigh. It was an odd twitch, more forceful than a shiver, but softer than a hit. Something was kicking against him. 

He shifted and lifted his head above Scully’s to get a better look. Her shoulders looked bigger, wider, so did her hips. Odd. He reached to the spot where he felt the movement in his thigh, but she woke up at the commotion. He took one look at her and his heart swelled. 

“Hey” Mulder said, his voice still a little dry 

Scully smiled and bit her lips, but the tears escaped anyways. He brushed his thumb over them and looked at her, her eyes said everything they needed to. And so did his. They always communicated with their eyes. Her blue ones were shining with relief, and something else, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it. Uneasiness? Anxiety? Confusion? 

She sensed him analyzing her and lowered her head, her hair falling over her face. He went to tuck it back, but she moved. She reached over to the table across from them and gave him some water. 

“Here, drink some water. It’ll help your throat.” she said softly

He nodded and lifted himself up to a sitting position, grimacing in pain. He half-laughed, half-grunted. 

She held the straw up to his mouth, and he put his lips around the tip, brushing them across her fingers. His lips and her skin met for a time shorter than a nanosecond, but enough to send a shiver down her spine and transform his eyes from hazel to dark green. 

He swallowed, maintaining eye-contact with her the entire time. Mulder really wanted to cut to the chase here. She moved the cup of water back to the table and lifted herself a little, resting her forehead against his. He didn’t miss the extra effort it took her to move, but it was quickly forgotten when she brushed her lips against his. 

For the first time since he woke, he felt alive, truly alive. He leaned forward, kissing her harder. She moaned as his tongue traveled over her mouth, banging at the gates for refuge. When she invited him in, it took all the power in him not to rip his IV out and wrap both arms around her. His body betrayed him though, he moved back, unable to breathe anymore. Suffocation never felt so good. 

She leaned her forehead against his again, “I missed you so much”, she whispered with wet lips and flushed cheeks. 

He nodded, closing his eyes and breathing heavily. She moved back into the chair and he threw his head back against his pillow. He twisted his neck to the side, looking at her with a sly smile that made her head drop in bashfulness. 

When she lifted it back up again, her eyes were more serious, the redness in her cheeks gone. She fixed her posture and folded her hands in her lap like the proper agent she was. 

“Mulder. We have to talk.” 

Her tone made him nervous, so he mimicked her posture and waited for her to speak, or at least tried to. 

“Don’t tell me, I can’t walk can I? No function in my lower extremities?” he asked, trying to dissipate the tension in the room. 

She gave him a small smile. 

“Oh god Scully, I can live without my legs, but what about.. him. The other guy.”

She smiled again, “Based on his response during that kiss, I think he’s fine”

He chuckled and grabbed her hand, going into a classic Mulder ramble that made her heart twitch in nostalgia. 

“Scully, what is it? Just say it, did you kill my fish? Did you meet someone else? Is it Frohike? That tiny teapot was just waiting for me to dissapear wasn’t he? Oh God Scully tell me it wasn’t Skinner? No, I can tell from your face it definitely wasn’t Skinner. Holy shit, did the Red Sox win the World Series? Scully tell me it ain’t so! Put me back in the coma if it’s true, I couldn’t live in a world where-”

“Mulder, I’m pregnant” 


“Well, look whose awake!” Dr. Luongo said, walking into the room with impeccable timing. 

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9/11 Emergency Room
Documentary accounting the day through the eyes of the paramedics on scene

Can you imagine being in a NYC Hospital ED on 9/11? I would love to hear your thoughts and stories.