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I am actually obsessed with the perception I have of my own self and I need to check myself in the mirror or in a window every time I get the chance because I am scared that my face looks weird, some people mistake it for vanity which is not but no one actually thinks that my face looks weird and no one even notices all the flaws I claim to have and no one thinks my eyes are two different sizes even though I am losing my mind because I think so: an autobiography.

Quick fact. Ready?
People tend to have stronger cravings for carbs while experiencing stress. Why? Because carb consumption increases the amount of serotonin produced in the brain, thus improving mood and giving a sense of relaxation.

The most striking thing about Papyrus (aside from his limitless positivity) is the fact that it is literally impossible to die in a fight against him. Even Toriel, who starts purposefully missing you once your health gets low enough, can accidentally kill you, but Papyrus? It is literally impossible. Papyrus has incredible control over his power! Wow, what a great and impressive skeleton. And, even though he could probably deal some legit damage to you on the murder run, his only action is to spare you, because he’s heckin worried about this little emotionless murder child.

A lot of people like swap aus where Sans is the one that dies and Papyrus is forced to shed his naivete and face you going all-out, which makes sense, but also, Papyrus is just so. Papyrus. I feel like if Papyrus had to be the final murder-run boss, it’d be more like, “After losing Sans, the world seems like a different place. I can’t imagine what you must’ve gone through for you to see the world the way you do.”

He only has one attack, but it’s a really long one and powerful one (kind of like Sans’ before his ‘special attack’), plus he talks during it, which would be pretty distracting. whenever he gets your hp down to 1, combat automatically stops and you’re ejected back into the judgement room. if you try to talk to him without healing, he’ll just say you’re too hurt - a gust of wind could knock you over! after you heal at the conveniently placed save point and go back to fight him, he has stuff to say about how you don’t have to be alone, you don’t have to do this, you might think there isn’t any good in you and it’s too late to change, but there is and it isn’t! After a few of those, he’ll talk about Undyne and Sans, and they always tried to help him, even when they thought he wouldn’t notice. He’s got a ton of stories about that. After he says his piece there’s an option to either fight or don’t fight, and every time you pick fight he looks disappointed, but he goes all out. He’s always able to be spared.

if you survive his attack, he goes down in one hit. his last words would probably be an apology, even though he tried really hard he still couldn’t show you a better path



1. I understand how you have lower health compared to other classes, but please, for both you and your Medic’s sake. SLOW DOWN.  

2. Don’t call for a Medic when you’ve lost 1 health. Seriously, there’s a burning Soldier on 1 HP right beside you. Don’t expect to be prioritized.

3. If your Medic is on fire, extinguish him with the Mad Milk or the Mutated Milk.


1. If you want effective healing, DON’T EQUIP THE EQUALIZER OR THE ESCAPE PLAN. They decrease Medics’ healing impact on you by 90%.

2. DO EQUIP THE DISCIPLINARY ACTION. It can make you and your Medic faster than usual for a short period of time. Use it when your Medic has a hard time keeping up with you.

3. Unless your Medic is using the Quick-Fix, try not to rocket jump as it will be hard for him to keep up with you.


1. If your Medic is on fire, extinguish him. If he burns to death and you get killed, you can’t blame him, because you didn’t keep him alive.

2. DON’T EQUIP THE BACK SCRATCHER. It decreases the amount of healing you get from Medics and dispensers.

3. Unless your Medic is using the Quick-Fix, try not to flare jump as it will be hard for him to keep up with you.


1. When your Medic is on low health, build a dispenser for him. 



2. When your Medic is on low health, give him your Sandvich.

3. DO EQUIP THE SANDVICH, THE DALOKOHS BAR, OR THE FISHCAKE. These serve as a portable health packs, which you can give to your Medic if he is on low health. The Dalokohs Bar and the Fishcake can also give a 50-point overheal to the consumer.


1. Unless your Medic is using the Quick-Fix, try not to sticky jump as it will be hard for him to keep up with you.

(Other) Medic: 

1. Keep each other safe. You are both men of medicine. You’re supposed to be bros.

2. DO EQUIP THE AMPUTATOR. Taunting with it gives all of your teammates extra health (including your Medic).


1. If your Medic is on fire, extinguish him with Jarate or the Self-Aware Beauty Mark.


1. You’re a SPY. Unless you really need to be healed, don’t expect to be helped by Medics.

I’ll edit this if I missed something. Please reblog and add your own tips if you have any. :)


For those of you who play Don’t Starve on iOS devices, there’s a new mode called the “No Sweat” mode that makes the game more compromising! I’m not sure what that statue next to Maxwell is, since I haven’t died yet, but if I had to guess, I’d venture to guess that it’s some kind of eternal meat effigy. From what I’ve played (and what I’ve checked in the world customization settings), it seems that:

-Nighttime still exists, but it doesn’t get pitch black, and Charlie doesn’t come out to bite

-You take less damage (might’ve been the night armor, but when I got hit by the clockwork knight [without armor], I only lost 20 health as opposed to the usual 40)

-Shadow Creatures don’t spawn when your sanity is too low (speculation based on world customization settings)

-Your health doesn’t drain when your hunger reaches 0 (again, speculation based on world customization settings)

I’ll keep playing around with it and see what else I can find.

Also. I posted this because everyone has to see how adorable Wilson is in that art. Look at him. He’s just sitting there with the butterflies and flowers. A peaceful boy!

Matchbox // Archie Andrews

Summary: Being close friends with Archie does come with a jealous blonde girl vying for the title as his girlfriend even if you aren’t aware she likes him. Things start to change in the most natural ways for friends to fall each other, beginning with spiral as a kid. Things heat up with you and Archie in ways your parents only saw coming.

Characters: Archie Andrews x Reader, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, Cheryl Blossom, Jughead Jones (mentioned), Reggie Mantle (mentioned)

Words: 2145

Disclaimer: I do not own Riverdale or the characters involved. Nor do I own any gifs, images, jokes or lyrics that may appear.

Warnings: Swearing, angst and a lot of fluff.

Requested: Yes. Anonymous

Author: Caitsy

A/N: Get yourself a man who kisses you with a mask on.


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The poke in your side easily told you that Archie was leaning against the neighbouring locker with a sweet smile and a new musician in the entertainment world. You were right when the redhead laughed when you poked him back in his abs.

“What do you want dork?” You giggled pinning a new photo onto the door of the locker.

“Is this from that carnival last week?” Archie asked pushing your locker to where he had been resting, “Oh I love it!”

“I’m surprised your jacket even went with the aesthetic of the photo.” You teased before he released his loud laugh again.

“I’ll have you now that when four o’clock hit that jacket was on your shoulders.”

“Oh shut up hotshot.” You retorted closing the locker. The first day of school had been a success with Archie calling you as his biology partner for the year,

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speaking as a veteran tf2 medic, i dont wanna hear mercy players complain about their jobs being too hard. mercy is so easy compared to medic. you have some of the best mobility options in the game. suck it up. unplug the wacom, stop drawing the comic about how bad your team is, and just click on people with low health

an open letter to dan howell


there are not enough words to articulate how much you have impacted me. as young as 13 years old, i was struggling with depression. i had a terrible mental space that i just brushed off because i thought it was just a normal part of adolescence. but i continued through high school not being able to shake these absolutely low and heavy feelings. i would often spiral into self-deprecating thoughts, causing me to often cry myself to sleep. when i was 16, i broke. i had a complete mental breakdown and had to go to the emergency room for a psych evaluation. from there, i worked with a psychiatrist to figure out anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds.

today, however, i feel as though i have paralleled you as i am now the happiest i’ve been for a long time. it seems cliché to say that you helped but you were a constant in my life since 2012 and kept me laughing even when i had no motivation to keep going. regardless of your personal struggles, you have been dedicated to making others smile and that is truly the most beautiful thing. i hope that one day i can be like you.

i know that the chances of you seeing this is extremely slim but i am so thankful that you have talked about your struggle with mental health. we can both have our low days but i know that we will both get up and keep going. so again, thank you dan.


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So I saw this post with two soldiers, they had a german shepard on a leash and it looked like they were kissing and the caption said "this is called a tactical kiss and it heals your bros when their health gets low" and I instantly thought of IwaDais


Zarya main things

*Bubbling someone but they go take cover. Zero charge received.

*Tickling enemies when low charge and watching them walk away unscathed.

*Trying to bubble your low health support but a dps happens to walk in front of you exactly at that moment. Your healer dies.

*4+ person graviton but you didn’t realize you had no DPS around to follow up.

*That pressure of your dps holding off their ultis until you have yours. You’re at 35% charge. They keep spamming they are ready. You are trying.

*Using the flex emote in front of your supports at spawn to try and gain their favor. Or just spam the “no mercy” line at your local angel. Caution, they may not find it amusing.

But also..

*TFW you see the enemy has a D. Va

*4+ (or the sweet team kills) when you graviton just right. Doesn’t matter if the dps gets potg, you know you gave them a good set up.

*Shielding that one person at the right time. They thank you. Your heart warms.

*Making sure that ulting dps doesn’t die, they manage to kill a lot of enemies.

*Melting the enemy team when you’re high charge.

*When a Genji tries to deflect you.

~Inspired by @thatoverwatchgirl Mercy main post.

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What would your original characters look like in the Overwatch World?

Ooh, crossover time! I went for my Skyrim characters since those were the easiest to come up with and also because this turned out long enough as it is. My original intention was to do just some armor mashups, but I waded a bit too deep into the “what if” territory, and now my guys also have rough skillsets to go with the outfits.

Disclaimer: these have nothing to do with game balance or viability, I just felt like they could fit these particular characters… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ So, here goes:

Skaila the Dragonborn aka “what if Reinhardt had a massive battleaxe and could also shout you down?” Heavy armor to compensate for the fact that she decided to bring an axe to a gun fight. Sturdy and shouty, but no movement abilities.

Type: Melee 

Role: Offense 

Weapon & Abilities:

  • Wuuthrad: Slash targets in front of you with a mighty swing. Charged attacks are slower, but will inflict extra damage
  • Bash: Slam your weapon into a close range enemy with a chance of interrupting them
  • Unrelenting Force: Amplify air and sound to knock down enemies caught in its wake


  • Dragon Shout: Combine shout with one of two types of reagents. Fire Breath inflicts intense burning damage to all enemies caught in the blast. Frost Breath does less freezing damage, but it can also slow enemies down


  • Storm’s Tears: Wuuthrad inflicts extra damage to elves omnics
  • Juggernaut: Grants a minor resistance against projectiles

Bron the Ultimate Thief aka “the unholy mix of Hanzo and Sombra that will steal your ultimate and probably ruin the match for both teams”. Low health, high annoyance. 

Type: Ranged 

Role: Defense 

Weapon & Abilities:

  • Nightingale Bow: Fires an arrow at a target
  • Poison Arrow: A poisoned arrow will inflict additional damage over time
  • Sneak: Become invisible for 6 seconds


  • Heist: Steal 10% of ultimate charge from all enemies caught in the radius


  • Muffled Movement: Reduced noise generated by footsteps
  • Thief: Ultimate charge gained by killing an enemy will be reduced from the target’s ultimate counter. Only applies to final blows

Laraniel the Seer aka “it’s not magic, it’s just, uh, really advanced science - I promise“. Jack of many trades, but mostly focused on restoration/alteration/illusion. 

Type: Ranged/Beam 

Role: Support

Weapon & Abilities:

  • Staff of Magnus/Staff of Mending: Staff of Magnus shoots an energy beam that absorbs health from the enemy target it hits. Staff of Mending creates floating restorative orbs that heal an ally they come in contact with
  • Greater Ward: Encase a friendly target within a protective barrier that negates damage and other effects for 6 seconds
  • Detect Life: Nearby living creatures can be seen through walls. Effect is not visible to others


  • Vision of the Tenth Eye: Reveal all enemies that have an ultimate ability available. The vision is shared with your allies


  • Clairvoyance: Reveal three unused first aid kits closest to you


EDIT: Altered Laraniel’s would-be ultimate to make it a better fit for the seer theme

Companions AU Chapter 2

(Ha it rhymes!)
Have more of this, because I can’t seem to stop for the life of me-
Chapter 1-
“Lance, give me one good reason why I’m not slaughtering you right now.” Pidge grumbled, arms folded over her chest as she leaned against the pristine white wall of the Hybrids Hospital, in the room where the Cat Hybrid Lance had found a while ago was getting examined.

Lance smiled sheepishly. “Umm, because I had no idea you’d pulled an all nighter again and called you down here anyways?” He asked nervously, sweating slightly under the Halfling’s intense predatory glare. Hunk raised his head from where he was examining the Maine Coon Hybrid’s ears.

“No arguing you two. Especially not at this time of day.” The big human scolded lightly, before turning his attention to the infected stump. “Hmm… sheesh Lance, you really brought me a tough case here. This needs surgery to remove the damaged flesh and bone, and fast. You said you found him in the alleyway next to your house?” Hunk questioned, Lance nodding confirmation.

“Yeah, around 4am or so.” Lance clarified, glancing at the clock on the wall and wincing. It was 11 on a Saturday morning, and he’d been awake the entire time, cleaning up the mess in the bathroom, calling Allura to give him a week off while explaining he’d taken in a stray Hybrid, calling Hunk for a Vet appointment for said Hybrid, calling Pidge in case the Hybrid was microchipped, and researching what Hybrids were able to eat. He was nearly dead on his feet at this point.

“He doesn’t really look feral to me. Though whoever owned him previously definitely abused him, poor thing.” Hunk sighed, rubbing the Hybrid’s ears. The Cat let out a quiet, broken purr and leaned into the touch, pleased.

“Hey, I’ll pay for the vet bill, Hunk. Just make him feel better. You should have seen how scared he was of me, at first. Then once I got him a bath and some food it was like I was suddenly God to him or something, he looked so happy. I thought he was going to cry when I showed him the guest bed.” Lance muttered, remembering the look on the Hybrids face as he allowed the Cat to sleep on the mattress. He’d grown attached to the black and white Hybrid overnight, and he was considering adopting the poor thing by this point.

The Hybrid in question mewed softly, tail tip twitching while he tilted his head slightly at Lance. Hunk smiled tightly, recognizing the symptoms of Hybrid abuse quite clearly from his best friend’s words. Pidge made a gentle, distressed chirp and extended a wing to brush against her human pal’s arm reassuringly.

“Well, once Hunk fixes him up, I’ll scan for a microchip and see what bastard owned him.” Pidge murmured, before eyeing Lance suspiciously. “Dude, you look tired as fuck. Did you get any sleep last night?” The Halfling Owl asked, poking the lanky human in the stomach.

Lance blinked blearily, lightly batting Pidge’s hand away sluggishly. “I dunno, I got home around like, one in the morning? And one to four is… uh…” he narrowed his eyes in concentration, muttering quietly in Spanish under his breath before perking up again. “About three hours or less?”

Pidge squawked in alarm and Hunk’s head whipped up. “Dude! You need to go home and get some more sleep, pronto! That’s not good for your health, buddy.” Hunk cried, startling the Hybrid into a low hiss. Hunk turned to the Hybrid and rubbed his ear soothingly, relaxing the Cat back into compliance.

“Listen, Lance, I’ll get this Cat some surgery for his arm and any internal problems he might have while you go home and get some sleep. I’m guessing you already called Allura to explain why you won’t be at work today?” Hunk asked, hands on his hips and raising an eyebrow.

Lance nodded. “Yeah, I have the week off. She said I have to bring my new companion by once he’s all better though, you know how much she loves Hybrids.” He cracked a weak smile at his best friend, Pidge snickering to the side.

“Alright. Well, let’s get the big guy here prepped for surgery. Lance, would you mind helping out? I need to put him under so he doesn’t freak out when you leave.” Hunk motioned Lance over, and Pidge popped up next to the Hybrid as he was gently laid down on the bed.

“Why Lance?” Pidge questioned curiously, eyes following the twitching tail as Hunk prepared a tranquilizer.

“Cats tend to trust those who’ve fed and cleaned them more than strangers, and I want to keep him calm while I put him under. I need to do it now, otherwise we risk the Hybrid panicking and possibly worsening his injuries. So I need all his focus on Lance while I tranquilize him.” Hunk explained, moving over to the Cat in question.

The Hybrid made a questioning chirp as Lance ran his fingers through the now fluffy white forelock.

“Hey, Kitty. Hunk’s gonna make you sleep for a little, but once you wake up I’ll be here and you’ll feel a whole lot better, okay?” Lance assured the Cat Hybrid, scratching lightly behind the soft triangle ears.

The Hybrid smiled slightly and purred, silver eyes trusting but flickering with panic and pain when Hunk inserted the needle.

The Cat made a startled yowl, jolting away from the Vet, curling towards Lance, but the syringe had already deplunged all the way and Lance watched quietly as the Cat fell into a motionless sleep, still stroking his head. Lance sighed and pulled away regretfully, allowing Hunk to rearrange the Cat on the bed.

“Good afternoon my lads! Dr. Garrett, I believe you paged me?” A cheerful, familiar redhead nurse popped into the room, twiddling his mustache and grinning at the room inhabitants.

Hunk looked up with a smile. “Ah, Coran, perfect timing. This Hybrid is to go in for surgery, if you don’t mind calling Dr. Ryner down?” The kindly Vet asked, the nurse nodding and dashing off to find the female surgeon.

“Hey Lance, we can’t just keep calling this guy ‘The Cat’ or ‘The Hybrid’ all the time. Should we name him something to call him for now?” Pidge piped up, Lance startling out of his sleepy daze to look over at the kitty in question.

Lance hummed thoughtfully and ran his fingers through the white forelock one more time, thinking. Just then, a gentle Japanese pop song floated over the radio, and Lance was hit with an epiphany.

“How about Shiro?” He said, looking at his two friends. Pidge choked and Hunk sweated lightly in secondhand embarrassment, though for Lance or the Hybrid he didn’t really know.

“Shiro? Really, Lance? You’re calling him White in Japanese? I can’t believe how much of a weeb you are.” Pidge groaned, smacking her palm against her forehead. Hunk chuckled.

“Shiro will be fine for now, we’ll just say it’s a nickname for something.” Hunk explained as he moved around the room, putting away the medical equipment he’d used to examine Shiro, as he was now called.

“I’ll think on it more when I get home, thinking is hard when I’m half asleep.” Lance muttered, swaying.

Pidge grabbed his arm to stop him from toppling over. “I’ll drive you home. It’s a wonder you got here in the first place, half asleep with an injured Hybrid. Keys, now.” The Halfling demanded, and Lance gratefully dropped his car keys into her hands.

He took one last glance at the peaceful look on Shiro’s face though.

Lance prayed for a successful surgery, for both their sakes.
Four chapters. Four chapters is when I deem it an official AU in for the long run. Don’t be afraid to send me asks about this AU! I love reading comments on my work, Anon or otherwise :3 so….. Chapter 3, anyone?


Inspired by and based on @shsl-shipper-gamer-fangirl​‘s Dangan Thieves AU with Nanami and Hinata, I made my own contribution with everyone’s favourite (or at least the majority of people’s favourite) ultimate lucky student! I tried to make the confidant screen similar to the way the AU creator made their one with Nanami and Hinata but mine looks so much messier because I’ve never done stuff like that,,,and of course the second picture is a rough sketch of a phantom thief Komaeda fghjkl and the third is my attempt at a sprite edit

I made a few details on how I think it would go in this AU…I think Komaeda would play a role perhaps similar to Futaba, but only in the sense I think that he’d probably have a palace of his own which you would have to go through to get him on your team actually…!! but I haven’t decided on all the details for the palace so I decided not to include it (yet)

but again the AU credit goes to @shsl-shipper-gamer-fangirl entirely, even this post is structured in a similar way!! all I did was make the details for Ko and edited/drew the pictures above

honestly this is just…hellishly self indulgent.

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2 eggs over easy cooked with onions, 4 strawberries and homemade fruit on the bottom yogurt.

I bought 4 oz mason jars and started making my own yogurt cups. This one is made with homemade low sugar mango jam and Greek yogurt. It’s cheaper and I have more control of the flavors and ingredients.