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In general, I post here about history and historical connections in fiction but I’m making an exception tonight to write a post for a fandom. For the ugly details of what has brought this on, check this article. For an excellent tumblr post on how to deal with this, as either a fan or non-fan, I recommend this post from @greed-the-dorkalicious

Dear Rurouni Kenshin fandom, 

The song above has been stuck in my head today. 

The way you wear your hat. 
The way you sip your tea. 
The memory of all that.
 No, no, they can’t take that away from me. 

I’ve been on the fringes of Kenshin fandom, a late-comer to the anime/manga who mostly enjoyed and lurked on the edges of an immensely talented and fun fandom while being primarily in other fandoms. I remember explaining to a friend, “Kenshin fandom doesn’t write just fanfic, they write full-blown historical novels!”

You’re all great, and no matter where you go now, if you choose to take a break from fandom, turn to other interests, or live out your enjoyment of the story on your terms, I’m grateful to have been so often enriched by your friendships, your creativity, and your interest and support of my own adventures in history. 

Nothing can take that away from me.

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S/o asking the talon team to shave their head?

lmao guess who has to add Moira technically by the rules, so this’ll be the first appearance of her.


  • He doesn’t ask why, if you want to shave your head that’s your decision. He’ll shave your hair for you, giving you some advice. Especially that you’ll be getting cold easily now.
  • His support goes beyond just shaving it, reassuring you whenever you feel self-conscious about your bald head.


  • She doesn’t even ask about why you have a hair clipper to your head, hair flipping down to the ground. She takes it from your hand, getting the area that you couldn’t reach.
  • She gently helps you up, a clawed hand extended. You find a fluffy hat in your locker a few days later, putting it on as you knew who it was from.


  • He does his hair for you, asking whether you want a design into some fuzz or completely shaved off. 
  • He constantly rubs his head against your scalp, giving you a smile down at you. He is quick to reassure you if you start to feel bad about it, letting you know that he still absolutely adores you.


  • She is surprisingly good at it, quickly and adeptly shaving your hair off. She hands you a mirror so you can get a loot, her smiling face behind you as she rubs it with a hand.
  • She is so proud of your new look, giving you wonderful hats when it starts to get cold.


  • She just stares at you with a blank look as you ask, holding out a hair clipper for her to take it. She just quickly does it, your hair fluttering to the ground as you suddenly get cold.
  • It’s your body, you decide what happens to it. She will find herself look at you, hand shaking as she reassures herself that you’re there.

has anybody ever tried to advance the line that

  1. property rights are acquired through Lockean appropriation of nature or w/e
  2. when you die, because your will ceases to exist, so your property reverts to nature
  3. contracts acquire moral force through reciprocal binding of wills, so that when you sell me your hat, you’re saying “I swear that I will extend to you all my will regarding this cap I made from catching and skinning five squirrels,” or whatever
  4. so when the person who sold something to you dies, the property reverts to nature, because your property right was a vicarious enjoyment of their own, which no longer exists

obviously this doesn’t add up to a workable political program in any way, but individual intellectuals have bitten all sorts of weird bullets over the years, and none of the premises here seem too far out from the kinds of things that are/were actually advanced in this tradition

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seeing zak scream at mansons dead spirit would make me actually like him for second I support harassing disgusting murderers. scream at that piece of trash for me boi smack his soul down with your bowler hat

He’ll scream at his ghost but then buy his personal objects for his museum…. 


rot in hell Reyes

but that does happen to a certain degree o____o

@fofosenpai and i were making fun of McCree consecutively and we just thought up the Howdy Howdy thing and i had to draw it so yea! HAHAHA ngl i’m not a fan of mccreep but i love his interaction with reyes. so i will be drawing more of that 8^)

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Jesse McCree & Gabriel Reyes©Overwatch

New Stuff!

Hey guys! Hope you’re all having a good day!

Merch4All (the people that do my merch… duh) have been working super hard to get out the posters to you guys! Seems like most of you have them by now, and if you don’t, they should be getting to you VERY soon! Sorry again about all the delay on those. That was my fault!

With that stuff in mind, they were asking me about new stuff I want to put out this fall/winter! I have a few things in mind and they’ve come to me with some pretty exciting new stuff, but I wanted to ask you guys what you wanted! You want more hoodies? beanies? pajama pants? socks? Lemme know what you’d like to see! Also if there’s any quotes you love that you’d like to see on a limited tee shirt or something! Open to any ideas you guys may have! Just wanna put out new stuff that you guys like and also stuff that just looks cool to wear!

Hope you guys are having a great day, and hopefully there will be some new stuff on the store soon to keep your cute faces warm.