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It’s The Little Things

Fandom - The Mortal Instruments

Characters - Magnus, Alec

Summary - Alec loves his boyfriend. He loves everything involving him; being intimate with Magnus, watching movies with Magnus, Magnus smiling…

(A/N) - Happy birthday @sirasslessunicorn!! Have an epic day! Have this fic which is kind of 3 fics all rolled into one!

Words - 1237

Alexander Lightwood loves Magnus Bane, and for Alec, it’s the little things that make love special.

He loves when Magnus drinks his coffee, knowing full well that it’s too hot, and then scrunches up his nose in protest:

“Well, why do you drink it when it’s too hot?” Alec laughs as Magnus lets out a groan and pulls a face.

“I’m thirsty!”

“Then get a cold drink!”

“I don’t want a cold drink,” Magnus whines. “I want coffee.” 

“You can’t have coffee yet.”

Magnus glares at Alec, raising his paper cup to his mouth, his gaze not leaving Alec’s eyes.

“It’s going to be too hot,” Alec warns his boyfriend.

Magnus narrows his eyes, taking a sip of his drink; something he immediately regrets. “Stop laughing at me!”

“I’m sorry,” Alec snickers, covering his mouth to hide his grin. “It’s just- you would have thought that, in hundreds of years of your life, you’d have learnt how to drink coffee.”

“I know how to drink it,” Magnus mutters petulantly. 

“Really? You’ve got a funny way of showing it.”

“Be quiet.”

“Make me.”

Magnus turns to Alec, his face set. “Make you? It would be my pleasure, Alexander.”

Alec barely has time to place his own cup on the table before his boyfriend is atop him, poking and tickling his skin. “Hehey!”

“You did say to make you,” Magnus says with a grin. 

“Ihi dihidn’t mehean it!”

“Then you shouldn’t have said it.”

“Mahagnus! Gehet ohoff!”

“No,” Magnus replies, skating his fingers over Alec’s sides.

Alec groans through his laughter, his hands shooting down to try to catch his boyfriend’s wrists, something that proves futile.


“You were laughing at me.”

“You- yohou were beheing funny!”

“I was not.”

“Yehehes you wehere!”

Magnus retracts his hands from Alec’s body and folds his arms. “My failure at drinking coffee is not funny,” he says grumpily.

“Is too,” Alec retorts, craning his head up to look at Magnus, and sounding quite breathless.




“I’m not doing this with you,” Alec sighs, his head flopping backwards.

Magnus grins, sliding off of his boyfriend and lying next to him on the couch. Alec wraps his arm around Magnus’s waist, pulling him closer as they both smile contentedly



“I have an important question to ask you,” Magnus says matter-of-factly.

“What is it?”

“Magnus pauses before asking, “Do you think my coffee’s still hot?”

Alexander Lightwood loves Magnus Bane.

Though he denies it, he loves when Magnus is smiling and being cocky after winning at video games:

“Yes! I win! In your face, Lightworm!”



“I’m not even going to ask.”

“Good instincts,” Magnus grins, spinning his remote round in his hand. “Play again?”

Shaking his head, Alec tries to fight the small smile working its way onto his face. “You’ll just beat me again.”

“Probably. Not my fault I’m so amazing at virtual tennis.”

“You‘ve had years to practise. I’ve had about an hour.”

“I can’t believe you’d never played it before today.”

“We barely use mundane technology at the Institute.”

“Right, mundanes are bad and useless and Nephilim are Gods,” Magnus says, nodding his head and smirking.

“Shush. Let’s play again.”

“Alright. If you think you can take another loss.”

“That’s it,” Alec says, grabbing Magnus’s hand, spinning him round and lowering to the floor.


Alec paused, biting his lip worriedly. “I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

“Well- no, but- well, putting people on the floor is generally considered rude, you know.”

“So is being overly cocky when you’ve won a game.”

Magnus grins at that, beginning to stand up before Alec gently pushes him back down. “Hey! I want to get up.”

“No,” Alec says simply, joining Magnus on the floor and straddling his hips, pinning Magnus’s hands under his knees.

“What are you- ah!” Magnus cuts himself off with a squeak as Alec scrabbles his fingers over the back of his neck. “Noho, Alec!” 

“Yehes, Magnus,” Alec mocks, running his fingers over Magnus’s neck and shoulders. “You deserve this.”

“I doho nohot,” Magnus giggles, scrunching his shoulders up. “I dihidn’t doho anythihing!”

“Didn’t do anything?” Alec scoffs, moving his hands downwards to travel under Magnus’s shirt and skate across his sides.

“I dihihidn’t! Naha, AleHEHEC, NO!” Magnus shrieks as Alec’s hands make contact with his sides.

“You’re not getting out of this until I’m bored,” Alec says. “And right now I’m pretty interested.”

“Alehehec, plehehease! I cahan’t eheven try and cahatch your hahands!”

“You’re not pulling to get your hands free. Why aren’t you trying to get your hands free?” Alec questions with a smirk.

Magnus falters. “I- wehell, Ihi- uh-”

Alec laughs, giving his boyfriend a knowing look. 

“Shuhut uhup!”

“I didn’t even say anything!”

“Yohohou dihidn’t need toho!”

Rolling his eyes, Alec moves his hands up to under Magnus’s arms, and the warlock virtually screams.


“Please what, Mags?”


“Yeah, yeah, okay. I think you’re sufficiently sorry for being cocky.”

Magnus lets out a sigh of relief when Alec’s hands stop torturing him. “Thaha- thahat was mehean,” he complains, residual giggles still slipping from his mouth.

“You like it.”

“I doho nohot. I doho like beating you at tennis though, whihich is good, because I’m epic at ihit.”

Alec shakes his head, laughing. “You do realise that I’m still on top of you, right?”

“So what?”

“So, you’re just asking for it.”

Magnus’s eyes widen as Alec’s words sink in. “Wahait- nonono, Alec! Alehehec!”

Alexander Lightwood loves Magnus Bane.

He loves when  he’s holding Magnus, kissing Magnus, and Magnus is holding him and kissing him back. 

“I love you.”

“I love you too, Magnus,” Alec replies with a smile, leaning in to press his lips to the warlock’s. Magnus smiles, shifting forward and leaning into the kiss. Before long, the two are laying on the sofa, with lips on lips and one of Magnus’s hands tangled in Alec’s hair, the other holding Alec’s neck gently, and Alec’s hands holding Magnus’s sides.

Magnus smiles into a kiss before giggling and pulling away when Alec’s hands squeeze his hips gently.

“Mags?” Alec questions, confused as to why Magnus broke the kiss.

“I’m fine,” Magnus assures him. “I’m just…” Magnus glances down to where Alec’s hands are still holding him, and Alec’s gaze follows.

“Oh?” Alec says, a feral grin covering his face.

“Wait- wait, no, Alec- Alexander, come on,” Magnus stutters, edging backwards. “Alec! Alec, dohon’t!” 

“I can’t help it, Magnus. It’s too adorable.”

“Noho it’s nohot!” Magnus protests, squirming as much as he can without falling off of the sofa and onto his face.

“Have you seen your smile when you’re being tickled? It’s adorable.”

“Whahahatever, just stohop tihickling mehe!”

“Why would I do that?” Alec laughs, scribbling his fingers over Magnus’s stomach. 

“Behehcause you lohove mehe?”

“While that’s true, I also love you laughing.”



“Alehehec, plehehease!”

“This is too great,” Alec smirks, bending down and kissing Magnus’s forehead. 

“Stohop beheing sweet!”


“Behehecause I’m trying toho behe mahad at you!”

“You could never be mad at me.”

“Alehec, I just- plehease?“

Alec looks down into Magnus’s still laughing face, complete with messy hair and puppy dog eyes, and gives in. “Okay.”

“Thank you,” Magnus says, sitting up and rearranging his shirt. “You’re so horrible.”

“Quiet and kiss me.”


Alexander Lightwood loves Magnus Bane, and for Alec, it’s the little things that make love special.

lovin' can hurt

ahh a very special request for the iconic person who’s been here since the beginning of my writing the boys @dunkirkkbabes ❤️❤️❤️❤️

to say jack lowden despised you was the very least of it. you were twenty three while the man was twenty eight and he seemed like satans spawn. Hating you for absolutely no reason.

after meeting the cast through Chris (having worked with him on a different movie), they all seemed to love you greatly, except for him. You couldn’t say what it was. You’d accidentally tripped once and spattered your lunch all over him.. and his street clothes. But that was accidental. All of them were really. Like the time you tripped over your own laces and stumbled into him and he fell into a mud pile, in his uniform.

Or the time you’d been playing poison dart, the stupid stupid game the boys had you join in on and you’d meant to hit Tom, getting him back for hitting you mid convo with a very cute extra when Jack made eye contact with you and against his wishes went down, right when he was supposed to be filming.

But if he hated you for all of it, he was a twat through and through.

that’s why when the boys had invited you for a night out and you’d join you were shocked he joined.

three pints in and feeling the buzz you were playing darts with aneurin and tom and jumped up in victory, not seeing the Scotsman smile at your happy dance when the four of you heard it “I can’t believe they’re even with her, she’s practically shaking the whole ground with her jumping.” The other one laughing “maybe they like Godzilla.”

You went instantly quiet at that, and the boys looked sorrowful before you heard Jack “now that’s not very ladylike girls, bashing another girl just for having a good time with her mates. I mean if you were hoping for a chance with my mates here you might as well count yourselves gone, they don’t hang with people who bash their mates.”

With that you turned to him with a barely there smile and he returned it gratefully. A new understanding between the two of you.

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More Connor nsfw!! ( I will burn in hell...)

i’ll be down there with you, pal. 

i decided to make it a continuation of this prompt because why not? 

Connor Kenway x (F)Reader

“Best two out of three?” 

You rolled your eyes. There wasn’t any winning with Connor; a highly trained assassin who tracks and takes down people for a living up against you, someone who is not a highly trained assassin who tracks and takes down people for a living. 

But, quitting was for quitters, and you aren’t a quitter. Huffing, you crossed your arms and looked up at him, an almost challenging look in your eyes. Connor caught on quickly, and shifted his weight to one foot. 

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You were sitting on the couch with Michael’s head on your lap watching a random movie to kill the time in a dark rainy day, when all you wanna do is cuddle with a blanket and drink hot chocolate. Michael was very focused on the movie but you’ve lost interest long ago to pay attention to the ball of cuteness and love you have on your lap. Studying every feature of his face, and trying to put name to the color of his eyes. It’s something you have never been over, how this tall pale and crazy boy can make you happy without even trying. Michael makes you happy when he rubs his nose against your neck leaving kisses in a lazy morning. When he looks at you and you can see how the smile reaches his eyes even when what you said wasn’t funny. How he lets you win to video games to see you jump excited while making your victory dance. He makes you happy when after every fight he apologies giving you a bear hug with worry and regret in his green eyes. By now you have lost track of time and what get you out of your thoughts is the face you have fallen in love with looking at you with a mischievous grin. Knowing he had caught you staring you clear your throat and look away, covering your blushed cheeks. “What were you thinking about, love?” Michael said. “Um.. just… you” and you smiled at him, feeling comfortable and confident enough to tell him. “I love the way you got lost in the movie and I was just enjoying the view” Michael let out a chuckle as a blush appeared on his face. “You know what? I love my view right now too” he said looking at you. Now he was sitting right next to you to be closer and put a blanket over the two of you. “You’re so beautiful babe, I love you” “Love you too mikey” The both of you were now staring at each others eyes until his gaze fell to your lips. You realized that he wanted to kiss you but was stoping himself to enjoy that moment before a kiss when your heart starts to beat faster and anticipation runs over you. Michael loves the kiss, be he also loves that moment, it’s so magical because there’s no need of words but there’s no need of physical contact either. Is that moment when you feel the electricity but not the touch making the world spin around you. It’s something between you two to make that moment longer until you lips finally press together provoking the fireworks to explode in your chest.

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Competition ~Chen~ ◣


“Are you ready?” Chen asked, determination laced in his tone.

“I am so ready,” you shot back and stared at him dead in the eye.

“Are you positive?”

“Heck yeah I am.”

“Are you sure?”

“Dammit Chen, I’m freaking ready, okay?”

Chen smirked and slowly handed over the card to you. “Treat it with care,” he said.

You grabbed the game card and stared at all the games surrounding the two of you in the arcade. “Are you ready to get your ass whooped, Kim Jongdae?” you asked.

“I wouldn’t be so confident if I were you. I have some extreme talent in these games.” He pulled up his collar for emphasis. “Loser buys dinner?”

“You’re on.” You stretched out your hand towards him.

He nodded and shook your hand.

Then, you turned around and began to walk towards one of the game machines. Chen frowned and ran after you. “No good luck kiss?” he asked.

“Heck no, this is competition, Chen.”

“Fine then,” he said stubbornly and ran past you. “I get first choice!”


As a result of boredom, you and your boyfriend Chen had decided to go to the new arcade in town and challenge each other. Since you’re both incredibly competitive people, you just had to have some sort of competition going on.

Loser has to buy dinner. Game on.

For the first twenty minutes, you and Chen played several games either together or individually. Your points in the arcade were automatically added to your game card each time, and in the end, you would both cash in your cards and find out who had earned more points.

“Jagiyah, let’s play this!” Chen said and grabbed your hand, pulling you towards a racing game in the middle of the arcade. It was a two-player game with two motorcycles in front of the huge screen that showed the map. “I think I’ll do good in this one,” he said confidently and hopped onto one of the motorcycles.

“Well let’s find out,” you said and swiped your card into the game right before hopping on the motorcycle.

Chen stared at you and kicked your foot. “Good luck,” he said sweetly.

“Good luck to you too,” you replied before turning your attention back to the screen.

The game started and the two of you were immediately swaying back and forth, trying to move through the course smoothly and go over any obstacles you faced. You both shouted and exclaimed random things at times as random things happened.

“Last lap!” Chen exclaimed.

“I’m first!” You said happily and stared at the screen.

“Not for long!”
Few minutes later, and you could already see the finish line in the game. You were just about to cross it when another motorcycle behind you had crashed into you. “What the heck?” you blurted out. “Chen, I swear if that was you-“

Sure enough, you saw Chen’s motorcycle speeding ahead on the screen and he ended up crossing the finish line first. “Yes!” he shouted and threw his arms up victoriously. “I am a winner!”

You frowned and sat up on the motorcycle, staring at your boyfriend, who was literally doing a happy dance in the middle of the arcade. “Jongdae,” you whined. “Can you please stop dancing like that in public? There are people staring.”

“You’re just jealous because I’m the Chensing Machine and you’re not.”

“Can we not talk about this?”

“Jealous is the ugliest trait, jagiyah.” He beamed and went to go search for another game.

You shook your head and stared at your childish boyfriend. He was a strange one.


“Hey, Chen!”

He stopped in his tracks and spun around to look at you. “Yeah?”

“I bet I can get a higher score than you at Pac-Man.” You stared at the Pac-Man machine in the corner of the room and knew that it would be the one thing you would totally beat him at.

He scoffed and sped past you towards the Pac-Man game. “Watch me, jagiyah.” He sauntered over to the game machine and slid his card through the slot. You stood nearby and watched him as the game began.

He did good at first, getting his pac-man to eat all of the little dots and avoid the ghosts. But then, of course, he ran into the ghosts and the game was over.

Chen stared at the game ridiculously. “What?” he exclaimed and stood back. “Jagiyah, this game is rigged!”

You chuckled and shook your head. “It’s not rigged, you just lost, Chen. Don’t be a sore loser.” You stepped forward and swiped your card into the slot.

“But you’re supposed to eat the ghosts, aren’t you?”

“You eat them when they all turn blue, not when they’re all colorful.”

Chen shut his mouth and looked down at the floor sheepishly. You bit your lip to keep from laughing. He was too cute.

When it was your turn to play, you made it through fifteen levels without losing. Eventually though, you had lost all your lives and the game ended.

“Whoo, that was fun,” you said and stepped back. When you turned to look at Chen, he was staring at the screen in bewilderment with his jaw practically on the floor. You frowned and closed his mouth. “You’ll catch fleas, Chen. Close your mouth.”


As the night was beginning to wind down, the two of you were starting to become more and more tired. You walked over to Chen and rested your head on his shoulder. “One more game?” you asked.

“Sounds like a plan. Then we’ll see who the loser really is.” He smirked and kissed your forehead before grabbing your hand and intertwining your fingers as the two of you wandered around the arcade.

Eventually, your eyes fell on the claw crane game on the far side of the arcade. You gasped and tugged on Chen’s arm. “Chen, I know it isn’t technically a game we can beat each other at, but can you please get me a prize?” you asked and dragged him towards the machine.

There were a bunch of little stuffed animals inside the machine, but the one that caught your eye was the purple bear in the center. You pointed at it and said, “ChenChen, can you win me that one?”

Chen stared at the machine and nodded confidently. “Of course I can,” he answered and swiped his card in the slot.

You stood nearby and stared at that purple bear as Chen began to maneuver the crane around. You watched as he stuck his tongue out cutely and concentrated. He stopped the crane right in the middle and then pressed the button.

The crane fell down and closed around the stuffed bear’s arm.

Chen smiled proudly and waited for the crane to pull up the bear.

But of course, it didn’t. The arm slipped away and nothing had come out.

“What the heck?” Chen said in disbelief. “Jagiyah, this game is rigged.”

You sighed. “You think everything is rigged, Jongdae.” You grabbed his hand and pulled him away from the machine before he could whine anymore.


“Ready?” Chen asked and walked towards the front counter with his card in his hand.

You nodded. “I’m ready.” You reached the counter and handed over your card to one of the people that worked there. Chen did the same and you two watched anxiously as the person scanned both cards.

Chen was literally jumping in his place like a little kid. You stared at him and chuckled, hitting him playfully in the chest. “Somebody’s excited,” you observed.

He smiled and grabbed hold of you by the waist, pulling you closer.

The person behind the counter held up your card and said, “One thousand eight hundred and thirty nine points on this one.” He dropped the card on the table.

Chen’s jaw dropped. “Wow,” he said under his breath, suddenly losing confidence.

Your hands flew to your mouth and you prayed that Chen had gotten a much lower score. The guy behind the counter scanned Chen’s card and fumbled around with the computer in front of him. “This one has….” He paused and pressed several buttons on the screen. “One thousand eight hundred and forty two points.”

For a second, the two of you stayed silent, neither of you believing the outcome.

Then, Chen threw his arms up in victory and began doing his happy dance again. Your shoulders fell and you frowned. You had really thought that you would beat him.

Now you had to buy dinner for the both of you, and you could barely afford anything decent.

“I won! I won!” Chen cheered and danced all over the arcade.

“Chen, Chen, stop it,” you whined. “Can you please leave the dancing for the studio or something?”

Chen stopped dancing and threw his arm around you. “I won, therefore you have to buy dinner.”

“Oh, don’t remind me, I’m aware.” You stared at the ground and searched your pocket for any money. “I could buy you McDonald’s or something,” you offered. “That’s about all I can afford right now.”

Chen smiled and leaned his head on your shoulder. “I won’t make you pay,” he mumbled. “What kind of a boyfriend would I be, making my girlfriend pay?” He reached into his pocket and pulled out his wallet. “Don’t worry jagiyah, I’ll buy you whatever you want to eat.”

“Chen, you don’t-“

“No, but I want to,” he cut you off before you could even finish your sentence. He pulled away and grabbed your hands. “I love you,” he said and leaned forwards to kiss your lips.

You smiled and threw your arms around his neck. “I…love….you…too,” you said in between breaks.

“I still won though,” Chen pointed out and threw his arm around you, leading you towards the front door. “That means you should at least do something for me.”

“What do you want me to do?”

Chen smirked and craned his neck, trying to think of something.

“I swear, Jongdae,” you said. “I will not fulfill any of your weird, perverted fantasies.”

“Who said they were weird and perverted?”

“Nobody has to say it, it’s pretty clear when it comes to you!”

“Fine then,” he said stubbornly and opened the door for you. “Give me time, I’ll think of something.”

“And I am not showering you with comments over your dancer, so don’t even try.”

“Dammit,” he muttered and walked up to you again.

You smiled to yourself and leaned into his touch. You loved this idiot more than anyone in the world.

I cannot even explain how badly I want a relationship with Kim Jongdae. JONGDAE, BE MINE PPLLEEEAAASEEE