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this is for @toewsaf who asked someone to write a 1988 fic based on a text convo between her and @19trash88

Jonny: [picture of tiny sprouting green tomatoes]
Jonny: Day 9

Patrick: my sister’s driving and looked over and asked me why someone’s sending me pics of vegetables 

Jonny: ???
Jonny: why is she looking over while driving? 

Patrick: we’re in traffic
Patrick: chill 

Jonny: tell her to keep her eyes on the road. Is she crazy?

Patrick: aww nice to know you care about me :)

[Incoming call…Jonny Bootilicious Toews]

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Could this  scream “1985″ any louder? Oh god, the memories. Not that I ever got my own hair this big (I was 13, in the midst of a massive awkward phase, and with an unfortunate mullet that looked nowhere near this rad thanks to a 100% failed attempt to have feathered hair. But anyway). I LOVE the Thompson Twins. This song especially.

This old life seemed much too long
With little point in going on
I couldn’t think of what to say
Words just vanished in the haze
I was feeling cold and tired
Yeah kinda sad and uninspired
But when it almost seemed too much
I see your face
And sense the grace
And feel the magic in your touch

Because everything comes back to Sherlock, this song makes me think of Sherlock and John. 

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if you get political - do it with an aesthetic gif

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2017 World Championships || Yuzuru Hanyu, “Hope and Legacy

126.12 TES + 97.08 PCS → 223.20 (world record)


#Can we talk about this kiss in the promo for just one sec? #Bc I know we’ve gotten some fluff in the last eps but this right here… #He’s actually kissing her like it’s the last time #It’s not a peck, it’s not too passionate but still is #His little reassuring smile before the kiss #The way he cups her face and brings her closer #The way he lifts his head up #I think it’s before his secret is revealed though #Just one more kiss before everything changes #Just one last kiss before he finds out who he was on Daxam #Just one last kiss before the storm #I’m not crying yOU ARE