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“Lay Your Hands On Me” by Bon Jovi

New Jersey (1988)

Under the Sea

Summary: The Avengers take a trip to the zoo. Bucky teaches the reader Russian words for the animals.

Follow-up to “Kiss the Girl.”
Catch up here.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Words: 2088

A/N: here’s hoping this makes up for all the damage done by Lost and Found ;)

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“Don’t say it.”

“Hey, Wilson…”

“Barnes, I swear to God.”

You giggled, hiding behind the palm of your hand while the two men bickered. Sam’s eyes narrowed into a mistrustful glare, knowing full well what Bucky’s teasing was leading to. You tugged your hand out of Bucky’s, yanking the sleeves of your sweater over your hands as you near the edge of the wooden bridge, looking over the side into the water. The cool autumn sun made the surface shine, drawing the attention of the hundred or so birds flying around you. Bucky didn’t react to your withdrawal, shoving his hands deep in his pockets while he continued walking the length of the bridge with Sam.

“I didn’t know you were having a family reunion,” Bucky snickered. You didn’t have to look at them to know Sam had flipped him off and shot him the side-eye.

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me deciding to get overwatch because even my nonpvp friends bought it: -watches character playstyle vids- I WANNA PLAY MERCY SO BAD.

me being a mercy main after getting the game:
me: :D
pharah: hello
pharah: lets keep the skies clear– together.
me: -clutches caduceus staff tightly- ❤️ :u


I Give Up - part 14 (A Baekhyun Series)

Your hand was lifted and sandwiched between two giant hands and you were met with an enthusiastic grin with way too many teeth. The guy was too tall and he crouched down in front of you to meet your gaze as your boyfriend, Baekhyun shuffled on his feet next to you.

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Hello Sweet Susie... I was thinking ... Could we talk about fucking Harry after a concert? 😈

When he’s all sweaty and hyped from the crowd. So like he just grabs your hand and pulls you somewhere. Maybe under the stage since everywhere else is filled with people.

The minute he gets you somewhere private his mouth is on yours in deep hungry kisses. The kinds of kisses that are purposeful. His hands are squeezing anything he touches on your body.

He finally whirls your around, mumbling something about not being able to wait. “Been thinking about this since Clouds.”
First some attention to your boobs as he pushes your shirt up and the cups of your bra down and palms you for a few minutes.

Then you’re pulling your own leggings down while he’s undoing his jeans. You bend over willingly, turning to watch as he drags his hand over his tongue and wets the tip of his cock a bit. He spreads his hand out on your ass and pushes into you, a deep groan out of his lungs as his head falls back.

He’s got a lazy smile on his face. Because you feel better than he fantasized about when he was onstage thinking about this.

I have never thought about this myself.

I left a part of myself inside
your hands & though you’ve
been making fists at me ever
since, I’m still trying to bury
the parts of you the wind sold
in poems & songs; you make
my dreams better than my
daydreams have ever been.
Darling, don’t call me beautiful
if you have never kissed winter,
for my hands will break your
smile; if drowning in those eyes
is a blessing, baby, you’re already
everywhere I have

yet to go


Isaac x Reader

Warnings: smut, heavy petting, Scott’s bad timing

Requested By Anon

You weren’t sure if you could find the words to describe how much you hated Scott at this very moment. It was blisteringly hot so you’d flung your windows open, the ceiling fan going, your entire body almost melting into the slight relief of heat.

Just when you threw back the covers and stripped, slipping on the tiniest nightie you owned, a gift from Lydia that you swore too never wear. Scott sent Isaac to check on you. He was too busy silently climbing into your room to notice you scramble for a baggy t-shirt and dive for your bed to cover yourself.

“(Y/N)?” Isaac whispered.

It wasn’t the first night Isaac had been sent to watch over you. You’d become accustom to the lanky wolf sleeping somewhere in your room. More often than not you’d wake up with your legs tangled around his waist, his head resting on your stomach, hands reaching up to tangle with the end of your hair.

“Isaac why’re you here so late?” You asked through a yawn.

“I think the real question is why are you awake so late?” Isaac chuckled as he settled down next to you.

“It’s too hot to sleep.” You complained.

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// GA concerts with Calum //
General admission concert with Calum, where you’re pressed together from everyone else around you and being ok with it. Where he’s got an arm around your waist and a beer in the other hand in the air as he sings his heart out with the band on stage. Where he makes sure to hold your hand so that you don’t get pushed or pulled away from him. Where you can taste salt from the sweat on his skin when you kiss his neck. Where he takes several videos throughout the concert of you jumping around while holding his hand as you sing at the top of your lungs. Where you make your way to the back of the crowd to breathe when it gets too hot. Where he shakes off his jacket and takes off your flannel to cool down. Where he lifts you up onto his shoulders so that you can see. Where the two of you pass back and forth his bottle of beer until you finish it and raise the empty glass in the air. Where you would have the best nights of your life, with him. 

raise your hand if you still don’t understand the motivations of the people on Team Cap in cacw.


Simple commissions?

I’ll take some more if you guys got any. 

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Could you do dating headcannons for Stefan Salvatore, please and thank you?

  • X
  • He’s a great boyfriend. He puts in a lot of effort to your relationship and really does give it everything.
  • He likes public affection - kissing you, holding your hand and just being close to you in public - but he loves private affection. He loves showing you just how important and beautiful you are to him.
  • He trusts you with all of his secrets. He tells you about his past - about his ripper self - he tells you and he’s ashamed of it but he wants you to know everything about him.
  • His cuddles can make everything a bit better.
  • Stefan is always there to help you. Always. It doesn’t matter what it is or what time it is, he’s always there to help.
  • He tries to keep you safe and tries to protect you all the time. He needs you to be okay so he is really protective over you.
  • Damon constantly teases the two of you and annoys you both.
  • He’s takes you on spontaneous dates and buys you small, meaningful gifts to remind you about how much he loves you.
  • He loves running his thumb over your hand when you’re holding hands.
  • He loves cuddling you and holding you close to him.
  • He sends sweet texts throughout the day to you.
  • Stefan tries so hard and puts so much effort and time into your relationship because it’s the most important thing to him and he doesn’t know what he’d do without you.

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We’re rich, but sometimes we forget because our hands are empty, our pockets are empty. We got mountains, trees, rivers all around us, man we got the sun and birds - we are rich! It’s easy to forget when there’s nothing in your hands or in your pockets…
—  Hayes
Alone (11)

prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven; part eight; part nine; part ten; part eleven;

You were beyond nervous, pacing the length of your apartment with a warm cup of chamomile tea in your hands. After Chanyeol had dropped you home, you took a shower and changed into old gym shorts and a baggy t-shirt: all the while butterflies were flitting around in your stomach. The tea was supposed to calm your nerves but it wasn’t helping.

When the doorbell suddenly rang loud, you jumped out of your skin, spilling tea down your hand. “Come in,” you said through the intercom, buzzing the building door open. Knowing he was so close had panic setting in. You downed your tea in one long gulp and dropped your mug into the sink, hurrying to the door just as someone knocked.

Swinging it open, you found Chanyeol on the other side, looking as handsome as when he left you. “I’m here for the sleepover,” he said casually, holding up a small holdall in his hand.

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Raise your hands to the sky, blood on your lips, heart in your fists. Red smoke amongst pale clouds, painting the victories you don't yet have, shake failure from your skin before it sinks it's teeth too deep. There's sparks at the tip of your tongue, just say the right words, inflection is reflection of the meanings you pull from their eyes. And love isn't enough, but you're higher than a kite and they won't bring you down // A girl who wrote lions (Love your Sirius aesthetic, so I wrote this?)

((OOC: So this is what I was feeling when I make it? Like forreal.))