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Let’s appreciate how almost all of You’s screen time in Episode 8 was devoted to her saying “Chika-chan…” and giving Chika worried looks.


creativecockbitesnetwork prompts: teams and typography.


There are two different types of people in this world. There’s Ken who cut the watermelon in half using his hand and then there’s Leo who grabs the watermelon using his unwashed hand ^^

    a look of distaste latches on the emperor’s eldritch features. the nerve of a student to ask such a daring question as if the answer hadn’t been clear. but perhaps his apprentice truly didn’t know, nor was she expecting this unfortunate term of events, but he had no room of failure. no room for mercy, and no room to waste time as the samurai waged war against his misdeeds with divine ones.

    the girl had potential, but she was not of his kind. she is one born of the purpose to mingle with others. a being, not a mere entity or an idea such as himself. she was not immortal like he, nor was she as powerful. but she could be turned into a weapon; such is his agenda. and such will be the way as long as she trained under his iron fist.

    ❛ of course i got rid of him !
            he became useless to my cause, what was i supposed to do ?

                                                                 —- don’t tell me you cared for the fool.

    ❛ i will have you know that there is no room for sympathy in my palace; nor is there redemption at such poor service. DEMONGO might have been your friend, and it was because of my poor judgement that both of you were authorized to build an unnecessary relationship —- but he was a fool to underestimate the samurai.

    he lead himself down the path of being defeated, and you would do well to remember that for your own future in my court. bonds lead to weakness, to the destruction of your strength and power. you are not weak, are you ? no. i didn’t think so. otherwise i’d have snapped you like a twig myself long ago. ❜

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“Where did you… get this?”

Steven found Jasper’s cloak, and a few other things, while they were cleaning up the ship fragments. He wasn’t sure if he should have kept it, but it seems to help Peridot feel a little more secure, so he’s glad he held on to it.