your hairrrrrr

BTS Reaction: You have super soft hair

Namjoon: *Namshook mode activated* “Your hair is so soft I can play with it all day but did you know…” *then comes in smart ass Namjoon and you wanna kinda run away*

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Jin: “Jagiya teach me your secrets!!” *Ends up buying all the products you use just to look even more handsome with his soft hair*

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Yoongi: “Yoongi feel my hair it’s so soft” “Yeah yeah, let me sleep I’m tired” *ends up not really caring and having a blank facial expression*

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Hoseok: “Omo omo omo it’s so soft” *You get up to get some water* “Yah hey get back here!!!”

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Jimin: *giggly Jimin* “Your hair is so soft…but my hair is softer” “Jimin, I’m gonna ignore you” “Was I talking about my hair?? I mean your hair it’s so much softer than mine”

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Taehyung: *Turns into a 4 year old* “I loveeeeeeee your hairrrrrr”

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Jungkook: “Can we stay in bed all day just so I can feel your soft hair?”

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