your hair

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Fred Weasley, peace, please? Thanks <3

Sure thing, Anon!

I couldn’t decide which version I liked better, so here you have both.

I hope you like it :)

( I used this color palette by @plastic-knife )

My soul aches for the sound of your voice,
your unruly smile
your ember eyes
your unkempt hair
your childish laugh
your intoxicating scent
your deepest thoughts
your darkest secrets
your biggest fears
your best moments
your happiness
your everything

I just want you


“He’s getting faster…” You mused distractedly, causing Hunter to turn his gaze away from the viewing window and look to you. With a bright smile, you swept your eyes away from Barry and reached out to touch him; coiling a reassuring hold around Hunter’s arm - one that made Harrison’s shoulders tense with anticipation as he gripped his rifle and watched you interact with a man who had previously kidnapped you. “Thank you.”

“Yeah… Barry’ll do more with the speedforce than I ever could. So..” He responded slowly, flashing you a sad smile. “I guess this is goodbye.”

“Bye, Felicia…” Cisco growled, standing behind you with his arms firmly fixed over his chest; a Twizzler hanging from his mouth.

Rolling your eyes, you angled yourself toward Harry and Cisco… “Can you two give us a minute?”

“No…” Came Harrison’s hard-nosed reply.

“It’s okay, Harry.” You said with a smile. “Please.”

And then, Cisco and Harrison were reluctantly moving toward the door; shooting anxious glances back and forth between you and Hunter before Harry lifted his gun strap over his shoulder and shoved it to your chest. “You know how to use it…” 

“We’ll be right outside…” Cisco started, glancing toward Hunter with a righteous fury you never knew he possessed. “Holler if he goes full Hannibal on you.”

With your arms gawkily coiling around the butt of the weapon, you nodded and watched as the two shuffled out of the room, shooting Hunter glares as they went…

“I don’t actually plan on shooting this thing at you.” You teased once your watchdogs were finally out of ear shot.

“Good to know.”

Gnawing against your bottom lip, your gaze fixated on the saddest pair of eyes you’d ever seen before drawing in a deep breath and saying, “Please don’t go. We can help you… Caitlin and Harry can keep messing with V-9. They’ll find a way to-”

“Without that speed, I’m dying, Y/N…” Hunter said bluntly, shaking his head and stepping toward you. “And with all the horrible things I’ve done to this team - to you… They’re not going to want to help me.”

“That’s not true.”

“Even if they’d be big enough to bury the hatchet and fix me, that doesn’t change the fact that I’m no good for you.”

“I don’t care about that…” You frowned at the way your voice sounded; low and  unsteady. “I want you here.”

Hunter huffed through a forced laugh and said, “l guess beauty killed the beast after all, huh?”

“Hunter…” You pleaded quietly, feeling a hot mess of tears starting well in your eyes. “Stay.”

“I can’t…” His gaze lingered for a moment - just long enough for you to sink into the depths of those strangely beautiful eyes, dark and wild as they were. “I love you…” He finally said. “I hope you know that.”

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