your hair was so great

Feminine boy appreciation rn. You are cute. And awesome. And just as much a man. Whether cis or trans. You work that makeup. Strut in those heels. Work that outfit whatever it is. You look hot and you get me week in my knees. Keep it up boys 😜


This is the first edit and character I post on this blog and her name is Annie. I think she’s cute and I thought that maybe others would too idk??

But yeah she’s a unicorn, is very outgoing and loves making friends.

All of the CC I’ve used is in my CC I USE tag! ♥♥♥

anonymous asked:

Hiii! What is your favourite hair look on Louis?? So many choices. Also favourite outfits?? Have a great day :)

Ohhh i have a LOT of both I cannot choose. I’d say soft fringe or natural styled hair, and ONE of my favourite outfits on him must be: 

or this one

or this one too

im in pain

  • Lexa: Aden, this is Clarke.
  • Aden: Wow, you're as beautiful as Heda said. She always talks about you and how pretty your eyes are and how pretty your hair is and how great you smell.
  • Lexa: ....
  • Clarke: ....
  • Lexa: *blushes*
  • Aden: So are you guys my moms now?

Eva Green & Josh Hartnett :: Penny Dreadful Premiere - Flicks And The City interviews

*looks mean but is actually v soft* o(*´ ᵕ `*)o (also i got 2 more nostril piercings since i last submitted n i love them!!) stay tuned @constant–wanderlust

You mean *looks cute but is actually… super cute* I love your piercings man, they look awesome! Do you want anymore? You just look handsome and dashing as always! I love it, you look so great and just wonderful, dude. Your hair, your glasses, your eyebrows, your piercings, your sense of style! It’s all just! Incredible! I hope you’re having a lovely day, soft boy <3

This is a selfie from my birthday cause I got my haircut the day before and I also look hella rad, which isn’t very common (farewell, emo-bieber hair, you wont be missed). I’m Nico or Nick, whichever. 15, demiguy/transguy (still not 100% sure) he/him pronouns. ((pssst, my blog is @bored-and-weird13 so just say hi is ya wanna chat))

This trans guy absolutely adores your blog, and figured it was time I submitted instead of lurking, heh. Danny, 17, he/they. My blog is the-trash-stash, if anyone wants to give me a follow, or message! I’m always open to talk ❤

This blog absolutely adores you! You’re so super handsome Danny oh my god you have such an endearing smile and just! Oh my god! Your hair looks so wonderful and you look so great and I’m just speechless dude, you’re so frickin’ handsome. Thank you so much for submitting your cute self! Please feel free to submit any time you want. You’re always welcome here and I’m glad you like it <3 Hope you’re having a lovely day Danny