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I know Steve gets in a lot of dumb fights now, but what was the stupidest fight he got into pre-serum?

we grew up mostly during the prohibition, when alcohol was illegal. i mean, it was still pretty easy to get your hands on some, because people like alcohol, but most of it tasted awful, because it was home-brewed to be as strong as possible.
anyway, stevie and i got a bit of some really terrible hooch and squirreled ourselves away to get drunk. it took steve about four drinks to be totally wasted, and it turns out steve is a pretty entertaining drunk, with crazy fast mood swings and a tendency to want to touch things, just to see how they felt. he was wandering around the apartment trying to figure out if dark colors or light colors felt better, and he wanted to see if my hair–a nice dark color, versus his light blonde–felt nice. so i let him run his hand over the top of my head, and i was teasing him because he had all the fine motor control of a baby, so he’d made a mess of my hair. i think i said something like ‘my hair’s terrible now, stevie, and now nobodys gonna respect me’ and steve went ‘NO!! you have nice hair bucky your hair is GREAT it is SO GREAT.’ which was nice of him, because my hair really was a mess.

 and then he punched me.

he punched me several times. 

drunk steve is not much of a brawler so he didnt do much damage before i tipped him over and sat on him. it wasnt much of a fight. but if youre looking for stupid, attacking me to defend my own hair is probably one for the history books.

sometimes i miss wee steve, because big steve thinks my hair is ridiculous. i bet if tiny drunk steve were around, hed try and fight captain america to defend my hair’s honor. now that’d be a fight worth watching

I feel like Percy would wear a bucket hat ironically at first, but then he ends up really liking how it keeps his dark hair from not searing his hand whenever he touches it during the summer 

and Annabeth likes the way it looks on him and so does he

Hard To Tell - Jeff Atkins/Reader

chapter 6: confession

word count: 1890

tagged list: ( i have to work on this,, again )

chapter 1 - chapter 2 - chapter 3 - chapter 4 - chapter 5 - chapter 6 ( you’re here! )

When you went to school the next day, you received stares. Does that come as a shock? When you were rifling through your locker, two hands were placed on your hips.

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This is the first edit and character I post on this blog and her name is Annie. I think she’s cute and I thought that maybe others would too idk??

But yeah she’s a unicorn, is very outgoing and loves making friends.

All of the CC I’ve used is in my CC I USE tag! ♥♥♥

Taehyung trying to tell Y/N he likes her (FT. BTS ruining the mood {FLUFF})
  • Taehyung and Y/N are seated on a blanket in the middle of the living room for a picnic Tae set up.
  • Taehyung: So Y/N, we've been friends for a while and I've been wanting to tell you... I-
  • Jungkook: Hey guys what do you think of my new hair color?
  • Y/N: Aww Kookie! I love it!
  • Taehyung: Yeah it looks great. Now go show Jimin.
  • Jungkook: Okay.
  • Jungkook goes off to find Jimin.
  • Taehyung: As I was saying, Y/N, I love being friends with you but I want us to be m-
  • Hoseok: Have you guys seen Joonie?
  • Y/N: He went to the covience store?
  • Hoseok: oh yeah? We were supposed to go out. I guess I'll just wait for him with you guys.
  • Hoseok plops down on the blanket and squeezes in-between Y/N and Taehyung.
  • Y/N: So Taehyung what were you saying?
  • Taehyung: Umm.. I.. I-
  • Jin: I smell food.
  • Yoongi: Is that a picnic? Why wasn't i invited?
  • Hoseok: Don't feel too bad, I invited myself by sitting down.
  • Taehyung: Actually this is only supposed to be for Y/N and-
  • Y/N: Of course you guys are welcome to join us!
  • Yoongi sits down next to Jin who has already begun digging into the food much to Taehyung's dismay. Jungkook runs back in
  • Hoseok: So Taetae, what were you going to say to Y/N?
  • Taehyung: ....
  • Jungkook: JIMIN IS DEAD TO ME!
  • Jimin: Kookie you are being dramatic.
  • Jungkook: Don't call me Kookie! You said my hair looked "OKAY", what does that even mean?
  • Jin: (Mouthful) That's harsh Jimin.
  • Hoseok: Yeah, below the belt.
  • Jimin: UGH!! It just means in looks fine.
  • Jungkook: *Cringes
  • Yoongi: Wow, that's just cruel Jimin.
  • Y/N: Yeah, seriously Chim, who hurt you?
  • Taehyung: Look Jungkook your hair isn't that great but since you are so sensitive, Jimin, just apologize. And Hoseok I think Namjoon said he wants you to meet him downstairs so just go already. And Jin and Yoongi, please find something to do with your lives anywhere else but here!
  • The members scatter out of the room mumbling;
  • Hoseok: Could have said something earlier..
  • Yoongi: And I though Jimin was rude.
  • Jin: Sheesh, I was just hungry...
  • Jimin: And they thought I was rude..
  • Jungkook: (Voice -breaking, tears streaming) Sensitive? Pshh? What's that? Sensitive.
  • Now its just Tae and Y/N
  • Y/N: Tae, are you okay? That was kind of rude.
  • Taehyung: (Sighs) I know its just they were intruding and I needed time alone to tell you..(Sigh)
  • Y/N: Tell me what?
  • Taehyung: Nothing just forget it.
  • Y/N: Well, I have something I want to tell you too. I love hanging out with you but I don't want to hang out as friends anymore. I like you Tae.
  • Taehyung: Are you serious?! Y/N, I've been trying to tell you that I like you!
  • Taehyung pulls you in for a hug.
  • Jungkook returns.
  • Jungkook: Sorry to interrupt but, do you really not like my hair because I need to knowwww.
  • ~Armygirl
A God, A King. My King.

Thanks to @madman-with-a-snogbox for the idea.

English is not my native language! Aaaaaand I used parts of Imagine Dragons’s Monster lyrics. 

Paring: Loki x reader

Warnings: fluff, angst

Summary: You go on a date with Loki, and enjoy the night fully. When you get back, something seems to bother him. 

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You took a final look in the mirror. The long, black dress hugged your curves in a perfect way, the lace sleeves making you look strong, but feminine, your green heels made you look taller than you actually were. You looked perfect.

Suddenly someone knocked on your door. You walked over and opened it, to find Loki in a black suit, hair laid back. His green tie caught your attention, and you wanted to pull him close and never let go of him. His mouth curved into a smile when he saw you.

“You look marvelous, love.” He said, his eyes lit up.

“You don’t look that bad yourself, god.” You teased. He smirked at the ‘nickname’ you had given him. He was, after all, a god.

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College Party Head Canons - Haikyuu!! Version

AN: Since I responded to the first anon about drinking and being sad about Ushijima, I thought about hcs of what some of the older characters would be like at a party LOL THIS ISN’T THE EVENT I WANTED TO PLAN, THO, SO NO WORRIES, this is just something fun and small

for some reason I only did HQ characters I’m sorry but if you want KnB characters, too, lemme know LOL

WARNING: Alcohol mention!

pls drink responsibly


  1. Was dragged along against his will because Bokuto really wanted to go
  2. Has never drank alcohol before, let alone go to a party
  3. Stumbled upon punch and had at least 5 cups and on his way to the 6th he was like, “Bokuto-san, I think there’s something wrong with this drink….”
  4. And Bokuto’s like, “Akaashi! How many cups of jungle juice have you had!?”
  5. And Akaashi’s like, “This juice is from the jungle?”
  6. Looooves kissing, so he’ll be giving kisses left and right.
  7. He can surprisingly handle himself well, so despite being his first time, he’s well off, but Bokuto has to help him walk a little bit.
  8. He’s more talkative when drunk, but otherwise more or less same. Smiles a bit more, if anything.


  1. The one that hogs the beer pong table and remains “king of the court”
  2. He’s the overly friendly “host-of-the-house-but-not-really” guy that tilts your head back and puts the bottle to your mouth to drink.
  3. Fully believes in liquid courage to talk to people he finds attractive.
  4. Drinks more when he gets rejected LOL
  5. Very cuddly to everyone! It’s very cute, actually. Everyone at the party enjoys Bokuto’s hugs and little kisses.
  6. Is the tank out of the whole group; he can outdrink everyone and still be literate, aside from Ushihima (it takes Ushijima a loootttt to feel anything)
  7. Bokuto’s just a wildcard and the type of drunk he is really depends on his mood. If he had a good day, he’ll be very affectionate and still just as loud, but if he’s not feeling well, he’ll spend a lot of the time in the bathroom crying with Akaashi and Kuroo waiting outside the door.


  1. He’s very sensitive to hard liquor, but a tank with beer. Two shots and he’s done, but he needs like ten beers to feel something.
  2. A bit of a wallflower when it comes to parties, mostly because he doesn’t care for dancing or hooking up.
  3. Stumbles around to find the best partner skills-wise to play beer pong with.
  4. Even when drunk, he gets nervous going into the closet to make out with someone for 7 minutes, but he never regrets going in. He got a blow job once.
  5. Thinks drunk sex is the best sex he’s ever had. Because of that, if he finds someone he likes, he’ll be whispering dirty things in their ear as they talk and tries to take people home.
  6. At one party, the house owners owned a cat, and he stayed with the cat the whole night while Kuroo fetched his alcohol for him.
  7. He’s the “acting tough” drunk, trying to convince everyone that he’s all right. Most likely to be carried out by Bokuto and Kuroo while Oikawa opens the door to a Lyft LOL


  1. Definitely making out with someone within minutes of everyone coming in.
  2. If he’s not making out with someone, he’ll be facillitating or playing a game of 7 Minutes in Heaven, Truth or Dare, or Spin the Bottle.
  3. Does beer bongs for fun because he’s weird like that.
  4. Likes to throw out compliments to everyone he sees; “You look great in that dress~”, “Your hair looks so good today~”, “You’re so cute and pink from the alcohol~!” He likes to whisper them veeerryy closely in your ear.
  5. Eats all the snacks.
  6. Wears a bro tank because he knows the house is gonna be warm with all the body heat, but he doesn’t mind.
  7. He’s also the affectionate drunk, but the nsfw affectionate LOL but he can’t help it! Because he likes hugging everyone, his actions look like he’s a wobbly drunk.


  1. The eye candy of the party; everyone wants to be taken home by this man heh.
  2. The socialite; he likes to say his hellos to everyone before grabbing a drink.
  3. Spends most of his time on the dance floor grinding and dancing with everyone.
  4. The lightweight LOL he can only handle a few drinks at a time.
  5. After those few drinks, he likes to give everyone kisses on the cheek because he’s so happy!
  6. Takes lots of pictures and snapchats of the party to show everyone what they’re missing out.
  7. Uses beer pong as a scheme to get close to someone he thinks is cute.
  8. He’ll kiss/make out with people at the party, but refuses to “take someone home” unless they’re a friend.
  9. He’s very giggly and cute when he’s drunk. His words slur a little, but his smile is so big and bright!


  1. Oh, man, is this guy the life of the party or what.
  2. He likes to be the dj at parties because he likes being the center of attention.
  3. Isn’t really into hard liquor, so he’ll take a beer. Loves shotgunning beers.
  4. Participates in 7 Mins/T or D/Spin the Bottle, also. Personally, he prefers 7 Mins in Heaven because he can do a lot more in 7 minutes.
  5. He’s the one in everyone’s snapchat stories because he’s super cool and everyone knows who he is.
  6. The one that knows all the cool dance moves so he kills it and hypes it up on the dance floor
  7. Terushima knows what he wants, so when he sees someone he likes, he has tunnel vision and sets his eyes on them and stays with them the entire night until he can crack them with his charm.
  8. To be honest, even when drunk, he’s almost exactly the same. Sometimes people can’t tell if he’s drunk or not because he doesn’t change.


  1. This little shit is a tank in its truest form. It takes so much to get him to feel anything. Sometimes he leaves the party that way and he gets pouty and disappointed.
  2. More interested in the drinking games because of his naturally competitive nature.
  3. Doesn’t like beer and doesn’t like mixed drinks because they’re not strong enough and he always has to pee, so he prefers hard liquor.
  4. Outdrinks anyone and everyone. No one dares to challenge him because they enjoy their life.
  5. When he does feel something, he gets louder and more talkative. His form of affection is slinging his arm around someone’s shoulder and leaning on them a little bit for support.
  6. If he sees someone he likes at a party, he kabedons them because he doesn’t know social skills LOL
  7. His wildest story was taking over the 7 Mins in Heaven closet and spending waaay more than 7 mins with someone in there ~
  8. Always makes Goshiki the designated driver
  9. As a drunk, he whines a lot for some reason? He, too, is a nsfw affectionate drunk.

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How do you get your hair to look/stay so great? I have pretty much the same haircut and mine always fall forward in my face

i’m latina. I have a lot of hair and it’s thick, so it falls differently and can stick up/shape on it’s own without gel or hairspray ✨

voyager, chapter 36

“Ye came back then,” he said softly. “I knew you would.”

I opened my mouth to reply, but he was still talking, eyes fixed on my face, pupils dilated to pools of darkness.

“My love,” he said, almost whispering. “God, ye do look so lovely, wi’ your great eyes all gold, and your hair so soft round your face.” He brushed his tongue across dry lips. “I knew ye must forgive me Sassenach, once you knew.”

Once I knew? My brows shot up, but I didn’t speak; he had more to say.

“I was so afraid to lose ye again, mo chridhe,” he murmured.

“So afraid. I havena loved anyone but you, my Sassenach, never since the day I saw ye — but I couldna… I couldna bear…”

His voice drifted off in an unintelligible mumble, and his eyes closed again, lashes lying dark against the high curve of his cheek.

I sat still, wondering what I should do. As I watched, his eyes opened suddenly once again. Heavy and drowsy with fever, they sought my face.

“It willna be long, Sassenach,” he said, as though reassuring me. One corner of his mouth twitched in an attempt at a smile.

“Not long. Then I shall touch ye once more. I do long to touch you.”

“Oh, Jamie.” I said. Moved by tenderness, I reached out and laid my hand along his burning cheek.

Comfortable  [ S.R ]

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Request: Can you write something fluff with Captain America?

Word Count: 420 (hA)

Warnings: Fluff?

A/N: This is my first time writing anything for Steve and this kinda sucks and is quite short, I apologize for it. Also, I’ve just closed my requests for the next couple of days only because I’ve just had this influx of requests that I will need to work on while juggling a really important assignment for school. 


Steve groans as he lays his head on your thigh, his eyes screwing shut momentarily. His head pounded painfully and his forehead would hurt if he focused too hard on anything in specific. Your thigh was where he felt most comfortable, with you directly in his line of vision whenever he could afford to keep his eyes open for longer than usual.

Your eyebrows raise as you watch him nuzzle into your leg, his face becoming hidden for a few seconds as he grunts into your leg. It wasn’t a rare occurrence for Steve to have bad headaches; it was pretty common with all the hard hits he would half to fight through as a part of his superhero lifestyle.

“Are you not uncomfortable, Steve?” You ask him, your eyes softly gazing into his as your fingers move themselves to get lost in your boyfriend’s hair. “I’m pretty sure a pillow would be of much more benefit than my leg.”

“No,” He mumbles, flashing you a small smile that looked as if it were on the borderline of a grimace. “I’m perfectly comfortable just like this.”

“Are you sure? I mean, wouldn’t you like to rest your head on something softer–like marshmallow soft?”

“I prefer your leg, Y/N,” Steve forces out a chuckle, the vibrations of the noise tickling your thigh. His arms had managed to wrap themselves around the rest of your leg, his grip soft yet still firm. You could feel his breath on your exposed skin, his eyelashes tickling whenever he would flutter his eyelids.

“Come on, Steve,” You roll your eyes, smiling down at him. “Let’s move you to a pillow, yeah?”




“Why not?” You sigh, your fingers still laced in his light hair. “What’s so great about my leg? A pillow would help ease your headache better than my thigh.”

“I like the view,” He says, his voice muffled by the fabric of your bed shorts. “I can see your face perfectly. You’re so beautiful and I just want to look at you.”

“Thank you.” You blush, your hair falling over your face as your head dips down slightly to maintain better eye contact with Steve. He reaches up, pulling his arm away from your leg and pushing the stray strand away from your face.

“Mm,” He hums, his eyelids fluttering. “I love you.”

“I love you more,” You reply, smiling and tapping his nose lightly with your finger before your hand finds his, your fingers tangling themselves between his own.

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hi i was just wondering why you think kang daniel is so popular and why you love him so much? no shade i like him too i'm just genuinely curious why he's got so many devoted fans (like did i miss like a moment or thing that made everyone fall in love)

hey there!

why you love him so much?

Hmmm so my interest towards Daniel began prior to the show airing, I remember watching the 나야나 (PICK ME) performance and right away Daniel caught my eye. His pink hair and eye smile really stood out to me at the time. 

smol woojin caught my eye too because I though ‘wat, why is there a literal child on stage?’ (he’s my child now though)

At this point in time I hadn’t developed a very strong interest in the show but after seeing Daniel I became curious and thus browsed around youtube until I saw his introduction video. I watched him introduce himself in the absolute worse british accent I’ve ever heard, what the hell is ‘hairy pott?’ nonetheless that video sealed the deal. As the show began airing and we all got see more of Daniel on the screen my interest for him kept growing, we all saw the noisy and hilarious MMO trainees together and we also saw Daniel’s immediate interest in smol woojin. His caring and sweet nature was what really drew me into him. 

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I admired his positive and bubbly attitude, his willingness to do well in singing despite being a rapper and how he offered to help lead the other trainees in memorising the routine. Not to mention his friendship to smol woojin, I know for sure that this moment was what sealed the deal for many other dandan stans. 

why you think kang daniel is so popular? and why he’s got so many devoted fans?

Now we all know that initially Daniel was very much unknown, especially during the first song challenge with Sorry Sorry where Daniel received the lowest score amongst his team members. However a lot of this had changed due to how much positive screen time Mnet had given to Daniel. In the first 2 episodes the MMO trainees had received quite a bit of airtime for their unstoppable commentary (due to fabulous Jisung). Mnet also showcased Daniel’s positive attitude when being challenged to sing despite being a rapper as well as showcasing Daniel stepping up to help lead in choreography practice. The viewers were able to see Daniel’s good vocals and great dancing abilities which showcased him as a strong all rounder. Mnet gave Daniel a lot of positive editing as well as his friendship storyline with smol Woojin which is all crucial for Produce 101 as it keeps him relative and memorable in the public eye . All of these moments really helped showcase to viewers the type of person Daniel was and thus it was easy for many people to view Daniel very positively. 

Originally posted by peudyu101

Despite receiving only 33 points with on site voting for the Sorry Sorry stage Daniels individual fancam drew in worldwide attention, due to his strong on stage confidence, and charisma his fan cam became number 1 on Naver between a large age range of audiences and received numerous of positive comments. 

Originally posted by ong-seungwoo

Also let’s not forget that for concept evaluation Daniel stepped up as the leader and also helped encouraged big Woojin to gain confidence and raise his hand for centre position. Daniel helped choreograph the routine for Get Ugly and also when big Woojin was ranked first for the evaluation Daniel was quick to congratulate him. These few particular moments not only showcased Daniel’s abilities but also allowed viewers to see his selflessness for the team. Daniel’s kindness also gained him fans from the Brand New Music supporters and even casual fans complimented him for helping with Big Woojin. Also during last nights Concept Evaluation performance I believe Daniel once again showcased himself as a talented all rounder, he most certainly impressed many with his stable vocals despite being a rapper, his dancing was also very on point, not to mention Daniel has very strong on stage charisma which had managed to capture attention from a wide range of audiences. 

Originally posted by jisungsyoon

It was due to these chain of events that Daniel’s popularity rose so strongly in a short amount of time. Despite getting himself in some hot water with his ‘cheating’ scandal Daniel’s popularity wasn’t heavily affected and he still managed to stay within the top 11. Also the scandal did blow over quite fast thanks to hewhoshallnotbenamed/hewhoshallbebrillantlyeditedoutbymnet.

also i’m sorry it took me so long to answer, hope i was able to answer your questions well enough xx 

tldr; he looked great with pink hair so everyone liked him, but then he dyed his hair and he still looked great so everyone stayed and then more people liked him 

170331 Ravi Twitter Reply Compilation

T/N: Anything italicized was originally in English!

Look good on you~ 💜
Ravi: Thank U~

I’ll try dyeing my hair purple like purple Ravi💕
Ravi: ㄱㄱㄱ

u look gOOD BOY
Ravi: Thank u~

AhㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠI really like purple thoughㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠOppa, you contacted your hair purple, and it’s so great I think I’ll smash the schoolㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠAh I really love purple Ravi🙆
Ravi: I contacted you? Is this slang I don’t know..?ㅜ
T/N: They seem to have mistakenly typed “contacted” instead of “dyed”.

KyaaaahKyaaa~~~~ There is no color that doesn’t suit youㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I wonder if it’s my mistake that I see pink in betweenㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ It’s pretty and coolㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Ravi: It is two-toned~🙌

ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠHow long has it been since you had black hairㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠIs your hair okay?
Ravi: It’s strong^^👍

Omg…..Amazing…..A comeback is really approaching huhㅜㅜㅜㅜNow it feels real….ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠSo handsomeㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Ravi: thump thump
T/N: This is the sound of a heartbeat.

Wah seriously omg, I can’t say it without saying omg
Ravi: Heoh It’s baby Jaehwanieㅠ
T/N: I assume that at the time the person’s profile pic was of baby Ken.

Hyuk-maniac Ravi-oppa, your hair color now is the same as Hyuk’s was for On and On! It’s pretty💜💜💜

Ravi: He must have copied my hair color in advance because he looks up to me! That guy, seriously. I like you too^^🤗

Colors || Part Two

lin manuel miranda x reader

prompt: it’s anthony’s last performance, and he requests that you come and watch his final show. he isn’t aware that you haven’t stepped in a foot in the city ever since you and lin parted. 

a/n: after procrastinating for so long, here is the final part of colors :)) 

part one


“You have to come Y/N! It’s my last show, I want you to be there.” Anthony begged you, his voice desperate as you groaned and tugged at your hair in frustration.

“Ant, you know how I feel about the city.” You argued, pacing your bedroom as you thought of the memories that you left behind in Manhattan.

“I know that you don’t like the city, but Y/N please.. do this for me, not for Lin.” Ant pleaded, the volume of his words lowering at the mentioning of your ex.

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No work for you (Tom hiddleston - smut)

*IMAGINE* Tom was your husband, and is currently is downstairs watching the TV while you the model, was putting on make up. Your agent just called you scheduling you for an emergency shoot, you wore a bright pink lace bra with matching panties. Since you didn’t have to leave yet you walked down stairs with a black silk robe and your heels in your hand. You didn’t notice that Toms eyes were fixated on you, his eyes traveling up and down your body. You sat down right next to him and started flipping through your phone, until you finally noticed eyes watching you. You slowly lift your head up to meet Tom’s eyes, his mouth was wide open, you looked at him confused because he has always been you this way. Even naked. “Can I help you Mr. Hiddleston?” you teased. “Now that’s not fair.” You giggled, “What’s not fair?” “That you are going to a photo shoot and every man on this earth is going to see this.” “You should not be talking.” you smirked, knowing that there’s a bunch of shirtless or even almost naked pictures of him on the internet. Tom just chuckled still gazing at you body, “I must admit you look rather nice.” “I know.” you said with a sassy smile. Tom smirked sliding a hand farther and farther up your leg while whispering, “Careful darling.” You closed your eyes feeling his hand getting closer, but before touched you Tom switched hands putting the original over the back of the couch and they other to touch you. You moan feeling his fingers getting faster inside of you, he kissed you up and down your neck whispering dirty things in your ear. You could feel your self ready to climax but he removed his fingers and pulled you on his lap. His hands ran up and down your waist as he kissed you, your hands wandered down his pants unbuckling his belt you quickly moved your panties to put him inside you. Your hips moved by themselfs as you wrapped your arms around his neck, Tom laid his head on your shoulder. You could hear his deep moans as his hands grasped tightly around your thighs. “Oh God.” He moaned, you could tell he was ready to climax. “Ready hon?” You asked moving your hips faster. Tom wrapping his arms around your waist pulling you closer was a good enough answer. Letting out a screaming you arched your back and Tom buried his face in your chest. You were covered in sweet, your makeup was ok but your hair. Not so much. “Great, now I have to do my hair again.” You sighed still on his lap. “Or you could stay.” Tom smirked taking his shirt off. Seeing his perfect framed body turned you on more. “Dang it Tom. You know what that does to me.” Tom smiled and lifted you. “I know.” Let’s just say you never made it to the photo shoot.

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Heya! Love your blog to bits <3 you have quite a talent! I was just wondering if you had the time or inclination, if you could write a HC for RFA + V + Saeran finding out MC has an incurable disease. Whether it's terminal or not, up to you- but should it be I'd love to see how they'd spend their last months together. If you don't want to write it, it's cool- many thanks for taking the time to read this!!! And many thanks for your work on this blog too!!! <3

~Of course I will make it terminal because I am morbid and also you guys love the angst lololol so here goes!

{Requests Are Closed}

◉ Yoosung

    • “There’s nothing more we can do, I’m sorry. It’s only a matter of time…”
  • Yoosung had been so hopeful before he heard those words
  • And now he looked into his wife’s eyes
  • Your eyes
  • And he didn’t know what to say
  • He relied on being the happy one
  • The cheerful one
  • The ‘glass half-full’ husband who kept you going
  • And now he was broken
    • “It’s okay, Yoosung…” you brushed your hand on his face
  • He held it to his cheek before breaking down into a sob
  • He wished he could have been stronger for you in that moment
  • He took you home and laid you in bed
  • You were so tired…
  • And after you fell asleep he moved to the living room and called his mom in tears
    • “Mom…” he clenched his fist, “I don’t know what to do,” he sobbed quietly as to not wake you
    • “Yes, you do, honey…”
  • It was such a small thing to say
  •  But it had a huge impact on his heart
  • Yoosung sniffled and nodded, if only to himself
  • He just had to love you…
  • And be there for you
  • While he still could…
  • Then, he could deal with his emotions
  • He could be angry
  • You woke to Yoosung at your bedside
  • A smile on his face and a large plate of breakfast
    • “You don’t have to eat if you’re not hungry,” he hurried to say
    • “It looks delicious,” you really didn’t have an appetite. But you’d never let him know
  • You picked at the food
    • “We have a big day today,” Yoosung smiled
    • “What do you mean?”
  • He had been planning it all night
  • And making phone calls
  • He knew how much you had always wanted a pet
  • But you never asked, because it wasn’t really his thing
    • “Let me show you, hold on,” he got up from the bed and left for a moment
  • When he returned
  • He had a small corgi puppy in his hands
    • “YOOSUNG!” you flung up from the bed
    • “Don’t scare her!” he laughed
  • She was so tiny
    • “She was found on the streets. I’ve been nursing her back to health at the clinic and she finally has some strength back. What do you want to name her?” Yoosung held her out for you to grab
  • You held her next to your chest
    • “She’s shaking…I think I’ll call her Jello…”
    • “It’s perfect”
  • He kissed the top of your head
    • “Now get back into bed with her and rest”
  • You actually ate your food after that
  • Which Yoosung noticed
  • Your last 2 months held a lot of smiles
  • You couldn’t leave the bed much…
  • And day by day, you had grown weaker
  • But Jello lay by your side
  • Or on your chest
  • Her favorite spot
  • And Yoosung took care of you with a smile
  • Most days, all you could manage to do was walk Jello with Yoosung
  • And then
  • Even that was too much
  • When you passed away, Yoosung shrunk into himself
  • The first night alone was the hardest
  • He sobbed on the bed, clutching one of your shirts
  • Jello crept up and licked his tears
  • Yoosung laughed and stroked her fur
    • “Oh, Jello…what are we…going to do without her…” he cried

◉ Jumin

    • “There’s nothing more we can do, I’m sorry. It’s only a matter of time…”
  • Jumin wouldn’t hear it
  • He squeezed tighter on your hand
    • “No. There’s always something you can do. Get to work, damn it, or I’ll find someone more competent,” Jumin seethed
    • “Jumin, please…don’t do this,” you pleaded
    • “I’m not giving up on you. And neither are they.”
  • He ordered a bunch of new tests to be ran
  • Despite all of the protests from both you and the doctors
  • Until his father showed up and pulled him away to the side
    • “You’ve got to stop this, son.”
    • “I appreciate your concern, but I won’t sit back and watch her die. There has to be something they can-”
    • “Stop,” Jumin’s father cut him off and grabbed his shoulders, “Stop this. I know you’re scared and upset…But there’s nothing more that can be done. Please, take my daughter-in-law home. Make her comfortable. Don’t ruin her last days with tests and needles.”
  • Jumin’s face grew soft and he teared up
  • He cried
    • “It seems I’ve been selfish,” Jumin sighed.
  • He took you home
  • And of course took a leave of absence from work
    to be by your side at all times
  • You had round-the-clock care
  • Jumin made sure you had everything you could want
  • At night he read to you
  • He forced you to eat
  • Some days when you were really sick, he had the chefs make 10 meals if they had to, until there was something you could stomach
    • “She’s not…she can’t eat the salmon today…perhaps a nice soup would be better…”
  • He fed you when you didn’t have the strength
  • And had fresh flowers brought in every day
  • When you passed away
  • He and his father had the most elaborate funeral planned
  • Every year on the day you died, Jumin Han stays in his penthouse instead of going into work
  • He still has two plates set out for dinner
  • And he never sleeps on your side of the bed

◉ Zen

    • “There’s nothing more we can do, I’m sorry. It’s only a matter of time…”
  • Zen’s mind was a whirl of questions
  • You were just a little sick…?
  • How did you get here?
  • Why was this happening?
  • He broke down when he saw you crying
  • Kissed you
  • He didn’t know what to say
  • The words were caught in his throat
  • It was quiet between the two of you until you got home
  • The shock was too much
  • And as Zen cooked dinner he found himself looking through his phone at photos of you both
    • “Let’s get out of here,” he brought your plate to the table for you
    • “What do you mean?”
  • Zen sat down across from you
    • “Let’s go. Let’s experience things. I can’t…I don’t want to sit around  and…a-and…”
  • He broke down crying
  • You held his hand
    • “Okay, let’s go,” you said through your own tears
  • The next day you packed
  • He told the director what was going on and no one protested his leave
  • You clung behind him on the bike and got going
  • Riding everywhere and anywhere
  • Each stop was a new photo posted
  • Both of you smiling
  • At a park
  • Or a new restaurant
  • You sleeping in a hotel bed
  • Until you were too weak to ride anymore
  • He felt a furious tapping on his chest and pulled to the side of the road
  • You dismounted and threw off your helmet
  • Vomiting and falling to your knees
    • “Babe!” Zen ran to your side
    • “I’m sorry…I’m just not feeling so great right now…”
  • He held your hair while you puked
  • Took you to the nearest hospital
  • Where you stayed until you passed
  • Zen held your hand the whole time
  • He returned home to a living room full of gifts and flowers and chocolates
  • Sympathy balloons
    • “The landlord must have brought these in for me,” he said as he flicked on the light
  • He sifted through some of the gifts before it was too much to handle
  • It seemed so empty and small in the apartment now
  • It wasn’t until he walked by a photo of you
  • His favorite one that hung in the hallway
  • He felt a knot in his chest
  • He pulled it from the hook and ran his fingers over your face
  • And sobbed

◉ Jaehee

    • “There’s nothing more we can do, I’m sorry. It’s only a matter of time…”
  • Jaehee pushed her emotions to the side
  • And held you as you cried
    • “It’s going to be okay,” she whispered to you
  • She wiped your tears
  • From then on she slept in the hospital with you
  • The nurses love her
  • She wrote down everything you were feeling
  • Every day
  • All of the medicines you took and when you were scheduled to take them
  • What you ate
  • They let her bring in food and baked goods for you
  • Of course
  • She brought in treats for the nursing staff and doctors
  • The staff was sick knowing that they couldn’t do anything further to help you two
  • So they tried to make it as comfortable as possible for you and Jaehee
  • She would lay in the hospital bed with you and cuddle while watching a Zen DVD on the hospital TV
  • She loved the way you hummed along with the musical numbers
  • And she would hear it with each one, even after you passed away
  • She wore your apron when cooking
  • Left your toothbrush by the sink
  • And although you had been a closet hog with all of your clothes, she wouldn’t dare removing anything from it

◉ Saeyoung 

    • “There’s nothing more we can do, I’m sorry. It’s only a matter of time…”
  • He couldn’t stop the stream of tears down his face
  • Sure, he had watched you become weaker over the last few weeks…
  • But he thought you’d make a comeback
  • That it would pass
  • He pressed his forehead onto you as you both cried and held each other
  • And he treated you like a piece of fragile glass from then on
  • He drove so slowly on the way home
  • And carried you inside before putting you in bed
  • Silently he sobbed while preparing dinner
  • But he made sure to compose himself before bringing you the food
  • He was wearing your apron
    • “The chef’s special for my extra special lady,” he placed the bowl on the bed tray for you, “be careful, it’s hot! I can blow on it for you.”
    • “Saeyoung…aren’t you going to eat?”
    • “I already ate some in the kitchen,” he lied, “okay now, open up.”
  • He stopped caring for himself
  • He was only focused on you
  • And making you smile and laugh
  • Your room was now full of small toys and robots
  • Each one doing something different
  • Saeyoung stayed up late at night while you slept and made them for you
  • It was an obsession that kept him from thinking about reality
  • And the fact that he was going to lose you
  • And although he was nothing but goofy and cheerful with you
  • One night you heard him praying at his desk when he thought you were asleep
    • “Please don’t take her from me, God…you can’t…s-she’s all that I have…I can’t do this without her,” he spoke through quick breaths and tears
  • You laid there in silence while your tears soaked your pillow
  • When you passed he closed himself off from the world again for a while
  • He found himself talking to you as much as God
  • Maybe even more
  • It comfort him to tell you about his day
  • With the thought that maybe you could hear him
  • He imagined your smiling face when he closed his eyes

◉ V

    • “There’s nothing more we can do, I’m sorry. It’s only a matter of time…”
  • He held you close
  • And stroked your hair
  • He was shaking a little as he was crying
    • “I love you so much…we can get through this,” he whispered.
  • He hated that he couldn’t be the only one to take care of you
  • Since his sight was almost non-existent
  • He hired a caregiver to come to the apartment every day and help you both
  • Jumin often stopped by to check on you both as well
  • He was worried, he could tell his friend was broken
  • When you slept, V stay up late pacing and smoking to try and calm himself
  • But not for long
  • He’d crawl into bed and hold you close
  • Smell your hair
  • And feel your warm skin
  • He never wanted to forget it
  • When you were near the end
  • V never left your side for a second
  • He placed cool rags on your head
  • And held your hand in his own as you cried in pain
    • “I’m right here…don’t worry…it’s going to be okay, my love…I’m here…”
  • He broke down at the bed side when your hand went limp and there was silence
  • The caregiver pat him on the back
    • “She knows how much you loved her. You did good…”

◉ Saeran

    • “There’s nothing more we can do, I’m sorry. It’s only a matter of time…”
  • Saeran clenched his fists
  • This couldn’t be happening…
  • You were the one person who understood him
  • And now…
  • He struggled to understand it all
  • But he pulled himself together when he saw how afraid you were
  • He held you crying face in his hands
    • “Hey, stop that,” he almost cried, himself, “I love you…” he kissed you
  • Inside he was broken
  • But he would pull it together just for you
  • He called his brother to help
    • “Let’s get all of this…hospital-type shit out of here…I want it to be more like home for her…” he told Saeyoung
  • So you lay in bed while they rearranged and brought stuff back from your apartment
  • Your favorite blanket
  • And books
  • Saeran read to you often
  • And pestered you when you stopped eating
  • He knew it was a bad sign
  • He took a lot of photos with you
  • The first time it happened you were shocked
  • He lay up on the bed and held the phone above you both
    • “Smile,” he said.
    • “What are you doing? You hate pictures,” you laughed.
    • “Well I changed my mind, alright? Now will you please smile?”
  • He took some goofy face ones, ones where he was kissing your cheek, he was always snapping pictures of you two
  • Even when you said you looked and felt terrible
  • He always told you that you were being dumb, you looked gorgeous
  • He was out shopping for some snacks for you two when he got the call on his cell phone
  • He dropped his basket and ran
  • He was panting when he got to your hospital room
    • “You made it just in time…I think she was hanging on for you,” the nurse said to him.
  • He started to cry and ran to your side
  • Your eyes were closed
    • “I’m…so sorry,” you managed to speak
    • Shhh, don’t say that,” he kissed your lips, “you’re the love of my life…I don’t think I can make it without you,” he cried.
  • His hands were shaking and he pressed the back of your hand to his cheek
    • “I will always love you, Saeran,” you whispered.
  • He wouldn’t let them take you away for a long while
  • He laid there in silence with you
  • And after you passed, Saeyoung moved in with him for a while
  • Despite his protests, he was glad
  • And every night he flipped through the photos of you two, until he couldn’t stay awake any longer