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Feels Like Home: Chapter 1 - When We Were Young

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Characters- Reader, Maisie the dog, Missouri, RodeoCowboy!Dean
Warnings- None
Word Count- 1,123
Summary- It’s a usual day until a face from your past shows up. You never thought you’d see him again, but fate seems to have other ideas.
A/N- The first in this series! I’m so excited to share this one with y’all since it’s been in the planning stages since January. I had some computer troubles, but luckily I’ve been able to get it working enough to write, so all’s well. It’s all outlined, so I’m just so excited to finally share!

Enjoy and let me know what you think!

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Squinting against the sunlight filtering in through your windows, you sigh before glaring at the beeping alarm on your nightstand. You’d done all the chores you’d needed to the night before, just to spend an extra hour or two in bed this morning. You should have known they’d fly right on by.

Your morning is much the same as always- get up and ready to do some chores before you head out to breakfast at Missouri’s Diner. Your small horse ranch requires daily maintenance, all of which you take care of yourself. Hauling hay, feeding the horses, daily grooming, cleaning stalls- all are a part of your daily chore list.

You open your front door to a bright dawn, bright orangey-yellows melting into blue. The sight brings a small smile to your face, thinking of all the people who are too busy stuck behind a desk to ever see the beauty of a fresh new day. Running a ranch may be hard work, but you wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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It’s okay Princess

#43 and #44 with Montgomery please? 💜  @hxnnxh-bxkxr

#43- “I don’t want to talk about it”
#44- “C’mon princess, please don’t cry”


Originally posted by montedelacruz

To say your life was tough was an understatement, but after all who didn’t have a tough life. Last night was especially troubling and you wanted nothing more than to move on from it, so you walked faster down your school’s hallway, thinking that if you walked fast enough you could walk away from all your problems, but sadly you knew that’s not how life worked. Your hand gripped your backpack strap so tight that your knuckles turned a pearly white color, you kept your head down and avoided eye contact with anyone, you were lucky enough that the bruises given to you last night were efficiently covered by your clothes, but were still susceptible to touch which you quickly found out when your highly affectionate boyfriend slung his arm around your shoulders “Hey babe, missed you at the game last night” he whispered playfully in your ear. You winced slightly as his arm rested on the two fresh bruises on your shoulders, your eyes rose up to look in his eyes. His big beautiful smile turning slowly into a frown “You okay?” he questioned after seeing the painful look in your eyes. You gave a meek smile and shook your head slightly “I’m fine, sorry I couldn’t make it, my mom wanted to discuss a few things” you replied, moving slightly closer to him, your side being pressed perfectly to him, you weren’t necessarily lying to him but you also weren’t telling the whole truth. He glanced forward, looking into the crowd before steering the two of you into an empty classroom “W-Why are we in here? Monty I’m gonna be late to class i promise i’ll make up for missing the game later” You spoke to your boyfriend, a playful, teasing smile smearing itself on your face as you backed into the classroom glancing around. Monty’s signature smirk flashed onto his lips as he shoved his hands in his pockets and peered into your eyes “C’mon baby, I know somethings going on, why don’t you talk to me” His voice ringed in your ear, calm and soothing. Your eyes traveled everywhere except to his, shaking your head slightly “I already told you De La Cruz, I’m fine, nothing’s going on and now all I want to do is get to class” And with every word you spoke you moved closer and closer to the door all up until his arm reached out and grasped your waist, pulling you closer to him. You winced in pain, your head down and eyes shut “Is it your mom?” his voice was a whisper as he asked a question he already knew the full answer to. Out of frustration, sadness and defeat you rested your forehead on his chest “I don’t want to talk about it” you responded, your eyes shut. A shallow breath escaped his lips as one of his hands wrapped around your waist and the other tangling itself in your hair “I know sweetie, I know” he murmured in your ear pressing you flush against himself. After a few moments of silence, you broke out into sobs, your hands grasping tightly at the back of his shirt “C’mon princess, please don’t cry” he basically begged you, you could sense how much your crying or even just being upset hurt him, hurt every fiber in his being, but you couldn’t help it, you were hurt “Why don’t we take the day off, go get some ice cream or something. I can get one of the guys to cover for us in classes” His offer brought a small smile to your lips as you nodded against his chest “I would love nothing more”. His arms gave you a careful but strong hug before releasing you and grasping for your hand “Then what are we waiting for? I wanna see a smile on those lips asap” His words alone did the trick as a genuine smile flashed upon your lips “There’s my girl”

Dream Life

Characters: reader, Dean, Sam

Pairing: Dean x reader

Warnings: sooooo much angst, some fluff

Word count: 2712

Summary: in your perfect world, you have everything you could ever ask for; but it’s not real. Do you stay and live the life you want, or go back to Sam and Dean?

You awoke in a comfortable bed; you shot up and breathed heavily as you looked around the unfamiliar room. “What the hell?” You whispered to yourself. Last thing you knew you were hunting a Djinn with Sam and Dean and now here you were in an unexpected place.

You noticed the bed you were in was a double bed, however you were the only one in it. You stepped out of the bed, you were still wearing your jeans and ACDC shirt from before but your shoes were gone. You made your way downstairs and heard a soft humming in the kitchen. You nervously stepped into the kitchen and saw the shirtless back of a stranger, although it wasn’t really a stranger; it was Dean.

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{ kingdom come }

pairing: polyhamilsquad x reader (john-centric)

prompt: none!

t/w: i don’t think there are any. it’s mostly fluff!

a/n: literally no one asked for this but i just really like small!john and you’ve seen a glimpse of how he acts in the past 2 chapters of five’s company. the proper thing for me to say is “i want to give you insight on how john is feeling/thinking because character development. wow!” but in reality, i just wanted to write some fluff with my precious baby

i write john with a bit of a little headspace so you’ll see a bit of those themes come out here!

also this title is lame but i was listening to kingdom come by the civil wars and it’s a nice song and kind of fitting for this.


inbox || masterlist

Alex figured John would be like this for a couple of days. If it lasted for more than a week then you would get worried.

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Little Werewolf Things (Brett Talbot Imagine)

Brett x Reader

A/N: I love these ideas that @lazyneonmonster has, like they’re not related to the main story and I really love writing these kind of imagines. ♥


“Happy anniversary!” you beamed as you shoved a bouquet of roses into Brett’s chest, a surprised and flush expression creeping up on his face when you showed him affection.

You’ve been together for a year now and you wanted to do something sweet for him, since he’s been enduring your company for so long and kept wanting to be with you whenever he got the chance.

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BLURBS (organized by boy then by oldest to newest)


Best friend Michael (he confesses his feelings for you)

Angsty Michael (he is partying too much and acting out and you can’t take it anymore)

Best friend Michael (how you two met in elementary school and where you are now)

Single Dad Michael  (he is raising his son on his own with the help of you, his best friend)

Angsty Michael  part two part three part four (distance starts causing a strain on your relationship)

Boyfriend Michael (this is about you having an anxiety attack, i wrote this from my own personal experience not to romanticize mental health issues, TW)

Drunk Best Friend Michael (you give his drunk ass a ride home)

Another Single Dad Michael (you are his little girls kindergarten teacher)


Best friend Calum (your teasing fun friendship turns into something more)

Visiting Calum on tour (same as the title lol you are visiting him on tour)

Neighbor Calum  (you meet your neighbor for the first time on the floor of your apartments hallway)

Spicy Self Love (plus size au)

High School Calum (Calum is a soccer star at your high school and you aren’t a fan of him, pretty much as cliche as it gets lmao) 

Best Friend Calum (Fluffy cute tour blurb)

Friends With Benefits Calum (when someone catches feelings, lowkey inspired by a scene from gilmore girls)


Frat Boy Luke (you are his tutor that he now has feelings for)

Best friend Luke (you are visiting him on tour)

Jealous Luke (after you break up he is upset to see you on a date)

Angsty Ass Luke part two part three (you go to visit luke on a break between tours and are shocked with what you find when you arrive, also has bestfriend!michael in there)

Married Luke (getting in an argument about the future for the two of you) 



“I hate you! You’re everywhere, and I can’t escape you! I can’t go anywhere without being reminded of you”

“Do you even love me?”

“Just tell me you still love me”


He wants to cuddle, but you are busy

“I know you don’t love me, but please, just lie to me one more time”

“Leaving you was the hardest thing I ever had to do”

“Hi, my name is (Y/N), and I have no idea who you are, but I need you to kiss me”

“Can I hold your hand?”

“Prove me wrong.” Part 2

“Do you even realize how much stuff like this hurts me?” and  “Don’t cry, don’t fucking cry”


“Mommy ate the baby?!”

“You never let anyone in, and that’s why everyone leaves”

“I just love looking at you.”


“It hurts to look at you” 

“If I’d known you’d be here I wouldn’t have come”

“Let me braid your hair, sweetie.”

“I wish I could capture this moment in a bottle and keep it forever”

RANTS (just me ranting about the boys) 

Fan Fiction Rant 

Jet Black Heart Music Video Rant  

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Noctis, Prompto, Ignis and Gladio scenario when their lover is being unusually clingy asking for hugs and kisses

Did you mean me emotionally 97% of the time ( also the boiz are in the crown city for this scenario just normal living AU / also yo why did this seem like it had a sexy undertone? GDI )

He could sense your presence behind him, but before he could turn and ask what you needed he felt your arms wrap around his torso. The gentle hum you let out when you rested your head against his back made his lips twitch up into a smile. Usually you dealt with his affection when he was or wasn’t feeling it but you being so up front and reaching out to him - different - but he liked it none the less. “Please come back to the apartment I want to cuddle.” How could he resist that sweet tone.

Noctis - “Babe trust me I would much rather come home and take a nap with you then go to this dumb meeting” He turns around making you release your arms from him. You pout, “Come on prince make your own rules, just this once please Noct?” He sighed. Your expression, voice, wants and the horror of a meeting made him want to ditch and hold you instead. Just a week ago you were telling him to step it up in his duties but now here you were trying to persuade him, oh the tables have turned. He scopes your face into the warmth of his palms and places a tender yet passionate kiss on your lips. The sour expression of yours melts into one of pleasure and man did he love that smile. “I’ll be back home in 20 minutes, I promise, how about you go get the bed comfy, I dedicate the rest of the day to you - my princess.”

Ignis - He almost falls forward against the stove when you first grabbed him. Thank Gods he knew that unless Prompto had managed to break into the kingdoms kitchen, only you would grasp him like that. He had wondered how you got past the guards into here but was more curious about why you came this far just to embrace him. “Sweetheart surely the love can wait till I get home.” You hold him tighter as to say ‘no it can not’. He sighs putting down the utensils and giving your forehead a light kiss. “This behavior of yours, its… unusual, are you sure you’re feeling all right love?” He reaches a hand up to feel your forehead to which you give a sigh. “What Iggy, can’t deal with me wanting some kisses?” He takes that as a challenge and leans in to capture your lips. For what feels like forever you stay like that him kissing you and running his fingers through your hair in a calming manor. Perhaps it was forever as Ignis shoots up at the smell of the burnt steak behind him. 

Prompto - No way. You asking him for more affection then he already gives? He spins around quickly and returns the hug with extra force, giving a soft laugh into your hair. “Awh sweetie you didn’t have to come all the way here to convince me you could’ve just texted, I would’ve ran home, you know I would drop everything for you right?” You lean into his warm body, his attitude contagious. “It was another excuse to hug you.” You reply looking into his bright blue eyes and leaning in to place a quick kiss on your nose. You were unaware his smile at that moment could get any bigger but man did it. “You asked for it ____! I’m not gonna let go of you for the rest of the day!” He quickly grabs your hand and pulls you back towards the apartment. 

Gladio - He was shocked to say the least at these advances. For you to come onto him with affection when he was out in public, so many people around, not exactly your style. In fact he lives for embarrassing you with PDA in public - your blush and stutter, it reminds him of just how adorable you can be. “Come on babe miss me that much?” You huff, refusing to let him so the weakness behind your eyes. “You saying you don’t want my love big guy?” You cross your arms and attempt your best angry face to which he lets out a low laugh. You expected some retort about how he has to go meet with his dad but to your surprise he lifts you up and starts kissing all over your face. You can’t help the giggle you let out along with attempts of pushing him away and chanting surrender. He continues his assault holding you extremely close and a good foot off the ground. When he finally lets you down you slap him gently across the chest. “Come on now, you love me or we wouldn’t have this problem.” As you turn away he gives your bum a pinch. ( Intentionally sexy I mean its Glad come on ).

There May Be Something There That Wasn’t There Before (Pippa x Reader)


Part One  X Lin X Oak X Daveed

As soon as you get to your apartment, you collapse on your couch. Someone knocks on your door, but you can’t be bothered to get up. “It’s open!” you call. Pippa opens the door and sits next to you, lifting your head, so it rests on her legs, causing you to smile. “Hey, Pip.”

She runs her fingers through your hair. “How you doing, sweetie?”

You groan, “Tired.”

She chuckles, then changes her tone. It’s not stern, but it’s definitely not happy. “I saw the way you were with Lin.”

“It seems everyone saw that. I promise I didn’t mean anything by it.”

“I know you didn’t, but all the guys have been trying to get with you since you joined.”

You look up at her. “So have you,” you point out.

“Well, that’s different,” she protests.

“How is that any different?”

“Because,” she bends down to kiss the top of your head, “I-” she kisses your forehead- “have-” another kiss, this time on your nose- “you.” You stare lovingly into your girlfriend’s eyes and bring your lips to hers.

“And I wouldn’t have it any other way,” you whisper once you pull away.


You pull her so that she’s laying next to you on the small couch. Well, you’re really laying on top of her.

The two of you met when Hamilton was still at the Public Theater and instantly bonded. When you moved to the Rogers, you didn’t want to share a room with her and Renee. It wasn’t that you didn’t like Renee; you and Pippa just thought it would be awkward if you shared a room with someone else, so you roomed with Jonathan. Neither of you told the rest of the cast you were dating because you were scared of how they would react. You knew they weren’t going to be mad because of your sexuality, but you didn’t know how they would react to cast members dating. It’s been almost four months since you and Pippa went on your first date, and with how the other cast members kept hitting on you, you had become frustrated that you couldn’t tell anyone.

You start to doze off on Pippa’s chest, but she wakes you up. “(Y/N/N)?”

“Mhm,” you answer.

“Should we tell them about us?”

You lean up slightly to look at her. “Do you want to?”

“Well, I just don’t like how they keep hitting on you.”

“Is that all? Because, I can make up an excuse for them to leave me alone, if you don’t want them to know about us.”

“I want to tell them,” she states.

You smile and kiss her. “We can tell them whenever you’re ready.”

She smiles. “Can we tell them now?”

“Of course.” You’re just about to stand up to get your phone when Jonathan bursts through your door.

“You have a lot of explaining to do, (Y/N)!” he yells. “Hi, Pippa, what are you doing here?”

You giggle and walk over to her. She wraps her arms around you and kisses your cheek. “Spending time with my girlfriend,” she responds.

He just looks from you to her repeatedly, before he can finally ask how long you’ve been together.

“About four months,” you answer in unison.

He smiles. “Have you told any of the cast?”

“We were just about to.”

“I’ll take the picture!” he squeals. He snatches your phone out of your hand and tells you ad Pippa to stand exactly as you are. You and Pippa get the same idea to disobey him and kiss each other last second. He sends the picture to the rest of the cast and gushes about how adorable you are together.

Leslie: Congrats! You both are perfect for each other!

Renee: I knew it!

Lin: My “wife” and the woman I cheat on her with, together at last. Congrats!

Daveed: You are some of the best people I know. So happy for you!

Oak: Awe, you’re adorable

You glance up and see Pippa staring at you.

“What?” You giggle.


“What?” you plead.

“It’s stupid.”

“Pip, c'mon. Tell me.”

“They’re all so happy for us,” she mutters.

You smile and kiss her. “I told you there was nothing to worry about.”

“I know.” She smiles and rests her forehead against yours.

You take a deep breath. “I-I love you.” It’s the first time either of you had said that you loved each other, and you’re worried about how she’ll react.

Her smile widens. “I love you, too.”

Midnight Swim

Requested by an anon: Oh babe, can you please write something about… hmm… Sami? lol maybe he is in love with a girl in the roster but he’s kinda scared because he is 10 years older? She can be his best friend and… Damn, a lot of fluff and maybe smut? idk lol

Word Count: 950

Originally posted by mithen-gifs-wrestling

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Runaway Puppy

Main Story - Extra

Words: 8286

Genre: Fluff (some action). Mafia!Au (except not very hardcore) 

Notes: Related to/Intertwined with Ocean Swallow

“Where’s the puppy, mommy?” You tug on your mother’s dress, but she dismisses you. Feeling guilty, she turns back and ruffles your hair. “Sorry sweetie but looks like it ran away.”

And for the luxurious life you follow - this was the first memory of disappointment. But it was only a matter time before everything in your life would abandon you…after all, who could stand you?


Sweet nothings stumble from your lips and honey words entrench in the air. This is your life. You whisper enticing words into old men’s ears and it proves no difficulty for you - you’ve done it countless times over.

You’re all gussied up, dressed like a doll to perfection. Women envy you as you walk past and men become flustered. “God that guy was disgusting.” You whisper out of the corner of your mouth to Secretary Yoona.

She smiles half-heartedly. “I’m sorry miss.” You sigh internally. Your father couldn’t accompany you this evening but you don’t mind. It’s easier when he’s not here; he won’t be able to sense your fatigue that you’ve been masking with easy smiles.

You grab a glass of golden champagne to help you ease up, weaving through the crowd to make your way to chief executive blah blah blah blah of your father’s rival company. Here we go again, you think. As you prepare an alluring smile, you feel a ripple through the air.

Bang. The Corporate Chairman of Swallow Enterprise falls to the ground.

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Please be gentle

Pairing: Natasha X reader

Request: Yay! I was wondering if maybe you could write Natasha taking her girlfriend’s anal virginity? My girlfriend brought it up, and I’m kinda nervous about trying it.

“Oh Nat that was amazing” I huffed coming down from my orgasm. Natasha crawled her way back up my body leaving a trail of kisses before running her fingers through my hair. “I love hearing you moan little one, it’s music to my ears.” Natasha was gazing into my eyes in a mischievous way. “What’s going on in that troublemaking head of yours.” I gave her a wary look. Natasha moved us so now I was laying on top of her and she gently squeezed my ass.

“Well I was thinking”

“Oh no” I rolled my eyes

“Hey listen to me” Natasha swatted my ass “as I was saying, I was thinking we’ve been together for about a year and a half now and I absolutely LOVE our sex life”

“But let me guess you want to have a threesome. I’m going to stop you there and say no right away. I don’t want to share you with some whore.”

“No sweetie it isn’t a threesome, I was wondering if maybe you would like to try anal sex. I think you might like it.” Natasha asked outlining my asshole.

“On second thought maybe I can share you with a whore if you want” I responded immediately removing her hand from my ass.

“Oh come on y/n please. You make me watch all of those horrible romantic movies. Can’t you do this for me.”

“You fucking my ass with a strap-on is not the same as watching romantic movies Nat.” I got off the bed and started putting my clothes back on.

“Please y/n” Natasha pleaded giving me the pouty look that I couldn’t never say no to.

“Can I think about it?”

“Of course sweetie. Now get back in bed and let’s go to sleep” Natasha started playing with her nipple.

“I can’t. I have training in the morning with Cap and knowing you, you will keep me awake all night. Then I’ll be too tired to do anything and Steve will yell at me” I replied putting my pants back on.

“I’ll kick his ass”

“Sorry baby” I kissed her one last time before I left her bedroom.

It’s been two weeks since Natasha asked me if we could try anal sex and I’m still not sure about it. Right now I was talking to my friend Allison about my problem over lunch.

“I don’t know Allison, I love Nat so much but I’ve never had anal sex before. I also heard it hurts really bad.” I whispered so the people sitting near us couldn’t listen.

“Honestly y/n it does hurt I’m not going to lie to you. When Adam and I first tried anal it was painful but the asshole forgot the lube.” Allison replied bitterly remembering her first anal experience vividly. “But the second time we tried it wasn’t as bad. You REALLY need to lube it up so she will have an easier time slipping in. Then after a while the pain starts to turn to pleasure. Soon you’ll be doing it in the back of a Starbuck in the middle of the night.”

“Wait WHAT ? ! ? !” I yelled causing a few people looked our direction.

“Oh shit nothing … . Just tell her to REALLY lube up and go slow. Also remind her that you don’t have to do it so she better have patience with you.” Allison smiled while sipping on her drink.

“Thanks Ally, believe it or not you actually gave good advice.”

“Oh fuck you. Wait never mind Natasha will do that for you.” Allison laughed as we were leaving the restaurant.

*Later that day*

After lunch with Allison I decided I was going to try anal with Natasha. I went to the sex shop downtown and embarrassedly ask the ladies that worked there for advice on what the best lube to use.

“Aww don’t worry about it that’s what we are here for. To help you out, is it going to be your first time with your boyfriend?”

“Girlfriend, she wants to try anal for the first time.” My cheeks became pink as I finished the sentence.

“Oh sorry for assuming and don’t worry we’ll help you out.” The lady began to show me different types of brands of lube. While I was there I actually bought a new strap-on with a double end. That way Natasha could get off as well. Once I was done I went straight to my room at the tower and got ready for Natasha. I asked F.R.I.D.A.Y. If she could notify Natasha that I wanted to see her in my room. It was almost 8:00pm when I heard a knock on my door.

“Y/n F.R.I.D.A.Y. said you wanted to see me.”

“Come in”

“What did you” Natasha went silent when she saw what was on the bed. A double ended strap-on and a bottle of lube Natasha smiled widely. “Does this mean what I think it means?”

“Yes Nat it does but you have to promise me something first?”

“Anything” Natasha quickly makes her way over to me.

“Please go slow” I innocently asked as she slipped her hands under my shirt.

“Of course sweetie don’t worry. I’ll try and make it as pleasurable as possible.” Natasha lifted my shirt off my body and noticed I wasn’t wearing a bra. Eagerly she took my nipple in her mouth, her tongue swirling around it as she moved us. My back hitting the mattress she started to unbutton my pants. She pulled them down along with my underwear. Natasha noticed that I was getting nervous. She moved her hands so she cupped my face and kissed my nose.

“I can tell you’re nervous y/n, how about I relax you a bit before we get to business.” She reassured me that she wants me to enjoy what we were about to do.


Natasha moved herself so she was facing my core and parted my lower lips. Kissing my clit before outlining my core with her tongue.

“Nat please”

Natasha heard the desperation in my voice and darted her tongue in me. Massaging my walls with her tongue while playing with my clit. I moved the hair that was blocking her face so I could see her looking at me. Natasha loves watching me come apart at her whim.

“Oh Nat baby that feels so fucking good. Use your fingers, I love it when you use your fingers.” I pinched my right nipple as I arch my back. I could feel Natasha smiling at the sight of me almost coming undone. She removed her tongue replacing it with two of her fingers pumping inside me fast. Natasha moved up enough so she was able to take my left nipple in her mouth. Biting it before she starts to sucking on it.

“Oh y/n you look so beautiful baby”

“Ahh Nat I’m cumming” I grabbed a fist full of Natasha’s hair as I came all over her fingers. I kept rocking my hips against her fingers. Milking my orgasm for as long as I could. After a while Natasha pulled her fingers out and licked them clean.

“I could eat your sweet little pussy all day sweetie, you’re the sweetest thing I ever tasted. Are you ready for the second part?” I suddenly become nervous again. I took a deep breath before answering.

“Yes I’m ready Nat, I trust you.” With that Natasha got up and removed her clothes. I took in Natasha’s beautiful naked body. Her beautifully large breast, the tiny amount of hair that she has above her gorgeous cunt.

“You like what you see sweetie?” Natasha laughed as I openly checking her out.

“Of course Nat you’re fucking gorgeous”

“Oh I’m nowhere nearly as gorgeous as you sweetie” Natasha slipped on the new strap-on I bought today. “Now let’s use this beauty on you” she started smiling “now turn over for my sweetie and get on your hands and knees”. Hearing the cap of the lube open brought me a little more at ease, knowing she didn’t forget about it. I felt Natasha climb on the bed again and moved the fake penis around my asshole. Natasha slowly entered me making sure she didn’t hurt me but failed.

“Ow Nat it hurts” I squeezed my eyes as tears were forming. Scared knowing that I only have the tip in me.

“Try and relax sweetie, I read that you need to relax your asshole so it will guide in easier. Can you do that for me please.” Natasha felt bad for causing her girlfriend pain. On the other hand she was also feeling pleasure from her end of the strap-on. That’s what I did, tried to relax. Once Natasha notice I was relaxing she started to pushing again until she was completely in me. She stood still for a moment trying to get me used to the sensation.

“Nat you can move now” she pulled out a little bit before sliding back in. It still hurt like hell but I didn’t want to let Natasha down. After a couple of shallow thrusts the pain started to turn to pleasure and starting to loosen up.

“Nat baby can you go a little faster for me?” I moaned

“Of course sweetie” Natasha was holding onto my hips as she started to move at a much faster pace. “I told you that you would like it” Natasha moved her right hand and grabbed my breast as she kissed my shoulder. I began moaning louder egging her on to make her move faster. She was moaning as well from the pleasure from the pleasure she was also receiving.

“Nat I’m so fucking close please … Oh fuck … Please play with my clit I want to cum so bad” Natasha moved her hand from my breast to my clit and started to mercilessly rub it.

“Oh fuck Nat ahhhh pull my hair” Natasha was smiling as she started to move as fast as she should inside me while pulling my hair.

“You like that sweetie, me fucking your asshole and pulling your hair? Cum for me sweetie, I want you to cum”

Not even a second later my orgasm hit me as I moaned loudly in my soundproof bedroom.

“Oh shit y/n yeah ahhhh” Natasha came soon after. Natasha started to slow down, coming down from her hight until she completely stopped. Carefully Natasha started to pull out of me, suddenly feeling empty without the strap-on. She tossed it off the bed and pulled me into her arms.

“Thank you for doing this sweetie” Natasha kissed my cheek before I buried my face in her neck.

“I’d do anything for you Nat, well anything but threesomes. That’s still off the table” Natasha stated laughing.

“You’re the only woman I want to have sex with y/n. I love you” Natasha whispered as I started to fall asleep.

*The next day*

Natasha woke me up by leaving open mouthed kisses all over my face and neck.

“Well good morning to you too” I kissed her forehead.

“Let’s get something to eat I’m starving.”

“Ok” after we put our clothes back on we made our way into the kitchen where everyone’s eyes where on us.


“We were just talking about how Natasha gave it to you good last night. All heard was "oh fuck Nat ahh pull my hair ! ! ! !” And “oh shit y/n ahhh” we heard everything" Tony mimicked us as everyone started laughing. I started to blush but Natasha fired back.

“At least I know how to properly pleasure my girlfriend to the point where you could hear us though soundproof walls. When’s the last time you were able to do that Tony? Or any of you” Natasha brought the rest of the team into it and they stopped laughing. I bursted out laughing as they all got serious.

“I’m going to go find pepper.” I laughed harder as Natasha pulled me towards her and kissed my cheek.

“Now sweetie let’s go eat”

prompts ayee

1.)“ Are you insane like me?”
2.) “I’m meaner than my demons.”
3.) “All the kids screamed out please stop you’re scaring me.”
4.) “Well hey gorgeous, what are you doing on this mighty fine day?”
5.) “Babe, Babe. Put makeup on me.”
6.) “Don’t you dare fucking say that.”
7.)“Get away from me.”
8.)“Does that hurt?”
9.)“Wow, you really are like me.”
10.)“Get out.”
11.)“Don’t touch me.”
12.) “Did they hurt you?”
13.)“I have to much power over you.”
14.)“You’re not worth it.”
15.)“You son of a bitch.”
16.)“Ya wanna hear a joke?”
17.)“Hurt me.”
18.)“Don’t you fucking tell me that, don’t ever say that again you prick!”
19.)“I haven’t seen you around here.”
20.)“So, How was last night?”
21.)“I can take care of myself.”
22.)“I don’t care what you say.”
23.)“Hurt me, don’t hurt them.”
24.)“Take me.”
25.)“I’m not scared of you.”
26.)“Let’s do it then.”
27.)“ You’re fucking insane.”
28.)“I’m a terrible person and you’re the reason why.”
29.)“ You don’t scare me.”
30.)“You’re a monster.”
31.) “Oh sweet heart, I’m much more that that.”
32.)“Help me.”
33.)“Kill them.”
34.)“Go back to bed, it’s too early.”
35.)“Really Hun, You’re adorable.”
36.)“You’re such a child.”
37.)“You wanna take shots?”
38.)“I really wanna kiss you.”
39.)“Then do it, you fuck face.”
40.)“What are you hiding from me?”
41.)“I’m not worth it.”
42.)“Say something!”
43.)“Yell at me, scream at me, hit me for gods sake but just so something.”
44.)“You taste like Heaven.”
45.)“Oh don’t hide your face darling.”
46.)“You’re fucking amazing.”
47.)“Marry me?”
49.)“Kiss me you fool.”
50.)“Let’s go fuck some shit up doll face.”
51.)“Aw honey.”
52.)“I wish you would speak to me.”
53.)“Do you have any idea what time it is?”
54.)“We leave in ten minutes.”
55.)“I like my shirt on you.”
56.)“Get on your knees and beg for it.”
57.)“Aw the poor baby is crying.”
58.)“Wow I didn’t expect the for such a small girl.”
59.)“Fancy meeting you here.”
60.)“Not really.”
61.)“So you’re a dancer.”
62.)“Will you make me breakfast?”
63.)“You didn’t? You did!”
64.)“Show me your office.”
65.)“Why do you have so many shoes?”
66.)“Can I do your hair?”
67.)“You wanna go beat some ass?”
68.)“Baby please?”
69.)“Will you rub my back?”
70.)“But what if your parents are scary?”
71.)“whats your favorite flower?”
72.)“Shh shh it was just a nightmare.”
73.)“Just play with my hair and shut your mouth.”
74.)“I really really love you.”
75.)“Do you want ice cream?”
76.)“Teach how to draw.”
77.)“Why is your face so glowy?”
78.)“How do you play the guitar?”
79.)“Wear my shirt.”
80.)“Let’s go to a baseball game.”
81.)“I really don’t want to go.”
82.)“You’re my girl.”
83.)“I’m no ones girl.”
84.)“Whatcha reading?”
85.)“My parents had one of those.”
86.)“I don’t want to end up like my parents.”
87.)“Please don’t yell at me.”
88.)“Who the hell do you think you are?”
89.)“Fancy dinner parties just aren’t my thing.”
90.)“Paint me like one of your French girls.”
91.)“Let’s watch the city burn.”
92.)“Babe help me with my math.”
93.)“I would love you a lot more if you would take the jacket off.”
94.)“Let’s get a plant.”
95.)“it makes me feel badass.”
96.)“Get away from me. Just kidding come
97.)“How could someone so evil have such a nice face?”
98.)“Let’s go swimming.”
100.)“You’re just to ignorant to realize I don’t give a damn about you.”
101.)“Let daddy braid your hair sweetie.”
102.)“I want them to know who their father is.”
103.)“Babe, I’m fucking ______!”
104.)“I really wish I hated you.”
105.)“Check this out.”
106.)“There’s a damn spider in here!”
107.)“I want to be happy too!”
108.)“Please, for me?”
109.)“You’re gonna fail, just like with everything else you do.”
110.)“I don’t give a shit about you.”
111.)“There’s another me inside mommy?”
112.)“Fuck I’m late for their recital.”
113.)“Ive never seen someone so sweet yet so badass.”
114.)“How do you even get your leg in that?”
115.)“When’s the last time you washed your hair?”
116.)“None of your damn business.”
117.)“Fuck you but also fuck you.”
118.) “Please babe, she’s so cute.”
119.)“Wanna watch Star Wars?”
120.)“Frank Sinatra?”
121.)“There’s a difference in blues?”
122.)“I really love you babe, I really do but I love that _____ just a little bit more.”
123.)“Ya wanna get out of here?”
124.)“I want a drink.”
125.)“Let me teach you how to dance.”
126.)“Yeah I’m her brother and I’ll fucking kill you if you hurt her.”
127.)“Why do you keep stealing my shirts babe?”
128.)“I love you but I’m going to have to kill you.”

Lilies and Zeppelin: Part 8

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Pairing: Punk!Dean/Reader

Tags: HS AU, underage drinking, Anna is amazing, Cas is almost perfect

Words: 1911

Notes: I sort of really like this part 

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