your hair sweetie

Dance Dad

prompts-”Let daddy braid your hair sweetie.”, “There’s another me inside of mommy?” and “Fuck im late for their recitle.”

Jason Todd

I love kids and Iove Jason Todd so lets go also these prompts are all over the place








“Fuck, I’m late for her recitle.” Jason jumped up from the couch in the manors living room, practically scraing Tim half to death. 

“Do you want us to come?” Jason’s eyes widdened at the thought of his brothers coming to his baby girl’s dance recitle. 

“No, you don’t-,” Dick cut him with a shake of his head and stood up, picking a sleep deprived Timmy with him. 

“We’re coming,” Jason didn’t have time to protest before Dick had them all loaded into the car and on the way to the theatre. 

When the car was stopped Jason flung the door open and sprinted towards the building, barley dedging the many little kids around him. When he was inside the building he spotted you standing by the doors that led to the sitting area, nervously chewing on your nails. He ran up to you and gave youa very quick peck on the lips, leaving you stunned at who had just kissed you, and then he was on his way to back stage. 

Jason was really good at braiding hair, no one knew how but he could do it. He turned a sharp corner that led to the chaos that was backstage of a dance recitle. He pushed past many five year olds before he found his daughter. She had a brush. bobby pins and a pony tail holder is her very small hands. Once she saw Jason she jumped up with a huge smile on her face and ran over to him. Jason picked her up and gave her a kiss on the cheek, making her giggle. 

“Let daddy braid your hair sweetie,” Your five year old scrunched up her face as Jason sat her infront of one of the many mirrors. 

“Remeber, it has to be in a bun daddy.” Your daughter looked at jason through the mirror and he nodded, smiling. 

Jason braided, and put her hair in a tight bun, securing it with many bobby pins and lots of hair spray. 

“Okay, you’re all good kiddo,” Jason crouched down next to his daughter and placed a sweet kiss to her forehead, “Break a leg baby.” 

Your daughter laughed at the figure of speech and Jason rushed to get to his seat before the music started. Jason slid into othe old, uncomfortable seats just as the classical music started. The big class of five to six year olds stepped onto stage and then organized chaos happened. 

Some girls were spinnging in circles and others stood still, there was a small group of girls who actually knew the dance, your daughter was one of them. Jason had the biggest smile on his face, he loved that little girl more than life. You looked at Jason and smiled too, the amount of love he produced for both of you was a sure sign that he would absoluetly adore the baby in your stomach. 

When the dance was over Jason, and all of his deranged brother stood up and screamed for the little girl who’s bun was falling out. Even well after the kids were off stage the men hollered and clapped like their life depened on it. 

“You all can sit down now,” You smiled at the four boys and they slowly sat down, smiles still covering their faces. 

“That was amazing!” Tim practiaclly screamed, making you throw a hand over his mouth. 

“Absoluetly magnificent,” Damian agreed, as much as the boy didn’t want to admit it he loved his neice. 

“Come on you big goofs, we have to go pick her up.” Jason led the way out of the auditorium. 

Once the little girl with dark hair and green eyes saw you six she let out a happy scream and ran as fast as her little legs could carry her. 

“Daddy, Mommy! Did you see that?” She ran into your arms and looked around at the two men and two teenagers. 

“Yes we did honey, and you did so good!” She dug her head into your neck and giggle before wiggling her body, telling you she wanted down. 

She went around to all of her uncles and gave them each a hug and a kiss on the cheek before she got to her dad and she was hoisted into his arms. Jason gave her a huge hug and peppered little kisses all over her face.

“Baby, we have a surprise for you.” Jason said, putting he back on the ground. 

“What is it?” The little girl asked, confused. 

“You’re going to be a big sister.” She gasped along with all the other boys, making you let out a laugh. 

“There’s another me inside of mommy?” She asked, looking up at Jason and then around at her uncles. 

“Yeah, kind of sweetie.” Jason said and your daughter smiled. She ran up nto your stomach, placing her nose right where your belly button was. 

“I can’t wait to teach you how to dance, like Miss. Rachel does.” You and the boys laughed before you grabbed her hand. 

“Let’s go get some ice cream.” She and all of the boys cheered, making you laugh and roll your eyes.

There May Be Something There That Wasn’t There Before (Pippa x Reader)


Part One  X Lin X Oak X Daveed

As soon as you get to your apartment, you collapse on your couch. Someone knocks on your door, but you can’t be bothered to get up. “It’s open!” you call. Pippa opens the door and sits next to you, lifting your head, so it rests on her legs, causing you to smile. “Hey, Pip.”

She runs her fingers through your hair. “How you doing, sweetie?”

You groan, “Tired.”

She chuckles, then changes her tone. It’s not stern, but it’s definitely not happy. “I saw the way you were with Lin.”

“It seems everyone saw that. I promise I didn’t mean anything by it.”

“I know you didn’t, but all the guys have been trying to get with you since you joined.”

You look up at her. “So have you,” you point out.

“Well, that’s different,” she protests.

“How is that any different?”

“Because,” she bends down to kiss the top of your head, “I-” she kisses your forehead- “have-” another kiss, this time on your nose- “you.” You stare lovingly into your girlfriend’s eyes and bring your lips to hers.

“And I wouldn’t have it any other way,” you whisper once you pull away.


You pull her so that she’s laying next to you on the small couch. Well, you’re really laying on top of her.

The two of you met when Hamilton was still at the Public Theater and instantly bonded. When you moved to the Rogers, you didn’t want to share a room with her and Renee. It wasn’t that you didn’t like Renee; you and Pippa just thought it would be awkward if you shared a room with someone else, so you roomed with Jonathan. Neither of you told the rest of the cast you were dating because you were scared of how they would react. You knew they weren’t going to be mad because of your sexuality, but you didn’t know how they would react to cast members dating. It’s been almost four months since you and Pippa went on your first date, and with how the other cast members kept hitting on you, you had become frustrated that you couldn’t tell anyone.

You start to doze off on Pippa’s chest, but she wakes you up. “(Y/N/N)?”

“Mhm,” you answer.

“Should we tell them about us?”

You lean up slightly to look at her. “Do you want to?”

“Well, I just don’t like how they keep hitting on you.”

“Is that all? Because, I can make up an excuse for them to leave me alone, if you don’t want them to know about us.”

“I want to tell them,” she states.

You smile and kiss her. “We can tell them whenever you’re ready.”

She smiles. “Can we tell them now?”

“Of course.” You’re just about to stand up to get your phone when Jonathan bursts through your door.

“You have a lot of explaining to do, (Y/N)!” he yells. “Hi, Pippa, what are you doing here?”

You giggle and walk over to her. She wraps her arms around you and kisses your cheek. “Spending time with my girlfriend,” she responds.

He just looks from you to her repeatedly, before he can finally ask how long you’ve been together.

“About four months,” you answer in unison.

He smiles. “Have you told any of the cast?”

“We were just about to.”

“I’ll take the picture!” he squeals. He snatches your phone out of your hand and tells you ad Pippa to stand exactly as you are. You and Pippa get the same idea to disobey him and kiss each other last second. He sends the picture to the rest of the cast and gushes about how adorable you are together.

Leslie: Congrats! You both are perfect for each other!

Renee: I knew it!

Lin: My “wife” and the woman I cheat on her with, together at last. Congrats!

Daveed: You are some of the best people I know. So happy for you!

Oak: Awe, you’re adorable

You glance up and see Pippa staring at you.

“What?” You giggle.


“What?” you plead.

“It’s stupid.”

“Pip, c'mon. Tell me.”

“They’re all so happy for us,” she mutters.

You smile and kiss her. “I told you there was nothing to worry about.”

“I know.” She smiles and rests her forehead against yours.

You take a deep breath. “I-I love you.” It’s the first time either of you had said that you loved each other, and you’re worried about how she’ll react.

Her smile widens. “I love you, too.”

Runaway Puppy

Main Story - Extra

Words: 8286

Genre: Fluff (some action). Mafia!Au (except not very hardcore) 

Notes: Related to/Intertwined with Ocean Swallow

“Where’s the puppy, mommy?” You tug on your mother’s dress, but she dismisses you. Feeling guilty, she turns back and ruffles your hair. “Sorry sweetie but looks like it ran away.”

And for the luxurious life you follow - this was the first memory of disappointment. But it was only a matter time before everything in your life would abandon you…after all, who could stand you?


Sweet nothings stumble from your lips and honey words entrench in the air. This is your life. You whisper enticing words into old men’s ears and it proves no difficulty for you - you’ve done it countless times over.

You’re all gussied up, dressed like a doll to perfection. Women envy you as you walk past and men become flustered. “God that guy was disgusting.” You whisper out of the corner of your mouth to Secretary Yoona.

She smiles half-heartedly. “I’m sorry miss.” You sigh internally. Your father couldn’t accompany you this evening but you don’t mind. It’s easier when he’s not here; he won’t be able to sense your fatigue that you’ve been masking with easy smiles.

You grab a glass of golden champagne to help you ease up, weaving through the crowd to make your way to chief executive blah blah blah blah of your father’s rival company. Here we go again, you think. As you prepare an alluring smile, you feel a ripple through the air.

Bang. The Corporate Chairman of Swallow Enterprise falls to the ground.

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Oneshot: Sebastian gets protective of you in an interview

Originally posted by bbuchanann

“How many more interviews are left?” You groaned, leaning in to Sebastian as he put his arm around your shoulder. He laughed, kissing your hair, “Last one sweetie, don’t worry.”

You signed, if a day of back to back interviews in heels wasn’t enough, you had to do it without revealing that you and Sebastian were dating.

The only condition you had when he begged you to join him in this movie was that your relationship would be kept a secret, and so far it had.

“After this one, we’re going back to the hotel and ordering pizza, I promise,” He grinned as he held open the door for you.

You walked inside and saw a man sitting in front two chairs, when he saw you walk in he stood up.

“Y/N, Sebastian, it’s great to meet you” He said, shaking Sebastian’s hand.

You held your hand out as he moved closer but instead of shaking it, it he hugged you, kissing your cheek, “Y/N! You’re looking very gorgeous as always.”

“Oh, um…thanks?” You said, straightening out your dress nervously.

You looked at Sebastian who seemed oblivious to what had just happened, “Shall we get started?

You nodded your head, “Yeah, let’s get this over with,” you mumbled.

As you moved towards your chair, you felt a hand on your lower back. You casually brushed the interviewer away as you took your seat beside Sebastian, who was already sitting down. He gave you a reassuring smile.

“So Sebastian, my first question is for you. What was it like with Y/N as your co-star?”

Sebastian laughed, “It was incredible. Y/N is extremely talented and she’s so fun to work with. I would definitely do it again in a heartbeat.”

“Aww thanks Seb!” You put your hand on his shoulder.

“Y/N I’m surprised, I would’ve thought you’d be used to getting complimented by men by now,” The interview smirked

You tucked away a loose strand of hair, trying this avoid his gaze. From the corner of your eye, you saw Sebastian clench his fists.

You reached over and put your hand on Sebastian’s, who began to loosen his grip.

“Actually, it’s always so humbling to receive praise. Sebastian was a pleasure to work with as well,” you smiled.

“So Y/N, tell me more about your love life,” The interviewer said, crossing his legs.

“I…um…I-I” You stuttered, struggling to find the words to say.

“I really don’t think that’s an appropriate question. We’re here to talk about the movie,” Sebastian said, casually putting his arm around your chair.

“Oh, come on, Y/N! Who’s the lucky guy?” The it interviewer pressed.

Sebastian cleared his throat, “I think it’s time to change the subject. Now”. He said defensively. You saw his mouth press tightly in a line, his expression was one of pure anger.

“Someone as hot as you has to be seeing someone. C'mon sugar, who is he?” The interviewer said, winking at you as he ignored Sebastian.

Sebastian stood up quickly, “Don’t you dare talk to her like that,” he said angrily as he moved up to the interviewer.

You saw what he was about to do and you got out of your seat as well, “Seb, don’t. It’s not worth it,” You urged, but it was too late. You heard a loud exclamation of pain as you saw Sebastian punch the man in his face.

“This interview is over,” Sebastian said. He held out his hand to you took it, “And for your information, she is seeing someone; and he really doesn’t like his girlfriend being spoken to like that,” The interviewer groaned as he listened to Sebastian, covering his now bleeding nose with one hand.

Sebastian wrapped is arm around your waist, “I think we’re done here. Let’s go sweetie.”