your hair sweetie

me lookin at road kill: ew that’s gross lol

dead raccoon: you ain’t looking that good either sweetie :) your hair is drier than the crusty blood matted in my fur


mcl hands on approach

i dont even know


○ so gud~
○ this poor soul thinks about candy ever since the first time he did it
○ likes it better than cookies 
“I should be doing push-ups~~”  


○ nope
○ won’t do it
“absolutely degenerate”
○ is restless so he starts to shuffle on the bed, too bad for him the rubbing feels kinda good so he tries to busy his head with something else


○ no doubt the innocent one left among them ~not for long
○ searches for videos online, and is relieved to find out sex is not quite like ‘the sims’ portrays it
○ doesn’t know what to make of it
○ actually he does, but alexy is home
“did I lock up the door?”


○ every fucking day
○ he cant sleep if he doesn’t do it
○ favorite place is in the shower
“mmmh, candy did looked cute in that dress… flat is life”


○ tries real hard not to do it
○ post-fapping blues
“okay this is the last time”, “i wont do it again i swear”
○ does it again the next day

O Mama Don't You Cry - Zach Werenski

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Notes: look its not a smut for once (and ima wait on a few smuts, write a few non-smuts for you all then post bc :) ) but yeah, here’s a sUPER cute Zach Werenski one and its a lil fluffy with a bit of a grumpy zach so be excited!! also i feel like my titles have nothing to do with the story and im sorry

Warnings: Mentions of underage drinking

Mentions: Dylan Larkin, Jack Eichel, Auston Matthews, Noah Hanifin, Charlie McAvoy, a few more

Requested By @werenzki (also check out her imagines bc if you have time to binge-read, would definitely recommend!!): I’d love who when the reader is at some party or something and she’s interested in zach werenski but he thinks she’s into Dylan Larkin so he gets sort of awkward and jealous but by the end of the night she turns her attention to Zach and it’s all cute and stuff..

Up Next: idk its a surprise y’all

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Characters- Reader, Maisie the dog, Missouri, RodeoCowboy!Dean
Warnings- None
Word Count- 1,123
Summary- It’s a usual day until a face from your past shows up. You never thought you’d see him again, but fate seems to have other ideas.
A/N- The first in this series! I’m so excited to share this one with y’all since it’s been in the planning stages since January. I had some computer troubles, but luckily I’ve been able to get it working enough to write, so all’s well. It’s all outlined, so I’m just so excited to finally share!

Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Feels Like Home Masterlist | Mobile Masterlist | Taglist Details

Squinting against the sunlight filtering in through your windows, you sigh before glaring at the beeping alarm on your nightstand. You’d done all the chores you’d needed to the night before, just to spend an extra hour or two in bed this morning. You should have known they’d fly right on by.

Your morning is much the same as always- get up and ready to do some chores before you head out to breakfast at Missouri’s Diner. Your small horse ranch requires daily maintenance, all of which you take care of yourself. Hauling hay, feeding the horses, daily grooming, cleaning stalls- all are a part of your daily chore list.

You open your front door to a bright dawn, bright orangey-yellows melting into blue. The sight brings a small smile to your face, thinking of all the people who are too busy stuck behind a desk to ever see the beauty of a fresh new day. Running a ranch may be hard work, but you wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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Little Werewolf Things (Brett Talbot Imagine)

Brett x Reader

A/N: I love these ideas that @lazyneonmonster has, like they’re not related to the main story and I really love writing these kind of imagines. ♥


“Happy anniversary!” you beamed as you shoved a bouquet of roses into Brett’s chest, a surprised and flush expression creeping up on his face when you showed him affection.

You’ve been together for a year now and you wanted to do something sweet for him, since he’s been enduring your company for so long and kept wanting to be with you whenever he got the chance.

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Dream Life

Characters: reader, Dean, Sam

Pairing: Dean x reader

Warnings: sooooo much angst, some fluff

Word count: 2712

Summary: in your perfect world, you have everything you could ever ask for; but it’s not real. Do you stay and live the life you want, or go back to Sam and Dean?

You awoke in a comfortable bed; you shot up and breathed heavily as you looked around the unfamiliar room. “What the hell?” You whispered to yourself. Last thing you knew you were hunting a Djinn with Sam and Dean and now here you were in an unexpected place.

You noticed the bed you were in was a double bed, however you were the only one in it. You stepped out of the bed, you were still wearing your jeans and ACDC shirt from before but your shoes were gone. You made your way downstairs and heard a soft humming in the kitchen. You nervously stepped into the kitchen and saw the shirtless back of a stranger, although it wasn’t really a stranger; it was Dean.

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{ kingdom come }

pairing: polyhamilsquad x reader (john-centric)

prompt: none!

t/w: i don’t think there are any. it’s mostly fluff!

a/n: literally no one asked for this but i just really like small!john and you’ve seen a glimpse of how he acts in the past 2 chapters of five’s company. the proper thing for me to say is “i want to give you insight on how john is feeling/thinking because character development. wow!” but in reality, i just wanted to write some fluff with my precious baby

i write john with a bit of a little headspace so you’ll see a bit of those themes come out here!

also this title is lame but i was listening to kingdom come by the civil wars and it’s a nice song and kind of fitting for this.


inbox || masterlist

Alex figured John would be like this for a couple of days. If it lasted for more than a week then you would get worried.

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It’s okay Princess

#43 and #44 with Montgomery please? 💜  @hxnnxh-bxkxr

#43- “I don’t want to talk about it”
#44- “C’mon princess, please don’t cry”


Originally posted by montedelacruz

To say your life was tough was an understatement, but after all who didn’t have a tough life. Last night was especially troubling and you wanted nothing more than to move on from it, so you walked faster down your school’s hallway, thinking that if you walked fast enough you could walk away from all your problems, but sadly you knew that’s not how life worked. Your hand gripped your backpack strap so tight that your knuckles turned a pearly white color, you kept your head down and avoided eye contact with anyone, you were lucky enough that the bruises given to you last night were efficiently covered by your clothes, but were still susceptible to touch which you quickly found out when your highly affectionate boyfriend slung his arm around your shoulders “Hey babe, missed you at the game last night” he whispered playfully in your ear. You winced slightly as his arm rested on the two fresh bruises on your shoulders, your eyes rose up to look in his eyes. His big beautiful smile turning slowly into a frown “You okay?” he questioned after seeing the painful look in your eyes. You gave a meek smile and shook your head slightly “I’m fine, sorry I couldn’t make it, my mom wanted to discuss a few things” you replied, moving slightly closer to him, your side being pressed perfectly to him, you weren’t necessarily lying to him but you also weren’t telling the whole truth. He glanced forward, looking into the crowd before steering the two of you into an empty classroom “W-Why are we in here? Monty I’m gonna be late to class i promise i’ll make up for missing the game later” You spoke to your boyfriend, a playful, teasing smile smearing itself on your face as you backed into the classroom glancing around. Monty’s signature smirk flashed onto his lips as he shoved his hands in his pockets and peered into your eyes “C’mon baby, I know somethings going on, why don’t you talk to me” His voice ringed in your ear, calm and soothing. Your eyes traveled everywhere except to his, shaking your head slightly “I already told you De La Cruz, I’m fine, nothing’s going on and now all I want to do is get to class” And with every word you spoke you moved closer and closer to the door all up until his arm reached out and grasped your waist, pulling you closer to him. You winced in pain, your head down and eyes shut “Is it your mom?” his voice was a whisper as he asked a question he already knew the full answer to. Out of frustration, sadness and defeat you rested your forehead on his chest “I don’t want to talk about it” you responded, your eyes shut. A shallow breath escaped his lips as one of his hands wrapped around your waist and the other tangling itself in your hair “I know sweetie, I know” he murmured in your ear pressing you flush against himself. After a few moments of silence, you broke out into sobs, your hands grasping tightly at the back of his shirt “C’mon princess, please don’t cry” he basically begged you, you could sense how much your crying or even just being upset hurt him, hurt every fiber in his being, but you couldn’t help it, you were hurt “Why don’t we take the day off, go get some ice cream or something. I can get one of the guys to cover for us in classes” His offer brought a small smile to your lips as you nodded against his chest “I would love nothing more”. His arms gave you a careful but strong hug before releasing you and grasping for your hand “Then what are we waiting for? I wanna see a smile on those lips asap” His words alone did the trick as a genuine smile flashed upon your lips “There’s my girl”


BLURBS (organized by boy then by oldest to newest)


Best friend Michael (he confesses his feelings for you)

Angsty Michael (he is partying too much and acting out and you can’t take it anymore)

Best friend Michael (how you two met in elementary school and where you are now)

Single Dad Michael  (he is raising his son on his own with the help of you, his best friend)

Angsty Michael  part two part three part four (distance starts causing a strain on your relationship)

Boyfriend Michael (this is about you having an anxiety attack, i wrote this from my own personal experience not to romanticize mental health issues, TW)

Drunk Best Friend Michael (you give his drunk ass a ride home)

Another Single Dad Michael (you are his little girls kindergarten teacher)


Best friend Calum (your teasing fun friendship turns into something more)

Visiting Calum on tour (same as the title lol you are visiting him on tour)

Neighbor Calum  (you meet your neighbor for the first time on the floor of your apartments hallway)

Spicy Self Love (plus size au)

High School Calum (Calum is a soccer star at your high school and you aren’t a fan of him, pretty much as cliche as it gets lmao) 

Best Friend Calum (Fluffy cute tour blurb)

Friends With Benefits Calum (when someone catches feelings, lowkey inspired by a scene from gilmore girls)


Frat Boy Luke (you are his tutor that he now has feelings for)

Best friend Luke (you are visiting him on tour)

Jealous Luke (after you break up he is upset to see you on a date)

Angsty Ass Luke part two part three (you go to visit luke on a break between tours and are shocked with what you find when you arrive, also has bestfriend!michael in there)

Married Luke (getting in an argument about the future for the two of you) 



“I hate you! You’re everywhere, and I can’t escape you! I can’t go anywhere without being reminded of you”

“Do you even love me?”

“Just tell me you still love me”


He wants to cuddle, but you are busy

“I know you don’t love me, but please, just lie to me one more time”

“Leaving you was the hardest thing I ever had to do”

“Hi, my name is (Y/N), and I have no idea who you are, but I need you to kiss me”

“Can I hold your hand?”

“Prove me wrong.” Part 2

“Do you even realize how much stuff like this hurts me?” and  “Don’t cry, don’t fucking cry”


“Mommy ate the baby?!”

“You never let anyone in, and that’s why everyone leaves”

“I just love looking at you.”


“It hurts to look at you” 

“If I’d known you’d be here I wouldn’t have come”

“Let me braid your hair, sweetie.”

“I wish I could capture this moment in a bottle and keep it forever”

RANTS (just me ranting about the boys) 

Fan Fiction Rant 

Jet Black Heart Music Video Rant  

KAREN 3 ( p. parker x reader ) Finale

Me and my fam fam watched Ragnarok. And it got me excited for the Infinity war. Woohh . So here it is people, the piece of the resisntan had made it way to their tables. Enjoy the Finale of Karen. Thanks for tge support.

You made your way to your class along with Michelle. Homecoming was near and you had no date. You were practically planning to ask your crush out. Who else could it be than the nerdy spiderboy itself.

“ Are you going to ask him? ” Mich asked you as both of you walked your way to your class. You blushed at the question and smiled. “ You really are a dork for him. ” she teased as she laughed at you. “ I would love to be his Dork Mich, don’t judge me. ” you replied as you shrugged her off. She rolled her eyes at you.

“ Well well speaking of the devil, Look ahead Dork. Your Prince awaits. ” Michelle said as you turned to where she was looking at.

There stood your Spider Prince indeed with his best friend. Mich smirked and looked at you before she pulled you with her. “ Parker! Someone want’s to talk to ya! ” your eyes widen as you tried to pull away from the damn girl as you called her name.

“ Mich! No! ” Michelle had you in a death grip as she pulled you with a playful smirk plastered on his face. “ gosh, can you tell me where you hide you horns and tail?” you sarcastically asked as you gave up fighting.

Peter and Ned spun to the call of their curly haired friend who is practically dragging poor you behind her.

“ Mich, your gonna hurt Y/n. ” Peter argued as you smiled at him as he smiled back. “Gosh, stop it I might get diabetes. ” Mich teased as you and Pete laughed. Ned gave Mich a playful look as she nodded.

“ Here’s your chance.” you heard Mich whisper as you arched up. You took a breath.

“ Peter? ” you called as the said boy turned to you. “ Yeah? ”

Your breathed hitched as your cheeks exploded “ aghh W-w-will y-you got to——- ” “ ring!!!!” you were cut off by the ringing if the school bell. “ Oh! Time to go! See you! Come on Ned. . ” he said as he pulled Ned along as he ran.

“ Peter! Wait– I– ” your head dropped as Michelle felt bad. She placed a hand on your back as you looked at her sadly.

“ Hey, you still have a chance later? Don’t worry. ” he comforted as you sighed and smiled and nodded and walked to your class. As each period ended you were gathering up more courage.

“ What are you gonna do at Lunch?! ” Mich asked “ I’m gonna Ask him!!” you replied confidently. The girl has been cheering for you all period to gather up all your courage to ask Peter to Homecoming. You two made your way to the cafeteria to meet Ned and Peter and finally ask him out officially. You didn’t see Peter at the cafeteria. So you went to find him

You walked you way through the halls as you pulled out your phone and texted Peter.

To: MyDreamDork.

Hey, didn’t see you at Cafeteria. I wanna talk to you where are you?

You pressed sent as you continued to walk until a familiar brunette pass your sight. It was Peter. You smiled and ran to follow him. “ Peter! ” you called but he didn’t seem to hear you. You continued to follow until you saw him standing infront of the Trophies. But he wasn’t alone. He was rambling as he talked to Liz and it hit a spot to your chest.

They laughed until brought up the homecoming. When Liz said she didn’t had time thinking about a date, you felt fear struck you.

“ No wait. . ” you whispered as you looked at Peter with a scared look.

“ Would. . Would you go. .? With me? ” he asked.

“ Yeah, sure. ”

Like a knife plunged into you heart it pained. You covered your mouth as tears sided your lids making you dash out. You ran and ran until you collided with Michelle. The girl shocked and worried held your shoulders as she asked you what happened.

“ He asked her.” you said as you angrily wiped your tears as you ran out again with michelle calling out you name. She immidiately followed you.

You stood by the entrance as you held your phone on your ear meant that you were talking to someone. Michelle made it to your side. “ Hey, Y/n lets talk about this. ” she reasoned as a black limousine stopped infront of the both of you. You looked at her as she looked at you in confusion. You pulled her in the car as Happy, the driver. Drove you home to the tower.

Michelle was rambling and quite shocked that you were the Iron Man’s daughter. You told her everything that it was to know until you made it to the tower. Happy tried to comfort you liked Michelle but it didn’t seem to work either. “ I’ll go. Take care of her Michelle. ” he said as the said girl nodded and followed you to your room.

As you entered you slumped into your bed like any heartbroken teen would do.

Days of the homecoming begin to shorten. Peter noticed your distance from him and worried him. He should be happy and excited for homecoming cause Liz agreed to go with him but not seeing, talking nor smiling of you didn’t made him feel like it. He would always see you with Mich as usual although you would ignore or you would just nod or say short replies like yes and no.

He was really worried and sad.

Tony noticed your melancholic state and he was getting worried. The story that Happy told him had him storming to your room right now.

“ Y/n M/n Stark. You are going to the Homecoming this instant. ” he boomed as he barged into your room. He found your room dim lighted with you on your bed coated with comforter making you look like a Burito and 3 empty pizza boxes on the floor.

You gave him a dead stare before turning back to the tv screen as you ignored your ringing phone on the night stand as Michelle’s name lit the screen.

Tony sighed and sat to your side.

“ Sweetie, I heard what happened. Its not the end of the world. ” he cooed as he made you faced him with horrid look. You had dark bags under your eyes and a stain of tomato sauce from the pizza on your cheeks.

Tony laughed and wiped your cheeks as you pouted.

“ What’s the point of going? ” you mumbled as you dropped your head on your dad’s shoulder as he caressed your hair.

“ Sweetie, it doesn’t matter if you didn’t get a date. There are so many boys out there. Homecoming is a once in a lifetime thing. Its not just about dates and stuff. Its about you having the time of your life with your friends. Think about your friend Michelle. She too doesn’t have a date she is going, you know why?! ” he asked as he held your cheeks together as you looked like a squishy.

“ nmm - Nooo. . ” you replied.

“ Because she is there to have the time of her life as a teen. Live a little Sweetheart. She needs ya there. She needs he bestie. ” he smiled at you making you smile and you held his hand and removing them from your cheeks from squishing them. “ Thanks dad. ” you said as Tony smiled and pulled you in a hug.

“ Tell you what, I’ll have your friend fetched here so you could go together. And your mom just called Cinna. ( A/n: Hunger Games. ) He is a great make up artist love and I guarantee, Parker will see an Angel and he will regret not asking you out.” he cooed to you as you laughed.

He pulled you out off bed as he told you to get a bath.

“ Friday, get that Dress I ordered. Now is the time to make my Princess to shine. ” Tony said to the A.I.

Peter was now on his way to Homecoming to school with Liz as her father drove them to school. He was shocked and concerned cause Liz’s father is the Vulture himself. He was really uncomfortable through the whole ride.

Meanwhile Michelle paced inside the living room of the Stark’s tower as she waited for you. She was so happy that you were coming. Then she heard the sound of a sliding door open. Pepper greeted her with a hug. “ I’m ready. ” your voice rang throught the two ladies ears as they turned to you and they gasped in shocked and delight.

They finally made it to the destination. Peter greeted Ned inside. Liz had left to go to some friends. “ Are Michelle and Y/n coming? ” he asked his bestfriend as they looked around. “ Well, Mich said they are on their way. Which means Y/n is with her. ” Peter smiled at the good news. He was dying to see you.

Then a serious of gasps and awes came from the direction of the entrance. “ What going on there? ” he asked as Ned shrugged and they walked to the entrance.

“ Take care kids. ” Happy said with a smile as you and Mich waved goodbye to him as he drove off.

“ Soo… Lets go? ” you asked Michelle as she smiled at you. “ Hell Yeah! Lets go binge eating on that buffet. ” you laughed at her remark as you both entered. Multiple looks landed on you as you entered the halls of Midtown High. People began to compliment on how you look. Then you two made it to the event area.

Peter and Ned stopped at the Entrance. His gaze landed on the familiar e/c orbs. His mouth dropped at the sight of you.

“ Wow… ” the only word that he could describe you at the moment.

Your eyes roamed around until they landed on the familiar brown orbs staring back at you. You pulled Mich towards the duo with you. “ Hey, Losers. ” Michelle teased as you laughed and told her to stop her bullying cause its homecoming. Peter couldn’t seem to get his eyes off you. You stared back at him as you sent him a smile.

Ned just pushed him, breaking his trance as he almost fell on you. He awkwardly met your gaze. The 4 of you chatted, it was just Ned and Michelle chatting while you and Peter barely said any word. Both were awkwardly giving stares. Mich was pissed, why can’t you two hook up now!

“ That’s it! You two haven’t talked go to the dancefloor and dance if you aren’t gonna talk. ” she scolded as she pushed you and Peter to the dancefloor.

You stared at him awkwardly as did he back. What happened next was quite unexpected…

He stretched his hand towards you as you stared at it for a moment then to Peter who was smiling shyly.

“ Shall we dance? ” he asked, you couldn’t help but smile as you took his hand. “ Yes We may. ”

On que, the music changed its tune.

I found the Love, for me

Darling just dive right in, follow my lead

Peter’s eyes never left yours as he slowly pulled you to the dance floor then he placed his hands on your waist slowly at the same time asking your permission to touch you. You answered by placing your hands on his shoulder. You both stopped from a moment then stepped.

We were just kids when we fell in love

Not knowing what it was,

I will not give you up this time

You smiled as Peter almost tumbled a little.

“ Careful now. Don’t want you falling on me… ” you teased as Peter seem to have already captivated by your smile. “ I think I already did. ” he said out of nowhere. Your eyes widen as you stared at him. He had an equal look of shock. You sighed thinking maybe you have a chance. You began to circle your arms around Peter’s neck as he did the same to your waist. Closing the gap between you.

Darlin’ just kiss me slow

Your heart is all I own,

and in your eyes your holdin mine

You both swayed through the music as the gap between you shortened. His forehead had rested on yours, your eyes were closed as you savored the moment, his breath felt hot against your skin. Peter slowly moved his lips up to your forehead and placed a kiss on your head. Your eyes shit open as you met his gaze. He just stared. Unknowingly, his head lowers slowly with his eyes never leaving your eyes.

The moment was perfect… Until.

“ Peter, There you are. ” The voice broke the two of you away from each other. Liz made it to Peter’s side as she pressed a kiss on his lips. You looked away with a pained look before speakin. Peter saw and it pained him to see you like that. He wanted to hug you. He wanted to kiss you.

“ I gotta go, Mich is waiting for me. Enjoy your moment. Liz, Peter. ” you said as you turned away. “ Y/n, wait! ” he called as you stopped. He didn’t want you to leave. You didn’t turn and continued to walk away.

You didn’t cry. You did feel sad but you were happy you got to dance with Peter even if it was just once. The time passed and you were crowned Homecoming Queen but you didn’t participate much. Peter disappear through the crowd. He was probably with Liz doing who knows what.

You got home early. Mich thanked you for joining her. You had her sent home safely. You stood at the terrace of the Avengers Tower in your room. You like having a terrace in your room. You leaned on the rails as you let the Brooklyn wind hit your skin with its ghostly touch. You smiled as you remembered how you and Peter danced. You hummed as you swayed slowly. Remembering that one presious moment.

“ Hello Homecoming Queen. ” you heard a familiar voice call up behind you making you jump and turn to the direction of the voice. There sat Peter stood in his old Spiderman onesie since your dad took his upgraded one.

“ Hello Spiderman, or should I say … … . Peter Parker. ” you revealed as he removed his mask. You smiled at him warmly. “ Your Mr. Stark’s daughter. I think its quits now. ” he said as he walked to your side. You noticed a couple of scratches on his face.

“ You had a rough night. ” you laughed as you faced him. He laughed at your remark as he looked at you.

“ How did it go with Liz. Congratulations! So when is the reception. ” you cheered happily even though you feel really hurt. Peter let out a sigh as he looked at you with a hurt look.

“ Stop pretending Y/n. And No. I didn’t ask Liz out. I’ve… I’ve come to realize something. ” he stated as your expression changed. Peter walked towards you closer than before. He took your hand as you met his gaze. He smiled awkwardly.

“ I Love You, Y/n. ”

Your eyes widen in shock as you looked at Peter.

“ I Love You too Peter. ” you said out of nowhere. Peter giggled at your response as your cheeks redenned and looked away in embarassment. You felt his finger lift your chin up to meet his gaze.

“ Don’t the Homecoming Queen deserve a kiss? ” he asked as you smiled at him. “ I don’t mind, as long as its you. ” with that.

Peter closed the gap between his and your lips. Sealing the agreement. Accepting your love and you accepting his. The kiss was slow, passionate, loving and sweet. You can’t but smile in it. You two broke away as you placed your hands on his cheeks as a smiled popped on both of your lips. Peter dove down and gave you a quick kiss.

“ Oh wait… ” you said and left Peter’s arm and went inside the room and took a big silver briefcase. Peter looked at you. “ Dad wanted you to have it back. Don’t worry, I fixed everything. ” you said as Peter smiled.

“ What did you fix? I didn’t break anything when I returned this. ” he said. You slipped. Peter noticed your expression as he gave you a look. “ What did you do? ” he asked.

“ Well, the A.I of that suit was deleted and… . It was my fault. I didn’t wanna tell dad so I programmed the suit to have me as the A.I while I fixed KAREN, aka your A.I since you named her that sooooo yeahhhh. ” you confessed as you booped your two index finger together as you avoided his gaze.

Peter processed everything until his cheeks reddened after what he has understood. “ Then, I’ve been sharing my - ” “ Yeah. ” you blurted and looked at him.

Peter just sighed but smiled. “ Well, atleast I have you now. ” he said as you smiled. The night went on of you and Peter dancing under the moonlight, chit chats, laughing, sweet talking and never ending I Love Yous. Savouring every minute and every second together like there was no tomorrow.

The End.

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Hunted - Part Two (Pack Mom)

“Momma this is Nolan. He helped me get away from one of the hunters at school and now they know he betrayed them and they’re after him too. One of them did this to him. We have to help him.” Liam explained to her. “Sweetheart, in very proud of you for doing the right but are you sure you want to do this?” Y/N asked him glancing at him through the mirror. “I’m sure momma. We have to help him. He helped me.” Liam told her. Y/N smiled and nodded. “That’s my boy. Ok sweetie, we’re almost home. Everything will be ok.” Y/N reassured him. Nolan rest his head against Liam’s shoulder and whined in pain. “Nolan, sweetie. It’s ok. Try and stay awake. We’re almost there. I’m going to get you all fixed up, honey. You’ll be ok.” She cooed reassuring him. After seeing Nolan’s health deteriorate, she put her foot down and sped to the loft pulling up outside within a few minutes. Y/N tossed Liam her keys and the young beta unlocked the door. Y/N sat at the back and brushed Nolan’s hair away from his face. “Nolan, sweetie. It’s ok, we’re here. Everything’s going to be ok. Can you get up for me, honey? I need you to walk. Can you do that for me?” She cooed slowly helping the young boy out of the car. She wrapped an arm around his waist and placed the other on his tender chest as she guided him into the loft. Nolan winced at her touch and whined in pain. Everything hurt. Y/N sat Nolan down on the couch and she could see his head slowly tilting to the side. The poor thing was so tired. “Nolan, honey. Can you hear me?” Y/N asked him. Nolan whined in pain. “Sssh it’s ok. You’re safe now.” Y/N reassured him. “Pl…‘se…..please don’t hurt me…” Nolan cried in fear as tears escaped from his eyes. “Sssh ssssh, it’s ok sweetie. I promise no one’s going to hurt you. You’re ok, you’re safe.” She told him gently placing him on the couch. “Stay here. I’m going to get the first aid kit to clean you up. Liam honey, could you find Nolan a shirt and some pants as well please?” Y/N told Nolan and then called out to Liam who nodded and scurried off to his room. Y/N took out her phone to text Derek that they had some company with them. She then shoved her phone into her pocket went to the hallway closet to take out a small blanket and face towel and then into the kitchen to take out a small bowl filling it with warm water and reaching into one of the cupboards to take out gauze, cotton wool, swabs, antiseptic solution and wipes carrying it all into the kitchen and setting it down on the coffee table. She took off her shoes and jacket leaving them in the hallway before putting on her slippers and making her way back to the kitchen to get Nolan a glass of water carrying it to the living room. “Sweetie, it’s ok to be scared but don’t worry you’re good in hands.” She reassured him smelling the fear and anxiety roll off of him. “Jus’…Jus’ don’t hur’ me” the young beaten boy pleaded with sadness in his voice as he looked up at her with his large glassy piercing baby blue eyes. “Sssh, I promise you’re safe sweetie. Do you think you could drink some of this water?” She asked him slowly getting up and sitting beside him as she held the glass of water in her hands. Nolan slowly nodded at her. “That’s it, good boy.” She cooed as she lifted the glass bringing it to Nolan’s lips and smiled as the young boy began to gulp it down immediately. Once Nolan had finished his water, Y/N set the glass on the table and then kneeled down in front of him grabbing a packet of antiseptic wipes and ripping it open with her teeth. “This is going to hurt a little so I need you to be really brave. Can you do that, honey?” She asked him. Nolan hesitated and stared at Y/N’s expression. She was calm and offered him a friendly smile. Nolan gave her a week smile and simple nod. Y/N gently took Nolan’s face into the palm of her hand and began to dab at the cuts with the wipe making Nolan flinch or whine in pain every so often. “Sssh almost done, sweetie.” She cooed continuing to dab away the blood on his face. A few minutes of silence Nolan plucked up the courage to ask her some questions. “Your Liam’s mom?” Nolan asked quietly. Y/N smiled and nodded at him. “That’s right, honey. I’m Y/N.” She answered. “What are you?” Nolan asked her. She could hear his voice shaking and see the fear in his eyes. “I’m just like you. We all are. We just have a few extra bits, that’s all.” She reassured him. Nolan looked down at his hands as he fiddled with his fingers. After 20 minutes of cleaning him up, she helped him up the stairs and into the bathroom so he could relieve himself and have a quick hot shower before changing into some fresh clothes. “I’ll wait here in the bedroom, sweetie. It’s ok. Try to relax and after we’ll get you something to eat.” She told him with a loving smile. Nolan nodded and scurried into the bathroom. “Shout if you need anything, honey.” Y/N told him. She set up the hairdryer on the table along with some lotion. She set the fan heater on so the room could warm up. Y/N sat on the bed in the spare room and sighed waiting for Nolan to finish. She rest her head in her hands and let out a big sigh. “Momma…?” Liam called as he stood against the door frame. “Hi baby, is everything ok?” Y/N smiled up at him and brushed her hair away from her face. Liam shook his head and gave her a nervous smile. “Are you mad at me, momma?” Liam asked her. “No baby, of course not. I’m proud of you for the doing the right thing and wanting to help that boy regardless of what happened.” Y/N told him getting up and wrapping her arms around him and pressing a loving kiss to his forehead. “What’s going to happen to him?” Liam asked her. Y/N smiled and brushed his sandy brown hair away from his face and pressed another kiss to his nose. “We’re going to do everything we can to help him. Your dad comes home later tonight. I already told him we have some company with us so he’ll know what to do but right now Nolan is scared and he doesn’t know who to trust so we have to show him that we’ll protect him and he’s safe here with us” Y/N told him. Liam nodded and rested his head against her chest. The door to the bathroom opened and out came a very shy and wet Nolan dressed in his fresh clothes. He stood awkwardly waiting not wanting to ruin the moment between Liam and his mom. Y/N looked up at him with a small smile to see him wrapped up in a large bath towel with his hair dripping wet. “Feeling better, honey?” Y/N asked him. Nolan nodded shyly. Liam heard the door slide open downstairs and immediately picked up that Derek was back and rushed downstairs. “Who’s here…?” Nolan asked her nervously. “It’s ok, honey. It’s just my husband, Derek. We’ll go downstairs and meet him later ok?” She reassured him. She switched on the hairdryer and patted a spot on the bed for Nolan to sit down so she could dry his hair. “Is it ok if I dry your hair for you, sweetie? I don’t want you catching a cold.” She told him. Nolan gave her a small smile and nodded shyly. “Good boy. Then we’ll head downstairs and get you something to eat. You must be hungry.” She told him. After drying his hair, she took the lotion from the bedside table and gently applied it to his face being careful of all the cuts and bruises. “Good job, sweetheart. Let’s head downstairs.” She told him standing up. Nolan stood up but stared at her nervously fiddling with the hem of his shirt. “It’s ok, honey. I promise, you’re safe.” Y/N smiled reassuring him as she gently ran her fingers through his hair and stroked his cheek with the pad of her thumb. She smiled and held her hand out for him to take giving him a smile silently telling him it was ok. At first Nolan hesitated but he really was hungry so he took her hand and let her guide him to the kitchen. “Hey baby.” Derek called walking over to her embracing her in a hug and pressed a loving kiss to her lips. He looked at the younger boy cowering behind her. “You must be Nolan. I’m Derek.” the older alpha introduced himself and held his hand out to shake his but the younger boy hid behind Y/N. She chuckled and wrapped an arm around him. “It’s ok, sweetie. Derek won’t bite.” Y/N chuckled. Nolan looked up at the older alpha with a nervous smile. “Do you like pizza? We have some leftover from earlier today.” Derek told him. Y/N followed behind him in the kitchen letting Nolan sit down as she plated up some pizza for him along with a glass of orange juice. “Eat up, sweetie. You must be hungry.” She urged him. Liam walked into the kitchen a few minutes later and breathed a sigh of relief seeing that Nolan was ok. “Hey.” Liam called quietly giving the younger smile a small smile. “Hey,” Nolan replied. “How’re you doing?” Liam asked sitting on the chair beside him at the table. Nolan shrugged in response unsure what to make of the couple especially Y/N. She was extremely loving and motherly but she wasn’t human and that still scared him. “Can I talk to you for a minute?” Y/N asked the older alpha who nodded in response. “I’ll be in the living room, sweetie. Call me if you need anything.” She told him with a loving smile and gently ruffled his hair. “I’ll take care of it, mom.” Liam told her. “Thank you, baby.” Y/N smiled in response. Y/N and Derek entered the living room. “You do realise we have to talk to him about everything that happened. Not just what happened with Liam but with the hunters. If he turned his back on them then can we really trust him?” Derek asked her. “I know and you’re right. I’m still mad about what happened to Liam but he was the one who called me to him. If Liam’s giving him a chance then so should we. Maybe he can help us?” Y/N told him. “Baby, I get that you want to help him but please be careful. Remember he sided with the hunters in the first place. I don’t want you, Liam or anyone we care about getting hurt because you let your guard down.” Derek warned her. “I know and I’ll be careful but right now he’s terrified not only of the supernatural but of the hunters too. He doesn’t know where he stands in all of this. If we could show him that we’re not all monsters then maybe there’s a chance at stopping all of this. We have to atleast try.” Y/N told him. Derek looked at her for a few minutes and then sighed before nodding. “Ok, one chance. That’s all he gets.” Derek told her. Y/N nodded and wrapped her arms around his neck. “I love you, Derek Hale.” She smiled and pressed a kiss to his lips. “Let’s hope he doesn’t get us into any trouble.” the older alpha replied still unsure as to whether or not he had made the right decision.

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What the Fuck Peter-Peter Parker/Spider-Man

Sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while, I was seriously struggling to write and didn’t want to post some random crap, but here is a fic anyway. I have no clue where I got the idea for this one from Hope you like it anyway.



The Building was burning like the fires in hell, it was an arson attack and you responded quickly. Everyone had been evacuated and you had to do one final lap of the building just to be sure. You flew around the perimeter dodging the flames that the building spat out attempting to tame the fire as you shot water from your palms. The building seemed to be empty and with only a few injured, you thought you had done a good job at saving everyone. Well, everything seemed great until…

A scream.

It pierced your ears and your heart plummeted out your chest. You scanned the entire building until your eyes fell on a little girl, no older than six, clutching a teddy bear. She let out another scream then followed it with,

“Help! I can’t find my mommy!”

You flew over to her, tears streamed down her face and her cheeks were red and puffy.

“It’s Okay” you said trying to convince yourself more than the girl, “Your mummy is safe”

The walls around her started to fall, and her whole body shook with them, you shot water at the fire around her attempting to keep her safe.

“N-N-No, I can’t find her. She disap-p-peared”

You put your hand as close toward the girl as you could, you still stayed a distance away. If you got too close, the building would crumble and you can’t shoot any water if It got to hot, which wouldn’t end well for anyone, “Grab my hand sweetie, I can take you to your mommy, Now what’s your name?”

“E-Emily, b-but you need to save my mommy, s-she is t-this way” and with those last word the young girl disappeared into the smoke. You flew in behind her as fast as possible, the smoke filled your lungs and it blinded you. You screamed out her name and the building grumbled at you in response. Then with a cough and a splutter you heard a soft, “Help”

“Emily!” you screamed in the direction of the noise.

The little girl was still clutching the teddy, and the tears were vanishing from her eyes into the black air.

You Flew towards her, arms open, ready to drown her in them. Then the walls quaked and the ground crumbled. She disappeared into the hole that was where she once stood. You breathed in deeply, filling your lungs with the black smog.

You had to get out, she was gone and you couldn’t save her, you had failed. You tried so hard to do your best, be as great a superhero as you could be. Whilst you didn’t know how to control all your powers or what they were. You still tried to do your best. But your best wasn’t good enough. You let a little girl die.

You killed her.

You shot out the building like a rocket not caring to talk to the Police officers swarming on the ground. You didn’t want to explain what had happen, you didn’t want to have to tell her mother and father that you killed their daughter. You couldn’t face it.


“Greenfeld Tower arson attack” Flashed across the screen, then it was swiftly followed by two news casters with the fakest smiles you had ever seen plastered onto their face.

A tall Blonde woman spoke, “Sadly, today in the recent tragedy a young girl has lost her life despite our mystery hero’s best effort, the hero has been given the name ’BlackSea’ after her trade mark black suit and water powers” The news caster began to get into the gory details of the incident, all of which you lived through so you tuned it out. You stared down into the cartoon of noodles sat in your lap, trying to deal with the fact you killed that poor girl, you were pulled out of your thoughts by your mother’s voice.

“I still can believe what happened to that building, and that poor little girl” Your mom said as shook her head disappointingly whilst she put another fork of noodles in her mouth. She continued to babble on about the attack, you slowly lifted your head up to the flashing television staring at it blankly, all they talked about was that tower…and Emily. It was your fault, you hadn’t touched your food, you only focused on keeping the tears at bay within your eyes.

“Hello!? Earth to Y/N?” your mom shoots you a concerned look, “Is everything okay with you? You seem different”

You gave her an unconvincing nod, looking at her reminded you of the night your father died and how depressed you were. You had done that to Emily’s parents. You nodded again as your mom’s concern grew more. Then the tears spilled, they swam down your face, pouring out your eyes like a dam had just burst.

“Oh Sweetie, What’s wrong?” She threw the take-out onto the coffee table carelessly and surrounded you in her arms. You listened to her increasing heartbeat, as she gently let out a soft “shhhh” like you were a baby she was attempting to soothe. It miraculously worked and the tears subsided.

“I-I just m-miss dad” you manage to splutter out, she softly combed her hands through your hair.

“I do too Sweetie, I miss him every day” She broke away from you, giving you a quick kiss on the forehead and an encouraging smile.

“I love you Mom, I should start on my homework”

“I love you too Honey”

You headed into your bed room. The walls were painted a deep purple not that you could see them as they were covered in books, you had cushions and pillows everywhere. Sitting in your room was like having your own private library, your personal safe-haven. But tonight, you weren’t going to do homework, nor were you reading any of your books.

You adorned the tight black suit, placed the tiny mask over your face and adjusted the weaponry in your belt, then flipped out your window and flew off into the night sky. You came to a sudden halt; your body was incased in a strange white webbing with two supports attached to the buildings at either side of you.

“What the hell?!” you exclaimed, this had never happened before. The webbing was tight, but you could easily reach your knives attached to your belt and could escape, but you didn’t. You were curious and wanted to see who had captured you, so you stayed still.

“Gotcha, Mr. Stark is gonna be so happy about this!” A boy or a man, well it was Spider-Man really, was hanging upside down right in front.

“Alright Spider-Boy, what do you want?!” You said this impatiently, Y/N would have totally freaked out that she was talking to Spider-Man but you weren’t Y/N. You were the confident Hero of Queens: BlackSea. Spider-Man had approached you many times trying to convince you to join the Avengers or at least talk to Mr. Stark about them.

“You know what I want, Come talk to Mr. Stark. He really wants to know more about you”

“No, I’m not Going, He only cares about my powers, and what I can do with them. He only cares about himself not me, not you, so let me go” and with that you grabbed your knife and with a quick swift motion freed yourself from Spider-Man’s webbing, you tried to fly away again, you wanted to do your job.

 Spider-Man shot a web onto your wrist, “Don’t talk about Mr. Stark like that, he’s done greater things than you ever will, he does care. So, don’t make him out to be a self-centered asshole, he isn’t”

“Oh really, try tell that to my dead father, he was killed by your precious ‘Mr. Stark’ or maybe the thousands of other innocent people that have died for his silly fights over the years. Don’t make him out to be an innocent man, he’s killed more people than you could even imagine” you sneered at Spider-Man, you understood why he idolized him, but he never once thought of the pain that man has caused for the Avengers. You were hot with anger, you felt it boil inside you and the tears that were streaming out your eyes hissed against your hot skin.

“All he wants to do is help, he has done better than you. You let that girl die, what was her name? Emily, is it? Or rather ‘was’ it?” He nodded his head challenging you, and that’s when you lost it, he is not going to talk about that little girl like she was nothing and just dismiss you father’s death like he had no importance. Before you could stop yourself a hot burst of fire shoot from your hand, then followed by another and with each attack Spider-Man swiftly dodged.

“Holy Shit, I didn’t know you could do that?!”

‘Yeah neither did I’ you thought, well once this fight was over you would head to the warehouse-Basically it’s an abandoned Industrial estate, the perfect place to mess about with your powers.

You shoot at Spider-Man again, this time with water, but he coated both your hands in his webbing and before you know it he had knocked you out.


White, it pierced into your eyes and it was all you could see.

“Ah, Miss L/N you have woken up” you squeezed your eyes shut readjusting yourself to the light and this voice, It was Tony Stark’s. ‘that is not Tony Stark’s Voice, that is not Tony Stark’s voice’ you screamed it loudly in your head.

“Hey Y/N” you opened your eyes, the overly familiar mop of curly brown hair and deep chocolate eyes appeared before you, ‘The fuck Is Peter Parker doing here’. Peter was your friend but you didn’t think you were that close that he would visit you in…Where were you?

“Em, can someone tell me what’s happening?”

“Oh, my apologies Y/N, or should I say BlackSea, our friend Spidey over here caught you and since you had a few injuries we thought we would patch you up” Tony said wiggling his eye brows at you.

“I didn’t agree to come her but what do you mean? Spider-Man isn’t here”

“Heh, well you see Y/N I have something to tell you…” Peter spoke up but began to trail off.

“Oh My God, Peter You’re Spider-Man” Peter flashed an awkward smile accompanied with an equally awkward laugh as he rubbed the back of his neck. You connected the dots, it all made sense but it also made no sense. Peter Parker Is Spider-Man, it sounds crazy.

“What the Fuck Peter?!”

“Hey! Language!” Steve appeared in the room now.

‘What the Fuck is going on?!’

headcanon: boyfriend!hwiyoung

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  • softest boyfriend ever
  • lots of small skinskip
  • like holding hands
  • you like to play with each others fingers for some weird reason
  • he wears rings a lot so that’s even better
  • placing your hands on his face just to feel him blush
  • very easygoing
  • lets you do anything you want to him tbh
  • in return he’s very clingy
  • lots of backhugs
  • especially when you’re sitting down
  • he just comes and hugs you
  • almost squished when by clinging to your back
  • loves it when you play with his hair
  • washes it a lot just so you can smell it
  • fucking weirdo
  • lowkey protective
  • doesn’t get jealous often
  • just likes to know where you are a lot
  • very worried about you
  • calls you sweetie 24/7
  • “want me to do your hair, sweetie?”
  • “good morning sweetie~”
  • never gets angry??
  • or irritated
  • he’s just always happy or relaxed as fuck
  • one day you catch him just staring at you like he’s on weed
  • kissing
  • he has nice lips so you can’t help it
  • he’s a rlly good kisser
  • kisses your collarbone a lot
  • sometimes he gets hella distracted so you have to rip him away from you
  • overall a boyfriend sweeter than sugar who loves to touch you in every way possible

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Noctis, Prompto, Ignis and Gladio scenario when their lover is being unusually clingy asking for hugs and kisses

Did you mean me emotionally 97% of the time ( also the boiz are in the crown city for this scenario just normal living AU / also yo why did this seem like it had a sexy undertone? GDI )

He could sense your presence behind him, but before he could turn and ask what you needed he felt your arms wrap around his torso. The gentle hum you let out when you rested your head against his back made his lips twitch up into a smile. Usually you dealt with his affection when he was or wasn’t feeling it but you being so up front and reaching out to him - different - but he liked it none the less. “Please come back to the apartment I want to cuddle.” How could he resist that sweet tone.

Noctis - “Babe trust me I would much rather come home and take a nap with you then go to this dumb meeting” He turns around making you release your arms from him. You pout, “Come on prince make your own rules, just this once please Noct?” He sighed. Your expression, voice, wants and the horror of a meeting made him want to ditch and hold you instead. Just a week ago you were telling him to step it up in his duties but now here you were trying to persuade him, oh the tables have turned. He scopes your face into the warmth of his palms and places a tender yet passionate kiss on your lips. The sour expression of yours melts into one of pleasure and man did he love that smile. “I’ll be back home in 20 minutes, I promise, how about you go get the bed comfy, I dedicate the rest of the day to you - my princess.”

Ignis - He almost falls forward against the stove when you first grabbed him. Thank Gods he knew that unless Prompto had managed to break into the kingdoms kitchen, only you would grasp him like that. He had wondered how you got past the guards into here but was more curious about why you came this far just to embrace him. “Sweetheart surely the love can wait till I get home.” You hold him tighter as to say ‘no it can not’. He sighs putting down the utensils and giving your forehead a light kiss. “This behavior of yours, its… unusual, are you sure you’re feeling all right love?” He reaches a hand up to feel your forehead to which you give a sigh. “What Iggy, can’t deal with me wanting some kisses?” He takes that as a challenge and leans in to capture your lips. For what feels like forever you stay like that him kissing you and running his fingers through your hair in a calming manor. Perhaps it was forever as Ignis shoots up at the smell of the burnt steak behind him. 

Prompto - No way. You asking him for more affection then he already gives? He spins around quickly and returns the hug with extra force, giving a soft laugh into your hair. “Awh sweetie you didn’t have to come all the way here to convince me you could’ve just texted, I would’ve ran home, you know I would drop everything for you right?” You lean into his warm body, his attitude contagious. “It was another excuse to hug you.” You reply looking into his bright blue eyes and leaning in to place a quick kiss on your nose. You were unaware his smile at that moment could get any bigger but man did it. “You asked for it ____! I’m not gonna let go of you for the rest of the day!” He quickly grabs your hand and pulls you back towards the apartment. 

Gladio - He was shocked to say the least at these advances. For you to come onto him with affection when he was out in public, so many people around, not exactly your style. In fact he lives for embarrassing you with PDA in public - your blush and stutter, it reminds him of just how adorable you can be. “Come on babe miss me that much?” You huff, refusing to let him so the weakness behind your eyes. “You saying you don’t want my love big guy?” You cross your arms and attempt your best angry face to which he lets out a low laugh. You expected some retort about how he has to go meet with his dad but to your surprise he lifts you up and starts kissing all over your face. You can’t help the giggle you let out along with attempts of pushing him away and chanting surrender. He continues his assault holding you extremely close and a good foot off the ground. When he finally lets you down you slap him gently across the chest. “Come on now, you love me or we wouldn’t have this problem.” As you turn away he gives your bum a pinch. ( Intentionally sexy I mean its Glad come on ).

You’re Cute When You’re Angry

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Pairing:  Adam Page/FC

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“You’re cute when you’re angry.”


“All I’m saying is I am sick of her being a pretentious bitch!”  You exclaimed angrily to your friend Scarlett. “I just want to ball up my fist and punch her in the damn nose.”   Your ire only rose when she laughed and ruffled your hair playfully.  

“Aww sweetie.  She would kill you.”  Scarlett said realistically, making you groan.  You knew she was right.  You weren’t even a fighter, just the girl who did hair and makeup backstage.  The fact that you barely reached the five foot mark didn’t bode well for you in a fight either.  

“Whatever.”  You grouched, stomping away.  As you stalked out of the catering area you saw Adam Page leaning against the wall watching you with a smile on his face.  

“What are you staring at Page?” You asked pinning him with your fiercest glare.  

“You’re cute when you’re angry.”  He said his smile turning into full out laughter when you stomped your foot belligerently.  

“Not cute!  Intimidating.”   You complained.  “I was going for intimidating.  People are supposed to be scared.”  

“Oh sorry,” He held up his hands in a placating gesture.  “I’m very intimidated.”  You rolled your eyes, but a small smile tilted your lips.  What could you say, the man was very handsome.   “But in my defense I would say you’re cute, whether you were angry, sad or happy.”  

Your eyes flew to his in surprise.  He thought you were cute?  

“In fact, I was waiting for you to finish talking with Scarlett because I wanted to see if you were interested in going out with me sometime?”  He asked.  A smile lit up your face, your bad mood instantly dissipating.  

“I would love to.”  You said cheerily.  

He grinned back at you, running his hand through his blonde hair. “Great.  I’ve got to get to my taping, but I’ll come see you after and we can firm something up?”  He said hopefully.

“I’ll be here.”    You replied giving him a small wave as he walked away from you.   You weren’t going to lie, you definitely stared at his ass until he turned the corner.   And you were pretty sure he knew it.