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Writing is Hard, part 6: SEX

Summary: Dean and the reader have sex. Finally. FINALLY.

Read Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Warning: Smut

Word Count: 4250ish

A/N: This is all written with love for fan fic. I’m teasing, not putting it down in any way. And the quotes are from my own Faking It series, in case anyone was curious. Hope you enjoy! (Sorry, tag list is closed!) XOXO

“You knew he didn’t quite understand why you found it so hot, but Dean had never seen himself leaning over the engine in a tight, sweaty t-shirt, hands and forearms covered in grease as he worked.”

Dean’s outside working on the Impala, and you’re reading fics about just that. Apparently, Dean working on the Impala is the hottest thing to ever grace the fandom (aside from his lips…and his green eyes…and his cocky swagger that is really just hiding adorable and unnecessary insecurity…and Jesus, these people are thorough), and you’re curious. In your actual experience with Dean, working on the Impala is just a nuisance. You have to wait longer to get on the road, Dean takes forever to scrub himself clean afterward, and for the next few hours, everything smells like metal and oil covered up by motel soap. Why do people find that so hot?

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[GOT7 Reacts] to their s/o refusing to cuddle because it’s too hot

request by a lovely anon :)

Mark: He gives you a sexy stare,“well if it’s that hot I can undo a couple buttons babe” You start to blush and get even hotter when he says this. “You know what it does to me when you blush.” He says undoing more buttons. 

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Jinyoung: “You should have told me you were hot.” He goes to turn on the AC and comes back “How about now?” He says lifting your chin up to look at him. You could never resist that, and it felt cooler so you agreed.

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Jackson: “It wasn’t just me who thought so.” He takes off his jacket. “Oh Jagi, I think it just got warmer” You laugh and say that gives you more reason to not cuddle if it’s warmer walking away. “Okay okay okay how about I put it back. Baby~~” He says chasing after you.

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Youngjae: “Too hot? But it’s never too hot for cuddles. Come on… please~~~” He does unintentional aegyo at first you say no again but he starts to fan you with his hands “See it’s colder already!~” and you give to his cuteness.

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Jaebum: “I agree it’s pretty hot.” He says. Which surprised you because he loves skinship. “But should we let that stop us?” He whispers into your ear. Then he wraps his leg and arm around you. But you don’t fight it.

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Bambam: He sexy-cute stares at you. You stare back at him being serious. Then he pushes his slightly damp hair out of his face (which he knew you loved). “Oh come it’s not that hot you baby” He says teasing. And pulls you into him anyway. 

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Yugyeom: “Noooooona~ please. Pretty please.” He says tugging at your shirt. You look back at him and he starts doing aegyo (which was pretty rare). And you give in just because it was so darn cute. “I call big spoon~” You comment how he is like 6ft tall so of course he would be big spoon. Which makes you both laugh.

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Mr. Barnes (NSFW)

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Smut

A/N: I hope you have a better birthday than you’re expecting to Anon! And I hope I wrote this in time for it! And I hope ‘in bed’ was a metaphor because you most certainly do not make it that far.

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My Fake Boyfriend Part 5

Summary: After receiving a very rude letter of your ex on the mail saying that he is going to get married. You see yourself not knowing what to do, you can just let it go or accept the help of your hot neighbor and pretend he is your boyfriend.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 2200

Warnings: Angst, fuffly

A/n: Thanks to @drinkfantasy for being my beta. You rock.

PART 1 PART 2 PART 3 Part 4 

credits to the gif owner

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Saying that shopping with your mother was the most boring and tiring thing you have ever done in your life was an understatement. She made you try every single dress that she found cute or that she thought you would look cute on you. It didn’t matter if you liked it or not, she was in charge.

After hours of trying things on and not finding anything that you and your mother agreed on, you decide to go to a small boutique outside the city. You used to always go shopping there when you lived here and you had faith that you would find something that you liked and your mother agreed.

“You should have bought that last dress, you looked beautiful in it.” You watch as your mother starts the car “It was a white lace dress, the bride would kill me and I’m planning on going back home safe and sound.” You say in a serious tone, you didn’t want to cause any more drama.

“You could always use it with James; I don’t know, you were just so beautiful in that dress.” You put your hand on your mother's shoulder squeezing it lightly “It’s a little earlier to start thinking about wedding dresses, don’t you think?”

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“Moves Like Rogers”

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: Sparks fly on the dance floor between you and the super soldier.

“Demons [ft. Macy Gray]” (Fatboy Slim)
“Gimme Your Love” (Morcheeba)

Shooting a semi-flirty smile at you, the bartender hands you a colorful drink. “Here you go. Something fruity, something that masks the alcohol,” he chirps.

You take a sip of it, slightly parting your lips on surprise at how sweet the drink tastes. “Thanks!”  you yell, waving to the bartender before making your way towards the dance floor, where your friends are tearing it up with a mixture of sexy and weird dance moves. “Hi, ladies!” you happily squeal.

“(Y/N)!!” all of the women yell back, extending their arms and bringing you into a sloppy group hug. Your heart swells as your friends surround you, the slight buzz from the shots you threw back a while ago making you sentimentally sappy.

Working and doing research in Dr. Cho’s lab at the Avengers Tower is a dream come true, but it’s taken a toll on your social life. It’s been awhile since you’ve seen these girls, but thank God you have understanding friends who are supportive of your dream.

“Oh my God, you’re alive! It’s been forever since you’ve come out!”

“I know, right?!” you sappily exclaim. “But I’m here now, so let’s party!” you whoop, leading the group into a frenzy of cheers and more hugs. Everyone falls into the same pattern as everyone on the dance floor, bumping and grinding. Your nearly-empty drink gets abandoned on some table as you find yourself getting lost in the hypnotizing beats of the music.

One of the girls suddenly brings you closer to her. “Your two o'clock, super hottie staring at you,” she harshly whispers in your ear. She grins as you demurely look over your shoulder to check, a giddy smile fighting to appear on your face.

It’s not just any super hottie checking you out. It’s the super hottie, the one and only Captain America. The Avengers must have taken a night out to let some steam out, and you quickly spot the rest of the superheroes.

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Enemies (Ethan)


Music was booming throughout the Dolan house. You had thanked the heavens their parents were out of town for the weekend. Normally you weren’t much of a party person but Grayson and Ethan always threw the best parties. 

You made your way into the kitchen and poured yourself a drink. You had settled on some vodka with cranberry juice, your usual go-to. You were about six drinks in and you were definitely feeling it. You walked around conversing with everyone and meeting new people. You headed outside to the backyard where the hired DJ was setting up equipment. Numerous lanterns lined the fence of the backyard and illuminated the party. It was beautiful. They had the perfect backyard for partying. There were tables lined with various appetizers and desserts. You picked at some watermelon and popped it in your mouth humming happily as the sweet taste filled your tastebuds. You wiped the juice that was spilling off your lips away before sipping on your drink again. 

You waved over at Grayson who beamed at you ear to ear. He was standing next to Ethan who regarded you cooly. Ever since you had met the twins three years ago when you first moved to Jersey you had clashed with Ethan. He got under your skin every chance he could and the two of you bickered back and forth constantly. It was for the best that you stayed away from each other. 

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Hat-trick - Kasperi Kanapen (smut)

Requested by anon: Can you do a dirty Kasperi Kapanen smut about him and I celebrating his three goals and filming what we do and watching it over

A/N: Sorry it took so long. I hope you like it!

Word count: 1291

Warnings: SMUT. Cussing.

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Bts reaction to your naturally curly hair:

Anon requested: Hello darling! Hope you are doing fine! ;) could I request maybe BTS reaction to seeing you first time in curled hair (your natural hair), because you hate it so much that you straighten it non stop so they even didn’t know that you have curly hair. I don’t know it makes sense, but it’s my personal problem. Having curly hair is hell.

Another request that took too long to get done. Thankfully that was the end of it, I am sorry for taking too long, it’s kinda a bit short as well. Thank you anon for the request, btw I have long, overly wavy hair too, but I haven’t straightened it in like 4 years, too lazy. I feel you tho, enjoy :)

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“Oh my God you look so pretty, come here, let me take pictures” he is going to keep talking about it all day, telling you to keep this look on because he loves it.


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“There is something different about you today…” he is going to say, not exactly being able to tell what. So when you casually say you don’t have your hair straightened, he’ll look dumbfounded while having an internal struggle like why does she straighten it when it looks this gold.


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“Come here and give oppa a hug” but it’s actually just a lame excuse to play with your hair, he will shamelessly ask you to keep it this way as long as he is around, because you look x100 more gorgeous naturally.

Rap monster:

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When you looked not so confident with your look, namjoon noticed and pulled you in for a passionate kiss, not caring who the hell is in the room, “Just look how perfect my jagiya is!”


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“No you can’t be the pretty one in this relationship” he screams while dramatically dropping to the ground, wailing in demand for you to stop blinding him with your beauty and you be like chill man it’s just hair. He put two and two together pretty quickly and put up this act to give you more confidence in your hair.


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“Wait here” and then disappeared. No goodbye or anything. He just took one look at you and ran the opposite direction. But when he came back he had loads of hair clips and bunny ears like you look so cute I couldn’t waste this opportunity.


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Probably the only member to find it breathtakingly sexy. Biting his lips as he approached you, he pushed your hip into his and whispered in your ear how beautiful you look and that he can’t keep his hands or eyes off you if you keep doing this to him

soooldout  asked:

I want to know your 5 favorite myungsoo pics pleeeease? (I could never pick, just any 5 at random would be my faves really)

As many of you may know by now, Myungsoo is my handsome and precious son who makes me proud every day and I adore him. Pretty much every picture of Myungsoo is my favourite so this is just 5 that I like today. Let’s go!

1. tell him he looks sexy with his hair pushed back ( © LECIL )

2. myungsoo + guitar = otp ( © L’aile )

3. his dimples are so important omfg help me those sandals gotta go though honey wyd ( 3rd pic © Apricity )

4. even when he’s trying to be ugly he’s still weirdly handsome??? 

5. he is naturally this handsome too like whattt????? he’s never had surgery yet looks like he walked out the pages of a manga actual flowerboy for life wthhhh??? gorgeous boy

wow myungsoo is so nice to look at like i feel at peace god bless


The Kids [a E2!Barry Allen imagine]



Check out my kids chart :)

“Dad, me and Jace are going out! Mom already knows! We’re taking the car!” Luca shouts, running a hand through his short blond locks, tapping his blue Vans on the kitchen tiles. A deep sigh escapes him when Jace appears, tugging on his red hoodie over the white shirt. The older boy nods to the door eagerly, trying to get the message to his younger brother. Jace hurries it up, scrambling out the door; chestnut hair blowing in the wind. “Byedad, loveyou, seeyouatlikeone.” he mutters, more to himself, as he slams the door.

Sara races to the door, violet socks slipping under herself. She frowns, hearing the five year old following after her; Abby brushes her long brown hair out of her eyes, trying to peek through the window. Just not tall enough. “Dad! They’re gone! Can we get pizza now?!” Sara calls out, staring at Abby when there’s no answer. “Dad!” she yells again, bolting back into the living room; sister right on her heels.

Pushing the dark blue plastic ball down the slide, Barry claps. “Yay! Good job, Nico! Wanna do it again?! Let’s do it again! Ready?! One, two, three!” he makes a ‘whoosh’ noise, smiling when the two year old squeals. He turns his head, adjusting his thin glasses on his face. “Mom and I already took care of it. It should be here in-” he glances at his watch, scrunching his nose. “Ten minutes?” he shrugs, moving his legs in the criss cross position.

The nine year old rolls her hazel eyes, folding her arms over her orange ‘Princess’ shirt; Abby does the same. And all Barry can think is ‘oh god, this is it, they’re teaming up on me’; his green eyes go wide. Nico babbles, picking up the plastic piano and bringing it to his daddy; gray pants slipping off his pamper. “We want ice cream too!” Sara demands, nodding at Abby’s ‘yeah’.

A sigh escapes Barry, he grabs the piano, placing it on his tan jeans. “Yes, yes, sweetheart, I know. We have ice cream in the freezer.” he coos, hands reaching for the toddler, pulling him to his chest. Nico spews random syllables, reaching up to his daddy’s bowtie. “Nico, no, no, don’t - and it’s too late.” he sighs, peering down at the undone yellow tie. Barry takes off his glasses, rubbing his eye. “Girls, why don’t yo-”

“We’re gonna play dress up, daddy!” Abby giggles, following her older sister upstairs; black tutu flailing.

Putting his glasses back on, Barry coddles Nico to his chest, making little noises that resemble a song; the kid giggles. You walk through the door, pizza in hand as you blow your hair out of your face. “It’s mommy! Yay!” Barry gasps, pushing himself to his feet. “Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!” he repeats, bouncing Nico, making you smile.

“Hi baby!” you coo, kissing Nico’s head before looking up at Barry. “Hey sexy.” you whisper, pecking his lips; he blushes. “How was everything?” you ask, walking into the kitchen to put the pizza down.

The dad scoffs, following after you, “You make it seem like I can’t take care of my own kids, honey.” he mumbles, setting Nico in his highchair.

You shrug, “Well, we do have five kids…”


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seventeen as mean girls (lol i'm sorry but i love this movie)

S.Coups: Cady’s Dad. “…Are they not allowed out when they’re grounded?”

Jeonghan: Regina George. “I heard her hair’s insured for 10,000$.”

Joshua: Aaron Samuels. “Your hair looks sexy pushed back.”

Jun: Kevin Gnapoor. “Don’t let the haters stop you from doing your thang!”

Hoshi: Ms. Norbury. “Hi, did you want to buy some drugs?”

Wonwoo: Principal Duvall. “I just wanted to say that you’re all winners. And that I couldn’t be happier the school year is ending.”

Woozi: Janis Ian. “Your mom’s chest hair!”

DK: Cake Person. “I wish I could bake a cake made out of rainbows and smiles, and we’d all eat it and be happy.”

Mingyu: Glen Coco. “Four for you, Glen Coco! You go, Glen Coco!”

The8: Cady Heron. “Grool.”

Seungkwan: Damien. “She doesn’t even go here!”

Vernon: Karen Smith. “Want to do something fun? Want to go to Taco Bell?”

Dino: Gretchen Wieners. “You can’t sit with us!”

i couldn’t find a better match for hoshi and dk, i’m sorry ;A; thank you for your request!!