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Signs of Paradise

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A/N: Okay, but Mark’s voice in Paradise (you know what part I’m talking about) makes me think about…things that will be mentioned in this fic.

And just to give you a vivid setting for the club. Imagine the set from Girlsx3 and then the garage(?) from Never Ever, then it’ll make sense.

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Y/N, get off of your ass and get dressed.” Your friend Nora walked out of the bathroom and was dressed in cute shorts with a plain white crop top on. She looked at you as you sulked on the couch in the suite and shook her head at you.  

“But why? We’ve only been here for a few hours and I want to sleep.” You had no reason to be so sleepy. You had gotten a lot of sleep the night before your flight, during the flight and you even started to doze off once again before Nora was fussing at you about getting dressed.  

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Adored By Him

Pairing: Nate Archibald x Reader x Chuck Bass

Summary: Y/N and Nate struggle with coming to terms with their complicated relationship, which leads Y/N to look towards none other than Chuck Bass to confide in.

Word Count: 1,845

requested by justdreamstars

masterlist | requests, questions, etc. 

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“Sam,” you said, laying a hand on his arm. “You don’t have to tell me all this at once. I know it’s a lot.”

“No. I know,” he replied. “I want to.”

“Why now?” 

Sam fixed your gaze with his and gave you a soft smile, a shrug. 

“Because I trust you,” he said simply. “And I want you to know me. All of it.”

You gave his arm a squeeze and shifted closer to him, waiting for him to continue on, to tell you his story. To know him.


The signs as things only the Layton fandom gets

Aries: the pompous ass 

Taurus: one, two, three, four

Gemini: Kneesocks  

Cancer: *dead gf*

Leo: Vampire on drugs   

Virgo: laytooooooooOOOOOOOOON 

Libra: you need to drop a sick beat if you want to save them 

Scorpio: “to be continued"   

Sagittarius: Roddy father theory 

Capricorn: your hair is bread 

Aquarius: Professor Stickyfloor!

Pisces: A bee’s tragic story 

Phineas and Ferb Sentence Starters || Part One
  • "Here I've been eating hydrated fruit like a sucker all my life!"
  • "He's totally out of my league!"
  • "Would you call my mom and tell her that?"
  • "I'm not really on fire, am I?"
  • "You have hunky ankles."
  • "I make this look good."
  • "Who smells like fly guts?"
  • "So, after hiding in the bathroom, I jumped out the window and came here as fast as I could."
  • "You know like Romeo and Juliet romantic? Except without all the dying."
  • "There is no candy in me!"
  • "I just discovered why cows and frogs don't date."
  • "Behold the new uniform of pure evil!"
  • "We're right in the middle of a showdown, if you don't mind."
  • "See, no discernible music source!"
  • "It was a great idea to crawl back into bed this morning."
  • "Stop filming your butt. Film mine! It's a party!"
  • "I just want you to tell me what you want!"
  • "I knew your heart would lead you to the truth!"
  • "So you want your hair to look like an endangered species?"
  • "Look at me! A tragic victim of internet hair stylists!"
  • "I saw a rat give birth to a snail!"
  • "I think it laid eggs in my ear!"
  • "So you have the honor of eating other people's meatloaf all day?"
  • "The secret ingredient was hate."
  • "What, you've been wearing headphones? You haven't heard a thing I've been saying all day?"
  • "So I was looking up at the stars thinking about _____, only I was walking down the stairs at the time. Now I'm stuck in bed."

because i am such rilaya trash i made another mix, it has a few songs from my first one but mostly new ones. this one attempts to have more of a story to it.

annotated with lyrics if you’re into that.

tracks: you only live once (demo) - the strokes // anchor - mindy gledhill // submerge - cloud district // i was all over her - salvia palth // 400 lux - lorde // home - modern baseball // beautiful gurrls - ricky eat acid // please consider using this song in your indie movie - cloud district // you’ll never know - the maine // falling in love - teen suicide // me in you - king of convenience // girl - daisy nicole clark // speak love, if you speak anything at all - flowers in your hair // the garden - the tragic thrills


  • Me: *inhales*
  • Me: I lov-
  • Everyone who has spent five seconds with me ever: Yes, you love Kakashi. We know you love Kakashi. You love his gravity defying hair, his perfectly sculpted face. His tragic background makes your heart throb and he is your ideal. He's beautiful in every way and you died when he died and came back to life when he did. We fucking know, we fucking know you love Kakashi and his white haired anime boy tragic background, we fucking know! We get it! You love Kakashi!

seriiko  asked:

Mitobe, Okamura, Murasakibara, Haizaki and Nebuya. Cuddling with s/o while watching a movie ? ^^

thanks for the request! ^w^ I hope you enjoy~

Mitobe yawns silently and buries his chin within the crown of your hair, obviously bored by the movie. He has his arms wrapped around you as you sit between his legs on the sofa, lost within the movie. Mitobe yawns again, more pointedly this time, and droops his head until his cheek is resting on top of your head. When you still don’t tear your eyes away from the screen, he tightens his hold on you and begins to tickle your sides suddenly. A strangled noise escapes your lips; after that the movie is forgotten and suddenly you’re both competing to see who loses to the other first. 

Okamura is rather weak to sappy romantic movies, much to your surprise. He starts sniffling about an hour into the movie, but he tries valiantly to hide this fact; his strong arms wrap around you before he pulls you tightly against his broad chest. He refuses to let you budge, insisting that it was because he just wanted to be close to you rather than as an alternative to hide his tears, so you eventually just smile and settle against his chest comfortably, allowing him to caress your hair as he sobs for the protagonists’ tragic love. 

Murasakibara’s arm reaches out across your body to dip into your bowl of chips and you hiss and glare at him until he retracts it, grumbling loudly. What was left from his own arsenal of snacks is just a pile of lone Nerunerune wrappers lying in his empty bowl. He doesn’t seem to have any interest in the movie whatsoever, and whines and mumbles complaints, eventually wrapping his arms around you and pulling you against him when you don’t pay him any attention. “Ne, [Name]-chin… this is boring…” He grumbles into your hair, brushing his lips back and forth, back and forth, back and forth atop your head possibly as a method to try and distract you. You murmur a half-attentive ‘wait, just one more minute,’ and allow him to cuddle you against his warm form while you continue watching the movie. He harrumphs impatiently, but takes advantage of your attentiveness to the movie to sneak some pringles from your bowl to his mouth. 

Haizaki falls asleep barely five minutes into the movie. You’re lying in his arms with him underneath you on the sofa while the movie rolls on; it’s hard to hear anything the characters are saying because of the natural chainsaw snoring away underneath you blissfully. He complains and grumbles when you wake him up, and makes sarcastic comments about the movie for the rest of the time. Eventually you’re more interested in his reaction to the dialogue than the movie itself; he seems to find your cute giggles unbearably irresistible, and all of a sudden you are kissing him, and then the movie is long forgotten. 

Nebuya watches the movie, for your sake, but he can’t seem to understand what’s so interesting about it. He starts yawning pointedly, and guffaws loudly even at the most serious moments. You’re lying curled up in his lap, your head resting against his chest as you two watch the movie. His warm hold is comfortable, and more so when he starts caressing your hair. His large hand easily spans across the small of your back, and he starts tapping a random tune on your spine gently to while away his boredom. It doesn’t seem to work, because the next second he begins to burp along to the beat, making you dissolve into laughter (”Gross, Eikichi!” “*burp* Mm, whatcha say?”) and effectively drowning out the dialogue in the process. 

Interview pt3

Characters: Min Yoongi x Reader (ft. Jungkook)

Genre: Slight angst, Highschool! AU

Word Count: ~1k

Part 3/??

Part 1Part 2Part 3 Part 3.5 ❣ Part 4

Y O U  H A V E  O N E  N E W  V O I C E M A I L .

“Hey Y/N, I need you to take over for me today, since I’ve come up with an illness. I was supposed to meet up tomorrow morning with Jeon Jungkook at his house for the interview. I’ll send you his address and the list of questions I’ve prepared for him. Thanks, bud..!”

E N D  O F  V O I C E M A I L .

Your friend’s voice was raspy and quiet, assuring that a sore throat was one of her symptoms. Paired with the voicemail she left was a string of text messages, as promised. You skimmed through, realizing you only had a few minutes short of half an hour before it was 10:45; the set time for you to be at Jungkook’s house. Unfortunately, Yoongi had planned for the two of you to go to the park at quarter-past-eleven. Well, it couldn’t be helped, right? You rolled out of bed after sending Yoongi a quick text on pushing back plans.

After fifteen minutes of following the GPS route, you finally arrived at Jungkook’s door. It took him several minutes to answer, and when he did, it looked as if he had just popped out the shower…


A towel was hurriedly and unevenly wrapped around his waist with one hand holding the two ends together. Large water drops trailed their way down his arms and chest, and his hair was still fluffed up with shampoo.

You stood gawkily, shutting your eyes before you could catch a glimpse of Jungkook’s devious smirk.

“Should I come by a little later?”

“I thought [Friend’s/N] was supposed to be here?”

“So I’m guessing she forgot to let you know about her abrupt sickness?”

Jungkook let out two small hums, confirming your intuition.

You cursed under your breath at your friend, lowering your head into your hands.

“If you don’t mind, I kinda need to finish up my shower. You can wait in the living room,” Jungkook uttered, moving aside to let you in. “Help yourself to any drinks or snacks in the kitchen. I’ll be out in ten minutes..” he briefed, and walked down a small hallway to the muggy bathroom.

You nodded and muttered a quick ‘thank you’ to his generosity. After five minutes, you heard Jungkook make his way on the short path to his bedroom, still having to get dressed. But five minutes passed, then ten, and soon twenty.

What the hell is taking him so long? It’s just a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, you thought, growing exceedingly impatient. It’s not like he had to get his hair and makeup done. In fact, you had literally skipped the cosmetics and tossed your hair into a tragic mess of a bun. As for clothes, you simply didn’t think twice about changing out of your navy sweatpants and black tee. Seeing as how he still wasn’t coming out of his room, you decided to take up Jungkook’s offer.

“Alright, let’s see if he’s got anything good in here..” You swung open a few cupboards until you found the one that held all his snacks. Chocolate bars, different brands of chips, multiple instant noodles cups…but what really caught your eye was a slightly opened, shallow blue container sitting on top of a folded sheet of paper. Opening it up, you read the slanted handwriting.

“I apologize for everything between your girlfriend and I. I never realized it would lead you two into your own separate paths so effortlessly. I wasn’t thinking properly, and I deeply regret my actions. -Min Yoongi”

Confusion besieged you immediately. This was unquestionably an apology letter- from Yoongi, too. But was he apologizing for what you thought he was apologizing for? You perused the brief letter over and over again, to the point where you had it just about memorized. After several seconds of contemplating, you tore open the lid of the container, seeing a couple variations of mini decorative fruit tarts. With an empty spot in the center of the container, you presumed Jungkook had eaten one or two.

Maybe I should ask him about it, you thought. I could also see what’s taking him so long in his room..

You stood up, taking the note with you lest he be confused.

“Jungkook?” You knocked on the door timidly. “Have you finished getting dressed yet?”

You waited; no response.

“Yah, Jungkook!” You called, knocking again in a more bold and confident way. Still no response from the other side.

“I’m coming in!” You warned, building up the slight amount of courage to twist the doorknob and push the door open.

It took you a couple seconds before noticing a shirtless Jungkook sprawled on the carpet floor, seemingly gone unconscious before he could even finish getting his shirt on.

Forgetting about the note, you darted to the boy and began checking for any sign of life. Two fingers found their way to the right side of his neck, directly under his sharp jaw. Thank god his pulse was still present…weak, but present. Leaning over, you placed your ear near his nose and mouth and listened attentively- extremely faint breathing. You gripped onto his underarms, using all your strength to drag him up onto his bed. Once he was settled, you paced around the room worriedly as you called for an ambulance.

“911, what’s your emergency?”

“H-hi, I just walked in to check on my friend and found him unconscious. I need an ambulance right away…” You proceeded to tell them the address, then answered a few questions to the best of your ability with the little knowledge you had.

“Alright ma'am, an ambulance is on their way right now.”

You thanked the lady and hung up, anxiously chewing on your lower lip. Looking up from your phone screen, you noticed a plate sitting on Jungkook’s nightstand.

A plate with two of the fruit tarts you saw earlier

one being half eaten.



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Criticism of characters as Stus/Sues/Self-Inserts and why it’s usually stupid

I’m going to write a really long-ass post of what MY OPINION is on this whole Stu and Sue business and why simply saying “the character is such a Stu the whole work is so bad” without ANY OTHER REASON makes you sound like an idiot. Because I am annoyed.

Having GARY STU or MARY SUE traits is not an automatic cause for a bad fanfic/fic in general.

I’ve been the fic writer who started out and fretted over whether or not my character is not a Sue and spent loads of energy that could be used to doing other things like actually churning out work. And I doubt I’m the only one who had to go through this. It’s a huge waste of time and I wish someone had told me this when I was starting out ten years ago–

You know what? It’s OK to have sue-ish traits, your character can have RAINBOW HAIR with their tragic backstories and whatever goddamn cliches exist that automatically get a character labeled a Sue.

It’s your story to tell. It’s perfectly fucking fine. 

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