your hair gives me too many feels

Guys, no. Ed's revenge will be very subtle and sweet.
  • Ed's revenge: Spilling wine on Oswald's best suit.
  • Ed's revenge: "No, Oswald, let me style your hair for you! I swear you will look extremely handsome!"
  • Ed's revenge: Telling Olga to make Oswald's breakfast just a tiny bit wrong. Just enough for him to feel there's something wrong with it and bother him, while still being good.
  • Ed's revenge: Moving everything in the Mansion one inch to the left without saying anything to Oswald.
  • Ed's revenge: Ruin Oswald's image with the head criminals by giving him too many hickeys to hide and then showing up in the middle of the reunion like "Honeybunch, love of my life, you forgot your papers! Here!"
  • Ed's revenge: Ruining Oswald's bespoke pants by making him have a boner and humping him without taking it off.
  • Ed's revenge: Hiding random items and only giving away the location through riddles. Oswald never found his favorite pocket knife again, that's hidden in a coffee pot.