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Wisdom Teeth

(All platonic) Klaus Mikaelson x Gender-Neutral Reader, Elijah Mikaelson x Gender-Neutral Reader, Marcel Gerard x Gender-Neutral Reader

Warnings: N/A

Word count: 577

A/N: During a conversation with @roxielederp, this quote came up and this idea was born.

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“Morning sunshine.”

You grumbled, blinking and squinting against the harsh light.  Once your eyes adjusted, you registered the three ridiculously handsome faces hovering over you.  You grinned.

“Heeeyyyy,” you drawled.

“Well, they’re high,” Marcel laughed.

You giggled, then frowned.  You felt your jaw, or at least you thought you did.

“Why is my jaw gone?” you asked.

“Your jaw is still attached, love,” Klaus assured you.

“Are you sure, Santa Klaus?”

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